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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Owl as a Symbol of the Occult

What is it that "they know" that you do not, as least as such pertains to the Occult and Occult symbols? Why would a group of seemingly rational grown men get dressed up in costumes and light a fire to an Owl?

What is the intent of such a ritual? From where does the Owl have value and is the Owl being used for a negative purpose, or is this ritual part of an admixture of evil (Setian) with good (Osiris/Isis), and the good uses the symbols as a show of force in the face of evil equally? The owl, of course, has come to symbolize wisdom, and so the properties of the owl as a product of nature are then fused to the Occult as referenced by Higgins.

Listen to the Original "Inside the Eye - The Owl as a Symbol of the Occult, Seg 1

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Indeed, the owl provides us with a ready made example of demonstration of the idea of modifications and transpositions, which can then be set against acroamatic ciphers and/or

Here at the Illuminatus Observor, our purpose is to help all regain control of the symbols from the face of irrational fear even as Occult formulas are de-storied and laid bare.

Let us peer now into the Owl as an sign of the Occult.

The Owl in Illuminatus Mythology

In the "Hymn to the Mystic Fire", at the third line of Mandala 2, we find the following statement:

"O Master of the Word, thou art Brahma, the finder of the Riches: O Fire, who sustainest each and all, closely thou companionest the Goddess of the many thoughts."

Then, in the beginning of On Isis and Osiris, we find the following statement in Chapter 1,

"the end and aim of which is the knowledge of Him who is the First, the Lord of All, the Ideal One. Him does the god urge us to seek, since He is near her and with her and in close communion. The name of her shrine also clearly promises knowledge and comprehension of reality;"

This is what is known as a "modification" or "transposition". Each of these statements is inferring the identical principle, or conceptual. In the Hymn to the Mystic Fire, the "fire" is "Agni". You must then go into the various attributes of Agni to ascertain what the co-relations are from an Occult basis.

In Sukta 14 of the Hymn to the Ancient Fire, we read:

"With all these gods, O Agni, thou who art the activity of speech, arrive and do thy work."

Agni is regarded as the artificer of Religion and a messenger between mankind and "the Gods", among so many other attributes. Yet Agni is but a transposition for Osiris, wherein the root code of Agni is the sound of GN from which is derived so many words relative to fire, including the word IGNITION, or to start. And as Agni is the "primitive fire", we can not that within the word FIRE may be found the very ROOT of the word FIRST, and so what is FIRE is AGNI, and NG-LAND all the same, this serves as a reminder that that the world was not found on Jews and their god, that the Occult does not revolve around Jews and their god, and that religions fabricated from Jews and their god are bound to be corrupted and false teachings en masse.

So within the Illuminatus System is a knowledge of the relationship between the OWL who is close to "him" who is "the Ideal One" and from which comes all knowledge, and a seemingly "satanic" ritual that revolves around the Ideal One as AGNI in close communion to the OWL as "the Goddess".

What we see unfolding is the relationship between Isis and Osiris and a deeply held truth in practice still today against this higher esoteric based knowledge system. As Aurobindo explained in his "Doctrine of the Mystics",

"The whole world is a dumb and helpless sacrifice in which the soul is bound as a victim self-offered to unseen Gods. The liberating Word must be found, the illuminating hymn must be framed in the heart and mind of man and his life must be turned into a conscious and voluntary offering in which the soul is no longer the victim, but the master of the sacrifice. By right sacrifice and by the all-creative and all-expressive Word that shall arise out of his depths as a sublime hymn to the Gods man can achieve all things. He shall conquer his perfection; Nature shall come to him as a willing and longing bride; he shall become her seer and rule her as her King".

The OWL is ISIS (SPEECH), the One is (RELIGION), the Letters are "the gods", the Alphabet is "the God".

Deciphering the Owl as a Symbol of the Occult

When we view the word "occult", we trace our meaning back to the word "occultation". An "occultation" is a term that speaks of one astronomic body covering another. When the Moon covers some far off distant star, that far off distant star is "occulted". When the Earth covers the moon (hence creating the phases of the moon", then the moon is "partially occulted". When there is a solar or lunar eclipse, we have a condition of a full "occultation". This is just one very small example of what is meant by Higgins when he states that,

"We have advanced far enough in our investigations to have perceived that the underlying principle of all mysteries of philosophy and religion, past and present, have been what might be termed "ciphers" or "cryptograms" of the ascertained phenomena of nature;"

Comprehending this is the "epoptic part", or the philosophical part, of the Illuminatus system.

For instance, when we refer to the OWL, "we" know we are referring to the "TWO", and hence the letter B. Nature, being cyclical, will repeat patterns over and over within a range of a pendulum that swings from side to side, with some unseen force from time to time seeming to make the pendulum swing more to the right or the left, but always within a range or value that is measurable.

So we take the Letter B, and, seeing how it denotes "the Goddess", or the Feminine, we can note that the belly of the woman grows and contracts as it is latent with life, gives birth, and repeats the process again. Thus to "become" or "to be" is a philosophic linked to the Letter R, in that to get to BE you must pass through B and manifest through R. Thus, the verb "to be" is linked to Hence so many words are fused around this basic philosophic: BRN, BRed, BReed, BRing, BRought, BRth, and so forth.

Thus we can equate in the "B" as a growth. When we reverse the B, we create the word EBB, as in the "ebbing tide". Thus B and EBB are philosophical truths fused to Nature and then encoded into the Letters as "the gods".

But the B is always linked to the C in that the C is located at 3 and the B is comprised of the mathematical formula of 1+2=3. 2 B or Not 2 B, that is the question. Further musings and pondering of such philosophics should lead one to a comprehension, said comprehension a glimpse into the apperception of the conceptual.

The Owl as a Symbol of the Goddess

The Owl as an archetype exists throughout many cultures, but the owl has direct links back to the worship of Ishtar, or the Queen of Heaven. In this relief, found in Iraq, Ishtar can be seen with two owls at Her feet.

In this case, the Owl is being linked to Ishtar, who is then linked to Isis who is then linked to Speech.

ISIS = 9+19+9+19 = 56 = 19+16+5+5+3+8 = SPEECH

SPEECH is in close proximity to the ideal ONE, as referenced in Isis and Osiris and Hymns to the Mystic Fire, or Agni. Each the tales regarding Isis and Osiris revolve around a promise of gaining knowledge and insight if with patient perseverance, we study "the gods", or the Letters, in our effort to comprehend "reality".

