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Sunday, September 18, 2011

"The Wandering Who" - Gilad Atzmon on Inside the Eye - Live!

In what proved to be a technical difficulty laden show, Gilad Atzmon, author and one of the hardest gigging jazz musicians on the British scene, joined Dennis Fetcho, aka "The Fetch" on Inside the Eye - Live! on the Oracle Broadcasting Network.

The show aired at 10:00AM CDT (GMT -8) on September 17, 2011.

You can download the show from the Inside the Eye Live Archives page.

For those who do not know, Gilad Atzmon is one of the more recognizable and passionate voices opposed to the policies of the State of Israel.

To learn more about Gilad Atzmon, visit Gilad Atzmon's web site.

What makes Gilad Atzmon's activities "unique" is not so much that he is a passionate advocate for humanity, but in his own words, he was a devoted Jewish ultra-Nationalist - a common state of affairs for those raised in the State of Israel.

Such an effort by Gilad Atzmon in today's world is akin to one taking on the Catholic Church at the height of Vatican power when one was already a priest within the Church and had been exposed to the brutality and hypocrisy of the whole exercise. There was no tolerance for any truths "getting out". Truth was suffocated.

Such suffocation of "reality" exists very much today within Jewish social control structures.

For many who are not "Jewish", the difficulties faced by Israeli's (and Jews in general) to rise above the waves and successfully lobby and advocate against the State of Israel and its policies cannot be understated, let alone for an "insider" to take the step to dare to release the reality of Jewish identity and the control structures and strategies that shape same. Social programming from birth, a militant social structure, a world view based on cultural victimhood that justifies "pre-emptive" assaults on the non-Jewish world, all contribute to the containment of Jews within their constructed social structure.

One's "chosen-ness" is something that is ingrained on the individual in an unholy, tribal pact.

To escape from this tribal structure is to admit that the soul (individual) desires to be free from what is a dark and dangerous imposition on the spirit.

It takes a brave soul to make such a journey no matter one's upbringing. Many of us indeed do make that journey. For many of us, as we mature, we can deal with criticizing our previous affiliations with church, state, school, and so forth. We can admit that "the Church" was a violent institution that wreaked havoc on so many unsuspecting cultures. Being able to make such a statement and not feel the weight of such an observation is, for many, an advancing spiritual achievement.

In truth, such "achievements" are simply a part of rational growth.

Many who make such a journey often must deal with peer pressure and personal fears, doubts, trepidation, and so forth. Influences of family and friends can enhance or diffuse these fears, doubts, and trepidation, aiding the individual along.

Indeed, such journeys occur and they are not so rare.

But it is quite rare and unique for one to make such a journey from Jewish culture.

Like gnashing lashing demons, Jewish cultural control mechanisms are designed and fused to an array of intellectual and cultural arguments designed to keep the flock shielded in a cocoon of perpetual fear. Seeking to prevent the escape from such a world is carefully controlled long before one begins to poke and tug at the cocoon. Should one be able to break through the cocoon, the effort is met with an orgy of viperous venom that seeks to neutralize and incapacitate the individual.

To break entirely free is, perhaps, a misnomer.

The demons are never far away and rarely, if ever, silent. A gnashing, vindictive madness manifests from the control structures as one observes from afar. Metaphysically, the observation appears as an orgy of demons operating through human agents. A free speaking spirit from within this Jewish identity cocoon is something that simply must be prevented.


There is much to hide by these control structures and the demons lash out for good reason.

But Gilad Atzmon, a former (retired) Jewish ultra-Nationalist, has made such a difficult journey, a journey which many who are not versed in Jewish culture cannot truly appreciate. Yet the demons are plenty, and remain to this day gnashing in a desperate desire to keep the truth of the reality of Jewish identity a "mystical secret to the world at large".

In "The Wandering Who", Gilad Atzmon blows brings an intelligent analysis of "Jewish identity" and in the process blows the cover off the various control mechanisms and strategies employed that keep Israeli Jews and Jews at large in a dangerous, self deluded, fog.

You can catch the interview here without being redirected:

Audio File No Longer in Circulation

It is a good interview, but the technical glitches did disrupt some of the fluidity. But it is a live radio show, so do enjoy what such brings.

