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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Noel, Noel" and other Occult Christmas Codes - Podcast 3

This is my final effort for the year. Been having a bit of fun with the podcasting, although it is not as easy as I thought it would be. Will be doing about half podcasts, half posts, and an interspersed video this coming year.

This podcast peers into the use of cryptograms to encode esoteric formulae. One form of cryptograms is the use of Notaricon, or the hiding of whole words or concepts under a single letter. There are more than a few articles here that deals with or demonstrates this technique, but the podcast provides another way to communicate the same concept.

It is a bit late but still in the "holiday window". Podbean is a bit slow with the RSS feed into the embeddable player, so if you are a bit early and you do not see Podcast 3, Segment 2 - Noel, Noel, and other Occult Codes, you can visit Inside the Eye and pick up the show.

Signing out for the year and Happy New Year!

Dennis (The Fetch) Fetcho

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Esoteric Formula of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost - Youtube

This presentation shows the mathematical construction of the religious formula of the "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost". This is the last of the beta tapes made a year and a half ago. Perhaps I can salvage the third with some creative editing.

With best wishes for a great New Year...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Esoteric Code of Humpty Dumpty - Youtube

Here is a video made about a year and a half ago. It was recorded by one of my students/friends who, for the price of beer and some fine dinners, was able to spend hours and hours being taught the finer nuances and techniques of the Isisian Codes.

So to Alan E., I see you pop in from time to time, I am sure you will recognize and get a kick out of this. I regret I could not get home for the holidays, but to everyone who has missed me over the year, here is a video to remind everyone of a freer, "funner", time.

What was intended for all of you who utilize the Illuminatus Observor was a series of tools to help you more rapidly cut through the chatter. The written presentation is pretty good here, but even when well done, the written format is sometimes difficult to absorb and penetrate.

It was believed that a podcast combined with some videos showing the formulations and techniques would aid in your understanding of this most difficult and insightful of the Occult Arts.

The file is large so I am recommending that if you have broadband that you download it and watch so it is not breaking and chopping. I have a meg at the house here in Amman and still the download was slow to the point of chopping up the clip.

If you watch the entire video, you will have a clearer understanding of how the Isisian Codes work, even as there is a ton of work to do to get the information into a readily accessible multi-media format.

This video was a beta trial run of which three were made. One of them was accidently cut in places, while another remains, filmed in the New Otani Hotel in Los Angeles.

I hope you enjoy this regardless and that it helps eleucedate how the Illuminati utilized English to encode their philosophy of the Sun.

With best wishes for the Winter celebrations.

Dennis Fetcho
AKA, The Fetch

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Podcast 2, The Acroamatic Cipher

If you check the archives to the Illuminatus Observor, what you will find is that there were two "test" articles written in June of 2007. These two test articles were the precursor to the format that would become "The Illuminatus Observor". The very first article was entitled "An Introduction - The Acroamatic Cipher". The second article was entitled "Masonry and the Word", an article that had a very long and successful run at Above Top Secret's previous format, featured as a one of the most flagged topics in the Secret Societies forum.

The original idea behind the Illuminatus Observor was to create a reasoned roll-out of concepts contained in the Isisian Codes such that you would have the material readily available in a sequential format so that the information would be readily available and discernable.

The reality is (and some of you have been able to discern this over time) is that there are two primary concepts: The Word as a literary cryptogram for Pi, and the Acroamatic Cipher, which defines all the various sacred nomenclatures to be reduced to literal "Letters" of a larger Alphabet, the Alphabet itself reducing itself to a literary presentation of Pi.

This latest podcast deals with that first article, An Introduction - The Acroamatic Cipher. The original article was published on June 21, or the Summer Solstice. This podcast, by design, is released at the time of the Winter Solstice

Hope you enjoy and thanks to everyone who came by to listen to the Introductory Podcast of Inside the Eye, the podcast companion to the Illuminatus Observor.

Happy holidays and best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year, something that certain elites in the Western world seem determined to prevent from happening.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The "River STYX" and other 5 X 5 Codes

A quick thanks to everyone who has already uploaded a linked to "Inside the Eye", the podcast companion to the Illuminatus Observor. For the first show, it got close to 50 hits, which where I come from, ain't too bad. So thanks to everyone who came by for a listen and helped promote the new podcast.

You will be able to access the latest show of "Inside the Eye" on the sidebar to the right.

Without further adeiu...

The River Styx and other 5 x 5 Codes

"There are five rivers encircling Hades. The River Styx is perhaps the most famous;"
What we do best here at the Illuminatus Observor is reveal the Codes and Philosophy of the Ruling Elite. What you get here is an insight into how the Philosophy is constructed, how it may be de-constructed, with the intention that the awareness provides a confidence to battle ignorance in whatever capacity you need.

Afterall, for most of us engaged in this activity, we operate alone, we formulate alone, and encouragement is not something readily available within the mass market.

Such is changing...

One of the basic premises of the Isisian Codes is that the English language is not so much the product of a random set of events in history, but rather that there was a concsious and rational intervention into the language's design and structure. Personally, I am amazed that people would honestly believe otherwise - such is the stranglehold that various schools of "linguistics" has over the fabrication of current belief systems - and yet history is amply scattered with evidence that a "numerological" or "gematria" component was active in the development of the language.

Words are complex archetypal codes that resonate on the inner self and outer mass concsiousness, even as they are simple in their presentation. The word SUN, for instance, cleverly hides a mathematical truth relative to the word, in that the Letters S and N are 3 and 5, while 6 may be summed from 1 to itself to reveal the letter U. Under this simple and yet ingeniously crafted system, the word SUN becomes a code for "365", or the number of days to a current calendar year, or days within which the Earth will make one orbit around the SUN.

A "truth", therefore, becomes non-descriptively caste into the language, and an element of the Codes and Philosophy of the Illuminatus is effected.

The Alphabet as a Cryptogram

That ciphers were being applied esoterically to the early manifestations of the English language goes without saying. Sir Francis Bacon's "biliteral cipher" is well sourced in many books that responsibly deal with this subject matter, and Manley P. Hall has dedicated a whole chapter of his epic work "Secret Teachings of All Ages" to "The Cryptogram as a factor in Symbolic Philosophy".

All of this is well and good, but fails to hit a strategic insight relative to the whole of the Illuminatus System. That strategic insight is this - that the Alphabet itself is a cipher unto itself holding within its design the very foundation to the philosophy of the Illuminatus.

Like any cipher, in order to break the cipher, there needs to be enough patterns studied in order for the whole of the cipher to begin to reveal itself. In order to attain the necessary statistical inputs in order to begin to de-crypt the cipher inherent in English, the design itself must be studied in all manner.

Rhymes, shapes, number values, archetypal framing, and pairing sequences, at the end of the day, would need to be studied, and that is just if we are going to break down the philosophy. To break down the sounds further as "resonance" and how this "resonance" affects DNA, mind, emotion, and so forth, would be taking the analysis of the language to the extreme, and perhaps one day someone will come along with the necessary acument to set such in motion.

For now, however, we have the necessary tools to break the philosophical underpinnings, and one of those tools is the "5 x 5 Matrix", a grid that ultimately leads us back to the River Styx.

