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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The DUAT and the DEAD

 This article will highlight the Letters D and T and provide some insights into simple transpositions (temurah).

What has changed in the sign above?  Nothing, really - if we allow for transpositions and modifications and co-relational use of numbers.

666 is clear.
491 is crypted.

(4*9) 1 = (36)1 = 6*6 (1).

Since "1's" are "6's" (cursed are you, because you have done this, onto you belly you shall and dust you shall eat all the days of your life), then 49 is 4*9 is 36 is 6x6 is 66 and 1 is 6, and so 666 is 491 is "true".

Of course, the number 666 is also known as the Number of the Sun as established by the Magic Square of the Sun.

This 6 x 6 matrix reveals that all columns, rows, and diagonals total 111, while the sum adds to 666.

Now, as we apply the principles of Notaricon, or the use of single letters to denote full concepts, we are told equally that the BEAST has a value of 666, yet through NOTARICON we can see that BEAST appears clear a contraction of BE AS T.

What we can infer through a simple analysis is that the Letter T is being used to denote, then, the Sun.

Here is how the whole puzzle is put together.

The Letters D and T 

Our Letters are but two dimensional pictograms of multi-layered archetypal coding, some of which we can see embed into ancient language pictogram sets as the Egyptian heiroglyphs.

For instance, the letter C is a representation of "Jehovah/Typhon/Seth", which we also refer to as "Caine".  It is "half a heart" for, as Crowley tried to reveal, "the Jews have the half, through thine art combine the two and make the former disappear".

Combine two "canes" and you craft a HEART.

The "anchor", however, is the Letter T, which is shaped as a "D".  The archetype of the D is the Sun as it arises or sets on the HORIZON.

We can see clearly that the SUN is as the  glyph represented by the heiroglyph for T.

Further more, we know that the Letters T and D are but the same in that they are models of hardness and softness as represented by the Book of Formation, or the Sepher Yetzirah,

"The two sounds of each letter are the hard and the soft--the aspirated and the softened."

As designed into English, the T would be "hard" and the "D", soft.  They are represented not as "hard and soft" of a single letter, but "hard and soft of a single number", or the number 4.

Here we see that the Number 4 is D and T and M., yet we understand that the crafting is set against "phonics", and so the DNT(als) are the primary number 4's.

N shares a co-relational value at 14, which reveals that the Sum of 1:4 is 10. This is further clarified in the Arabic where the sound of N is assigned a value of 10.  The word "arba" is 4, and the sound "arba - een" is 40.

 That D is 10, or a 1 and a 0, is obvious by its design.  Through the principle of Summation we see that D, located at number 4, shares its summative value of 1+2+3+4=10, or a 1 and a 0.

Hence the HORIZON is 1 and the Sun is the 0.

If we rotate the image 90 degrees to the right, the 1 and the 0 clearly emerge.  However, if there is any confusion, we may still "check" our reasoning through additional word constructions.

The HORIZON breaks out to the following:

H = Greek Letter Pi Transposition
ON = ONe

HORIZON = Pi is equal or comprised of the ZERO and the One.

The Letter T, then, must too be the SUN.  Hence BE AS T, which "rises in the EAST", is the SUN, but in this case measured or exalted at "noon zenith" with full exaltation at the Winter and Summer Solstices.  It's "anchor point" is the Winter Solstice, and hence we see in the small letter "t" the image of an anchor, which is too the "ANKHr".

We can end our discussion that T, too, has a value of 10 through both an analysis of Summation and phonics.

The following phrases reveal clear:

4T = 40
6T = 60
7T = 70
8T = 80
9T = 90

In each of these mathematical equations, T MUST EQUAL 10.

Still, the Sum of 1:20 (T's ordinal placement) is 210, or "the 2 10's".

DUEL at High Noon - The DUAT and the DEAD
We have established the Letters D and T are archetypal  representations of the SUN.

The BEAST has a value of 666, and the Magic Matrix of the SUN is 666, and the NOTARICON phrase of BE AS T "which rises in the EAST" are but a few allegorical examples within a single archetypal set that reveal that T is "the SUN".

More accurately, the T is reflective of the rising up and the SUN on the HORIZON to reach its noon zenith, at which time it will come to fall back to set at the end of the day.

In the story of Nefertum of the Egyptians, we see that sunrise was represented by birth and sunset as death, hence the underworld of darkness was the night.  As the evening is the realm of "stars", an appropriate symbol would be that of a "star" for which the DUAT was symbolized by a 5 pointed star.

We can then begin to piece the concept of D and T together through simple modifications and transpositions:

D;'s are T's.

The idea of the Birth and Death is on a daily basis relative to the Egyptian cosmology of the SUN as represented in the stories of Nefertum.

Thus a "rising from the DEAD" as attached to "the Christ" on "the T" is but mythological coding of this more ancient philosophical system encoded into the Letters and Alphabet.

Thus we see that "He is RISEN" is linked to the T, and through a simple transposition of L's to T's, the DUAT comes back to life in the name of "CHRYSLER", wherein L's are T's and hence a CHRYSLER is a CHRISTER as this early 1940's era logo intimates.

The T and the King (CHRIST as King) would be replaced later with a more elegant and simplified symbol, or the DUAT.

 From here, additional simple modifications can be used to highlight the nature of the DUAT and DEAD.

Since we see that E's are U's, DUAT = DEAT, which reveals DEATH.

DUAL = DUAT reveals the double nature of the DAY (day and night).

DUAT = DEAD (E to U and T to D transposition), from which we can infer a mathematical sequence in that a removal of a single entity (life) is the same as DE- ADDING from the total value of available captured spiritual capital.

Perhaps there is more you can find, but this provides you with a pretty insightful analysis into the some of the aspects of the Letters D and T.

For additional reading on the Letter T, see: The Tau, the Anch, and the Anchor