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Saturday, July 4, 2015

One Basic Truth - Reality and Perception Management

"One Basic Truth" is a poem written by Delamar Deverus.  For reference, it is written again here:
truth can
be used as
a foundation for
a mountain of lies,
and if we dig down deep
enough in the mountain of lie,
and bring out that truth, to set it
on top of the mountain of lies; the entire
mountain of lies will crumble under the weight of
that one truth, and there is nothing more devastating to a
structure of lies than the revelation of the truth upon which
the structure of lies was built, because the shock waves of
the revelation of the truth reverberate, and continue to
reverberate throughout the Earth for generations to
follow, awakening even those
people who had no
desire to be
to the

What this poem hints at is that reality, itself, or at least reasonable portions of it, is a lie.  No, we are not speaking about the fact that one feels pain or pleasure, or that emotions can treble through an individual, lifting them to great heights or to chasms of despair. What we are referring to when we speak about "reality" is the larger matrix upon which beliefs are fabricated and constructed.

In the case of this blog, the Illuminatus Observor, our main focus is on word constructions, and especially those word constructions that revolve around constructions of religious and Occult significance.  For example, we are taught that "God" as a construct is based around two distinct categories: Monotheism and Polytheism.  Under these conditions, our language and perception should be exceptionally clear, for the root of each of these words is the word THE.

It would make sense that we break down and truly understand the CONSTRUCTION of the word THE before we sought to leap and accept any external definitions as to what this word means "precisely".

In the case of the word THE, we can see that the idea of MONOTHEISM and POLYTHEISM is just one of these truths upon which a "mountain of lies" has been crafted.

We are told that there is the "One God", and this "One God" gets to have a "capital letter G", while all the other "gods", not being the "One God", are relegated to lower case lettering, beginning of course with the letter "g".  This construction continues, for within the principles of grammar are including additional modifiers that shed further delineations within perceptions and beliefs.  The rules within grammar make it acceptable to say, for instance, "And then God did so and so", yet it would not be acceptable for one to say, "And then god did so and so", for the latter would be grammatically incorrect.  In the case of the latter, we must add a preposition "a", "And a god did so and so", for now we see that the construction of words is not dealing with "God", but rather "a god", which by definition, being "decapitated", is by default a "lesser god".

In this case, the rules of grammar assist and aid in the construction of the reality which, through either willful ignorance and deception, externally or internally inflicted, we create beliefs that may or may not be wholly rooted in "reality".

When we add in the insanity of Jewish impositions and constructions on our language, we see that the construction becomes even more convoluted.  The Jewish "word", or written expression of God is called "G-d", which is then explained away in a litany of obfuscations and rationalizations for which the very basic tenet is never dealt with: why would Jews care to modify an English name?  Do they call Allah of Islam "All-h"?

In English, Jews will rewrite the word "L-rd", but do they rewrite the Spanish word Dios to D--s?  No.  They do not.

So we can surmise that somewhere within the historical litany of relations between Jewish and Pagan mystics, Jews must have been provided, or stolen, some insights into the word God to such a degree that they came to have a reverence of it, or loath the concept enough to the point of seeking absolutely destroy it. 

You see, we have mused about all these things, and all the imagery that wafts in and through the imagination, yet we have failed in our ability to transcend what is clearly a crafted reality, for are not words, even as they are often enough absolute essences of "the thing" they represent?

We have failed in our ability to transcend, or comprehend, reality.

Word Crafting - Representing the Essence of "the Thing"

Pretty much most cultures have a reverence and belief that the naming of the thing, especially as it pertains to the realm of language before the day of a "scientific rationalism and categorizations", carried with it some mystical channel back to some "god" or energy that was accessed in the naming of the "Thing".

For one of the best treatises from our Western traditions, one should read Cratylus, by Plato.

In this dialogue we learn much about the beliefs within Greek culture about the naming of names.
Soc. Then, Hermogenes, I should say that this giving of names can
be no such light matter as you fancy, or the work of light or chance
persons; and Cratylus is right in saying that things have names by
nature, and that not every man is an artificer of names, but he only
who looks to the name which each thing by nature has, and is able
to express the true forms of things in letters and syllables.
Words, by their nature, incorporate the nature of the thing, and this knowledge aids in the deconstruction of the philosophy of the Construct as such is contained in words.

