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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Words as Mathematical Expressions

I am, to some degree, concerned. Great efforts and thoughts have gone into the release of the Isisian Codes with all its insights in the Alphabet and its relation to Pi. The relationship of the English Alphabet to Pi and its subsequent encoding and crafting is of a most sacred and secret effort. The work is complete. The language exists and thrives. All of its inherent wisdom, and with it, its inherent power to enlighten and deceive, are laid bare on the table for all who wish to see "to see".

 There is "written rule" and equally an "unwritten understanding" that those who know should not reveal to those who do not know, and for those who use our wisdom and knowledge as part of their efforts to describe their outlook upon the world they live within should be left to their devices to express themselves in the manner they deem fit, even it this expression pollutes and occludes the "Great Work".

Says Plutarch,

And there is nothing to fear if, in the first place, they preserve for us our gods that are common to both peoples and do not make them to belong to the Egyptians only - Plutarch - On Isis and Osiris
In other words, in so much as peoples efforts aid in the perpetuation and proliferation of our work, then such efforts may proceed without worry for the essence of "the gods" (letters) and "the God" (Alphabet) remained preserved for those who wish to enter the Mysteries and penetrate their meanings.

Equally, Plutarch provides another admonition,
In the second place, and this is a matter of greater importance, they should exercise especial heed and caution lest they unwittingly erase and dissipate things divine into winds and streams and sowings and ploughings, developments of the earth and changes of the seasons, as do those who regard wine as Dionysus and flame as Hephaestus. - Plutarch - On Isis and Osiris
In other words, if one is to actively engage in the perpetuation and revelation of these Mysteries, one should also be careful and clear lest they speak in a manner that is destructive to the larger Construction.  Elucidation without a clear understand of the foundation upon which the concepts are transmuted leads to error and folly.

This article is intended to expand on the esoteric nature of words.

The Growth of Logic and Reason

We who are dedicated to these Mysteries must remain rooted in logic and  reason.  We must be mindful of the progression of knowledge that builds its foundation and then reaches upwards as a spire to the sky.

This should be self evident for it is clearly how life works: each generation is interwoven with the one before and the one which is antecedent. The parent lives within the world of the grandparent and child alike. Today, we can speak about the time before computers and way in which we organized and structured our world with index cards and card boxes, while today, such methods, although still of value, may still be taught for the discerning "children" who wish to know of an "electronic free" form of organization. Today we can communicate instantly through such networks as "3G" and mobile hand held devices, yet some can speak of the world of "dial up modems" and "getting kicked" from any give public network. The "45" and "78's" gave way to the "LP", which gave way to the "8 track", which gave way to the "cassette", which gave way to the "CD", which gave way to the "USB", which gave way to the "digital stream".

 Life builds, and devolves, around the existing knowledge pool of life.

 A wise people cannot be made a fool tomorrow, nor can a society based on folly and ignorance become wise upon the rising of the sun. The devolution to ignorance, as is the progression to wisdom, is ordered upon a magnitude of time. Spring builds upon Winter, and Summer is built upon Spring, and Fall is a product of Summer. As Nature goes, so goes the evolution and devolution of man.
Therefore the whole problem of human life became the attainment of greater and ever greater knowledge of the natural law, upon which all progress and all security to life and happiness depended in so eminent a degree, and the divine gift of the reasoning faculties, - Higgins, Hermetic Masonry
In order to grasp the immensity of the Construct, one must be rooted into the nature of Number and Letters, and the manner in which the two are interconnected, for without such, although "the numbers may "reveal a truth", such a truth may really be a falsehood crafted by one's desire to see a reality that does not accurately reveal the Construct.

As Descartes mused,
The long chains of simple and easy reasonings by means of which geometers are accustomed to reach the conclusions of their most difficult demonstrations led me to imagine that all things, to the knowledge of which man is competent, are mutually connected in the same way, and that there is nothing so far removed from us as to be beyond our reach, or so hidden that we cannot discover it, providing only that we abstain from accepting the false for the true, and always preserve in our thoughts the order necessary for the deduction of one truth from another. - Source: An Augustinian Perspective on Philosophy of Mathematics
We must be not so eager to "see connections" such that we be out of balance and hence removed from our deductive and intuitive faculties.

