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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Lambdoma and the Tree of Life

F.D. Buck wrote in Mystic Masonry,

"...the modifications or transpositions of sacred nomenclatures as they passed from one race to another, were generally cleverly accomplished so as to assimilate their esoteric formulae of local significance..."

The "lambdoma" is perhaps one of the most visibly transposed of all primary "occult" symbols, yet its "Qaballistic secret" remains all but hidden even to this day. This article will reveal that primary "Qaballistic secret", but before we bore into the core of this symbol, lets regress and cover some basic foundation material.

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Transpositions and Modifications in Sacred Nomenclatures

As F.D. Buck pointed out, "sacred nomenclatures" are often infused with perceptible transpositions and modifications. The perception of these transpositions and modifications are alluded to in Plutarch, with the result of ones ability to perceive these transpositions equating to what may be termed "an apperception of the conceptual".

Transpositions and modifications take numerous forms, including mathematic (gematria), conceptual (archetypal), and sometimes combinations of both.

For example:

GOD = 7+15+4 = 26

The number 26 can very easily be inferred, even if conjecturally, to mean the weeks of the year. This number successfully demonstrates the posit of a "Pi Proportion" as 26 is a number that creates a co-relational diameter of the number of weeks to a year. 52 weeks divided by 2 = 26 weeks.

26 weeks is the halfway marking point that divides the conceptual circle of the year and hence "26" is viewed as a "co-relational diameter" when viewed in relationship to a "Pi Proportion".

The number 26 is found in such "words" as YHVH (transpositions needed) and ALLA(H) and, along with the lucid word of "GOD", all represent masculine energy or force. In each of these modifications or transpositions, there is a 1:1 "conceptual transposition", meaning the mathematical value of 26 is maintained, while attributes and archetypes are modified from culture to culture.

Transpositions then can be inverted, with male force being represented as female circumference. Perhaps we can deal with this issue in another article. What is important to note is that modifications and transpositions are clearly designed into words (sacred nomenclatures).

What is less known is that "transpositions and modifications" also occur in the very symbols used by the "Ancients" and their latter priest crafts.

Transpositions and Modifications of Symbols

Just as there are transpositions and modifications in words, the technique of transposing and/or modifying symbols can be seen throughout Luciferian/Osirian systems. Perhaps the cube is the most visible and recognizable of all "occult" symbols, for it appears nearly everywhere, from mass religions as Islam and the Kaaba, to conceptual unfoldment to create "the Cross", to such cultural icons as "Jack in the Box", where the "Jack in the Box" is the 9th point of cube, or the very center of the cube, which becomes known as "the Eye", or "I".

The Crux Ansata is regarded as one of the oldest religious symbols the world over. The the creation of an acrostic using the words ORION (to symbolize the Egyptian influence), ZION (representative of Judaic influence), and INRI (to represent Western Pagan/Setian composite influence), we can show that the Crux Ansata as represented by the Letter T encodes Pi, through the code word of ORION, wherein ORION reversed forms the letters

N = 14
O = 15
I = 9
R = 2 (Isisian Code)
O = 6 (Isisian Code)

Wherein Pi is 3.1415926.

Indeed, "the descending dove" of the "Holy Spirit", the "Iron Cross" of the German systems, and the "Arising Dove" or "Phoenix" could all be viewed as conceptual symbols of this inner, or hidden, acrostic matrix.

In all cases, be it the Ascending Dove, the Iron Cross, or the Descending Dove, the underlying word is Pi or ".1415926" of Pi via the word ORION. It is important to note, then, that modifications and transpositions occur across the entire breadth of artistic constructions, whether within the construction of words or as symbolic art forms.

The Esoteric Transpositions of the Lambdoma

As the "Iron Cross" (above) shows, the use of symbols hides a further hidden letter or number matrix. In the case of ORION as a representation of the Word, or Pi, this takes the form of the "Descending Dove" as an inverted T, or the Ascending Dove or "T" (as shown). The Lambdoma is perhaps the most important of Occult symbols, for it hides (and preserves) the Occult significance of sound and proportion, of vibrations and the combinations thereof.

In its simplest expression, the Lambdoma is the Pythagorean tetractys and makes its esoteric appearance in Plato's Timaeus.

"After this he filled up the double intervals [i.e. between 1, 2, 4, 8] and the triple [i.e. between 1, 3, 9, 27}... And thus the whole mixture out of which he cut these portions was all exhausted by him. This entire compound he divided lengthways into two parts, which he joined to one another at the centre like the letter X, and bent them into a circular form, connecting them with themselves and each other at the point opposite to their original meeting-point; and, comprehending them in a uniform revolution upon the same axis, he made the one the outer and the other the inner circle."

The Lambdoma provides with a series of Occult transpositions, all of which send one scurrying into Rabbinical camps, which makes little sense, because the very core numbers of the Lambdoma become lost or so needlessly obscured as to render the whole system void of rational connections.

These transposition are discussed within Speculative Masonry and diagrammed as follows:

The Tetractys

At this stage, you should be able to see the Lambdoma embed into the the apron of the 2nd degree of Freemasonry. What still needs to be resolved is the actual numbering of the Tetractys.

