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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Esoteric Code of G-d

Have you ever wondered why Jews would be so intimidated by English that they would blasphemy against the word "GOD" and thus change the inherent design in the name to suit their own mystical purposes? Gematria, Kabballah, and other forms of "mystical Arts" indeed, do, invite fascinating insights into why words and letter structures are as "they are".

 I mean.

What is this nonsense of "no self respecting Jew would ever say the word God" when their language and hence their very word for it is "not English"? Why do they change English to suit their purposes?

Are Jews intimidated by English so much so that they have to change an esoteric code of "GOD"? Don't they have their own language and hence their own esoteric construct? What is the real reason for the changing of an English esoteric contstruct to suit a Setian elite? Ever heard of YHVH, or the letters "yud, heh, vav, heh"? This not "mystical enough" for the Setial elitists and their flock?

Do Jews use the term "ALLAH", or do they change that word too? What do they call "Allah"? LL? Do they remove the "A"'s so as not to "speak or utter that which is unspeakable"?

 Do you see what is being gotten at here?

 Think rationally regarding this issue, and you will soon come to a realization that there is a mystical imposition with an irrational explanation is being applied to the quite esoterically constructed word of "GOD", just too as there is a "mystical esoterically constructed" design in the letters YHVH.

 "Mystically esoterically constructed" is just a fancy way of saying that there is a wholly rational explanation as to why the Letters are chosen and designed as they are. Such is how the Illuminatus system works.

The formula for YHVH shows that Yud is 10, Heh is 5, Vav is 6, and Heh is 5. This creates the "Jewish" esoteric formula of YHVH = 10+5+6+5 = 26.

Yet the word GOD, too, is 7+15+4 = 26, so the word GOD is an "English" esoteric formula showing 7+15+4 = 26, while YHVH is a "Jewish" explained rationalization for the English letters of YHVH totalling 26. And when we consider that the Letter H is "the Greek Letter Pi", as it clearly is by design and as a rule in the Isisian Codes, we can remove the H as symbol of the closing of the circle, and then we can show that ALLAH has an "Arabic" esoteric formula of 1+12+12+1 = 26, wherein the H closes the sound and hence the "circle".

So the Key Number here is the 26.

Yet each of these formulas shows "26" as set against the English alphabet or sounds. Funny that, that Jews (Setian Illuminatus) would craft a code that removed the "O", or the "feminine" within "God", thus creating a defeminized esoteric code of "G-d", and then leave the world with a silly explanation that makes, when viewed from a tactical gematriatic sense, a complete attempt to cloud and destroy the English esoteric formula, of which GOD is a pure and complete form, while YHVH is confused and muddled.

 After all.

When we view the letters YHVH, we arrive at a literal ENGLISH esoteric formula of 25+8+22+8 = 63. Not very esoteric, is it?  No matter how contorted and twisted you wish to contort your reason and logic, the summary and arbitrary attempt to assign values to English based on foreign rules is absolutely insane and lacking in precision and depth of comprehension of Qaballa

The Isisian Codes, being a pure and complete form of Qaballa, reveals and returns all if only we can understand the transposition and channel upon which numbers are fused to letters and sounds. As such, we can observe the following esoteric computations for the Letters YHVH, but must begin with the rather overt and obvious.


Attributing them to the Hebrew is a form of "transposition", yet this transposition is obviously arbitrary when the letters are affixed with Hebrew (Setian elite) values, for it is clear that YHVH are and remain English letters. Their placements are what they are, and so Occultists take a huge leap of faith (and in the process a leap into a shadow world of false conclusions brought about by clearly false observations) that what is being seen is different from what is being seen. The very process equally destroys the Occult channels designed within the words, but that is a deeper concept for more advanced Qaballistic students of the Craft.

 Understand and observe clear: YHVH is YHVH. These Letters do not bow down to a foreign system. A foreign system (Rabbinical Kabballah) has sought to impose the definitions on the Letters even as the Letters stand absolute. You must contemplate clear what is being intimated. The Secret Code of G-d is just one such insight into the way in which words and meanings get twisted to deceive with the intent to elevate one system over another. One system does not even acknowledge that another system exists. This is Setian logic: ignore to the end of time with the hope that by burying one's head in the sand that truth will remain out of sight and out of mind and hence cease to exist. An Aquarian era cannot be predicated on such lunacies and absurdities.

  Transposing YHVH to a Value of 26
The Isisian Codes as show above allows us to observe some basic phonetic/letter equivalencies. The Isisian Codes are as a guide. The Illuminatus System in Setian or Osirian models do not totally adhere to the above, but these serve as a ready analysis tool.

 Y as "Yud", really is the Aryanised, or German, "J" sound, as in "Jah" = "Yah". It is being given a value of "10" in the Hebrew, but is really deriving its sound from the "soft phonetic of the J sound, which is, quite conveniently, placed at 10". It is no secret that Jewish Kabballah (Setian Illuminatus) is a system set against the 10, or the "JAH".

Yet, in the Isisian Codes, the Letter Y is "25" as well as "9", which then creates a transposition of "1", in that the Letter Y shares the column with the Letter I, which is the Roman number of 1. H as Heh has a value of 5. However, Heh is, in reality, Pi. Study its shape. The sum of 1:5 is 15, which is the Letter O, which is the pictographic representation of Pi. It, the Letter "0", also happens to be the shape of the Number 5 in Arabic

However, the Letter H shares column 8 with the Roman numeral "X", which has a value of "10". Vav, as 6 in Hebrew, can be seen to essentially be encoding the ENGLISH ESOTERIC system of the Isisian Codes, for at column number 6 are the letters F and V, or the phonetics of "fav", wherein the "f" and "v" are the labials as "vav" too encodes clear at position number 6. However, as is the way of the "joker", things are still not as they appear, for V too is number 5 in Roman system.

 Now, and ONLY NOW, can you sanely and RATIONALLY transpose the formula of YHVH = 26, but you HAVE TO UNDERSTAND the basis of the transposition.

Y is I is 1
H is X is 10
V is V is 5
H is X is 10

YHVH is "code" for IXVX = 1+10+5+10 = 26.

 This is the ONLY CONDITION under which the letters YHVH = 26.

What is Hebrew is Hebrew. What is English is English.

The two systems are not directly interchangeable on a 1:1 basis, and here is where the false linking of Jewish "kabballah" to English as has been done by the later schools as Thelema and rabbinicized Masonry can be shred from a rational perspective as to the Gematria in play.

 The Story of Pinocchio

See Seth's long nose? Seth is the god that lies.

Everything here is CRYSTAL clear.

Crystal we break out into the following letters: C R Y'S TAL See our wise tale.


There are two gods in play: Osiris as the Letter A, who is the real "eye of the pyramid" and there is his brother Seth, who is the Letter I,

There was a boy. His name was PINOCCHIO. When he lied, his nose grew long. Then one day he turned into a donkey.


When Pinocchio lies, his nose grows.

