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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beltaine - Precursor to International Labor Day

As has been demonstrated thoroughly here at the Illuminatus Observor, the primary "secret" that was being encoded by "Pagans" priest-crafts was a philosophy immersed deep within the transcendental number of Pi.

Pi was the great unknown, a number which accurately reflects the nature of "That which Is" for it may be known, it may never be known - its digits extending out to infinity in an endless stream of non-repeating digits, yet forming a rational representation within the first 32 digits in what is otherwise a wholly irrational number.

Setianist (Monotheism) force sought (and continues to seek) to destroy this ancient knowledge. However, as the knowledge is fused to the solar calendar, a 26 digit Alphabet, and the Great Constant of Pi, such erasures of knowledge are nearly impossible: the knowledge may be forgotten or denied, but can never truly be erased.

This article will reflect precisely how this ancient knowledge was caste into the great Pagan holiday of Beltaine.

The Traditional Holiday of Beltaine

The Pagan calendar is/was divided into 8 "sabbats", 4 of which are considered "minor" and 4 of which are considered "major". Beltaine is considered to one of the major. All of the major sabbats are constructed so as to represent Pi. In the case of Beltaine, this day is traditionally caste on May 1. May 1 is 121st day of the year, or a number which is 11*11. 11*11 is a number representative of the Great Circle of Life. Additional information regarding the number 11:11 may be found in the article here at the Illuminatus Observor entitled The Master Number (11:11) and the World of Sport.

Beltaine is known as "the sex sabbat". The entire of the rituals surround Beltaine are centered on the fertility and fecundity of the Earth. The mythological representation of Beltaine is linked to the Spring and the forward thoughts of "harvest". Beltaine is a celebration of life, of the conquering of light and life over death and darkness.

Its names are many, including Walpurgishnacht and Roodmas, Roodmas being an earlier form for the name of the Jehovian church and for which was one of the earlier attempts to erase the impact of the festival in the hearts and minds of the people through essentially inverting the symbolism of life to that of the cross and death.

Ritual practices varied from region to region throughout Northern Europe. In Ireland, a common ritual was to light "balefires", in honor of the horned god Bal. As a purification ritual, it was common to jump over the bale fires, often without clothes. The nursery rhyme:

"Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jumped over the candlestick!"

hints of a reverence for these earlier times.

The day was also know for other forms of fire rituals, often centered around sexual themes.

Of course, the most widely recognized Beltaine ritual remains the Maypole.

In this depiction, the "pole" itself is said to be the male phallic symbol, while the "O" upon which the phallic symbol is centered is said to be the female (yoni) symbol.

The timing of May Day is regarded as one of the solar "power points", and its encoding is clearly defined within the Isisian Codes, to be expanded upon later.

Efforts to Eradicate Beltaine

We regard Isaiah 65 of the Jewish Torah to be the center of the philosophical thought of Judaism and the larger philosophy known as "monotheism" or "Abrahamism". In Isaiah 65, we read of the true nature of Setianist religious thinking,

But you who forsake the Lord,
who forget my holy mountain,
who set a table for Fortune
and fill cups of mixed wine for Destiny,
12 I will destine you to the sword,
and all of you shall bow down to the slaughter,
because, when I called, you did not answer;
when I spoke, you did not listen,
but you did what was evil in my eyes
and chose what I did not delight in.”

Clearly this is a passage written by a psychopath, not much different from the leadership found in Israel today, and, to a larger degree, elites within Western systems who have forsaken Western ideals and subjected same to Jewish ideological thinking.

Hence with the rise of Christianity, rooted as it was in Judaism, we find movements dedicated to the slaughter of things that were not acceptable to the purported "moralistic" thinking inspired by interpretations of Jewish religious thinking. What was "Pagan" was to be destroyed. What could not be destroyed was to be integrated such that the original meanings, to the extent possible, would be forever forgotten.

This was the game plan. Says Torah so clearly, again from Isaiah 65,

“For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth,and the former things shall not be remembered or come into mind."