The Lambdoma is comprised of outer digits of 1-2-4-8 running down the left side of the Lambdoma, while the right side is comprised of the digits 1-3-9-27. How the "philosophy" migrates from this simple representation into such figures as the Tetractys and the Tetragrammaton remains somewhat of an intellectual puzzle.

The explanations as argued do not really stand up, for we know that the whole of the Construct must return back to the Word. Neither the Tetractys as traditionally designed, nor the Tetragrammaton, which is purely a Jewish construction, return one to "the Word", or Pi.

The word Tetractys really means "4" as in the Number 4. Set against the Lambdoma, a series of dots are fused to an equilateral triangle (as opposed to an Isosceles Triangle), and from the one composite equilateral triangle may be fabricated and additional

Mackey writes in the Masonic Encyclopedia of 1913,

"This arrangement of the ten points in a triangular form was called the tetractys or number four, because each of the sides of the triangle consisted of four points, and the whole number of ten was made up by the summation of the first four figures, 1 + 2 + 3 +4= 10."

How this figure goes from 10 to 20 to 72 creates a series of philosophical queries to test the nature of the transpositions. To simply assume that any given system is telling the truth, as it were, is very naive. Further, Occult force tends to keep its secrets hidden, so the more public the fabrication, the more likely the falsity of the posited explanation.

Under these conditions, the "Tetragrammaton" of the Jewish construction must be regarded as a pure fraud, its ability to survive based on the astral constructs built over centuries of thought but having no real fabrication into the core of the mathematics of the Osirian Illuminati.

The Tetractys numbered to total 20 [(1*4)+(2*3)+(3*2)+(4*1)]would reveal 20, or the "Two Tens" in that:

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17+18+19+20 = 210, or the "Two 10's" has some Occult relevance.

Another form of numbering would affix to the point 1, the second row 2 (line), the number 3 row (plane), and the 4th row (time). This is representation itself has numerous transpositions and modifications, but each saying the same thing. These 4 metanumerics would then be summed from 1:4 to arrive at 1+2+3+4=10.

The Lambdoma and the Tree of Life

Now if this article has not begun to open your eyes a bit in a proactive way, then lets return to the idea of transpositions and modifications. What is unique to the "Cedar Tree", the tree that "grew around the trunk of Osiris", to the "PI"ne cones of the Dionysians, to the German "Christmas Tree", to the shape of the apron on the Masonic Second Degree, is that they all return you back to the Lambdoma and hence should be viewed as symbolic transpositions and modifications of the same underlying mathematical principle.

Specifically, the numbers 1-2-4-8 and 1-3-9-27 set into a particular shape set against the shape of an "X".

Added to this is the concept of the Tetractys having a number of 10, derived from 4, or 1+2+3+4=10. Here the value of a number is represented by its summative value. 10 is the Qaballistic "summative value" of 4. What is left is to solve for the Tree of Life, which really should be simple, considering the love generated at Christmas time and the presenting of gifts to the Tree and the opening of these gifts on December 25.

The FIR TREE, generating FIRST AND FIRE equally, simply needs to be ordered PROPERLY, and the Tree of Life bursts upon the rational consciousness.

Esoteric Freemasonry, or Speculative Freemasonry, provides you with some insight.

"It should be emphasized that the Tetractys and the Sephiroth are not by any means identical concepts, but rather concepts which share many similarities...perhaps the most profound similarity is that both propose a Concept for the Creation of the Universe..which utilizes a series of emanations."

There is much in the article I would disagree with from this particular 32 Degree Brother, but the key here is the idea of "emanations". Emanations, when transposed back against symbol, take on the perception of "stacking" one symbol upon the next.

When you stack two lambdoma's upon each other, you arrive at a numbering pattern that reveals itself as follows:

You may ask yourself. "What exactly is the significance of such a numbering?" You would have to give such clear rational philosophical analysis if you are to be able to reach into the core of the matter, but here is another representation of the same concept just to make it simple and clear:

Now we can see how the Lambdoma is literally the source mathematics to the "Tree of Life", for we have the following mathematical representations:

1*1 = 1 = A
2*3 = 6 = C (1+2+3=6)
4*1*9 = 36 = H = 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 36
8+2+3+27 = 1296 = L I F (e)

H is Pi and LIF is the letters 12, 9, and 6 respectively.

Next time you feel compelled to worship a system of "Sephera" calling itself a "Tree of Life", just remember that the Western mystical systems were quite advanced and incorporated a series of complex mathematical, allegorical, and ritual checks and balances.

The Tree of LIFE and Pi (H) is the Christmas Tree. And you wonder why there is a seeming war on against this Holiday? Nothing is as it appears.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Rule of Colel - the Podcast

The Rule of Colel - the Podcast contains the typical two segment formula of Inside the Eye. This podcast/show is directly linked to the article "The Rule of Colel and Shifts of One", which, if you have not had a chance to read the article (or need to read it again), has the monologue segment imbed into the article.

Inside the Eye has had over 1200 hits now in a little over 2 months and I am hoping to get some help soon to spice up the content so that the franchise has a bit more value aside from a repository for the podcasts.

Stay tuned for that. Here is the full "Rule of Colel" podcast. The monologue is Segment 1, while Segment 2 is an unscripted talk show format.