In the original tale, the Setian "god" and hence with it, the Setian Illuminatus, "lies" and is hence "bad". Pinocchio, aside from the long nose of Seth, too turns into a "donkey":

Ass In the cults of Asia Minor a symbol of Set, Typhon, Satan, Jehovah, or Saturn. Jesus rides into Jerusalem "upon an ass, and a colt the foal of an ass," in accordance with the prophecy in Zechariah (9:9). If the ass is Saturn, and its foal the earth (whose physical globe is governed by the genius of Saturn in connection with the moon), this is an apt symbol of the descent of the Christos into the lower worlds. Plutarch relates that Typhon or Set fled on an ass into Palestine and there founded Hierosolymus and Judaeus (De Iside et Osiride, ch 30). 

Note clear the shape of the letter I to the shape of "the ass". Everything here is CRYSTAL clear. C R Y's Tale

The Secret Code of G-d
Now. Do you really think that the formulation for "G-d" is precisely what is publically pronounced when everything about Setian "metaphysics" is based on lies and deceptions?

Pinocchio. Pi...

The Secret Code of G-d is just one such example, and here is how the code works. Everything about the higher levels of the Construct is based around the Sun. It is the giver of life and without such, all life ceases to exist. It precedes all things (nouns).

Hence English places the word THE before all nouns.

 T = 4 = 10 H = 8 = 36 E = 5 = 5 (T*H)+E = (10*36)+5 = 360+5 = 365 = SUN

There are two primary marking points: the Solstices and the Equinoxes.

 The word SOLSTICES encodes the aspect of the Winter and Summer Solstices.

SOL'S = SUMMER T = Noon Zenith measurement of Sun (noon reading)


Within this word are tales regarding Osiris and the totality of the word SOLSTICE is clear. 

CRYSTAL clear.

So what is the word or letter code that encodes the Equinoxes? The equinox is the cardinal energy to the Solstice. Cardinal is the color of red. Red is the color of Seth/Jehovah/Typhon. It has its own code: G-d

That is right. G-d is a CODE FOR THE EQUINOXES.

 T is the Winter Solstice. It is the start. It is the WINTER = WINNER = ONE. 52 weeks. Each quarter is 13 weeks. T is the Start. The Winter Solstice. O.

The Start Point.


The Letter G is 13 weeks after T. The mark of the Spring Equinox. Now spin G 180 degrees on center, as 6 to 9. What letter do you reveal? The Hebrew Letter Pei.

 This is the phonetic of P, so the proper transposition for G spun 180 degrees on center is "p" when viewed in the Hebrew, but this must be returned to the English, so it must be spun back 180 degrees.

P spun 180 degrees on center as 6 to 9 reveals "d".

Hence the rational observation is that T is indeed the Solstice, wherein Solstice encodes both points, the Winter as ICE and the Summer as SOL's.

So it should come as no surprise that the Illuminatus had configured a word to reveal the Equinoxes. This code must be clear. CRYSTAL CLEAR. G is indeed the Spring Equinox. Spin the Letter G on its center 180 degrees to reveal the Hebrew Letter Pei. The esoteric significance of the Letter Pei is that of Speech.

It too clearly encodes the word PI.

Pi linked to Speech. Imagine that.

You just had to go to two different linked codes to get the knowledge, but if told such was so, surely it is not so difficult. Spin the Hebrew phonetic of "p" 180 degrees back to English "d". You have the Illuminatus Code of G-d. It is "cardinal" or at 90 degrees to the Solstices.

Happy "fall" equinox.

Happy "G-d".


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Illuminatus. Illumine Not Us.

There is a basic understanding in various Masonic circles that words have layered levels of definitions. This means that there are the profane definitions, the ones that can be found in any given set of dictionaries on the language, and then there are the more occulted definitions that are held in confidence and passed with knowing winks amongst the Initiated who were behind the crafting.

For example. The Letter L is EL. EL is "the", and "los" is "the", and "los" is "sol", so how is El "the" when transposed back into English?

T = 4 = 10
H = 8 = 36
E = 5

(T*H)+E = (10*36)+5 = 365 = SOL = 3650 = SUN = 365

This is a very basic demonstration of "transpositions and modifications" utilyzing what could be regarded as "esoteric Baconian ciphers", wherein the "esoteric significance" is being passed on from "one race to another". In truth, languages as Spanish and English are using, essentially, identical letter sets, and since the "letters" comprise the primary philosophical basis point, one should assume that the elite behind Spanish were every bit as focused on encoding the larger philosophical construct based on "the 26".

An example of a hidden meaning in a word might be that of "COACH". The operative letter of COACH is the Letter H (ACH), so the prefix to the word is that of "CO" "ACH", wherin H is Pi is "MAN", and so a "CO" "ACH" is someone who is working on behalf of the "ACH", or the "man", for "man" is 13/1/14 is Pi. Many words have these forms of gematria riddles. When the "ACH" is transposed to Spanish, the word for "man" becomes "muchACHo" as masculine and "muchACHa" for feminine. It makes one think that the fabrication of such words are as self evident "jokes" and "puns" when set back against English.

That there was cooperation between various languages and that this cooperation was controlled through small bands of Initiates is inferred in a work called "Traces of a Hidden Tradition in Masonry and Medieval Mysticism, by Isabel Cooper-Oakley, [1900], at sacred-texts.com. In a chapter entitled "The Troubadors", we find the following references to core esoteric significances being split and divided into fragments and then released into various languages. The reference given here is that of "triple languages".

"It is always the case that these importers of the triple language are divided into three bands, having each their own idiom; to one was allotted the south of Europe, to another the north, to the third the part of Asia and of Europe occupied by those who are now called Greeks, quos nunc Græcos vocamus, as if they did not bear this name ages ago. But let us explain: here it is a question of the refugees of the sect, of the Sinon of the party, whom we have seen so ill-treated in hell, who are also spoken of in the Monarchy under the name of Greek pastors. These hold to white and yellow, as one of the aspects of Lucifer; they have one foot on the European soil of the Catholics, the other on the eastern land of the Manicheans, and, which is very disturbing, they understand for the most part the artifices of the conventional vocabulary. The three idioms were then subdivided in each of the regions mentioned; but those of the north, such as the Hungarians, Slays, Teutons, Saxons, and English kept the monosyllable is as the sign of their common origin. For the rest of Europe there was a third idiom, "though it may not be perceived that it is triple, licet nec videatur trifarium." Among the inhabitants of this region, "some say, as affirmation, oc, others oil, and others again si; that is to say, Spaniards, French, and Italians. But what proves the common origin of their idiom is that they use some of the same words to express many things, such as Dieu, ciel, amour, mer, terre, vivre, mourir, aimer, and others besides. [God, heaven, love, sea, earth, to live, to die, to love.]"

The Language of the Birds

The term used to describe the symbolic means by which the Ancients encoded their "omnific Word" and underlying philosophy has come to be known as "the Language of the Birds". Essentially, "the Language of the Birds" is akin to the roving "tale tellers" of old. Examples of this are as the Rishis of India, those who sang the Kalevala of the Fins, the Poetic Eddas of Northern Europe, etc. The knowledge was encoded and weaved into the fabrics of the songs and poems and plays.

It is no small wonder that with the rise of "Setian worship", loosely associated as "Abrahamic worship", the war of the Illuminatus became between those of the "Oral Traditions" and those of "the Written Traditions". This is a loose definition, but one that bears itself out as one begins to understand the underlying dynamics at play within the higher Initiatory systems.