Such words are not the words of a religion, rather, they are the words of a political agenda fused to a religion system based on the ways of the psychopath. Who in their right mind would worship and find value in the words of slaughtering others under some pretense of doing what is not desired by oneself?

Hence the Pagan Calendar was put to the run, chased by the political forces hiding within the Church. Easter was changed to some absurd idea of a risen dead guy on a cross, a concept totally ripped and plagiarized from earlier risen god mythologies. The "feminine" or "Goddess" Aester/Ishtar, etc., would be forgotten. New earths were being created.

PASSOVER in the Jewish traditions and "the CROSS" in the Christian traditions could be seen as two systems being fused together, the very words hinting that each would share in half of the esoteric formulations.

Christmas would also be changed to fit a wholly Jewish based mythology, and the other major and minor Sabbats of the Pagans would find themselves being changed. IMBOLC, traditionally celebrated on Feb 1/2, would be changed to "Ground Hogs Day", for instance. A new Earth - the elimination of knowledge from the past, was indeed the New World Order of the day.

Beltaine, as May Day, would be no exception.

The Roman Catholic Church, in its lust for blood and destruction, had a difficult time stamping out the May Day festivals. In one such effort, the name was changed to Roodmas. Rood, meaning "cross", was the earlier name for the Church in German territory. One must wonder whether the English term of "rude", meaning to be of ill manner and over bearing demeanor is itself not a simple code word for the earlier name of "Rood" as it applied to the autocratic, obnoxious, and tyrannical nature of the Church.

Surprisingly, it was not the Church that had the majority of success in curtailing and nearly eradicating the celebrations surrounding Beltaine, but rather its successor, the Protestant movements. When Puritans (the same people behind the prudish side of American sexual morality) came to power in England, they were so horrified by the popularity and "debauchary" of Beltaine that in 1644, they made the celebration of the holiday "illegal" through the banning of many of the rituals,

May Day festivities became so much fun that in 1644 the Puritans attempted to make the celebrations illegal, banning even the making of Maypoles. They especially attempted to suppress the 'greenwood marriages' of young men and women who spent the entire night in the forest, staying out to greet the sunrise, and bringing back boughs of flowers and garlands to decorate the village the next morning. One angry Puritan wrote, 'men doe use commonly to runne into woodes in the night time, amongst maidens, to set bowes, in so muche, as I have hearde of tenne maidens whiche went to set May, and nine of them came home with childe.' And another Puritan complained that, of the girls who go into the woods, 'not the least one of them comes home again a virgin.'

By the time of the late 1800, the growing global Communist movement, a movement that was originally spearheaded by Jewish "intellectuals", Beltaine was further co-opted to be a day of Labor activism. Early marketing posters promoting Beltaine imagery as Labor Day, like the one pictured here and above, hint at early efforts to use the psychic power of Beltaine to advance political ideology.

In Communist Russia, where the Communist leadership banned Christian religious expression, May Day was elevated to one of the more important rituals within the Communist political religion. The purpose, of course, was to metaphysically take advantage of the solar energy of the day, but equally to fuse to the day a new meaning wholly unrelated to the original intent and purpose.

The success of these efforts has resulted in a global usage of May 1 as a day for labor activism. Aside from the more focused of groups in the Northern Hemisphere, where Beltaine celebrations now may be widely found, the day has lost much of its symbolic significance and ritual meaning.

Indeed, a new Earth has been crafted and the former ways have been largely forgotten.

Such is the way of Setianist/Jewish political influence on traditional Earth/Solar/Pagan based religious thought.


Anonymous said...

I am digging the recent activity on your part, Fetch!
Thanks once again!
On another, note: I am certainly no guru when it comes to computers & I am definately not computer-savvy. I can't find any link on your page for "personal emails"
Where do I go, what do I click?
And just to "pre-empt": sorry for wasting space here on such trivial matters!

Dennis Fetcho said...