Podcast #6, Segment 1 - Rule of Colel and Shifts of One - monologue

Podcast #6, Segment 2 - The Rule of Colel and Shifts of One

In Segment 2, we give a special recognition to Elluminati.blogspot.com for an amazing amount of referrals from his "Masonic Agency that Developed the Obama Logo" article as well as a special congratulations to Todd Campbell, the author/blogger behind Peering through the Looking Glass

Todd has been a long time friend of the Illuminatus Observor and was recently interviewed by Henrik at Red Ice Creations.

This was Todd's first interview show so big congratulations out to Todd.

What I see is that the Synchromystic "genre" has a unique and growing audience. To that end, I am considering putting together a weekly Synchromystic Wrap-Up Show that covers the blogging and related website scene, providing weekly insights and observations - an effort to contribute a new perspective to this growing audience.

If you are interested in such a show, do take a second to participate in the poll on the sidebar. Even if you are not interested but enjoy the site, your feedback is appreciated.

Thanks again to all the early listeners and hope you enjoy the latest offering of "Inside the Eye".

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Rule of Colel and "Shifts of One"

The Occult, in its purest form, is about a revealing of reality. Conscious existence is based on a "Construct" and philosophical realities are not as they appear. The narrative teaches that there are two primary "daemonic" entities: Osiris and Seth, Oromazes and Areimanius, Baldur and Loki, to name a few. Each of these are termed "modifications and transpositions" which are passed on from race to race and culture to culture, each tale retaining elements of the original narrative but incorporating symbols and formulae of local significance.

The "narrative", or the Construct, contains within it active and viable Occult, or hidden, force.

Listen to the accompanying podcast at Inside the Eye!

Within the Isisian Code system, wherein ISIS is defined as SPEECH and OSIRIS is defined as RELIGION, the whole of the narrative is contained within the Alphabet, the Oral Traditions are associated with Isis and the written traditions are associated with Osiris. That Isis is wed to Osiris hints at the relationship of Letters (Osiris) to the sounds for which the letters are symbolic of, which becomes defined as Isis. Isis is sound. Osiris is the written body of letters upon which sounds are classified and identified.

"Shifts of One"

Within the Occult there is a concept we refer to as a "shift of one". This technique is used to reveal what is a "Setianist" system, or what is an "Osirian" or "Isisian" system. These shifts may be represented in various ways. For instance, the "cardinal" is "red" and "red" is associated with Seth or Typhon. Within astrology, a "cardinal energy" is set at a 90 degree angle. When we set this further back against the Mysteries as encoded into mythologies, we find that Osiris dies on the Winter Solstice and rises again 3 days later, and so the Pagan "rising of the Sun God" after spending 3 days in the earth is set on the 25th day of December.

This is necessary because the timing sequence is being set against Pi.

The Letter T, resting as it does on the 7th value of the second half of the 26 digit Osirian system (English Alphabet) requires the Winter Solstice (death of the Sun god) to occur on the 22 day of the so that the Sun god can rise again on the 3rd day, a timing sequence that represents about a 1 degree rise of the Sun on the ecliptic. This value of 22/7 is known as "reciprocal Pi", having a value of 3.1428571.

One way to show a "shift of one" sequence is to break the year down into it's cardinal points, those points being the Winter Solstice, the Spring Equinox, the Summer Solstice, and the Autumn Equinox. Technically, the "start point" is the Winter Solstice, which is given a value of 0, the Spring Equinox a "1", and so forth.

The Winter Solstice is the original "death of the Sun god", the resting in the Earth for 3 days (the observation of the Sun seeming to rest at the same points in the sky), and then its observable rising in the sky on the third day, and hence the "rebirth", or "arising from the dead" of the Sun (god).

That is the ORIGINAL MYTH.

The original myth of Osiris dying and being born again at the Winter Solstice was simply "shifted by one", or to the Spring Equinox, in the Jewish tale of Jesus. This "shift of one", from the Winter Solstice to the Spring Equinox, represents a "cardinal energy", assigned the color of "red", wherein "red" is assigned to Typhon. Hence "shifts of one", when ascertained, strongly hint as to which myth is "Setian inspired" or "Osirian inspired".

In this case, it is clear that the original myth based on Osiris is the "truth" while the shift of one to the Spring Equinox being associated with "Jesus" is the deception. Each tale tells the same story, but the latter historical tale is clearly shifted by one, preserving the original formula, but purposely shifted in order to deceive and lead astray from the core of the narrative.

Esoteric Significances and the Rule of Colel

In Gematria, this "shift of one" has its equivalent in what is known as "the Rule of Colel".

"The cabalistic rule of 'colel' states that one digit can be added to, or subtracted from, the gematria value of a word without affecting its value. This seems to modern ears to be a cheat, however the cabalists explained the rule by pointing out that for them 'One' was not a number - the Monad symbolises the Divinity and could come and go as 'He' pleased, adding nothing and taking nothing away."

What this Qabbalistic rule hints at is that words that have values of "one less" or "one more" may share "esoteric significances" to the word that has a higher or lower value when the value comprises that of "1". In such a condition, all words with a value of 55 would, using the Rule of Colel, share an esoteric significance with all words that share a value with 56.