Letter and Number

That the Construct is founded up Letters and Number is without question. Be it the "Sepher Yetzirah" which comments on the interconnectedness of Letters/Numbers/Sounds, or other intimations, say, Augustine in "De Libero Arbitrio" when he states that,

So, given the fact that both wisdom and number are contained in that most hidden and certain truth, and that Scripture bears witness that the two are joined together, I very much wonder why most people consider wisdom valuable but have little respect for number. They are of course one and the same thing.
 If a revelation of the hidden mysteries within the Letters is to be advanced and ascertained, we must use our logic and reason to ascertain how number may be employed/deployed in the fabrication of words and phrases.

We must also be clear that the Letters, fused as they are to number and sound, are unique and divisible and indivisible components of the Alphabet, while the Alphabet is itself pure and indivisible even as it it lends itself to divisions and permutations

Through a reflection of the Alphabet, we may fine purity in the form of a flash of lightning, or interlocking interconnections that. like the anchor of a ship, keep the Construct from drifting dangerously into uncharted waters rife with rocks that would sink a less capable ship.

Words as Mathematical Expressions

Be clear about the nature and deIt is all well and good to seek esoteric insights through the use of simplified forms of mathematical expressions in the language.sign of words, for the God is not so foolish as to reduce all of reality to simple expressions of mathematics by addition.

For instance, the word GOD has an ordinal value of 26, but a reduced ordinal value of 8 (2+6=8).  That the 26 coincided with YHVH or ALLA provides us with esoteric insights into the interconnectedness of ALLA to GOD to YHVH as mathematical constructions, but we have yet to apply logic and reason to the word itself.

Hence, as Descartes warned,

...always preserve in our thoughts the order necessary for the deduction of one truth from another.
Our designs are pure.  Each Letter represents a archetypal reality.  The Letter G is the Equinox, while the D is representative of the Sun as it rises on the horizon.  The Letter T is the same sun at noon zenith, raised up as it were to its highest point.  The concept is very much like a "golfers tee".

Everything about the word hints about the Sun and its apparent traversal through the heavens as viewed from Earth.

The Sun falls to the Winter T or solstice and then rises up to cross the equatorial equinox G and then rises further to the Summer T or solstice and then falls to the Autumn equinox or G and on and on and on.

We then must equate the word GOD with the GODDESS, for surely if the GOD is the conceptual diameter in time of the Earth around the Sun, so too then must GOD-DESS have a value that represents the circumference of this great cycle.

This can be shown by the Square of 19 (SS) ofthe word GOD-DESS.

SS = 19*19 = 361
E - 5
D = 4

We can then use logic and reasoning to deduce that the SS is the fixed element of the word which has taken on the form of a mathematical expression.

SS + D = 361 + 4 = 365 days in a year
SS + E = 361 + 5 = 366 days in a year

Many words are crafted in just such a manner.  To simply apply an arbitrary value based on an given alphabetical transposition simply destroys the construction, or as Plutarch says,
In the second place, and this is a matter of greater importance, they should exercise especial heed and caution lest they unwittingly erase and dissipate things divine into winds and streams and sowings and ploughings
In this way, be clear as to the means by which some may seek to reveal but in truth are plowing things that are sacred and divine into constructions that are as chafe in the wind, void of their esoteric foundation.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Scott Onstott on ITEL Radio - 10.18.14

Inside the Eye - Live! made a turn towards the esoteric with a visit by Scott Onstott, the producer of the Youtube hit, "Secrets in Plain Sight", a video production that has garnered over 3.5 million views and counting. Scott Onstott is a teacher, writer, artist, and filmmaker. He has a degree in architecture from the University of California at Berkeley, and has written or co-written 11 technical books on architectural design and visualization software.