The "Language of the Birds" can best be seen as the conglomeration of the world's "folk tales". Within the world's folk tales is a larger, global, woven tale that hints at the fall of the human race, a loss of knowledge, and oft contains warnings from a spiritual and pragmatic persective such that mankind can raise itself back up by turning away from the very forces that brought about this fall.

The "language of the birds" can be understood to the totality of the philosophy as it has been encoded into letters, numbers, sounds, symbols, allegories, etc. The term "language of the birds" is derived from a Russian folk tale called "Language of the Birds", wherein we read,

'"How I wish I could understand the meaning of the different songs of all the birds! I would give half my wealth to the man, if only there were such a man, who could make plain to me all the different songs of the different birds."

"Ivan took notice of these words and no matter where he went, no matter where he was, no matter what he did, he always thought of how he could learn the language of the birds."

The "birds" we may liken unto that of the Bards, the Troubadors, the Rishis, and all the other "minstrels" and "players" through time who have encoded the wisdom of "the Goddess". What Ivan is looking for is someone versed in the various code sets of the different languages such as to be able to understand the totality of the language. These languages consisted of Hermeticism, Alchemy, Astrology, Tarot, Qaballa (in its purest sense and not the current "Jewish" sense), etc.

All of this knowledge and more would be, essentially, "suffocated" as Setian dominance began to prevail over the various arts. As the "mysteries" began to be "committed to writing", it was an acknowledgement that the "war" between the Setian forces was being won against "Osirian/Isis" Initiatory systems, and so the committing of the folk tales to writing, coupled with one final push to mold the letters and the language to the "design of the Word", was done so as to preserve the underlying philosophy directly into the language we now call "English".

The "church" was established. What was "iglesia", or "church" in Spanish, would become "inglesia", or English, the same, while the home of they who dwelt in the land of the ice (the North) would build their dome shaped "igloos". The transpositions and modifications could be said to be "EVErywhere".

The Veil of Isis was "the Language of the Birds" all the same.

The Hidden Code of Illuminatus

From a purely technical sense, the primary code of the Illuminatus is "Pi". The phrase "In God We Trust", for example, is a multi-dimensional word to represent this core foundation. To begin, we can say that GOD = 7+15+4 = 26 weeks = the Diameter in Time of the Earth around the Sun, which is thus a "Pi proportion". The word is far more textured than such, however.

Since we know that the digits of Pi in use are the first 32 decimal digits -


There is a song by an artist called Andrew Bird called Masterfade that hints at this Pi proportion. The lyrics mention the Pi Proportion very clearly as well as a numerical basis to reality.

if the green grass is 6 the soybeans are 7
the junebugs are 8 the weeds and thistles are 11
and if the 1's just hold their place the 0's a smiley face
when they come floating down from the heavens

The fact that Pi is the Key, or "1's" and "0's", should be seen as being a basic building block of the Illuminatus system. It makes sense, then, as a "test" against such a theory, that the very word ILLUMINATUS would encode Pi in a very acute and unique way, which of course, it does.

By analysing the word Illuminatus, we can see that the word is rich in "Roman Numberals".

I, L, L, M, I

By converting these letters back to "1's and 0's", we reveal the following formulation:

I = 1
L = 50
L = 50
M = 1000
I = 1

By adding the (50+50), or the (L+L), we can convert the "50's" back to 1's and 0's as the sum of 50+50=100. This then creates the following number:

I = 1
L+L = 100
MI = 1001

When we set these back against themselves, we create the following:

I(L+L)MI = 11001001 = 11.001001

Why is this a critical number set? Because 11.001001 is equal to Binary Pi. It is up to you to determine if a system wholly predicated on Pi preserves for itself the very presentation of Binary Pi when the word is ciphered from its letters back to its numbers.

This example provides you with another key point. Words are crafted to encode particular realities relative to the Construct. In the case of the word "ILLUMINATUS", we can remove all the Roman numbering, thus revealing Binary Pi, and then we are left with the following "letters/digits".


Hence the usage of the word ILLUMINATI and ILLUMINATUS has distinct concious variations, including as used here. Robert Anton Wilson, author of the "Illuminatus Trilogy", clearly uses the keyword ILLUMINATUS, while many another authors can be found to use the word ILLUMINATI. Why the difference? Simple. Gematriatic construction can and does often play a critical role or key.

In the word ILLUMINATUS, we can easily craft Binary Pi, leaving us the letters UTANUS, while in the word ILLUMINATI, we are left with the letters UNATI. From here, you may infer various links.

UNATI, for example, may be the primary underlying source for "United Nations", or the mechanism and vehicle through which so many dark Occultists seek to create and manifest their "One World Government", while in the letters UTANUS, a simple formula can be derived.

U divided by U is 1, and thus creates an A. So if we rewrite the formula as follows:


we can then arrive at the traditionally recognised "god" of the "Illuminatus", or "Illuminati". Once we have created the Pi Proportion (proof of hypothesis), we can then begin to decipher the phonetic equivalents.

ILLUMINATUS = Illumine Not Us
Illuminati = Illumine Not I

A most interesting one is the term ILLUMINATUS = ELIMINATE US. Here we have a "double entendre", for is the word set intended to subliminally convey that the "ILLUMINATUS" is here to "eliminate us", or is it really a function of a command, wherin the "ILLUMINATUS", hiding deep within Setian (Judaic teachings) worship, understand at a concious level that it is they who are the problems for mankind and hence would require being "eliminated" if the world is to usher in "the 1000 years of peace" as is set in their own mythological bluepring, the "Book of Revelation".

Here is where the Isisian Codes become an intuitive tool. Are all those claims about "they are trying to genocide us" a more hidden reality within the Universe, that indeed there are and remain a force on this planet so dangerous and so out of touch with reality that it will do anything to preserve its own pre-eminence even to the point of creating the conditions necessitating the removal from a "Universal Sense" of this energy?

Hence even as it screams "they are trying to annhilate us and drive us back into the sea!", that indeed, this is not what is in motion but what is needed to become in motion so as to cleanse the earth of they who have stolen the Mysteries and userped them for their own dark needs?

So even as they declare "Illumine Not Us", they too are the ones who promote the idea of "genocide" and "never again" to preclude their losing their status of "kings on Earth"?

In a world at war with the Tearor, those in the light should be able to see the inverse duplicity of the phrases in play.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9-11, the Ultimate Illuminatus Code

If there is an "emergency", dial 9-11.

The Mythological Foundation of the Deconstruction of Mankind

There is a tale that eminates primarily from Jewish mythology, although parallels can be found in many cultures. The myth in question is that of "Adam and Eve" and the expulsion from the "Garden". The myth goes something like this:

And the Lord God said, "The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever." So the Lord God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken. After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life. Genesis 3:22-24

This story has a close parallel to the Popul Vuh of the Mayans, the story most likely eminating from the same priest line that was behind the story of "ADM and EVE". In the Popul Vuh we read,

"Then the Creator and the Maker asked them: "What do you think of your condition? Do you not see? Do you not hear? Are not your speech and manner of walking good? Look, then! Contemplate the world, look [and see] if the mountains and the valleys appear! Try, then, to see!" they said to [the four first men].
"And immediately they [the four first men] began to see all that was in the world. Then they gave thanks to the Creator and the Maker: "We really give you thanks, two and three times! We have been created, we have been given a mouth and a face, we speak, we hear, we think, and walk; we feel perfectly, and we know what is far and what is near. We also see the large and the small in the sky and on earth. We give you thanks, then, for having created us, oh, Creator and Maker! for having given us being, oh, our grandmother! oh, our grandfather!" they said, giving thanks for their creation and formation.
"They were able to know all, and they examined the four corners, the four points of the arch of the sky and the round face of the earth.

