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Saturday, November 24, 2012

"The Esoteric Hour" - Illuminatus Observor Radio on Awake Radio

Effective November 21, 2012, you can hear The Fetch live on "The Esoteric Hour with The Fetch" on AwakeRadio.co.uk. The Esoteric Hour with The Fetch is an hour or more of Western esoteric history, philosophy, tradition, and knowledge as viewed by one of the leading Hermetic Qaballists of our time.

 Much of the Esoteric Hour will revolve around content found at the Illuminatus Observor. In depth insights and expanded revelations combined with historical and philosophical contexts are sure to bring the philosophies and techniques of the Illuminatus Observor to life.

A live chat room will be available for interactive participation. The show will be airing weekly.

  • Show Venue: AwakeRadio - Ireland
  • Show Days: Sundays
  • Show Time: 5:00 PM CST (GMT -6)
  • Listen Live URL: Embed Media Player at Awake Radio
  • Show Chat Room: Embed at Awake Radio
About Awake Radio - Ireland
The hosts here on awake radio are of a similar mind, that is, once we became 'awake' to the true nature of this subversively manipulated reality, we decided to do something to help spread awareness to those who are still metaphorically 'asleep' to the deliberate and psychopathically controlled enslavement of mankind.

While we realise some do not want to know of our collective enslavement and the deliberate culling of the global population, we have decided to ensure, at least in part, that this radio station delivers to those who will hear it, the opportunity to become aware of life as it really is and in so doing hopefully side with us in waking up as many people as possible to unite together in a peaceful community response to help change what otherwise will be the imposition of, at best, a fascist police state under which our only liberties will be ones granted to us, or at worst may see the end of our genetic lineage in favour of the self-styled ruling elite's psychopathic bloodline.

 This is the basis for our grassroots Awake Radio inception, and we sincerely hope it will help the tide to turn in our (humanities) favour, and with your help..it will.  - source

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

About "The Esoteric Hour w/ The Fetch"

"The Esoteric Hour with The Fetch" is a weekly streaming radio show produced by "The Fetch".  The show is designed to highlight important elements of Western Occult and Qaballistic principles as revealed within the Illuminatus Observor.

The show will continue in the theme of "destorying the signatures of the Occult as only a Master of the Craft can do" as well as "revealing the codes and philosophies of the ruling elite."

Additional historical, philosophical, and contextual information is sure to make "The Esoteric Hour with The Fetch" one of the leading and advanced audio efforts covering the Hermetic qaballistic arts and is sure to entertain any serious adherent or "seeker" into "the Craft".

The show is intended to deliver content for beginner and advanced adherents alike.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bats, Baths, and Ba's

Academics recognizes four basic ways of word building in English: affixation, composition, conversion, abbreviation.

Affixation is, as the word implies, the affixing of another part of speech to the root of a word. Affixations are generally "prefixes" and "suffixes" which are added or affixed to the root word.

An example of an affixation may be seen in adding the prefix "pre" to the root word "fix". We have affixed one part (the prefix pre) to the root word"fix" to form the new word "prefix"

Another form of affixation is through the use of suffixes. By adding the suffix "less" to the root word "cloud", we create a new word "cloudless".

All of these forms of word building classifications are further broken down into their own classifications. For example, a composition word formation is broken down further into classifications titled as follows: endocentric, exocentric, copulative, and appositional. These forms are further represented as mathematical formulas. For instance:

An endocentric composition is represented by the formula A+B denotes a special kind of B.  Examples of this include words as "darkcloud" or "blue bird".  "A", in this case, is modifying B.

The "Language Planners" and "The Mystics"

In the early development of the English language, there was a divide between two differing schools.  Varying academic works refer to these two schools as "the language planners" and "the mystics".

Essentially, the language planners were a group working on the development of a "Universal Language" purported to follow the dictates of "science and reason", while the mystics were those seeking to develop the language in a more occult format or formula, or those lacking "all sense and reason".

One such work highlighting this issue was written by Jaap Maat, Philosophical Languages of the 17th Century: Delgarno, Wilkins, Liebniz.

Maat, in quoting Ward from the 1600's, writes:

Such a language as this (where every word were a definition and contain'd the nature of the thing) might not unjustly be termed a naturall Language, and would afford that which the Cabalists and the Rosycrucians have vainly sought for in the Hebrew, and in the names assigned by Adam, which M. Webster, passing the bounds of sense and reason, would bring under the Laws and regulations of Donatus (Ward 1654:22)

What this hints at is that in the early development of the English language, there have been two primary operative schools: the Mystics (Cabalists) and the Language Planners (Universal Language Architects).  Modern academics seeks to pit one group against the other, yet common sense says that there should have been some merging of the two schools at some level within the language development.

"Words" and "The Nature of the Thing"

As words are created, we must recognize that "the word" and "the nature of the thing" are, by design, or grand design (supra design), inseperable.

Many treatises have been written about the concept of "the name" and "the essence of the thing".

From the Greeks Cratylus we find a whole play dedicated to essentially this concept.

Soc. Then the teacher, when he gives us a name, uses the work of the

Her. I agree.

Soc. And is every man a legislator, or the skilled only?

Her. The skilled only.

Soc. Then, Hermogenes, not every man is able to give a name, but only
a maker of names; and this is the legislator, who of all skilled artisans
in the world is the rarest.

Her. True. 

This concept is transposed, or modified, within general discourse relative to English, oft referred to as "Adam naming names" from the idea that "God" brought all the animals before Adam and the animals were thus given a name.

What is to be gleaned from all this is that somewhere in the nether world of history, the process of naming names, owing to the reality that, or so it appears, there was an historical connection to a time when "things" did not have name, that the very naming of names was a refined art.

The thing and its essence, to include the spiritual properties or observations of thing, were all taken into account within the naming of the thing.  Elements of nature were keen to be fused to the "thing".  Thus, in the "mane" and "strength" of the "LION" could be fused properties of the SUN, fused further to the sign of the LION (LEO), each revealing elements of an Occult construction.

