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Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Circle of Rhymes and A JacK O' Lantern

The Rule or Form of the Alphabet

After this manner we compose and dispose our alphabet:

We begin solely with history and experiments. These, if
They exhibit an enumeration and series of particular things,
Are disposed into tables; otherwise, they are taken separately
And by themselves.
- Sir Francis Bacon, Alphabet of Nature

Analysis of the Letters of the Alphabet

Let us go into the finer nuances of our Alphabet.

In a craft dedicated to a revelation of "the Letters", it obviously becomes quite necessary to observe and study the Letters in every possible connection that one can think of and at the same time, peer into the patterns that provide for the connections and correlations of one letter to the next, and so on. This means that letters need to be analysed against "shape", "sound", "phonetics", "mathematics", whether they are written forward or backward against a natural archetype, whether they are turned this way or that (at 90 degree angles), etc.

Nothing can be left to chance as nothing was left to chance in the creation of the same said letters. There has always been a rational input, a philosophical reasoning into why one letter comes before another, or why one letter is shaped as it is, etc.

So as Sir Francis Bacon stated as referenced above, "if
They exhibit an enumeration and series of particular things,
Are disposed into tables..." meaning that the Letters are broken down into their various constituent components and designs. These are then categorized (set into tables), and if the Letters do not appear to fit into any given set of "enumerations of particular things", then they are dealt with accordingly and individually.

However, the very basic point to start is through observation of those things that exhibit a high degree of "peculiar enumerations". One such basic observation was covered in the Alphabet as a Hyper-dimensional Representation of Pi . Here we dealt with the design of the Letters as set against symmetrical and assymmetrical design.

It was revealed that the design itself reveals "the Word", or Pi.

The Letters are further broken down into a myriad series of mathematical ciphers. The Superman and the Relationship of N to Ten provides but one key insight, wherein the various numbers that cipher into co-relational "10's" is explained in expanded detail. In this way we can show a rapid transposition set between various letters that all share a value based on the "number 4 or 10 as a product of the summation from 1 thereof".

This knowledge aids us in the effecting of transpositions and modifications.

The Circle of Rhymes


Another way in which the letters can be seen to exhibit "peculiar enumerations" is to break out the Letters into their constituent "rhyme sets". This "table of rhymes" I refer to as "The Circle of Rhymes" in that always the patterns reveal Pi or some correlational equivalent thereof.

What this means is that we sequentially work our way through the Alphabet and place all letters that rhyme with each other into their own unique sets. Having completed this, we look for any patterns that exist; afterall, we are not crafting the language, we are merely observing what has been crafted and seeking to understand the thought processess as these processes have gone into crafting the totality of "the Word".

AJK, The Primary Rhyme Pattern

Since the Letter A is the first letter of the alphabet, we will place all letters that rhyme with A after the A. This is the first rhyme set. The letters that rhyme with A are the letters J and K. For my friends in England, I do respect that you say the letter J as "J-eye", and so view the Letter J as more accurately reflecting a rhyme sequence to I more than A, but we are working on the Continental Mason's model and it is clear that the pattern mathematical should indeed be AJK.

AJK, being the first, is known as "the Primary Rhyme Pattern". It is, of course, far more significant than that, for it clearly reveals "the Master Number" as further shown in the article called "The Ever Mystical 11:11".

AJK = 1,10,11 = 11011 = The Master Number

The way the Master Number works is we simply sum from 1:11 to reveal what lies on "the belly of the snake".


We thus transpose the 11011 of AJK to the "belly number" of 66066, wherein the game of "Craps" and the "dice" remain the basic archetypical framework for the mathematics, and thus we arrive at this representation.

The numbers 66066 are then set into the following formula: 6*6*10*6*6 = 12,960. The number 12,960 is the number of years to 1/2 of the Earth's wobble on her axis, and so is a correlational "Pi Proportion", as it is representative of the diameter in time of the Earth's wobble.

A Platonic Cycle = 25920 years (PLATO GREAT YEAR) = 25920/2 = 12,960 Years = Pi Proportion or "correlative diameter in time".

The numbers 12, 9, 6, and special cipher of E (its sum of 1 to itself is the number/letter O) reveals the word LIFE.

Thus "AJK" is known as "the Primary Rhyme Pattern" for it reveals the cipher for the Platonic Cycle of 25920 years.

You might now surmise that there is more to the code of A J K O'lantern equally. A Jack O' Lantern reminds us that is the Sun that is falling further and further in the sky, to die again and be born anew on Christmas day. Isis as Baset is there as an "omen" and a key to the whole of the Ancient Mysteries.

So let's light a lantern to "Jack", Osiris, and be wary of the Goddess Bastet (Isis) and spread some cheer to the children who dare us to trick or treat!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Esoteric Formula of the Heart

When we deal in "esoteric formulas", we are dealing with acroamatic ciphers hidden in either "art" or "words", wherein the "words" oft comprise that of "myths" and hence, still, remain a part of the arts. In this way we can refer back to "On Isis and Osiris" by Plutarch and show that his use of the words, "On the third day Typhon was born, but not in due season or manner, but with a blow he broke through his mother's side and leapt forth." - source is thus a set of words used to describe the planetary sign for "Mars".