The Construct is akin to the night, or wandering in the darkness, and hence the OWL, with its keen vision and ability to "see in the night" is the Occult equivalent of being able to ascertain reality and thus not be deceived by the illusions created from the "de-fining" of words that the make up reality.

All of this entails a long digression into the Mysteries, of which this article provides you with ample allusions. Still yet, the entire construction of the Illuminatus System is set against a series of numerical ciphers all equating back to the 0 through 9, with the 26 digit Alphabet being further caste against the 0-9.

Thus the Goddess as B and R are to be located at Number 2. Thus the word OWL is hiding a very simple and yet clever cipher, still further caste against Nature. The secret is in the transposition or ration of 3:4. The 3 is comprised of the Letter C, S, and L in the basic cipher system. However, the L is also known as "the fallen angle, or angel", in that the L when spun 180 degrees on its side becomes the Letter L.

Thus L's in certain words can be seen to be T's, and so we can take the word OWL, cipher the Letter L back to a T to create the word OWT, and then simple spin the word in reverse to reveal its inherent and designed code:


Thus what is being said is that "the Owl" is what is able to see in the night and it is the Owl that gives us wisdom and vision as we make our way through the Construct. So before you are so quick to dismiss this or that as mere "occult satanic ritual", it is best to get the real source meaning of the symbols lest you vilify what is really a higher level esoteric truth and reality, that the Goddess is the Owl, and that it is the worship of the Goddess that allows us to gain wisdom and knowledge, for as Plutarch said in "On Isis and Osiris",

"the end and aim of which is the knowledge of Him who is the First, the Lord of All, the Ideal One. Him does the god urge us to seek, since He is near her and with her and in close communion. The name of her shrine also clearly promises knowledge and comprehension of reality;"

Thus you will find the OWL next to the One in the Dollar Bill and next to the White House in Washington DC, a powerful message that what founded America was built on a comprehensive knowledge of Isis and Osiris, and a conscious worship of the Goddess who gives milk and honey and provides for a bountiful harvest.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Esoteric English and Speculative Freemasonry

We cannot establish basic and inherent truths underlying Western Constructs without a fairly comprehensive immersion into the speculative side of Freemasonry, for within the allusions riddled throughout the speculative side of Freemasonry may be found the core elements upon which to build the over riding Construct.

The great tragedy of Freemasonry, from a purists point of view, is that Freemasonry failed to control its own definitions. We can only speculate as to why, but one of the primary reasons can be inferred based on the inherent teachings and structure of the system. By creating an over riding belief that secrets had to be maintained and controlled within the Lodge System, the general public was effectively cut off from having a grounded rational basis in the larger philosophical basis of the Construction.

The result of such a strategy is predictable. If a system cannot adequately address the definitions and educate the masses in the logic and elements of same, then external forces opposed to the philosophy would, over time, be able to control the philosophy from within while redefining the tenets (destroying) externally, or how such is viewed within the eyes of the masses. In other words, if a system cannot adequately address defining itself for the masses, others will define the institution for it.

An example of just such a redefinition comes from an article that appeared on October 28th 1927 in the Jewish Tribune of New York. Quoting a Rabbi S. Wise:

"Masonry is based on Judaism. Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic ritual and what is left...Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history; grades; official appointments; passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end."

To a public not versed in the actual details of Freemasonry, especially as such pertained to the speculative or esoteric basis of Freemasonry, such a statement, given as it was to an audience largely influenced by "the Bible", and all the implications contained therein, may appear as both comforting and reassuring.

Yet in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The good rabbi would be hard pressed to explain, for instance, the use of symbolism associated with Osiris, in some grades of ritual. He would have been even harder pressed to explain the prevalence of the use of the Letter G throughout Masonic artwork.

The Letter G hints at a system based on English. Speculative Freemasonry was an exercise in Esoteric English and the return of the mythological Word, each of which had nothing to do with Judaism and each could be construed as being the antithesis of same.

Masonry on the Run

The failure of Masonry to control its own definitions was, perhaps, a miscalculation by Continental Masonic leadership. Masonry was a monolithic institution within the United States and perhaps its size and stature created conditions where the leadership felt it was immune to co-option.

It is estimated by some that at the turn of the century (1900), there were some 860,000 Free Masons, and by 1930, their numbers had grown to some 2,000,000. However, the rapid growth allowed for the dilution and splintering of the system, and the cellular nature created offshoots that utilized the Masonic mystique, but perhaps had no interest or desire to participate in the esoteric constructs as advanced by the Osirian schools.

Mackey's Encyclopedia of Free Masonry, written in 1913, speaks of this when he says of the Illuminati of Bavaria,

"To give to the Order a higher influence, Weishaupt connected it with the Masonic Institution, after whose system of Degrees, of esoteric instruction, and of secret modes of recognition, it was organized. It has thus become confounded by superficial writers with Freemasonry, although it never could be considered as properly a Masonic Rite. Weishaupt, though a reformer in religion and a liberal in politics, had originally been a Jesuit; and he employed, therefore, in the construction of his association, the shrewdness and subtlety which distinguished the disciples of Loyola; and having been initiated in 1777 in a Lodge at Munich, he also borrowed for its use the mystical organization which was peculiar to Freemasonry. In this latter task he was greatly assisted by the Baron Von Knigge, a zealous and well-instructed Freemason, who joined the Illuminati in 1780, and soon became a leader, dividing with Weishaupt the control and direction of the Order."

By the early 1900's, secretions from the Continental Masonic systems began to grow in number, but the secretions and attempts to educate the public as to what the whole was really about was too late. Luminaries within the Osirian System clearly understood the nature and difficulty of the task. Higgins, writing in the Beginning of Masonry, stated,

"Freemasonry has to a certain extent shared the fate and followed the course of all organizations of like weight and character, in completely surviving all recollection of its primal impulse; but we must consider that its founders were dealing with a system of perpetuating truth by means of imperishable symbols, and that they must have originally foreseen that this system would survive without the aid of either written record or graphic key to its mysteries."

As the size and weight of Masonry grew, its dilution was impossible to stop, and worse, its internal organizational structure was bound to be destroyed. Thus Higgins states clearly that the intent was not the creation of the monolithic infrastructure which Masonry became, but the creation of a system designed around the perpetuation of truth through the means of "imperishable symbols".

