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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Masonic Word and the AUM Triglyph

I am not one known for paranoia, but I am prone to observe the changes which occur as a matter of coincidence. Call it "synchronicity", if you wish.

An event happened in the very early days of the budding public Internet (1998). As part of my research into these matters, I was "clued in" that the AUM Triglyph was a very critical and insightful symbol, and them available contextual Masonic material would prove quite helpful. At the time, I did not know what the AUM Triglyph was all about let alone what it appeared as.

In earnest, I used the then available search engines and to my surprise, found a grand total of 3 images which showed the AUM Triglyph.

In 1998, I was still quite new to understanding the whole of the Illuminatus System and had yet not enough time to truly wrap my mind around the totality of the Construct. But I was already well aware of how the acroamatic cipher was being used to craft various mythologies and ciphers, and so I recognized immediately what was being transmitted.

To my surprise, the AUM Triglyph was essentially the symbol for the Sanskrit "OM", with one glaring change. Replacing the right side of the Om glyph was the Greek letter Pi. The left side of the Om glyph was essentially unchanged. What we were looking at was a classic example of a transposition and modification and the transposition and modification was pointing directly at an acroamatic cipher based on the Letter M.

In frenzied excitement, I wrote my observations and analysis, inviting all who were interested to go to the links at the search engine and see for themselves. Within one week, the links were removed.

The images have never returned.

"Hermetic Masonry" and "The Beginning of Masonry"

It not always easy sleuthing through Occult material in search of the core of the Philosophy. For years and years I had known a work called "Hermetic Masonry: The AUM Triglyph". This work was mentioned in work going back to 1928. While doing research (on the net), I came across one by Higgins that was exceptional and supportive in its insights.

The problem came in the manner in which works were indexed.

Take, for instance, this "Table of Contents" from "The Beginning of Masonry":

It looks inconspicuously identical to this "Index" or "Table of Contents" from Hermetic Masonry:

Indee, a word by word comparison of the two tables of content shows that they are identical and based on most logic and reason, it would be safe to assume that the two titles are identical books being marketed under separate covers and titles.

However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Hermetic Masonry contains a whole section on AUM and its relationship to "the Word", with the implication that "the Word" is Pi. Included in Hermetic Masonry are hand drawn geometric forms which show the "Cosmic Egg" and its relationship to Pi.

Why the two books released contain identical Index's or Tables of Content, we can only theorize, but it is clear that the section dealing with the AUM glyph is purely removed from radar screen relative to the Index or Table of Contents in Hermetic Masonry. Further, many of the hand drawn images are quite clear in their references back to a 26 digit code system and the code systems reliance on "Pi" as the backbone for the entire system.

AUM Triglyph goes so far as to hint that the glyph "OM" itself is missed drawn - implying that the glyph as drawn within the Masonic systems is the proper rendition.

Essentially, Hermetic Masonry argues not so cryptically that it is the Letter M that is at the core of glyph "OM". Obviously, it is, but how do you go about rationalizing such a theory.

It is really not so difficult as you can now observe.

Om and the Letter M

The secret to deciphering the Sanskrit glyph called "Om" is to understand how acroamatic ciphers are used, as well as how phonetics, letters, and archetypes ares all fused together to create a comprehensive "universal" philosophy.

To begin, we recognize that the Illuminatus created codes that could be read forward or backward. In some cases, words read "forward" would be "for good", while words read backwards could be views as "for naught", or negative.

In this way, the word SATAN could be viewed as the letters


This would give rise to mythologies of SATAN being a "bringer of Light (Pi)", while the letters ZION would be in reverse

N = 14
I = 1
O =6
Z =26

Hence "Jehovian systems" as Christianity (Osirian knock-off, as it is), would vilify SATAN as Osiris, and would glorify ZION, which would be as an "arch enemy" SATA(Pi).

The "oral traditions" would be given a euphemistic name of "TAROT", while this would be opposed to the "written traditions" as defined by TORAT. EVIL would be bad and LIVE is good.

Other forms of reversals might reveal just elements of how the philosophy was being constructed. The Letter E, for instance, when set into its lower case "e", reveals the "circle and the diameter" in design and shape. E, being located at number 5, is simple summed from 1:5, to reveal 1+2+3+4+5=15=O Letter, for O is located at the 15th position of the Alphabet.


In this manifestation, E has indeed "special properties".

Since E=O, the very obvious is that the word (Letter) EM = OM. This is so simplistic and overtly obvious that its inherent truth need no explanation.