The 5 x 5 Matrix and the Acroamatic Cipher

A key point to remember here is that what is regarded as "a secret" by the masses is really not a "secret" at all but rather is regarded by those in the know as something not to be readily discussed amongst and with, the masses.

"Lay not your treasures before the feet of swine", might be a a maxim that appropriately applies. Indeed, I have been told this very same thing when I sought in my early days to reveal the nature of the Construct. But the reality remains, the "secret" remains not a secret, only hushed from open discussion.

One of the "keys" to understanding the nature of what is revealed and hence no secrets exist is that of the acroamatic cipher. Says Manley P. Hall,

The Old and New Testaments of the Jews, the writings of Plato and Aristotle, Homer's Odyssey and Iliad, Virgil's Æneid, The Metamorphosis of Apuleius, and Æsop's Fables are outstanding examples of acroamatic cryptography in which are concealed the deepest and most sublime truths of ancient mystical philosophy.

The acroamatic cipher is the most subtle of all, for the parable or allegory is susceptible of several interpretations. Bible students for centuries have been confronted by this difficultly. They are satisfied with the moral interpretation of the parable and forget that each parable and allegory is capable of seven interpretations, of which the seventh--the highest--is complete and all-inclusive, whereas the other six (and lesser) interpretations are fragmentary, revealing but part of the mystery. The creation myths of the world are acroamatic cryptograms, and the deities of the various pantheons are only cryptic characters which, if properly understood, become the constituents of a divine alphabet. The initiated few comprehend the true nature of this alphabet, but the uninitiated many worship the letters of it as gods.

So while many worship "El", in either Jewish Jehovian or as Pagan Woden who hangs on his tree for "9 days and 9 nights", or that Woden is too the "One Eye'd God" as in the Letter A, these are all elements of the larger use of the acroamatic cipher. But just as single Letters were used in the fabrication of various mythologies (the Letter M as the "OM", for example), so too could whole segments of the Alphabet be used as if they were a single element or "Letter".

A study of the 5 X 5 Matrix reveals just how this could be so.

An Analysis of the 5 X 5 Matrix

Once you break the Alphabet down into it's many constituent patterns (rhymes, shape, phonetics, etc.), one of the first striking revelations is that of what we could call "the sanctity of the Letter M". In the Isisian Codes, below, M lies at the center of the second 7 digit sequence. In the Circle of Mirrors, it is the center sequence that reveals the calendar days of the year and degrees of a circle. In the Circle of Rhymes, it holds the center position, and when the Alphabet is placed into its "5 x 5 Matrix", what is revealed again is that the Letter M is always alone.

This is important once you have a totality of the whole picture, for we know that various "sacred nomenclatures" are actually hiding elements of this "divine Alphabet", which then reveals itself in the 26 Letters that make up the current English.

For instance, "Jesus" is linked to Odin via his mastery of Letters, a trait held by Odin through the sacrifice of himself "on the tree" for 9 days and 9 nights. Jesus hangs from his tree in a factor of 9 squared, or "3 days" and becomes known as "the Christ".

The 5 x 5 Matrix reveals both "the Christ" and the Virgin Mary as "The CHRST and the VIRGIN M" as shown here:

Another interesting element to factor in is the concept that whole "secret societies" were beholden to elements of the whole of the Construct. For instance, St. Thomas of Assissi was clearly beholden and dedicated to the Crux Ansata, or the Letter T, but if you peer a bit into more contemporary systems, you can often see elements of the larger construct hidden within.

Take for instance the Knights of Columbus.

This symbol is rich in Osirian style imagery, not the least of which is that of the 5 x 5 Matrix. If you cannot see it, take a closer look at the shield. Notice the "triangle" or "pyramid" peeking through at the top of the shield?

Well, it is known as the "Knights of Columbus", or the KOC, which is formed from the 5 x 5 Matrix.

Other observations set against the 5 X 5 Matrix include Roman Numeral Coding. For instance, the Letter C is 100, and yet we can see that it may be derived from the angle comprising the Letters KGC, in that the sum of 1:K is 66, the Sum of 1:G is 28, and the Sum of 1:C is 6, and 66+28+6 (K+G+C=100).

The same form of pattern emerges with the Letter D as 500. The Line formed from D-I-N-S-X reveals that the Sum of 1:X is 300, the Sum of 1:S is 190, and the Sum of 1:D is 10, and thus X+S+D = 500.

But the most important cipher within the 5 X 5 Matrix is that of the "River STYX" for the River STYX serves as a "checkpoint" to validate assumptions.

The River STYX and the 5 X 5 Matrix

Since we know that the various pantheons are comprised of acroamatic ciphers, we can rapidly decipher particular aspects of the larger Code (philosophy) when we "stumble-upon", through a rational inquiry, the Nature of the Letters (Divine Alphabet). In the case of the River STYX, we know that it is one of "5 Rivers" and so we are working with a 5(X) solution, wherein a 5 x 5 Matrix would certainly qualify.

We also know that the River STYX is "at the bottom of the world", and we may note that the Letters STYX are indeed at "the bottom of the X-Y graph.

Although time prevents further philosophical discussions, take careful note of the way in which the word STYX is formed set against the 5 X 5 Matrix: as you trace through it, it is shaped as if a "RIVER" runs through the letters, which reduces the Code to its simplest common denominator.

The RIVER STYX is at the Bottom of the 5 X 5 Matrix. The River STYX is a "placement code", telling the crafters where to keep the "original letters" in the hidden and soon to be revealed "Illuminatus Philosophy".

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Imelda Marcos and Hints of Illuminatus Pi

A few years ago I lay in a hospital in Montreal, the victim of a hit so violent that I had multiple fractures from my lower vertebrae, chest, inner groin,, and left shoulder joint. Fortunately, that evening was a cold and lightly snowing night and instead of having my head pound into the cement sidewalk, I was able to get a small bit of leverage and found myself sliding on the icy sidewalk nearly 12 feet, coming to rest in the gutter underneath a hummer.

Of all the times I have been ambushed, this was so well done that I did not feel it coming until a split second before it happened, and even then, as I did not listen to my inner voice, found myself completely taken by surprise without even a blink of what the assailant was dressed in. Indeed, I did not see a thing.

While in the hospital, an older gentleman came into share the room with me and it was none other than Father Bidgrass, the former head of the Sulpecian Order of the Catholic Church. As we both lay there, we had ample time to compare thoughts, he sharing his views on the state of the Catholic Church, and I sharing my insights on the Isisian Codes.

He confided in me towards the end of his stay saying something to the effect that when he was in Seminary they spent a brief bit of time learning techniques that I was talking about but that they were informed that such techniques were the work and product of Satan. I responded in kind that indeed, they may be, but that if you are going to learn to defeat your opponent, you must learn to understand how your opponent thinks, and since the opponent in this case (Setian Illuminatus) indeed does think in number (witness all those terror attacks linked to the code of "9-11"), then perhaps it would make some sense to learn a little bit of what I am doing so that you can sense when one is in the presence of such a force.

He reflected on the thought a bit and said something to the effect of, "yeah, perhaps you are right", and then drifted away into contemplation.

A Chance Insight in Manila

A month before my introduction to Father Bidgrass I was offered a trip to the Philippines by a (now deceased) gentleman who was a member of the Rotary Club. Although the trip was purely business associated with the Marco's extended clan and supporters, we had plenty of downtime and I spent a fair amount of time sharing insights into the Isisian Codes. At the same time, the Rotary Club was holding their national elections, and since the gentleman I was visiting was a ranking officer and respected gentleman within the Rotary Club, I was offered reasonable access to the inner process and venues, including the former US governors quarters in Manila.

