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Monday, April 19, 2010

How to Comprehend the Isisian Codes

I see more and more interest in the Illuminatus Observor and the Isisian Codes.  Readership is up.  Search engine queries are consistent and growing.  Illuminatus Observor specific search engine queries are increasing.  There is increasing interest on how to the Isisian Codes work.  This article will attempt to provide still further insights into the logic and foundation of the Isisian Codes as well as provide some basic Isisian Code demonstrations. This entry is, admittedly, designed for those who have an intense interest in this Craft.

Between Objective and Subjective Reasoning

The first principle to keep in mind is that the Isisian Codes is a highly advanced and evolved form of Gematria.  It is totally based on traditional Occult insights and teachings, many of which are documented and sprinkled with sources throughout the Illuminatus Observor.

Like learning anything, it takes time and effort.

The Isisian Codes is just that - a CODE.   However, unlike most "codes", the Isisian Codes includes an intuitive component.  As such, the Isisian Codes transcends "acceptable" norms of objective reasoning as such might be applied to the creation and implementation of a code.

There is a balance between between what some view as "subjective reasoning" with that of what is "objective reasoning".

To highlight this thought, there was an online debate some years ago regarding the Isisian Codes.  What one will find is that if one tries to subject the Isisian Codes to a purely objective set of reasoning, one will ultimately fail - and fail miserably at trying to comprehend the Isisian Codes.  That the Isisian Codes does not fit what is expected patterns of logic proves frustrating to those who believe that a "code" must by necessity be purely objective in its analysis.

A common, but well articulated sentiment that highlights these frustrations could be seen in the following debate,

"I have previously read posts by Fetch on various fora but remain unconvinced that the technique of using Isisian codes to establish meaning is anything other than subjective interpretation of natural linguistic phenomenon. Furthermore, I cannot seem to find any historical basis for Isisian codes...where was it used? by whom? no code or cipher websites discuss it which seems strange. This questions further as to whether we can attach meaning to Isisian code findings, however beautiful they may be. And of course, once we throw away objectivity and begin to seek meaning based on individual conceptions of 'beauty' we run into serious trouble in being able to derive consistent results when deciphering a suspected code."

But the Isisian Codes cannot, in true measure, be viewed purely from an objective point of view.  Whether one wishes to say that the Isisian Codes need to be viewed "subjectively", "intuitively", or "conceptually", cannot be understated. 

"If I am interpreting your post correctly it seems that you are seeking an objective criteria for judging whether any particular combination of letters/words that can be arranged into the an approximate expansion of Pi, is meaningful or not. This desire presupposes that only that which is objective is meaningful. It takes for granted the very thing that is at issue - the criteria for what determines whether something is meaningful or not. The whole point of the Isisian code, as I see it, is that it calls into question the whole assumption that meaning is purely objective. (emphasis mine)

"I do not claim to be an expert on the Isisian code by any means,but from what little experience I have had of it, the criteria for judging whether any particular combination of letters/words whose numerical values can be aranged into an appproximation of Pi is meaningful or not, is beauty."

The author, a Michel, went on to add,

"Also I do not want to give the impression that I am advocating throwing away objectivity. I am not thinking in terms of subjectivity vs. objectivity. It is a case of simply expanding the objective picture of reality to account for the conscious subject as well - subjectivity + objectivity. In the Coincidence of Opposites, the two forms of knowing, subjective and objective, mutually reinforce each other, creating a form of knowing that is implicitly more encompassing than either form on thier own.

"I do not think in terms of there being a right and a wrong answer to the question of whether the Isisian Code is meaningful or not. The answer that anybody arrives at - like any individual blob of colour in a painting - depends on the background against which it is viewed.