For instance, consider the word DYKE.  This word is representative of a woman who is a LESBIAN.  Do these two words not hint at the nature of the Construct through which these words represent in the naming of the Thing?  Does not a "dyke" hold back the waters and would not these same properties be present in the woman who is so repulsed by the Masculine that she will not have intercourse and hence "bear children" which is an act that Nature accomplishes through water?

Words, in nearly all manner, represent the nature of the Thing they represent.  However, when we refer to the "nature of the Thing", this concept must be understood to having a "fall back" to how the "Thing" fits within the larger philosophy which is defined as "the Construct".

Words as "happy" and "sad", for instance, provide us with sparks of insights into larger elements of the Construct, each waiting to be deconstructed so that we may penetrate a bit more into this idea known as "reality".

Imagine, we have mused upon all this, and hinted at things still hidden.  The Construct dares you to peer and come to know it with each tumbling letter.  All of this from a simply philosophical inquiry into the word THE as the root of "Mono THE ism" and "Poly THE ism"!

One Basic Truth - Building a Mountain of Lies (or is that - A Mystery?)

"The name of her shrine also clearly promises knowledge and comprehension of reality..."- Plutarch, On Isis and Osiris

It is enough to understand that reality is itself occulted.  There is that which you can see, and below the surface, as an iceberg as it were, a whole body of information or knowledge hidden from view but upon which the crafted reality is built upon.

When we began this article, we began with a simple philosophical inquiry into the word THE, for sure that which is called God by liturgical usage also must equate to THE, for we have been given two word, "MONO THE ISM" and "POLY THE ISM" to assist in describing what is traditionally referred to as "God".

We can use the words in Latin, INRI for Jesus and DIOS for Spanish "God" to assist us to peer into the esoteric constructions of these words.

Utilizing summation, where ever letter is SUMMED from 1 to itself, we can discover the following:

INRI = 45+105+171+45 = 366
DIOS = 10+45+120+190 = 365

Each of these words, if we are to accept that gematria plays a role in word formation or crafting, reveals that INRI and DIOS are replacement words for the Sun, for it is said that year is 365 days, or 366 with a leap year year.

Further, when utilizing the Isisian Codes, the very word SUN is:

U=6 (Sum of 1:6=21=U)

Therefore, we have 3 words that referring back to the orbital time for the Earth to revolve around the Sun.

Consequently, we can surmise that the word THE is really coded word that refers back to "the SUN", for all things, or life on Earth, emanates from the Sun.

Hence, again, with the Isisian Codes, we see that T and H are compound sounds, in that TH are combined to form a compound sound.  With T located at 4 and H located at 8, the sum of each of these letters is 10 and 36 respective, to form 360 when multiplied.  Thus, when we add the 5 of E back to THE, we see that word THE is really a reference back to "The SUN", which then must be "the God", for GOD is 7+15+4 = 26 Weeks, or the Pi Proportion of 52 weeks that go into the completion of a single year.

Yet from this one basic truth, an entire mountain of religious beliefs so toxic that people are willing to kill and die for, has spread across the face of the Earth.

For an insight into this article, you can watch this video called "One Basic Truth", which was the very first podcast of Inside the Eye, which was the Podcast Companion to the Illuminatus Observor.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Inside the Eye - The Original Podcasts

Inside the Eye - The Original Podcasts is the family of podcasts that were released between December 2008 through August of 2010.  These podcasts were originally hosted and featured in the "Religious" section at Podbean.com and had acquired over 48K listens and at the time was in the Top 50 podcasts for the Religious category at Podbean.com.

They were taken down, really, for two reasons.

Inside the Eye - The Original Podcasts were originally embed into various articles interspersed here on the Illuminatus Observor.

They will be returned back to their respective articles in short enough order.

This page will not be too "mobile friendly"....

Inside the Eye - The Original Podcasts
We are re-releasing 10 of the original 12 podcasts released.  Each podcast was done in two segments.  This was largely so at the time because of the cost of bandwidth at Podbean.com.  We did not wish to pay for added bandwidth for files not really listened to, so the shows were split roughly two 10 minute segments, with each file being roughly 10 meg (1 meg per minute).

Back then, the free service allowed us 5 gig of download and the paid subscription service allowed 50 gb of download, a figure that was breached a few times and close to breaching often enough, a testament to the number of listens the shows were receiving.

