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Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Deluge of Mankind, an Insight into the Apperception of the Conceptual

This article deals with the heart of what is called "the Construct", or in a more traditional sense, an "apperception of the conceptual". Says Plutarch in "On Isis and Osiris",

"But the apperception of the conceptual, the pure, and the simple, shining through the soul like a flash of lightning, affords an opportunity to touch and see it but once. For this reason Plato and Aristotle call this part of philosophy the epoptic or mystic part, inasmuch as those who have passed beyond these conjectural and confused matters of all sorts by means of Reason proceed by leaps and bounds to that primary, simple, and immaterial principle; and when they have somehow attained contact with the pure truth abiding about it, they think that they have the whole of philosophy completely, as it were, within their grasp." - Source

Mankind exists in a state of confusion. Delusion. Truth has been removed. Euphemistically, this is referred as a "removal of the Word"; the myths are creating the reality, and the reality blends with the mythology to create the basis for perceptual realities, even as the mythologies are encoding esoteric "secrets". That secret is simple: Pi is forming the underlying esoteric basis for the "reality".

The Lost Books of the Bible, Adam and Eve, Book 1, Chapter 1, reads, "God said to Adam, "I have ordained on this earth days and years, and you and your descendants shall live and walk in them, until the days and years are fulfilled; when I shall send the Word that created you, and against which you have transgressed, the Word that made you come out of the garden, and that raised you when you were fallen. 2 Yes, the Word that will again save you when the five and a half days are fulfilled." This statement mirrors closely to what is being said in the Masonic craft,

"The mythical history of Freemasonry informs us that there once existed a WORD of surpassing value, and claiming a profound veneration; that this Word was known to but few; that it was at length lost; and that a temporary substitute for it was adopted. But as the very philosophy of Masonry teaches us that there can be no death without a resurrection,—­no decay without a subsequent restoration,—­on the same principle it follows that the loss of the Word must suppose its eventual recovery." - Source, The Symbolism of Freemasonry
Illustrating and Explaining
Its Science and Philosophy, its Legends, Myths, and Symbols.
Editon 1882

The Apperception of the Conceptual is a recognition of the crafting of the reality as it is set back against "the Word". What is "drowned" is "the knowledge of the Word", which the Hebrew branches of esoteric schools says was given to Noah and tranmitted "orally" through "Noah's" line.

The Destruction of the Knowledge of Pi

The Flood Story is a Universal Archetype. Most in the West are fed the Hebrew version of Noah and the Ark. This is a fatal flaw in Western cultural elite tendencies as the Noah story is the least truthful of the stories: a cursory check of most flood stories shows that the bringer on of the deluge was a negative creation. Gnostics referred to this as "the Demiurge"; purists in the early Western mystical systems understood this creature to be "Satan", "Jehovah", "Typhon", "Cain", "Seth" and numerous other manifestions.

The Hebrew construct can only be seen as "altered history" serving an Elite aligned against the Western construct. But such details will need to be sorted out at an Elite level. English in its traditional sense could be seen as a protest and fight against these Setian traditions; the true "Mason" was setting into concrete the "Ancient Word" of "Pi", even as it held and put forward "no creed"

The "Flood" could be seen as the unleashing of a mass of humanity such that it would be impossible, when combined with the various creeds and beliefs, to fully return the "Word" and have it understood by humanity which is and was its rightful owner.

Says the bringer of the Flood, Enlil, in "the Epic of Gilgamesh", from Tablet XI

"As soon as Enlil arrived
he spotted the ark. Enlil was furious.
He was filled with the wrath of the gods, it IGIGI.
"Has life-breath escaped? No man was meant to live through the devastation."

Ninurta shaped his mouth to speak, saying to warrior Enlil,
"Who but Ea can create such things?
Ea knows all the Word."

Isis (Ishtar) would say earlier,

How could I cry out for battle for the destruction of my people?
I myself gave birth to my people!
Now like the children of fish they will fill the sea!"

And so the Construct is being crafted upon varying mythologies, but the Western construct is relying often on alternative, and not purely, Judaic systems as the Construct was put down into conceptual reality.