"The question seems to me to be like asking whether the "Grail" cup in Leonardo's Last Supper that is discussed in the thread - Da Vinci Virgin of The Rocks, is really a cup or an abstract wall decoration. Up close it appears as an abstract wall decoration, from a distance as a "chalice". I do not see it as an either/ or choice. I see it as both. The wall decoration is painted in two tones - a dark and a light tone. I see this fact as symbolic that Leonardo is sending us the message that the Coincidence of Opposites is the Grail. In this understanding the either /or dichotomy of Grail vs. Abstract Wall Decoration, is transcended. It is the act of understanding that unites the two seemingly mutually exclusive interpretations. When seen against the background of this understanding, I experience a sense of beauty. Objective understanding and Subjective Understanding ( the sense of beauty) reinforce each other."

There are many of those who have sought to argue that the Isisian Codes is "purely subjective".  Indeed, those who try to argue that the Isisian Codes is "purely subjective" are really missing the entire point.

Subjectivity comes AFTER an analysis of the underlying objective realities. There really can be no "subjective inquiry" into these affairs if one has not first been able to expand and push the objective argument to its limits. Once objectivity has reached its limits, there is but one way to transcend what becomes a rather simplistic objective enterprise, and that is to peer deeper into the Construct utilizing logic and reason in an intuitive manner such as to reveal what has been concealed.

Letters are fused to numbers and as such, words must have a mathematical component to them. Objectivity seeks to impose a comprehensive set of limits through which words may then be interpreted as esoteric constructions. What objectivity seeks to do is impose a standardized set of criteria as to how the totality of an esoteric code may be interpreted.  There is not a care as to the willful intent of the "crafter" of the esoteric formula.

The following demonstration shows very easily the limits of objectivity as such applies to an analysis and interpretation of esoteric formulae.

Interpret the following formula and provide the answer:


If you view this formula objectively, you most likely will make an objective analysis that X must = 1, for surely 1+0 = 1 and so X must equal 1. This statement, relative to the construction,  is purely false, for if you make the assumption that X must equal 1, then you forgot to include the intent of the crafter of the formula.

The intent of the crafting of words necessitates the inclusion of a subjective reasoning, or, more accurately, an intuitive logic.

The intent of the formula 1+0=X was intended to reveal whether something was "TRUE" or "FALSE".

Since Letters are fused to Numbers, we may note that the number 1 is Roman numeral I which is the 9th letter and the 0 number is the O letter and the O letter is the 15th letter.

9+15 = 24, and since X is the 24th letter of the Alphabet., then the formula 1+0=X is "TRUE".

The objective mind will then protest and say, "You are being subjective", as if to intimate that the very statement I+O=X is FALSE and INVALID.  Obviously such an argument falls on deaf ears.  I crafted the formula to prove a statement true or false.  I know precisely how I crafted the formula and even provided the logic and reasoning as to how the formula was pieced together.  There was nothing subjective about the crafting.

Clearly the formula as intended is TRUE.

One must study esoteric formulations in great depth before one may begin to say they can infer the intent of the crafting of the esoteric formulation.  What we are dealing with is CORE OCCULT TRUTHS. 

The Isisian Codes is inherently designed to elucidate core Occult TRUTHS which aid the individual in attaining a measure of a comprehension of (Occult) reality.

As the above formula so clearly demonstrates, you cannot so naively assume that a purely objective analysis will lead you to an elucidation of OCCULT TRUTH.

Maxim - from The Secret Work of the Hermetic Philosophy

8. Let a Student of these secrets carefully beware of reading or keeping company with false Philosophers; for nothing is more dangerous to a learner of any Science, than the company of an unskilled or deceitful man by whom erroneous principles are stamped as true, whereby a simple and credulous mind is seasoned with false Doctrine.

9. Let a Lover of truth make use of few authors, but of the best note and experience truth; let him suspect things that are quickly understood, especially in Mystical Names and Secret Operations; for truth lies hid in obscurity; for Philosophers never write more deceitfully - than when plainly, nor ever more truly - than when obscurely.

A Construct Fused to Nature

Our Construct is fused to Nature, ingeniously inscribed into the language, preserved for posterity. One must simply come to know their "ABC's".