He has authored two books in the realm of "esoterica":

Taking Measure: Explorations in Number, Architecture and Consciousness and his latest offering, Quantification: Illustrations from the Creator of Secrets In Plain Sight

His website is Secrets in Plain Sight

Architectural Discipline and Keen Observation
Scott's discipline, a degree in architecture, combined with his fascination with the history of ancient architectural achievements has led him on a path of inquiry that has enabled him to grasp the nature of the Construct and accurately portray the Construct as it impresses upon the physical world. His innate understanding of key factorials of 666 and its factorial brethren (216, 432, 864, 1080, 2160, and so on) has enabled him to accurately demonstrate these ancient encoded numerics and how they are encoded into cosmic, planetary and architectural scales.
 Scott's latest effort, Quantification: Illustrations from the Creator of Secrets In Plain Sight, seeks to portray this ancient wisdom through a series of original artwork combined with written text to describe the concept being represented, as well as the mathematics/numerics behind the concept.

"864 Celestial"

"864 Celestial" - Original Plate by Scott Onstott, Quantification

Scott's efforts truly add value and contribute much to the contemporary efforts to penetrate the "veil of Reality" and "the design of the Construct". He provides a series of original insights to the design of the Construct and presents the information in very clear and concise representations.

For instance, we have heard much in the West about the "Mark of the Beast" and 666. Yet few understand that this number is an inherent key to the design of life and Earth's relationship to the cosmos. The Magic Square of the Sun is a 6 x 6 grid where all columns, rows, and diagonals add to 111, while the sum of the matrix (Sum of 1:36) adds to 666.

This is important because the diameter of the Sun has a value of 6*6*6*4*1000, or 864,000 miles. Scott has tapped into this numeric and demonstrates in a wide variety of ways the encoding of this "numeric".

Quantification: Illustrations from the Creator of Secrets In Plain Sight

In short, Quantification: Illustrations from the Creator of Secrets In Plain Sight is an admirable work and provides added perspective. For instance, who would take the time to see that the Kaaba of Islam and the Wailing Wall of the Hebrews is 666.6 nautical miles from each other, or that Scott reflects:

Inside the Eye - Live! made a turn towards the esoteric with a visit by Scott Onstott, the producer of the Youtube hit, "Secrets in Plain Sight", a video production that has garnered over 3.5 million views and counting. Scott Onstott is a teacher, writer, artist, and filmmaker. He has a degree in architecture from the University of California at Berkeley, and has written or co-written 11 technical books on architectural design and visualization software. He has authored two books in the realm of "esoterica": Taking Measure: Explorations in Number, Architecture and Consciousness and his latest offering, Quantification: Illustrations from the Creator of Secrets In Plain Sight His website is Secrets in Plain Sight

Scott reflects:

Is something deeper going on? Why does Earth’s equator bulge .33% beyond being a perfect sphere? Why does Earth’s orbit bulge 3.3% out of round? Why does sound travel at 333.3 m/sec at 3.3°C in Earth’s atmosphere? Why is escape velocity 33 times the speed of sound? Why is the Sun 333000 times more massive than the Earth? Why does your spine have 33 bones?
Scott has truly tapped into the design and nature of the Construct as it has been encoded into space, time, geometry, and architecture. In this interview (a bit technically interrupted due to connection issues with the server), Scott shares his thoughts and knowledge and his understanding as to the nature and design of the Construct.

You can hear the interview here:

Scott Onstott on Inside the Eye - Live! - 10.18.14

Inside the Eye - Live! for 10-18-14

Scott's interview was hour number of 3 of Inside the Eye - Live! for October 18, 2014.

In hour number one, we spent time explaining the growing geopolitical fallout from falling oil prices and the likelihood of its price points out into the medium term future.

In hour number 2, we discussed the idea of "words as weapons of war" and how Jewish media assets use words to assault Western civilization in their ongoing attempts to create their New World Order.

You can hear the show in its entirety here: ITEL Radio for 10.18.14

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"The Fetch" on Red Ice Radio - 10.6.14


In a must hear interview, The Fetch appeared with Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio recently. That recording has been released effective October 6, 2014. This is the second appearance for The Fetch on Red Ice Radio, the first being on January 2, 2014.