This is a simplification, of course, and although we find this pattern to have some value under some observations, what we find is that the reasoning applied to the definition as proffered does not take into account underlying philosophical shifts in mythologies as shown within the Christianity/Sun God parallels.

That Christianity "shifted" the "Death/Rebirth/Arisen" myth from the Winter Solstice to the Spring Equinox is an example of the "Rule of Colel" being applied to mythologies and although this shift clearly intimates that the two mythologies are "esoterically linked", it could not be argued that one mythology "equaled" the other.

One mythology reveals the truth while the other hopelessly obscures it. One mythology is Osirian (reveals truth) while the Colel, or "shift of one" mythology is Setian, or obscuring to the point that no direct keys are available without the original key of the Winter Solstice.

The object at this stage would be to see the obvious parallels within the mythologies and then apply logic and reason to ascertain which myth encoded the core truth. The fusing of the Resurrected Sun God myth to the Winter Solstice compared to the "resurrected Son god myth" set against the Spring Equinox reveals a "shift in one", in this case a "cardinal shift", of one mythology to another set against some measurable conceptual reference point.

We must then further examine the various sacred nomenclatures for clues into the core of the coding. This exercise requires the use of Gematria, and the

Hence within Gematria, this "shift of one", known as the Rule of Colel, may (and often will) contain within such a subtle philosophical shift that reveals either a Setian or Osirian inspiration.

DIOS and ABRAXAS as an Osirian Transposition

DIOS literally means "days" in Spanish. Philosophically, the word DIOS is a transposition and modification of the Greek word ABRAXAS. Abraxas had a value in the Greek of 365 and was used extensively by Egyptian gnostics. Without getting into the mythologies (they are masks to cover the core mathematics), Abraxas set at 365 is just one of those "esoterically crafted words" that fit into the realm of "Gematria", wherein Gematria is used to hide the larger philosophical system set against the central "god", or "the Sun".

Blavatsky writes regarding Abraxas in the Theosophical Glossary,

"Abraxas is the counterpart of the Hindu Abhimanim (q.v.) and Brahma combined. It is these compound and mystic qualities which caused Oliver, the great Masonic authority, to connect the name of Abraxas with that of Abraham. This was unwarrantable; the virtues and attributes of Abraxas, which are 365 in number, ought to have shown him that the deity was connected with the Sun and solar division of the year - nay, that Abraxas is the antitype, and the Sun, the type."

This philosophical transposition would become the phrase "Vaya con Dios", or "Go with the days" in a literal translation. As Abraxas represented a numerical value and attributes totalling 365, the term "Vaya con Dios", or "go with the Days" would refer back to Abraxas. In order to show this literal transposition, we may again use the craft of Gematria. The word DIOS of the term "Vaya con DIOS" represents the value of days in the year just as surely as Abraxas, encoded at 365 was too related to the Solar detity.

Standard gematria techniques would reveal that DIOS has values of D=4, I = 9, O = 15, and S = 19. The addition of these values reveals a number of 47, which you could reduce to 4+7=11, producing a "Master Number". However, if you were to exercise such techniques you would fail to tactically penetrate the mysteries, for DIOS must equate to Abraxas. This means that DIOS must have a value of 365.

This is accomplished through setting each letter as its summative value. D is located at 4 and 1+2+3+4=10, or its "summative value". Using this technique, DIOS has the following value(s).


DIOS = 10+45+120+190 = 365 = ABRAXAS (set into Greek).

Each of these values is 365. Each speaks of the precise same esoteric formulae, modified for the target cultures and imbed into the language. This is a direct modification and transposition from one culture to the next, each encoding esoteric formulae into the archetypal forms within the words, but each retaining the core esoteric secret.

Each returns you to the Sun and 365.

INRI and the Rule of Colel

If we were to take a traditional vocalized Qaballistic rule as "the Rule of Colel" literally, we would make the assumptions that words that have a value of 365 and 366 are "esoterically the same". This assumption would be in great error, for as we have discussed, there are two Occult forces in play: Osirian and Setian.

Utilizing the Rule of Colel set against mythology, the "shift of one" when comparing the Resurrected Sun God set against the Winter Solstice as compared to the Spring Equinox reveals what could only be regarded as a disturbing corruption. This "shift in one" appears to be overt and planned with the intended purpose to co-opt and corrupt.

The "sacred nomenclature" for the Jesus myth is that of the word INRI and its comparison to DIOS.

As we have seen, the word DIOS is esoterically linked to Abraxas and philosophically are, essentially, stating the exact same philosophical reality. INRI is one of these concepts designed to replace the older orders, submerging ABRAXAS and stealing spiritual capital and directing DIOS towards the newly minted "god".

We simply apply the same rules to INRI as applied to DIOS.

In a traditional Gematria exercise, INRI would have a value of 9+14+18+9, for a total value of 50. This makes little sense. However, if we apply the summative value to the letters, INRI reveals the following:

I = 9 = 45
N = 14 = 105
R = 18 = 171
I = 9 = 45

INRI = 45+105+171+45 = 366 = The Sun which too has a value of 365, or the values applied to DIOS and ABRAXAS equally.