As we sat down one night speaking about the Isisian Codes (napkins are my favorite demonstration device), one of the individuals at our table who was a friend of mine said, "You know, my Auntie (Imelda Marcos) says alot of the same things you say. You can even find some of it on the movie "Imelda the Movie". At the time, Imelda was still in exile and was in residing in Hong Kong and I asked if we could arrange for a meeting to discuss and compare notes, a meeting that unfortunately was not able to be put together.

But to my surprise, as Youtube took hold, the movie "Imelda the Movie" made its way in bits and pieces, and there, before my eyes, was Imelda Marcos hinting at information for which I was traveling around "preaching" and "teaching" equally.

Imelda Marcos, the former First Lady of the Freemason Ferdinand Marcos, clearly had been clued into the binary philosophy of Pi in some fashion.

In Pursuit of Raising Personal Awareness, Avoid Irrational Analysis

Some of you have come to know me through my work on the World Wide Web and you know that I have no patience for "frothing conspiracies". Conspiracies happen. There is a force on this planet that likes to see things burn if for no other reason than they are able to act on their dreams of watching the world (and human "chafe" within, burn. Better for them still, their power and position prevents them from being detected.

If 9-11 did not teach you that such a power exists, then you are still sleeping.

Conspiracies DO exist, and as one who has had access to inner workings from time to time, I can only add that the people behind and fomenting the conspiracies are only successful because their power is unique and only massive sustained protest is able to reach their outer core. It is not that they are particularly intelligent - it is just that they are protected by one of the hardest known substances in the cosmos: IGNORANCE.

At the same time, it is counter productive to lambast all within the various initiated systems as being "wholly evil" or "negative" and out to "harm humanity". There is much good always at work even as those they work with may be as evil as some may imply.

At the end of the day, "their world" is seperated from "your" world through a philosophical system wherein the knowledge of the philosophical system trumps everything. Power does not accede anything without a demand, and power is fearful of demands made by those who are deemed to be endowed with a far less than rational philosophical system and hence power on both polarities will protect the philosophical status quo before it will accede to what is perceived or believed to be an inferior and irrational philosophical system that would plunge the philosophical system into a total state of darkness.

That an alternate "Illuminatus Philosophy" exists and that it is based on "Pi" can only be surmised through rational analysis. There is no "in your face" treatise that one can point to. Such is that the way it is. Knowledge of "the Word" would go a long way to raising the general profile of the human race, for knowledge of "the Word" often comes with a raised appreciation and motivation to improve the lot of race in general.

Still, there are those that have a pretty strong or absolute understanding of the totality of the system and wish it to be destroyed. The better to plunder and burn humanity if there is no opposing philosophy able to stand up to the reason and logic inferred within.

Regardless of what you think, if you are in pursuit of more raising of personal awareness, watch this small clip of Imelda Marcos as she discusses the "7 Portals to Peace and Order".

Imelda Speaks of "1's" and "O's"

There is much to be uncovered in the history of the Philippines and one of the greatest myths and mysteries remains that of "Yamashita's Gold" The tales I heard from the various members of the Rotary Club were quite fascinating, and they all link back to Ferdinand Marcos. One day as I was in Quezon City the military shut down the whole road leading out North of the city and the rumour within the inner circles was that there was going to be a coup d'etat and they were moving some of "Yamashita's Gold".

The intrigue is fascinating, but our purpose here is to explain further the philosophy of the Illuminatus in order that noone sleeps who wishes not to. In this excerpt from Imelda the Movie, the manner and nature of the inner working can be ascertained through a thin veil, but the ultimate simplicity of a philosophy based on "1's" and "0's" is difficult to miss.

(((Unfortunately, this video can no longer be found. If someone has it or finds it, letting me would be greatly helpful and of interest)))
Notice how she speaks in the word "we". I cannot tell you the times I have been literarily assaulted for using the word "we". If you do not recognize the word "we" when used in this form of writing, then chances are, the individual is not clued in even to the basics, for those who have an understanding use the word "we" as a clue or code to let others know that one is "in the know".

The tri-une nature of what Imelda is speaking about should be abundantly clear to even the less than educated "Mason", but to the clued in Mason, the "tri-une" demonstration speaks clear.

That the system is being referred to as a "very esoteric system", this is accurate. Esoteric really implies that those who are given further insights are able to ascertain the totality of the system.

The idea of "7 Portals to Peace and Order" should be taken as a clue, however, and one would have to ask Imelda directly precisely how she is using this. However, the linking of "7" to "Order" often links back to Noahidist teachings, even if in a veiled operation that the receiver (as Imelda) could be totally unaware.

Yet at 2:50 seconds into the clip, Imelda Marcos speaks rather clear relative to the Construct. "If you ask a child in its purity to draw a tree, it draws a 1 and 0". She then goes on to mention that "if you have one man and one woman", she is using 1's and o's, and by the 4:10 second mark, she mentions "X" and references everything back to the computer, the 1's and the O's, that there is the "apple", "Adam and Eve", and so forth.

The very same formulas used here at the Illuminatus Observor to demonstrate the inner workings of the Luciferian philosophy are seen veiled from Imelda Marcos.

A Jesuit priest then appears in a fog (perhaps staged) about how Imelda spoke for "4 hours" and then Imelda gave a Hershey bar, but the Her See bar was "10 pounds.

4 hours.

1+2+3+4 = 10

Then there is the "10 lb" bar.

So much to be gleaned in such a short clip, but hopefully, it clues you in that the knowledge released here is not appearing in a vacuum.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Podcast - Inside the Eye, The Companion to the Illuminatus Observor

It has taken awhile but finally, a podcast has been published for the

Illuminatus Observor. It is called "Inside the Eye" and is being published at two sites.

podbean.com and

The first podcast was divided into two segments, the first segment scripted and the second segment free style, or ad lib. The above is the first segment while the below segment is the second segment, which together comprises a full show of about 20 minutes. There was a lot of technical problems getting the podcasts loaded from here in Jordan, but a complaint with the local telecom provider appears to have cleared up the problem.

Segment One - Welcome to Inside the Eye
Segment 2, A Brief Talk about the Reasoning and Logic behind the Coining of the Phrase "Isisian Codes"

My preferred format as far as feel and look is Podbean.com as I like the statistics format. I believe that with the solid readership we have here that many of you can help put "Inside the Eye" onto a fast track of most listened to in the esoteric and occult categories.

Of course - that is all assuming that the product is good and entertaining, which of course, I will work hard to ensure that Inside the Eye is a well done production for your entertainment and education.

For the first podcast, I did two segments. The first segment is purely scripted and will be uploaded shortly. This segment is the second segment and is the natural story telling/ad lib variety.

The story weaves its way from reminiscing on how the Isisian Codes was developed in community forums to some of the thoughts that went in to the coining of the name "Isisian Codes".

Hope all is well with everyone out there that has supported the Illuminatus Observor and do keep up the good work as regards your promotion and linking.

It REALLY is appreciated to see the work and effort appreciated.

Sincerely and best wishes for the upcoming holiday season.