So when we read various mythologies, said mythologies to include that of Setian, or Rabbinical "kabballah", we read the various texts as being encoded acroamatic representations hiding a clear and lucid underlying philosophy that traces back to a literal acroamatic cipher.

Since this article is dealing with the "Esoteric Formula of the Heart", we may use the above statue of Isis, or we may use Setian word formulas, as a means to gain insight into the Occult formation of the word HEART.

Why Solve for the word HEART?

As the mythology of the Illuminatus goes, there was once a word of stupendous power, a word that was removed, and its return and lucid comprehension remains the domain of they who are of the "initiatory class", and it is they who really control this word and use this word to perfect their own essence so that they may "rise again", or be "resurrected" from the decay and morass of the lower world, said "lower world" really being a simple code for "mass humanity".

When we peered into the rabbinical "tree of life" in the article "Deciphering the Tree of Life", what we learned was that the "Tree of Life" is really not a "Tree of Life" at all; rather, it is best to be understood from an esoteric construction to be that of a cube spinning on a more hidden matrix known as "the Garden of Eden". In order for the "Tree" to be formed, "Da'ath", or Ma'at, or "the Feather" had to be removed. Da'ath, or "Ma'at" is but a cipher for Pi, and so we have just another "myth" of "the Omnific Word", or Pi, being "removed" and thus needing to be "recovered".

It becomes "recovered" in "the Garden of Eden" as the Zodiacal sign of the Twins, or Gemini, which is but the Greek Letter Pi.

So the "Heart" is really a cipher for "reason", or the "intellectual faculties" set against moral standards. Afterall, upon the death of the Pharoah, the "heart" is "removed" and it is "weighed" against the Feather, or Ma'at, wherein both the Feather and Ma'at are but ciphers for Pi.

Lower Pi (the Heart) as a material manifestation is weighed against Upper Pi (spiritual or eternal existence) as represented by Ma'at or "the feather", and "validation" is inferred or denied to the Fair O (pharoah) and the soul either joins the company of "the gods", or returns to the "Wheel of Fortune", or the world of ever incurring incarnations set against an ever devolving existence.

Having said all that in quick summary, it can be inferred further that, needless to say, "the Heart" plays such a crucial role in the formation of the Illuminatus System that, to proceed without a concious and rational understanding of its formation, is tantamount to folly.

(Image Originally Sourced at CrichtonMiller.com)

The Setian "Esoteric Formula of the Heart"

Essentially, there are two "hearts": the Setian "Heart", which must necessarily be traceable back to the "spinning cube", and the "Osirian Heart", which will be based on the acroamatic cipher as inferred by Manley P. Hall in Secret Teachings of All Ages. Through studying the oral traditions of English and the "written", or Kabballah traditions of the Hebrews (as these traditions are literally the written code sets of the Osirian systems adapted to the Hebrew Letters), we are able to gain a lucid insight into the nature of the Illuminatus and their philosophy.

A very good written rendition of the "Jewish Heart" can be found at "Inner.org" wherein there are four primary rules or foundations to the construction of the "Jewish Heart". They are as follows:

1) The "Jewish heart" "is composed of a pair of the Hebrew letter lamed (ל) facing one another. In Hebrew, the holy language that holds the secret of all creative power, the word “heart” is written לֵב, a lamed (ל) followed by a bet (ב)."

In other words, what they have done is taken their letter "lamed" and spun it 180 degrees on vertical center so that it is mirrored against each other. Thus the two "lameds" are "face to face" to each other.

2) The "Jewish heart", being comprised of a lamed mirrored on itself, must then include a definition of their "lamed" in order to set their system up back against the Omnific Word, or "Pi". Consequently, this second clarifier should come as no surprise:

"It is stated in the Midrash (Otiot d'Rabbi Akiva) that the name of the Hebrew letter lamed stands for Lev Meivin Da'at: "the heart that understands knowledge." The same idea is expressed in the form of the letter lamed (ל), which depicts the aspiration of the heart to ascend to the highest level of consciousness, the understanding of knowledge. Knowledge (da'at) is the power of the soul which forges the connection between man and God, between man and his fellow, and especially between husband and wife, as it is said at the dawn of creation: "And Adam knew his wife".

As descibed above, Da'ath is Ma'at is Pi, and so there is a union or joining between lower Pi (material existence) to that of "Upper Pi", or "eternal spiritual existence". What the "rabbi's" are stating is but a corrupted view of a known Occult reality within the Osirian mystery systems.

Da'ath = Ma'at = Gemini = Knowledge = Communication (between lower and higher conciousness) = Heart

These are merely archetypical transpositions of a very basic and simple system.