"But the Creator and the Maker did not hear this with pleasure. "It is not well what our creatures, our works say; they know all, the large and the small," they said. And so the Forefathers held counsel again. "What shall we do with them now? Let their sight reach only to that which is near; let them see only a little of the face of the earth! It is not well what they say. Perchance, are they not by nature simple creatures of our making? Must they also be gods? And if they do not reproduce and multiply when it will dawn, when the sun rises? And what if they do not multiply?" So they spoke.
"Let us check a little their desires, because it is not well what we see. Must they perchance be the equals of ourselves, their Makers, who can see afar, who know all and see all?"
Thus spoke the Heart of Heaven, Huracán, Chipi-Caculhá, Raxa-Caculhá, Tepeu, Gucumatz, the Forefathers, Xpiyacoc, Xmucané, the Creator and the Maker. Thus they spoke, and immediately they changed the nature of their works, of their creatures.

"Then the Heart of Heaven blew mist into their eyes, which clouded their sight as when a mirror is breathed upon. Their eyes were covered and they could see only what was close, only that was clear to them.
"In this way the wisdom and all the knowledge of the four men, the origin and beginning [of the Quiché race], were destroyed."

- Source, Popul Vuh

These two myths are critical to gaining an apperception of the conceptual, or an understanding of the Construct as designed and held to be truth with the highest of levels in the Initiatory System.

The Apperception of the Conceptual and "9-11"

The mythological construct shows that "mankind" has been "removed" from some state of pre-eminent knowledge, so much so that people are only able to "see near" and "not far". They are not able to view the totality of reality and their eyes are as covered in a fog or a myst. Some have clearer vision than others, while others are so deficient mentally that they are mentally retarded. So much can be said on this subject, but we must move along.

The Book of Formation is literally what it says: a Book of Formation.

Here is how it works.

If Adam and Eve have been expelled from the Garden, and there is a flaming sword and cherub guarding the way to the Garden of Eden, there still must be some code left within the Occult world that captures the essence of just what was being inferred in some manner of understanding such as to serve as a guide to the "Illuminatus", both Osirian and Setian, to bring themselves back to the Garden of Eden.

Surprise, surprise! The "number" for "the Garden of Eden" is...


Here is how the apperception of the conceptual works. Since we know that Adam and Eve have been "removed" from the Garden of Eden, their condition is dire, and hence there is an "emergency". Dial 9-11 to find your way back. Since Adam and Eve have been removed from the "Garden of Eden", it can be said that they have "emerged", and hence there "emergence" is noted, and this "emergence" creates the "emergency". Dial 9-11 to return to the Garden of Eden.

The "knowledge" is what has been "removed". The Cherub and Flaming Sword guards the Garden of Eden in the East, while in the Popul Vuh, the clues are less clear: "Let their sight reach only to that which is near; let them see only a little of the face of the earth! It is not well what they say. Perchance, are they not by nature simple creatures of our making? Must they also be gods?

In each case, the knowledge is being guarded, one through the Cherub and the Flaming Sword, while the latter through a "deconstruction", wherein "the eyesight" allows them only to "see a little face of the Earth". The designs have been changed.

Here is the practical aspect of what is being said.

The Illuminatus are "the gods", while the "profane" are those whose sight is being deliberately marred. The mechanism of this "marring" are your own beliefs predicated on formulas controlled wholly by the Illuminatus. For instance, if we write out the glyph "A", this is an example of what when it is said to "let their sight reach to only that which is near". If we give you what is far, perhaps we share the philosophics in the following pictures:

By showing the Letter A set against the Sun as a formative archetype, what we are doing is allowing you to get a glimpse into the deeper philosophy, which is akin to "seeing far" as opposed to seeing a "letter A" and being satisfied that you are seeing a "letter A".

To be able to come to understand the totality of the construct within the Letter A would be akin to "seeing far" and "becoming likened unto the gods", for the gods are themselves considered to be as "the letters", and so to come to an ability to see the Letters is akin to becoming as "the gods", a subset of knowledge wholly removed from humanity by the Initiated Systems, or "the Illuminatus".

The idea is to control the Key to return to the Garden of Eden.

Dial 9-11.

9-11 and the Book of Formation

Just as we can point to Adam (ADM) and EVE (Pi and 666) as being present at the very beginning of the Construct, which may be inferred as being present at the "foundation" of all things, then too we can point to a document called "the Sepher Yetzirah" as a primary source to seek to understand the nature of the Construct.

Again. A word of caution. The Illuminatus System is imbedded into the profane Jewish Kabballah. One cannot assume that such a profane system is actually taken seriously within the Occult save for those systems predicated soley on Setian metaphysics (Jewish systems): Osirian systems were far more pragmatic and rational when viewing Setian systems and kept everything in perspective. It is wise if you are able to maintain such a balance, for deception is everywhere, and confusion even more so.

The Sepher Yetzirah has many translations. I utilize the one highlighted as it is clear in the strength of the primary foundation.

Section 1. In thirty-two mysterious Paths of Wisdom did Jah, the Jehovah of hosts, the God of Israel, the Living Elohim, the King of ages, the merciful and gracious God, the Exalted One, the Dweller in eternity, most high and holy--engrave his name by the three Sepharim --Numbers, Letters, and Sounds.(8)

The key here is that the Illuminatus System is based on "Numbers, Letters, and Sounds." This is critical and you cannot assume as is oft taught profanely that this refers only to established "gematria alphabets" as Greek and Hebrew. Hebrew gematria is actually antecedent to the Greek, and it is the Greek from which our "western traditions" stem. That is being generous.

That A is the letter A and that the the Letter A is a Number is just the beginning. It is also a "sound", in so much as the philosophical construction of the Illuminatus is concerned, a sound that can be modified by either a long or a short "Ahh". Each point can have a number, each corner a secret to be pried open and revealed.

This is the story of Odin and the Runes.

But the Sepher Yetzirah is the Book of Foundation. It provides us with the root code to build the Philosophers Stone.

"Ten is the number of the ineffable Sephiroth, ten and not nine, ten and not eleven. Understand this wisdom, and be wise by the perception. Search out concerning it, restore the Word to its creator, and replace Him who formed it upon his throne."

Ten, and not nine.
Ten, and not eleven.

X not IX
X not XI



This is the Gateway to the Garden of Eden, for if you can solve for the nature of 9-11, IXXI, and if you understood that the Isisian Codes are clear and to the point, then you would have understood that the Word FIVE is located at the "position 6" for a reason.

The Pentacle (5 Pointed Star) is to be set into the Hexagon.

But IXXI is the FOUNDATION. It is the Ultimate Occult Code that represents the paths to the Garden of Eden.

In a Setian world, it is designed to sow chaos and an apocolyptic scenario.

