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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Enigmatic Robert Baird, Portrait of a Truth Teller

It is not easy being a "truth teller", to "go against the prevailing winds". Cutting through "reality by concensus" is indeed, often a professionally suicidal undertaking. Yet, without the efforts of they who have challenged the status quo, humankind would be quite retarded in its access to knowledge. Afterall, the goal of a ruling Elite based on Setian systems is the destruction of knowledge and the submersion of the human creation further and further into ignorance.

There is a reason why delusion shares phonetics with "the Deluge".

Humanity, it is said, is "drowned beneath the waves of Typhon", or the Sea. From this Occult reality would give rise to "academic theories" of "mankind rising up out of the Sea". Lots of silly academic theories exist, all part of the effort to occlude the truth of human advances, falls, timeframes, etc.

Enter "the Truth Tellers", those rare souls willing to go against the prevailing winds. Often, their work is met with an iron fist from the establishment. History in general has not been kind to Truth Tellers; we all recall what happened to Copernicus. Apologies from the establishment sometimes comes centuries later. The "truth tellers" know this. Inherently, they understand this. Still, they persist. Setting an ounce of truth upon a ton of lies tends to have repercussions through time.

The "truth tellers" understand this too.

Enter the enigmatic Robert Baird. You have not heard of him? Oh. Not surprising. Humanity is not programmed, in general, to accept the heeds and calls of the "truth tellers". Robert Baird is one of these souls who has an acute awareness of the fraudulent nature of history by concensus, and a willingness to go against the grain and well, tell the truth as he sees it.

Robert Baird's knowledge covers a diverse span of human history and specializes on the intrigues of Ancient Esoteric Societies: The Druids, Hibernians, BEES, Cathars, Templars, NWO, Bilderbergs and Rising Roman Empire of the Hapsburg/Rothschild continuum including the De Medicis agent St. Germain and Hitler. He is a recognized expert on pre-Colombian brotherhoods in America. He is not afraid to deal with the topic of "the war on women" through the ages, a staple of Illuminatus ritual assault on the Sacred Feminine.

Says Jim Marrs, the best selling author of the book "Crossfire", which was used by Oliver Stone as a source for his film "JFK", says of Robert Baird on Robert Baird's latest Release, America's Assassinations, "I have been following Robert Bruce Baird's work with great interest. It is obvious that he has accumulated much knowledge regarding the older secret societies."

America's Assassinations and Aspirations is just the latest work to come from this prolific truth teller. In total, Robert Baird has released over 80 works with such titles as "Diverse Druids", while his "Collective Works" covers 20 titles, including "Who is a Jew", "Hitler vs. Frabado", and "Bacon and the Bard".

Robert Baird is an enigmatic truth teller. History is a form of propaganda that can only be pierced through the efforts of the truth tellers who are willing to risk all to do a simple noble gesture: tell the truth when lies are the reality.

I highly recommend Robert Baird's work. His numerous offerings will stretch your vision as to what is possible, and what has been. The future is most difficult to change if we first do not come to grips with how the past has been crafted and controlled to the detriment of the collective.

Robert Baird. Enigmatic. Truth Teller.

Edited note:

Jim Marrs and many others have used Robert Baird's material as inspiration for their own work. If you can support a writer and want to learn of information not taught in the mainstream world, Robert's work will stretch your imagination and provide numerous insights into the intriques of history and its fabrication."

1 comment:

Citizen said...

More than that. Robert Bruce Baird's passion for the truth begins with the soul. The elite programming he seeks to expose begins with denial of the soul. More powerful than any religion or philosophy, the ancients cherished and developed this divine knowledge - what all of us are capable of. This must be destroyed first if power is to be transferred to egoes with self serving agendas. Be prepared to rediscover your divine capabilities as Robert Baird offers proof through well researched facts of science, and how they have been applied throughout history.