Symbols, fused as they are to Universal Archetypes, become knowable upon reflection and observation, perfected as they are through rational thought and reasoned discourse. The inherent truths within become discernable with a precisely laid foundation. It is this precisely laid foundation that would be the "great work" of the early Continental Masons who set about creating a system set against "ciphers" and "cryptograms" fused to observable phenomena in Nature.

As stated again by Higgins,

We have advanced far enough in our investigations to have perceived that the underlying principle of all mysteries of philosophy and religion, past and present, have been what might be termed "ciphers" or "cryptograms" of the ascertained phenomena of nature;

Masonry had become a tool of the Setianist. The Osirian infrastructure was soon to be extinguished, its head all but severed entirely. But the Great Work was completed. The "ciphers" and "cryptograms" would be sealed not only in the sacred geometry that graced the planet called "Earth", but they would be hidden in a language that would be considered, arguably, the "Universal Language of the Planet", able to unite all under "brotherhood and love", if only its mysteries could be penetrated and understood.

Esoteric English, the greatest secret of Speculative Freemasonry, had been completed, yet its realization had only been perceived by those who had crafted the precise "speculative" science. The masses were never given the full knowledge of just how this great secret had been accomplished, let alone how this knowledge could serve as an immune system to the vampire nature of Setian metaphysics.

This failure would help set the stage for the "New World Order".

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hermetic Qaballa and the Book of the Law

There are secrets, and there are secrets. There are truths, and there are truths. There are realities, and there are realities. There are foundations, and there are foundations. What you see in the mirror is what lies behind you. When you turn to view what lies behind you, what is left is now right. Your eye sees, but the lens turns everything upside down.

Your brain is required to put everything into proper perspective.

We will do so now with "The Book of the Law".

The Control of Knowledge and Information

Knowledge is not free for the masses. It is controlled.

Scientists who are at the cutting edge of knowledge revelations who are not a part of the controlled system often find themselves dying in statistically impossible ways. Educators who dare to express to students ideas and knowledge outside the accepted norms of the system often find themselves censured or their careers derailed.

The current reality smiles ill on the truth tellers.

Even the masses, drunk as they are in a stupor of ignorance, are oft the tool used to bludgeon those who may see things for what they are and not as how others would wish them to appear. Thus for those who delve into and wish to acquire a foundational knowledge of reality (the Occult), the ability to access knowledge of the inner core is nearly impossible to acquire.

What you are allowed to read is controlled. What you are allowed to know is controlled.

Knowledge is cumulative. Each generation builds on the foundation laid from the previous. The role of academia, to catalogue and otherwise summarize knowledge such as to make the acquisition of knowledge faster and easier for subsequent generations, is often used to splinter and disintegrate esoteric information so as to make the acquisition of core esoteric knowledge impossible.

Knowledge is power.

If you wish to gain real esoteric knowledge, you often must go outside the established control mechanisms. The local bookstore will help, but ultimately, will reveal little. To gain further access, men and women of conscious oft immerse themselves in various controlled Initiatory Systems. Here, too, the information is controlled and secreted to but a rare and talented few.

Less than 2 percent, I would gather, truly comprehend the nature of the Construct, and this 2 percent is limited to a very select group of organizations. Knowledge is power, and these 2 percent, you can be assured, see no reason at all to "give it up". Or, as stated so eloquently in the Matrix Reloaded:

"Merovingian: Hmph... I am a trafficker of information, I know everything I can...The Keymaker is mine and I see no reason why I should give him up. No reason at all."

Thelema and Setian Metaphysics

The Construct is based on Pi. Said the Keymaker in the Matrix Reloaded,

Keymaker: Once the door is unprotected, the connection will be severed. But another connection must first be made.

Ghost: How long will that take?

Keymaker: Exactly 314 seconds.

Soren: Just over 5 minutes"

A little over 5 minutes. The Matrix Reloaded was released on 5.15.03, or "a little over 5 minutes." Did you get the play? Five minutes is exactly 300 seconds, yet the Keymaker said the time is 314 seconds, which is a little over 5 minutes. 5.15. Yet 15 seconds is 1/4 of a minute. Using numbers co-relationally, the release date of 5.15.03 is a code for 300.1/4.03. 314, a little over 5 minutes. 3.14 in reverse.

Pi, in coded palindrome.

Knowledge is power. Setianist systems are now in control of the Key. Why do you think they would voluntarily give it up? As knowledge is controlled and what you are allowed to know is too controlled, what makes anyone think that Thelema too is simply not a part of this larger control, designed as it is to control the minds of otherwise bright people to redirect their spiritual capital to create a reality based on a truth but in intent is a pure fraud?

One basic truth can be used as a foundation for a mountain of lies.

As Thelema is a self admitted Setianist tool and hence "Merovingian", why does anyone think that they would just "give it up" as such pertains to the nature and design of the Construct? They have no reason at all, and if Crowley could help advance information useful to the destruction of the Construct, so much the better! Do as thou wilt, shrivel, and die.

Like 5.15, the inherent meaning is before one's eyes but few have the capacity to understand the language.

Words as Constructed Truths

The late 1800's through the 1930's was a period where many competing esoteric systems were vying for public acceptance. The strongest was Continental Masonry, and many adherents from Higgins to Manley P. Hall worked tirelessly to lay down some of the more rational components of the Construct as designed and woven into the language.

However, by the 1870's, Continental Masonry was already in a state of decline internally, with various rituals rewritten by Pike to include a stronger reliance on Jewish Kaballah, a system largely ridiculed by earlier esoteric systems as Bacon. Even Agrippa called Jewish gematria systems as being designed to destroy "the Word", whereas Western esotericists put great emphasis on encoding the word with the intent to conceal without destroying.

Said Agrippa,

"...therefore this Cabala of the Jews is nothing else then a most pernicious superstition, by the which they gather at their pleasure, divide, transfer words, names and letters, scatteringly put in the holy Scriptures, and by making one thing out of another, they dissolve the connections of the truth, the speeches, inductions and parables, and here and there construing them by their own fictions, would bring the words of God to their follies,..."

What Agrippa was complaining about was a manner of writing that was intended to destroy the connections in words as designed such as to destroy the words and larger system such that truth would be lost.

The operative element here, again, is the use of words, and hence Letters, as the mechanism of encoding particular truths. Reorder, divide them, and otherwise set them into systems wholly foreign to the intent, and the truth of the Construct would be forever lost, even as the truth still remains right before one's eyes.

Divide, add, multiply, and understand...Thou shalt obtain the order & value of the English Alphabet; thou shalt find new symbols to attribute them unto.

