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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

F and V, The Swastika and the Dreidle

The Letters "F" and "V" are the "labials of the language". From the Book of Formation (Sepher Yetzirah), we find (and there are numerous translations), "The two sounds of each letter are the hard and the soft, the aspirated and the softened. They are called Double, because each letter presents a contrast or permutation;" - Source We can deduce that there is a design to the sounds. In the case of the Letters F and V, we can infer that the "F" is modeled on the "hard" and the "V" is modeled on the "soft". In addition, as "F" and "V" are labials, wherein a "labial" is defined as a sound that is made by partially closing the lips, it can be inferred that the mechanical process of speech will be encoding particular archetypes that will be shared with like sounds; hence, the Letters "B" will be closely related to the Letter "V" (as in the Latin coding). M and W will share in the archetypical coding, but in B and V we can see design parallels as in the words GRA(V)ITY and the statement GRA(B) IT.

By shifting the G to a C, as G is a model of softness while the hard sound of C is a model of hardness (Gimmel-G = 3 = C), the word GRA(B) becomes the word (C)RAB, which is the sign of CANCER. CANCER, as you can see from the Isisian Codes below, reveals


The A of the CN is the scale, hence CN = 3.14
CER = 352

314+352 = 666

Hence CANCER will be our "HOME" as we move further into isolating and illuminating the Construct of Luciferianism.

For now, note clear the design of the English sound sets modeled on forms of hardness and softness:

B=2=R (design parallel, Be and Are)
D=4=T (a model of hardness and softness)
F=6=V (a model of hardness and softness)

Controlling the Esoteric Construction of the Language

Perhaps one of the greatest kept secrets going is the literal crafted and controlled creation of the language. Through hundreds of years now of forced education on "Darwinism" and "evolution", a prevailing mass cultural belief is that "language" "evolves" in a near random unfathomable fashion that "etymology" and other linguistic sciences set out to explain and prove. The knock is that the various "sciences" become "realities by concensus", difficult to change once believed, and doggedly determined to both impose and preserve its beliefs until overwhelming firepower (evidence) destroys the previous beliefs.

The Occult world has never been constrained by such thinking, and more to the point, should be considered by the pragmatist to be instrumental in the fomenting and funding of such thinking. "Science" and "academia" tend to form a comprehensive buffer and defense against the masses coming to understand how the inner code is crafted and functions.

The goal of the Setian Elite (those aligned with Jehovah/Typhon/Seth), is to control the code so that it may be manipulated for self serving purposes. In short, the goal is to "define and control" "The Truth".

The result is a mass conciousness malleable to mass brainwashing.

Since ultimately, what is said and heard and read IS the weapon of mass reach in the process of mass brain washing/programming, then the major tools of the trade become the mass media industry, be it print, electronic, religion, education, etc. The tactical simplicity is to reduce the arguement to focus on "points" (talking points), and thus deny periphery vision.

Periphery vision provides coloration, context, and even opposing and countervaling opinions. In a Setian Luciferian system, such periphery vision is to be denied and destroyed at all costs.

This is done conceptually through the Letters F and V.

The Center Point of the Illuminatus System

The center point of the Illuminatus System is set at 6 (F and V), yet there is a clear design parallel between what is 5 and 6, what is E(5) and what is F(6), what sounds as "eff" and what sounds as "vee/vuh", etc. (see chart below). That the Letter V is 5, yet is placed at position 6, or that the word FiVe is set at position 6, produces an immediate confusion into the equation. Deeper studies into Setian systems would reveal this, but a hint of how this knowledge is known and encoded can be found in "the Golden Dawn", a Setian Initiatory System aligned with former Crowley constructs.

The aspirant is admitted first into the grade of "5=6 degree." - SourceNone of this should be underestimated, for it is critical to the larger Key.

FiVe = 6 location and V as 5 is located at the 6 position.