Thus M must equal the Sanskrit OM as referenced in Hermetic Masonry, but again, how do you argue the point further?

We can mystify this all and call the exercise a "qaballistic construction", but really, it is all quite logical when you understand the nature of acroamatic ciphers.

Says Manley P. Hall in Secret Teachings of All Ages,

The acroamatic cipher is the most subtle of all, for the parable or allegory is susceptible of several interpretations. Bible students for centuries have been confronted by this difficultly. They are satisfied with the moral interpretation of the parable and forget that each parable and allegory is capable of seven interpretations, of which the seventh--the highest--is complete and all-inclusive, whereas the other six (and lesser) interpretations are fragmentary, revealing but part of the mystery. The creation myths of the world are acroamatic cryptograms, and the deities of the various pantheons are only cryptic characters which, if properly understood, become the constituents of a divine alphabet. The initiated few comprehend the true nature of this alphabet, but the uninitiated many worship the letters of it as gods.

The various glyphs are equated to as "gods". This means that we should be able to show transpositions and modifications as these acroamatic ciphers are being utilized within various cultures, and two of the core cultures within which this was done was Hebrew and Sanskrit (Hindu).

When we break apart the Letter M, we reveal a "division" comprised of 3 letters, I, V, and I. Ever heard of the IV(Y) League? The Letters I, V, and I are from the Letter M, exploded, as it were, to reveal its constituent components.

The Letters I V I are simply reordered to reveal V II.

This is the word S-EVE-N.

SN is 3.14, which reversed forms the word ADM (1413).

The tale of ADAM (ADM) and EVE, therefore, is an acroamatic cipher for the Letter M.

The glyph of OM reveals a "3", which is the Goddess (from the Letter B), while the "trunk" is as the phallus of ADM, or PI.

Since Male is 1 and Female is 0, each of these glyphs (M and OM)is utilizing male/female duality in order to show the relationship if the creation to that of Pi.

All that is needed is the keys to understand the nature of how the glyphs were crafted.

In the AUM Triglyph, the "trunk" figure" has been simply replaced with the Greek Letter Pi.

All of this links further back to the number 36, wherein we can show that L is the number 3 and F is the number 6. LF becomes the EL-EF-ANT, wherein the LF ANT is a form of political statement from a historically far removed reality.

Still, the key remains that it is PI that is the "Masonic Word" which was lost and left to be recovered.

--Authors Note - It was intended to provide you with further analysis and insights, but viewing rights to the copy on Google Books was greatly curtailed towards the time of writing to the time of original research for the article.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Illuminatus Observor - 100,000 Visitor Plateau!

The Illuminatus Observor is perhaps the most popular and successful of all blogs dedicated to the Craft of English Gematria.

To support such a statement, the Illuminatus Observor has recently reached the 100,000 visitor plateau. Quite a milestone for a blog as technical and difficult as this one proves to be!

Within the voluminous pages found on this blog are key insights and hints into the core of the philosophies of the Illuminatus as they were crafted and grafted onto and into the English language. The work here seeks to preserve the formulas and thought processes that went into the construction of this great language and its "gods", or the Letters that make up the 26 digit Alphabet that is the foundation of the English.

Over the years, I have written 100's of thousands of words in mass market forums dedicated to such topics as "Wicca", "Alternative History", "Current Politics", "Conspiracy", "Contemporary Occultism", and so forth.

Over these same years, the information contained in the Illuminatus Observor has always been found an enthusiastic and energetic following. Consequently, upon its launch in July of 2007, its initial promotion was met with a surprising (to me) successful and gratifying) response Seeing such, work began in earnest to fill the Illuminatus Observor with pages designed to provide unique individual insights into the Craft with the hope and intent that as the work expanded, enough insights and knowledge could be provided to enable the studious reader and interested student to be able to slowly put together the pieces in a way that one could never have achieved without "insider insights" that are provided here at the Illuminatus Observor.

With some satisfaction and relief, I can hereby state that the initial aims and intent of the Illuminatus Observor are being met.

The Illuminatus Observor is not an easy blog to follow. There is no chronological or logical flow to the work. This is not by design; rather, the very nature and methodology of "blogging" does not lend itself to such a natural structure and flow.

I can only write on topics as topics come to me, and rarely am I able to put together two or three blogs in a row that build upon the previous. However, if you are astute, you can find strings of articles that are indeed "summative in nature", wherein a previous post will provide helpful insights into a post that follows.

I will not try to go back and find them for you. Such is not the intent of this article.

The intent of this article is simply to say THANKS.

The Illuminatus Observor has surpassed its 100,000 visitor!

"Keys" from "the Keymaker"

The primary purpose of the Illuminatus Observor is to provide you with critical and, essentially, obscure or hidden keys and insights into the core occult structures or signatures within the English Language. Equally, it is not my purpose or claim that other languages do not have within them their own occult structures or signatures.

Indeed, if you have been patient as you sift through the Illuminatus Observor, you will find (or have found) that occult constructions and signatures embed within other languages can be shown to logically reveal a pattern of modifications and transpositions utilized in the crafting of sacred nomenclatures as the passed from culture to culture and race to race.

Yet we must not lose sight of reality as we immerse ourselves in these studies.

Dead languages serve their purpose, however:

The "universal language" of this planet is and remains English, and as such, there can be nothing more important and critical to understanding the philosophical workings of "secret societies" than to understand how modifications and transpositions were effected such as to return us to the one prevailing language that has the power to unite humanity in ways that so few others really are able to do. Is this not, too, on a par with anything else that has been equated to that which has been known as "the Great Work"?

Further. You must take note and beware.

There never was and never will be a single solitary "key" to resolving the philosophical web found in the language other than that which is euphemistically known as "the Word".

Surf the web to your hearts content relative to this subject matter.

Only at the Illuminatus Observor will you find "the Key". But more importantly, only at the Illuminatus Observor will you find "the keys" necessary to return you to "the Key".

Still. You must "know thyself".

Between "Response" and "Acceptance"

Do a Google image search for "English Qaballa" and what do you find?

The Illuminatus Observor. The Illuminatus Observor. The Illuminatus Observor. The Illuminatus Observor...

Why is this?

Because there is a mindful disparity here at the Illuminatus Observor between what may be termed "a successful response" and what may be termed a "growing acceptance".

English Qaballa as a contemporary study and artform has long been dominated by those who, essentially, are Crowley acolytes. Yet the study of English as a "qaballa" may be inferred from an indepth study of Freemasonry equally, and the direction and hints derived from a study of Freemasonic philosophy has little or no relevance to the static cipher as provided and sought after those who immerse themselves in Thelema.

In Thelema, many wax longing for obtaining the order & value of the English Alphabet. Few who indulge in this search offer any rational and sustained effort to attribute new meanings to the Letters. This irrational search fails to recognize that there was massive collective effort that had already solidified the order and value of the Alphabet: the 26 digit cipher was already sealed.

A shift at Q (the Isisian Codes) would set the Alphabet into an ingeniously crafted phonetic set based on the 9. The vowels would all be set at the integers 1, 5, and 9. From this matrix, incredibly simple ciphers could be embed into the language. Truth could mock the folly of those who tried to craft otherwise.

Even Crowley and his "daemon" seemed to already understand this, for as was stated in the "Book of the Law", "Begone! ye mockers; even though ye laugh in my honour ye shall laugh not long: then when ye are sad know that I have forsaken you."

"Gee", we can only snicker. Crowley or his daemon are going to "foresake us".

In modern acronymic language: BFD.

The ciphers were already set and it had been determined some time before that the most logical "spelling" of the word "Qaballa" (seeing how it has so many variants) was to spell the word using the letters "QABALLA". There remains a logic and reason for the use of the letters QAB in the spelling of the word "QABALLA". .

An effort was set to infiltrate Isisian Code ciphers into core English Gematria study groups ere the spelling of "Qaballa" was clear and precise. A search of "English Qaballa" yielded a huge amount of work by Jake Stratton-Kent (listen to the interview with Jake Stratton-Kent on Occult of Personaly here). Only Jake Stratton-Kent seemed to have a handle on what was determined to be a "proper spelling", but his system was wholly dependent on Aleister Crowley, and "English Qaballa" in its purest form is clearly anathema to what Crowley was doing.

Initial efforts to insert Isisian Code ciphers into various study groups (Thelema oriented) were met with some initial success, and not a small amount of acceptance on the fringes.

The Isisian Code work was rapidly met with a typical confrontational environment, and study group leaderships banned the work even to the point of deleting work from websites (Barbelith.com comes to mind as does Jake Stratton-Kent's forums), and so the links of "English Qaballa" to a more traditional Freemasonic study were being censored and erased.

Consequently, when time came to begin to build a market and audience for the Illuminatus Observor, strategies were put in place in order to ensure that never again (barring proactive censure by Google or other search engines) would the inquiring public be denied the ability to find information that showed the links of English Gematria and English Qaballa as an esoteric artform wholly independent of Crowley and his do as he wilted philosophies.

Today, with the growing acceptance and active linking of this site by so many readers and supporters of the Illuminatus Observor, the Illuminatus Observor has managed to become one of the more relevant of searches for information within this genre.

Now, whether you use Yahoo or Google, two of the recognized leading search engines in the market today, the Illuminatus Observor ranks in the top ten on wide range of topics and key words within this subject matter.

If you want to search for "corporate occult logos", you are not directed to Jordan Maxwell: the first two or three entries are invariably the Illuminatus Observor.

Viral Marketing, Market Acceptance

The Illuminatus Observor is morphing from a fringe exercise into the ciphers and philosophies of the ruling elite into a main stream conspiracy market resource. The above photo, for instance, found great traffic from being created and linked in at Floyd Anderson.com's GNN blog. This form of linking is taking place in so many mass market sites, including either references to or sites run by or for Michael Tsarion, David Icke, Alan Watt, and so many others.

Your support and efforts at so many sites, forums, blogs, and personal pages has done much to enhance the search engine relevance and bring new clicks and faces to the Illuminatus Observor family.

Your comments at the Illuminatus Observor have more than a few times resulted in visitors from search engines.

All of these efforts are greatly acknowledged and appreciated.

These viral efforts can only have a positive influence on moving the Isisian Codes from a "private resource" to that of mass market acceptance. Indeed, recently, one of the many friends and supporters whom I have met through these efforts, one who happens to be a highly educated Freemason who is too knowledgeable in the "left hand" arts, was quite supporting and encouraging the work to continue.

As he and I know, nowhere has this information been able to be so clearly deconstructed and dissected.

It is your continued support and efforts that make what is currently a very free resource such a gratifying effort. It is clear that many of you are beginning to comprehend the nature of this work and have found for yourselves an appreciation for what is perhaps "the genious" in the way in which the information has been packaged and put forward.

It is not an easy subject to write about.

The Illuminatus Observor - Moving Forward

The path taken to arrive at this point has been a challenge that few of you can imagine, let alone should have to face or endure. Leave it at that. Those who have particular esoteric vision oft find themselves tried by trials. One must be able to pass through the trials in order to stand firm and strong.

This is not about the strenght of those who are ignorant. Ignorance is perhaps one of the strongest substances within the material universe, able to withstand even the most calculated and ingenious of eleucidations.

But knowledge and wisdom remain yet a far more powerful force, and once attained, can never be destroyed nor taken away. The ignorant masses are always manipulated by the educated few. The educated few are manipulated still further by the enlightened who have come to truly grasp the nature of the Construct.

It is just the way it is.

When the "enlightened" have trended toward ignorance, rationalizing their way into a belief in absurdities, such comes the rise of "godlessness" and a general decay in the health and well being of a society.

The Illuminatus Observor is intended to provide knowledge that fights back against "enlightened irrationalism", which is, so to say, a form of educated ignorance.

We are very much living in this form of world today, and there needs to be rise in new leadership, fed on the sustenance of Occult truth, not the truths as so many believe as they are unable to pierce as to how it all has been crafted.

The Illuminatus Observor is so designed to penetrate the inner and outer cores of crafted reality.

The "Philosophy" is the target for which there is an elite which seeks to destroy.

Hitler rose to power in 19"32". "9-11" is an evil mesmer. The NOT SEES flew a "swastika", yet the "swastika" is a symbol for the Solar Wheel.

What culture would dare destroy the knowledge of the Solar Wheel and the wisdom of the Ancients?

The Illuminatus Observor provides you with the insights and formulas designed to beat back the shrieking of those who clearly are immersed in their intellectualized ignorance.

But you must take the initiative to become involved in your own destinies.

The Illuminatus Observor will continue to grow as a resource to aid in what ways we may.

The Illuminatus has reached 100,000 unique visitors from its inception. The Illuminatus Observor will reach 100,000 unique visitors for the fiscal year

Thank you to everyone who has supported and "spread the Word".

If you enjoy this site, please take a second or two to vote for the site in Conspiracy Top Sites as linked below. The Illuminatus Observor is firmly in the Top 100. Lets take it to the Top 20.

And keep those links to other forums coming!