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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Purple Rain" and other Occult Puns

I receive a LOT of emails regarding the Illuminatus Observor.  It is refreshing and appreciated.  If you are of a mind to share some thoughts, do send me an email. I read them all and for the most part, appreciate them all.  Recently, I received this one, which I trust the author will not mind my sharing,

"I just finished reading your entire blog and I feel it has allowed me to use my whole brain in ways I was unable to before, numbers and letters are rigidly ingrained as left brain only functions....not anymore. Very mind expanding...better than bin-aural beat meditation in that regard.

"I first came across your blog a few months ago but I couldn't make sense of it then. A few weeks ago I began experiencing amazing synchronistic and psychic events, when I came back to your blog I could comprehend it and started at the beginning with my notebook and calculator.

"Thank you very much for your work and for making it free to the public." Chris F.

First of all, Chris, and to all others who have shared and share the same sentiments, your words are most appreciated and you have my congratulations on your developing awareness.

In private conversations to another e-mailer, the following information was shared:

"The IO (Illuminatus Observor) is designed to "auto-open" the throat chakra and "re-wire" the brain. This creates a more open circuit between the heart and the brain. A Taoist Grand Master taught me that most people today have closed heart AND throat chakras and this is a primary cause of disease being able to manifest in the body (cancers). 

"MANY MANY people complain (or relate) that when they read the blog, there is a buzzing feeling in their head, and sometimes they can be disoriented for a few days (or more). It is like candy - those who want to learn more will push through the wall (manifests as physical discomfort), while those for whom this does not resonate (often it resonates but in a conflicting or in a dis-consonance manner) will rapidly retreat away.

"No harm no foul when the retreat is effected, but the seed is planted regardless...

"This "buzzing" is often enhanced if you were to receive the data "first hand" as in a seminar setting. In these cases, I have had instances of people getting dizzy and then sleepless and agitated as the rewiring (the only way to describe it) works its effect.

"The ultimate goal is to enable people to re-connect with "their Fetch" and gain a direct channel back to "Asgard" as practiced by Shamanic North German or Nordic Tribes. Fetch's often present themselves in lucid states as the opposite sex or as animals (hence the Totem Pole). So "your employee" was most likely your "literal Fetch", and, having been reconnected, the channel is now open for you to too get knowledge and insights even while sleeping.

"This concept was covered for you in the article "Duality and World of Dreams"

 In the Initiatory Systems - there are literal practical and practiced methods and mechanisms one is taught in order to enhance the control of the astral state - controlled astral projection. Thelema and Crowley took this concept and channeled the control into literal dark energies - the principles as practiced in Golden Dawn magic could be considered to be in effect too for "light force" but that this remains largely highly protected.

"The controlling of astral projection is a very difficult and time consuming practice and one for which not even I have learned proficiently. Far easier is the creation of lucid states - where knowledge may be transmitted via often seeming cryptic messages (ex. 3-4-5) that deal with the current vein of thoughts upon which the mind is trying to resolve.

"The method of transmission is from one's "Fetch" - this is covered too in an article "On the Nature of Fetches"

"So it does not surprise me that you are getting these "information dumps" - rather - it is gratifying to see that the system is working as intended for those who seek to enter into these affairs but otherwise do not have a chance because it is so tightly controlled.."

Common Protests Against the Isisian Codes

I have been writing and sharing the concept known as "the Isisian Codes" for well over a decade now. The thought or concept did not "come" to me until 1996, and even then it was a foggy conceptual in an etheric pre-natal stage. To say that early attempts to describe the phenomena I had witnessed were crude and crass would be a bit understated.

Protests to this this Art were found everywhere, mainly as a product of my inability to communicate the idea clearly.

One of the main protests I received was that the Isisian Codes was too "subjective".

This form of protest really tries to impose a purely objective analysis upon a language, with the assumption that codes must by virtue of being "codes" be purely "mathematical" in construction.

Those who adhere to these purely mathematical constructions really are not taking the whole of the Occult use of language into account, namely techniques as espoused in the "Craft" of "Qaballa".

In the "Craft of Qaballa", we use Letters/Numbers/Sounds as a means to effect a trans-rational, or what I term "hyper-rational", relationship with one's higher source. A "Smallus Printus" wrote for Hadean Press in an article entitled "The Qaballa", the following:

"...in essence a qaballa is a trans-rational relationship with the deity/universe by means of a mathemagical or psycho-linguistic pattern implicit in the Word/Book of that deity."

In the case of English proper, we hold that the Alphabet is the literal "body of Osiris" in that from the Alphabet we are able to craft written words. Since gematria shows us that RELIGION = 89 = OSIRIS, we then hold that the "written word" is akin to "religious systems predicated on written books", of which Islam, Judaism, and Sikhism, are notable examples.

The Oral traditions, such as original Vedic, Teutonic, or Finnish (Kalevala) systems, knowledge was transmitted through a reciting or singing of poems, without the benefit of written component benefit. In this way, we equate these systems with that of "the Goddess" or ISIS in that, again, using gematria, we can show that ISIS = 56 = SPEECH.