3) "The word for "heart" in Hebrew, lev, is spelled lamed-beit (לב). The letter beit (ב) equals 2. According to the great medieval kabbalist, Rabbi Abraham Abulafia, the word lev itself alludes to its actual form: two (the numerical value of the letter beit) inverted, face-to-face lameds. The two lameds facing one another form an image of the heart, the form drawn by God, the Divine Artist."

Since the Divine Artist is Thoth, and the Alphabet is the material representation of Osiris, we can see that the Jewish or Setian Illuminatus system is appearing more and more to be a fraud (again). The actual "shape" of the "Heart" requires no "lameds" at all, rather, it requires TWO J's mirrors on each other, such as to form the traditional shape of the "Heart" as shown here.

4) "Both of these faces united, in the form of the Jewish Heart, aspiring upward to the invisible, infinite Divine essence. This union was like the union of a bride and groom, aspiring upwards together to receive the blessing of God, the "third partner" of marriage."

Again. This was already well known and solved. By removing Ma'at (Pi) which they called "Da'ath", what was removed from the equation was the 3rd sign of the Zodiac, but the 6th card of the Major Arcanum, or "the Lovers", which is comprised of "male and female", from the larger archetypical matrix within the "Garden of Eden" as the Tree of Life became "constructed". Hence the above is simply alluding to this portion of the larger "Philosopher's Stone" wherein it is simply dealing with the Gemini/Ma'at/Pi component of the larger system.

The lamed is composed of a "neck" (a vav, whose upper tip is a yud) situated on a "body" (a chaf). The two "necks" of the two lameds ascend out of the heart (formed by the two "bodies" of the lameds) as do the two major blood vessels, which channel the life-force from the heart to the brain and from the brain to the heart. The two yuds at the tops of the lameds signify the two brains (i.e. the right and left cerebral lobes) of chochmah ("wisdom" and insight) and binah ("understanding" and integration). In addition, these two yuds allude to the two eyes, the two "antennae" of the heart,

And so you have it: two "antennae" protruding from "the Heart", yet the Heart is said to be "lev bet", or 2, and yet 2 is Isis.

So what was this clever rabbi encoding? Nothing all that "esoteric" at all. He was describing the Suit of Spades.

Solving for the Esoteric Formula of the Heart

So how is "the Heart" really crafted? Essentially, a "heart" is comprised of the letter J mirrored on itself. JJ, reversed 180 degrees on center, with one J mirrored against the other creates an acroamatic cipher describing the Letter J.

Further, the use of such terms as "hooker" to describe a female can be derived from a "single J", as a single J is that of a "fish hook". For the more astute here, I am sure you can see that the shape of the Letter J can then be seen in the walk of the female from behind and that further, although there are many "phallus symbols" the world over, in truth, the "HEART" is a female sexual symbol.

The "heart's" design in Nature is "the Goddess", or "the Sacred Feminine". When set against Isis, the "antennae" are as the "horns", with the phonetic parallel of "horns" and "whores" rather closely linked. The two "horns" are thus divided in the center on the crown of the head of Isis, hence creating "two J's".

What this is saying is that the "headdress" is an artistic representation of the larger Occult craft of "1's" and "0's" representing "males" and "females". The TWO J's are as the two "parents", or the "male and the female" as spoken of by our rather deceptive and misleading rabbi.

The inference is that to "make a U", or a "you", it is necessary to have "two "J's" mirrored on each other, or a union of male and female. Furthermore, the combination of one J mirrored on itself creates the letter U, and it is from this letter that is derived such words as "uterus" (U T R US), UTTER, meaning "to speak", with a reference back to Isis and Speech, etc.

In otherwords, what we have is the Heart is a code for the Sacred Feminine. The Sacred Feminine is linked back to the head dress of Isis, which shows two J's mirrored on themselves.

When the rabbi says that only Hebrew has words of creation and power, he lies, for he describes merely the letters used to formulate the Suit of Spades, while our system is used to craft the Suit of Hearts.

Furthermore, we recognise that the Heart and the Spade are uniquely different in that the Heart is the Sacred Feminine, while the Spade is that of the Male and Female in sexual union.

It is no secret that to "neuter" a pet is to have it "spade". This is but another glimpse of reflections and mirrors and opposites and directs being used in the formulation of the language via an oral tradition.

This does not conclude the totality of the Esoteric formulation of the word HEART, for the word HEART too has a number of "power" in that its number is 85124. The way this formula works is to recognise that numbers are used correlationally. This means that decimals and other parts of the mathematical equation may or may not have value, but rather, the numbers being used are the totality of the value.

For instance, on St. Valentines Day, the number is 2/14, meaning February 14. The Number 2 is summed to 3 to create the hidden equation of 3.14, or Pi and the Holiday surrounding the Heart.

By utilizing the formula as shown in the Bicycle card above, we can see the number 808. This is important because the number 8 sums to 36, so 808 is a code for 11011, or 36036 or 66066, which then leads you back to the number of years of the Earth's precession cycle.