Says Sir Francis Bacon in "Alphabet of Nature"

The Rule or Form of the Alphabet

After this manner we compose and dispose our alphabet:

We begin solely with history and experiments. These, if
They exhibit an enumeration and series of particular things,
Are disposed into tables; otherwise, they are taken separately
And by themselves.

But, seeing we are often at a loss for history and experiments,
Especially such as are luciferous, or instructive, and, as we
Call them instances of the cross; by which the understanding
Might be helped in the knowledge of the true causes of things:
We propose the task of making new experiments. These may
Serve as a history in design. For what else is to be done
By use who are but breaking the ice?

For the mode of any more abstruse experiment, we explain it,
Lest any mistake arise about it; and to the intent, also,
That we may excite others to excogitate better methods.

Also, we interspect certain admonitions, and cautions
Concerning such fallacies of things, and errors in invention,
As we meet with in our way.

We subjoin our observations upon history and experiments,
That the interpretation of nature may be the more in
Readiness and at hand.

Likewise, we lay down canons (but not such as are fixed and
Determined) and axioms which are, as it were, in embryo:
Such as offer themselves to us in the quality of inquirers,
And not of judges. Such canons and axioms are profitable,
Though they appear not yet manifest, and upon all accounts

Lastly: we meditate sometimes certain essays of interpretation,
Though such as are low and of small advance, and by no means
To be honoured (in our opinion) with the very name of

For, what need have we of arrogance or imposture, seeing we
Have so often professed that we have not such a supply of
History and experiments as is needful; and that, without
These, the interpretation of nature cannot be brought to
Perfection. Wherefore, it is enough for us if we are not
Wanting to the beginning of things.

Now, for the sake of perspicuity and order, we prepare our
Way by avenues, which are a kind of prefaces to our
Inquisitions. Likewise, we interpose bonds of connection,

That our inquisitions may not seem abrupt and disjointed.

Also, we suggest for use some hints of practice. Furthermore,
We propose wishes of such things as are hitherto only desired
And not had, together with those things which border on them,
For the exciting the industry of man's mind.

Neither are we ignorant that those inquisitions are sometimes
Mutually entangled; so that some things of which we inquire,
Even the same things belong to several titles. But we will
Observe such measure, that (as far as may be) we may shun
Both the nauseousness of repetition, and the trouble of
Rejection, submitting notwithstanding, to either of these,
When, in an argument so obscure, there is necessity of so
Doing, in order to the more intelligible teaching of it.

This is the form and rule of our alphabet.

This treatise should be read, and read again, until one begins to feel a stirring of curiosity to peer further. At minimum, one should be able to grasp the idea that objectivity will only serve one so far. What the "rationalist" calls "subjectivity", the Philosopher knows and comprehends true that the attainment of knowledge of the Construct must include a layer of "Interpretation", "subjectivity", or "conceptual" analysis.

What the Isisian Codes will reveal to the serious inquirer is that all things are interconnected. This is accomplished through revealing a series of interspersed connections set against "the mythical Word".

In order to comprehend the Isisian Codes, one must be willing to leave convention behind. The Isisian Codes, being an esoteric study of Qaballa in the truest sense, remains a study in the Occult power and phenomenology of the Letters as they wind themselves into the fabrication of words that become "things".  As such, perhaps, the Isisian Codes remains one of the most sophisticated and contemporary Works to date where one may immerse oneself into an esoteric study of the Letters.

The Construct is fused to Nature.

For example.

Imagine the shaking of one's hands with another. Now imagine the Kingdom of the Ants. Observe well the manner and way in which the ants that scurry to and fro on their trails rub their "antlers" in recognition of their kind each as they greet each and every one along the way. Observe that the ANT is integral to the word ANTler. Now shift the D of HAND to a T (it is phonetically identical in that each is a DNTL), and the parallel between the ANT and the HANT (hand) are identical.