More on this later.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Herbie the Love Bug and the Esoterics of the Letter Q

I thought it might be fun to introduce the esoterics of the Letter Q by bringing up some "coincidences" in that loveable little car from 1969, Herbie, The Love Bug.

What are the basic building blocks of "the Love Bug" relative to "Herbie"?

1) Herbie = Her Bee
2) Love Bug = Affection/Sex
3) Number 53 = The Letter Q (cipher)

Now it is rumored that "Herbie" was given the number "53" because this was the number of the late Los Angeles Dodger pitcher Don Drysdale, however, as things just happen to always form connections, it can too be noted that the number "53" is 2/3 of the formula for the Letter Q, which is the glyph of the "fertilized egg".

Q, placed at 17, would then have a summative value of

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17 = 153, or '53' in cipher.

Hence "the Love Bug" could be seen to wittingly or otherwise accumulate and perpetuate various allegories and archetypes set into the Letter Q as "the fertilized egg". In addition, since the Letter B, which is a state of "pregnancy", can be said to have been brought about through a process of "love", it can be inferred that the woman really is "serving" the Q, or the newly conceived child. In various systems of the Mystery traditions, the "Queen" is "the goddess Isis" who is pregnant with Horus, hence the woman can be said to be serving the Queen as an act of divine purpose as set forward by Isis.

The O as a Symbol of the Egg

Ultimately, the word PAGAN is encoded into the formula:



O = The Egg
P = The Male Phallus (pee and penis being rather obvious artistic and word pictures, and whereas the P as a glyph is but the shape of the male sexual organs), and
Q = The Fertilized Egg.

Hence the shape of the O, the shape of the P, and the shape of the Q are literal 2 dimensional drawings of the 3 dimensional reality. Still, as so many have doubted this rather simple yet precise Occult formula contained in the English alphabet, that the O is the Egg can be rather easily shown as being a part of the Illuminatus by referring to Madame Blavatsky, the "chronicler" for the Illuminatus when she wrote in "The Secret Doctrine" ,

"In view of this circular form, the "|" issuing from the "O" or the egg, or the male from the female in the androgyne, it is strange to find a scholar saying -- on the ground that the most ancient Indian MSS. show no trace of it -- that the ancient Aryans were ignorant of the decimal notation. The 10, being the sacred number of the universe, was secret and esoteric, both as the unit and cipher, or zero, the circle."
Suffice it to say that if we remove all the mystical obfuscations, we can simply reduce the system to a base of 1's and 0's.

The Omphalos

Now when we look at "Herbie", we see that "Herbie" (Her B), is a VW Beatle. Now all of this may seem innocuous until you begin to put all the symbols back together. As referenced in the article "322, Skull and Bones and the Volkswagen", the Illuminatus System is set against 2 numbers:

PI as ADM as 1413 as 3.141, and
EVE as 666

The VW logo encodes the number 322, or the 3 V's, which are thus 3 sixes as shown below in the Isisian Codes, which then reveals the Goddess (EVE), or 666. The most popular car of the Volkswagon line, and indeed, in the history of the world, is the VW Beatle.

So what Occult forces and symbols are in play?

Her B, which is "53", which is a cipher for Q, serves "the B". However, the "B" as "a bee" as an ancient symbol of fertility, goes back to the "omphalos", in particular the Omphalos at Delphi. The word omphalos means "navel", and the esoterics within the word is often used or perpetuated by creating "centers of the world" paradigms, of which Delphi was regarded as "the center". According to legend, Zeus sent out two eagles to fly across the world and they met at the center. - source

Now we may liken the two eagles sent out as being 1's and 0's, or males and females, and so "the center of the world" is really "the act of love making", for the "navel of the world" is a stone that is oft depicted as "covered in bees (B's)" as shown above.

But there were smaller stones often carried by the ancient priests, and these stones were called betylos, or baetylus . From the Greek word "baitylos", we find the following attributions:

Also betylus, baetyl, betyles. In Classical antiquity a stone, either natural or artificially shaped, venerated as of divine origin, or as a symbol of divinity. There were a number of these sacred stones in Greece, the most famous being the one on the omphalos at Delphi. Likewise there were the so-called animated or oracular stones. "Strabo, Pliny, Helancius (Hellanicus)

Now do you see Her B, the Fertilised Egg (Q as '53'), and the choice of a "Beatle" (betylus, baetyl)? In addition, we find that the second letter of the "kabballistic alphabet" is called "bethel", "beis", or "beit", depending upon the Rabbinical school one is studying? Perhaps now the "kabballistic significance" of the Jewish letter Beis (beit) makes more sense. But be careful how you interpret, for there are many malicious errors in the prescibed values and iterations.

The Isisian Codes and the Letter Q
Notice that the Alphabet is divided into two halves. The first half goes forward from A through P, while the second half reverse from "Y" (the Child) to Q. The "center of the world", or any world for any person, is esoterically the point of conception, when the "spermatzoa" meets the "egg", where the P meets the O to formulate a Q.

In each case, either forward or reverse, the Male is located at "number 1", meaning that the A as represented by the lower half of the X is at 1, or in reverse, the P, too the male sexual energy, is located at 1. The Letter B and R can be found at position number 2, while the O, as the Feminine (and too the V as V is a 5 and may be summed from 1:5 to reveal 1+2+3+4+5 = 15 = O Letter), is too second from the end if we count the P as 1 and the O as 2.

So the center of the world is really where the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine merge into sexual union. When this happens, "O" as the Feminine is "married" (merge and marry sharing such obvious phonetics?) to the Masculine P, to create the Q.

O + P = Q

The fertilized egg (Q) is then "implanted" into B, or the profile of a pregnant woman, and after a period of "9 months", or the letters QRSTUVWX-Y, a "child", or the Letter Y, will be born. The B will serve the Q, and when the 9 months transpire, the B (water = naval = navel) will "BR-ACHE", or brake and break the same, meaning a process will stop and cease (existince in the "water = navy = naval = navel), the amneotic sack will BR-EAK, and the cries and pain of BRth will begin.

The B will return to being an R, and a new strand of DNA will be born (the Letter S), which will then approach adulthood as either and O or a P and will need to then find an O or a P to start the cycle.

Thank Q and Herbie and the Beatle

A good test in reality perception is as follows: take the phrase "thank you", and simply understand that ultimately, it is saying "Thank Q", meaning thank that from which all life comes. The word to describe the creation of the Q is called "PAGAN", and hence its vilification and attempted obliteration. Yet the whole world is PAGAN in that all eminate from the O and the P to create the Q.

The formula for this is as follows:

P = 16 = The Male Phallus (represented as ithyphallic worship as the "omphalos")
AG = 17 = Q

Not that the above is set into a mathematically ordered sequence. 16 is male. 17 is made from the first letter of the alphabet A and the 7th letter of the alphabet G, hence 16 is P and 17 (AG) is Q, or the 17th letter of the alphabet. This is a classic case of Illuminatus encryption used by Continental Masons. Since we have 2/3 of the formula, meaning that we have the Male as P and the Child as Q, we know that the letters AN of the word P-AG-AN, must be Feminine.

So we simply observe that

A = 1
N = 14

A+N=15=O Letter = Feminine (egg). This is the secret to the Maypole. May means "you can", and POLE means "union of the sexes" in the face of a Semitic religious dogma that vilifies the whole beauty of the creation.


