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Monday, August 30, 2010

"Un-LOX the ELOHIM" and other Isisian "Short" Codes

A quick note to say thanks to all the support received this past year, and especially this past August. Page views, visits, keyword searches - they are all up to record highs in spite of a general lack of recent material. Thanks again to everyone who came by to hear the interview on "The Rebel Path Radio Show" with the Celtic Rebel.  The show really went well and the response has been fantastic....
As many of you have surmised, the Illuminatus Observor is a very comprehensive site of Hermetic Qaballa insights. Much of the foundational material has been set down, but it never hurts to see further into the Construct through the use of simple, yet elegant, examples of Isisian Code wizardry.

So for your entertainment and edification, what follows is a small sampling of "Isisian Short Codes".


The Alphabet is, in and of itself, a Code. It describes a mythological (and perhaps all too real) battle between what is termed "Osirian" and "Setianist" forces. This battle, at its core, is about the freeing of the human spirit such that all are able to grow spiritually and intellectually to the degree possible. This force does not conquer through force. There is little that can be gained through treachery that cannot more simply be gained through kindness and common sense.

Hence it is said of Osiris in Plutarch's Isis and Osiris,

One of the first acts related of Osiris in his reign was to deliver the Egyptians from their destitute and brutish manner of living. This he did by showing them the fruits of cultivation, by giving them laws, and by teaching them to honour the gods. Later he travelled over the whole earth civilizing it69 without the slightest need of arms, but most of the peoples he won over to his way by the charm of his persuasive discourse combined with song and all manner of music. Hence the Greeks came to identify him with Dionysus.

Contrast, or opposed to this, is the Setianist ideal of destroying for the sake of destroying, or enslaving for the sake of enslaving.  As the line goes in "Batman - The Dark Knight"

"Because some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money... they can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or
negotiated with. (grave) Some men just want to watch the world burn."

Watching the world burn is the Setianist ideal, such burning to include the souls of incarnate spirits within the realm.  As Crowley mentions so clearly in "the Book of the Law",

"Now let it be first understood that I am a god of War and of Vengeance. I shall deal hardly with them. Choose ye an island! Fortify it! Dung it about with enginery of war!  I will give you a war-engine. With it ye shall smite the peoples; and none shall stand before you. Lurk! Withdraw! Upon them! this is the Law of the Battle of Conquest: thus shall my worship be about my secret house...Conquer! ...Worship me with fire & blood; worship me with swords & with spears...let blood flow to my name. Trample down the Heathen; be upon them, o warrior, I will give you of their flesh to eat!"

Hardly the type of philosophy that one can reason with.  The imagery, as seen, is directly opposed to the form and method of Osiris who, had not the slightest need of arms.  It is the "god" of Crowley that the Renaissance Secret Societies, largely, were rebelling and concealing against, preserving a philosophy neatly wrapped into the genius of an Alphabet.

Hence to the winner who succeeded in sealing a secret truth for all to see, we may say that such a winner is awarded a "Blue Ribbon" for "first place".  In the color BLUE we find the purity of blood not tainted by the "oxygen" of Typhon, where, when exposed Typhon, blood turns red as the Iron within oxidizes.

It is the Blue Ribbon that is the Winner of the Race.

The Jehovian's as late as "Crowley" and "Bush 41" were and remain in the process of completing their "New World Order", their "Conquest" from which they seek to "trample the Heathen".  They have not "won", the "Winner" long ago declared - wrapped neatly and inconspicuously, into an Alphabet of Universal appeal.
This Alphabet, the "Lost Word" of Freemasonry, a hyper-dimensional representation of Pi, osf the 0 as Feminine and the 1 as Male,  would be in itself designed around and fused to Pi.

This Alphabet would set against the A-P, shifting at Q such as to align the phonetics of C and S, D and T, and so forth.

Hence in a simple substitution cipher, C's become S's and D's become T's.  Properly aligned back against Pi, the "Blue Ribbon", would be preserved ever so silently in the beer known as "Pabst Blue Ribbon".

Note the design of flora which wraps underneath the "PABST" Blue Ribbon, and note equally the design in Pi. Now note the "33 fine brews blended into one great beer" in the first advertising diagram.


There are 33 total digits (including the 3 to the left of the decimal point), all blended together into a philosophy caste against the Letters to create one fine beer (philosophical Construct).

