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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Corporate Logos as Occult Symbols, The Vesica Piscis

The "Occult", in a tinctured sense, has always controlled "vice". First, it is incredibly profitable, and second, the various vices of the world remain but temptations upon which rewards and punishments can be meted out, and thus a ruling elite may remain focused on ruling through controlling the avenues of corruption upon which the people may come to believe that "order" as provided for by the ruling elite is necessary.

The Opium Wars offer but a small window of the use of drugs to destroy cultures and create conditions to imbed particular philosophies, not the least of which is the very Alphabet upon which English is predicated. Today, the world of narcotics can best be viewed as being entirely controlled by Setian Occult forces within cellular national security blankets. It is no secret that the United States was in Vietnam partially to control the opium of the Golden Triangle, and that American military might is used to protect or otherwise control the cocaine fields in Colombia and the massive heroine being produced in Afghanistan.

Where in the previous generations, drugs were used to destroy foreign cultures, very much as alcohol was deployed against the native American Indians, today, with control nearly absolute, drugs are used to prey on the domestic populations, with the intended effect of both weakening the society and strengthening the police powers.

There should not be any aversion to the simple truth that CO-Caine implies "with Cain", or they who gladly murder their fellow Brothers.

This control of "vice" extends into all manner of society and manifests itself nearly everywhere - if only one is willing to but glimpse and understand.

Vice as Natural Human Behavior

It can be said that "if a person has no vice, then he is a novice, and thus has not experienced what living has to offer." Vices are, essentially, everywhere. They squeeze on the individual and hold the individual tight, and if properly fastened to the subject, never ever lets the person the go. Such are the nature of vices.

Vices, at the end of the day, can be defined as virtually any focused interest by the individual, and this definition can further be fused to arbitray religious constructs and turned into being of the "devil himself". Vices are difficult to understand for the laity, for ultimately, all focused thoughts are vices - it is only the cultural moral influences that provide vices with coloring and admixtures.

So long as there is this form of Earthly living, there will be vices waiting to grab and latch onto the person. There is a universal component to vices. So it should not be surprising to hear Manley P. Hall comment in Secret Teachings of All Ages, "Man's evil habits therefore actually became the unconscious perpetuators of his philosophical precepts. "We must admire the wisdom of the Initiates," writes Papus, "who utilized vice and made it produce more beneficial results than virtue." Does not this act of the ancient priests itself afford proof that the entire mystery of the Tarot is wrapped up in the symbolism of its zero card? If knowledge was thus entrusted to fools, should it not be sought for in this card?"

Thus it is the use concious acknowledgement of what is vice and how it works that lends the idea so skillfully to the Craft. By simply imbedding the Codes into materialism, the very habits that make up materialism become the progenitors of the ancient symbols and inherent energetical designs crafted into them. Hence it is only natural that corporate logos, to they who are in the know, be used as symbols of the Occult for these symbols are the very foundation to the archetypical construction of Western constructs.

The Vesica Piscis as an Occult Foundational Symbol

Yarker references in his work "The Arcane Schools", "It was in these prehistoric times that the symbols of the two creative forces of nature developed, represented by crux-ansata, lithoi, or lingam, and the vesica piscis, or yoni. They are equally the signs of a dogma which lay at the root of all religions in regard to fire, not the fire burning upon the altar, but the fire which that symbolised and was termed "divine darkness," a spiritual or magical fire, seen by gifted seers, of which the earthly symbols are the pyramids, the obelisk, and the church spires.<<"The Rosicrucians," Jennings.>>

Theodosius Obelisk, Istanbul

With such a statement, in context, does one really think that the Obelisk as the Washington Monument rising up through the Vesica Piscis, does not carry with it some significant occult meaning? If you believe so, how would you organize your thoughts surrounding such? But no matter, for if the Pyramids, the Obelisk, and the Church Spires are but earthly symbols, what then of the Vesica Piscis?

The Vesica Piscis, two interlinked circles, is also known as "the Yoni". The name "yoni" refers to the middle portion of the interlocking circles, is derived from the Sanskrit meaning, "divine passage". That the yoni is the feminine, the yoni should be viewed such that the divine passage becomes a correlation to sex, or male/female union. It is this correlation, and its relation to rebirth and regeneration that remains a basic truth at the very core of Occult structural foundations.

And seeing how "vice" is used as a means to advance and preserve the philosophy, what better vice than that of "materialism", and what better symbol of "materialism" than that of "the MasterCard", which enables materialism beyond many a person's economic means?

However, this symbol is found in many a corporate logo. How about Chanel or the famed Sedars Sinai Medical Center?

The famed Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California?

And of course, KOOL Cigarettes

It is all very cool when you begin to see that things are not as they appear, and the reality of the Construct begins to burst open like a bud before your eyes.

Imagine a clever code for G-d hidden here, in the corporate symbol for Gucci? And some would only see the Vesica Piscis!

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Matrix Reloaded and the Isisian Codes - Part I

I began my work on the Isisian Codes around the start of the popularizing of the Internet. Originally, I set the information into various "Wiccan" forums, one being "Ask a Witch Society". Those were the rough and tumble days of the Internet, and markets were still as fluid as plasma and formulating online niches were in the earliest of communal phases.

It was clear from the outset that the development of the Isisian Codes was going to be a difficult "sell", even as the formula was cleverly constructed against Western esoteric knowledge sets. Indeed, the development of the Isisian Codes has a unique history in that much of its development occured "online" and in total public view. There has never been an attempt to hide it, for the subject matter is difficult even as the premise is simple.