You can contact me at "thefetch@yahoo.com", or through the comments section here. Also, you can click on the sidebar link >View My Complete Profile > Email. A link will open up to send an email.

Thanks for the nice words and look for more material shortly...

Anonymous said...

...A quick one Fetch if u May ( no pun intended)....numbers are themselves symbols to represent a particular concept based on the observer...for instance does "1" really exist in the observable nature? unless one decides to filter out from the whole/hole...

Dennis Fetcho said...

In "observable nature"? Yes. The word HORIZON is your clue, for the "one" is as the horizon, with the sun being the zero coming up over same.

The word HORIZON, therefore, is the primary code.

H = Pi
ON = ON(e)

This is one example which gets its own word representation.

I guess an article just on One would be sorta interesting, come to think of it....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply Fetch....mayb to rephrase my Qstn…the “1” on the horizon is a symbol which does exist.....but the concept of a One entity doesn’t in exist in nature…4 instance when you say “One finger” one tends to omit the fact that the finger is attached to the palm which has other four fingers attached to it!....in this regard, is working with numbers just a matter of the observers selective perspective? And maybe numbers are tools used to make humanity number?
A one post on one would be intresting……

Anonymous said...

...a followup on the "one" entity qstn...when counting we move from 0 to 1 then 2....but while doing this we know b4 getting to 1 there is 0.99999999...then we do something called rounding (Pi)off...in short does a "one" entity really exist? what then is the basis of counting, other than the observors selective perspective....

Anonymous said...

...Sorry Fetch more ranting....if Zero(0) equals Wholeness and One(1)equals Oneness/Unity...then doesnt it hold true then that (0=1) since is it possible to separate unity from wholeness?
A link on what are numbers:

Anonymous said...

It's quite syncronicitious (is this even a word? Ha!) this particular thread on 0 & 1 should crop up as I am just about to wrap up a book called A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO CONSTRUCING THE UNIVERSE by Micheal Schneider. I can't recommend this book enough for any serious "initiate" of the Isisian Codes. It totally breaks down the #s 1 through 10 - Pythagorean style. It's an interactive read & requires some effort on the reader's part, but speaking from personal experience, it's well worth it. If anything, based on the ancient Pythagorean / Egyptian style of archetypal #s, The Isisian Codes ring all the more true.
Sure, Zero is the primordial sea from which everything emerges - including #s, but I find it useful to look at one - not as a "number", but a "point" (not to be confused with a "zero")
BTW, have you read the previously mentioned book, Fetch?

Dennis Fetcho said...

Hey Everyone -

Lots of great comments and insights and thoughts and no, had not heard nor read of the book in question, but love to hear of additional points of research.

Surprisingly, I have not done much on educating on Pythagorean numbering and occult significances, but yeah, such is something everyone who is serious about a Universe based on Number/Letter/Sound should peer into.

Regarding 1 and 0, I like the Liebniz approach wherein the very nature of 1 implies the binary (1/0). Also, the very symbol (/), a 1 on a diagonal, essentially, implies division.

Within inverse duplicity, the "1", implying UNITY (UN = NOT IT) implies that the 1 is not "whole". The hole is the whole, wherein a hole is oft implied by a circle in a substrate...


silas said...

Really great post, is there a podcast to go with this? Also if mayday is a sex sabbat would that be why prince william got married on the 29 so they could "celebrate" on that day?

Anonymous said...

Fetch is there any type of sacrifice associated with beltaine?

Dennis Fetcho said...

As of this reading, I have not come across any information during research for the article that also mentioned "sacrifices".

I guess a search query would be in order, but you can do that as quickly as I.

Dennis Fetcho said...

Regarding podcasts - Inside the Eye is doing great, but I need of course to add more content. Let me see about complimenting this one with a podcast....

Anonymous said...