For instance, when children go to "school", it is no secret that a "school of fish" "swim in the Sea". This is a crafted archetype to hint at similarities between fish swimming in the Sea and humanity as "fish swimming in the Sea".

"School" is the means through which the fish are taught to swim.

Consider a "school of fish" as being a "community", a "country", etc. They are swimming in a large tank. They are "drowned", while the Initiated Systems are now "arisen" and are "outside of the tank". If they want the fish to swim to right, someone bangs on the left side of the tank, and the fish, hearing the sound from the left, instinctively swim to the right. When it is time for the fish (humanity) to be pulled or pushed to the left, an unseen hand "slams the tank on the right", and the fish swim to the left.

Humanity understands not the forces that force it this way and that, from one war to another, from one creed of beliefs to the next, and on and on.

The Drowned Race called Humanity
All that is necessary is that Noah and his Ark exist, for the archetype is clear: if one believes in the Ark, one finds that one is by necessity drowned, for they know not the underlying reasons for the "CRAFTING". It is all based on the Word, and the Word is Pi.

The C is the Occultation of the Moon/Sun via an eclipse. The RAFT is that which rides above the waves. The C-RAFT. AFT-ER. Those who "survived the Flood", those people who held the flicker of flame as in the Torch of Isis (the Statue of Liberty). It is the Occult that allows one to "rise above the waves".

But the secret lies in the Epic of Gilgamesh. There are two key players: Gilgamesh and Utnapishtim. Gilgamesh swims down into the underworld to meet with Utnapishtim, who is "the Great Father", for it is said that UTNAPISHTIM understood the "secret of the gods" and was thus spared via his own form of "arc". Gilgamesh was considered "the Greatest of them All".

These words, though, are "sacred nomenclatures", so they are being fused with an esoteric coding.

UTNAPISHTIM as the "great Father" reverses to form

UTNAPISHTIM = MITHS (IP) ANT U = Myths, Pi, and You

GILGAMESH is a bit more complicated but easy enough.


So what swam down to "learn of the secrets of the gods" was "English as "gilgamesh", while what English learned from was "Myths, Pi, and You", or UTNAPISHTIM.

Rising Above the Waves
Image Source

With humanity drowned, it is easy to start to comprehend the conceptual, or to gain an "apperception of the conceptual". What are the properties of ICE? Ice in its natural state "rises above the water". ICE is a simple code for I SEE. The Letters IC become the Thelema introduction of "93", or the Letters "IC" = I SEE. When the soul has been "perfected", it is said to "rise above the waves". What rises above the waves? The FIN of the FISH. Hence words as FINISH encodes apperceptual concepts besides "that which helps to guide the fish". THE FIN IS H, or that which rises above the waves (the drowned human creation. The code of "The Fin" is the "end", or the soul perfected and it is this which frees itself from the karmic wheel and rises above the "Wheel of Fortune" of "10", the basis of the Hebrew/Setian "occult system".

The Fin is Pi (H) = FINISH.

To find eternal peace, or as what is intimated in the word PACIFIC Ocean, the soul can "find peace" if it "can see", or be as "ICe", hence "PACIFIC = PASS IF I C = Pass if I See", meaning having risen above the waves of delusion and ignorance.

All this am more is clearly encoded into the language, an entire philosophy encoded to preserve what Setian forces continuously seek to destroy. The apperception of the conceptual allows one to advance in leaps and bounds....for the Torch of ISIS is that which rises above the waves.

ISIS = 9+19+9+19 = 56 = 19+16+5+5+3+8 = SPEECH

1 comment:

Marc Jones said...

Another author mentioned this trend where they merged history with myth and visa versa. This seems to make a fine noise. Rise above the waves.... fine, but if it's "as above so below", what in heavens name is going on up or in there to cause what's been happening out here!? Or maybe it's a feedback loop.

I may be able to tell you. It is Our own Thought Form creations...back to haunt and keep us guessing as it all functions as a block to a more pure reality. I'd guess that reality has little to do with English or anything similar. But in saying that I've stepped on my own speculations.