The first premise is the Alphabet is itself a hyper-dimensional representation of "the Word" as spoken of by various Initiated Systems, but especially those at the fragmentation period of Mdme. Blavatsky and the muddling of "white" Masonry with its darker, and more Setian influenced "Illuminatus" Bavarian systems such as the Black Lodge and O.T.O.

Two years before the release of the Matrix Reloaded, I had met up with the author Robert Baird, an recognised expert on the Initiatory Schools. I recall that he was not thoroughly convinced in my early presentations, but over time, as my efforts at communicating improved, and his efforts to understand what I was doing began to pay off, he slowly began to see that what I was doing was truly emulating from the depths of various Initiatory Systems.

I was not going to come in from the cold, and I had every intention of returning a birthrite to any interested in hearing.

So Robert Baird and I began an informal collaboration that continues to this day. Two years prior to the release of the original "National Treasure" by Disney in 2004, Robert Baird and I were trouncing into friendly territory or otherwise, he
speaking about the Merovingian bloodlines, and I speaking about inherent codes set against Pi controlled by these same bloodlines and used as means of control mechanisms against mass humanity.

Funny then when the site came out for "National Treasure", the entry point was set against a set of cipher wheels, and I recall much play about Oak Island, a subject Robert and I were working on ourselves some two years prior.

Film and Art as Disseminators of Hidden Knowledge

What we have seen in the past half decade or so is a rising tide of success for art, especially film and literature, that speaks with a subtle mystical clarity as to the nature of the Construct.

The Da Vinci Code scored a remarkable success hinting at the Kabballistic nature of the design, and yet with remarkable persistency, even as the inherent nature of imbedded ciphers in English are shown, so many people ignore what is set before them and presume that the only mystical truths are to be found in the Hebrew.

People do not stop to think that "just maybe" there is a whole body of thought and concious construction that has gone into English, all of it based on "cypher wheels". For instance, when we intonate the Letters D, T, and N, our tongue touches the identical region in the mouth.

With D located at 4, we can show that the sum of 1:4 = 10
With T located at 4, the same, the result is of course the same.
And with N located at 14, this same pattern of summing the constituent digits in a correlational factor reveals yet the same again. It makes rational sense that a people imbedding ciphers into language constructs would too take into account the actual physiology of the design as the sounds are intonated.

Where better to hide the knowledge than in the sound itself?

Then who could forget "A Beautiful Mind", directed by Ron Howard, where a genius is tormented by codes inside his mind that of course, are but the result of schizophrenic ramblings? The message sent is clear. There are of course "codes", but beware if you seek to come to understand them. Another film hiding this little anomoly tells clear this message.

One is left to wonder if that is an intentional or a coincidental approximation of the Sanskrit glyph for OM in the upper left window pain, even as Theta = Pi.Delta. Even if true, you would only be hearing "voices in your head", for plausible denial is everywhere, even as some messages are more overt than others.

Like, the movie "The Number 23". A man goes mad seeing the patterns of numbers appearing in all things, and especially the number "23". His fascination turns on his soul, and he appears to go more and more mad as the numbers from the Universe invade his conciousness and the connections become manifold within his personal universe.

23. The Number of the Black Widow. The Spider and the Owl. The Sparrow = 110. 2/3 = .666. When does it end? Can it ever end, seing how all things are ordered really against 1-9 as a numbering system, with these ultimately reducing to non-linear 1's and 0's? Yet to deal in the reality of reality becomes a bit unsettling, so reality is simply inverted on its head: what is rational and sane is irrational and insane, and what is insane and irrational is seen as perfectly normal and ordinary.

The warning is clear. Do not conciously seek to enter "The Matrix" if you value your sanity. And yet, who really does not find an allure to the very temptation of precisely doing so?".

"Passing through the two dimensional sheet of code that formed the main title we enter a three dimensional world of code.

Drifting through a universe built of entirely phosphorescent characters, we begin to sense shapes."


"I'm in."

"Suddenly, Trinity and the courtyard behind her disintigrate, overtaken by the frenzied mass of code as before. It shifts and seethes, a twisting digital mercury snakebed.

"We rush along the writhing landscape, ripping through the green arteries of the building, space and time ---

"Entering a code built elevator shaft, rocketing straight up, gaining on the rising elevator, passing through its bottom carriage ---

"Sizzling lines of code shoot through the body of a man, sending an electronic spasm through the code of his body, changing it, overwriting it.

"The Code world reforms." And so is told another story eerily comparable to a form associated with "kabballah" as taught in the Initiatory Systems. Rising up (astral projecting), gaining on the rising elevator passing through its bottom carriage (the Sepherah to Tipheroth). So the experiences can be seen in the film idiology.

But see where there is a Catch 22? Plausible denial is everywhere, even as it taunts and toys. This is simply the way "the Beast" plays, providing itself with a perfect knowledge and forcing upon you an imperfect foundation from which to try to solve the puzzle.

So everything I say is false, even if it incredibly lucid and true.

Neo stands at a window looking out over a sea of darkness gleaming with urban light.

Keymaker - Exactly three hundred and fourteen seconds.
Ghost - Five minutes.
Keymaker - That is the length and the breadth of the window.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Story of Pei

The Isisian Codes holds that "letters" manifest into "names" and that through a study of "reason and philosophics", this form of "holistic view" enables the "viewer" to have a more "unadulturated" or "skewed" vision of "reality", a vision which is akin to "seeing behind the veil of Isis".