Hermetic Qaballa and Hermetic Qaballa

Just as there are secrets, and there are secrets, that there are truths, and there are truths, that there are realities, and there are realities, and that there are foundations, and there are foundations, so too are there esoteric systems and esoteric systems.

Hermetic Qaballa is no different.

In the article Notaricon as a Key to English Qaballa, references are made to the nature of an esoteric design within English. That there is a "design" in English hints then at the idea known as "English Qaballa". This "English Qaballa" is then hinted at as being a "Hermetic Qaballa".

As various Continental Masonic systems sought to inject their "esoteric systems" into the collective public conscious, Setianist systems, having essentially "caught up" to Continental Masonry, were equally busy preparing their counter system of English Qaballa.

This would become the great search for the Crowley "English Qaballa", which some call now EQ-11, or English Qaballa 11, and simple skip cipher.

Yet as one peers into the Book of the Law, what we find is a massive layer of Continental Masonic knowledge being secreted and mystified. For example, ISIS has a value of 9+19+9+19 = 56, and in the Book of the Law, NUIT, which is French for the period after midnight, is given the phrase,

"24. I am Nuit, and my word is six and fifty."

That the larger design as constructed by the Baconian Schools required additions, multiplications, and so forth, was also well established. In the word ENGLISH, we have the following formula:


(N-E=9=I)(G+L=19=S)IS(H), or English being a code for ISIS, H being an ending suffix. Or in the word THE, we have Isisian Code values of


(T*H)+E = 365 = SUN

The point as Agrippa commented is not to destroy the inherent connections to the truth for everything indeed is interconnected.

"Nothing is a secret key of this law. Sixty-one the Jews call it; I call it eight, eighty, four hundred & eighteen."

This is simply a reference to various cipher wheels in play. For instance, if you take a di and the facing number is a single dot, denoting 1, the opposite side of the di is a 6. The "Jews" system is Kabballah, or a worship of the Dreidle (dried el or Seth). Yet the larger system also knows that the very tip of an A is denoted as a number 1.

And since the Illuminatus System is all encompassing, the upper portion of the A can be added to the V to create an X, or in a numbering System, we can use the upper portion of the A to denote a "1" as in Arabic "8", and hence a 1 is a 6 and is an 8 equally for in music too, the Octave returns us to the original note

Do = 1
Re = 2
Mi = 3
Fa = 4
So = 5
La = 6
Ti = 7
Do = 1 or 8

Crowley is just making reference to the various cipher patterns and casting them into some mystical treatise. Why?

47. But they have the half: unite by thine art so that all disappear.

This statement is mystical theft of an actual and basic Hermetic Qaballa principle, that there are two matrixes in play, the Jewish "kabballa" and a Hermetically sealed pattern known as "the Garden of Eden" which is protected by the "Cube and the Flaming Sword", aka, "flaming sword and cherubim". This matrix is known as the Philosopher's Stone.

At the same time, though, the Star on Star mystical system of Crowley would become a best selling hit for the masses. The combined matrix would come to be known as "Super Man", or mankind elevated to a higher spiritual level that only Kryptonite, a code for "encryption", could destroy.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Notaricon as a Key to English Qaballa

Notaricon is a fundamental element to comprehending the complexity (and simplicity) of the esoteric system known as English Qaballa. It's genius will be understood to the attuned, and appear as absurd to the uninitiated or those lacking in the basics of the Illuminatus System (Isisian Codes).

As are most elements of the Illuminatus System, Notaricon (Notarikon and Notariqon) is purposely confused so as to misdirect as to the simplicity of the ciphers and codes with the intent of transmitting orally the actual details while hiding in plain view the natural genius of the Illuminatus System.

I cannot stress to you enough to heed well the words within, for what is about to provided is of utmost clarity. To assist in demonstrating this Occult technique, I will draw upon a lecture given to the Bacon Society entitled "Alchemy and the Holy Grail" in 1906, a period when the Isisian (Isian) and Osirian schools were still quite strong and quite active.

Letters as Vestments and Veils

The first step it to recognize that the Letters are "vestments" or "veils", which is to say that each Letter contains within it a whole range of archetypes that reflece "divine light" and transmute this divine light into a comprehensive web that is perceived as "reality". There are direct meanings, and there are hidden meanings. As quoted in the article,

"Rossetti comments at length upon the double and sometimes triple meanings which were placed by the secret schools upon apparently innocent and orthodox words and phrases."

In truth, many of these hidden meanings could go literally layers deep. Masons familiar with this complex system comment as to words having "a seventh" meaning, or the true core of meaning of the word, sometimes far removed from the profane usage as found in a dictionary. How one is able to intuit these hidden and deeper meanings take many forms, and one of those forms is through the use of "notaricon".

Notaricon as a tool does not work unless you first set the Letters into complex archetypal patterns wherein the esoteric meanings of the Letters are fully comprehended and understood. That there is an esoteric or hidden meaning behind each of the Letters is simply another way of saying that the Letters are themselves "veils" or "vestments".

Says Plutarch in "On Isis and Osiris",

"As for the robes, those of Isis are variegated in their colours; for her power is concerned with matter which becomes everything and receives everything, light and darkness, day and night, fire and water, life and death, beginning and end. But the robe of Osiris has no shading or variety in its colour, but only one single colour like to light."

In the same way we find from the lecture in 1906,

"The chalice or cup is but another way of denoting the coats of skin, the veils or vestures which garment man on earth, robes woven by the Nature powers in which and through which the divine spark has to dwell, until in process of time the vestures or chalice become permeated through by the divine light within."

As the language grows, the ability of each of the Letters to reflect or otherwise become "permeated" with divine light, grows in kind. The issue then becomes whether this phenomena is a factor of conscious construction, or whether the growth, as a seed planted in the Earth, grows to its fullest and natural fruition.

In a world where "Darwin" reigns supreme, the idea of a will contruction of the language to its present form often is met with scorn, but such scorn is unwarranted in light solid research into the language. As we said of Bacon,

"This new literary project would, he (Bacon)realised, need on the one hand to be well organised, and on the other hand would require helpers to give him practical assistance in its outworking. Everything would have to be unfolded in stages, systematically and with perseverance...When this task was accomplished, Francis and his collaborators incorporated this new and flexible vocabulary into all manner of writings in prose, poetry and drama."

The seeds of "notaricon" had been planted.