The word HAND (H-ANT) when it is used to "shake the hand of another" is also by design an esoteric construction that reveals a parallel pattern in Nature, namely that of the Kingdom of the Ants. Observe further how the ANT carries its dead back to its den, and then observe the manner in which soldiers will risk all in order to carry their dead back to their den equally.

Now remove the Letter H from the word HAND to reveal the word AND. Reverse the word AND to reveal DNA. Does not AND imply two, as in "this" AND "another"? Sum the letters of AND. 1+14+4 =19=S.

Is "S" not the two dimensional half image of a strand of DNA?

To repeat -

Neither are we ignorant that those inquisitions are sometimes
Mutually entangled; so that some things of which we inquire,
Even the same things belong to several titles. But we will
Observe such measure, that (as far as may be) we may shun
Both the nauseousness of repetition, and the trouble of
Rejection, submitting notwithstanding, to either of these,
When, in an argument so obscure, there is necessity of so
Doing, in order to the more intelligible teaching of it.

Words as Mathematical Expressions
We do not begin our Inquiry into Letters and Words with the idea that Letters and Words are static representations.

"We begin solely with history and experiments. These, if
They exhibit an enumeration and series of particular things,
Are disposed into tables; otherwise, they are taken separately
And by themselves."

Letters, clearly, may be tabulated. How else would one construct a dictionary? But a total analysis reveals that Letters may not be entirely tabulated relative to any given word as part of the same table.

"Lastly: we meditate sometimes certain essays of interpretation,
Though such as are low and of small advance, and by no means
To be honoured (in our opinion) with the very name of

Interpretation is an Art. By definition, Interpretation cannot be solely objective.  Indeed, objectivity often seeks to deny subjectivity in its entirety.  This is as trying to solve the riddle with one eye closed.  How do you gain perception without triangulation that rational conceptual analysis reveals?

Words are connected at a higher consciousness to "the Thing", but ultimately, since Letters are fused to numbers and sounds inseparable, "Things" can be consciously coded to reveal certain Truths".  It is these "core truths" that the Isisian Codes seeks to reveal in ever increasing measures.

In this, we must have a foundation upon which "Truth" may be predicated. This ultimate "truth" is that of the Binary (BRAIN being but an anagram thereof - for all intents and purposes).

The 1 and the 0 are inseparable, and so reality must, if consciously crafted to demonstrate this higher understanding, require from its words this underlying principle.

This principle is set forth in "The Beginning of Masonry, page 24",

If the ultimate and all sustaining secret of Freemasonry may be openly expressed in a few words, it will be these:

The entire course of nature is manifested in cycles. Some of these are scientifically real, others are but appearances based on the presence and position of the observer upon the Earth, away from which they have no true existence. For instance, there is no night except as we are temporarily on the shadow side of our globe during its diurnal rotation. There is this movement of the Earth upon its axis; there is the annual revolution that we term the year; and there is the stupendous cycle called the precession of the equinoxes, which requires nearly 26,000 years for its accomplishment.

There are relative velocities and courses of the planets, the axial revolution of the sun, their angles of inclination, the atomic weights of metals, the phenomena of light, color, crystallization, and gravitation. When the results are expressed in their simplest forms, the latter prove to be some rudimentary geometrical figures that supply the structure of crystals, and all blend together into the marvelous triangle (pythagorean theorem or "golden triangle") that caused old Pythagoras to cry "Eureka!" when the beauties burst upon him."

By careful computation we are able to reconstruct this really divine system, and we find that the exact proportions relating to the celestial correlations in question were lavishly and exclusively employed in the architecture of the temples of old, in all the culture lands of the world, both east and west.

He goes on to explain at the beginning of a Chapter entitled "The Letter/Number System" on page 33: "The next step beyond that of embodying the sacred proportions in architecture and art was to contrive their vocal expression."

The Isisian Codes is the definitive guide and insight to show precisely how "the Pi Proportion" was encoded so as to demonstrate this "vocal expression".

To contrive this vocal expression" one has to immerse oneself into the totality of the Craft that is known as "Gematria". Ultimately, these particular Pi Proportion constants must return one back to Pi or in some form or manner, "the golden triangle of Pythagoras". 