The show interlaced elements of Qaballa and insights into the current geopolitics.

The Mad “Da’ash” in the Middle East

To start the show, Henrik and I discussed recent upheavals in the Middle East as well as the current political climate on the streets here in the Middle East. There is a general consensus within constituencies in the Middle East that what is called “ISIS” in various Jewish controlled press organs, and is known as Da’ash in Arabic and some European (French) media organs is really a project of Western powers with its leadership in Israel.

We dischssed Jordan and Saudi Arabia, a country whose internal economics is booming as the government in Saudi Arabia seeks to expand economic development and opportunities for its people.

European Nationalism and the Inner Struggle for Russia

We went on to discuss the rise of European Nationalism and especially as it pertains to Russia and Russian Nationalism and how Russia is more akin to Germany in 1933 than the Soviet Union of 1956.

Of particular interest is the ongoing internal struggle for the soul of Russia, a battle being waged between Atlantic Integrationists, a group headed largely by interests inside of Russia that are aligned with Western (Jewish) banking interests and Eurasia Integrationists, a faction that is largely controlled by Russian nationalists.

For more on this issue, see the article regarding Atlantic Integrationist subterfuge in an article penned by “The Saker” and appearing on Inside the Eye – Live! as “Russia’s 5th Column – The Inner Struggle to Control Russia.”

An interesting point in this is that the Eurasian Integrationists are not opposed to further integration with the EU and “the West”, but that the EU and “the West” are seen as being highly unpredictable, unstable, and untrustworthy.

It can be argued that such feelings and realities exist precisely because the West is currently under the yoke of Talmudic ideology, and hence by its very nature cannot be viewed as a reliable global partner.

Noahidism and the New World Order

The “Founding Fathers” of the United States were products of the tail end of the period “Enlightenment” in the West. This period was the period that succeeded the exceedingly dark and destructive efforts of the Vatican to unify Europe under a single “Christian flag”.

Any and all political and religious groups and individuals who refused to be absorbed willingly into the new Vatican order of religious dogmas were ruthlessly dealt with in what would become “the Inquisition”, a period of darkness over Europe that would not experienced again until the Jewish wars on Germany in the early to middle parts of the 20th Century.

Indeed, perhaps the Inquisition period was merely a Jewish constructed reign of terror on Europe hiding under the veneer of a Christian flag.

The lesson was that a people not graced with the practice of religious freedom and a separation of Church and State would always run the risk of increasing to absolute tyranny.

Today, we find ourselves in the West under precisely this evolving dynamic. The concentrated power of Judaism in politics creates the de facto merging of Church and State into a single organic organ.

This concept, a political agenda masquerading as a religious ideal with Jewish society is known as Noahidism, a dangerous blend of Jewish nationalism with tyranny at the base of its foundation.
All this, and more, can be found in this fascinating interview.

You can hear hour one here:

 Hour two is available to subscribers. Subscribe to Red Ice Radio.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Hinges in the Alphabet - The Special Properties of "3"

When we consider the properties of a "hinge", it has two unique properties.  First, its center point is fixed, while its extensions are affixed to two separate planar entities.  In this way, a hinge of a door holds the door fixated at a particular location, and yet the properties of door itself are able to swing upon, the measurements of "openness" able to be equated to degrees on a compass.

Hence, a door can be opened "just a little", a principle to denote perhaps an opening of less that 30 degrees, to being "wide open", to imply 90 degrees or more.

 A hinge, by its design, is comprised of 3 parts: the first part is the one that affixes (in general) to a stationary point, then there is the "hinge pin" that enables the movement of a third item that may be viewed as the moveable object.

A hinge, by its design, cannot open further than 180 degrees.

When we realize that the Letter H is a transposition of the Greek Letter Pi, and hence often has a hidden "P" value, the word HINGE becomes PI NGE, whereas the Pi nature of the "HINGE" becomes self evident, as does the more hidden but esoteric construction in the word PING, where a PING often involves the tapping of a fixed point or location, as in to "ping the router".  In the case of a PING, perhaps we can view the sent signal as "the door", the "ping" itself as the "hinge pin", and the router and accompany network architecture as the "fixed location".