However, in the formulation of INRI, when linked further to the mythologies, the "resurrected Sun god" mythology is shifted by a factor of one (Winter Solstice:Spring Equinox), and the invoked sacred nomenclatures can be shown to be shifted by a factor of 1 (INRI:DIOS = 366:365).

The simplicity of the "Rule of Colel" does not take into account the narrative of the two Occult forces in play. "Shifts of one" more often than not imply some subtle shift from Osirian to Setian energy channels, the shifts being so subtle as to be imperceptible to the inquiring receiver.

The Rule of Colel will assist you ascertain which is which, for you cannot understand the Rule of Colel unless you first have ascertained a value for some concept. The Rule of Colel cannot be employed unless you first have a reference point, and having a reference point, like looking up at the NORTH = THRONE Star, provides you with some level of guidance.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gilgamesh or Noachides?

If you have been following the Illuminatus Observor long enough, you are familiar with the concept of two distinct Occult forces in play.   Each of these forces is a part of the larger "narrative", wherein "the narrative" may be defined as "the Construct".  These terms, "the narrative" and "the Construct" are, perhaps, foreign to many of you who have sought to ascertain certain "truths" as you have peered into the fundamentals of Occult philosophy.
"The Construct" is the larger philosophical reality as it has been caste into the Alphabet and fused to archetypal realities.  It should be presumed that all alphabets have their own unique philosophical reality fused or imbed into them.  It may appear presumptous to state that the 26 digit alphabet that makes up the English alphabet is the primary key, but a comprehensive research into these matters reveals, if even in the form of conjecture, that the key to the larger Illuminatus philosophy is based on the 26.
One way to "prove" this idea, or conjecture, is to understand that language is really a series of modifications and transposition between any given set of languages.
For example.  
In English, we use the letter T to denote the digit 10.  This makes perfect rational sense because D is located at 4 and 1+2+3+4 = 10.  The Letter T as shown in the Isisian Codes is really sharing the same value placement as the Letter D, or 4, and so it must have a value of 10.  To further show this, English is crafted against a series of mathematical formulas that reveal "the Construct".  Hence the word "seventy" can just as easily be rewritten in "notaricon", or shorthand, as the formula 7T.  Phonetically we have done nothing, but we have created a modification from the word "seventy" to the formula "7T".
The point here is that it is irrational to assume that T means anything OTHER than "ten", or "10", and so we may safely assume that our Isisian Code matrix is philosophically (Qaballistically) properly constructed so as to reveal the core of the larger esoteric code.
At the same time, we have within the larger philosophical system a fusing of philosophical and esoteric realities to the parts of speech.  These philosophical or archetypal fabrications bore all the way down to the types of sounds.  This is basic Occult knowledge, for the Sepher Yetzirah, or Book of Formation, clearly states that the larger philosophical system is set against, or holds as its frame or skeleton, a system based on Letters, Numbers, and Sounds.
In English, one of these "types" of sounds is known as "the Dentals".  English is unique in that many words emulate the sounds that are heard.  Examples of this include words as "buzz" as in the "buzz of a bee", "pop", "crack", and so forth.  Equally, this fabrication within English extends, or bores down to, the forms of sounds.  
One such sound is known as "Dentals".  Dentals are sounded by placing the tongue against the inner gum of the upper front teeth.  These sounds are the sounds of the Letters D, N, and T, with each sound modified through the Letter E.  (ref: DEE, EN, and TEE).  Hence the word DENTAL is really encoding the very sounds that are made that comprise the DENTALS, or the sounds D, N, and T.  
At this stage we must invoke "reason" as alluded to by Plutarch
"For this reason Plato and Aristotle call this part of the philosophy the epoptic or mystic part, inasmuch as those who have passed beyond these conjectural and confused matters of all sorts by means of REASON proceed by leaps and bounds to that primary, simple, and immaterial principle; and when they have somehow attained contact with the pure truth abiding about it, they think that they have the whole of the philosophy completely, as it were, within their grasp."
Reason tells us that IF (the Letter E is invoked here) the Sounds of D and T are equal to 10, and N too is a DENTAL, then N too must have a value of 10. The above diagram of Egyptian letters shows too that the design of the Egyptian 10 is the exact same glyph as the lower case Letter "n"  
Relative to languages, a transposition or modification may be found between the English and the Arabic, for each language uses the same form of code, which is to add a DENTAL to the end of the primary word that denotes the single digit sound.
English "4" = FOUR.  It's multiple of 10 is denoted as FORTY, or 4T, hence preserving the formula of 4 times "the DENTAL", which is T.
Arabic  "4" = ARBA.  It's multiple of 1o is denoted as ARBA-een, hence preserving the formula of "4" times "the DENTAL", which is N.
This provides you with an example of a "modification" and a "transposition" from one language to another, yet equally preserves the core of the mathematics underlying the larger Philosophical System.  It equally hints at the fabrication of what is termed "the Construct".
What is revealed is that English is very clear and relatively unocculted, reducing down to a "least common denominator", as it were, and hence is viewed as being "pure" and if not "uncorrupted", it may be argued regardless that it is far less "corrupted", or if one prefers, "perfected", even as we can see that in two primary languages, Arabic and English, the core of the code is preserved in each of the languages design.