Symbols and Roots as Qaballistic Constructions

Roots, as Qaballistic constructions, are often reduced down to either the individual letters or consonants.  It is best to discern the process through which the word, which is by definition "the essence of the thing", may be reduced down to letters.

Additionally, there exist "sacred nomenclatures" as "roots".

The more "profane" examples of "sacred nomenclatures" being used as "roots" would be the god Mercury.

Merchant, for instance, invokes the god Mercury, while the ACE, JACK, and KING of the playing cards reveals a clever cipher regarding the Platonic Great Year when reduced to their Letters AJK.

Letters, themselves, remain the primary arbiter of "truth".

The Letter B, for instance, relates to a pregnant woman.  It is "latent life", while the R is the breaking of the waters, or "manifested life".  OM as EM as ME is harmonic song of individual existence, and hence we can add a B to OM to B and get a BOMBER, or something that "drops something from it's belly" as would a pregnant woman.

The Egyptian words that invoke elements of the soul are really constructions based on Letters.

The BA is the spirit as it enters the body at birth and exists while the body lives, while the KA is spiritual element of the soul at death that "rises up to the Gods".

The Letter B is of course a part of the birthing process, while the Letter K is symbolic of light reflecting from a mirror, hinting at the mirror image of the person and the disincarnate soul at death.

Since we define the lower elements (matter) as being the realm of Jehovah/Typhon/Seth, it is the KA that rises up and escapes the clutches of Typhon and the material world.

This concept becomes uniquely represented by the word ESCALATOR, or "it's the Ka, later - afterwards, it rises up."

Since the Letter L is Jehovah/Typhon/Seth, the process of rising up from the waters of Typhon is the same process as the Ka rising up.

In this case, the concept is called an "elevator", or an "El EVADER", or that which "evades El", or Jehovan/Typhon/Seth.

Words can be seen to invoke Isis and are often found in the "knitting" or "knots" was in the "navy", but a "navy", which has everything to do with "water", is too linked to the "navel", or the part of the body through which the umbilical chord is connected and provides the fetus with the water within which to survive and thrive pending an immersion into matter, from which a cut off from the spiritual world is effected.

Of course, water and rain and an umbrella are not far from an umbilical chord, and on and on it goes.

Of Ba's, Bats, and Baths

Of course, by now, you should be able to solve for Ba's, Bats, and Baths.

The word must represent in nature the essence of the thing.  In this case, each of the essences reduces down to the Letter B.

The BA, which is the part of the soul that is the "BABY" that enters the body at the time of birth, all revolves around the Letter B.  Since A is 1 and Y is 9, it could be said that the letter sequence A-Y represents the 9 months of gestation, or the completion of one cycle (the Z being the All) and hence a completion of the pre-birthing cycle.

At around 36-38 weeks, during a normal pregnancy, the fetus flips upside down and rests with its head to the ground until birth.  Hence we see the physical resting link of the BA(by) to the BAT in that each rests with its head to the ground.  The BA is linked to the fetus (baby) and the BAT equally.

Of course, since the BA is immersed in WATER as in the amniotic sack, the addition of the Letter H to the BAT gives us the BATH, which is really rooted in the BA.

As Liebniz stated,

Our mind is so fertile in abstracting, that it can discover of any given number of things their genus, that is the concept that is common to them all and to none outside.

In the case of Ba's, Bat's, and Baths, it is as easy as knowing your ABC's and how these letters are used in the constructions of "things".

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Arab Spring - A Neocon Plan for Global Domination

In geopolitics, it is best to presume that nothing is as it appears.  Surely, this maxim holds true for the current set of events collectively known as "the Arab Spring".

What few understand is this: the "Arab Spring" is following a strategic plan first laid out by Paul Wolfowitz, the then former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy.  Known as "the Wolfowitz Doctrine", this "plan" called for the criminal act of instituting "unilateral and pre-emptive war" in line with Jewish thinking of "preventing another Holocaust".

The "Wolfowitz Doctrine", really, should be seen as a natural outgrowth of Jewish delusions regarding the "Holocaust" wherein within Jewish logic, it is perfectly fine and acceptable to commit genocide of the Jewish leadership "believes" that another "Holocaust" is to soon occur.  This logic and rationale is what is behind the current planned "never ending war for Jewish interests" that the West currently finds itself enslaved to.

Jewish media, financial, and political interests have risen to such a height as to create a "perfect storm" that has plunged the West into a new moral and intellectual dark ages.

The "Wolfowitz Doctrine" - A Recipe for Disaster
In a work by Kevin Mills entitled "Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq", Paul Wolfowitz is described by some United States soldiers as being "crack-smoking stupid".

A look at the "Wolfowitz Doctrine", indeed, reveals an effort from a stuck on stupid Jew too immersed in his Holocaust religion and too intellectually disconnected from humanity to be in service of same.

He makes for a perfect agent for the State of Israel.  His logic and thinking provides us equally with the way in which Jews abuse language to hide their larger agenda of global dominance.

The Wolfowitz Doctrine can be summed up as follows:

1) "United States" Primacy - translation: we Jews have engineered the downfall of the Soviet Union and there are now no other "superpowers" able to compete with us.  We shall endeavor to keep all competition from even thinking of competing with us.

2) Unilateralism - translation: Might makes right, but it is better to involve other suckers to do as much of the hard work as possible.  This will not be entirely possible, so we will reserve for our non-Jewish soldiers a "special role" for them.  It matters not that our soldiers will die and kill for a stuck on stupid doctrine.  Logic and reason are not a part of Jewish thinking.