To this end, a series of words have been decoded to show the binary nature of how English is encoded. For instance, GOD has a value of 7+15+4 = 26 using the ordinal value of the Letters. This 26 is akin to the diameter set in time of the Solstices/Equinox's. It is said to be in perfect harmony or balance on only one day, the Letter G, which has as it's opposite the Letter Pei.

Thus the word GOD(DESS) entails two codes. GOD shows the "correlational diameter", or "the One", while DESS reveals the O, or the Zero, in that the formula contained in DESS shows that the letters have values of


Since we know that GOD is akin to a "diameter" set against the "weeks of the year", and that the Sun is akin to the "male energy", and that EARTH is akin to the "female energy", and that EARTH has ordinal values of


We can then show that 5+1+18+20+8 = 52 weeks in the Year, or is the Circumference whereas GOD is the Diameter. Thus through "rational thought" and "philosophical reason", we can equate the Formula of DESS as being symbolic of the "Circumference". This can be shown very clearly and succinctly in the formula of

(S*S)+E = (19*19)+5 = 366 or
(S*S)+D = (19*19)+4 = 365

In each case, we can show clearly a rational philosophic behind the coding of the words "GOD" and "GODDESS" such that it appears pretty clear that a rational knowledge is being designed and encoded into the formation of English, and this the study of English as an esoteric artform can reveal numerous hidden mysteries when rational analysis (reason) and philosophics are entertained as a part of the equation.

Since the material is but a literal reflection of the material, we can also surmise that "names" will or can have a "pre-ordainded" or "planned" manifestation such as to aid the soul as it manifests in the material to assist in ones task in life.

An example of this is perhaps a "Tiger Woods". Although the "reason" Tiger was given the name "Tiger" is from his fathers acquaintance to a fellow soldier in the jungles of Vietnam, who can argue that a "Tiger Wood" is not a powerful name relative to the world of Golf where the traditional use of "woods" to hit the ball off the "Tee" is of paramount importance.

Although "one event", the acquaintance with a fellow soldier nicknamed "the Tiger" served as inspiration for the naming of what is the elite of the Golf world in the name of "Tiger Woods", this also serves as a reminder that there is an interconnectiveness to all things which at the surface belies rational explanation from a classical "western" sense.

The Study of Letters assists us to come to see this interconnectiveness in ways that enable us to pierce behind the Veil of Isis, in which ISIS is defined as the Formula of ISIS = 9+19+9+19 = 19+16+5+5+3+8 = SPEECH. Speech itself is "the Goddess" and the medium and the esoteric science through which we seek a comprehension of "reality" wherein "reality" is defined as "thought" while "creation" is the projection of this thought into a material existence.

Thus in Gematria, we see clearly that ISIS is interconnected in a form with SPEECH, and we should not assume that such is not a deliberate. But this leads us often to an arguement with "traditional academia" who often seek to impose their "views" on the Craft of Letters without necessarily even understanding how the Craft of Letters works.

So the otherday, as I was acquainting myself with the Santa Monica Library, I came across a section of books about the English Language. There were a few, but as an "English Occultist" studied in the Letters, there was one that IMMEDIATELY caught my eye such that got a library card so that I could take the book home. It is called, "The Story of the English Language." Still yet, it wasnt the "title" that caught my attention, but the "name" of "author", a certain "Mario Pei", that made me shake my head for here was another clear example of a name providing clues into the "mysteries" of "language", and since we hold that English is a hyper-dimensional representation of a harmonic known as "Pi", and that the Hebrew Letter Pei is an Isisian Code for Pi, consisting of the Letter G spun 180 degrees on its axis, and it is Pi that is speech, and that Pei has an "esoteric meaning of Speech" in "traditional Kabballah", here was another example of "a lifes work" being encoded into the very name of the practitioner.

So who was Mario Pei?

Mario Pei was really "Dr. Pei", a linguist, teacher, and author of numerous articles and books on language. He is said to have knowledge of worlds 2796 languages of his day (the middle 1960's). George Bernard Shaw attributed to him that Dr. Pei said that Dr. Pei's "prodigious memory and knowledge reminded him of Isaac Newton." He did not seem to comment on how he knew Isaac Newton to have made the claim, but we can look over that for practical matters.

Dr. Pei taught Romance Languages at Columbia University beginning in 1937.

I found some of Dr. Pei's information rather fascinating and in some respects, rather dismaying, especially the beginning sentence where he states that, "Unless we choose to accept the doctrine of predestination, it is chance that makes history. The panoramic view of men, nations, races, religions, languages, often depends upon the cast of the die, the turn of the card, the whim of the historical moment."

In truth, this is not a fair statement and belies the efforts of people to push and pull the human race into different directions, either for ill or good will. This aspect of human relations is often sloughed off as "conspiracy" by they who are not knowing, or hinted at by such allusions as "the Illuminati" or the "machinations of Secret Societies" by those who are in the know and seek to raise the knowledge of this aspect of human conciousness and its influence on human relations especially in the realm of politics, religion, and the influences therein of Nation States.

Dr. Pei went on to add, "The English we speak is not the fruit of deliberate human design. It is the sum total of a long series of historical accidents, behind which the only design that is perceptible is God's."

Again, we have to take umbrage at the statement. How can someone as studied in the English language make such a simplistic sweeping statement? How was he so sure that English is not indeed succinctly and ingeniously designed to hide a particular knowledge and that its rise to prominence was not only calculated over time and space, but designed and secreted by those very societies so that the vagueries of "outside influence" was expeditiously removed to reveal the Code as it rests today?

