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Monday, February 6, 2017

Conceptuals in the Alphabet

Let us peer closely into the nature of the Alphabet.

For instance, the word PROBLEM contains 2 syllables and 6 phonemes.  The lower case letter P is represented as "p", which may be spun 180 degrees on axis to form the letter "d", while the Letter B, represented as the lower case letter "b", may be spun 180 degrees on axis to form the letter "q".  In each case, the letter "d" may flipped 180 degrees to form the letter "b", while the letter "q" may be flipped 180 degrees to form the letter "p".

Since letters are but representations of a more atomic level representation of the Alphabet, we note that the Letter's "P" and "B" are but "allophones".  In the Sepher Yetzirah, or Book of Formation, we can add that the letters P and B represent "models of hardness and softness", in which the Letter P has a "hard sound" and the Letter B has a "soft sound".

All of this hints at "conceptuals" within the Alphabet.  Since we know that the Letter B is feminine (Isis pregnant with Horus), we can then show that the lower case, when spun 180 degrees on access, forming thus the Letter "q", we can show a link between the Letter Q as "the fertilized egg", and the Letter B, which then carries this fertilized egg to fruition, resulting in a BRth.  Further, since the Letter "b", spun 180 degrees to form "q", and then flipped 180 degrees to form "p" - mirror opposites, we can show that "pq" represent 180 degree opposites in that "p" is masculine and "q" is feminine.

You should be able to infer further philosophical references from this point.

The Word STOP - Conceptuals in the Alphabet

The Alphabet contains within itself numerous "cipher wheels".  Words derived from these cipher wheels may be representative of designs within the conceptual fabrication of the Alphabet.  The word STOP is a very clear representation of this idea.

The word STOP represents two linear segments of the Alphabet; i.e., ...QR-ST-... and ...MN-OP...".  You can then break out the word STOP to form S-TOP.  A TOP is an object, often in the form of a children's toy, that spins on its axis.  As the inertia slows down, the top begins to wobble ever more pronounced until the top "falls".

The "top" is also the "upper most limit", which is to say that what is "on top" has no higher competitor.  Here we find that the night sky as viewed over time represents that of a top that is spinning.  In this case, the night sky appears more as a plate spinning on a stick as viewed from below, but in either case, whether it is the "top" spinning on its axis, in which the night sky would caste virtually by design, or if you were to view the night sky as spinning as a plate on a stick, the perception remains the same.

Another view of the sky included that of a X-Y graph that graphs the sun as a maximum height at noon zenith from day to day to day.  If you were to do this, you would see that the Sun will rise for a period of 26 weeks, whereby it will reach its zenith in the sky, and then again proceed back down to reach its lowest point in the sky.

Since elevation is represented by the Letter T, we can conceptually place the Letter T as representative of each solstice point.  Hence, in this case, the sequence ....S-T....represents a point where the Sun's apparent climbing or falling in the sky as measured at noon zenith appears to "ST-op".

We must then solve for the sequence ...OP....".

In this case, perhaps this hints at the nature and design of the Alphabet in that the nature and design is for the Alphabet to STOP at the letter P and then shift back to start again at the Letter Q as shown in the Isisian Codes.

Thus in each case, each sequence, whether is is MN-O-P or QR-S-T, both ST and OP represent specific observable STOP points conceptually built into the Alphabet, with the word STOP being clues as to the nature and intent of the design.

If you break single letters apart from the larger word, wherein through the breaking of a single letter reveals yet another word; e.g. F-LAG, wherein F is broken off and the word LAG remains, you may begin to comprehend how conceptuals have been designed into the Alphabet.  In this case, you would ask "What is the F?" and "What is the 'lag'?"

In this way you can begin to break down conceptual designs in the Alphabet.