>3) Pre-emptive Intervention - translation: Might makes right.  If our delusions (or worse - pure evil intent) get the better of us, we will attack and wage war whenever and wherever we want.   Indeed, to this end, Gen. Wesley Clark reports that Wolfowitz told him that that no one would tell where or when we can bomb (kill) others.  This is, of course, a part of larger Jewish logic where Jews believe they are so intelligent that they know what the future holds and can pro-actively act to prevent "another genocide".  In reality, this doctrine simply gives intellectual sugar coating to the criminal nature of Jewish society to intentionally create more and more "holocausts", a concept enshrined in their religion.

4) Russian Threat - translation: We Jews have done a good job using "democracy" to gain control of the economic and state functions of the former Soviet Union.  However, we did not anticipate that the theft of Russian economic and political assets could be maintained.  Consequently, we need to regain control of former Soviet bloc allies before Russia is able to regain full control of their economic and state political assets.

5) Oil - translation: The security of Israel is paramount.  We will elicit support from the vestiges of American goy power by appealing to the use of American military power to secure long term supply of oil from the Middle East and Persian Gulf.  We don't care about the cost because the American taxpayers will foot the bill and the idea of amortizing military costs into the cost of oil is beyond our intellectual capacity to bother.  Better to waste as much money as possible securing the oil in the wet dream that that cost to secure the oil has no bearing on the reality that we should secure this oil at all costs.  In the end, the "securing of oil" will serve as a "boots on the ground" presence to ensure the security of our international project known as Israel.

The Arab Spring - Dealing with the Russian Threat

The Arab Spring is the defacto workings of Jewish elements in the United States.  The brain child is within the Neocon movement, and by extension, the State of Israel.

As this video of General Wesley Clark (Retired US Army) reveals, there was a macro geopolitical strategy to "clean up" the former Soviet bloc Arab regimes before Russia could become resurgent as espoused by Wolfowitz.  These countries would include Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, and Sudan.
Worth a complete listen, but pertinent information begins around 2:16.

The working paper that would more fully detail this strategy would be released in 1996.  Known as "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm", the policy paper was received by the newly elected Netanyahu government with great enthusiasm.  Netanyahu flew immediately to the United States. History Commons reports as follows regarding this trip of July 8 -10, 1996,
Quoting extensively from the proposal, he tells the lawmakers that the US must join Israel in overseeing the “democratization” of the Middle East. War might be a necessity to achieve this goal, he warns. While the “Clean Break” authors are primarily concerned with Iraq and Syria, Netanyahu takes a longer view. “The most dangerous of these regions is Iran,” he says.
The degree to which Jewish organizations would mobilize behind Netanyahu is astounding as can be seen in such papers as the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace "Integrating Democracy Promotion into U.S. Middle East Policy" (2004), the United States Army War College Strategy Research Project "Democratization as a United States Strategy for Middle East Security" - (i.e. for Israel), as well as core State Department strategies begun in 1996 in line with Jewish demands.

By 2008, the degree of complicity of the United States through a Jewish controlled State Department in the fomenting of "democracy" can be inferred in a report from a conference held on May 8-9 by the Stanford University Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law.  As stated in the report,
The more democracy promotion is tied to the U.S. government, the more we are tying our own hands. We now have many U.S. government entities handling NGOs and it is increasingly becoming a more state centered democracy promotion scheme. It is important to create distance between U.S. foreign policy and democratic transitions in foreign countries because it does not look right to have the U.S. government telling civil society groups in foreign countries to rebel against or question their own governments.
Inside the Eye - Live! Analyzes Syria and the Arab Spring

Egypt and Libya have fallen.  Tunisia was simply required to fall in order to bring weapons into Libya.  Next in line, as Jews work without rest to plunge the world into another disastrous war, is Syria.

Syria is one of those former client states of the Soviet Union, and Russia still maintains a naval base at Tartus.

America's Jewish elite, desperate to complete the Wolfowitz Doctrine, as crack smoking stupid as it has proven to be for the United States, has sponsored and supported a military uprising in Syria.

Another Jewish manufactured Holocaust in the making.

Inside the Eye-Live! analyzed the Neocons behind the "Arab Spring" strategy and exposed the clear Jewish content to the machinations that has become known as "the Arab Spring".

In the second hour, Mark Glenn of "The Ugly Truth", joined to discuss the "democratization of Syria" at the hands of foreign sponsored armed groups and death squads.

You can [download the show here] or listen here:

Monday, June 18, 2012

Deanna Spingola - Inside the Eye-Live! 6.16.2012

Deanna Spingola, the voice of Spingola Speaks Radio Show which airs/streams every weekday from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM CDT (USA GMT -8) on the Republic Broadcasting Network was a guest on Inside the Eye - Live! hosted by The Fetch on the Oracle Broadcasting Network.

The show aired to a large live audience and covered quite a few subjects including the manipulation of history and the methods and tactics employed by Jewish groups in their attempts to enforce their "reality" upon others.

You can listen to the show here:

The Radio Act of 1927

Media remains key to the ongoing war against humanity by certain factions of the Elite and control of the electronic media, radio and television, remains at the forefront of Jewish attempts to control and manipulate public perception such as to protect and perpetuate Jewish interests.

Radio and television is a form of broadcast medium that uses "public airwaves", public spectrum that is licensed to commercial and non-profit entities.

 The beginning of the consolidation of the public airwaves began with the Radio Act of 1927.  The Radio Act of 1927 was intended to restore some order to the growing chaos surrounding the proliferation of radio technology, as well as inject some control over the airwaves such as to preserve the economic viability of the new technology.

Prior to the enactment of the Radio Act of 1927, there were 15,111 amateur stations, 1,902 ship stations, 553 land stations for maritime use, and 536 broadcasting stations.  For the 536 broadcasting stations a total of 534 broadcasting allocations were possible, while an additional 425 license applications were under consideration.(source)

It would not be until the Reagan "deregulation" era during the 1980's that Jewish organs had the necessary legal framework to rapidly assert their total control and domination over America's publicly licensed spectrum.

We Shall Change History...

