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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Superman and the Relationship of N to TEN (10)

In the world of “gematria”, one of the basic accepted truths is that words of “equal value” share a necessary “esoteric significance”. What this means is that if we add the value of any given word, and if another word shares the identical value, then this means that there is an “esoteric significance”.
- Image Source

The fact that words have shared mathematical values becomes a “mystical reality” and so the words are seen to be “mystically connected". A word of caution: Do not buy so easily into this simplistic definition.

In truth, although words may surely be interconnected via simple Gematria (ordinal addition), or “adding up the ordinal placement of the letters”, the assumption that this exercise reveals an "esoteric" or "hidden significance", is grossly in error. The very act of taking a word like “the”, which has constituent letters of T, H, and E, with each having respective letter placements of 20, 8, and 5 respective, adding up these constituent components to arrive at 33, and declaring that "voila!", you have mystically come to the great mystical esoteric significance of the word "THE", is really a na├»ve simplicity.

One may search for connections and meanings between words of similar value, but one cannot be assured that one has been able to ascertain the precise designed “esoteric value”. The ascertainment of the designed mathematical underpinnings of the language is far more an artform than a hard science. There is a whole series of rapid and yet rational observations one must execute before any particular word can be broken down and esoterically reconstructed.

In the case of the word “THE”, it is the “root” to a pretty deliberate key known as “mono-the-ism”. Since “the” is being equated to a “singular god”, as opposed to a “pantheistic” reality, perhaps it would make good sense to solve for the esoterics of the word “the” before leaping to conclusions as to precisely what “mono-the-ism” truly is.

Trust NOTHING that is clearly defined by the Illuminatus systems, either “white” or “dark”, for each hides their own or creates their own codes to hint of or ridicule the other.

In the case of the word “The”, since it is being linked back to the word “god” as a “singular” as opposed to a plural, then logically, and rationally, where did the word “the” imply multiple or many gods to begin? Sometimes it just takes a small amount of logic and reasoning to smell that something is not aright.

So what one must do is guard against unilaterally twisting and turning words needlessly such that one destroys the truth that is encoded within. It is often wise to take critical sacred nomenclatures as “the”, seeing how it is the very root being equated back to “god”, and seek for parallel numerical concepts in other words.

In the case of the word “the”, as in “mono-the-ism”, we can link this word to such words as DIOS, ZEUS, INRI, ABRAXAS, etc. In the word ABRAXAS, one must use the Greek alphabet, and its value adds to 365, or the number of days in the year. In the case of DIOS, we must use the summative value of the letters (summative being the value of the letter from 1 to itself or ordinal position), and so DIOS is 10+45+120+190 = 365 days. The same holds true for INRI, which shows a value of 45+105+171+45 = 366 days.

So in the case of THE, we must break it out into its constituent components. The Letters T and H are located at 4 and 8 respective. The summative values of T and H are 10 and 36 respective, with E being placed at ordinal 5. The formula (T*H) + E = (10*36)+5 = 365 days reveals the esoteric code of “THE”, and so THE is placed back into esoteric relationships to DIOS, ZEUS, INRI, ABRAXAS, LEO, etc.

NOW that we have placed all these words back into their proper “esoteric values”, we can make the final necessary transposition back to the primary source, or the SUN. (see the Isisian Codes below): S is 3 and N is 5, hence U is utilizing its summative value from 1:6 to form 21, or the U letter. SUN is but a code for 3(sum of 1:6 = 21 = U) 5, or 365.

This is the proper way to go about solving for “esoteric values”, wherein “esoteric” simply means “hidden”. Words indeed may be esoterically predicated on simple reading and adding the letters together, but this cannot be assumed.

SUN = 19+21+14 = 54? Anyone with a third grade education can do that equation. Do you really think that an “illuminatus system” is so simple, even though it does from time to time and indeed quite often, rely on such simple measures? Even the very word “read” can be seen to be the word set “re-add”.

“Reading” or “re-adding”, is a very basic component, but in no way can contain the whole of the system. This next section teaches a basic cipher relationship between N and the number 10, and for this, we shall use the Occult Code of Kryptonite, the only substance known to be able to destroy “super” man.

Superman and the Relationship of N to Ten

At the end of the day, this article is really a lesson in the language of the Illuminatus. It is designed to teach the relationship of N to 10. We will use "Superman" as the means to teach the relationship.