Set against PI, "PABST" becomes "the Blue Ribbon".

EL or SHIN?, the Secret of BOWLING

A perfect EL beats a SHIN every time.

Here is how BOWLING hides an esoteric construction.

First, lets consider that sport is designed around the value of Pi in co-relational equivalents.  This concept is covered in detail in the article "The Master Number (11:11) and the World of Sport", and although the article dealt with primary popular outdoor sports, it should come as no surprise the game of BOWLING, too, contains esoteric constructions set against Pi.

For instance, the distance from the foul line to the center of the first pin is 60 feet, while the width of the lane, including the gutters, is too a measurement of 60 inches.

This "60 feet x 60 inches" is not unlike the co-relational value of "60 feet 6 inches" of a professional baseball pitcher's mound to home plate.  Used co-relationally, 60 x 60 = 360 degrees of a circle.  More to the point, the pin location (pin rack) as it rests on the pin deck reveals Pi Proportion design.

The pins are laid out in an equilateral triangle.

Each individual equilateral triangle has a measurement of 36 inches (12" x 3") from the center of each of the respective pins.  Since there are 18 total paths of 12 inches, the value of 18 * 12 = 216, or a "SUN" value of 666 (6*6*6).

The distance from the center of the 1 pin to the center of the 10 pin is, equally, 36 inches, making the value of the outer edges facing the bowler a total of "36 inches on the right" and "36 inches on the left".

36 x 36 is, of course, a "Master Number" representation or derivative of 11:11, revealing the multiple of 1296, or a fractal of the co-relational diameter in time of the Precession of the Equinoxes (12960 years), which is then encoded as the word LIFE.

Yes.  The Construct is THAT comprehensive and complete.  PABST is no joke.

Of course, observations as noted above are but overt and obvious.

But there are far more subtle observations relative to the Construct.

We can start with the very word itself.  BOWLING.

The word itself breaks apart. B-OWL-ing.

As we know, the OWL is "the Goddess" in many manifestations, be it Athena or Ishtar. It is the OWL that is a symbol of the Occult in that it is the OWL that has keen sight in the night, wherein night is defined as Jehovah/Typhon/Seth delusions and darkness.

We then slowly begin to peer into the Construct.

This war between Osiris and Seth is caste into two Alphabets: HEBREW and ENGLISH, although the Roman system carried with it many insights in other languages. There is a reason why Hannakah is celebration of Jewish victory over the Roman empire - it is a metaphorical victory over Osirian occult constructions which historically have been in direct opposition to Jewish religious constructions (totalitarianism).

BOWLING hides an esoteric secret about this war.

As referenced in a Christian Kabballah text,

"The "sh" in Yeheshua is the letter "Shin" in Hebrew, which depicts a three-tongued flame. This letter appears to have been derived from the Egyptian hieroglyph for the uraeus serpent and/or the early Semitic glyph for Shamash - the sun. The letter Shin is also code for the Holy Spirit - which is Kundalini, the serpent fire. Additionally, the Hebrew glyph is reminiscent of the Crown of Thorns which Jesus wore on the Cross.

"Thus, Jesus' name is the Four-Letter Name of God, combined with the Holy Spirit of Kundalini: YH -- Sh -- VH

"This knowledge therefore reveals that Jesus is the force and consciousness which bridges all polarities and levels of the universe by means of the Holy Spirit, reuniting male and female as one, and reuniting humanity with the divine in a state of wholeness. This is the Messiah, the Savior."

Of course, as we show, the use of PI as a uniting force of male and female as one is a far more precise science, removing as it does all dogma's that come as part of the organization of religion as wrought by the Jehovian schools, but the most important note is this,

"The "sh" in Yeheshua is the letter "Shin" in Hebrew, which depicts a three-tongued flame. This letter appears to have been derived from the Egyptian hieroglyph for the uraeus serpent and/or the early Semitic glyph for Shamash - the sun."

The Hebrew Letter SHIN is oft equated to the SUN or a variant thereof. This is important because we now can make a rational modification and transposition.

Now replace the CENTER SUN symbol with the "SHIN" letter, and then fold the 7 "candle sticks" back to form the "7" outer PINS of the 10 BOWLING PINS.

Now lets go BOWLING.

The battle between SETH and OSIRIS is caste into Letters.  Setianists use HEBREW while Osirian and Isis schools used English and variants of universal forms thereof.