By taking the number 808, and transposing it to 884 (36*36*10), we create the following formula:

884 = 36*36*10 = 12960 = LIFE

884 as LIFE + the following formula creates the word HEART:

884 + (6*6*6*10)+(6*6*6*10)+(6*6*6*10)+6*6*6*6*20)+(6*6*6*6*20)+(6*6*6*6*20) = 85124 = HEART

Again, this formula is crafted. There are precisely 21 (U) 6's in the formula, and the sum of 1:6 is 21, or the Letter U. There are multiple dimensioned channels going on.

Each 6*6*6*10 has a total value if 1/12 of the Precession Cycle of 25920 Years.
Each 6*6*6*6*20 has a total value of 1 Precession Cycle of 25920 Years.

Thus if we have 3 units of (1/12) of a cycle, then the value for this portion of the formula is 3/12, which reduces to 1/4.

And if we have 3 Precessions Cycles as represented by the 6*6*6*6*20, then we show a new formula of

3 1/4

Which correlationally is what? Remove the "/" from the formula, and we have remaining 314, which is what?


Pi. The Omnific Word. Pi and Life.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Macroprosopus, Reflections, and the Isisian Codes

"As above, so below."

The Symbol of Macroprosopus provides us with an intuitive guide into the manner in which what is above too is as below. It may also be used as an intuitive guide in the creation of the Garden of Eden, the hidden matrix that is guarded by the Flaming Sword and Cherub, or the rabbinical "tree of life". Ultimately, reflections, or mirrors, lie at the very heart of the Illuminatus system.

This article will provide some reflections on "reflections" and mirrors as used by the Illuminatus and within the Isisian Codes.

Mirrors and Reflections

We have already discussed the nature of IXXI, or "9-11 ", and how this is used as a foundation code for what is regarded as "The Garden of Eden". 9-11, or IXXI, provides us with the formation pattern, but provides little in the way of the archetypical coding of the various cipher wheels (sephira) and pertinent paths. In the diagram of Macroprosopus, for instance, we can see that the IXXI is encoded into the picture, and that there is a division of the letters running along the center horizontal and thus making a conceptual "mirror" or "reflection".

In addition, what is floating in the sky, as in half the Star of David and the full Tau or letter T, is being reflected in the water.

This "mirror", or reflection component is necessary if we are to solve for the archetypical foundation of the Philosopher's Stone, or, more accurately, the "Garden of Eden". IXXI allows us to form the proper geometrical matrix only. However, it is not enough to merely secure the actual geometric matrix; rather, since the geometric matrix serves as a roadmap of the human psyche in classic Jungian thought, it becomes critical and necessary to properly place all the symbols within the various cipher wheels (sephira), as well as to properly number the channels between the various cipher wheels or sephira.

Even after all this is done, it is necessary to go back through the work and do all the double checking "of the math", as it were. My original matrix for the Garden of Eden, for example, had one error that was not resolved for nearly 2 years. So solving for the archetypical or occult framework requires much work and double checking prior to release so as to ensure that the answers intuited are indeed accurate and correct.

This is all precisely so do to the inherent nature of the Construct, and the way in which immersion into the Construct creates conditions whereby it is easy to be deceived.

Mirrors, or reflections, play critical roles in the formation of reality. For instance, when we view the Moon, which is a symbol of the Occult, is stronger than the Sun because its light can still shine during the day when even the Sun reigns supreme. What this implies is that the Moon is able to reflect the light of the Sun and shine even when the Sun too shines as well as when the Sun does not. Conceptually, the Moon, as a symbol of the Occult, has light that is stronger than the Sun because the Occult is using the Sun and the reflection of the Sun equally. It is not using one exclusively over another, but uses the direct light of the Sun, but more importantly, the reflected light of the Sun.

For the dark side of the Occult (the left hand path), their reflection is that of the CLOUD. Within the word CLOUD is the annagrammic play of the word OCULT. Since T=D, we simply cipher CLOUT and CLOUD and OCULT (occult). In this way, the Occult acts as a cover or a seal which blocks out the Sun and the Moon, or may gently wisp by and not effect the light of the Sun or the Moon at all, or may obscure partially the Sun and the Moon. Yet stronger still is the anagrammic play of the word OCCULT to form the word CLOUD. The word CLOUD shows a reflection of LOUD, and yet clouds are silent, and so we are reminded that the strength of the "cloud", or the Occult, is stronger still as it can blank out the light of the Sun at its highest point.

From a conceptual point of view, we simply recognize that our existence here on Earth is subject to many influences and occluding forces, of which "clouds" act as a beneficial or detrimental force depending on the strength and duration of the influence. Clouds, or "the occult", may change the colors of the light reflected from the Moon as it reflects the Sun's light, while the moon changes phases and reflects ever increasing or decreasing shades of light.

It is only the left hand path that seeks to obscure entirely, even as we recognise that all things are obscured in some way.

If we imply that being loud is as "overpowering" what others can hear, then we have a reflection of the power of the Occult in this world and so should take heed of strength and learn from its reflections, for in the end, it is only the reflections we can see, and not the actual working as the words and works were set into place.