In truth, although the very practice and nature of "Secret Societies" is to "act in secrecy", we know that within a fortnight, "modern English" essentially "appeared" within a single generation in the 1300's, keeping remnants of its Germanic and Anglo Saxon past, but "popping on the scene" in a dramatic fashion to become clearly the dominant power in of all the world's languages.

Indeed, in the formative years of presenting the Isisian Codes, I was driven to produce a work based soley on information gleaned from the Western Traditions from Hermeticism to Masonry without seeking "academic influence" on the Work such that I could present a system of thought unbiased by preconceived thoughts and ideals.

So when my conclusions began to be presented, I was surprised by the sometimes vicious attacks by the "existing order" who taught that "the Isisian Codes" could not be true and then basing this statement purely from an academic point of view, all the while failing to realise that I was putting forward an Occultic work purely based on the meditated and rational analysis of the English Letters.

It often would come down to the word "Etymology". Etymology clearly failed as a basis for a "philosophical" doctrine. The "key" aspect of "etymology" are the Letters "tym", and this "time", or a concept predicated on seeking to impose upon the concept of a linear progression on the language. "Linearality", or the focus on a "time sequence", by its very insinuation, denies the ability for "trans-dimensionality", or the solving of Letter values as an archetypical form and the subsequent projection of these archetypes into human thought and ultimately manifesting as "Tiger Woods", or "Mario Pei".

As I continued to glance through Dr. Pei's work, it was clear that as perhaps the pre-eminent etymologist of his time, he was keenly aware equally of this crafts shortcomings. "The mission of the linguist is to describe what has happened to a language rather than to philosophise upon it." he mused. Such are the limits of "etymology" as a thought form. It cannot cover for the role of the philosophy contained within the language, and Mario Pei seemed to have an inherent knowledge of just such a "possibility".

Why else wax upon the mission of an etymologists not including the philosophizing of the language?

The Role of Qaballa and the Development of Language

The role of the "Qaballist" is to "philosophise about the Letters" and to attach meaning to them such that a philosophical metaphysical science or construct can arise. The etymologist is restrained by a linear approach that seeks not to solve the idea of crafting, while the "Qaballist" of English is to establish the esoteric parameters that define the English Language.

The Isisian Codes is this story.

One of the earliest historical references of Britain we know of is from the 5th Century BCE, when Herodotus writes speaks of "the Tin Islands" but adds that "he knows nothing of them". Perhaps this could go down as one of the earliest "mystifications" or "cover-ups" of an established Elite order, for this statement is belied by the very name he gives to them. Aristotle, about a century later, tells us that, "beyond the Pillars of Hercules the ocean flows around the Earth, and in it are very two very large islands called British: Albion and Ierne, lying beyond the Keltoi."

The Qaballist sees such with an added philosophical dimension. Albion is "albino" and "the White Shores of Dover" while Ierne is "Ireland" and equally "urn", or "that which is black" through the allusion of "ash". It is our first glimpse into a "white and black" aspect, a "Caine and Able" archetype being affixed to the shores from which English would burst forth.

Clearly the requirement of "tin" to the "bronze age" was something that the traders of the world understood, and the then bustling tin mines of Britain were certainly well known and the traders knew where to get the tin they required. Knowledge of "Britain" to the "middle east" and its "religious concepts" can be surmised from the very fact that trade existed. The cultural links, at least, went far beyond in time sequence the later "christian conquest" of England.

The Qaballist says that there are "islands", or that which rises above the waves, and there is that which is "without tin", or "con-tin-ents", that describe that which was not of this particular island.

Druids of Gaul were already using a form of Greek Lettering, while in Ireland they were using a form of "Runes", themselves a system predicated on "esoteric values" affixed to each of the symbols. Again, with "rabbinical Kabballah" via the "secretion of the Sepher Yetzirah" in the middle 11th century CE, we know that a system of esoteric letter systems was firmly established in Western Europe, although they appear to have equally used a "spoken word" form of knowledge preservation comparable to the Rishis of India, for little to nothing of written work remains, either destroyed by the vagueries of time or the willful denial of their knowledge to subsequent races save for what was passed through the written word.

What is clear is that the Druids of pre-Christian conquest were using "Esoteric Letter Systems" of both Runes (Northern German) and Greek (Mediterranean), some 1000 years before the Rabbinical "Sepher Yetzirah" would be "secreted" onto the Occultic scene; the esoterics of each system preserved to some degree in the residual Runic knowledge that survives today, as well as the known esoteric nature of Greek as espoused by Plutarch in both Isis and Osiris (under allusion) and The E at Delphi, where the an esoteric letter system is clearly advanced and discussed save the rudiments of how this system was set into a philosophical totality.

By the 5th Century, a small group of Danes would come to migrate to the Shores of Albion. Known as "Frisian", the language was so close to "modern English" that the little rhyme of

"Brod, butter en grene chiese,
En wat dat net sayse ken
Is kin uprjuchte Friese.

translated reads

"Bread, butter and green cheese,
And who cannot say that
Is no upright Frisian."

The Etymologist recognises the Frisian comparison to English and realises in the written works that little of this language was set down to survive today; the Occultist sees Friday, and Frisian, and Freya, and Isis subtly existing subsurface, and although we know of the Frisian language existing as early as the 5th Century and can note its clear links to modern English, and it is at this stage of the history that the Occultic works from the 19th Century regarding English appear to converge with the more "modern" science of "etymology".