Dennis Fetcho
AKA - The Fetch

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lyrics and the Dimensionality of Words

I, as I am sure many of you, enjoy music of many forms. Celtic and classic rock are some of my preferred genres. Now it is true that one of the great attributes of music is the way in which words set to song has a way of having many meanings to many people. I recall one story of an author who wrote a love song about his car, and yet the song could have been intrepreted as being a love song regarding human relationships.

The Occult is very much crafted in such a way, giving meaning to the idea of "sephera" wherein a particular "sephera" on "the Tree of Life" is said to be "paths unto themselves". Each definition of a word may be regarded as a "separate path" on a "sephera", even as the "sephera", or word, remain unchanged.

One way to approach a rational understanding of this phenomena is to understand that words are "static" by nature, but become multi-dimensional through the assignment of definitions, and then further become trans-dimensional through the application of esoteric formulae.

Example: BLUE

As a static formula, it appears to be as simple as a "color" in that to the letter sequence "BLUE" we have given the word a defined, or static, meaning. "Blue" in and of itself we may understand to be any given shade of "blue", from ocean deep blue to a royal blue to a sky blue. In each case, the word is static in that the given color is still "blue".

In the above example, the static portion of the word is the simple idea of "blue = a particular color". Multi-dimensionality, in this case, is accomplished through the addition of an "add" jective", or an adjective.
Once the relationship of "blue" to "sky blue" is made, the mind will affix for a period of time the relationship of "sky blue" to the static word of "blue" until such time as a new slate is imprinted.

It sorta works like an "etch a sketch" for those of you who are a old enough to know a time before video games.

Through the invokation of "esoteric formulae", we are able to turn words into trans-dimensional ideas. Trans-dimensionality implies the ability to "transcend" the static or binding nature of words in the same or similar manner that Taoist metanumerics enables one to find the source of a given disease, with the intent to craft a formula that directly cancels out the vibrational energy contained in the disease. In otherwords, we recognize that words are binding by nature. They are not "refined". They are a "defining", or corrupting medium, but with the attainment of the ability to penetrate paste the veils and or vestments of the Letters (and hence words), we are unable to break free of the binding or confining nature of words.

This philosophical concept is what is behind the story of Isis and Dictys. From Dictys, we derive the word "dictionary" and "diction", intimately linked with SPEECH, so when

"They relate that Isis nursed the child by giving it her finger to suck instead of her breast, cand in the night she would burn away the mortal portions of its body. She herself would turn into a swallow and flit about the pillar with a wailing lament, until the queen who had been watching, when she saw her babe on fire, gave forth a loud cry and thus deprived it of immortality. Then the goddess disclosed herself and asked for the pillar which served to support the roof.",

we relate that Isis, in seeking to burn away the mortal parts of the "baby dictys", or the meanings within the dictionary (definitions), has in general, "failed", and so the hidden meanings (esoteric truths and hidden formulae) within the words are not a part of the public discourse via the use of a dictionary (Dictys) or the "common man". Failing to be able to secure "immortal meanings", or the hidden concepts contained within words (refining the word and letters thereof), Dictys, or the dictionary, is deprived of "immortality" and hence words will move and drift with the sands of time.

The Letters are what provide us with the medium to reach the trans-dimensional aspect of words in spite of the "the fall" or "de"finement of words.

The word BLUE, for instance, may be broken down into B-LUE. Here we have two self evident truths caste into the word "blue": B-LEO (hence a product of the Sun acting within a diffused atmosphere), and BE-LOW, an idea of what "planet Earth" may appear as if one is to view it from outer space. Trans-dimensional meaning becomes filtered into the word, and the immortal part, that which is pure and difficult to destroy, becomes known.

The myst begins to dissipate and the illusion disappears.

The Arts as Cellular Occult Operations

If you are going to really "get it" and come to understand how the Occult influences (for both ill and naught), you must cease to be naive. For centuries elements of the Occult have controlled the Arts, and they will continue to do so long after you and I are gone. The Troubadours of the Medieval period was a classic example of a roving Occult operation, and the Shakespearean plays were instrumental to imbedding esoteric rules and formulae.

Today is little different.

In film you may find themes revolving around various Occult ideas.

As you delve further, say into genres of music, the themes running through these genres make it appear as if large segments of the genre are themselves controlled by those who share similar ideas being some Occult force. Progressive 70's English rock is one example of a genre that has a firm undercurrent of Occult theming. King Crimson and
"Court of the Crimson King
", or Emerson, Lake, and Palmer's "Knife's Edge" are two examples, the latter speaking about the New World Order long before George Bush Sr. made the concept open and obvious for all to see.

Further still, it is naive to believe that someone as Tom Cruise would not bring along on his coat tails a plethora of Scientology personnel within his productions and theme his movies along concepts contained in Scientology. You must be open or aware that certain genres, may be dominated by, inspired by, and controlled by a cellular Occulted force. Only those entering the genre that share the Occult message, wittingly or not, are promoted and driven up to stardom.

At the end of the day, "the Construct", or the archetypal codings, are being imposed and enforced through all manner of weapons, be it "education", "film", "music", "advertising", and so forth.

The Construct Set to Lyric

What makes "Art" "genius" is the use of metaphor and simile to describe a particular "reality". One of my favorite lyricists is Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, who to me is a master at the craft.

Take these lyrics from the song "Valley" from the Album "Roots to Branches", for example:

Wake hard in the morning.
See the young girl milking.
Stream rushing by on a bed of stone.
Old goats and sandstone cracking
All containing
Squeezing that river like it squeeze your bones.
In the long red, red valley people live here too long.
In the long red, red valley they only sing the valley song.
Some bad people living further down the valley,
Not easy for us to do good trade.
We got snowmelt, snowmelt sweet water.
They got that valley road that they made.
In the long red, red valley people dying here too long.
In the long red, red valley they only sing the valley song.

Holding hands on the hillside.
Showing love to your brother
your sister and your mother
but we hate those people down the valley.

Now if you did not see the "Israeli-Palestinian" situation, you should have. The river is "the Jordan river", squeezed as it is to a trickle. The "Red Valley" puts you back to Mars and Seth, and the idea of "they got that road" hints at the separate roads set down, the road in this case referring to roads exclusively for the use of Israeli's.

In this archaic world that is the world of Setian metaphysics and Jewish culture, duality takes a bizarre simplicity. We are good and you are bad. Jews are rulers and "pagans", essentially the rest of the world, are servants of this "master race". This primal and primitive thinking is at the core of occult Judaism as taught by the Noahidist schools.

Jews can love each other, but they hate everyone on the other side of the valley.
If you did not get this far, the song gives a more overt clue in the very next stanza:

Has anybody seen Moses?
Get him off that mountain.
Bring back the tablets of stone.
It's a wise, wise prophet who keeps his own council.
Yeah, leave the other man's wife alone.
In the long red, red valley people live here too long.
In the long red, red valley they only sing the valley song.

Wake hard in the morning.
See the young girl milking.
Stream rushing by on a bed of stone.
Old goats and sandstone cracking
All containing
Squeezing that river like it squeeze your bones.
In the long red, red valley people living here too long.
In the long red, red valley they only live the valley song.
In the long red, red valley people dying here too long.
In the long red, red valley they only know the valley song.