The Isisian Codes seeks to create a fusion of both systems, Oral and Written, and seeks to incorporate "spoken word compounds" (alchemical usage), or "colloquials" into the Art. We find these colloquials often in sexual puns to remind of us a higher form of the Art known as "letter transpositions".

The Cock Crows in the Morning

One example is the phrase,

"The first thing to crow in the morning is the cock."

That a "cock" is too referred to as "the male sexual organ", we can see that the proper letter transposition in the phrase is C:G. In Qaballa, or gematria, C is located at 3 while G is located at Greek and Hebrew 3, a relationship that shows the phonetic equivalence of C and G, "C" being "hard", while "G" is "soft". The formula can now be changed to read,

"The first thing to G-row in the morning is the Cock."

This simple example reminds us that "letter transpositions" need not be effected across the entire length of a word as is often attempted by what could be termed "very serious students of "a" Craft" as Thelema and Crowley's skip code cipher, a cipher that leads one into a wholly foreign channel that utilizes the same said body of Osiris.

In addition, the sounds hold particular esoteric values.  In the case of the cock (the bird), the sound made is "cock a doodle doo!", and yet to "doodle" is to meander avante garde  with one's pen across a piece of paper.  The "pen" being the "penis" is what "writes", or "doodles", and yet if we "right a ship", we make the ship stand "back up" in its natural position.

Other examples could be found to revolve around "blood". Consider that a "red light" means "stop" or "do not pass" with that of "menstruation". Indeed, Nature holds a special place for the color red, often to mean that such a creature might be "poisonous" or otherwise a danger in some way. In this way, too, Jehovah/Typhon/Seth is caste as "red", which, wholly reliant at the mass level upon written word traditions as "Torah", "Bible", etc., we too then find the word "read".
The example seems to hint that one should not rely simply on what is "read", and yet, at the same time, we find that a "reed" instrument is intoned when the "reed" air passes over and causes the reed to vibrate. Since a "reed" is caused by the passing of air, an "oral tradition component", we then find support or benefit in the "reading" of a book.

So you can see, any "rational" analysis can get confusing, for the same words can have different meanings even based on how they are sounded within the context of usage. It is not so easy as one would think, as many of you have surmised through trying to comprehend this work.

When we "read", we "reed", and so we must incorporate the ORAL or Spoken Word traditions into the Written Words that are "read" - or see.

Purple Rain, Purple Rain

Take for example the artist "Prince". Some have speculated that he is a "Freemason". I do not know, but consider this little pun in the language.

Men are viewed as "dogs" and "Mars", while CATS are equated to females. The properties of CATS as a product of nature are they are sleek (sexy), good vision in the night, and, when affectionately handled, "purr".

Now consider the word PURPLE.

When a vein is tightly constricted, the blood, when viewed through the skin, will have a purplish color. Now extend this again to sex and the male sexual organ. Engorged with blood, the color can have a purplish hugh. Purple, too, is regarded as a highly spiritual color (I was once photographed with a pure violet aura), and yet this higher spirituality finds its way woven into human sexuality.

If Cats are females and it is "cats" that "purr", then what, exactly, is purple. Is it the Purr Pole?

Now I can hear many snicker and laugh at such a pun, but let us go back to Prince.

The lyrics to Prince's "Purple Rain" are as follows:

I never meant to cause you any sorrow
I never meant to cause you any pain
I only wanted one time to see you laughing
I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain

Purple rain, purple rain
Purple rain, purple rain
Purple rain, purple rain
I only wanted to see you bathing in the purple rain

I never wanted to be your weekend lover
I only wanted to be some kind of friend, hey
Baby, I could never steal you from another
It's such a shame our friendship had to end

Purple rain, purple rain
Purple rain, purple rain
Purple rain, purple rain
I only wanted to see you underneath the purple rain

Honey, I know, I know, I know times are changin'
It's time we all reach out for something new, that means you too
You say you want a leader, but you can't seem to make up your mind
And I think you better close it and let me guide you to the purple rain

Purple rain, purple rain
Purple rain, purple rain
If you know what I'm singin' about up here, come on raise your hand

Purple rain, purple rain
I only want to see you, only want to see you in the purple rain

The bold highlight is mine, because as Prince hints in the song -



The PURR POLE is precisely that - the penis. Purple Rain is the PURR POLE RAIN, so Prince is speaking about ejaculation. To further impress this point, in the movie "Purple Rain", which sold some US$80 million in tickets and won an Academy Award, "the penultimate shot is Prince spraying purple jizz out of the end of his purple guitar all over the androgynous patrons of the First Avenue club.

What else could the punned word imagery, fused to the Motion Arts imagery, be intimating?

Now raise your hand if you know what Prince is talking about!

The Isisian Codes encourages us to view words in conceptual ways so as to use them to encode imagery in objective manners that appear as subjective interpretation. Keep this technique in mind and you will begin to see Occult formulae hidden in plain sight.