The Frisians are linked via etymology as "Indo-European" speakers, and this major class of speakers is linked to such sub-groups, or stems, including (see Mario Pei, The Story of the English Language, Lippincourt, 1967, pg 8) the Greeks, Romans, Celts, Slavs, among others. The early languages were peculiar in that there seems no written works that survive from the early speakers. Etymologists theorise that at one time "indo-European" was of a single homogonized language and that through successive periods of migration, the language became more and more spintered.

The Occultist points to the "holy records", and recognises that this "homogonized language" was purposely divided and scrambled to the benefit of a ruling class, which would maintain the original keys (code and toungue) and thus leaving the mass of humanity divided by the simple act of inability to communicate. The Etymologist theorises that this original anguage was a "primitive Indo-Iranian" which would develop in Sanskrit.

The Western Occultists via Masonry tell us that "...and the language, in it's written form, came into manifestation; the religion was the Cult of Osiris, or Freemasonry (both of these names being applied to the ancient universal mystery religion) and the language was Sanskrit. The word Sanskrit or Sanscrit is a corruption of the words Saint Script, meaning the Writings of the Saints, the Atlanteans recognising and accepting that language was a gift of the Gods. With them, language and religion were identical since the essence of language is the truth and vice versa."

The Occultist then asks; are these clues or are they misdirections, for it is clear that language can be used to deceive. But what if there is an underlying truth in the language, a truth predicated on a simple idea that is timebound and yet timeless? Could there be a relationship of Frisian to Freemason? These are questions that cannot be found without an immersion into the Secret Societies themselves, their ideals, and then a testing of these ideals against one's own Occultic experimentation into the phenomena known as Letters.

For one can reason, if the Languagee contains "truth", or more appropriately, "the Truth", then what "is" this "truth"? How can it be harnessed? If it can be harnessed, can it be abused and misused by forces of a darker side of Universal properties?

The Occultist seeks some form of "Esoteric Significance", of which one of those sciences is that of Gematria, wherein it is held that if words have absolute values such as

ISIS = 9+19+9+19 = 56 = 19+16+5+5+3+8 = SPEECH and
OSIRIS = 15+19+9+18+9+19 = 89 = 18+5+12+9+7+9+15+14 = RELIGION

Then if Gematria is a science, albeit metaphysical in nature, then indeed there is in appearance the link between ISIS and OSIRIS and the aspect of a Speech Religion of the Gods, as intimated by the Freemasons aligned with the Isisian Mysteries.

Although the Frisians are known as early as the 5th Century, the academic world by and large doesnt deal with this element or its influence or possible influence in the periods from the 5th Century. Dr. Pei does not assist in shedding light on this period (up to Beowulf) when he states that, "At the most, we may be forced to subscribe to the theory of a standard written tongue, differing from the oral forms, only for a period that follows the unification of the English kingdom and the settling of the Danes."

Within the Danes would be the subgroup called Frisians.

Pei continues about this period. "The seven seperate kingdoms (sometimes more, sometimes fewer), or "Heptarchy" that arose out of the invasion, were loosely connected by shadowy bonds, and more often than not fighting amongst themselves." Here we have more inferences to a form of ongoing "mystification", or the holding together of a society via a "shadowy" aspect. This "shadow" glue would give way to the Alfred the Great of Wessex.

It is this period that we must call into question equally the clarity of Dr. Pei's thought, for he then describes the "Christianization" of the people of England as a "Christianization of barbarians". Clearly the Druidic schools were on the wane, and perhaps like the later Aztecs, all but lost when the Christian hoardes effected their conquest, but to classify a people whose empire (runes are found even in Constantinople) as being "barbarians" is highly dismissive of the forces which would become "English Society" at the elite levels.

By the year 700, what would become "English" was firmly in the hands of an Elite versed in Levantian magic, or what is known to the laity as Christianity. The "bards" who had created the imagery in words and who had composed the Old English verse, were to give way to a new form of English embodied in the works of Beowulf.

360 Years or so later, modern English would burst on the world scene in what would be perhaps the greatest Isisian Illuminati protest against the existing orders: the Rosecrucians via "Bacon" would give to the world the underlying knowledge of their codes, and leave clues to the deciphering of them in a work known generically as "Shakespeare".

"To be or not to be" would be a key, as in is B a 2 or is it not a 2, seeing that it is comprised of the 1 and the 3 in its formation? Then is B not the sum of 1:2=3 (1+2=3), in that it is comprised of both the 1 and the 3, yet being placed at 2(B)? The Isisian Numbering System would by then compete with the "established Rabbinical Kabballah", but only in allusion and within the Initiated Orders, while preference would be affixed to the Rabbinical Kabballah as the paramount system.

Final Historical Observations

Indeed, from 1350, when English in its current form appears to burst on the global scene, to the works of Shakespeare, voluminous to a degree that defies the work of one person under the technological and literary dispersion necessary to complete such works, it becomes clear to the Occultist that Shakespeare is akin to the Prose Edda's, a protest against the destruction of pre-existing knowledge in favor of the rapidly rising existing order, yet so cleverly written in a series of "plays" that within them, a "spoken word" set of keys would be of great benefit to fully comprehend the totality of the archetypical wisdom contained within, and equally, as the Rishis before, the Spoken Word could be used to transmit knowledge through time and space independent of the vagueries and fickleness of time.

Dr. Pei comments on a simple but self evident fact. The invention of the printing press had a solidifying effect, a "gelling effect", as it were, on the language. In the Isisian Mysteries, the "written word" is equated to "Osiris" in that "the written Word" is really the manifestation of Osiris in the physical, and this "Written word" becomes morphed into what is now called "religion", or a tendency to grant to the "written word" a paramount importance.