P = Male
O = Female
LE = 12+5 = 17 = Q

Hence "bees" will be seen as "pol-lenators", and in this, the Bees serve the Queen and equally create the Q's of the plants and so we have the BR's and the B's or in English, the BRd's and the Bees, or the "birds and the bees" as a hidden Occult formula of "goddess worship".

So the next time you are in the local supermarket, and you are standing in line: observe and synthesize the reality of the Occult genius of the phrase "Thank Q" and understand clear what is meant by the rather "solemn" and "pious" invokation that the masses know nothing about.

Thank Q.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Clock and the Circle

Here is a very fascinating code. I call it "the Clock and the Circle", wherein "the Circle" is inferred, then, to be, Pi. In order to properly effect this code, you need to be working with the right "substrate", meaning "representation" relative to the design.

Let's break down the numbers of time.

A day is divided into 24 hours. This is the Letter X. The 24 hour day is divided into 12 hour halfs, roughly equated to "night" and "day". The X can be divided in half as shown in the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. If you do not wish to accept Dan Brown's demonstration of the X being comprised of the inverted "V" as being male and the "V" as female, then consider this scan from "Starshift: 1948", a Masonic piece released in 1948.

In the above example, the X is being divided into two components. First, there are 4 "V's created off the emanation from the center point, and second, two "V's" as shown in The Da Vinci Code, representing Male and Female. In the case of the 4 V's eminating from the center point of the "X". The points were given "arbitrary" values of "6" such that the 4 "v's" times 6 = 24 = X Letter position. Nowhere did the author support "why" they would be "6's", even as he released the very code as to why indeed they should be counted as such. Second, the rationale provided by this author, a "Pickett", sets each of the V's in the vertical set (the upright and reverse V) as a value of Roman number "5", and so V as 5 plus V as 5 (reversed or mirrored on the upper V) arrives at the Roman value of ten.

It is not our position to provide "arbitrary values" to anything, as we hold that the design of the Alphabet is the key and a rational and logical analysis of this key reveals the Construct in a precise and predictable fashion. In the case of the "V's" having a "value" of "6", this is well established by the Isisian Codes, which as shown here reveals that V is located at number 6.

In addition to the labials of F and V holding the position of the 6 column, the very phonetic of the word FIVE (FV) too is located at number 6. This core truth is key to understanding the entire Illuminatus system:


Hence the V as Female "5" is added from 1 to itself to reveal the 15th Letter of O, which is the Feminine "egg", "o-varies", "o-pen-is", etc. Five is 6.

The A as Six, The Secret of the Serpent Master Key

Here is another Key to the Illuminatus System, and indeed there are many "keys", but they are far different from "Keys". Note that the word KEY contains 2/3 of the word EYE. It is often necessary to have the "keys" before you can truly "see". This "key" is critical.

The Master Number is 11011. This is formed by the rhyming pattern of A, J, and K, wherein the A is placed at 1, the J is placed at 10, and the K is placed at 11. I recommend you write these out as you go along. Each of these numbers are "the Ordinal Values", or their regular placement in the Alphabet.

Turn now to Genesis, Pi (3:14):The LORD God said to the serpent, "Because you have done this, cursed are you above all cattle, and above all wild animals; upon your belly you shall go, and dust you shall eat all the days of your life. - Revised Standard Version

What this means is that whenever you have a "1"s showing, or "6's", it is oft necessary to consider the possibility that they may be either "1's" if 6's, or 6's if 1's. The reason for this is again in the summation tables of the Letters.

1 = 1 = A
2 = 3 = B
3 = 6 = C
10 = 55 = J
11 = 66 = K

When you have AJK, it has a declared value of 1,10,11, as a process of its ordinal letter placements. Set them up as 11011 as a single unit, "go the belly of the Serpent", aka, "snake eyes" when playing "craps", and you will arrive at the 6's on the belly, or what is resting on the table of the "crap table".

That "1's = 6's" from a "Kabballistics" sense can easily be inferred through studying the the Kabballah as practiced by Setian centric forces, which is the work of Rabbi Ginsberg at Inner.org. At this site is an article that seeks to deal with "Kabballah and String Theory",

"The full spelling of the letter yud is: yud (10), vav (6), dalet (4). The two additional letters, the vav (6) and the dalet (4) themselves equal the original yud (10). The full spelling of the yud is thus to be understood as an equation: 10 = 6 plus 4. The 10 dimensions of reality divide into two categories, one of 6 and the other of 4.

In Kabbalah, the vav (6) is considered the "male" element of reality whereas the dalet (4) is considered the "female" element. The "female" principle of reality is "revelation" whereas the "male" principle is concealed within the "female."

These are literally false conclusions as the Isisian Code System so readily reveals, and a subject that we will seek to deal with at a later time after more foundational material is provided to aid in the ascertainment of the esoteric codes in play, however, suffice it to say that Rabbi Ginsberg is using (essentially) the precise number patterns we are using relative to the X (10).

The "vav", 6, is considered a 1.

The 6 and the 4 (used in an additive formula 6+4=10) are being linked together to arrive at 10 (X), while Continental Mason systems attributed to the 4 V's as eminating from the center of the X to have values of 6 and hence 4*6=24=X Letter Placement. In addition, the "summative formulas" of letter placements from 1:X is too revealed as being "in play", i.e., C = 3 = 1+2+3 = 6 = 1 as C is the alignment of the Sun, Earth, and Moon in a perfect line to create an eclipse.

The "1's" as "6's"
It is critical to understand intuitively that nature of V's as "6's" and "1's" as "6's". What Dan Brown did not reveal when he inferred that X's are both male and female, that the rising (convex) chevron (reversed V) is male and the ascending (concave) chevron (V) is female, is precisely where the upper or rising chevron as an inverted V is precisely "the male".

This is so because the "the male" is "Osiris" who "is the Sun" as it "arises" on the horizon. The Letter A is oft referred to as "the Pyramid Letter", "the One Eye'd God", etc. The number sequence as shown is taken from Plato's Timaeus,

After this he filled up the double intervals [i.e. between 1, 2, 4, 8] and the triple [i.e. between 1, 3, 9, 27] cutting off yet other portions from the mixture and placing them in the intervals, so that in each interval there were two kinds of means, the one exceeding and exceeded by equal parts of its extremes ----This entire compound he divided lengthways into two parts, which he joined to one another at the centre like the letter X, and bent them into a circular form, connecting them with themselves and each other at the point opposite to their original meeting-point; and, comprehending them in a uniform revolution upon the same axis, he made the one the outer and the other the inner circle. - source

There is a whole philosophy regarding Pi, the Letter A, and the Letter H, imbedded within those phrases, but for now, understand that the "1" is the tip of the A, yet it still maintains a hidden base (6) (2*3=6=3+2+1=C)

Hence this is the "1" while the V is a "five" and 1+2+3+4+5 = V = the O letter is the Feminine, to arrive at the Letter Y as the child as a product of 3^2 + 4^2 = 5^, wherein the Letter Y is placed at 25, thus revealing the formula.

Solving for the Clock and the Circle

Now that you have a rational basis to understanding the relationship of V and inverted V to either being "5" or "6's", and that each could be said to have a value of 1, and that 1's are "6's", we can now solve for the "Clock and the Circle".