Mirrors as an Occult Staple

The picture of "Macroprosopus" is designed to hint at the use of reflections and mirrors as part of the primary conceptual foundation and that these reflections and usages thereof must be thoroughly understood if you are to acquire an apperception of the conceptual.

All the "gods" partake of the essence of Osiris, and Osiris, as the Letter A, manifests as himself in a "material form" akin to the mythology of Christianity. Osiris as the Letter A provides us with the conceptual tools to begin to de-story the fabrication of "reality", occult or otherwise. Pi is "the Word". This means that there is a division and seperation in that 1's are males and 0's are females, that each has its own unique and seperate existence, but that the 1 and the 0 are not mutually exclusive to the other, in that the the 0, female, is created by the 1 of the male. This is basic "intercourse", or "sexual union", or "the Letter X".

X's = SEX, yet the X is a reflection of female over the male. This reflection provides the intuitive insight to understanding the nature of Geb and Nut of the Egyptians. Geb and Nut are but an artistic representation of the Letter X, of the sun rising into the womb of the Earth, or the sky.

Yet all of this is linked "technically" or "fundementally" back to Pi.

If you contemplate on the design, and in this we imply the design of the human body, for it too is designed around the idea of Pi, or the "Word", the visual shape of the vagina shows a correlational "1" when "closed", while the shape of the male phallus shows a correlational "0" when viewed from "the tip". It is through the cardinal conceptual turning of the two dimensional design that we are able to arrive at the proper perspective 3 dimensional reality wherein in this case, the "1's" as males are appearing in mind properly as "males" and the "0's" are appearing conceptually in mind as being properly designed as "females".

In this way we may begin the process of conceptualizing the inherent design and begin to understand what is "true" and what is "false", what is the "mirror" and what is the "actual".

Another way to view this is to use Occult reference material, which today is needlessly and intentionally confusing and "mystical". For instance, the Sepher Yetzirah, or "Book of Formation", states the following:

"These twenty-two letters, which are the foundation of all things, He arranged as upon a sphere with two hundred and thirty-one gates, and the sphere may be rotated forward or backward, whether for good or for evil; from the good comes true pleasure, from evil nought but torment." - Source In this example, the sphere can be turned this way or that.

Imagine it as a ball sitting on the ground. I write the number 6 and then turn the ball 180 degrees. You see my 6 as a 9. I then write a number 9 on the ball and turn it again 180 degrees. Now you have two 6's or two 9's, depending on how you view them AND assuming you knew to view the numbers "this way or that". If I say that the number is a 6, and I wrote the number as a "6", AND you tell me that the number is a "6", and hence we both agree that the number is a 6, then what is discussed is "true", and hence "good".

However, if I write the number 6, and you tell me that the number is a "6", and yet I purposely mislead and say that the number is a 9, then I have reversed the number and hence "evil", or a "lie", proceeds forth. Since there is no additional context points for you to view the reality as it exists at that point in time, you have no way to really know if the number is a 6 or if it is a 9.

Now expand this concept to multiples of glyphs (letters, etc.) and spin the multiples of glyphs as if on a sphere while you are sitting in the center of the sphere while immersed in a total vacuum! This is how complex and complicated it can all get.

The Universe is incredibly complex in its simplicity.

Context as a Critical Component

Hence "context" is critical to understanding the preciseness of what is being viewed relative to a Letter and especially as to how one views and de-stories occult insignia and mythologies. For example, in the above view of Macroprosopus as shown above, there is a "T" reflected in the water, and yet there is an "upside down T" floating in the air, and hence reflecting in the water is the Letter T derived from the reverse T in the air.

This view is "true" from an Occult sense, but why? Hence the principle of "know thyself" means that certain truths you should focus on and ascertain for yourselves, even as guidance is provided along the way.

In otherwords, it is not enough to understand that what is "above" is "as below": it is critical that a person understand to reverse the image of above and analyze it as if it is reversed or upside down. Ideas and images must therefore be turned "this way" and "that", meaning rotated 180 degrees or flipped 180 degrees, shifted 45 degrees and flipped 180 degrees, read forward, but interpreted in reverse, center out, or in various combinations of the above

How "the God" manifests cannot be so easily controlled by simplistic formulations, and to arrive at willful and intentional codes too cannot be assumed to be a simple and straightforward process. In the end, we are limited to the tools available to us through the restrictions of the design (material existence), and so a wide range of tools utilizing a wide range of interconnections is wholly necessary to effect an understanding of the whole

When Plutarch says that Typhon tears to pieces to the sacred writings and scatters them to the winds, this is a very ample and accurate depiction, and so we must view the Construct as a giant puzzle, that, like Humpty Dumpty, we try to piece back together again so that we may beat back ignorance and delusion and create for ourselves a world and society where our spiritual foundation is rooted in a form of reason that is impermeable to ignorance.