Notaricon as an Instrument of the Occult

As was succinctly alluded to in the lecture:

"Time does not permit me to linger over the symbolism of these decorations, but I should just like to draw your attention to the handles arranged in the form of the double SS standing for Sanctus Spiritus. Also to the variety of initials which appear upon them. These, almost without doubt, are the first letters of the words of certain phrases. They form part of the mystic system of the Cabala known as "notaricon". By this system certain initials came to be perfectly well understood, conveying profound meanings."

This phrase provides for a specific form of Notaricon. Today, we call such usages as above by the "acronyms". By taking the first letters of the phrase Central Intelligence Agency, we can shorten the concept to the first letter of each of the words to that of "CIA", and in the acronym CIA we can then conjure the meaning of the letters and with it, a whole range of emotions.

Acronyms thus are the antecedent expression of the more occult system known as "Notaricon". In Notaricon's earliest expression it was being taught as we might view an acronym today. Although an acronym occults a larger set of words (as CIA reveals Central Intelligence Agency), it could be said that the letters CIA "occult" the words Central Intelligence Agency. But this form of Notaricon, although a valid form of Occultation, is generally no longer regarded as being "of the Occult".

Perserverance has turned this form of Notaricon into a basic element of the language.

Notaricon as an Occult science is not revealed.

Utilizing Notaricon within English Qaballa

Let us now turn our attention to the fundamental Occult reality of Notaricon.

What is the Illuminatus System is really publically revealed in Setian systems with the wink and a nod to apply same to English. Jewish systems are profane, English systems are sealed, and hence the Hermetic Qaballa.

As stated here,

"Notaricon is the art of reading a Hebrew word forms not as sound cues pointing to
specific meanings, but as graphic statements of interacting principles. Letters are read as words and phrases. To the degree traditional sound meanings are supported by
notaricon, those meanings are valid."

Although this definition is being applied with an intent to confine same to Jewish Kabballah, the idea of interactions between principles and ideas was long ago established in Hermetic Qaballa as espoused by Bacon,

"But this is that which will dignify and exalt knowledge: if contemplation and action may be more nearly and straitly conjoined and united together than they have been; a conjunction like unto that of the highest planets, Saturn, the planet of rest and contemplation, and Jupiter, the planet of civil society and action."

What was being "contemplated and conjoined" was the use of philosophical concepts contained in the letters and applied conciously to the crafting of the language that would be modern English. By taking any particular letter, or sets of letters as sounds, and combining them into whole new word arrangements, the end philosophy of Nature (Isis and Osiris) could be realized completely and the mechanism of advancing from "knowledge" to "comprehension and understanding" initiated.

Whole sounds could mask an entire philosophical concept, and the conjoining of two or more sounds, could lead to a whole range of hidden philosophical treatises within the language, and once sealed and perfected, impossible to destroy.

Letters, then, take on a form of "shorthand" and thus become "words" unto themselves. We who are native English perhaps do not appreciate the more esoteric nature of this idea simple because the idea of Notaricon is strategically imbedded into the Alphabet.

That Letters take on the properties of whole words is a basic element of our constructed Alphabet and Language, hence

B is Be
C is See and Sea
D is a prefix and suffix (de) and (ed)
G is Gee
I is EYE
J is Jay
M is ME
O is Oh

and so forth.

Notaricon is literally coded into the language and is taught without the hint of any mystical attributions being assigned to the Letters and hence noone suspects the esoteric reality that lies before them.

Thus we have conjoined words that hide higher esoterics.

An example of this is the word SWORD. As the Letter S is conjoined to the word WORD, and adding to the Occult knowledge that Swords are the Suit of Air and Air is the domain of Isis, and Isis is Speech and the "SPOKEN WORD", by taking the S from the word (S)POKEN, we are able to conjoin the more mystical concepts of the Spoken Word as the SWORD, wherein SWORD is the esoteric conjuction for SPOKEN WORD. When we break apart the word SPOKEN, we can reconfigure the word to read

SPOKE AND as the Letter N often denotes the word AND.

When this conjunction is made, the word SWORD "explodes" into SPOKEN WORD. The word SPOKEN explodes further to read SPOKE AND, and so the totality of the phrase reads


Since a SPOKE is the radius of a wheel, we can then infer the mystical meaning further.

The SPOKE is the Radius and hence infers the Diameter, and thus the WORD is the CIRCLE, or



Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The New World Order Encoded into Mythology

As a child, I grew up in a pretty traditional Lutheran setting. By early high school, I was giving sermons from the pulpit about the Pagan roots to most of the
Christian ritual. Easter was a specifically easy sermon to be making, what with Easter being named after the German goddess Oester. I was never impressed with the Jewish version of history: like Santa Claus, "the math" just never worked out. I was always amazed at how naive what appeared to be normal and functioning adults could be.

Surely this Beast called "G-d" deserved nothing but scorn for the evils it seemed so eager to commit, and yet people followed after the evil in a most naive and simplistic way. Brutalizing and being brutalized appeared to be a form of masochistic pleasure. In the safe confines of "churches" and "synogogues" and "mosques" the world over could be found 1/3 of the human population openly glorifying the death of humanity in some bizarre ritual called "a resurrection of the dead", a "moshiach", or whatever name one wished to call same.

Yes. Real adults with real jobs with real children with real power to vote on the direction of the world really do believe in these stories, and worse, believe to such a degree that they actively aid and contribute to the mythologies to such a degree that the mythologies become self fulfilling fantasies.

To many a soul, the destruction of the human race is seen as something to be honored and glorified, for it is the only way in which their "chosen spiritual team" can "win" the spiritual game in play. Jonah really did live in the belly of the whale for 3 days, and yes, the anti-Christ will ride into town with 666 blazing on his forehead. G-d really did impart some magic potion (philosophy) to Noah and the greatest prize remains, the chance to build the literal "second Temple" to house the return of "God' to his rightly throne on Earth.

Yet all the while, men and women of conscious have sought to keep the eternal flame of wisdom alive, and none more successful than they who encoded their philosophy into Art and the language that would become English.

While Jehovian (Setian) churches filled their coffers from the weekly churn of "masses" and "pastors" herded their flock into churchly "pastures", the secret Osirian systems behind English wove basic truths of their philosophy into the finer hidden meanings of the language. Thus a "massacre" cannot be separated from the mass, the mosquito from the mosque, or the mess from the messiah

The Drowning of Mankind

There was always a big question mark relative to the teachings I received in Sunday Schools. As one of the brightest of my academic classes, I was not one who was easy to please with simple explanations. For instance, the idea of "spiritism" was regarded as purely the art of "Satan", and yet as I dutifully learned to recite the "66" books of the Bible in order, how was I supposed to solve for the mythical Beast without invoking the very art of Satan himself?

Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six.

Alas! How does one calculate for a name if one does not know even the basic rudiments of "numerology", let alone that of "gematria" and other forms of higher level esoteric knowledge? It was clear that I was in a dilemma. To get wisdom meant I had to solve for the value of the mythical Beast, and so I had to rise to the level of Satan himself! I must master the devils craft!

And "mastering" the "Craft" I did!

"End of days" mythologies serve as blueprints, even as they are rehashed and altered forms of earlier mythologies. The Construct is critical and key to ascertaining reality. From the Epic of Gilgamesh,

She, the sweet-voiced,
She, the Lady of the Gods,
How did she lament aloud, crying:
'Verily, the Old Age has crumbled into dust!
Because I spoke evil in the Assembly of Gods!
Oh, how could I command havoc for the destruction of my people
When I myself gave birth to my people?
Now the spawn of fishes, the sea is glutted with their bodies!'

The "Old Age" could be regarded as the actual history of those civilizations behind the great ancient monoliths that dot the world, from the Pyramids in Egypt to the great stone circles in England. Whatever had been set in motion had completely destroyed those civilizations. A "new man" was born, but this new form would be "drowned" (existing in a watery atmosphere without escape).

Blind and confused, this new form of human would be easy to control and manipulate - words themselves would serve as the mass tool of control, yet all the while what remained was a torch or flame that rose above the waves and kept the light of hope and inspiration shining.

This trans-dimensional war would shift from a quick knock out blow that failed (the Flood as a mythological strategic historical reality) into a long term game of chase and destroy. Secret Societies beholden to Isis as the Owl would race to encode the knowledge while the Setian forces would sweep behind and seek to destroy the information and the symbols of the "on the run" Osirian and Isisian systems.

The old days were destroyed. In its place would come Occult stories of "resurrections" of "the dead" and of "One World Orders", even as religions would rise to control the Occult formulas such as to hide the higher esoteric meanings and keep the people in shackles.

The Philosophical Foundation of the New World Order

The simplest way to begin to comprehend what is going on is to realize that there is an ebb and a flow to the Occult war that exists on "planet Earth". What the Osirian and Isisian Systems set in motion and laid down in all form of stone and art and speech, Setian Initiated Systems seek to undo and destroy. Hence in the Letter F, we may combine them into 4 F's (FFFF), call it a "Swastika", and use this symbol to represent the "Circle of Life".

The symbol as designed is really saying "4 6's", or F*F*F*F = 1296, or the fractal of the number of years to the precession of the equinox's, the very letters 12 being L, I being 9, 6 being F and E, being silent, is implied.

Hence the swastika is originally a symbol of the Sun and represents "LIFE
Setian systems (OTO and Merovingians) would come along and in the creation of "NAZI Germany" (NOT SEE), seek to undo the formula and destroy it by associating the symbol to a "cult of death", "mass genocide", etc.

Plutarch speaks about this very succinctly in "On Isis and Osiris" when he says,

But a destined time shall come when it is decreed that Areimanius, engaged in bringing on pestilence and famine, shall by these be utterly annihilated and shall disappear; and then shall the earth become a level plain, and there shall be one manner of life and one form of government for a blessed people who shall all speak one tongue. Theopompus says that, according to the sages, one god is to overpower, and the other to be overpowered, each in turn for the space of three thousand years, and afterward for another three thousand years they shall fight and war, and the one shall undo the works of the other,

In Areimanius, we have a transposition of Seth, and the other "god" is Oromazes, who is a transposition of for Osiris. Thus the idea of a "resurrected god", when set back against the Construct, implies the resurrection of "the God" which is the "Alphabet", itself resurrected in what is now "English" and all the philosophical nuances and plays on words inherent within.

In Continental Masonry systems aligned with Osiris, the idea was that "the Word" was to be established in "a merry Ka", wherein the merry Ka was and is Osiris, and Setian Systems, comprised primarily now of Noahidists and Martinists, are seeking to destroy "A merry Ka" and the philosophies and Constitution upon which the ideal was built.

Although this is a simplistic explanation of the forces in play, the explanation regardless of the seeming "irrationality" to it, is itself highly accurate and points to the almost absurd irrationality of that which is destructive, or Setian systems.

The New World Order is simply the inverse ideal of what was intended by the Osirian and Isisian Systems as referenced in On Isis and Osiris, and so the ideal contained within is simply being inverted and perverted to destroy the philosophical construct contained within the original concept.

The myths are the blueprint for the larger Occult agendas and forces alway in play across the spectrum of the historical and philosophical ranges of human activities.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Isis and Osiris, the Foundation to Western Esotericism

The Philosophy of the Illuminatus cannot be fully comprehended without a comprehensive analysis and understanding of the tale of Isis and Osiris and its influence on Western Esotericism. Indeed, any "academic" or "scholarly" treatise on Western Esotericism that fails to deal with the influences of Isis and Osiris as a foundation to Western Esotericism fails in general to reach to the very core of Western esoteric thought.

That Continental Mason's were highly influenced by Egyptian thought can, as my high school teacher told me in confidence so many years ago, be seen in the huge number of cities named after Egyptian references. Memphis, TN, Alexandria, MD, and Philadelphia, PA are but some of the more well known, but as you delve further into the history of the early American republic, a literal experiment or work initiated by Contintental Masons aligned with the Osirian Mystery Schools, it becomes hard to ethically and honestly ignore the influence of Egypt on early American thought.

The failure of America's education system to accurately and profoundly put history into proper perspective served and serves to hide this overt and yet hidden truth; that Egypt, and with it, the philosophical basis of Egyptian society as believed and taught within the various Secret Societies (to include Continental Masonry) played far greater a role and influence in creating the foundation of what would become Western esoteric thought.

Plutarch and "On Isis and Osiris"

For practical purposes, we may consider Plutarch's work "On Isis and Osiris" from Moralia V to be a primary source document regarding Isis and Osiris to that of Western esoteric systems. The style and manner within which it is written hints at its aggregate knowledge such that it has the feel of an "operating manual".

On Isis and Osiris cannot be "attacked" or "solved", as it were, without a fairly comprehensive knowledge of the basics of Western Esoteric Traditions. Acroamatic ciphers, lost Words, principles secreted through profane "kabballah", geometric reasoning, gematria, among so many others, become but weapons to aid in solving the work: a knowledge of mythological transpositions and modifications, too, aids greatly in establishing the basis to begin deconstructing the Construct.