"Gematria", provides us with literal hidden essences into the words not contained within the dictionary. This is by design for the contrived nature of the words reveal their esoteric, or hidden, meanings.

For example. Higgins mentions "the stupendous cycle called the precession of the equinoxes". This cycle is the primary purpose to the Royal Arch Degree. However, this cycle is purely illusory. Observing the Sun at its location at the Equinox, the Sun appears to traverse in reverse through the Zodiac, forming a "circle in the sky". This "circle" is oft referred to as "the pie in the sky", yet "pi" and "pie" really are encoding the same thing - a Circle, hence the ration of this circle to its diameter.

So the word ZODIAC can be inferred to then be a part of the "contrived vocal expression", and indeed it is, for the anagram of ZODIAC is CADOIZ. Return the Letters to Numbers, and C=3, A=1, D=4, O=15, I=9, Z=26

ZODIAC = CADOIZ = 3.1415926

We can refer to this "contrived word" as both an "absolute truth" and an "esoteric truth", depending on our purpose for the encoding. By revealing that ZODIAC is an anagram for Pi = 3.1415926, we begin to formulate "the structure of crystals" that "all blend together".  Sir Francis Bacon said it another way.  "Likewise, we interpose bonds of connection, That our inquisitions may not seem abrupt and disjointed."

Words are encrypted such as to avoid being overtly "obvious" - as a general rule, and so words become forms of mathematical expressions.

Letters within the formulated word reveal the intent of the formulae.

In the case of the word SUN, we note that S is 3 and N is 5.   Therefore, the Letter U must have a value of 6 in that the sum of 1:6 is 21, which is the U letter.

This form of logic and reasoning is no different than a simple mathematical expression as


In this case, we can see that X must have a value of 5.  X is not known but may be inferred through the formula surrounding the X.  At the same time, X may be viewed as XC.  In this case, we may infer that X is a 10 and that the number being referenced is 90.

X does not have a static value from a word or expression to another.

To show this point again, we note that in the word SUN, N has a value of 5, for SUN is a code for 365.  However, in the word TON, we note that T is a 20, O is an 0,  In this case TO has a value of 200.  Since a TON is 2000 pounds, we can infer that the value of N in this case is 10, for TON must equal 2000.

We then must follow through the logic as to why or how an N may be a 10.  Since N is located at 14, we then use the numbers 14 co-relationally and show that the Sum of 1:4 is 10.  Equally, we note that D is located at 4 and T is located at 4 and N is a DENTAL and so all the DENTALS may have values of 10 even as each of the Letters may have additional values.

In the case of the "Precession of the Equinoxes", this Pi Proportion too has its vocal expression set into a word that contains a form of mathematical expression.  Since the precession is marked at a co-relational diameter of 12,960 years, we simple place L as 12, I as 9, F as 6.  In this case, E, although it is located at number 5, must take on the 0 number.  This is accomplished in line manner of solving U as 6 for the word SUN.  We simply sum the value of 1:5 which will result in 15.  15 is the O letter and 0 number.

Interpretation, conceptual reasoning - however you wish or need to view it, plays a critical role in the formulation and execution of the Isisian Codes.

Consequently, in order to comprehend the Isisian Codes, it is necessary to keep in mind the following Hermetic maxim.

A Hermetic Maxim

Let the studious Reader have a care of the manifold significations of words, for by deceitful windings, and doubtful, yea contrary speeches (as it should seem), Philosophers wrote their mysteries, with a desire of veiling and hiding, yet not of sophisticating or destroying the truth; and though their writings abound with ambiguous and equivocal words; yet about none do they more contend than in hiding their Golden Branch.

If one keeps and open mind and begins to peer into the Isisian Codes from a conceptual rather than a linear mindset, the methods and formulas will begin to reveal themselves. With effort, one may be led from a word to a word, and in the process, come to a clear understanding of Occult Reality.