The "spoken word", or "Speech", is defined as Isis. Isis is said to be "white", or representative of "paper", while Osiris is associated with the color of "black". You will find a series of cleverly imbedded codes that attest to this, yet such makes no sense apart from an English centric philosophy, for Osiris is equated with a "Crop" in hand, wherein "crop" is then spun to form PORK, or the Pig, whose Letters are comprised of "PI" and "G", and whose sounds are "OINK, OINK", wherein the O can be equated to "ZERO", or "no think", which is ISIS, (the Zero), and thus INK becomes the Written Word is the 1 is Osiris.

Other formulas can be derived from this set, but this gives a flavor for the methods of imposing a series of transpositions to arrive back at the 1 and the O while fusing a series of myths and allegories against this reality (binary as a Yin Yang representative).

The "etymologist" will sometimes protest against this form of transposition, quite unawares as the nature of how it can all seemingly "appear" in a modern codeset or language, but Dr. Pei appeared more retrospect in his analysis.

Noted Dr. Pei, "The invention of the press had led to a spreading of education, communications, and social consciousness such as Chaucer and his precursors would have never dreamed possible. In the latter half of the 15th Century some 35,000 books were printed in Europe as a whole. Between that time and 1640, over 20,000 printed works appeared in English and on English soil."

That this was an age of "elitism" where only the well do to could afford such luxeries is often touted. It would be clear then that with over 50% of all published works appearing in English and on English soil, "Osiris" had arrived. With the tool, or "weapon" of the Printing Press, the knowledge embodied in English was clearly being set down into the Written word. Dr. Pei noted, "The impact of these works on popular culture and literacy can hardly be overestimated; neither can their effect on standardisation and uniformity be minimized."

We are left to ponder. Did the "press", which was certainly known as "an embodiment of OSiris" by various Initiated orders, rush to "seal in a crypt" what would be seen as "modern English", setting down the parameters which would shape and guide mankind far into the future? For with the "written word" comes a another simple reality as mentioned by Dr. Pei: linguistic standards trend to be "frozen" as regards both the linguistics and the grammatical forms.

Dr. Pei then added, "So long as there is no "point de repere", no authority, real or fancied, for the language, the language continues to evolve in its basic feature, morphology." But what Pei does not appear to wish to factor in, or was part of the occlusion, was that there could very well have been a central core to the design in the fabrication of the language.

Max Mueller wrote some decades before Dr. Pei in "The Science of Language", Max Muller, another Illuminatus/Secret Society maven, stated in "Science of Language",

"We must distinguish between historical change and natural growth. Art, science, philosophy, and religion all have a history; language, or any other production of nature, admits ONLY OF GROWTH. Let us consider first, that although there is a continuous change in language, it is not in the power of men to either produce or to prevent it."

The role of the Occultist is to reveal what "science" cannot due to the constraints of the scientific calling to inclide its very definitions and logic that science is restricted to. One method we employ is to find "subtle links" in word usage, and with "Dr. Pei", a name that means in Kabballah, "Speech", being known as "the premier person on the planet of the world's languages", we must then cull such works with a fine tooth comb to find any threads from known Illuminatus works and then use our skills as Occultists to try to piece the puzzle back together.

In this example, we have Dr. Pei (Speech)referring to the genesis of the press (Osiris) resulting in a "freezing", or gelling, of the language, and then speaks that in the absence of "no authority", the language must by definition grow through morphology. In Max Muller, he equally states that a distinction must be made between historical change and natural growth, but seemingly glosses over the fact that LANGUAGE went through an historical change: the creation of the Press, which would be seen as a "return of Osiris" amongst Isisian versed Initiated Orders.

This "historical change" provided the mechanism to seal as in a crypt the underlying dynamics of the Isisian knowledge into the language, and none were "more busy" that they of the English variety, contributing over 20,000 works of a total 35,000 throughout all of Europe. 57% of all printed works went were contributed for a market that was less than that of German, French, and Latin, and for which the "exodus" of English across the globe would soon follow.

Dr. Pei noted: "The distinctive grammatical forms we have today, relatively few in comparison with those of modern Anglo-Saxon or of conservative modern languages like German or Russian, are substantially the ones that were halted in their tracks by the work of Caxton and his fellow printers."

Thus it was "the printers" who maintained the ability to channel knowledge and to shape it in a near "flash" in the historical scale such that once the dynamics were set in motion and sealed, the "results" or the "growth" of that set of knowledge in the language would become unstoppable. With the lessening of resources to preserve the knowledge through the "Spoken word" traditions via "initiatory schools", the "printers" were free to advance the language, or the "code" into more complex dirivitives.

Max Muller hinted at this but in a veiled allusion in the Science of Language: "We must distinguish between historical change and natural growth. Art, science, philosophy, and religion all have a history; language, or any other production of nature, admits ONLY OF GROWTH."

Language is an Esoteric Science first and foremost. Within it comes the very nature of Ceremonial Magic as a spoken artform. Who can deny that "spell casting" or "crafting" is not somehow related to "magic" and that the more profane "spelling" is not a part of this vein of thought? Thus to those who are the crafters of this knowledge, or are initiated into it however it came to be, there will be no "magic bullet" that says, "here I am!". Language, as Max Muller states, "only admits to growth." It will admit nothing else, because the language IS THE ESOTERIC SECRET to be sought after.