Who then is the song going to refer to once "Moses" is invoked? In higher level Jewish occult circles, Israel is known as the land of "Milk and honey", hence the term of the "young girl milking", a terminology that evokes a Northern European image, is being linked back to Israel as the "land of milk and honey". The song ends with a simple observation:

In the long red, red valley people dying here too long.
In the long red, red valley they only know the valley song.

"They" only know the "Valley Song", refers to the reality that they (and both sides are to blame) know only their own way, and each is a "valley" system, which by inference rests below any plateaus or heights. The result is that there is no "light", or at least extensive shadows, and so the ritual killing for some mythology (Valley Song) that is a small fragment of the larger Construct goes on unabated.

With darkness or extensive shadows comes the slaughter because, as the Construct reveals, no reason or sense prevails.

Now not all of you reading this can appreciate the stranglehold that Jewish concepts held over many of our worldviews for us here in the West. These dark, fear dominated philosophies, were all encompassing, oppressing the stifling even as they sought to wrap the soul into a controlling fear. You should expect to hear vestiges of this opening awareness sprinkled through Western music, done so in a veiled and clever manner.

Even today, people run great risks to dare to question this artifically created and micromanaged reality.

Blackmore's Night, a group whose lead guitarist broke off from Deep Purple, has a great song that deals with coming to the realization of what is there to "save you" is really what is there to control and harm.

Spiritual vampirism.

The song, "Writing on the Wall", is rich in Occult symbolism.

Paranoia or perception?
Put your faith in a liar's hands
Wanting to believe his words
But never knowing where he stands...

Had my heart on a silver chain
With the words engraved
"I loved you"...
Like a swan that was lost at sea
I lost all of me
To you...
Now I see the writing on the wall...

There's too many misconceptions
In this game of consequence
When you're finding that your hero
Is just who you're up against...

This is the way of Setian systems.

Put your faith in liars hands. Slogans like "Jesus loves you". Calls for absolute obedience (to a foreign spiritual force). Only later, if you are persistent, intuitive, or lucky, may you discern that Seth is Jehovah is Typhon is Cain is - well, the very "hero" you are up against.

Don't worry, though, it was just a song about a failing relationship where one used all manner of control and the other, well, lost everything, including "the self".

Then there are the rational observable views. Take this from "Witches Promise" by Jethro Tull.

Lend me your ear while I call you a fool.
You were kissed by a witch one night in the wood,
and later insisted your feelings were true.
The witch's promise was coming,
believing he listened while laughing you flew.

Leaves falling red, yellow, brown, all are the same,
and the love you have found lay outside in the rain.
Washed clean by the water but nursing its pain.
The witch's promise was coming, and you're looking
elsewhere for your own selfish gain.

Keep looking, keep looking for somewhere to be,
well, you're wasting your time, they're not stupid like he is.
Meanwhile leaves are still falling, you're too blind to see.

You won't find it easy now, it's only fair.
He was willing to give to you, you didn't care.
You're waiting for more but you've already had your share.
The witch's promise is turning, so don't you wait up
for him, he's going to be late.

The Construct is simple.

The Witch is "Jesus", and "you were kissed one night in the wood" is Jesus kissing "Judas" in "Gethsemane". Your love washed by the water, well, Christian baptism, while looking "elsewhere" for "selfish gain" pretty much describes the motivation of "blind believers".

"So don't wait up for him, he's going to be late."?

The "second coming".

Meanwhile, the leaves are falling, but far too many are too blind to see.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Hydra as a Representation of Osirian Organisational Power Structure

On planet Earth there exists a trans-dimensional war which manifests as overt and covert warfare against the human race. Within this larger covert war exist two forces: Osirian (to include Isis and Horus) and Jehovah/Typhon Seth (to include control of Horus energy channels at present point in time, or so it appears). With the overthrow of Osiris and the later decapitation of Isis and dismemberment of Horus (see Plutarch, On Isis and Osiris, "These are nearly all the important points of the legend, with the omission of the most infamous of the tales, such as that about the dismemberment of Horus95 and the decapitation of Isis."), what we find is that the former system was infiltrated and destroyed, changed, or altered from within.

We may liken this to the story of Oromazes and Areimanius from the same tale.

"Then Oromazes enlarged himself to thrice his former size, and removed himself as far distant from the Sun as the Sun is distant from the Earth, and adorned the heavens with stars. One star he set there before all others as a guardian and watchman, the Dog-star. Twenty-four other gods he created and placed in an egg. bBut those created by Areimanius, who were equal in number to the others, pierced through the egg and made their way inside; hence evils are now combine with good."

We may liken this example to political realities.

The necessity for secrecy of the various Initiated Orders was more due to the absolute knowledge of the very real Occult War in progress. Infiltration of a "light" order by "darkness" as embodied by Jehovah/Typhon/Seth, can only result in the destruction of the core order. Equally, enough orders dedicated to light have always existed, and infiltration of Setian orders would enable plans of the Setianists to be either delayed or defeated.

So from a pragmatic analysis, we cannot view any core Illuminated system as being totally free from Setianist infiltration, and so we may hold that the organizational structure of Osirian and Isisian power is embodied in the manifestation of the Hydra. The Hydra is born of Typhon. It has "7-9 heads", of which the center head is immportal. We may infer that this head is the Letter E as it is related back to the 9 digits that run from A to I which comprise Pi.


As one head is killed, two more grow back. As Setianist force destroys one group, another one or two have already sprung up.

The Pi's Ra, or the Hydra

A whole article could be done on the transpositional nature of the Letters H and P. Suffice it to say that they are often transposed and so are one and the same. Nevermind that the Greek Letter for P is Pi and that this shape shares equivalencies with the Letter H, or that when combined as PH, the Letters H and P share a value of 6, or a sound of "F", as in the word "phonetics": all of these things you are not supposed to know for they are key to the Letter Number Philosophical system of the Illuminatus.

Nevermind that H is located at 8 which will sum to 36, or that P is located at 16 and will sum to 136, revealing the co-relational 1:36, which is, of course, 666 - all of this is just coincidental mathematical realities that become immovable as if caste into stone, as it were.

While the ignorant were busy destroying knowledge caste into stone, Masonry was building a philosophy in language.

This philosophy would have two primary archetypal "arch" enemies, at least as formed: the Hydra and the Octopus.

The Hydra, with the Letter H transposing to a P, reveals the PY'd RA, while the Octopus reveals Pi in not so subtle of a manner. The parallels between the nature of the Hydra and the Octopus were too difficult to ignore.

In the Hydra (Pi'd Ra), immersed as it is in the material plane, truly it could be argued that the Hydra was born of Typhon, as Typhon is the realm of the material atmosphere and all the incumbent spiritual life that dwells within. When one head was cut off, another head would grow. What remained was that the body of the Hydra could not die even as each head was cut off.

Truth as spewed by the Hydra and all the organizational structures was imbed in the body, with each head maintaining its own independence. Lop off the head of one, and it would soon grow back, or simply spawn another. The critical point is that the heads remain independent, a form of "liberty", and hence representative of Osirian illuminatus power structures.

On the other hand, the Octopus has 8 arms.

Never mind that the Number 8, again, sums to 36, or that the 8th sign of the Zodiac (Scorpio = Score Pi X 10) appears as it does in the 10th month, which is appropriately named "October" and thus contains the root OCTO for 8, all this is just right before your eyes, caste into the structure of the language awaiting for the interested seekers to gain access to the inner secret that it all was constructed.