The Protocols of Zion are clear as to the intent by Jewish organs to write and control history.  Protocol 16,

We shall change history

We shall erase from the memory of men all facts of previous centuries which are undesirable to us
Hence we find legions of Jews working in the print and electronic media for the express purpose of history fabrication and manipulation.  Hoaxes or fabrications are the norm in Jewish historical recording.

The story of Misha, the best selling "holocaust story", about a little Jewish girl who wanders through Europe, is sheltered by a pack of wolves, murders a German soldier, among many other insanities, highlights the degree to which Jews use the communication arts to perpetuate their lies.

Also covered in the show with Deanna Spingola is the propensity of Jews to use the courts to impose these lies on the totality of humanity.

The story of Misha the Wolf Girl highlights the degree to which Jews will use the courts to impose their lies with the intent to mislead and impose false paradigms and realities.

According to a Boston Globe electronic article,

In 2001, a Middlesex Superior Court jury issued a $7.5 million breach-of-contract judgment against Daniel after Defonseca and Lee alleged that she had failed to publicize the book as promised and had hidden profits. The judge in the case tripled the damages to $22.5 million, and an appeals court upheld the verdict in 2005.
 That this fraud was translated into 11 different languages and was given a movie deal hints at the collaborative nature of Jews to "change history" and equally hints at their lack of integrity and ethics to be in charge of public airwaves or other media assets.

A Focus on History and Warfare

Deanna Spingola comes to the alternative/independent media from the viewpoint of an historian.

Her first book is "The Ruling Elite - A Study in Imperialism, Genocide and Emancipation", which is available on Amazon.com.

Her second book, "The Ruling Elite - The Zionist Seizure of World Power" is part two of a planned trilogy.  The Ruling Elite - The Zionist Seizure of World Power is due out shortly.

Check Deanna's website for availability.

Overall, this show with Deanna was a very informative and entertaining show and worth a listen.

Inside the Eye - Live! Bumper Music

The following music is used on Inside the Eye - Live!, listed in order of appearance.  Video's may or may not be representative of versions used on the show.  Only studio versions are used for the shows.  All copyrights inure to the owners of the musical properties.  Click on Album link to see album artwork.

Show Intro - Wishing Well, Styx, Big Bang Theory
Outro1 - Spirits in the Night, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Spirit in the Night, (Vid - Live Concert 1976)
Intro2 - Photoshop, Ian Anderson, Rupi's Dance
Outro2 - Open Road, Slightly Stoopid, Closer to the Sun
Intro3 - Death or Glory, The Clash, London Calling
Outro3 - Las de la Intuicion, Shakira, Las de la Intuicion, (Promo Video)
Intro4 - Saturday in the Park, Chicago V, (Video - Live 1973)
Outro4 - Lido Shuffle, Boz Scaggs, Lido Shuffle
Intro5 - Simple Man, Bad Company, Run with the Pack
Outro5, Shambala, Three Dog Night, Cyan, (Video - Live 1975)
Intro6 - Fire Escape, Fastball, All the Pain Money Can Buy, (Studio Promo Video)
Outro6 - Spill the Wine, Eric Burdon and War, Eric Burdon and War, (1970's Live Performance Video)
Intro7 - Soak up the Sun, Cheryl Crow, C'mon C'mon, (Studio Promo Video)
Outro7 - Under the Sun, Sugar Ray, Sugar Ray
Intro8 - Copperhead Road, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Outro8 - Behind Blue Eyes, The Who, Who's Next, (Vid - Live Performance, 1975)
Intro9 - Who Will Save Your Soul, Jewel, Pieces of You, (Vid - Studio Promo Video)
Outro9 - Stuck in the Middle with You, Stealer's Wheel, Stealer's Wheel, (Vid - Studio Promo Video)
Intro10 - Even it Up, Heart, Bebe le Strange, (Vid - Live Promo Video 1980)
Show Exit - Let the Train Blow the Whistle, Johnny Cash, American Recordings, (Vid - Live 1994)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

China's Land Bridge Strategy and a Bilderberg Coverage Review

 Inside the Eye - Live! returned back to some geopolitical insights on June 9, 2012.

The introductory storyline dealt with the total lack of credibility of America's and the West's Jewish controlled media.  We analyzed some of the clear atrocities that have been committed in Syria and how the reporting by the Jewish controlled media simply does not make sense.

We focus on the clear propensity of this Jewish controlled media to simply use its monopoly on the print and electronic media to simply lie and that this is an established pattern by these agents of Israel.  From the cover-up of the Liberty Incident in 1967 to the "incubator stories" during the Iraq invasion of Kuwait in 1991 to the obvious lies and complicity in the cover-up of 9-11, all are raised as factual information that hints at the war against the mind which is at the core of Jewish controlled media organs.

You can catch the entire show without redirection here:

The China Land Bridge Strategy

While America, managed and manipulated by its Jewish banking elite, continues to burn trillions of dollars on war and war related activities, China is aggressively investing in a high speed rail network that will link China's manufacturing base with central Asia, Eastern and Western Europe.

This strategy is designed to cut shipping costs from Rotterdam to China by as much as half, as well as create a vast network of productive points that spans some 20 countries.

This strategy, further, effectively neutralizes American investments Air and Sea assets as the route will traverse territory that is irrelevant to the projection of these assets: these assets are useless over the vast land mass that is Asia and clearly delineates the constructive strategy being employed by the Chinese as opposed to the constant use of war and "full spectrum domination" being employed by its Zionist managed geopolitical strategists.

The key to this larger Chinese strategy is the underbelly of NATO, which is Turkey.  As China seeks to consolidate the strategy, it has been courting Turkey as a strategic economic partner.  Of course, all of this is further set against the backdrop of recent oil finds in the Levant Basin in the Eastern Mediterranean.

For an insightful primer on the China Land Bridge Strategy, you can review this article, while this article gives some further insight on the discovery of oil in the Levant Basin.