The key issue is the special property of "3", and ultimately, how this principal of 3 is encoded into the esoteric construction of the Alphabet.

The Alpha, Beta, Gamma and the Sepher Yetzirah

Much effort has been spent in Western mystery schools on the development and understanding of the esoteric properties of Letters.  This is largely evident in Greek (Pythagorean), as well as Hebrew (Rabbinic), wherein the fusion of Numbers and additional archetypal coding to Letters is well known and generally thought to be "understood" by many a practitioner of Qaballa.

In the Hebrew, for instance, the Letter Pei (Pi), as referenced in Mysteries of the Qabalah, by Elias Gewurz, [1922], at sacred-texts.com,

, ‏פ‎ or P, meaning the Open Mouth, Value 80.
The symbol of expression, that through which man makes himself known in the outer world, hence the literal meaning, mouth; the Second Race of Man.
The outlet; the outward and visible means for the Spirits' manifestation.
Inner.org adds:
  • The power of speech.
  • The 32 teeth in the mouth correspond to the 32 pathways of wisdom.
Here we can see that the Letter Pei (Pi) refers to the 32 pathways (32 decimal digits) of Pi as the totality of the Esoteric Traditions regarding "the Word", that Pi has two primary components, an oral element in reference to speech and a fixed or formed element in the way of "the Letters", which is the "outward and visible means" through which an outward expression may be realized through the means of Speech and Words.

Yet as we delve deeper into the Letters, we know that Letters themselves are formed through three cipher channels: Letters/Numbers/Sounds.

This reality is permanently established vis a vis the Sepher Yetzirah. At the beginning of Chapter for of the Sepher Yetzirah, it reads,
The two sounds of each letter are the hard and the soft--the aspirated and the softened. They are called Double, because each letter presents a contrast or permutation; thus Life and Death; Peace and War; Wisdom and Folly; Riches and Poverty; Grace and Indignation; Fertility and Solitude; Power and Servitude. 
Here we can see references to the existence of archetypal properties of the Letters (ie., Life/Death, Peace/War, etc.) as well as an understanding of the phonetic construction of the sounds (hard and soft -- aspirated and softened).

In English, simple observation reveals a mathematical construction to the phonetic placement of the sounds that make up the Alphabet, especially once the Alphabet is placed into "the Isisian Codes" cipher sequence.

 The Isisian Codes, a code, really, reveals a near absolute mathematical precision to the phonetics of the English Alphabet.

At position number 3, we can see that the sounds of C and S are identical relative to their Letter Name (SEE and ESS). 

At position number 4,we find two of the 4 dentals, the D (DEE) and T (TEE).  In this case, the "D" is clearly the softened sound while the T aspirated, or hardened sound. 

At position number 6, we have the two labials, the F (EF) and the V (VEE), wherein the V is the softened and the F is the aspirated, or hardened.

However, we must keep in mind that the Alphabet is a sophisticated set of interlocking cipher patterns.  These cipher patterns are equally a part of basic cryptology.  The At Bash Cipher, for instance, simply renumbers the Alphabet, setting the Z at 1, the Y at 2, and X at 3, and so forth.  Once can visualize this on an esoteric construction in many ways, but a good way to visualize this form of cipher pattern is to draw mental circles in one's mind with the MN, or 1314, located in the center.

It is views as follows:

Another interlocking cipher pattern is known as the "Ach Bi", the name again being taken from "contemporary Kabballah", or as used in Rabbinical Kabballah as a means of reference.

In the Ach Bi, the Alphabet is divided in half and then the beginning of the sequence is mirrored against the last digit/letter of the sequence.

In this cipher, an A is mirrored against an M and hence each has a value of 1, and this is carried through to the Letter G, which has no mirror and is numbered at 7, while on the second half of the Alphabet, the Letter N is mirrored against Z, the O against Y, etc.  Hence, in an Ach Bi Cipher Pattern, the Letters A,M,N, and Z all have a number 1, the Letters B, L, O, and Y each have values of 2, with the pattern being carried out until one arrives at both G and T, wherein the G and the T are located position 7.