English as the Core Occult Language
If English is so powerful, why has it seemingly "lost" the battle to control the definitions within the larger Occult war?  There are many reasons for this, perhaps, and not a few of them being metaphysical or trans-dimensional in nature.  These can be debated and discussed and perhaps the exercise would be quite fascinating; however, the primary reason for its seeming failure to control the larger Occult war is that it was designed in such a way as to incorporate its rival and arch enemy into the design.
The purpose for this is, again, many, and not the least of which was the belief that if one is able to rise above this arch enemy, as it were, then would attain through the process a state of existence known as "enlightenment" or "illumination".
The principle element to this part of the "narrative" or "philosophy" was a belief that mankind was "drowned" in what is termed a universal archetype known as "the Deluge".  This "Deluge" was known to be brought about by the "god of the Jews"; however, this "god" was always known to be the "demiurge" of the Gnostics, the great "evil" or "satan".   For the masses, the Construct was deliberately inverted - that which was light was called "darkness" and that which was "dark" was termed as being "of the light".  However, within the various Secret Societies in the West, the truth of Jewish worship of a dark energy was always known and to the higher level Jewish occultists (which include their many "gentile" offshoots), this worship of a darker force was too very well known.
Says Plutarch, 
"But those who relate that Typhon's flight from the battle was made on the back of an ass and lasted for seven days and that after he made his escape, he became the father of sons, Hierosolymus and Judaeus, are manifestly, as the very names show, attempting to drag Jewish traditions into the legend."
Through the inclusion of Christianity into the legends, Setianism was able to garner a foothold into the core of Western Mystery Traditions.  Osiris was replaced by "CHRIST" as the new "El", the word CHRST formed as it is from the shape of the Letter L, preserved still the core of the code.
This preservation of a key part of the larger philosophical system served the Western esoteric elite well, for what was their arch enemy also proved useful in preserving the core of the system which, it could be surmised, later retrieved in a more enlightened time and revealed once again. At the Elite of Western esoteric traditions, there was little credibility for the Jewish inclusion into the Mysteries other than to use the foreign culture to preserve core elements to the larger system.
Even as late as the 1600's we find a disdain for the inclusion of Jewish systems in the larger Western construct. Says Cornelius Agrippa on his "Cabalie of the Jews", 
"Hence it is, that the Jews, who are most skilful in using the names of God, can operate little or nothing after Christ, as their ancient fathers did; but that we by experience find, and see, that the revolution of this art (as they call them) oftentimes wonderful sentences, full of great mysteries, are wrested from the holy Scriptures, this  is nothing then the certain playing upon Allegories, which idle men busying themselves with all the points, letters, and numbers, which this tongue and the custome of writing do easily suffer, do fain and disguise at their pleasures; which although sometimes they hold forth great mysteries, yet they can never prove nor evince any thing, but we may (according to the words of Gregory) with the same faculty contemn them, as they are affirmed."
Even as late as the early 1900's we find historical evidence that Jewish traditions were still far from believed to be remotely clued into the larger esoteric Construct, even as a reliance on Jewish, or Rabbincal Kabballah, had found increasing acceptance.  However, to assume that Jewish "Kabballah" was always a "first and foremost key" to the Mysteries is a very careless assumption that can only lead one away from ascertaining the root of the Philosophy.
Says Agrippa,
"So I acknowledge that this Cabalistic art, which the Hebrews brag of, and I sometimes diligently and laboriously sought after, is nothing else then a meer rhapsody of superstition, and a certain Theurgical Magick: but if it proceeded from God (as the Jews boast) and conduceth to the perfection of life, health of men, to the worship of God, and to the truth of understanding; truly that spirit of truth, which hath left this Synogogue, and come to teach us all truth, would not have concealed it from his Church even untill these last times, which indeed knoweth all things that of God, whose benediction, baptism, and other mysteries of salvation are revealed and perfected in every tongue, for every tongue hath the same equal power..."
It is clear that early Western esoteric Elites held Jewish "esoteric" constructions "in perspective", borrowing what was known to be valuable and, essentially, shunning or ignoring the larger body of Jewish kabballistic work.  
For Jews to become relevant, they were going to have to incorporate quite secret formulae into their esoteric construction.  This could only be done through an infiltration of the great body of Western esoteric schools.  These schools were quite busy, equally, like the third little pig, staying ahead of the infiltration to such a degree as to preserve unequivocally, the absolute nature of the philosophical Construct.
Utnapishtim and Noah, "Saviors of Mankind"
There is little doubt that Jewish scribes ripped off the Flood story from the Gilgamesh tale and turned it into their own.  How it was altered or edited provides insightful keys to the way in which "esoteric" and "metaphysical" or "spiritual" channels are established and for what purpose such channels may exist.