Independent/Alternative Media Coverage of Bilderberg in Chantilly

The last hour of the show dealt with the reporting deficiencies or plain dishonest representations and framing that may be found in the alternative/independent media as such pertains to the world of government control and conspiracies contained therein as these alternative and independent media personalities converged on the Bilderberg 2012 meeting in Chantilly, VA.

At the core of the issue is the failure of these alternative and independent media personalities to professionally and effectively report what are clearly established facts relative to the composition of the Bilderberg Group and its "35 member steering committee".

According to "TheZOG.wordpress.com", some 46% of those controlling the Bilderberg Group Steering are either Jewish or have a Jewish spouse, an over representation by over 3000%.  These facts seem to be nowhere reported in the "Occupy Bilderberg" coverage.

The last 10 minutes of the show was lost due to a power outage , ending what would have been a great closing segment.

Catch the entire show here:

Monday, May 28, 2012

Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio on Inside the Eye - Live! - 6.2.2012

To begin the month of June, Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio and Redicecreations.com with be joining The Fetch on Inside the Eye - Live!, which airs every Saturday morning at 10:00 AM CST - 12:00 PM on the Oracle Broadcasting Network.

Henrk and his team have been long time good friends of the Illuminatus Observor and we are looking forward to having Henrik as a guest on Inside the Eye - Live!

Red Ice Creations contains a wealth of informative, mainstream, and off mainstream content.  An informative news aggregation may be found on the front page, as well as links to the popular Red Ice Radio show, one of the leading podcasts of its kind within the alternative media space.

Henrik's interview style is relaxed and informative, resulting in a wealth of quality interviews covering a wide array of subjects.  The Red Ice Radio team includes helpful and insightful supporting links for each podcast.  Podcast/radio interviews are immediately cut over to Red Ice's Youtube channel where one can easily filter episodes by either date or popularity.

Henrik Palmgren is an independent filmmaker, radio host, musician, editor, director, researcher & graphics designer.  He is also an explorer of the occult, esoteric & exoteric and an observer of everything from conspiracies to subtle nuances of divine communication and meaningful coincidences. Henrik appeared Apr 14, 2012 om Coast to Coast Weekend where he "shared a series of conspiracy observations focused on the new world order, socialism, and the danger of centralized systems."

The interview on Inside the Eye - Live! should proved to be a fun and informative show to be enjoyed by all!

Show Date: June 2, 2012
Show Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST (USA - GMT - 8)

Show Summary

You can listen to the show here without being redirected:

The show turned out to be really fast paced, informative, and entertaining.  We began the show speaking about Redicecreations.com and Red Ice Radio, with Henrik providing many insights into various aspects of his online work as well as hearing some of Henrik's current interests in his reporting/show production at Red Ice Radio.

Bilderberg Chantilly, the Build-a-Burger Protests

We followed that with a discussion of the Bilderberg protests taking place in Chantilly, VA, and the media circus zoo instigated by a select group of suspect alternative media entities.

Indeed, it seems that that with the time and money being spent on "protesting" you would think that some of these "alterative media reporting" "entities" might spend a little bit of effort actually doing some research.

Had they done so they would be able to report that the Bilderberg Group has 35 members on its steering committee.  16 of these members are either Jews or people with Jewish spouses.  This means that within Bilderberg also, Jews control 46% of the Bilderberg steering committee.  It is the "steering committee" that controls the list of invitees and hence the direction of Bilderberg as a business/government round table venue.  Clearly this is a material piece of evidence about the Bilderberg Group, yet for all the "alternative" and "independent" media scrutiny, all we hear from these suspect and compromised media "entities" is brain dead screaming and ranting at "the New World Order".

Perhaps Alex Jones and his charade of protesters could shift some of their assets and energy to real enemies at and within the gates, America's Jewish organs which seek to destroy liberty and freedom in their effort to create their New World Order with Jews and Israel at the pinnacle of power and influence.

The Facebook IPO

Does anyone really believe that this boy genius is capable of putting together a US$100 billion company?

The fact of the matter remains:

Facebook is a wholly Jewish run operation.  It was promoted by a near total Jewish dominated media.  It was marketing to financial institutions by a nearly complete Jewish run investment banking operation.

The formula to hype Facebook was a text book example of how Jewish assets are used to collaborate to create wealth for primarily Jewish run organizations to the detriment of society as a whole.  Wealth, as is often the case, was not made by generating growth.  Wealth was created through fraudulent and shady marketing practices that sucked billions of dollars out of the non connected retail public.

The end result should have been expected: a few "insiders" would make out like bandits, except instead of riding on horses and robbing armed stage coaches, these bandits use their wide array of weapons (controlled corporate management, controlled media framing, and controlled financial marketing) to create the perfect storm that would contribute to a massive loss by retail (read that non Jews) who were stupid enough to trust in the financial fraud that has become the hallmark of Jewish management of media, finance, and corporate structures.

We covered this issue, and then moved on to one of Henrik's  prevailing interests, UN Agenda 21.

UN Agenda 21

Here, Henrik details how in his childhood he was "educated" in the coming "Agenda 21" campaign that so much of the West now finds under assault by.

We discuss issues Sweden is facing, including the deliberate attempt by Sweden's political elite to accelerate the demise of the car manufacturer SAAB in favor of "service economy" economic models.  UN Agenda 21 really is all about destroying the West's ability to maintain a sustainable manufacturing base.

Henrik also reveals some of the more hidden truths behind the privatization of Swedish industries and national assets.

Henrik the Red Ice Radio Host

We ended the show with Henrik sharing some of his thoughts on some of the more iconic names in the alternative history/conspiracy movement, including Hoagland, Icke, and Jordan Maxwell.