These files are now being "preserved" and hosted at Archive.org and can be listened to here:

Podcast 1, Seg 1 - One Basic Truth (originally released in Dec. 2008)

Podcast 1, Seg 2 - A Brief History of the Isisian Codes

Podcast 2, Seg 1 - The Acroamatic Cipher (Originally released in Dec. 2008)

Podcast 2, Seg 2 - Examples of the Acroamatic Cipher (Originally released in Dec. 2008)

Podcast 3, Seg 1 - Noel, Noel, and other Occult Codes - Pt 1 (Originally released in Dec. 2008)

Podcast 3, Seg 2 - Noel, Noel, and other Occult Codes - Pt 2 (Originally released in Dec. 2008)

Podcast 4, Seg 1 - Gematria and Esoteric Codes in English (Originally released around Jan. 2009)

Podcast 4, Seg 2 - Trolls and other Hazards and Distractions (Originally released around Jan 2009)

Podcast 5, Seg 1 - Superman as an Occult Construct - Pt 1 (Originally released around May, 2009)

Podcast 5, Seg 2 - Superman as an Occult Construct - Pt 2 (Originally released around May, 2009)

Podcast 6, Seg 1 - The Rule of Colel and Shifts of One - Pt 1 (Originally released around June, 2009)

Podcast 6, Seg 2 - The Rule of Colel and Shifts of One - Pt 2 (Originally released around June, 2009)

Podcast 7, Seg 1 - The Lambdoma and the Tree of Life - Pt 1 (Originally released around Oct., 2009)

Podcast 7, Seg 2 - The Lambdoma and the Tree of Life Pt 2 (Originally released around Oct., 2009)

Podcast 8, Seg 1 - The Owl as a Symbol of the Occult - Pt 1 (Originally released around Nov., 2009)

Podcast 8, Seg 2 - The Owl as a Symbol of the Occult - Pt 2 (Originally released around Nov., 2009)

Podcast 8 - The Owl as a Symbol of the Occult - The Lost Episode

Podcast 10, Seg 1 - Codes and Ciphers in the Language - Pt 1 (originally released around July, 2010)

Podcast 10, Seg 2 - Codes and Ciphers in the Language - Pt 2 (Originally released around Aug, 2010)

A Little History of the Isisian Codes

The Illuminatus Observor launched in July of 2007.  By the end of 2007 and a lot of articles from the presentations presented during the late 1990's to mid 2000's were put down as a means to preserve the information while it was still "fresh in my mind".  Mind you, the information had already been presented in numerous forums.

The original chronicling  of the Isisian Codes was presented in some long forgotten forums at the very end and turn of the century, back in the "dial up days" when Napster was still running wild and the music business was just learning about the changes in distribution that was about to alter the music landscape forever.  Amazon.com had yet to be launched, and the"Tech Bubble" was in full bloom and had yet to collapse.

The first large forum where the Isisian Codes was presented and welcomed was Ask a Witch Community.  The owner, a young Jewish gal, seemed to take a liking to the material and graciously requested that the information be allowed to be presented on the side bar of her community (which I believe was originally hosted on a Microsoft community).  This was accepted and the information was featured at the community for a number of years until a run in with a Noahidist rabbi entered to write about Noahidist Kabballah.

Needless to say, the two philosophies clashed, and the flame wars that ensued meant that the non-Jew had to go. I was subsequently banned.  My material ran on the side bar for a number of years subsequent until removed at my request.

Eventually, the material would be presented in a large number of very forums, including some very large forums that included Barbelith.com, GNN.tv, and Above Top Secret.  The material garnered reasonably large audiences but was ultimately banned for "anti-Semitism" or any number of trumped up charges and excuses.

To highlight the popularity of the Isisian Codes, and the impact that the material had on the targeted markets and the developing Internet, one could read through an article entitled Censorship among Occult Practitioners at Barbelith.com, or the fact that after losing a banning war at Above Top Secret, a spoof article entitled, "Dennis Fetcho and the Illuminatus Observor: A Cover for A Masonic Op?", hit the Top 5 hottest stories at Above Top Secret during what was a flame war between "The Fetch", aka Android1296, and Terry Melanson, author of Fire in the Minds of Men, and one of the driving forces behind and the creator of Archive.org and The Way Back Machine.