In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Utnapishtim is the equivalent to the Jewish "Noah".  Utnapishtim was said to have found favor "with the Gods" and so was apprised of the coming destruction of humanity under a "deluge" and so crafted a vessel upon which to rise above the waves.  Noah, of course, is said equally to have found favor with "God" and so was apprised of the coming deluge and too constructed an "Ark" upon which to ride out the storm/
Where the stories are different point to the competing Occult, or political, agendas.
In the Epic of Gilgamesh, it is said of the god who caused or brought on the Flood, who is deemed as, for all intents and purposes, the "evil" god, yet a god in the company of the Gods nonetheless.  Further, it becomes important to compare multiple translations as one cannot be so sure as to if any of the given translations are controlled by some Occult agenda.
For example -
In Tablet XI, the tablet upon which the story of the Deluge is set down, we find the following comparisons:
Then Enlil, on  his arrival,
Spied out the vessel, and (straightaway) did Enlil burst into anger,
Swollen with wrath 'gainst the gods, the Igigi.  Hath any of mortals
'Scaped? Sooth, never a man could have lived through (the welter of) ruin.'
(Then) did Ninurta make answer and speak unto warrior Enlil,
Saying: 'O, who can there be to devise such a plan, Except Ea?
Surely, 'tis Ea is privy to ev'ry design.' Whereat Ea
Answer'd and spake unto Enlil, the warrior, saying: 'O Chieftain
Thou of the god, thou warrior!  How, forsooth, how (all) uncounsell'd
Couldst thou bring on a deluge?"
Sooth, indeed 'twas not I of the Great Gods the secret revealed,
(But) to th' Abounding in Wisdom vouchsafed I a dream, and (in this wise)
He of the gods heard the secret.  Deliberate, now, on his counsel'.
When Enlil saw the boat he released
his calm reason and and let in the Igigi, monsters of blood.
"What force dares defy my anger?
How dare a man be still alive!?"
Then with these words Ninurta said to Enlil:
"Can any of us besided Ea, maker of words,
create such things as speech?"
Then with these words Ea himself said to Enlil:
"Sly god, 
sky darkener,
and tough fighter, 
how dare you drown so many little people
without consulting me?
I was not the one who revealed our god-awful secrets.
Blame Utnapishtim, Mr. Know-it-all,
who sees everything
who knows everything."
In each of the translations, Enlil is seen to have brought on the Deluge and is furious that anyonw has survived.  Prior to Enlil coming to realise that someone had survived "the Deluge", the gods are sitting in counsel and Isis/Ishtar comments that Enlil is no longer welcome at the feast that Utnapishtim had prepared.  
In the first translation, we find that Enlil's bringing on the flood is not only met with displeasure by the Counsel of the Gods, as it were, but that the only one of the gods capable of bringing on a Deluge was Ea, for none of the other gods could be seen as being competent enough to bring about such an event and, it can be surmised, keep the outcome under some level of control.  It is Ea who knows "every design".  
In the second translation, we see more clearly that it is Ea who is "the maker of words", while other translations reveal that Ea and Ea alone "knows the Word".  The second translation really de-stories the myth.  Only Ea can bring such things as "speech".
"Speech" is "the Deluge".
The key point to note, however, is that the latter Jewish, or Setianist, writers edited out the reality that the bringer of the Deluge did so without consultations and was regarded as a pariah among some of the other "gods".  Whether this implies some "alien" race or other form of earlier "human" we cannot truly be certain, but the universal nature of the Flood story hints at a massive tradgedy brought about by an entity bent on destruction of the human creation.
The Deluge as a Core Illuminatus Construct
There are some stories or myths that have a Universal flavor, whether it is "Cain and Abel" or "the Deluge". There are reasons why this is might be so, and Plutarch pretty much says why this is so.
"I hesitate, lest this be the moving of things immovable and not only "warring against the long years of time", as Simonides has it, but warring, too, against "many a nation and race of men" who are possessed by a feeling of piety towards these gods..."
As our history has been altered and changed by the what we can only term "Setianist force" through the use of wars and other forms of pillage to destroy any and all evidence that might support the above statement, there still remains enough caste in stone and sacred architecture to remind us as to how mighty and pervasive the Osirian and Isisian Mysteries were on planet Earth.
The Temple of Candi Sukkoh in Indonesia, for example, clearly shows the archetypal framework for the Letters I and V as male and female, comprised as it is of the Square of 3 as I, the Square of 4 as V (V being 22 and 2*2 = 4 * 4 = 16 = P), to create the Letter Y, or "the Child" as spoken of by the Ancients and documented by Plutarch equally:
"One might conjecture that the Egyptians hold in high honour the most beautiful of the triangles, since they liken the nature of the Universe most closely to it, as Plato in the Republic seems to have made use of it in formulating his figure of marriage.  This triangle has its upright or three units, its base of four, and its hypetenuse of five.  The upright may be likened to the male, the base it the female, and the hypotenuse to the child of both..."
There was a universal nature to the mythologies because there was a universal priestcraft, or so it has been intimated in various mythologies, and this universal priestcraft hid the core philosophy through a series of transpositions and modifications.  The more transpositions and modifications one is able to study, the clearer the picture of the core truth comes into focus.
Within Freemasonry, the Deluge played a critical role in the core of their mythology (as it should).  However, the flaw, and perhaps fatal at that, was the process through which infiltration could alter the core teaching through the introduction of superstitions being imported as "core literal truths" as opposed to "core allegorical truths".  