Not to beat a dead horse, but I find the topic of #s - particularly "Zero" & "One" - to be both fasicinating and pertinent to material on this site.
From what I can ascertain at the moment, there are two ways of looking at #s: a) the traditional way - numerically 1,2,3,etc. or, b) the way Pythagoras did - geometrically, which is completely devoid of using numerics. Now, from what I understand, these two systems are complementary. The caveat is that in the first case, the numerics should be treated as Fetch aptly does (i.e. 0-9). In the pythagorian system, it's 1-10.
In the previously mentioned book (on a previous post) the reader learns both archetypically & intuitively how #s, matter, & everything else comes into existence - in hermetic masonic fashion: through the geometer tools of creation (compass, straight, edge, & pencil).

Anonymous said...

I hear u buddy...havent read the book but will try and check it out....Am still of the o(pi)nion numbers just make the human spirit numb and tend to enforce the idea of separation... for instance if u r now using a laptop u might say "One laptop".. assume then you change ur perspective and zoomed out, u would then observe that ur laptop is on a desk, the desk is on the floor/ground, ur neighbor shares the same floor/ground and also has a desk with a laptop...hmmm wats my point (lost myself there)... the symbols we cal numbers just reflect ones perspective and really dont exist.... here is a test 4 ur brain try n imagine a diffrent numbering system ;-) Considering the 100th monkey effect, I wonder wat role the (pi)rami(n)ds had on the human perception noting that they encompass all the constants( pi, phi and e)...just a wild thot...

effel said...

Hope you got my letter chart. Also, interesting page http://em.crim.fr/alphabet/alphabet.html. Interesting to reflect on why they took the rho symbol to replace pi in the latin alphabet.

And just to point out "Clearly this is a passage written by a psychopath", but that this passage is not really from the Torah, but from the awful english translation.

effel said...

A quick translation with Google help:

11 You leave Ieve, Hshakhim at-el (the mountain, says the translator s.t.) qdshi (holy s.t.) -- values Gad table, filling me from.
12 I counted you(r) sword, and you slaughter Hkrov (Atcaro s.t.) -- Because I called and you answered, I have spoken and heard; and do evil eyes, who did not - I desire you choose.

Not much to shiver about here.

effel said...

Translation with the help of Google

11 You leave Ieve, Hshakhim at-el (the mountain, says the translator s.t.) qdshi (holy s.t.) -- values Gad table, filling me from.
12 I counted you(r) sword, and you slaughter Hkrov (Atcaro s.t.) -- Because I called and you answered, I have spoken and heard; and do evil eyes, who did not - I desire you choose.

As always, KJV seems to imply the opposite of the original.

Anonymous said...

Hi from -sky-


Curious. Was it not the same movement of persons editing the KJV who were fusing the two, Torah and Christianity together?

Two peas of the same pod so-to-speak. Purposeful editing with an agenda on both parts - more controlling than not. I am hopeful that everything is done with a good intention. We foul up though. Then we sprout and blossom. I know I do.

Also, Google is not always correct with their translations. IMO

*wonders about the letter chart - interest peeked*

My mom says in her church they do not study the old testament. The teachings are from the new testament. I poke fun and tell her that makes no sense. How can God's word only be halfway studied not to mention -- taught. *chuckle* I believe her reason was because it was too violent.


Women are pregnant for "9 months". Technically it is 10. There are full months here. Trust me I felt it. *L*

1-10 Vs 0-9.


One is an individual essence is it not? Take a snowflake for example. No two are the same. One is one and the other is one. Like a fingerprint.

If you are hungry and in dire need for food and at that moment, I only have a huge bag of popcorn, wouldn't you like to eat more than just "one" popped kernel? OR are you going to eat the whole bag of popcorn, the bag too, my hand that carries it, and then me, and the ground and the store I bought it from?

I only had one child at a time.

Sure we are all interconnected to the "All That Is". However, each one of us carry our own unique essence and personality. No two people are with absolution -- identical. They are each one. IMO

I also am full swing on the idea of the inter-connectivity you present. I for one, am all for it.