None of this was intended for you to know.

Yet in the Octopus, we find the core nature of Setian philosophies. There can be no other god than Jehovah, and so all the arms operate from the one head, as opposed to the many heads being part of the larger body (the L F Ant). When the Octopus is cornered and one of the arms is effectively cut off, it too exhibits the same characteristics of the Hydra in that the mangled and torn arm grows anew.

Further, when cornered with little chance of escape, the Octopus squirts out a stream of ink and so disappears into the darkened and muddied seas. Compare this to the obvious reality that 9-11, a Noahidist occult formula aligned with the Lubavitch movement and the Neocons, quickly hid the truth of the dastardly deed behind a sea of ink in the form of media control.

This very pragmatic reality of controlling the press is fused to the reality that the Octopus covers its escape in a sea of ink. If truth could be ascertained and known, and the Octopus unable to muddy the water in ink, its demise could more readily be accomplished.

And to think - even when an arm of the Octopus is totally severed, it still is able to operate for a period of time as if it is still alive and living.

The Hydra as a Representation of Osirian Power Structure

It is said that after Seth murdered his brother (Cain murders Able) Osiris, that Osiris would go on to reign as King of the Underworld. But truth is deceptive even as the Construct reveals the critical keys. UN is a prefix. D is a Letter (root). "ER" is a suffix intimating a past tense. Simple, really.

UN = Prefix for "NOT"
D = The Root Philosophical Concept
ER = Suffix intimating a past tense.

Not a D world.

But what is a "D" world. A "D" world is a world in which truth is half revealed and half concealed, where there exists a night and day and each of these reveal further Occult realities and structures.

So Osiris is King of the Not a D World (UNDERWORLD). Inverse Duplicity. Planned deception which means exactly the opposite. What Osirius rules over is the Sun and all the philosophy that eminates therefrom. What Setianists systems seek to do is "Kill the Sun", or Osiririan Occult philosophies, which, being based on the Sun, reveal critical and key truths which by their very nature provide insight, guidance, and illumination.

So we shall return to another political insight relative to the larger Occult War in play.

When the Noahidists and Neocons came to power, the world was immediately thrust into a long and brutal war across all fronts, a war that has gone on to bring about a near economic catastrophe for the United States, the home of Osiris (Continental Freemasonry).

Within this larger war were micro images of "beheadings" and the public exhortation to heed these beheadings as proof of some brutal evil set loose in the world. That a brutal evil was set loose should not be remiss by any astute and aware individual. The brutal evil was of course, the thrust to create a New World Order by the the Noahidists and their Synarchic power structures.

What was missed was the Occult symbolism caste in public through the idea of "beheadings". As shown in Noahidist doctrine, violations of "their" laws of morality are punishable by "beheading". This is the public doctrine of the Occult reality.

Osirian power structures, dangerous too as they are as they are fused often with too much Setian influence, are still far better for humanity than Setian power structures. As the Osirian systems are represented by the Hydra, the call for beheadings and the imagery portrayed revealed a larger occulted reality that the Setian Noahidists had every intention of going after and "beheading the Hydra", or the Osirian power structures.

The symbolism was not lost on those in the know.

All opposition to the previous Noahidist Neocon plan was to be squelched. Any investigations into the real truth of 9-11 being an inside job was to be silenced. Media was to be used to fabricate a reality as real as Torah fairy tales impressed on humanity as "factual truths".

It could be noted that the silence before the unfolding Setian plan to bring about their New World Order was evidence of the Occult idea of "beheading the Hydra".

Much ruin has been wrought by the Octopus,and the Hydra at times may appear to be far from benevolent.

The key to remember here is that the Hydra has many heads, and all people may create their own head even as they are part of the larger body.

There is nothing, really, to stop any of you from growing a new head on the Hydra.

What you need are the philosophical tools to maintain strength in the face of enormous planned adversity to growth, and the motivation to organize in your own ways "to grow your own head".

Not all heads need to be evil, and there is much good still working to better humanity without revealing the nature of the Construct.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Musings on English Qaballa and the Isisian Codes

A funny thing happened to me on the way to studying Jewish Kabballah. I found the Garden of Eden - and it wasn't Jewish. It was English. Let me explain.

Words as esoteric constructions turn and twist and spin with near instantaneous rapidity. There are relationships of words to things. This is planned and constructed. Study Paracelsus with a fine tooth comb and find the reference to schools responsible for "naming things". They would later be called Pi On the Ears, or more profanely, "pioneers". Red is a past tense of a present condition, in that R is the woman and ED is the past tense. It defines a current condition unique to the female.

B is the profile of a pregnant woman, while ED is a past tense. Hence BED defines a place in time and space upon which a present condition happened, as it were.

The "garden" is a past tense of a present condition, just as sure as harden is a past tense of "hard". With N's as D's as T's transposing instantly, Guarded become Garden becomes "gartet", and what exactly does the garter belt protect?

Beware of "Past Tenses as Present Conditions". Notaricon breaks down the word into a series of letters that defines words or concepts, and "prepositions", "prefixes", and "suffixes", all add color to the word caste against the notaricon coding.

In the word RED, R defines the philosophical concept, while ED as past tense adds color to the philosophical concept. This should not be a secret to you who are of the West, for our great traditions of the Greeks is rich in this knowledge and study.

In Cratylus
we see a long discussion regarding the use of Letters to create words. Very high level discourse on Qaballa, when you break it down, and this Qaballa is all related to a Western science.

Soc. And when the teacher uses the name, whose work will he be using ?

Her. There again I am puzzled.

Soc. Cannot you at least say who gives us the names which we use ?

Her. Indeed I cannot.

Soc. Does not the law seem to you to give us them ?

Her. Yes, I suppose so.

Soc. Then the teacher, when he gives us a name, uses the work of the legislator ?

Her. I agree.

Soc. And is every man a legislator, or the skilled only ?

Her. The skilled only.

Soc. Then, Hermogenes, not every man is able to give a name, but only a maker of names ; and this is the legislator, who of all skilled artisans in the world is the rarest.

Her. True.

Socrates would later be quotes as saying,

"Soc. Then, Hermogenes, I should say that this giving of names can be no such light matter as you fancy, or the work of light or chance persons ; and Cratylus is right in saying that things have names by nature, and that not every man is an artificer of names, but he only who looks to the name which each thing by nature has, and is able to express the true forms of things in letters and syllables."

Qaballa. A Western Esoteric Tradition

The point to consider at this stage is this: Osirian systems within Western traditions played a tremendous role in the shaping of names with the express purpose to infuse basic truths about "the things to be named". There was a science and a position (the Legislator) responsible for the naming of things. Thus you will find links to "the thing to be named" which seek to draw upon a series of connections.

For instance, the word "Belle" means woman in French, and yet a "bell" has a shape from which a tone or ring may be generated. The relationship between the Belle and the Bell is the removal of the Letter E, yet each maintains their esoteric link via the imagery that each seeks to portray.

The Letter B is clearly feminine (shape of Pregnant woman), and a "Bell" is as the shape of the woman as viewed frontal or rear.