One cannot argue that within its targeted demographic that the Isisian Codes, during its peak stage of online presentation development and release was not influential.

Thanks to dedicated readers and listeners of the "Inside the Eye - The Original Podcasts", these files, long lost here also, have been sent back to me.  They have, for the most part, been edited to remove time relative material that went along with the podcasts (hey - I was trying to fill time back then!), and have now been re-uploaded at a new page created at Archive,org.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

BAPT-ism - A Qaballistic Deconstruction

This article will focus on a particular method of deconstructing "the Construct" via the use of the letters that comprise a word. For my friends in the linguistics world, this article carry with it a "respectable cringe level", for it will break away from standard etymological and linguistic constrictions and seek to apply a purely "qabbalistic", "philosophical", or "esoteric" deconstruction of the word. In doing so, it is our intent to provide the inquirer additional insights into esoteric construction of words and methods used to encode esoteric forumlae through the use of word formation.

This article is an extension of principles and ideas contained in the article  "Bats, Bath's, and Ba's".

A review of this article will be helpful to understand some of the primary background material implicit in this article.

The Religious Ritual called "Baptism"

"Baptism" as a religious ceremony is essentially a "death and resurrection" ceremony.  A simplistic explanation might entail something like this: a person (the old self) dies, and then is reborn into a new "Christ consciousness", or path through which a "Christ consciousness" could be opened through the process of a "baptism".

As a primitive rite, a baptism involves the immersing of the applicant into water, accompanies with some religious invocation intended to convey some power onto the applicant who is engaged within the religious ritual.

This "submerging", with a subsequent "laying on of hands", is meant to confer a special power onto the applicant.

Allegorical Use of Baptism within Classical Greek and Roman Traditions

In order to better understand the totality of the archetype of "baptism", or its allegorical, it is, as is always the case, necessary to "grab" a few more usages of a word.  In so doing, we can add "texture" and "body" to what is otherwise a very skeletal framework upon which to build or decode the "philosophics".

The word "baptism", or "baptize", is a Greek word and is modified through suffix or prefix additions/changes as charted below.
1 βαπτíζω baptízō to baptize, dip, plunge
2 βáπτισµα báptisma baptism
3 βαπτισµóς baptismós a dipping, washing
4 βαπτιστ baptistēs Baptist [used only of John the Baptist]
5 βáπτω báptō to dip [with related words, e.g. βαφ, baphē , “dye”]
6 βαπτóς baptós dipped, dyed
7 βáπτισις báptisis baptism [1x in all Greek literature from 8th cent. BC through 3rd cent. AD].
8 βáπτιστος abáptistos undipped
Gary Martin at AOAL.org or has compiled a list of passages where these words have been used, and from this, we can begin to peer deeper into the philosophical usages of the Greek "baptizo" as it is applied to Christian religious ritual

One such usage comes from the 8th century BC, wherein Homer uses the word to describe the tempering of steel as when "dipped" into cold water.
 …And as when a smith dips5 a great axe or an adze in cold water amid loud hissing to temper it…even so did his eye hiss round the stake of olive-wood. Terribly then did he cry aloud… - Odyssey 9.392
Another usage comes from Pindar in the 5th century BC.
Purveyors of slander are a deadly evil…But what profit really results from that cunning? None, for just as when the rest of the tackle labors in the depths of the sea, like a cork I shall go undipped8 over the surface of the brine [salt-water sea]. [Translator note: The image is that of a cork floating on the surface while the weights and nets sink into the sea.] - Pythian Odes 2.80

One final passage is taken from Josephus in the first century AD.
After this catastrophe of Cestius many distinguished Jews abandoned the city as swimmers desert a sinking1 ship. 
From these examples, we can begin to confer a larger esoteric, or philosophical construction, to the ritual of the baptism.  The baptism serves as a tempering of the spirit of the applicant, while it can also be said that those upon whom the baptism has been conferred, one may become more "pure in spirit", and hence "rise above the waters" wherein the rest of humanity "swims".  And finally, as is often the case when "Jews" are implied in the passages, the exact opposite meaning may be inferred, wherein in this case, the "baptism" equates to the total submersion and loss of the "soul" as represented by submersion or sinking of the "ship".