Kabballah and the Control of Words

One key control structure employed by Jewish organs revolves around words and their usages. By imposing restrictions on the usage of words and assaulting words such as to alter their meanings, reality can become obfuscated. This strategy is a product of deep, negative, Kabballistic influence at the elite of Jewish culture wherein enormous amounts of effort is expended to grasp the nature and meaning of words such that words can be altered and shifted.

If one can control the usage and meaning of words, one can control reality at large.

Gilad Atzmon makes this case rather openly in "The Wandering Who". In a chapter entitled "Zionism and Marginal Thoughts", Gilad Atzmon writes,

Marginal communities and identity political discourses are generally very sensitive to the power of language, and this is probably the reason why a substantial amount of marginal political effort is dedicated to imposing lingual restrictions within the mainstream discourse (usually in the name of political correctness, liberalism and even tolerance).

This is also likely to be why marginal communities are so creative in their use of language. The Zionists’ relationship with the resurrected Hebrew language is a good example. Early Zionists realised that full control over language would allow them to impose their worldview on subsequent generations of Jews.

From a Qaballistic perception, Gilad Atzmon provides a critical insight.

A movement, or a "marginal community", must, by necessity, narrow the function and acceptable usage of language in order to maintain a "marginal", or narrow, social status relative to the larger whole.

Gilad Atzmon speaks clear about a planned and focused Kabballistic influence on language and words in the makeup of Jewish social identity. These kabballistic activities are enhanced and advanced through Jewish control of media assets, and through extension, Jewish kabballistic reasoning and intent on and towards words makes its way into the larger (global) social framework.

An attempt to control words and their acceptable usage remains at the core of Jewish control strategies.

However, English, being itself a Qaballistically constructed language, remains a form of "antidote" hidden and diluted. The whole can be tinctured through a rational and focused study of the language in a Qaballistic sense. In the process, the narrowing and limiting efforts of Rabbinical Kabballah on the language becomes neutered.

A First Interview for Inside the Eye - Live!

This was a the first interview show for Inside the Eye-Live! and it was really great of Gilad to come on the show. As an author and musician, he is accomplished at both. His insights on Jewish "identity" is timely and insightful and he clearly understands the historical implications relative to Jewish identity and how this identity projects itself onto host cultures and the reactions to same.

He is vocal. He is hounded. He is fearless in the face of withering criticisms.

Gilad Atzmon, the grand son of one of Israel's leading terrorists and a retired former Jewish ultra-Nationalist has emerged as one of this generations most passionate advocates for raising up the human condition oppressed by the Jewish construction.

From an historical perspective, give this interview a try. Skip through the dead air and pick out the kernals.

"The Wandering Who" is available on Amazon.com. It is published by Zero Books, Winchester, England.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Inside the Eye - Live! - 9-11 Redux

With the MindWar called "9-11" in full force on the 10th anniversary of the still to be solved attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, it made sense that on Inside the Eye - Live! we would spend some time putting a classic "Isisian Code" inspired insightful analysis on the event and subsequent cover-up.

And a cover-up, indeed, it is.

According to recent poll conducted by TNS Emnid, one of the largest polling firms in Germany, nearly 90% of Germans do not believe the official story as promoted by the United States Government.

Further, in a New York Times/CBS poll conducted in 2006, 53% of respondents said that the Bush Administration was hiding something, and an additional large minority, 28% believed that the Bush Administration was lying.

These numbers, rather than being seen as "discouraging", should be viewed rather as quite encouraging. "9-11" was, perhaps, the "Crime of the Century", and the audience on this subject is enormous. Nearly 200 million adults in the United States simply do not believe the "official story", a story that, by default, can only be viewed as a story that is "the Jewish story", for without the enthusiastic creative (but not so intelligent) script writing which appears in America's Jewish run media assets, the 9-11 "Crime of the Century" would not still to this day be a parade of mass delusion for those who wish to immerse themselves in a made for television macabre tragedy.

This show hits fast and hard on points like a laser at the rational conspirators in this crime. You can listen here without being redirected.