The primary point to remember is that the Illuminatus utilize and utilizes a vast array of reflections and mirrors in their system, and so if you are to penetrate their philosophical system (a system that belongs to all of us), it is critical that the idea of mirrors and reflections be understood completely.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Deciphering the Tree of Life

Is the "Tree of Life" really a "Tree of Life"?

Is the "Tree of Life" really a "mysterious construction", or it is a fraud yet to be revealed?

Is the "Tree of Life" really "Jewish", or is it the face of a more occulted system wherin the flag or banner, so to speak, has been attributed to and controlled by the rabbis in a near dictatorial and oppressive manner?

This article will reveal the fraud of Kabballah, and with it, all the implications that come about when a people who believe in absurdities seek to impress to convince you as a human family to commit atrocities.

Herein is an insight into Setian metaphysics.

32 Mysterious Paths

We have already commented on the number "32". The Omnific or Lost Word is Pi, specifically the first 32 decimal digits. In addition to the "Omnific Word", or "the Lost Word", there is a geometrical representation of the "32". There is a "set" of "32", one visible, and the other invisible, making a total of 64 steps encoded within the Philosopher's Stone.

The Tree of Life as noisily taught by the rabbi's is but the outer half of the total whole. That such is plausible should come as no surprise to any serious students of Western occultism. The last to come along to gain mass acceptance, as well as critical core mass acceptance within Initiatory Systems at large, was Aleister Crowley. Said Crowley in his rambling obfuscation, "the Book of the Law",

"47. But they (the Jews) have the half: unite by thine art so that all disappear."

The Tree of Life is the "half". Seeing how it is "the half", it is certainly not "the whole", and seeing how it is rather obvious that Jewish mystics through time have not even understood that they do not have "the whole", it can safely be surmised that their teachings, likewise, will be skewed and filled with false information. There is an occultation in progress with the said occultation benefitting the tinctured Illuminatus who have control of the whole system.

Releasing the half (the Tree of Life) to the public, while holding the keys to the whole, while equally releasing wording as to the nature of the whole while affixing this information to a false mirror as the Tree of Life essentially creates a situation where generations are led on a fraudulent and wild goose chase without ever really achieving a comprehensive knowledge of the full system in play.

That is not to say that we cannot find, or that there is not indeed, useful information within the words they are speaking; rather, it simply means that we must dig further if we are to successfully navigate through the confusions to arrive at the inherent truths cryptically sealed within.

Here is what we mean.

An oft noted source work for this occultation (using a half truth to hide a full reality) is known as "the Sepher Yetzirah", or the "Book of Formation". In this work, we find the following in the first paragraph:

"Section 1. In thirty-two (1) mysterious Paths of Wisdom did Jah, (2) the Jehovah of hosts, (3) the God of Israel, (4) the Living Elohim, (5) the King of ages, the merciful and gracious God, (6) the Exalted One, the Dweller in eternity, most high and holy--engrave his name by the three Sepharim (7) --Numbers, Letters, and Sounds.(8)" - Source

Ignoring all the rabbinical fluff, what we find is that at the core we have a concept wherein we have a matrix based on 32 paths which too are fused to Letters, Numbers, and Sounds. As shown here, there are 10 "sephira", which are akin to their own paths, and equally, there are an additional 22 paths between the 10 sephira, making a total of 32 "mysterious paths".

The manner in which a "sephira" becomes a "path" can be explained in many ways. For instance, if we take a word such as "bad", as in, "that singer is bad!", the word "bad" can have a connotation of being "really really good", or the word "bad" can have a connotation wherein the singer is really "bad" to the point where the singer literally "stinks" and is an annoyance to the ear. In this example, the word serves as a channel for multiple paths or definitions, wherein each definition has its own set of connotations and nuances such as to become a path unto itself.

Another way that "sephira" are used as paths can be demonstrated as follows:

The sephira is acting as a visual point that his hiding a cipher wheel. This cipher wheel is no different than what might find on a slot machine. Spin the wheel and the slot machine changes to reveal other shapes and numbers and letters as it comes to rest. This principle was demonstrated in Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code".
In this way does, then, "tipheroth" is "tipheroth", while it is also "6, and equally too, "the Sun" in the represenation shown above.

Each of these values creates its very own path or channel into the intuitive side of the human psyche. Even as the above is demonstrated, you should not make any assumptions that I agree with the "Tree" as represented, for clearly the attributions are false. Designing a system on a half truth is bound to lead to critical and foolish errors, as indeed the above does. The Tree example is provided such as to give you an idea in the concept of "sephiroth" being merely a way to say that there are multiple intuitive channels into the human psyche at any of the encoded points.

Most important: the goal is merely to grasp and synthesize the technical knowledge of how a "sephera" is working, not to provide your spirit to the half truths that are crafted upon the larger basic technical knowledge sets.

Ten, not nine. Ten, not eleven

So we have determined that the "Book of Formation" is "a" source document to the fabled "Tree of Life". Never mind all the history of the Tree of Life in other cultures, and that this symbol is nearly Universal as an archetype, what we are dealing with here is the decrypting, or the "de storying", of an Illuminatus mesmer symbol, aka, the Tree of Life.