Section 1. In thirty-two (1) mysterious Paths of Wisdom did Jah, (2) the Jehovah of hosts, (3) the God of Israel, (4) the Living
Elohim, (5) the King of ages, the merciful and gracious God, (6) the Exalted One, the Dweller in eternity, most high and
holy--engrave his name by the three Sepharim (7) --Numbers, Letters, and Sounds.(8)
- Source

When you break it all down, all that is being said is that there is a construct in play, and that construct is based on "letters", "numbers", and "sounds". The "letters" represent 3 primary archetypical constructs and so remain "letters", "numbers", and "sounds" at all times. The idea that the "Greek" and the later "Hebrew" were "mystical" in this regard is again, naive.

The Letter B clearly shows you that is comprised of the mathematical formula of 1+2=3, and so it is designed from the outer characters of 1 and 3 which are then contracted to form the letter B. B is a mathematical formula based in it summation from 1 to itself, which is 2, and so 1+2=3 = B. It is a Letter. It is a "Number". And it is a "Sound". More, it is an entirely constructed and designed "reality".

The Letter D is placed at Number 4. It, too, is a "Letter", a "Number", and a "Sound". It is designed against its mathematical formula set into a dimensional reality, wherein the "4th dimension", or the Taoist metanumerica of "time", or the Pythagorean model of the 4 = "the Solid", can too be revealed by the mathematical formula of 1+2+3+4 = 10 = D, wherein the D is derived from the rising Sun on the HORIZON.

Even the word HORIZON is telling you precisely its inherent code.

H = The Greek Letter Pi
ORIZ = ZIRO = Zero

HORIZON = H, the Greek Letter Pi, is comprised of the ORIZ (Zero) and the ON(e). The Egyptian Glyph for the shared phonetic of T is the English Letter D simply rotated 90 degrees to the left (counter clockwise).

So when we peer into Letters, the joke is not to become numb when you peer into the numbers. Rationally analyze what lies before you. Take this chart, for instance, of the Egyptian numbering system:

Do you see anything in particular that appears to be a "letter/number/sound"? How about the glyph for the Number 10?

The lower case letter "n" is crafted or linked to the Egyptian number "10", which is to say that the larger Luciferian system is imbedding the larger code into the Egyptian even as it must later be fused to the larger Alphabet philosophy.

Now how is "n" = 10? Here is a Key Word: TON.

How much is a TON? It is 2000 pounds, correct? Since T is the 20 Letter and O is O, the letters TO reveals 200(n). What must "n" equal? It must equal 10 just as surely as the Letter T must equal 10. After all, how much is 7(T)? 70! This is what is known as setting up the transpositions. The Letter N is set at 14. The Sum of 1:4 reveals 10. D is located at 4, hence the sum of 1:4 is 10. D, being the glyph of the Sunrise, clearly reveals the 1 and the 0 as the word HORIZON hints. The Letter T is the dental (Letters/Numbers/Sounds), and too is phonetically linked via the Egyptian as being the Letter D turned 90 degrees, and so the DNT(als) are all 10!

The DNT's are all 10! What this means in a cipher pattern is that all of them may be used interchangeably, and so you must be aware of this reality. Now analyze the mechanics of the language.

Notice where your tongue is when you sound out the letter D.
Notice where your tongue is when you sound out the letter N.
Notice where your tongue is when you sound out the letter T.

Is not the tongue at the exact same location?

Yes? Of course. So why do you think that they will not too have clear designed mathematical precisions and hence the same values? Always, always, always, rationally work your way through solving for the mathematics of the sounds based on many factors, including the physical mechanics.


If you understood this "lesson", we can move on to revealing the Secret of Superman.

The Secret of Superman

Superman is really a code for "higher spiritual man". His chest is emblazoned with a gemstone. That gemstone is a two dimensional representation of this: How that is so is another story. However, what "destroys" "Superman", or a higher developed spiritual mankind is an element called "KRYPTONITE".

The word is obviously crafted. It is an anagramic play.

KRYPTONITE is simply reshuffled to ET-KRYPT-I-ON.

Now that you know the relationship of "n" to 10, and that D's and N's and T's can be used interchangeably, the T in ET-KRYPT-I-ON is changed to an N, to reveal


Mankinds entire CODE is ENCRYPTED, and it is the lack of an ability to understand how this is so that prevents mankind from becoming "SUPERMAN", or a higher spiritually developed creation.