The ADL and the "Anti-Semitic Canard"

The fact remains: 9-11 was a CRIME. Since nearly 85% of Americans now believe that the "government story" is a lie, or at minimum, certain "facts" have been withheld (evidence was literally criminally destroyed for goodness sake), and with 90% of Germans believing that the 9-11 "official story" is a fraud, the numbers point to a huge under-welling of consciousness waiting to be awakened.

And if the official story is a fraud - then where is the crime centered?

It can only one place: America's Jewish/Israeli elite. Of course, this is the great fear of "Jews" in general, believing as they do that they "wander the world without a home". Well. With crimes as serious as 9-11, and all the subsequent financial and war crimes that ensued, the only conclusion is that the enemy within is so dangerous that it cannot be tolerated.

How does any country allow an elite to wage war on the citizenry and the elite not expect the citizenry to rise up in revolt and hold those elites responsible. To this end, there is massive paranoia and fear (well rounded in history it appears) on behalf of Jewish society.

The solution?

Seek to control the political debate. Seek to control how a native people may use their own language. Seek to silence dissent.

Before the rise of the Internet, and surely when this crime called "9-11" was hatched, the idea of the Internet on the scope of today was not even in the offing. The genius of the plan lie in control of instruments of state and an absolute control of media which would be used as a sledge hammer to craft a reality that never existed.

This has all changed. The official story, a story perpetuated by a Jewish controlled media, is clearly a really lame and bad story line if it were not so deadly and treasonous to the global community.

Hence, the Anti Defamation League, or, as I was informed by Kyle Hunt from Star Theory on my visit with him on Star Theory Radio earlier in the day:

Listen to internet radio with Star Theory on Blog Talk Radio

The ADL, or the word "addle", means

verb (used with object), verb (used without object)
1. to make or become confused.
2. to make or become rotten, as eggs.

3. mentally confused; muddled.
4. rotten: addle eggs.

The Isisian Codes DO provide practical esoteric insights. The ADL and ADDLE, linked via their very roots, clearly share an esoteric significance link. The ADL typifies an organization that is rotten and seeks to cause a confused and muddled reality.

The express purpose appears to serve to eliminate any opposition to a larger Jewish agenda, regardless of the depth of the criminality of that agenda.

Occult Insights on "9-11"

We should never let a tragedy slip away without using it to our advantage, especially when the tragedy is clearly revealing an occult truth to the establishment of a better spiritual world.

Here is how it works:

9-11 is an Occult code. It is, perhaps, one of the most important of all Occult codes. From the Book of Formation, or "Sepher Yetzirah", we find the following:

Ten are the numbers of the ineffable Sephiroth, ten and not nine, ten and not eleven. Learn this wisdom, and be wise in the understanding of it, investigate these numbers, and draw knowledge from them, fix the design in its purity, and pass from it to its Creator seated on his throne.

The term "10, not 9, 10, not 11" is like turning a pentagon inside out and arriving at pentacle. If you turn 10 not 9 and 10 not 11 "inside out", the operative numbers are 9-11. In reality, this is dealing with a geometric formation set against Roman numbering.

The IX-XI pattern in the center is the 9-11 of the Sepher Yetzirah. This "9-11" has been "covered-up". What is "covering it up" is a Jewish element, known as "the Tree of Life".

What is covering up "9-11" is this "Jewish element", or the Kabballistic Tree of Life. The matrix behind the Kabballistic Tree of Life is "the Garden of Eden".

From an Occult perspective, if we are to return to the Garden of Eden, it is necessary to remove the Jewish component.

The very nature of the "crime" of 9-11 reveals the process required to "uncover 9-11".

Remove or go after to cut down the Jewish component (the Kabballah) and what remains is "9-11 truth" - or the real matrix meant in the Sepher Yetzirah.

The key to remember is that "9-11 is a cover-up", or more to the point that 9-11 is "covered-up".

Jewish/American Israeli Roots to the Crime and Cover-up of 9-11

It is clear that 9-11 is an Occult construction and perhaps "the ultimate Occult construction". It also reveals the core of the Occult coding. If we remove the dreidle/Tree of Life, we uncover 9-11.

Dig deep and tear down the Kabballistic Tree and the truth of 9-11 becomes clear for all to see.

This episode deals directly with the Occult and Jewish involvement and cover-up of 9-11 and is a fascinating, fast paced, informative, and fast paced show.