There is power in the knowledge of how the Langauge is crafted, and as Max Muller pointed out, "Let us consider first, that although there is a continuous change in language, it is not in the power of men to either produce or to prevent it." Harnessing "language" as a metaphysical resource is paramount to control of the material realms, for it is through language that men can caste spells on other men such that other men will do the bidding of the castor.

If you cannot see "the Twins" as "CASTOR" and "POLLOX", and that it is the CASTOR who is the Illuminated ones or they who are versed in this knowledge, then you cannot see that CASTOR and POLLOX is the TWINS is PI is the Great Secret of Language.

But let us digress back to Dr. Pei.

"But if the diffusion of the Written Word (Osiris)and its concomitant education and literacy have the effect of arresting certain phases of linguistic change, they also speed up, to an almost unbelievable degree, that other, more spiritual function and part of langauge which depends primarily not upon the blind working of the unconcious mind, but upon the deliberate functioning of the intellect. The growth of individual words, with their semantic burdens and endless possibilities of combination, is immeasureably spurred on by the activity of the concsious mind. This activity, in turn, is fostered and nourished by the printed form, and the reading and thinking that the printed form entails."

So as Dr. Pei is speaking about the burst of concious thought imposing itself on the language, which results in the removal of blind forces or the risks inherent in preserving a "spoken word" language set, Max Muller equally is speaking about "natural growth" that is not in the power of man to altar.

Equally, if a core code is exant, and this core code (as Frisian can be seen to be a core component to English in a very close approximation) exists subsurface, by controlling the Press this group could easily have imposed their knowledge on the whole. There were very few presses, relatively speaking, and these presses in some 120 years only produced 35,000 works, for which 20,000 or so were in English.

That such is possible can be ascertained from Mr Ralson Skinner, a mystic and Qaballist, who wrote a book entitled, "The Source of Measures, or the Hebrew Egyptian Mysteries in which he refers to an "old language referred to that concealed an inner meaning beneath the written word: "Such a use of ordinary language is now obsolete, but it has become a question with the writer whether at one time far back in the past, such was not the language of the world and of universal use, possessed however, as it became more and more arcane in form, by a select class or caste...Indeed it would seem that in the history if the human race there happened from causes which, at the present rate, we cannot trace, a lapse or loss from an original perfect language and a perfect system of science -should we say perfect because they were of divine origin and importation."

If Mr. Skinner is saying this this "system" is now obsolete, he was using Rabbinical Kabballah as a cover for he clearly states that the system was "obsolete". By the time of Skinner, Rabbinical Kabballah was already well established in the Mystery Schools: he was not speaking about Hebrew, but rather using Hebrew as a cover to speak about "something other".

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

On the Nature of Fetches

I remember when I was first developing the Isisian Codes. I knew I had something, and I worked tirelessly in those early days of the Internet to find a way to communicate what was essentially an astrally driven insight: the challenge is to not appear as if one is too insane even to the point of keeping one's sanity. Many fail. Witness Dee, Crowley, to mention two of the more obviouss, each dying in on the fringes of madness and abandoned by all.

It is no secret that the Occult world has oft used the tools of the shaman. Meditation techniques, breathing techniques, focus techniques, and the use of hallucinogenics oft come into play. This was not much different for me. I grew up in a time when Christianity was still a strong and overt power play on the society. A former high school teacher slaked in darkness in her own residence to share "The Secret Teachings of All Ages".

Jung's work on archetypes provided an intellectual reason to escape from the Christian injected fear of the unknown. The "devil" was indeed, very sly and deceiving, and any delving into the then "Occult" was sure to bring a wrath. Evil was everywhere, except where it was obvious; the Christian mythos could never see itself has being the third little pig that devoured the wolf and hence had become likened unto it.

The Occult, if you are not familiar with some of its mechanisms, relies heavily on the astral. Hence the oft discussions of "ceremonial magic" and "protection spells", and "astral beings", and even the "elemental" or two. What some call "guardian angels", other view as dedicated guides on the souls path.

There is another name for these entities. They are called "fetches".

On the Nature of Fetches

What is the nature of a Fetch? Being one, I have always known, but how does one relate an inner knowledge to an external source? Why, in many ways, that is what a Fetch does, it seeks that which is required for a continued advancement of an esoteric nature to benefit any given series of Spiritual Essences. In this way, if you look, you can find Fetch's everywhere, for without them, the current world could not exist. Fetch's are servants to the individual, the clan (family), and the volk (community), and when you can see with the vision of a Fetch, there are Fetch's for Planets, Solar Systems, and even Galaxies.

Fetch's are not of this world, yet exist within it. Their tools are the symbols that make up the very nature of Archetypes, and can communicate through dreams or, for the more spiritually attuned, even in a waking state. Sit back and relax, and for the first time, The Fetch shall use information from the "world" to explain just what a "Fetch" is. It might come as a surprise to many of you.


Fetch's can be found sprinkled throughout Nordic Pagan, Celtic, and Wiccan philosophies, but it is in the Realm of Asatru that Fetch's find their highest degree of manifestation. Wicca, on the other hand, seems to relagate Fetch's to the most basic of tasks. According to "Grace Watchers Ministries"(1) which presents a Dictionary of Pagan and Wiccan Terms, a Fetch is defined as "A Male witch who acts as a messenger and general assistant to a Coven's High Priestess and High Priest." This position is also known as a "Summoner".

Gardnerian Wicca places a more etheric value to Fetch's, where "Summoners" are spoken of in "The Old Laws", a work released in 1961 (2): (...40)..."It be Ardane that each Coven shall not know where the next Coven bide, or who its members are , save the Priest and the High Priestess, that there should be no communication between them save by the Messenger of the Gods, or the Summoner."