However, the primary usage or construction seems to be a state wherein the spirit is immersed in the waters and yet remains afloat as an iceberg or one who is immersed into a water with an excessive saline (too much Typhon) water and hence rises accordingly.   This state can be equated to the balancing of Ma'at wherein "tyranny" and "darkness" imposed results in a condition where people seek to rise themselves above the waters (tyranny) or require external assistance in order to relieve the people of the tyranny under which they find themselves.

The "Christening", or "Baptism" of Ships

As we have seen, "baptism's" largely revolve around the idea of "floating above the waters" and so has naval overtones.  In the case of ships that cross the oceans, another form of "baptism", or "Christening" takes place, and has evolved from ornate ceremony to a more cost effective "smash of a bottle of wine or champaign across the bow" of the about to be launched ship.

Other "christening fluids" have been noted, including  brandy, whiskey, although water from local rivers near ship builders has also been used.

It is said that French christening ceremonies very much mirrored Christian baptismal ceremonies.

In all of these cases, the intent of the ceremony is to wish safety upon the ship and her crew, leading further to support the idea of "baptismos" being that of "rising above the waves.

BAPT - ism - A Qaballistic Deconstruction

We now embark on an attempt to "deconstruct" the word BAPTISM within Qaballistic principles.

Within Qaballa, the totality of "the thing" is contained within it's name, and by default, it's constituent Letters.

We must also take into account elements of word constructions as discussed earlier in the article on "Baths, Bats, and Bas".

One Qaballistic basic is that of "notaricon".  Notaricon, in its simplest expression, or usage, creates single words from utilizing the first letter of each word in the phrase.  Hence "Central Intelligence Agence" utilizes the first letters of each word to form CIA.

Notaricon, in its simplest expression or usage, therefore, is nothing more complex than the technique used to form acronyms.  However, we can extend the use of notaricon and apply the method to break out individual letters from the whole of a word.  Hence, in the word, SWORD, a sign of the Tarot Deck used to denote "communication", we can break out the S of SWORD to create S-WORD, wherein underlying the Letter S is the word SPOKEN.  SWORD, therefore, deconstructs to SPOKEN WORD.

In the case of BAPTISM (and all words), we must first seek out the ROOT of the word.  The first step is to remove alterations to the word by removing any prefixes or suffixes.  In this case, and in all forms, the word BAPTISM in all its conjugations reduces to BAPT.  BAPT can be broken down into many paired variants, all worthy and necessary of consideration.


From here, we can infer that "APTitude", or the act of rising above the fray of the unthinking masses through a focused effort at logic, knowledge, and reason, has its root in the esoteric and philosophical properties held within the larger construct known as "BAPT-ism".

It is this larger construction which often reveals the totality of esoteric or philosophical word constructions and meanings.

Our Construct is simple: mankind is drowned.  Saith Ishtar, "forever my people shall swim like fishes in the sea".  Mankind has been largely cut off, but impossible to completely cut-off, from its spiritual source or fount.  Within the schools of logic and reason, it is held that a return of the "Word" is the means through which knowledge and wisdom allows one to master the material world around one and through this mastery, "rise above the waves".

The Word, being Pi, is a Number, a Letter, and a Sound.  However, PI is also used out to 32 digits, and this expression is further expressed as a comprehensive design with the 26 digit English Alphabet.  This Alphabet uniquely is set against a 9x9 x 7 matrix which starts with A and ends with P.

The hard "T' sound, as are all of the DENTALS, are used to denote PAST TENSE.  In the case of SPEND, the past tense becomes SPENT, whereas DANCE becomes DANCED.  DANCED, although spelled with a D, becomes as the hardened T.

Hence when we peer in the the PHRASE BAPT, we can release the Letter B to be a notaricon for the word BE, while AP denotes the phrase AP, and T is a past tense.  In this case, the phrase reveals B AP'd, or immersed into the Construct which is based on Pi and which is represented by an Alphabet that has as its start point the Letter A and ends at the Letter P.

We can now see that the BAPTISM is not so much about a religious ritual, but rather a religious ritual emulating what is a very real "reality".  If one is to "rise up", one must first become "immersed" into the spume of Typhon, which is allegorically referred to as an Earthly existence.

What "rises one up" to float as a "cork on the water" is a comprehensive understanding of the Construct and how this design works.

One must come to understand Y.