All in all a great show.  You can listen to the archive here of the show here:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Marty Leeds, Pi - The Great Work - Inside the Eye - Live! 5.26.12

Update - December 11, 2016

As many of you know, the linking of the English Alphabet to "the Word" and further, as Pi, was an undertaking for which I invested more than 10K hours in research and meditation.  The effort consumed nearly 6 years of my life, and the presentation was leaked over a period of time where the presentation was honed and fine tuned in order to be able to make the information academically viable as well as available to those of medium to higher understanding of English as an historical and esoteric construction.

Marty Leeds did indeed appear on my show, Inside the Eye - Live!, in 2012.

I had been informed from readers across the net who were familiar with my work that Marty Leeds was engaged in wholesale theft of my work.  The idea of Pi linked to the English Alphabet is something that does not appear in any Occult writings aside from allegory and nuance.

The ONLY person who had brought this information to light was myself, long before a Marty Leeds came to the fore and claimed the link and idea as his own.

Needless to say, I have watched his presentations.  They give me a headache: there is no foundation, nothing to support his work in any academic/occult sense.  In short, it appear pure charlatanism.

I do not endorse nor would I recommend you to take heed of his information.  Much of it is simply lame, to put it nicely.  His cipher reminds me of the admonitions of Cornelius Agrippa when he says that this "cabalae" of the Jews is nonsense, in which they twist and turn numbers and destroy the very essence and nature of the Sacred works.

This is what Marty Leeds is doing.

I have watched some of his videos, and I have watched some of his videos with some of my accomplished students.  His "cipher" in which he tries to prove EVERYTHING is the very same cipher I used to show the idea of "Humpty Dumpty".  The difference is, I provided all the key links from sources writing about Secret Societies to show why this cipher as being used in the manner it was to demonstrate the concept contained within.

Marty Leeds was part of a loose knit cabal who were seeking to infiltrate and silence certain directions of discourse within the alternative media.  I received literally identical complaints about Marty from certain hosts that were also voiced to me personally from others within this cabal.

I regard his work to be a fraud, a form of "search engine hocking" where my concepts were subjugated to his efforts.

I am keeping this page up for pure historical reference.

I do not ENDORSE nor APPROVE of Marty's efforts and use of MY linking of Pi to the English Alphabet.

The Fetch

Original Article is here:

This Saturday, May 26, 2012, Marty Leeds, author of Pi - The Great Work will join The Fetch on Inside the Eye - Live! on the Oracle Broadcasting Network for what should prove to be a fascinating interview into the realm of Occult constructions into the English language.

Marty Leeds is fresh off an interview with Red Ice Radio on April 12, 2012.

Pi - The Great Work is a journey into "anthropology, archaeology, alchemy, religion, spirituality, science, astrology, astronomy, numerology, linguistics, symbolism, music, riddle and rhyme. All viewed through the lens of Pi. It is an exploration of sacred number, geometry and the mathematics that rule our Universe."

Pi - The Great Work is Marty's first published effort.  He can be found at his website MartyLeeds33.com, and his Youtube account, Youtube.com/martyleeds33.  For a primer, what follows is Marty's views on Pi and the English Language:

The Fetch on the Oracle Broadcasting Network

Inside the Eye - Live! continues its strong showing on the Oracle Broadcasting Network.  And, with special hosting appearances on Live Free or Die Radio with Lee Rodgers on May 14 and May 15, 2012 and a special round table show with Alex, the   Celtic Rebel, host of highly popular Rebel Path Radio and Kyle Hunt, author of Star Theory and host of "Star Theory Radio", on May 18, 2012.

There are a couple shows of note that are highly rated and worth a listen.  The May 5th Inside the Eye - Live! show regarding the Jewish concept of Miserah, or the prohibition of speaking out against a fellow Jew regarding a fellow Jew's wrong doing and how this religious doctrine seems to be playing a hidden, insidious, and damaging role in the ongoing banking and financial crisis.

You can listen to - The Bernie Madoff Tale and Miserah, here

Show no longer available

In addition, The Fetch was a guest on Truth Hertz with Charlies Guiliani on May 7, 2012.  An overall great bit of entertainment and conversation with lots of listener participation.  You can catch this show here:

Show no longer available

 Last, but not least, was a three hour interview of The Fetch by Lee Rodgers of Live Free or Die Radio on May 11, 2012. This was a highly rated show, 3 hour commercial free offering loaded with lots of information and typical Fetch insights. Lee Rodgers does a great job here and the results showed such. You can listen to this highly rated show here:

Show no longer available 

Inside the Eye - Live! Archives

For a complete listing of all shows by "The Fetch" on the Oracle Broadcasting Network, visit the Inside the Eye - Live! Archives page on the Oracle Broadcasting Network or join and listen live every Saturday from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST USA

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Fetch on Truth Hertz Radio with Charles Guiliani, 5.7.2012

After a wild and informative week hosting Live Free or Die Radio with Lee Rogers, The Fetch will be appearing on Truth Hertz Radio with Charles Guiliani on the Oracle Broadcasting Network. The show should be a highly entertaining and informative show and may be heard live at 7:00 AM CST. So click in and listen live! Phone lines will be open!

Show: Truth Hertz Radio with Charles Guiliani Show
Date: Monday, May 7, 2012
Time: 07:00 CST (USA)
Show Listen Live Link: Oracle Broadcasting Live Stream - Truth Hertz Radio
Show Live Chat Room: Truth Hertz Chat Room on Chatango

Epic Radio with "The Fetch" - The Fetch Tuskin Tussle

The attempt of a Zio-Troll to control the direction of the show can be heard here: The Fetch - Saturday 6 Hour Straight Shooter

On Saturday, April 28, the Fetch was live for 6 hours of straight shooting radio.  Starting with the his own show, Inside the Eye - Live! for 2 hours, the Fetch then hosted TruthQuest with Melodee Hallett, followed with a special 2 hour guest appearance on Star Theory Radio.

6 hours of "straight shooting" talk radio with "The Fetch".

