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Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Qaballistic Interpretation of the Naming of Colors

This exercise has two primary intentions: 1) to provide a qaballistic interpretation of the naming of the colors, and; 2) to provide insights into how to utilize the letters in the art of qaballistic interpretation. This interpretation is not intended to absolute or complete, but rather comprehensive such that one seeking to penetrate the mysteries of the Letters is provided with additional insights is provided with a rational framework upon which to build a greater understanding of the Letters.

Let us begin with the color RED.

There is an old weather adage that goes like this:

"Red sky at night, sailor's delight
Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning."

The same adage has its parallel in Shakespeare's "Venus and Adonis"

Like a red morn, that ever yet betoken'd
Wreck to the seaman, tempest to the field,
Sorrow to shepherds, woe unto the birds,
Gusts and foul flaws to herdmen and to herds.

You might be asking, "Just what does the color of the sunset have to do with the naming of the color "red"", when in actuality, there is a rather simple and rational observation in the color and the name.

The Egyptian hieroglyph for the Letter T is the Letter D rotated 90 degrees to the left.

What this means is that archetype of the Letter D is that it is representative of the SUNRISE, and, by inference, the SUNSET. T, therefore, at least as it pertains to its construction in English, is as raising the Sun up into the sky. This "raising of the Sun" into the sky has its parallel in the game of golf, wherein we set the golf ball up on a "tee".

"D" and "T", being part of the DNTL's, are connected conceptually. D is the Sunrise, and hence equally, the Sunset.

Thus, the first qaballistic interpretation of the word RED is to divide it thus: RE-D.

"RE" is a prefix, and so "D", under this condition, would be the root conceptual of the word. That SUNSETS are "RE-D" hints at the nature of D, and thus RED is to RE-"D".

Equally, within the word RED, we have the suffix of "ED", which implies a "past tense". In qaballistic interpretations, we find that the ED suffix, while denoting a "past tense", really is hinting at a "past tense of a present condition".

For instance, in the case of the word BED, we note that ED is the suffix and B is the root letter. B is the profile of a pregnant woman, and hence a B-ED denotes a space time location which aids or assists in the creation of the Letter B, or pregnancy.

Just as "D" and "T" are archetypally connected, so too are the Letters "B" and "R". "B" is "latent life", as in awaiting the birthing process, while "R" is manifested life, meaning that birth has occurred. Hence "to be" implies a condition yet to occur, while the verb "to be" changes to "are", as in "we are (R)", which then implies a condition that already exists.

Thus we can infer that R is a non pregnant condition - and hence the inference is that blood is "red", yet this "red" condition is hinting at the nature of the feminine, or "R", and the monthly menstrual cycles.

The Color BLUE

An English idiom of "feeling blue" is just another of those "spoken word" phrases that, taken into the philosophical realm, clearly reveals a qaballistic insight into the larger Construct. To "feel blue" is to "feel down". Of course, something that is "down" shares the same root letters as the word BLUE.


Hence, if we rationalize the color, we can view Earth as being "below" if we were to view Earth as seen from space. In addition, if one is on the planet, one again is "below", only now we have an inversion, for it is the sky that is above.

Yet the "blueness" (be-low-ness) of the Earth cannot have its position unless it is relative to something. That "something" is "the SUN", and so all perceptions of the Earth, should it be a color of BLUE as viewed from space, or a "blue sky", are all relative to the SUN.

Hence we find "the SUN" embed in the word BLUE in this manner. B (L=3=S) (U=5=U) (E=5=N). B - LEO or B (SUN).

The Color PINK

PINK is one of those colors that is distinctly attributed to the feminine. It is a word that also reveals elements of how the Construct is fabricated. In the case of the word PINK, we note that the word is made from the Letter P (male phallus), the preposition IN, and the Letter "K".

Here we are dealing with a pure sexual allusion: P (male) in K.

K is, therefore, indicative of Feminine. The interior color of the vagina is the color PINK, yet the word PINK reveals how conceptual concepts are stacked, or added, upon and linked to each other.


The Color GREEN

The word GREEN is a mathematically created word. It is a word that is associated with health and life. Using the art of Gematria, the word GREEN is another representation of the word LIFE.

LIFE has a value of 12960, or the co-relative diameter in time of the Earth as it wobbles on its access. This is achieved by simply replacing the Letter for a Number. 12 is the L letter, 9 is the I letter, F is the 6 letter, and E, being the sum of 1:5 = 15 is the 0 Letter, or a number/letter that "has no sound".

When we view the word GREEN, we know that N has a representative value of 1(4), or 1(10). This is achieved through the principle of N = TEN. See the article "Superman and the Relationship of N to Ten (10)" for a comprehensive analysis of this principle.

Since N is 1(10), we can also see that EE is (5+5)=10. Hence the Letters EEN reveal 101(10). Further, since the formula for LIFE is derived from the master number 11011, we can see the Master Number revealing itself. What remains is the Letters GR, which is the number "72", which is 1/5 of a circle.

In some cases, we will find that 1/5, because this number, when set as follows, reveals another esoterically significant number.

1(10)11(0)/5 = 11011/5 = 66066/5 - (6*6) * 10 * (6*6) = 12960/5 = 2592.

2592 is a fractal of the Precession of the Equinoxes in that 12960 * 2 = 25920, or the Platonic Great Year. 12960 / 5 = 2592, or the fractal of the Great Year.

The Color WHITE

Try to view the sun directly and the light is blinding. This is why Occultist will say that one may not view deity directly, but must view deity in all its variations, adumbrations, or shadows. WHITE is the combination of all colors (the additive theory of color).

In the Occult, WHITE is deity. It is "PI" when represented as "the Word". Hence we see in the word WHITE various manifestations and representation of PI.

Since there is a transposition of H:P, the letter H can be transposed as a P, and thus in the word WHIT(E), we have W(H=P)(I)T(E). Pi is within the center, while W and T are on the outer side of the word.

Since W sums to 276, and T sums to 210, the expression W/T reveals 1.31428571, or a reciprocal 7 representation of PI. E, it can be argued, is Ma'at in pictogram form, and thus the entire fabrication of the word reveals Pi in multiple manifestations.

Equally, we find in the word BLACK the word (LACK), and so we can surmise that what is BLACK is "lacking" "the Word", or Pi.

Additional Colors

For the color Purple, see the article "'Purple Rain' and other Occult Puns" Add your own interpretations, and try out the techniques. You might be surprised how the methodology works on raising one's awareness within this sea called "language"