A critical element is, of course, the "Lost Word", or the first 32 decimal digits of Pi. It is Isis, through fabricating a potion from the spittal of Ra and the dust of the ground, who is able to coax "the Word" of Ra. Thus the "woman" called Eve in the later Phoenician/Hebrew "torah" is really Isis of the Egyptians. Since she is the one who has the "the Word", it is critical then for the people to seek after Isis before they will be able to acquire "the Word".

Isis and Osiris, the Foundation for Western Esoteric Thought

Gematria serves as our primary start point to decipher the esoteric words of "ISIS" and "OSIRIS". Through Gematria we have a very simple set of formulas (each contained in reference Masonic books circa 1930's) of:

ISIS = 9+19+9+19 = 56 19+16+5+5+3+8 = SPEECH

OSIRIS = 15+19+9+18+9+19 = 89 = 18+5+12+9+7+9+15+14 = RELIGION

The proper way to interpret this relative to the Construct is to place the Oral Traditions (Rishis, Kalevala, Norse Edda's, and so forth) as being of the domain of Isis, while the literal writing of this knowledge, or setting the information down in letter form as being the domain of Osiris. Osiris is "the God", or the Alphabet, while each of the letters, then, become "gods".

Each system relies on the other for their total clarification within the larger system (necessarily comprised of the two).

That Shakespeare (Francis Bacon, et al) can be viewed as being associated with the Osirian Mysteries can be inferred through the use of various cryptological techniques that encoded the number "89", a number known to be associated with Osiris from basic knowledge of the Ordinal Code within Gematria.

Says Manley P. Hall in Secret Teachings of All Ages,

Authors sometimes based their cryptograms upon the numerical value of their own names; for example, Sir Francis Bacon repeatedly used the cryptic number 33--the numerical equivalent of his name. Numerical ciphers often involve the pagination of a book. Imperfect pagination, though generally attributed to carelessness, often conceals important secrets. The mispaginations found in the 1623 folio of "Shakespeare" and the consistent recurrence of similar errors in various volumes printed about the same period have occasioned considerable thought among scholars and cryptogrammatists. In Baconian cryptograms, all page numbers ending in 89 seem to have a special significance. The 89th page of the Comedies in the 1623 folio of "Shakespeare" shows an error of type in the pagination, the "9" being from a considerably smaller font than the "8." The 189th page is entirely missing, there being two pages numbered 187; and page 188 shows the second " 8 " scarcely more than half the size of the first one. Page 289 is correctly numbered and has no unusual features, but page 89 of the Histories is missing. Several volumes published by Bacon show similar errors, page 89 being often involved.

That Osiris is "89" (15+19+9+18+9+19=89=O+S+I+R+I+S) and Shakespeare (Bacon, et al) are encoding the number 89 are forms of "esoteric significances", conjecture par excellence. Those who are "in the know" know precisely the purpose for the number 89, yet nowhere will you find an "owner's manual" that specifically points you in the proper direction.

Hence many call "Hermetic Qaballa" an "artform", denying further the planned and imbedded mathematics, and hence a form of science, into the larger Illuminatus Philosophy.

Isis and Osiris, as a Function of Speculative Masonry

Nearly all of the various formulas found within Speculative Masonry will return you to Pi. Take, for instance, the tale of the birth of the 5 gods, Osiris, Horus, Seth, Isis, and Nepthys. As an acroamatic cipher, these 5 gods are the vowels of A, E, I, O, and U, respectively. By adding layers of mathematical "sepheras", the Alphabet of 26 (GOD = 7+15+4 = 26), encodes the number of days in a year. A year implies "one circle" via "one orbit". Since the Isisian Codes shift at Q and end in Y, we have 9 "alpha letters" as shown here:

The Alphabet has a total digit count of 26. The sum of 1:26 is 351. Add the 9 alpha letters of QRSTUVWXY and you have the number of degrees in a circle (360). Add again the 5 gods (vowels) of AEIOU and you have 365 days in a year, and then "sometimes Y is a vowel", and so "sometimes" you have a leap year of 366 days.

Indeed, the myth of the birth of the 5 gods is really a mathematical ploy built into the myths so as to encode a particular aspect of the Illuminatus Philosophy. As the tale goes,

Later Rhea and Hermes fell in love, so He gambled with the Moon and won the seventieth part of Her light. He made five days out of this light (for that is a seventieth part of the 29 days of illumination of each of the twelve lunar months), and put them together outside of all Her months. In this way Rhea was able to bear Her children in these five days out of time.

Here you have to be careful again, because some books state that the wager was only 1/7, instead of 1/70. The proper translation is 1/70, and here is why.

The "year" was said to be comprised of 360 days and 5 days were added for the Birth of the 5 gods (vowels). They are born on a day that the light does not shine, and so we take the 360 days and multiply it by 1/70, and we arrive at the following:


You must now use logic and reason to finish the tale and not be led astray. The birth of the 5 gods creates the need to add 5 days to the calendar. Thus 360 days of the old calendar are added to create the new calendar, but that the new calendar shows that the 5 gods are born on a day where the sun does not shine. In this case, the actual day that the sun does not shine is the .1428571 of the formula 5.1428571. They the inference is that the 5 gods are born on the decimal digit day, or the time period that is required to keep the calendar in place and thus a "leap year" day is added every 4 years.

This "leap year" becomes the "savior god" parallels in literature, and thus is the Letter Y.

Isis and Osiris, as the Spoken Word traditions committed to writing establish the bond between Isis as Speech and Osiris as "religion", or the written form traditions. All things will return to Pi, for Pi is in all things. That Osiris is cut into 14 pieces and Isis finds 13 pieces reveals the nature between 13 and 14 as represented by the formula of 13.14. When we note that MA'AT creates the formula:

M = 13
A = The Scales
AT = 14

We are creating the basis of MA'AT as 13 (Spirit World) and 14 (Material World). In this way does the word IS represent 13 represents ALL (13-3), while that which is seperated becomes AT as 14 or IT as 14. The FEATHER being but a symbol of MA'AT is yet still another mathematical riddle.


6+5+1+4+8+5+2 = 31, or the palindrome of 13.

With E having special properties as "having a right to remain silent", it then takes on its value of 15, to reveal the formula of


6+15+1+4+8+5+2=41, or the palindrome of 14. Thus FEATHER is best encoded as F(E)ATHER, which reveals the palindromes of either 13 or 14, or collectively, 13.14, or the very same value as M(A)AT.