A philosophical discussion in the likes of Cratylus could prove beneficial, but alas, we do not live in such times. Letters have values in both number and descriptive essence. In its purest form, the Letter B is a B, while it will transmute into Be and Bee the same, and share value with R, which is ARE and BE the same.

To assume that there is not a rooted history in this manner of thinking, we again turn to Cratylus,

Between Letters and Names

Soc. A very simple matter. I may illustrate my meaning by the names of letters, which you know are not the same as the letters themselves with the exception of the four e, u, o (short), o (long); the names of the rest, whether vowels or consonants, are made up of other letters which we add to them; but so long as we introduce the meaning, and there can be no mistake, the name of the letter is quite correct. Take, for example, the letter beta- the addition of e, t, a, gives no offence, and does not prevent the whole name from having the value which the legislator intended- so well did he know how to give the letters names.

A key point to remember as you move forward is this: there are Letters and there are Names, and as the Cratylus dialogue points out, the names of Letters are not harmed by the addition of additional letters to the letters, hence creating a Name, but from a practical aspect relative to Qaballa, Names are not Letters, and hence Letters are not Names.

English maintains a high degree of Letters which are not names, even as they are words through the process of Notaricon.

ABC are perhaps simple examples of this principle of Letters being words, but not "names", while the Letter Y is clearly a question, or a quest, equally, in that it represent the Male as the I and the Female as the V. Yet is it not a name.

English is peculiar in this respect, and hence represents its own distinct and unique study relative to the Qaballistic Arts.

The names of Letters have unique esoteric properties that further link back into the core of the esoteric Construction, but they do not in and of themselves aid purely in the deconstruction of the Construct for their numbering systems are based on their own numbering systems.

For instance, BEIT has values of 25920 when set in English, which is the exact number of the Great Year as espoused by Plato, while BETA contains the roots of B and T, which returns you to the mathematical formula of 4*9 squared, which is the exact same number. In English, our Qaballa is very pure and direct.

In the word SOUL, we may remove the Letter U (you) to reveal the essence of the thing. You are a fragment of the Sun as SOL. This, again, is part of the science and craft of the Letters as hinted at through Cratylus, and in the English language we may find a vast treasure trove of knowledge and information if we are to study the Letters and words with an acute attention to detail.

"Soc. Very good. But you had better watch me and see that I do not play tricks with you. For on the same principle the son of a king is to be called a king. And whether the syllables of the name are the same or not the same, makes no difference, provided the meaning is retained; nor does the addition or subtraction of a letter make any difference so long as the essence of the thing remains in possession of the name and appears in it."

The operative clue was "appears in it". Names cannot be changed such as to remove the operative nature of the Thing.


This article, is, admittedly, not one of my finer efforts, but it has sought to inculcate the reality that Qaballa is well rooted in Western traditions, and the naming of "things" has traditionally been an Occult science. If you research deeper into the phenomena, you will learn that Hebrew as "kabballah" relative to language really does not take root in the West until the 1600's.

You cannot fit a round hole into a square peg, and what this article does is provides you with a little bit of insight into the Western traditions and roots of the Craft of Qaballa, and then intends to hint at this knowledge being imbedded into what would become English.

The concepts were clearly well rooted and established and it is naive to believe otherwise, regardless of the failure of the academic system to properly address the factors that contribute to the construction of words of a language.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Esoteric Code of AUTUMN

I would like to start this article by sending out a tremendous thanks for all the support. The Illuminatus Observor continues to grow and has been over 1000 visitors per week for the past three weeks, and we missed by a total of 1 reaching the 1500 page views for the week mark, which would have been a milestone for this site. So to all of you from all over the world who have sent your emails and information, it has not gone un-noticed. The information is logged and saved, perhaps too complex for me to solve and write about, but of great curiousity regardless.

In addition, I would like to thank all of the Synchromystic authors who have been linking to some of my articles within your work. I do encourage all of you who enjoy this site to take some time and review some of the information provided by those authors in the Synchromystic genre located on the tool bar to the right.

Now without further adeiu.

The Esoteric Code of AUTUMN

There is something absolutely magical about AUTUMN. It is indeed my favorite time of year. I still recall fond childhood memories of living on a tree covered street and watching the leaves change color, dry, then softly drift to the ground. Still, this was the suburbs of Los Angeles. Better yet were dreams of Vermont or New Hampshire; how I loved to flip the calendar to September and October and marvel at the colors that highlight this time of year.

However, the words FALL and AUTUMN puzzled me.

FALL, actually, no. It's inherent meaning is rather simple. As the Sun "fell" in the sky heading towards the Winter Solstice, the use of the term FALL made pretty astute sense. Much of English does when you think about it. "Leaves" which "leave" a tree at the time of Autumn are just one of those rather self evident craftings built into the language.

But AUTUMN would puzzle me for quite a few decades - not content as I am to accept the simple ramblings of organized academia. I know that they who were behind English were a bit more complex as a general rule than is commonly referred to in the mass market known as public education.

It was Gematria and codes that fascinated me. It was shapes and sounds and placement of letters that held interest. Knowing my ABC's seemed a bit childish. Clearly such a powerful tool as an Alphabet held deeper secrets, and clearly a language as powerful and universal as English was so for reasons few can comprehend.

Gematria and English Qaballa would serve well in providing a rational explanation for AUTUMN, and this article will reveal some of the rational processes through which the Esoteric Code of Autumn may be deciphered.

Gematria and English Qaballa

Manley P. Hall wrote in Secret Teachings of All Ages,

NO treatise which deals with symbolism would be complete without a section devoted to the consideration of cryptograms. The use of ciphers has long been recognized as indispensable in military and diplomatic circles, but the modern world has overlooked the important rôle played by cryptography in literature and philosophy. If the art of deciphering cryptograms could be made popular, it would result in the discovery of much hitherto unsuspected wisdom possessed by both ancient and mediæval philosophers.

That Manley P. Hall was hinting at discovery "of much hitherto wisdom" precludes the idea that just maybe Manley P. Hall, allied as he was with Osirian Masonic systems, was already versed in Pi as the Omnific Word and how this concept was encoded into a series of ciphers set over time. That words were set into ciphers deals directly with GEMATRIA, for GEMATRIA includes the planned and concsious crafting of esoteric formulae into words.

This esoteric formulae may or may not be fused to other words, and further still, whole phrases may or may not be fused to other whole phrases. Regardless, the general accepted rules of GEMATRIA include a component whereby words of equal value must by their numerical equivalency share in some esoteric linkage.

Thus the word ISIS, having a value of 56, has to be esoterically linked to SPEECH, which too has a value of 56, while OSIRIS, with a value of 89, would be esoterically linked to another word with a value of 89, that of RELIGION. The former would become known as the Oral Traditions, as represented by the TAROT, while RELIGION would be loosely represented by the TORAT, at least in one philosophical vein of thinking.

TORAT is opposed to TAROT.

Isis would TAROT would be Osirian and English, while Torat would be Setian would Hebrew. Dig deep into Crowley's work and you will find this concept hinted upon.

English Qaballa in no way should be viewed in a narrow concept as advanced by Crowlian adherents, however. The FACT is - there are 100's of cataloqued ciphers over the years. Any cipher pattern affixed and attributed to the Hebrew equally may be applied to English or any other mathematically based Alphabet. Still, English is more complex and readily "revealable".