The archives of these shows can heard here:

Inside the Eye - Live!, April 28, 2012

Podcast Powered By Podbean
This show features lots of great phone calls and while entertaining the idea of Jewish power projection and consolidation strategies.

TruthQuest with Melodee Hallett , April 28, 2012

Another really fast paced show.  Entertaining.  Lots of great listener calls.
Special Appearance, Star Theory Radio with Kyle Hunt

In this show, a throw back to traditional work by "The Fetch".  Insights into English Qaballa and the esoterics of the English Language are high on the list of this great, insightful, show.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Fetch! Hosts Live Free or Die Radio and Truth Quest

"The Fetch" will be hosting "Live Free or Die Radio with Lee Rogers" this Monday and Tuesday, April 23 and April 24, 2012. Show times: 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM, CDT

Oracle Broadcasting Live Show Link: Live Free or Die Radio with Lee Rogers, special host, Dennis Fetcho, aka "The Fetch"

 It should be a great and entertaining 3 hours. Inside the Eye @ Chatango chatroom will be open so come on and enjoy some great conversation while listening to "The Fetch" host Live Free or Die Radio.

The Fetch hosts Truth Quest with Melodee Hallett
Immediately following Inside the Eye - Live! on the Oracle Broadcasting, "The Fetch" will be hosting "Truth Quest with Melodee Hallett". The show will air from 12:00PM to 2:00PM CST on April 28, 2012. Show Time: 12:00PM - 2:00 PM Live Show Link: Oracle Broadcasting, Truth Quest

The Fetch Guest Appears on Star Theory Radio with Kyle Hunt
To close out the weekend, "The Fetch" will be appearing on Star Theory with Kyle Hunt. Kyle is the latest talent addition to the Oracle Broadcasting Network and his show airs/streams from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM CST on the Oracle Broadcasting Network.

Show: Star Theory with Kyle Hunt

Show Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM CST

Show Live Link: The Fetch guests on Star Theory

Show Chatrooms: Inside the Eye - Live! and Star Theory You can check out Kyle's fascinating work at Star Theory Radio and Star Theory.

Come on in to any or all of the above and listen to one of the rising talents in the alternative media market.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Zeus Yiamouyiannis - Shadow Banking and Counterfeit Financial Instruments

Making sense of the seemingly complex world of high finance can at times appear daunting and quite challenging and in efforts extended to try to break through this seeming "mystical world of high finance", I ran across a rather fascinating and informative website called "Of Two Minds" which has been ranked as the "#7 Best Alternative Financial Sites" on the world wide web.

Dating back to 2005 and comprising some 2500 files, Of Two Minds presents a veritable treasure trove of financial and economic information scanning multiple economic environments.

What drew me to the site was research on the US$700 trillion dollar derivatives market. What I found was an article by a guest contributor to Of Two Minds. The article, Counterfeit Value Derivatives: Follow the Bouncing Ball, was a hit. Written by a guest contributor to Of Two Minds, Dr. Zeus Yianouyiannis really simplified the whole racket of "high finance".

When the unreal, counterfeit economy intrudes, you now have a situation where a person can put in an unregulated, but recognized, claim to be paid a thousand times over in case of impairment. Say market participants have negotiated for a bankrupt company a 70% payback for bondholders and (36% payback for insurance claims), and I come with not one but rather 1,000 CDS claims demanding to be paid for each CDS.

Where does that money come from? Well if it were regulated insurance, I would have to be invested in the company in some way, my bond or stock payout would be limited by the actual asset value of the company, and my insurance payout would be limited as well. However, since I am unregulated and unrestrained, the money due me has to come from the CDS seller and my contractual agreements with that company (say AIG).

The issue, however, is very simple: if the money is from a "deregulated" financial environment, the reality is that these claims are against self made money - COUNTERFEIT. These financial instruments create a defacto parallel and COUNTERFEIT electronic fiat currency, and the call to subsidize losses on this COUNTERFEIT fiat currency is nothing more than a modern day form of money laundering.

What those in the COUNTERFEIT CURRENCY financial world want to do is swap their self proclaimed and generated fiat currency in exchange for very real and quality assets as commodities, real estate, and in the case of Greece, entire national assets and the economies these assets support.

The Inside the Eye Live Youtube show highlight video is now ready. Here is a 10 minute excerpt of the show:

If you would like to get a pragmatic and rational understanding of the so called "financial crisis", you owe it to yourself to listen to this really well paced and rational discussion regarding the greatest money laundering operation in the history of mankind!

You can catch his first "Max Keiser Report" interview on Russia Today here:

Inside the Eye Live! Youtube Account Now Live!

A decision has been taken to start isolating Inside the Eye Live show highlights and putting these highlights into a professionally produced video storyboard for release on Youtube. As we do not want to mix the political nature of Inside the Eye Live! with that of the more esoteric content of "The Art of Qaballa", a new user account is now active on Youtube called "Inside the Eye Live! youtube/user/insidetheeyelive)"

Each of these shows is initially scheduled to be around 10 minutes and comprising Inside the Eye - Live show highlights.

The first show is now active and you can listen to it here:

The entire show regarding Israeli Dual Citizens and related content can be heard here:

These videos are a great way to introduce Inside the Eye - Live! to your friends, so helping to virally spread these videos, if they of course are of a quality and content you approve, is very much appreciated.

Thanks for the Support!

We are still working to get caught up here.

Real life does intrude and this of course takes time away from study and writing, but we are committed to adding new audio/video content as well as new qaballistic written material for the Illuminatus Observor. In addition, much effort is going into growing and supporting the Inside the Eye Live franchise.

The response has really been great on all fronts and thanks for all the emails of support and interest.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Homonyms and Homophones as Esoteric Constructions

One of the more curious aspects of English is the use of "homonyms" and "homophones" within the vocabulary. "Homonyms" and "homophones" share a common condition: and two (or three) words sound the same yet mean something wholly different from each other. The difference is this: "homoyms" are spelled the same while "homophones" are spelled differently.