The Sepher Yetzirah is the purported information needed to create the "tree of life". We know that there are "32 paths", and that these 32 paths consist of 22 paths between varying cipher wheels (sephira), plus the 10 cipher wheels acting as their own paths.

So far, the "rabbinical tree" appears to make some sense.

But we know that the "rabbinical tree", which is more accurately, behind the scenes, the Setian Illuminatus Tree, is literally half of the equation, and hence any of the information coming out of their system must be taken with a grain of salt and filtered immensely if we are to get to the refined secrets being discussed by the earlier occult writers.

Our next really good clue comes in the 3rd and 4th paragraphs:

3. The ineffable Sephiroth are Ten, as are the Numbers; and as there are in man five fingers over against five, so over them is established a covenant of strength, by word of mouth, and by the circumcision of the flesh. (11)

4. Ten is the number of the ineffable Sephiroth, ten and not nine, ten and not eleven. Understand this wisdom, and be wise by the perception. Search out concerning it, restore the Word to its creator, and replace Him who formed it upon his throne. (12)
- Source

Here is where the "rabbinical" or "Setian tree of life" rapidly falls apart and loses its "mysteriousness". The above words are really giving information as to how to build the Philosopher's Stone. Since it, the Sepher Yetzirah, is a "Setian", or Jewish, document, the encoded message contained within the words require a conceptual 90 degree turn.

Setian energy is always cardinal to Osirian from a metaphysical perspective.

In essence, what we have to do is to "cut down the tree". When we "cut down the tree", we must cut down the tree such that it "falls to the left", and when we do so, we are now viewing the tree at a 90 degree angle as shown here.

When the tree is "chopped down", we begin to reveal the word depiction within the Sepher Yetzirah.

"The ineffable Sephiroth are Ten, as are the Numbers; and as there are in man five fingers over against five,"

When you view the "tree" in its upright position, what becomes revealed is nothing pertinent to the instructions, or the Book of Formation. The wording is referencing a "five over five" and a "ten, as are the NUMBERS".

The NUMBERS inferred are Roman numerals, wherein the number 10 is X, which when broken down at the center horizontal, reveals V over an inverted "V". Thus you have "5 over 5" and "10" as "X", equally.

This constant turning and twisting of letters is key to understanding the nature of "the Construct", specifically as it applies to Illuminatus occlusion of the original formulas, wherein Illuminatus is inferred to be Setian systems seeking to dominate the thought or Osirian systems seeking to hide the information in such a way as to utilize Setian systems in the perpetuation of the core knowledge, with the balance filled out through spoken word, or Oral Traditions such as occur and occurred in the Masonic Lodge networks.

The Cipher of Da'ath

What is now revealed is that "Da'ath" becomes but a hidden cipher, for its "sephira", or "paths", which can be defined as its varying "definitions", are that it is the Uranus, Da'ath, the "glyph" for "Uranus", among many others. However, upon closer inspection, the glyph for Uranus is really a ciphered Letter H, which is the English transposition of the Greek Letter Pi. In addition, the word URANUS reverses to form SUN AR U, or "you are the Sun", which is being defined as "Da'ath".

However, since we have the Isisian Codes, we can simply cipher the D to an M as each are number 4's.

Thus Da'ath becomes a cipher for MA'AT(H), or the Scales of Ma'at. We then revert back to the Hebrew for a definition of Da'at(h), just to "check the math", as it were, by going to the Setian "illuminatus" primary spiritual site, Inner.org.

At Inner.org there is a page called The Eleven Holy Names of God. Yet when we read about these "11 holy names", what we find is really there are only 9 "holy names", while the 10th and the 11th are as scales. 10 is called "akvah", or "the right side of Da'at", while the 11th name is called "Ehevi", or "the left side of Da'at".

Hence Da'ath is being equated to "scales" (as it should), because it is really a cipher for Ma'at(h), and Ma'at is a cipher for Pi. The whole of the "mysticism" is beginning to become unwravelled and we are becoming able to see clear.

Not only have we solved for the V over V as X, hence 10 as are the numbers (X), and 5 over 5 as V over V, but we have revealed that when the tree is chopped down, Da'ath becomes more likely a cipher for Ma'ath, or Pi, and since we know that Da'ath is its own "cipher wheel" that is critical to the key of it all, we can now cipher back URANUS, or U ARE THE SUN as a code for PI.

We also reveal that the "11 names of G-d" remain itself a conceptual code for "9-11", or as revealed in the Book of Formation,

"4. Ten is the number of the ineffable Sephiroth, ten and not nine, ten and not eleven. Understand this wisdom, and be wise by the perception. Search out concerning it, restore the Word to its creator, and replace Him who formed it upon his throne."

Of Tips and Tipheroths

Now that we have solved for the inherent deceptions of Da'ath and the Setian "tree of life", we may continue to solve for the Book of Formation, which when followed through to completion will reveal the formation of the Philosopher's Stone.