Through learning the nature of how this encryption works, and how it is designed, mankind is able to elevate himself above the dogmas and creeds that keep it perpetually arrayed in darkness.


Anonymous said...

ok, before i get lost here

i have drawn a circle,


i drawn a straight line through it as the diameter _____

half of my ____ is a __



water/blood/wine/water is the life

there is flouride in my water and bleach too

is there fluoride and bleach in the pie?

RDC mirrors CDR

record=twisted CDR RDC

RCRD i am floored simply floored
how dumb i feel LOLOLOLOL holy cow i think im blushing wait yes? no... this is too sweet

im grateful tho still ...in a wow

so, wow!!!

so THATS why the catholic church was trying to record the air after people left i get it now

im too floored to know what to say right now at this moment


Anonymous said...


ok its absorbed

check it out!

dont mind me while i laugh!!!

this is pure brilliance! not mine lolol THEIRS! who ever THEY are!

LMN lemon! sour the bitter fruit

the bitter fruits of life muahahah




start at RDC

start at R that would be your FIRST point


now go to R which is the THIRD


now jump on over back to R that is hop


now hop scotch over to D that is 2

not 1314

too funny


what comes after M ...N



i so know im onto something that im sure and certain im not the only one to know this! too funny

pure in genius

the ABC's is the DIAMETER!
you still have to go UNDER twelve times PM ..to get to the MA (coast coast to am just said MOM i know im right)

this is just simple dernit!

Anonymous said...


i meant to post this under PEI

and i didnt label the post in continuation of the abc diameter

its me


oh somehow that was meant to be!

Anonymous said...

L:514 gliTcH

TONgue=TENgue=LENgua=LANguage=(LENgth+guage)=TENth guage=TENth Degree. TENT=LENT=DENT? I can't get over the fact that "The Dentals" are DNT yet that litlle old L at the end of the word is left out. CouLDN'T the only letter that leaves your tongue actually touching your DeNTs be a DNTL? Or do we not need another 10? "The English" in French = L'English...couldn't L=T=T(H)? Just like E N THomas the h has the right to remain silent 2, II4oreover the L M knew Moniq a. I thinks I've exhausted this one to the Nth degree. gooDNghT Fetch. :)


"virtus junxit mors non separabit"

Anonymous said...

Hi Fetch,

Could we say the following:

ONE IN KRYPT; 1 = Osiris in Krypt
If O = 2nd letter of 2nd half
1:2=3, and E is silent, so:
3,14 IN KRYPT; Pi in Krypt.

Pi = Osiris's body sealed in a coffin by Typhon, coupled with the occulting of the Encryption required to resurrect him in the minds of humanity is what is keeping man from being Super Man.


Unknown said...

I'd like to know the spiritual status of those who've fully understood this. And we see John Dee, encryption junkie, might be partial to these folks, which would be an irony.

On another page, earth was 365.

Otherwise this page makes some inroads. There's Tetrahedron and Doors...that 4th geometric aspect enabling volume. It's still hard to see how or why the dentals were assigned. Could be where in the mouth the sounds are made, just behind the teeth - or near the dividing line between in and out (doorway).

LMN. I can only assume some things are Apparent artifacts. Or maybe it's saying man is a lemon and that's why they are into depopulation.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

"mono-THE-ism: The Letters T and H are located at 4 and 8 respective"
Forgive my being thick on this, but how does this work or did I miss a lessson?
(Looks like 5 and 6 from English or 6 and 5 from a Hebrew perspective.)

Are you sure "MONO" does not refer to the "1", aka Masonic "SWORD"?
This would explain the buTThists and HIND-uists.

For so long they appeared to be phallus worshipers, but now it looks more like rabbiT holes are their thing! "Going down the rabbit hole" will NEVER be the same!

Do you have an trick for ERASING what we've been taught! lol!
"Put the Candle Back!" "Young Frankenstein" scene

Anonymous said...

"...what about the SMALL "e"?

Another teacher taught the "e" referred to the point in time the circumabulation was halted for the A-Brahamics and changed to the counterclockwise, parasitic direction.
The Brahmanics still go in the CW direction of LIFE/ energy out.

Some of these symbols have SEVEN meanings, but I'd love to hear what Fetch believes the key meanings are.