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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Corporate Logos as Occult Symbols - Part I

And there is nothing to fear if, in the first place, they preserve for us our gods that are common to both peoples and do not make them to belong to the Egyptians only, and do not include under these names the Nile alone and the land which the Nile waters, and do not assert that the marshes and the lotus are the only work of God's hand, and if they do not deny the great gods to the rest of mankind that possess no Nile nor Buto nor Memphis. But as for Isis, and the gods associated with her, all peoples own them and are familiar with them, although they have learned not so very long ago to call some of them by the names which come from the Egyptians; yet they have from the beginning understood and honoured the power which belongs to each one of them. - Source - Isis and Osiris

People oft need to stop and think. Who were the "tycoons" of yesteryear, especially as such pertains to the Western construct? Just your "average Joe"? No. More likely than not, they were a member of some "fraternal society", even as the traces of such are swept away only to be discovered later by the wayward travelling who peers into the more hidden ways of the world.

Do you really believe that the major personalities who were responsible for the backbone and fabric of what would become "the Western Construct" were NOT of some fraternal order?

If you believe that, well, ok. There is a class forming that teaches Creationism and Darwinism in the other hall. Feel free to sign-up.

This project is not about the perpetuation of political correct beliefs (inanities); it is a pursuit to arrive at the inherent philosophical truths as held by those who crafted and became "the Illuminatus".

Says Manley P. Hall in his treatise "Secret Teachings of All Ages", in his analysis on the Tarot Cards,

The Tarot cards were entrusted by the illumined hierophants of the Mysteries into the keeping of the foolish and the ignorant, thus becoming playthings--in many instances even instruments of vice. Man's evil habits therefore actually became the unconscious perpetuators of his philosophical precepts. "We must admire the wisdom of the Initiates," writes Papus, "who utilized vice and made it produce more beneficial results than virtue." Does not this act of the ancient priests itself afford proof that the entire mystery of the Tarot is wrapped up in the symbolism of its zero card? If knowledge was thus entrusted to fools, should it not be sought for in this card? Source - Secret Teachings of All Ages

Papus is a key player in the negative aspects of what become the "Dark Illuminatus" even as he provides us with a clear set of instructional material to penetrate and piece the underlying philosophy. One should read between the lines of his treatise called Qabalah.

So what is it that Papus said that demands such critical attention? "We must admire the wisdom of the Initiates," writes Papus, "who utilized vice and made it produce more beneficial results than virtue." In otherwords, in a negative Illuminatus construct, the use of vice, and with it the intended destruction of the non-initiated soul via the use of the instruments of vice, be it Cigarettes, Alcohol, and later, harder illicity forms of drugs, are all part of the acceptable usage of the Occult so long as the knowledge is preserved.

It is a negative use of the earlier idea as expressed by Plutarch, "And there is nothing to fear if, in the first place, they preserve for us our gods..."

Whereas Plutarch may have intimated that there was little difference between the use of the Ankh while the Christians used the "t", or the Cross, it mattered not. The Tau and its message was being spread across the land, and anyways, those who knew understood the message and remained silent participants as the knowledge spread. Some failed and went astray within the Initiatory Systems. Plutarch, too, discusses this inherent problem that oft arises where the Spoken Word is the primary transmission method:

"Thus men make use of consecrated symbols, some employing symbols that are obscure, but others those that are clearer, in guiding the intelligence toward things divine, though not without a certain hazard. For some go completely astray and become engulfed in superstition; and others, while they fly from superstition350 as from a quagmire, on the other hand unwittingly fall, as it were, over a precipice into atheism." - Source
Mass religions are manifestations and expressions of those who have fallen over the precipice and into atheism, for the "gods" are the Letters, and the "God", the Alphabet.

So again. Where do we start?

John Yarker writes in "The Arcane Schools"

"That of Elephanta is a threefold construction, and it is alleged that all castes, and even kings wrought with the chisel in its construction. Whilst the oldest cyclopean architecture is attributed in Europe to the Pelasgians, in India it is attributed to the Pandus who were a pre-Brahmin tribe, and Ferguson regards the analogy of this style with that of the Incas of Peru as one of the most remarkable facts of history. It was in these prehistoric times that the symbols of the two creative forces of nature developed, represented by crux-ansata, lithoi, or lingam, and the vesica piscis, or yoni. They are equally the signs of a dogma which lay at the root of all religions in regard to fire, not the fire burning upon the altar, but the fire which that symbolised and was termed "divine darkness," a spiritual or magical fire, seen by gifted seers, of which the earthly symbols are the pyramids, the obelisk, and the church spires.<<"The Rosicrucians," Jennings.>>"

This sounds like as good a start as any. The Tau (T) and the Vesica Piscis are without a doubt critical keys to the larger philosophy. The Vesica Piscis is the foundation for the mythical Garden of Eden, while the Tau and its archetypes are critical Occult keys to the Egyptian Ankh and the Christian "cross".

A practical analysis and usage of the Vesica Piscis can be found at Freemasons-Freemasonry.comVice. Although this does not deal with the speculative aspect of Freemasonry, it is worth a look so as to understand its practical value. Since the Isisian Codes seeks to provide insights into the speculative truths of the "Craft", we shall state simply that the Vesica Piscis is a crucial key to the larger Osirian Mystery Schools.

Image Source -

The Vesica Piscis is the foundation to the creation of the Philosopher's Stone. It is also found often in crop circle formations. - Image Source

In the meantime, we can see the inverse of or skeleton of the Vesica Piscis in the corporate logo of Dos Equis.

Time constraints prevent further eleucidation for this entry, so we will revisit this topic again at a later date.


Anonymous said...

"speculative truths"

Another box?

Marc Jones said...

"The Box", said Pinhead. Ain't it funny how supposed et's make the same images that's plastered all over by the ptb. In cahoots? Safe to assume They've got pulsed microwave tech to make a lot of these crop circles.

But good luck in playing real geometry, besides Pi, off the Construct.