Study first this clock, and then the subsequent clock.

What is the difference? Notice how the upper clock on the left uses IIII to represent 4, while the clock on the bottom uses IV to represent 4?

Which one is right?

Why one or the other? Here are some observations.

Hickory Dickory Dock

Here is a tale that is perhaps too, a "key". Follow along.

Hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock
The clock struck one, the mouse ran down
Hickory dickory dock

it goes on till

Hickory dickory dock, five mice ran up the clock
The clock struck five, the mouse ran down
Hickory dickory dock

Now study the two clocks. If V's are 6's and 6's are 1's, how many "1's" are in the first clock? What is the pattern?

If V's are 6's and 6's are 1's, how many "1's" are in the second clock? What is the pattern?

The Key is "through 5", or the V.

Answer for Clock 1

I = 1
II = 2
III = 3
IIII = 4
V = 1

Answer for Clock 2

I = 1
II = 2
III = 3
IV = 2
V = 1

Which pattern appears more correct? This is really a basic "IQ" form of "pattern recognition test". Obviously, if the KEY is 5, and the patterns are as follows:

Pattern 1 = 1,2,3,4,1
Pattern 2 = 1,2,3,2,1

And the SONG speaks about "running up and down the clock", does 1,2,3,4,1 run up and down the clock or does 1,2,3,2,1 run up and down the clock?

Obviously, the latter "runs up and down the clock", so it would be necessary to utilize the second clock for our analysis.

So here is how it is done.

I = 1 = 6
V = 1 = 6
X = 11 = 66 = (2)

Now watch what happens to our "clock".

I = 1 = 6
II = 2 = 66
III = 3 = 666
IV = 2 = 66
V = 1 = 6
VI = 2 = 66
VII = 3 = 666
VIII = 4 = 6666
IX = 3 = 666
X = 2 = 66
XI = 3 = 666
XII = 4 = 6666

How many "6's" are there? 30 sixes.

6 times 30 = 180 degrees, or half the circle.
30 times 12 = 360 degrees, or the full circle.

Hence the Code reveals Pi in either conceptual 180 degrees of the division of day and night, or if we allow for the "30" to be multiplied by the 12 hours, we arrive at 360 degrees of the circle.

PS. So why would the IV be changed to a IIII? What would such reveal? Why, 32, of course. The decimal digits of Pi..

I bet you never saw this little ingenious code before.

Illuminatus Observor Completes First Full Month

August, 2007, proved to the the first full month of availability of The Illuminatus Observor, a blog dedicated to revealing the esoteric formulas contained within the Alphabet and by inference, English esoteric traditions. The response, in general, has been pleasantly surprising, and I would like to personally thank all of you who come to visit, read, and hopefully, take something of value as we all move to seeking a comprehensive understanding of the forces seeking to destroy all of our freedoms and liberties as they seek to inject their particular brand of dogmatic ignorance onto the totality of humanity.

Of course, in this, we are speaking clear about the Noahidist and Martinist Occult sects who have worked indefatigably to bring about a world where their philosophics of totalitarianism and barbarianism becomes the norm of the day.

Our Western Construct contains within it enormous beauty and grace and remains a driving force for good in this world. What has been lacking is a concious understanding of the philosophics contained within. Ours is truly a "universal" concept, and our language remains the power force in this world.

It is up to all of us to work to preserve the good that so many of the worlds peoples saw and still see in our Western ways. We must turn back that which has like a parasite come to dominate our political lifeblood and with it, the direction of the nation both internally and externally.

We have nothing to gain following a pattern as set for us by those who rule by appointment and steal our elections and make a mockery of all that we hold traditionally dear to our ideals.

This blog is but a small contribution to knowledge of the human experiment. It is but a small window into our Western Construct, but hopefully, those of you who have come and come often, are beginning to get a glimpse of just what is at stake.

Our formula can be summed up in the following invokation.

Thank Q

All those ancient orders centered around "bees" and "hives" and "Mary Magdalenes" "rosy crosses", etc., held within them seeds of the Sacred Feminine. Dan Brown did a very admirable job alluding to this in his work "The Da Vinci Code".She welcomes so many that came to America when people gaze up at the Statue of Liberty. Isis survives and remains a beacon for all still, regardless of thousands of years of ruthless destruction and willful fabrication of histories.

The Alphabet is clear. It has a maintains a precise order and set of values. Those who reorder it simply destroy it. ...MNOPQRS...


O = The Feminine
P = The Masculine
Q = The Fertilised Egg

That from which all life comes. It is really an ingenious formula. In a religious world that vilifies or otherwise hides the feminine, what more practical way to elevate it but to place it into a phrase that is the most used phrase the world over.

Thank Q.

Over a decade of work on this larger body of work has taught me that there are skeptics and naysayers at nearly every turn. Sometimes, you just have to shrugg. The clues are everywhere, if one is just willing to become educated and learn to open one's eyes. This craft is ultimately for the thinking, the questing.

For instance, the female sex organs as shown here appear earily imbedded equally into the upper portion of the pillars as shown in this old rendition of the heirophant of the tarot cards. Never mind the X as a key in the middle, or the Letter Y on the priests robes, or the Letter V of the card itself. All clues to the knowing, and just nice pictures to they who know not.


The Illuminatus Observor will bring these keys into the light in a manner and form that has never been attempted prior in the annals of history. A lofty statement - but a literal truth. Your continued support and readership is appreciated and acknowledged. I have received some great questions, and I owe many of you answers. In particular, "Bodo", who has asked some very insightful questions and requested some valuable tools, which I promise is forthcoming.

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Thanks to everyone who has helped in virally spreading this site across the web and I look forward to growing this the Isisian Codes franchise and providing some of the most advanced esoteric codes and formulas available anywhere through an acute de-storying of the Occult as only a "master of the craft" can do.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Vampires and the Empire of Vah - Part I

The Vampyre. Every bit as real as it is imagined, it remains an archetype of extreme power precisely because it dwells within the primordial roots of the human soul, hard wired, as it were, into the very fabric of human conciousness.

As a mythological creature, it must avoid the light of the sun as it comes to suck the blood of its victims in the dark of the night. Female victims are oft portrayed caught in a web of contradiction; first, she wishes to repel the Vampyre yet succombs to the allure of a primal sexual desire and attraction. As lust grows, she becomes more and more submissive until she is no longer able to defend herself from the increasingly lengthy advances until she is vanquished.

Such is the world of Vah.

Each day this scene plays out hundreds of millions of times in a waking state dreamworld. The dynamic of male/female relations lends itself to the female slowly giving of herself to the male who requires her energy for his sustenance until in fear she is no longer able to free herself from the time induced spell.

Of course, too, the roles are oft reversed, and the woman, in order to feed your psyche, drains her mate of his energy till such a time that he is helpless to defend himself from the encroaching darkening of his spirit.

Carried further, the Vampyric energy extends into the work force, employer/employee relations.

The empire of Vah is very real indeed, even more so as oft what is imagined is far more real than what is "real". Imagination feeds Vah, and Vah is very thankful indeed.

The Vampyre as an Illuminatus Construct

In 1982, author Michael Talbot came out with a book called "A Delicate Dependency, A Novel of the Vampire Life". It was reviewed by the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon as "The Delicate Dependency" contained a large number of comments that linked "vampires" to "Masons" and other Initiatory Systems.