Even the word MATHEMATICS is a clever and yet simple code.

M = 13
A = 1
T = 4
H = Greek Letter Pi
E = 15

M = 13
A = 1
T = 4
I = 1
CS = 3+3=6

This reveals the code of "I" he Greek Letter Pi (as transposed into an ACH), am between 3.1415 and 3.1416.

These are but more examples of the Illuminatus Philosophy in action with a clear and deliberate construction and fabrication.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Deconstructing Occult Signatures

The Illuminatus Observor is all about "de-storying" or "de-constructing" various Occult signatures. An Occult signature can loosely be defined as any given work released as a public document with the intent to influence on a subliminal or subsurface level. In this regard, most written traditions could be considered to be Occult signature documents, many of which are taken as literal truths by the masses unawares as to the hidden forces that surround them.

More than merely "de-storying" or "de-constructing" Occult signatures, the Illuminatus Observor provides a wide array of fundamental principals to assist the interested aspirant to come to understand the nature of "the Construct". In this way clues are provided as to how to begin the process of channeling the Construct in such a way as to begin to penetrate the Veil of Isis.

The methodology of the Occult is no more complicated than that of a magnet. The magnet is the primary released source document. Those who are attracted to the released document are as the slivers of steel drawn to and attracted to the magnet. As the metal shavings (as represented by unique individuals) become affixed and surrounded by the magnetic field of the magnet, the metal shavings (unique individuals) begin to impart the same properties as the magnet and thus serve as miniature magnets themselves.

And so you grow from a single powerful source to thousands and thousands of sources each imparting their unique properties wholly derived from the original magnet. The person is not changed physically. It changes not color or weight, and yet its properties have changed.

In order to deconstruct Occult signatures, we must be careful to deal with the magnets, and not the slivers, as it were. Hence in Crowley we find but clues to the magnet, but not the magnet, for any individual, including this author, can only but take on the properties of the material for which we are influenced.

Acroamatic Ciphers, Lost Words, and other Tools of Deconstruction

To those who have taken a serious study into the maze that becomes the Occult, we soon realize that we are dealing primarily with a single solitary source, that the various mythologies are imbedding properties of this single solitary source, and that philosophy and reasoning become the primary tools upon which the deconstruction must begin.

To this end, philosopher's have set down a strata of source material to assist in the elevation of the Construct within the hearts and minds of humanity without allowing the actual source itself to be released.

So the Construct gets veiled but not so much as to hide the inherent truths within. The idea is simple: if the Construct is veiled but so absolute as to destroy it, refined minds of men and women will be able to rise above the veiling and come to understand the inherent nature of the Construct.

So what we learn is that the Construct is itself a primary weapon and a primary tool. Within this Construct are primary concepts as "acroamatic ciphers", "Lost Words", "Philosopher's Stones", to name but a few.

Hence in an acroamatic cipher, we learn that the mythologies of the world are but acroamatic ciphers of a hidden and sacred Alphabet. In Plutarch, we learn that this Sacred and Hidden Alphabet is referred to as "gods", while "the God" is the Alphabet itself. Through Gematria we learn that the actual number of power is 26, thus invalidating the whole of Jewish Kabballah in a single throw, and in the design of the Alphabet we learn that the Lost Word is but a decimal digit representation of Pi.

That J's are black and B's are white are but clues. That the finish line is a checkered flag is but a simple clue. That the Baphomet is oft pictured with female breasts is lost to those who do not know that the Egyptian God Hapi too was oft pictured with female breasts, even as being a male figure.

Transpositions and modifications, and the ability to trace them through time and space, are but necessary components to the larger craft of Occult Deconstruction.

That D's are 10's are N's are X's are all simple mathematical truths. So what better way to go about building a Construct but on the very truths that lie hidden in plain view through the use of mathematical formulations?

One basic truth can be used as the basis for an entire mountain of lies.

Translations, Transpositions, and other hindrances

Another key to Occult Deconstruction is the understanding that most of the formulas that hide Occult principals are caste into mathematical formulas with implied "polar" or "sexual" inversions that can easily be reasoned through. For instance, as shown in the above, Geb is regarded as Earth and Nut is regarded as the sky, and thus Geb and Nut making love is seen as the sky enveloping the earth. This representation is no more complicated than a using a series of transpositions set back against the Letters of the Alphabet.

By simple logic, really, we can show that P is the male phallus and O is the vagina. We can then show the formula of O+P=Q to be "true", for the Female O plus the male P will create a Fertilized Egg (Q). So depending on the direction we wish to make in our "transpositions", we can show the formula of O+P=Q to be as follows:

O + P = Q is equal to
15 + 16 = 17

The concept of 15+16=17 makes literally no sense until you attribute to the English Alphabet "meanings" to the various letters. That the Letters have had and will always have meanings attributed to them can again be inferred through the study of "profane" Hermetic Qaballa as "secreted" by Aleister Crowley who stated in "The Book of the Law",

55. Thou shalt obtain the order & value of the English Alphabet; thou shalt find new symbols to attribute them unto.

Crowley was not in a position to tell people to "find new symbols" to attribute to the Alphabet if indeed the Alphabet did not already have a set of symbols already Hermetically attached to them. There would be no reason to attribute "new symbols" unless the object was to replace the existing symbols.

The proper code set, or Order and Value, of course, was the "Standard Lay of the Isisian Codes", or the child taugh "ABC's". By showing that O is the Female and P is the Male equals Q as the Fertilized Egg, we have the ORIGINAL ORDER AND VALUE AS DESIGNED to the English 26 Letter/Digit Alphabet.

By utilizing the above code of 15+16=17 to represent O+P=Q, we are then able to ascertain the "esoteric truth" of a host of words, the primary being the word PAGAN.

Since P is 16 and
Since Q is 17, we have a mathematically progressing formula. Since we know that the original code is set against a pretty basic truth (O as female and 1 as male), and since P is the 1 (starting at 16 but going in reverse), and since B is the 2 and is the Pregnant Woman is the O (2 from the 1 P start point), we can then begin to ascertain that in the word PAGAN we have a deliberate coded formula of wherein the AN is 1+14 = 15 = O Letter.

This is just one small example of a transposition and modification that one needs to be aware, and we have not touched on the various forms of literal translations available as you gain insight and knowledge into how to effect a comprehensive deconstruction of the Construct.