What makes English so effective is that it is concsiously constructed and fused to a larger and hidden philosophy, complete with ciphers within ciphers and meanings upon meanings. It is said that "to put English on the Q ball" is to inject a planned spin in order to effect a planned outcome THAT ENABLES A FURTHER PLANNED attack, agenda, or way forward.

The philosophy behind all this make up the Qaballa component, upon which there is a "spin" component. A leaf of a tree in plural becomes "leaves", and when AUTUMN arrives, the "leaves" leave the tree, and yet in the word LEAVE we have the phonetics of EL (as ADM) and EVE who too "leave" the Garden of Eden, and so forth. Each Letter. Each Word. Each Archetype. All contain within them components of the larger philosophy that leads one back to a recovery of "the Word", which is Pi.

AUTUMN is no different - nor should it be expected to be so.

Temurah and Notaricon

Since Gematria more often than not entails the planned and concsious encrypting of esoteric formulae into the many words that make up the language, especially as they pertain to "sacred nomenclatures", then what follows is a necessity to understand the methodolies in play so that one may solve for the words.

English Qaballa and Gematria works very much like the game of billiards, and all the English and spin required to effectively play the game have their constituent components in Esoteric English. When you approach the cue ball (a word), you have to recognize its position on the table and the desired location of where you want the ball to come to rest, based further, as it may, within the rules of the game.

Putting "English" on the cue ball is very much the same as applying Temurah and Notaricon to any given series of words. Gematria, on the other hand, is akin to simply hitting the ball straight with no spin whatsoever. Sometimes this is the best approach to solving a word, but more often than not, some element of spin is required if one is to be able to effect the most beneficial outcome. So just as English is always required to properly play billiards, so too are the concepts of Temurah and Notaricon required in order to solve for the esoteric formulae encoded into words.

Temurah is really no more complicated than spinning one or more of the letters based their position relative to the whole of the word. Words must be viewed in context, with the underlying thesis that you are viewing a mathematical formula:

Letters are symbols of sounds. The letter X is a symbol of the sound EKS. It is also the Roman numeral signifying ten; in mathematics
it signifies any unknown quantity. Thus it means different things in different places. The school boy struggling with algebra does
not think of X as meaning ten or a part of the word extra, or example; to him it means a number he must find. If on the title page of a book you read "Published MCMX" you understand the book was printed in 1910; the X here is not EKS, nor is it a number to be found by algebraic calculation. The meaning depends here on the location, and the use.

Thus in the word SUN, we see that S is a 3 and N is a 5, and so the Letter U must be encoded as its value summation from 1:6, which is 21, which is the U letter, and thus is given a value of 6, showing that SUN is 365. In this way does SOL have a value of S=3, O=6, while in this case, L must have a value of 50, revealing SOL = 3650, or 365.

Each of the above examples is a Temurah component, placing words into mathematical context and then returning them to the astronomical equivalents that then reveal the inherent truth within the word as encoded.

Argue as you may, you cannot move the formula.

SUN and SOL each equal 365. If you do not apply "English" to the words SUN and SOL, and tried any given set of "add em up" systems (pure Gematria as hitting the ball straight with no spin), you will lose the inherent value and esoteric meaning. That is the same as hitting the cue ball, getting the target ball into a hole (for you will arrive at your intended result relative to the word), but scratching the cue ball in the process.

You lose control.

NOTARICON, on the other hand, recognizes that Letters are words within themselves. Thus the letter B is linked to "to", "two" and "too" equally, even as 2B or not 2B remains the question. C is linked to See and Sea the same, and further may be found imbedded archetypes as C is Sea is the Occult is De-CE-ption, while R is ARE is to be is linked and fused to 2 as referenced in the Isisian (Speech) Codes.

The word CRYSTAL, then, may be broken down into a Notaricon code of

C = See


CRYSTAL as SEE OUR WISE TALE is a pure usage of Notaricon. Fuse Notaricon to Temurah to Gematria and you have the genius of the Esoteric Code of AUTUMN.

The Esoteric Code of AUTUMN

The Esoteric Code of AUTUMN is covered in "Pi and the Pagan Calendar", so if you want a different perspective, perhaps you may wish to check out that article equally. However, let me try another way to help the interested in gaining awareness.

The 26 Letters of the English Alphabet represent 1/2 of the Calendar Year of 52 Weeks. The start point of the representation is the Letter T, which then is fused against the Solstices. Thus at the Winter Solstice, the word SOL'S T ICE being your key word in that SOL'S T is Summer T and T ICE is the Winter T, it is said that Osiris is born, which then becomes the birth of Jesus in the Setian systems. The day of death was set traditionally on the 22 day of December, wherin Osiris as the Sun is interred in the Earth for 3 days, and then "rises again" or is "born" on December 25.

The day of his "death" is the Winter Solstice, or December 22. This 22 date is then fused to the T letter, located as it is at the 7 Letter of the second half of the Alphabet, to reveal the fraction of

22/7 = 3.1428571 = Recipricol 7 Pi.

13 weeks after the Winter Solstice comes the arrival of the SPRING EQUINOX. Now EQUINOX is an interesting word, seeing how all the gold of the American government is stored in vaults at FORT KNOX.


NOX is a code for SUN, thus the EQUI-NOX is the EQUI SUN, or the day where the Sun crosses the Equator and thus day and night are in equilibrium. I am sure you see LIBER and the scales and LIBRA in the word EQUI-LIBRIUM.

This day is represented by the 13th letter after the start of T. Thus:


G represents the Sun as it crosses the equator. The C is the sphere of the Earth while the T is equator line. This day again is located on the 22 day of March, while G is the 7th letter, revealing what?

The fraction 22/7 = 3.1428571 = Recipricol 7 Pi = The Word.

6 weeks after the Spring Equinox is May Day, or Beltaine. 6 Letters after G is:


The Letter sequence MNO, or 131415, or Pi.

Take this formula to other side of the year, and 6 weeks after the Fall Equinox is the holiday of Holloween, which is then again the letters MNO = 131415.

Now you can solve for the Esoteric Code of AUTUMN - if you use Temurah, Notaricon, and Gematria.

The Isisian Codes reveal the following:

A has a value of 1
U has a value of 5
T has a value of 4
U has a value of 5
M has a value of 13
N has a value of 14

Since we know we need to return everything back to "the Word", we may leave MN as 1314 as Pi as the Word. This is the Gematria component, sans the "adding up" of the Letters.

This reveals the following:


Since we know that the marking points are the Solstices and the Equinoxes, and these are marked further by major holidays of May Day/Beltaine and Holloween, we can see that the formula becomes self evident - IF WE USE NOTARICON!!!

AUTU(1314) = (15)TO1314 = (1+5=6) TO MN = 6 TO MN (1314)

The use of the Letter TU to represent the word TO is a NOTARICON component.

The AU shows that the letter placement is a 1 and 5 respective, and since we know that it is 6 weeks to the Letters MN, in that G represents the AU-TU-MN equinox, we can show that A+U = 1+5 = 6 weeks TO MN.

This provides you with but another example of how to apply English Qaballa to deciphering the hidden meanings encoded into words. AUTUMN is a placement code, revealing the precise location of where the Letters should be (in case a darker force seeks to destroy the knowledge?)

Now I am going to enjoy the Solstice and prepare for the Winter months ahead.