The Letter F located at Number 6 is 1/4 of the glyph for the Solar Wheel, or the Swastika. The Number Word FOUR says, OUR F, which is 6. Four (our F) is complete when there are 4 F's. Note that the Letter F and "f" contain within it elements or designs around the Letter T, located at 4. The 4 F's, are 6*6*6*6 = 1296. The four squares in the middle become the 1+2+3+4 = 10, so 1296*10 = 12960 YEARS, or the "correlational diameter in time" of the Earth's Wobble on its Axis.
The word AXIS reverses to reveal SIX A's, or the Star of David.

What begins to unfold is a mutually significant truth. The Swastika as a representive of the Solar Wheel (6*6*10*6*6) is representationally equivalent to the Star of David. The two symbols are simply dimensional representations of this dreidle. The V is looking at the Dreidle from the front (the V of the Star of David", while the Four (F's) is looking at the Dreidle from the top down. The two symbols are not exclusively distinct.

They were originally designed to be "one and the same", and each deals first and foremost with the "gyroscopic nature" of life, wherein planets spin and then spin further on its axis creating the Precession of the Equinox, which is the original archetype for the All Seeing Eye.

The All Seeing Eye, needless to say, has always been a key part of the Masonic world. It is encoded into the US Dollar Bill and is an integral part of Western culture. The "mysticism" can really best be understood as being a representation of the Precession of the Equinoxes, an esoteric set of knowledge that would become the "Royal Arch Degree" of various Masonic systems.

The words "SEE" and "EYE" are but codes for the Precession of the Equinoxes, or the Number 11011. This concept is simply reduced to the Letters F and V, each representing a distinct set of permutations.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fetch,

Please tell me if the following makes sense:

Concerning the swastika:

The letter F rotated 90 degrees to the left gives practically a number 4 in design; there are also four -4's- on top of the four -F's-in the swastika. These two facts seem to reinforce the knowledge that Four is ''Our F's''.

Concerning the equivalence between the swastika and the star of David:

a FIVe = a SIX
a (IV)F = a-XIS (roman numeral 4)
a 4 F = AXIS = Six A's !!!


Six A's = Six 1's = 1 1 1 1 1 1
If 1's are 6's, then
Six A's = 6+6+6+6+6+6 = 36 = 666

And(this one I am not sure about):

4 F's = 4F = 45 (F=5)
4 F's = 45 = 1:9 and 4x9 = 36 = 666


4 F's = 666 = 6 A's !!!

** Please advise if there is another way to get 666 in this scenario

Then I come up with:

4 F's = 45 = 1:9 = I = 1 = A

Which would decode the hypocritical and manipulative inverting of Good and Evil (1/A-Osiris and I/9-Seth and Allies VS ''All Lies'' and -our F's- are -six A's-).

Also since 1's = 6's are A's not F'S ?

Then I also get:

F's are 6's therefore equated to 1 or I in roman numerals. So can we do the following?

Four F's: reading center out:
Our FF = Our II = Our Pi !!!

Our F-ingers in the pie...

Quite a large piece of pie indeed...

** Please advise if there are other ways of getting Pi in this scenario.

Your work is fabulous. I have been studying non stop since I found it last week and its starting to develop and root some interesting archetypes in my mind. I had no Idea English was so rooted in the ancient mysteries!

Thank you so much.


Unknown said...

"...the Precession of the Equinox, which is the original archetype for the All Seeing Eye."

I'd like to know if anyone else can verify this.

"Also since 1's = 6's are A's not F'S ?"

Nice and consistent. Otherwise, please!

"Four F's: reading center out: F(our)F - Our FF = Our II = Our Pi !!!"

I hope this isn't indicative of what's really going on here.

There's form, behind the four. So I'll add that it seems appropriate that it's as Volume; which comes after the point, line and plane. Seems to be much ado about a spinning cube. I don't see this hinted at anywhere else. And the four "squares" at center of the flyfot, as part of the finagling equation, seems a tad preposterous.

I myself realized that abracadabra (or abrahadabra as per Uncle AC) was likely referring to the pentagram.