Of import and note was that the reviewer wrote a simple two word thematic statement of Masonry,

"The work

The knowledge of the vampire was written in code in cypher in the common Gospel books."

The reviewer then references the location of the reference in "The Delicate Dependency" as follows:

"He told me the Unknown Men were engaged in a very special work." [p. 261.]

He then references another insightful link: "There are those who say they are tampering with history." [p. 328.]

That these references are seen as "referencing Masonry" reveals much about the Va component of the Initiatory Systems for clearly those forces aligned on Earth with "Va" clearly are seeking to alter and rewrite history.

Hence we can infer that within the Initiatory Systems there are those elements, infiltrators to the former Osirian and Isisian Systems, who clearly are dedicated to the destruction of the former "life" in an attempt to perpetuate its own.

So that this hints at is that Initiatory Systems are the hidden battleground of a great war for the minds of mankind. The reviewer closes by referencing the following:

"Our only weapons are misinformation and confusion. Our only battlefield is the mind.

infinitely superior to the mortal world in body and science, duty bound from using physical aggression." [p. 396.]

Let's proceed to the nuances of the game in play.

The Two Illuminatus Systems and the Underlying Philosophics

As shown above, a widely held theme across various Initiatory Systems revolves around the idea of "doing the Great Work", or colloquiolly, "the work". This "work" has two primary functions, depending on the source of the higher power being worshipped or "believed in" by any given lodge system within the larger Initiatory global infrastructure. Another way to view this is to say that those who are drowned seek after and follow Jehovah/Typhon/Seth, and those that rose above the waves are associated with Osiris.

However, the basic premise is that mankind is drowned in a deluge. Deluge is but a cipher for "delusions". Humanity are as fish swimming in the sea. However, the "sea" is "the C" is a state of corruption as well as delusion. Hence what humanity is swimming in is a state of delusion and corruption as a process of being immersed into the C, or a world of Jehovah/Typhon/Seth.

"And thus among the Egyptians such men say that Osiris is the Nile consorting with the Earth, which is Isis, and that the sea is Typhon into which the Nile discharges its waters and is lost to view and dissipated, esave for that part which the earth takes up and absorbs and thereby becomes fertilized." - Plutarch, On Isis and Osiris

So essentially, there are, from a practical and macro sense, essentially two higher powers that we can trace the energetical channels as used by the Initiatory Systems:

A) Osirian Systems, and

I)Setian, or Jehovah/Typhon'Seth systems.

There are two general esoteric principles in play. Osiris, who is slain, is said to have never been immersed or corrupted in that he was nailed inside a casket, floated out to the Sea (Typhon) and washed up on the shores of Byblos. From there, his casket settles into clump of heather.

"The heather in a short time ran up into a very beautiful and massive stock, and enfolded and embraced the chest with its growth and concealed it within its trunk. The king of the country admired the great size of the plant, and cut off the portion that enfolded the chest (which was now hidden from sight), and used it as a pillar to p41support the roof of his house." - Plutarch, On Isis and Osiris

This should explain to you why "Jesus" was a "carpenter", for the systems are already hidden away by this time and yet had not been wholly re-released and perfected. This is what "the work" was all about.

On the other side of the divide are the Setian forces. Those aligned with VAH from a purely technical esoteric construction. The Vah forces are primarily dedicated to the removal of all things "Osirian" and bringing about a "New World Order" dedicated to the worship of Vah (Jehovah/Typhon/Seth) while the Osirian systems believed that be creating a language and fusing it with Osirian knowledge, they would win by uniting the planet under a single beneficient language which taught a form of harmony and respect for all.

It was said of Osiris, "One of the first acts related of Osiris in his reign was to deliver the Egyptians from their destitute and brutish manner of living.68 This he did by showing them the fruits of cultivation, by giving them laws, and by teaching them to honour the gods. Later he travelled over the whole earth civilizing it69 without the slightest need of arms, but most of the peoples he won over to his way by the charm of his persuasive discourse combined with song and all manner of music. Hence the Greeks came to identify him with Dionysus." - Plutarch, On Isis and Osiris

Yet, even as Osiris is busy "civilizing the world without need for arms", we find in the above references from the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon the statement, "Our only weapons are misinformation and confusion. Our only battlefield is the mind. -- infinitely superior to the mortal world in body and science, duty bound from using physical aggression [pg. 396.]

Just a coincidence, I am sure, that such a phrase was found on 396, which is 66*6.

The Esoteric Construct of Osiris and Vah

As seen above, what is life is constructed around the conceptual of Osiris commingling with the Earth (Isis) to give life. The effuse of Osiris (left over parts not used by Isis) then flows into the sea as "Typhon". The Sea may be equated to transient unconcious existence, an unconcious existence being defined as that which precludes the soul from becoming conciously aware of the Construct.

This is the mass of humanity that is said to be "drowned", or in other philosophical systems, to be "dead". On the other side of the Construct are those that see themselves as "Illuminated" and hence have a thorough grasp of the Construct and are either beholden to Osiris as their "higher power", or to "Jehovah/Typhon/Seth" as their higher power - this group often euphemistically terming the word simply "higher power" so as not to confine it to a definition set against "God".

It is the Jehovah/Typhon/Seth group that is the "vampire" element within the larger Initiator Systems, and at present day, it appears as if these people are thoroughly in the majority seeing how the Construct has been built and those responsible for it having faded from the public scene.

Those who "carry the Olympic Torch", as it were, have been traditionally aligned with Osiris. Those that seek to resurrect Jerusalem as the center of the Universe are seen to be aligned with Vah.

Building a Mystery

Those systems predicated on Vah worship trend to be "rabbid" in form and and mannerism. Once "bitten", the human capital (soul) often needs to keep coming back time and time again in order for the soul to find value and a basis for "being elevated above the waves", or the word "saved". The Empire of Vah. Vampires, cloaked in a mystery.

Building a Mystery

You come out at night
That's when the energy comes
And the dark side's light
And the vampires roam
You strut your rasta wear
And your suicide poem
And a cross from a faith that died
Before Jesus came
You're building a mystery

You live in a church
Where you sleep with voodoo dolls
And you won't give up the search
For the ghosts in the halls
You wear sandals in the snow
And a smile that won't wash away
Can you look out the window
Without your shadow getting in the way?

You're so beautiful
With an edge and charm
but so careful
When I'm in your arms

Cause you're working
Building a mystery
Holding on and holding it in
Yeah you're working
Building a mystery
And choosing so carefully

You woke up screaming aloud
A prayer from your secret god
You feed off our fears
And hold back your tears, oh
Give us a tantrum
And a know it all grin
Just when we need one
When the evening's thin

You're a beautiful
A beautiful fucked up man
You're setting up your
Razor wire shrine

Cause you're working
Building a mystery
Holding on and holding it in
Yeah you're working
Building a mystery
And choosing so carefully

Ooh you're working
Building a mystery
Holding on and holding it in
Yeah you're working
Building a mystery
And choosing so carefully

Yeah you're working
Building a mystery
Holding on and holding it in
Yeah you're working
Building a mystery
And choosing so carefully

You're building a mystery - Sarah McLachlan

End Part I