The reliance on superstitions as opposed to a rational analysis of the narrative gives rise to "godless atheism".  Through an overt fusing of the Mysteries to "things Jewish" as an esoteric constructed word, the possibility arose that the superstitions of Jewish mythologies would become seen as "literal truths", and once this happened, the Craft could be set onto an irreversible decline into the Setianist orders.
Dr. Anderson and the Laws of Noachide
As we saw from Cornelius Agrippa, the idea that Jewish constructions have always been in favor is an historical fabrication.  Those forces who were opposed to the totalitarian nature of the early Christian Church clearly knew full well the esoteric and organizational channels which brought about this total dependence on totalitarianism and intolerance.
Christianity, it could be argued, held out some beneficial attributes greatly removed from the core of Judaic thought, but still its growth and expansion, like most movements that rely on Setianist philosophy, was spread through a very overt militarism that was anathema to the Osirian idea of "conquoring" through the use of benevolence and persuasion.
Through the quite literal technique of conquoring foreign lands and then subjecting these lands to utter scorched Earth (witness what happened to Germany and Iraq, as two recent examples), these forces are able to destroy any and all evidence that might place their interpretation of the narrative into jeapardy.
The "academic shill cry" of "prove to us you are right" falls hollow upon the ears who has seen the evidence systematically destroyed.  Only when one lacks historical reference and precedents is one able to fall prey to such literal "academic shenanigans".  
One such "academic shenanigan" is that of the Deluge.  If one has not the knowledge of Gilgamesh, one might then fall prey to the superstitions of those who claim that since Noah was the only one to have survived the Flood, then all humanity is therefore descended from Noah.
An absurd concept, really, but this absurd concept became enshrined into Freemasonry.  The transformation of this "allegorical event" into a literal truth practiced by many could be seen as key to the early decay and destruction of the what was a pillar of Western esoteric thought.  
From Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry we read,
"The descendants of Noah.  A term applied to Freemasons on the theory, derived from the Legend of the Craft, that Noah was the father and founder of the Masonic system of theology.  Hence the Freemason's claim to be his descendants, because in times past they preserved the pure principles of his religion amid the corruptions of surrounding faiths.  Doctor Anderson first used the word in this sense in the second edition of the Book of Constitutions: "A Mason is obliged by his tenure to observe the moral law as a true Noachida"  But he was not the inventor of the term, for it occurs in a letter sent by the Grand Lodge of England to the Grand Lodge of Calcutta in 1735"
In truth, this term would be edited out of editions 3 and 4 of the 5 printings, with the 5th printing accepting the term and it being enshrined within the Masonic system.  
It was the literal use of this term that formally subjugated those elements of Freemasonry unsophisticated enough to clearly "get to" to that of the Setianist or Jewish god and for which so many of the world's rulers feel some moral obligation to uphold.
The irrational nature of such worship defies logic, for the nature of the Construct clearly reveals that Noachide is false, and we can ascertain this through the use of our English Qaballa.
Gilgamesh or Noachides?
As we have seen, the reliance on "Noah" as a progenitor akin to a literal truth creates a flawed and irrational understanding of the Mysteries.  The purpose of the Mysteries is to rise above the Demiurge, wherein the Demiurge is seen as the one daemon who brought on the Deluge and condemned mankind to a seeming eternal darkness.
Through the historical record we know that many cultures hold that the god or daemon who brough on the Flood was a great evil, and Gilgamesh is a key hidden story to this very literal and yet, albeit, allegorical, truth.
We know that the primary loss was that of "the Word"?  We know that the Occult, as defined by Odin (Osiris) hanging on the Tree (the 12th Card of the Tarot) for 9 days and 9 nights reveals the code word OCCULT.  
We know that the use of Notaricon to the fabrication of the Star Spangled Banner reveals this very same code
(O)h = O
(S)ay = S = C
(C)an = C
You = U
(S)ee = S = 3 = L
By the Dawns Early Light = T = Sun coming up on horizon =
We know that the WORD is Pi.  We know that English is constructed to reveal particular truths and shed light on the fallacies.
So who is right?
GILGAMESH as a code is simple, and it uses a technique I call "The Who How Hop".  This form of transposition forms words like:
SUMMER SOLSTICE = SIGN OF GEMINI = TWINS = T-WIN-T = WINTER (SUN of T hops to other side of the word to form the astrological construction in the word.
Reverse the word.
(SH) E (M+A=)N GLI (SH) = English and the Letter G is "the Greatest of them All" who crossed the Abyss and met with Utnapishtim who saved mankind through coming to know the Secrets of the Gods.
UTNAPISHTIM reverses to form MITHS IP ANT U, or the not so cryptic code of Myths, Pi, and You, the very real truth to the larger Construct.
NOAH is a duplicity word. 
Does it mean NO A and H (meaning to remove Pi and hence the Word)?
Or does it mean KNOW A and H (and hence Pi and hence the Word?)"
This depends on the intent of the invoking agent, and if the invoking agent is "Jewish", by design it is saying to ignore and hence blind oneself to the true nature of the Construct.
Sadly, too many of todays Elites qualify themselves as "true Noachides" and are beholden to the latter interpretation of the word. As the Construct so clearly shows: only a fool would seek after a Noachide.