These variants and forms are what Setianists call "idols", and yet what is "idle" does not move.  What is IDLE is frozen, which then becomes various Setianist books as Torah and so forth.  These books are IDLE.  What is fluid is "verbal" or "oral" traditions, fused further to symbols which are further interpreted through allegory and reason - traditional Freemason teaching.

The bowling pins are shaped as "the SHIN BONE", upside down (muscle included).

In an esoteric sense, the SHIN as a shape of "SHIN BONE" and "BOWLING PIN" represent immersion into the material world, where we find that Jehovah/Typhon/Seth is said to rule as "the fallen angel" in perverse form.

Here is where everything starts to spin rapidly.

From an esoteric construction, the Hebrew (SHIN) system is set against BASE 10.  It is the base 10 Gematria system that needs to be knocked down before one can get to the Garden of Eden (Isis or Isisian Code).  We must rise above the delusions into which one is born.   The diagram above of Osiris with the SHIN or "BOWLING PIN" shape denotes birth (movement), while the outer cavity is as the birthing canal.

Here one is born into a Base 10 logic system (as crafted).

Bowling is set against 10 frames, with 10 bowling pins caste down.

However, each FRAME is scored set against two balls.  TWO is the number of the Goddess, or the OWL.  The number 2 is the Letter B, and so the B, by its very design, reveals "the Horned Owl" of the Goddess.

A perfect score in a frame of BOWLING means that one has "knocked down" all 10 pins on the first roll.  This is known as a "strike".

A "perfect strike" for a right handed BOWLER is to place the ball on a particular trajectory "right in the middle of the 1 and 3 pin", which again reveals the Letter B (1+2=3=B), but we digress.

A "strike", therefore, is worth 10 points, plus the value of the next two rolls.  If one rolls a second strike in the second frame, then the value of the third frame roll is added to the first frame of 10 plus the second frame of 10.

Hence a perfect score per frame has a value of 30 pins.

Thus if a BOWLER bowls 10 straight strikes (10 frames), the score is recorded as 240 in the 8 th frame (a Pi Proportion equivalent to SCORPIO), and still the BOWLER has two more throws to complete the 10 frame.

In total, a perfect score, therefore, consists of 12 "bowls", the total score being a value of 300, which is the value of SHIN.

Thus a "perfect L, or 12" beats a SHIN (Jewish letter of 300) every time.

EL, of course, is the 12 letter of the Major Arcanum, or the Hanged Man as ODIN/OSIRIS, etc., and the letter through which our Craft of the Letters is firmly anchored in many ciphers.

But that is not the whole of the construction.

L is 12 is 300 in 10 frames.

12*300 = 3600/10 = ???

360 degrees of a circle.

A perfect score returns us again to "PI".

Of course.


The SALMON is an integral archetype to the philosophy of the Illuminatus.

As the philosophy goes, mankind is born into crystal clear waters, but as the child grows, it slowing makes its way into the world, soon to lose sight of its original (pre-birth) higher state.

As the child grows, it makes its way into the spume of Typhon, or the SEA, seemingly lost to all from which it came.

However, as mankind's urges to create a better life and grow spiritually, it begins to make its way back to its original pristine source.

Not all of mankind is able to "make the journey".  Many fall and die along the way.  Only "the enlightened" understand and know their purpose and have the ability to return to its source and "fulfill its purpose".

This birth, immersion, and return, is instrumental to understanding the larger Illuminatus philosophy.

LOX, therefore, we can see is a clever, but simple CODE.  There are many permutations, actually, but here is the cleanest and most concise.  But first, a primer into how Isisian ciphers work.

If you have the opportunity to approach and enter Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), you will be greeted by this large sign.


In this case, we note that L is 3, A is 1, and X, in this case, is 10.  The Sum of 1:4 is 10, and so the X is ciphered back to a 4 to reveal -

LAX = 3.14

However, X has unique properties, depending on context in the Construction.  In the case of LOX, this is a "HEBREW" construction, and so we must recognize that the word is constructed "in reverse" in that Hebrew is read from right to left.

X in this case CANNOT be a 4 because the LOX is a formula.

L is L
O is O

X, therefore, being a symbol of the SALMON, implies a return to one's source, or "the SUN", which is then the word SOL.