The Ach Bi is viewed here:

For an idea as to how the Ach Bi is used in an esoteric sense, one can watch the video "The Esoteric Tale of Humpty Dumpty":

The Special Properties of "3"

However, there remains a riddle relative to the various interlocking ciphers, and that has to do with the Letter G.  This is so because within English, the Letter G is located at number 7, while in the Greek, and its antecedent, Hebrew, the Letters "Gamma" and "Gimel" are each located at number 3.

From a "qaballistic" perception, there must be some form of transposition within the larger "Construct" to account for the special properties of G.  This is due to the recognition of "Principles of Hardness and Softness".

This "Principles of Hardness and Softness" appear in what is essentially a linear representation when the Alphabet is STOPPED at OP and shifted at Q back to 1 to form the Isisian Codes.  D is soft, T is hard, F is hard and V is soft.  See and Ess are essentially equally, although S is regarded as the hard letter and letter C is considered the soft due to the hard ending of S and the open "E" of the letter C.

However, the Letter C has two sounds and each is essentially independent of the other.  The Letter C is both hard and soft within itself.  C as in Circle is soft, while C as in Candy is hard.  The important element of the C is within its hard form, which is a hard Cuh, as in "cuddle".

Within the Principle of Models of Hardness and Softness, the Letter C(uh) is hard, while the soft is not really S (ESS) as in Circle, as this is a wholly different sound set compared to the hard C(cuh) as in Cuddle.  The soft form of the Cuh is the sound Guh, hence C and G share design parallels for part of the G is the very C itself.

We then must turn our attention to the various cipher pattern, but in particular, the Ach Bi Cipher.

In the Ach Bi Cipher there are 4 "3's".  These are the Letters C, K, P,and X.

The Letter P is clearly not a part of the phonetic family of C.  However, what is evident is that the letters K and X equally share the same phonetic value of C as 3.  In the case of the Letter X, it is both 3 in the At Bash and the Ach Bi.  Hence, just as C contains within itself sounds of both S and hard C (cuh), so too does the Letter X.

The Letter X is indeed a composite sound of the Letters C, K, and S (EKS = X).  Words, therefore, should reflect this phonetic pattern.

XYLOPHONE is an example of a Soft S (Z)

In this manifestation, we find that the Letter S, then, aside from always being present in the Hard X, but also can be present as a soft form X (XYLOPHONE) in such words as DESIGN, wherein the S takes on a softening within its own design.  Hence the word SAMPLE reveals a hard S while DESIGN reveals a SOFT S that approaches the sound within the Letter Z.

Equally, the Letter G has properties that are uniquely distinct, wherein G has a "soft sound" as in "germ", and in this case, a hard sound as in "grand".  From the G sound as in "germ", the shape of the mouth and tongue is virtually identical to the compound sounds of CH and SH.  Hence words as "germ", "shorn", and "churn" are all sounds that working off of the Letter/Number 3.

The Letters that are fused to the Number 3 are indeed nearly all (save for P) phonetically interconnected.

C as CABLE as K is KATIE is as X is EXTRA, all hard forms of C with added "S" located within the X (EKSTRA = EXTRA).

Hence, with all these various examples, it should be abundantly clear that the "esoteric principles of models of hardness and softness"are not so much an esoteric principle, but rather a well developed and rational observation of the sounds that make up our Western speech/word patterns.

The Letter C and 3 as an Occulting Sequence

An additional power within the Letter C is contained within its design.  The Letter C is really derived from a sphere being C-OVER-ED. 

This basic reality always implies 3:

The original light source, the body that is being C-OVER-ED, and the position from which the phenomena if viewed.

Applying this concept back to the Letters, then, there should be equivalent representations of sounds being occulted, or hidden (removed) as a process of invoking the Letter.

Our "3's", again, are C, S, K, X, G and P.

Just as the Letter C is a glyph derived from the principle of a sphere being C-OVER-ED, the Letters that denote the Number 3 are statistically prevalent in words that involve silent enunciation of letters.  Perhaps it is within this principle that the Letter P is able to share some esoteric equivalencies.