When we go back to the Setian Tree of Life, we find the following "numbering".

1 is opposed to 6
2 is opposed to 5
3 is opposed to 4

Yet the primary code as presented is that of "9-11" written in an inverted presentation

Ten and not 9
Ten and not 11

The numeral presentation of this would then be as follows:

X and not IX
X and not XI

Yet, because we are dealing in deliberate deceptions, we must spin the letters again to reveal the actual code intended. This then reveals

IX and not X and
XI and not X

We then utilize this code and set it back into a visual representation on our "fallen tree", to reveal the following presentation:

We have now formed the code of IXXI, but we need to contemplate on a critical key issue, that of "Understand this wisdom, and be wise by the perception. Search out concerning it, restore the Word to its creator, and replace Him who formed it upon his throne."

The "throne" is the North, or the Polar Star. When it is dark, where does one look for guidance to find one's way but to the North Star. We have returned Pi to its proper position at "Da'ath", and have given this its proper astrological symbol of Gemini as Gemini is the Greek Letter Pi in line with the ciphered glyph of "Uranus", or Pi, You are the Sun.

What is left is to begin to solve for the "him on his throne". The Key word here is "Tipheroth".

TIP = Point
HER = HER (the Goddess)

Tiperoth is Her Other Tip.

In the fallen Setian Tree, "tiperoth" is not the "tiperoth" in the fallen state, but is the "other tip", or the original position. So we must remove the "tiperoth" from the fallen Setian (rabbinical) tree and move it back to its other position, which now would be the lower middle sephira as shown here.

Now here is a key part of the conceptual formation. When we view the Setian "Tree of Life", what we are looking at is really portions of the back matrix as is being revealed from the "fallen tree", and how this is linked to the Setian Tree itself.

Sephirah's 4, 5, 7, and 8 should be properly viewed at a 90 degree angle, or as a plane to sephira 6. In addition, sephera 4 and 5 are part of the vertical cube which is rotating on the TIP to create the illusion of the Sun as it is precessing through the equinoxes or as a simple representation of the sidereal view of the stars as they rotate around the polar North.

It is akin to this representation:

It is the "tip of the Dreidle", or the "Dried El", or Seth, as represented in this case, that is now "spinning" on the "tip" of "tipheroth".

Thus Seth, being of the lower realms, is that which is the cause of corruptions and falsehoods and all other manner of deceptions as oft spoken of by Gnostics, continental Masons, and other followers of the Goddess through these Piscean times.

Hence Jehovian religions are focused around a worship of "the Cube", even as they steal the inherent meaning of the Q'b as being that of the Fertilized Egg and hence the beginning of "life". Hence the Ka'aba of Islam is really little different from the Dreidle of the Hebrews from the Cross of the Christians in that all of them are modifications of this same said principle of the "Cube".

Gematria supports this concept for the word DREIDLE is akin to the CHERUB.

DREIDLE = 4+18+5+9+4+12+5 = 57 = 3+8+5+18+21+2 = CHERUB

Once the cube as an archetype for the Illuminatus begins to make further sense, the link between the Ka'aba and the Kabballah are really quite esoterically close.

Quick Glimpse at the Philosopher's Stone

To close this article, we will provide a quick glimpse into the making of the Philosopher's Stone. When we chopped down the tree, we laid the foundation for a new matrix. Essentially, as you study the above, what you find is that really we are dealing with two interlocking hexagons. These two interlocking hexagons are as two 6's.

We must then create two sides of 11 paths each to create the 22 paths. It is 11 and 11 that is the Master Number, the number which creates "life". In addition, since the hexagon is a 6 sided figure, and the Isisian Codes tells us that we must incorporate the word FIVE within the Six, what was necessary was to make a pentacle inside of the hexagons.

What Crowley "secreted" was the "locking points" of where to put the Setian Tree (Flaming Sword and Cherub) against the back matrix of "the Garden of Eden".

When we lock in or fuse the Setian Tree of Life to the Garden of Eden (it will afterall guard the way), we reveal the following diagram:

When you understand that it is the Cube spinning on the cipher wheel of "Tiperoth", then you will understand why the "square" is placed where it is, and why the compass is what it is. The symbol is a compound expression of the Philosopher's Stone which arrives in the shape of a diamond.

When we draw an unbroken circuit from "Tiperoth" to "Tipheroth", we reveal that the numbers eminating from "tiperoth" are the numbers

0+5+6+19+18+21 = 69

Hence "tiperoth" is not "the Sun", even as it is, but it is the Sign of Cancer, which has a value of 69. The spoke eminating from Cancer to Gemini is path number 6, which is the number of the card for "the Lovers", which is another representation for the sign for "the Twins", for surely Isis and Osiris were born together and hence are "Twins" just the same.

This provides you with a complex glimpse into the frauds that are Kabballa, and an insight into still more hidden knowledge that can only come from a de-storying of the Occult as only a master of the Craft can do.