The way this works is through placement and phonetics.  When we sound out the letter X, we invoke the letters ECKS.

Now study clear the cipher patterns extant.

E (God - not root)

C is 3 Digits from the BEGINNING of the Alphabet
K is 3 digits from the END of the first half of the Alphabet - reference K-L-M
S is 3 digits from the BEGINNING of the Alphabet (Isisian Code with C)
X is 3 digits from the END of the Alphabet (Second Half equally) - reference: ...X-Y-Z

K is as "half an X" in design, and so forth.

In this case, X is as a 3.  Cipher the X of LOX to LOS, reverse it back to English to reveal SOL

Once one has "returned" and "fulfilled one's purpose", the Salmon "dies" and the "locks" that bond the soul to the material is loosened and the soul is able to return back to its source, or SOL.

In the case of ELOHIM, this CODE is but the same as the word LOX

EL is L
O is O


Through the Isisian Codes.

H is 8 is X
I is 1
M is 4

X = 24
I = 1
M = 4

X-I-M = 24-1-4 = 19 = S

The ELOHIM were "denizens of the SUN", or SOL.

We have UN-LOXED the EL O HIM

Friday, August 13, 2010

"The Fetch" on the Rebel Path Radio Interview - Wrap-up

On August 8, 2010, I had the honor and privilege to be a guest on "the Rebel Path Radio Show with the Celtic Rebel".

 As many of you know, there has been for quite some time a positive and steady interchange of readership between the Celtic Rebel and the Illuminatus Observor, and the combined audience of the Illuminatus Observor and the Celtic Rebel, along with some timely promotion of the broadcast at Rumor Mill News (yes - Rumor Mill News is a Fetch daily visit and read site) by "Sand Dollar" resulted in the show being rated "Number 3" for the week at the Oracle Broadcasting Network.

You can catch the full show here:  

Or, visit the Rebel Path Radio Show archives for a complete list of all shows.

To all who have supported both the Celtic Rebel and the Illuminatus Observor and made the show such a success, we certainly would like to say "Thanks for the support and continued interest."

Special Acknowledgements

We had some help promoting the show at Rumor Mill News by "Sand Dollar", who has been a great supporter of the Illuminatus Observor. She has started her own set of insights based on the Isisian Codes, specifically working with the SATOR SQUARE in a blog called "The SATOR Squire".

With "Sand Dollar's" promotion at Rumor Mill News, the Illuminatus Observor saw a great increase in traffic the day leading up to the show (a record number of page views), while on the day of the show the Illuminatus Observor shattered again its previous day's record for page views.

4 of the top 5 days in page views have resulted from the Rebel Path Radio Show.

Thanks for what has been some tremendous support received from so many of you and so a great "Thanks" for taking some time from your schedule to drop in and have a listen and review the information."

We hope to do something like this again soon.

Overview of the Show

The show has since been titled, "Observing the Dark Ones".

We covered many topics, including the Isisian Codes, Setianism, Noahidism, language and its use in control of mass reality, among many others. A 3 hour show, it  moves along very fast and was entertaining. There were no real major "technical" glitches, and the show in general was professionally produced and delivered.

The Celtic Rebel (Alex) provided ample time to really speak about the Isisian Codes and the Illuminatus Observor in macro terms, and from all feedback, the show was well received.

I enjoyed doing the show with Alex (the Celtic Rebel) and I am sure he enjoyed doing the show equally.  There was a good blend of light discussion along with some more detailed insights that most of you who read the Illuminatus Observor come to expect.

As regards your opinion of the Show, your feedback is most welcome and of interest.

Your feedback is welcome and of interest. Leave a comment here or at the Show's summary page at the Celtic Rebel.

Creative Use of Sound Bites in Independent Video Production

The show has already found its way into a creative format through the production of a two part video called "Codes and Ciphers" by Holoplex Productions which produces a series of videos influenced by the Illuminatus Observor and other sources.

You can view the videos here:

Future Shows

Discussions have been started to do a podcast with Greg over at Occult of Personality.  No dates or subject matter have been set, but feel free to leave a note with Greg and let him know that you would enjoy his doing a show with "The Fetch".  Greg and Occult of Personality brings a whole different perspective on matters concerning the Occult and I am sure a show with Greg at Occult of Personality would be both entertaining and insightful.

As regards another show with the Celtic Rebel - I am waiting for a phone call.