For instance, the Letter C disappears in such words as SCENT, SCENE, and SCINTILLATE, while the Letters G and K disappear in such words as KNOWLEDGE and GNOME,.  The Letter P will disappear when invoked with the Letter S at the beginning of a word (PSYCHE) while the Letter H can disappear when invoked with the Letter C (CHOIR, CHORUS).

A cursory check of English vocabulary will reveal much regarding this archetypal concept.  That is not to say that other letters do not too disappear, but one should study the disappearance for any philosophical or potential esoteric constructions.

The Letter C and Number 3 as the Hinge Letter/Number

I equate the Letter C as "a hinge" specifically because it is the anchor point upon which two great esoteric traditions are fused.  In this scenario, perhaps we can equate the Letter/Number 3 as the Hinge Pin itself.

At the Letter C, or 3, the Letter G or Gimel, fuses or is hinged to the English mystery traditions. The English Alphabet is as the fixture upon which the hinge is affixed, while the 3, or Letter C, is fused to the Letter/Number 3 of the Alpha - Beta - Gamma traditions, and the later Alef - Beit - Gimel rabbinical systems.

Perhaps this is what is being said in the design of the traditional number 3.  By its very design, it is silently sitting, telling you that the 3 is both 3 (C/S) and 7 (G) equally.  The Hebrew G sound comes to be at 3 within the English through a knowledge of esoteric crafting of words revolving around the phonetic values contained within the Letter C (3).

C at 3 is fixed.  Gimel at G(7) moves.  The hinge is at 3.

Perhaps this is what is silently being said in the design of the Letter 3.  It silently reminds us that under some conditions (systems), the Letter C is both 3 (C/S) and 7 (G).

The English Esoteric System is considered the fixed position precisely due to the precise nature of the Number 3 set against the phonetics of the Alphabet.  It is impossible to deny that the Letters C, S, which are located at number 3, share a phonetic equivalency.  The number 3 is the hinge, for at the number 3, we find also the K and the X.

The design of K and X hint at a "hinge" type of property and a mirror type of property equally. Both of these properties are contained with the design of the "simple piece of hardware called a HINGE" in its crudest fabrication.

Yet there is one more "3" to be spoken of, and that is the Letter L.

It is a Square.  It is an inverted T.  It indeed, could also be a HINGE, but precisely how and why such would be so is a story is for another day.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Fetch on Circus Maximus Radio Show on Outside Radio - 5.29.2014

The Fetch will guest appear on Circus Maximus Radio on Outside Radio on Thursday, May 29, 2014. Topics of discussion will be the Isisian Codes, Pi "&" the English Alphabet, and of course, whatever comes to the fore. Enjoy it live via the following links or catch it on the archives!

Streaming options:
  Mobile Shoutcast
Shoutcast Player
RadioTuna Call in number: +1-224-244-7300 Chicago USA

You can hear the entire show here: This show combined political observations as well as information pertaining to the Isisian Codes. Marty Leeds "Pi & The English Alphabet" was discussed. Some historical information on the development of the Isisian Codes was raised, also. The show morphed into a "round table" with numerous personalities from "Mami's Shit".

Monday, March 24, 2014

"The Fetch" on Spingola Speaks with Deanna Spingola - 3.23.14

In a surprise request, Deanna Spingola from Spingola Speaks was kind enough to ask "The Fetch" to appear on Spingola Speaks on March 23, 2014.  In what was expected to be a show focusing on politics and current events, Deanna steered the conversation to a discussion of the Illuminatus Observor.

The show marked a continued expansion of reach of work by "The Fetch" as the show was broadcast on the Republic Broadcasting Network, the flagship station for Deanna's "Spingola Speaks" show.

The show was a very general discussion of concepts contained within the Illuminatus Observor, with a touch of politics and personal interest.

This show should be of interest to anyone who has followed The Fetch over the years and/or would like to catch some fresh discussion regarding the Isisian Codes.

You can catch the edited show here: