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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

On the Nature of Fetches

I remember when I was first developing the Isisian Codes. I knew I had something, and I worked tirelessly in those early days of the Internet to find a way to communicate what was essentially an astrally driven insight: the challenge is to not appear as if one is too insane even to the point of keeping one's sanity. Many fail. Witness Dee, Crowley, to mention two of the more obviouss, each dying in on the fringes of madness and abandoned by all.

It is no secret that the Occult world has oft used the tools of the shaman. Meditation techniques, breathing techniques, focus techniques, and the use of hallucinogenics oft come into play. This was not much different for me. I grew up in a time when Christianity was still a strong and overt power play on the society. A former high school teacher slaked in darkness in her own residence to share "The Secret Teachings of All Ages".

Jung's work on archetypes provided an intellectual reason to escape from the Christian injected fear of the unknown. The "devil" was indeed, very sly and deceiving, and any delving into the then "Occult" was sure to bring a wrath. Evil was everywhere, except where it was obvious; the Christian mythos could never see itself has being the third little pig that devoured the wolf and hence had become likened unto it.

The Occult, if you are not familiar with some of its mechanisms, relies heavily on the astral. Hence the oft discussions of "ceremonial magic" and "protection spells", and "astral beings", and even the "elemental" or two. What some call "guardian angels", other view as dedicated guides on the souls path.

There is another name for these entities. They are called "fetches".

On the Nature of Fetches

What is the nature of a Fetch? Being one, I have always known, but how does one relate an inner knowledge to an external source? Why, in many ways, that is what a Fetch does, it seeks that which is required for a continued advancement of an esoteric nature to benefit any given series of Spiritual Essences. In this way, if you look, you can find Fetch's everywhere, for without them, the current world could not exist. Fetch's are servants to the individual, the clan (family), and the volk (community), and when you can see with the vision of a Fetch, there are Fetch's for Planets, Solar Systems, and even Galaxies.

Fetch's are not of this world, yet exist within it. Their tools are the symbols that make up the very nature of Archetypes, and can communicate through dreams or, for the more spiritually attuned, even in a waking state. Sit back and relax, and for the first time, The Fetch shall use information from the "world" to explain just what a "Fetch" is. It might come as a surprise to many of you.


Fetch's can be found sprinkled throughout Nordic Pagan, Celtic, and Wiccan philosophies, but it is in the Realm of Asatru that Fetch's find their highest degree of manifestation. Wicca, on the other hand, seems to relagate Fetch's to the most basic of tasks. According to "Grace Watchers Ministries"(1) which presents a Dictionary of Pagan and Wiccan Terms, a Fetch is defined as "A Male witch who acts as a messenger and general assistant to a Coven's High Priestess and High Priest." This position is also known as a "Summoner".

Gardnerian Wicca places a more etheric value to Fetch's, where "Summoners" are spoken of in "The Old Laws", a work released in 1961 (2): (...40)..."It be Ardane that each Coven shall not know where the next Coven bide, or who its members are , save the Priest and the High Priestess, that there should be no communication between them save by the Messenger of the Gods, or the Summoner."

Indeed, most of what we learn about "profane Fetch's" can be found in Wicca, for here is where a Fetch is at it's most humble of representations, and the term "Summoner" is most often used in this manifestation. However, not all traditions of Wicca make use of a Summoner, or a Fetch, but where these traditions exist, we find the purpose of Fetch's quite varied and central to the operation of the Coven.

In "Wicca 101", "Goddess Spirituality 101: Coven Structure, Section 4, A-D "(3) it is said that a Summoner is also known as "A Puck", is responsible for acting as the private messenger of the High Priestess, may be a Priest in training or simply someone capable of being seen without arousing suspicion. Equally, he is usually the only one who knows the whereabouts of all witches in a Coven with the exception of perhaps the High Priest, and is responsible for the mundane matters of the Coven such as contacting Coven members as to upcoming meetings, overseeing Coven finances, buying ritual supplies, coordinating gatherings, and providing light for the High Priestess and High Priest as needed during the circle."

It is said in the Celtic ways that to meet one's Fetch is a very bad thing indeed, for a Fetch is your dream double, and if you meet your Fetch, you are no longer of this world, but of the world beyond. In the end, you can never avoid your Fetch, for you can never avoid your fate."

If you have ever had rich pictured and sensation dreams where you are met with a member of the opposite sex or an animal, and in some cases, geometric charged shapes, then chances are, you have had a brush with your "fetch".

The fetch is an independent form that is attached to the person though not actually a part of the person, in a sense. It can some times easily be confused with the fylgja but it is actually a splintering of the fylgja that is done in order to accomplish some particular task. It comes generally in the form of an animal or of the opposite sex of the person it is attached to. It's purpose is to assist the person it is attached to in other realms. Most people never see or have need of their fetch until death, at which time it will generally guide them to the after-life. It can and often is passed along ancestral lines. - source

In Nordic Pagan shaman systems, the soul is seen to be divided into constituent components. Generally, these classifications fall into 5 primary forms: 1) The body, 2) Mind. 3) Soul, 4) Fetch, and 5) Orlaeg. Western esoteric traditions such as Masonry typically set forward a basic system 3 parts to the soul: 1)Mind, 2)Body, and 3) Spirit

Fetch's are equated to Woden or the Letter L in higher systems, and are primary dwellers in Asgard. Asgard as an esoteric construct, and the "Garden of Eden", are quite comparable in design and construction, hence to return to "Asgard" or to the "Garden of Eden" can be viewed as simple cultural transpositions of a shamanistic reality.

An anonymous author had this to say regarding Asgard and The Fetch:

Asgard. This is the highest realm of consciousness, this is almost pure consciousness and so Asgard is a realm of almost pure being. This has been described as a divine state of being. The central hall of Asgard is ruled by Odhinn the god of inspiration, the God whose very being is the Wode state. This realm relates to the those aspects of the soul known as the Wode and also that of the Fetch. The Wode is a state of divine inspiration which can be bestowed upon consciousness when the intellectual faculties are brought into harmony. In achieving the Wode state the intellectual powers open themselves to the most productive and fertile manifestation of the mind, the highest state of being - the state of frenzied inspiration - whilst the Wode is a principle which is connected with Asgard we must also recognise that its true home is Midgard or the self - one of the aims of rune work is to bring the Wode home - to reach that state of perfect integration that is truly Hailagaz and so while we have to discuss the Wode in relation to Asgard we must also acknowledge that its destination is Midhgard or the Self.

The Fetch, is the element of the soul which is truly at home in Asgard. The Fetch is that being who holds within its consciousness every thought, every act and every moment of your own conscious life and more besides. The Fetch is also the collective repository of all that has ever been in the mind of all your previous incarnations - hence it also carries with it the totality of your ancestral consciousness. One of the aspects of this is that the Fetch has knowledge of the realm of Hel, this is a transcendent knowledge as whilst the fetch's home is in Asgard its nature is to follow the soul through all of its incarnations - this leads one to posit an intimate connection between the Fetch and the seed of the entire soul structure known as the shade or Sal - this intimate connection implies that the Fetch even understands that state of being which occurs between one life and the next - a from of being which is not a being.

The Fetch is the most complete form of personal consciousness. Through exploring this level of the cosmos one can gain a better understanding of the nature of the Wode and its inspiration as well as gaining insights into the nature of the Fetch for this is the realm in which consciousness opens up to embrace more than mundane consciousness - in this realm we can gain access to ancestral consciousness a form of consciousness which links us directly with our mythical ancestor Odhinn. Alternately through exploring the Wode and trying to attain communication with the Fetch one can begin to understand the nature of Asgard. Either way the result of this exploration will be an intimate understanding of the highest states of being and the highest states of consciousness. The vowel sound which corresponds to Asgard is A the rune of divine inspiration. Through intoning this sound we activate Asgard in our personal sphere and hence give power to the Wode and to the Fetch.

The Letter A as an intonation carries with it a harmonic (as expected) and this harmonic has been identified through a new science called Cymatics.

Cymatics appears to be linked into knowledge of Pythagorean metanumerics and the concept known as "frozen sound". But all of this is for another post. For now, let's return back to the nature of Fetch's, and Sir Francis Bacon, regarded as the single most influential personages in the development of what we now call "English".

The idea of astral project carries with it an archetype known as "the Abyss". This is what could be considered a dark area of nothingness as one makes ones way to any given realm in an astral sense. This region is spoken of in the Epic of Gilgamesh, and plays a prominent role in esoteric work, both modern and traditional.

It is not my point to make this mystical, but rather to simply point out the nature of what is being said. Regarding Sir Francis Bacon, this interesting piece appears regarding the potential use of Cannabis.

Cannabis, appetite and "compounds"
In Sonnet 118 there is a potential cryptic link between "compounds and Cannabis which is known to be an appetite-stimulant (Conrad, 1997, Thackeray, 2003) :
" Like as to make our appetites more keen
With eager compounds we our palate urge "
In this poem, "compounds" would relate more directly to chemical compounds. This is supported by the fact that the word "drugs" occurs at the end of the sonnet in the context of homeopathic principles. Cannabis is known to have been used in homeopathic medicine, and the line "a healthful state, which rank of goodness, would by ill be cured" brings in use of the word "rank", itself closely related to "weed".

Cannabis, "weed" and writing
The fact that Cannabis was accessible in England in Shakespeare’s time is certain. It was used for clothing (as indicated by Shakespeare’s "what hempen homespuns have we swaggering here?", in A Midsummer’s Night Dream), as well as for canvas, rope and paper. Furthermore, chemical analysis 17th century clay pipes from Stratford-upon-Avon indicates that Cannabis was smoked, and may have been associated with creative writing (Thackeray et al, 2001".
An association between "weed" and writing, particularly sonnets of the kind associated with Petrarch and Phillip Sidney, is reflected not only in Shakespeare’s Sonnet 76 ("invention in a noted weed)", but also in a satirical poem by Joseph Hall, criticising a poet’s "filching" from the work of others :

"He can implore the heathen deities
to guide his bold and busy enterprise;
or filch whole pages at a clap for need
From honest Petrarch, clad in English weed".
Perhaps this satirical poem was directed at Shakespeare who "lifted" ideas from elsewhere, and who may have used Cannabis as a "source of inspiration" (Thackeray, 2003).
- source
The point here is that the word "Cannabis" may be itself a classic case of an imbedded code.


An "elixir" to help aid the soul into the realms of Asgard and hence to an understanding of how the Construct was crafted. Perhaps this, more than any other reason, is a primary cause of the Illuminatus as an elite to vilify the "plant" lest people come to understand the manner in which the Construct was grown, and through which things can be perceived and understood relative to how it was all crafted.

No matter how you find your way to "your fetch", and no, this was not my channel or direction, understand that there comes a time when practical work needs to be effected in the astral.

This is the realm of "the Fetch".


Heedless said...

What about turning these blogs into video with a computer read text or your own voice if you like. To broaden the audience. Screencase could make a video out these blogs easily...I would be great though to hear your musings on these topics as you revisit them.

Unknown said...

The above Seems to equate the Fetch with the New Agey Higher Self. Let it be known that there are other schools which make an opposite claim of having neither - and we're not talking atheists or any such thinking. There's the reality of thought forms, soul fragments and elementals and all kindred. We need to be wary of all these as they can and do work against us. It's more likely we will encounter these latter much more than some so called guide helping you out.
Consider the history of war. WAY too many folks exploited/wasted to entertain some personal guardian angel (helping them out of that mess). It remains to be determined what (may) actually appears after death. The more natural idea being we are Directly From Source; where we should naturally Return, Directly. Everything else being some concoction or hinderance from a return to Source!! All these other ideas of guides and so forth gives the impression we are special in some way. We are as special as a rotted corpse in an unmarked mass grave. I'm not just being cynical here. Who knows, maybe I've done something to severe my connection to my own deeper aspect. The only conspicuous anomaly I see is that a segment of the populace appears to be much better off and happy go lucky. How all this is doled out is the greatest mystery and I doubt it has much to do with this Doctrine of Karma, as we understand it presently.

I've been trying to tune into mine. Subscribing to whatever label; from fetches, fylgias, guides, animal guides, Higher Self... May have gone about it all wrong but I really haven't experienced anything tangible after say two decades.

OTOH. I've had a Plethora of billion to one synchronicity. I am also much more telepathic now and have manifested events with the mind. YET, I've learned that these amazing synchronicities never go anywhere or lead to anything..... There is also negative synch which I get a bit too much these days.

Because of this, I've a new theory which is rather an unfortunate scenario. It could very well be that Synchronicity is actually (as to Jung's view) evidence that we really are living in an (EM) Matrix. A kind of prison... But it's more likely both, good and bad/push and pull.

So where are we? I btw asked my, pick your label, to reveal itself to me this very weekend (being the diehard, trying trying). And if I get nothing I'll take it as a sign I have nothing of the sort and may as well off myself as this is one grand treadmill.