Thus, "technically", "there" and "their" are considered "homophones", while "content" is a "homonym", such as "One should never be content to coast along the coast looking for content." We note here that the "homonyms" of "content" and "coast" take on the properties of "verbs" and "nouns". In all cases, placement, and variably, enunciation, enable the proper meaning to form clearly within the receiver.

Delving further, it makes sense that within the construction of homonyms and homophones arises the probability of some philosophical embedding, or encoding in such a way as to reveal rational demonstrations of the Construct.

Herein is a musing on just such a probability with an added element of poetic license.

Comparative Equivalence Constructions

One such comparative equivalence is the homophone of "flee" and "flea". One does not, generally, "flee", unless one is under some state of duress or under some form of assault. Consider then the dog that scratches at a coat filled with "fleas".

In this case, "fleas" that are under assault can be seen to "flee", or jump from the dog. In this way we see a form of comparative equivalence in the naming and construction.

Equally, as "fleas" are to "flees", "ticks" are to "tickets". A "tick", once attached to a host, continues to such blood, weakens the host, and perhaps spreads a form of seriously dibilitating or fatal disease. A "tick" in the form of a "ticket" has allegorically parallel properties. Tickets as "fines" for alleged or manufactured transgressions equally latch themselves on to the person targeted and, if not dealt with removed accordingly, often escalates into forms of dibilitating circumstances.

"Tick"ets are, in practical analysis, a convenient way for the "State" to latch onto a victim and "leech" "blood", which takes on the form of "money", and the State will do so so with ever escalating dibilitating circumstances until the "tick" is removed.

Another form of comparative equivalence is in the idea of "leaves" and "leaves". In this case, it can be shown that the verb "leaves" is comparatively equivalent to the noun "leaves". When all is healthy, or things are in some static state, "leaves" remain on the tree. However, as conditions change, say, as at the time of "Autumn", "leaves" "leave" the tree, wherein the "tree" is the condition within which the "leaf" co-exists as part of a larger unified body.

Hence, when, say, a baseball pitcher "leaves" the game, the verb "leaves" mimics the "leaves" on a tree, which, too, "leave the tree".

Abstract Occult Constructions

Of course, since "the Construct" is a "qaballistic construction", there is a rational presumption that some words and constructions are "lessons" or "observations" regarding "the gods", or, more clearly, specific letters.

Hence in the Letter B, it can be shown that B is comprised of a letter/number/sound in that its form and shape can be seen to be derived from a mathematical formula of 1+2=3, wherein we use the 1 and the 3 to form the B. Hence "2B" or not "2B" is a philosophical question which may be equally applied to the Letter B. B may be a "2", but too may be a "3".

Hence the "homophone" of "2" will be "3": to, too, and two.

A more cryptic set of homophones revolves around the Letter C, the primary letter from which "Occult" is derived. A general analysis of the word "occult" is that it is derived from the word/phenomena known as an "occultation".

A mass market definition generally treats the word "occultation" as being "the covering of one celestial body over another". Such occurs when, say, there is a lunar or solar eclipse, but also occurs when, say, the moon covers some distant star.

However, within the "Occult", or qaballistic study, occultations are transient. Hence, not being permanent, that which covers will at some point in time become "uncovered". Thus there are two primary realities to the Letter "C": that which is "seen" and "that which is unseen".

Thus in the word set "sea" and "see", we can show in the word "sea" that it "covers" the life that exists below and yet, if one "takes the cover off the sea", euphemistically speaking, and peers down into the depths below, one is able to see what the sea covers.

As "Typhon" is the realm of "the sea", it is the world of corruption and illusions and shadows

Thus we have another homophone, that of "seas" and "seize". Here we find a very universal, perhaps hardwired at the DNA level, archetype. This is the idea of "savior gods". As mankind is said to be "drowned", or immersed into the sea (atmosphere), although we may "rise above the waves", the ability to actually "exit the seize" requires a bit of outside assistance. Try as you might to rise up and out of the "seas/seize", you cannot without some aid or external assistance.

Poetic License Homonym-Homophone Constructions

If "quiet contemplation frees the mind", what then is the philosophical relationship of "frees" to "freeze"? The object and aim is to "rise above the waves". Thus in an "iceberg", we have what his hidden (occulted) and what is seen (risen above the waves). The Construct is designed such that "water freezes" (frees) at "32 degrees". One may see the Freemasonic parallel of "32 degrees", which is representative of the first 32 decimal digits of Pi. The "33" rises above the waves (the decimal point) and "joins the Trinity", or the 3 of "3.1415926..."

Thus in FREEZE and FREES, we see a constructed design highlighting this aspect of the "Construct".

Another, with a bit of poetic license, is that of "halve" and "have". To "have" something is to "get" something. If I "got" something, I then "have" something. But "halve" and "have" are interlinked.

If I "G"-"T" something, I must "halve it".

Here is a very elegant code within the Construct.

The key is PI. If we divide the G-T sequence in half, we end up at MN, or 1314, which is Pi. If we divide the two halves again, the G and the T lie precisely at the half way points of each side of the Alphabet, leaving us with 6 on the left and 6 on the right of each letter.

The "Spirit of 76"

Another homophone that speaks of the "Construct" is that of "Steak" and "Stake". For a "qaballa purist", there can be no denying that STEAK and STAKE are connected: the word and its anagram are always esoterically linked.

Here is the idea of the battle between "good" and "evil", of Isis against Jehovah/Typhon/Seth, who is the "vampyre" that cannot survive exposure to the light.

One of the primary representations of Isis is that of "the cow". Hathor from Egypt and "Queen Moo" from the Maya are two key ones. From a "cow" we derive a "steak" and from a "stake" we can drive it through the heart of Jehovah/Typhon/Seth.

This provides but a small glimpse into the nature of homonyms and homophones as esoteric constructions.