Indeed, most of what we learn about "profane Fetch's" can be found in Wicca, for here is where a Fetch is at it's most humble of representations, and the term "Summoner" is most often used in this manifestation. However, not all traditions of Wicca make use of a Summoner, or a Fetch, but where these traditions exist, we find the purpose of Fetch's quite varied and central to the operation of the Coven.

In "Wicca 101", "Goddess Spirituality 101: Coven Structure, Section 4, A-D "(3) it is said that a Summoner is also known as "A Puck", is responsible for acting as the private messenger of the High Priestess, may be a Priest in training or simply someone capable of being seen without arousing suspicion. Equally, he is usually the only one who knows the whereabouts of all witches in a Coven with the exception of perhaps the High Priest, and is responsible for the mundane matters of the Coven such as contacting Coven members as to upcoming meetings, overseeing Coven finances, buying ritual supplies, coordinating gatherings, and providing light for the High Priestess and High Priest as needed during the circle."

It is said in the Celtic ways that to meet one's Fetch is a very bad thing indeed, for a Fetch is your dream double, and if you meet your Fetch, you are no longer of this world, but of the world beyond. In the end, you can never avoid your Fetch, for you can never avoid your fate."

If you have ever had rich pictured and sensation dreams where you are met with a member of the opposite sex or an animal, and in some cases, geometric charged shapes, then chances are, you have had a brush with your "fetch".

The fetch is an independent form that is attached to the person though not actually a part of the person, in a sense. It can some times easily be confused with the fylgja but it is actually a splintering of the fylgja that is done in order to accomplish some particular task. It comes generally in the form of an animal or of the opposite sex of the person it is attached to. It's purpose is to assist the person it is attached to in other realms. Most people never see or have need of their fetch until death, at which time it will generally guide them to the after-life. It can and often is passed along ancestral lines. - source

In Nordic Pagan shaman systems, the soul is seen to be divided into constituent components. Generally, these classifications fall into 5 primary forms: 1) The body, 2) Mind. 3) Soul, 4) Fetch, and 5) Orlaeg. Western esoteric traditions such as Masonry typically set forward a basic system 3 parts to the soul: 1)Mind, 2)Body, and 3) Spirit

Fetch's are equated to Woden or the Letter L in higher systems, and are primary dwellers in Asgard. Asgard as an esoteric construct, and the "Garden of Eden", are quite comparable in design and construction, hence to return to "Asgard" or to the "Garden of Eden" can be viewed as simple cultural transpositions of a shamanistic reality.

An anonymous author had this to say regarding Asgard and The Fetch:

Asgard. This is the highest realm of consciousness, this is almost pure consciousness and so Asgard is a realm of almost pure being. This has been described as a divine state of being. The central hall of Asgard is ruled by Odhinn the god of inspiration, the God whose very being is the Wode state. This realm relates to the those aspects of the soul known as the Wode and also that of the Fetch. The Wode is a state of divine inspiration which can be bestowed upon consciousness when the intellectual faculties are brought into harmony. In achieving the Wode state the intellectual powers open themselves to the most productive and fertile manifestation of the mind, the highest state of being - the state of frenzied inspiration - whilst the Wode is a principle which is connected with Asgard we must also recognise that its true home is Midgard or the self - one of the aims of rune work is to bring the Wode home - to reach that state of perfect integration that is truly Hailagaz and so while we have to discuss the Wode in relation to Asgard we must also acknowledge that its destination is Midhgard or the Self.

The Fetch, is the element of the soul which is truly at home in Asgard. The Fetch is that being who holds within its consciousness every thought, every act and every moment of your own conscious life and more besides. The Fetch is also the collective repository of all that has ever been in the mind of all your previous incarnations - hence it also carries with it the totality of your ancestral consciousness. One of the aspects of this is that the Fetch has knowledge of the realm of Hel, this is a transcendent knowledge as whilst the fetch's home is in Asgard its nature is to follow the soul through all of its incarnations - this leads one to posit an intimate connection between the Fetch and the seed of the entire soul structure known as the shade or Sal - this intimate connection implies that the Fetch even understands that state of being which occurs between one life and the next - a from of being which is not a being.

The Fetch is the most complete form of personal consciousness. Through exploring this level of the cosmos one can gain a better understanding of the nature of the Wode and its inspiration as well as gaining insights into the nature of the Fetch for this is the realm in which consciousness opens up to embrace more than mundane consciousness - in this realm we can gain access to ancestral consciousness a form of consciousness which links us directly with our mythical ancestor Odhinn. Alternately through exploring the Wode and trying to attain communication with the Fetch one can begin to understand the nature of Asgard. Either way the result of this exploration will be an intimate understanding of the highest states of being and the highest states of consciousness. The vowel sound which corresponds to Asgard is A the rune of divine inspiration. Through intoning this sound we activate Asgard in our personal sphere and hence give power to the Wode and to the Fetch.

The Letter A as an intonation carries with it a harmonic (as expected) and this harmonic has been identified through a new science called Cymatics.

Cymatics appears to be linked into knowledge of Pythagorean metanumerics and the concept known as "frozen sound". But all of this is for another post. For now, let's return back to the nature of Fetch's, and Sir Francis Bacon, regarded as the single most influential personages in the development of what we now call "English".

The idea of astral project carries with it an archetype known as "the Abyss". This is what could be considered a dark area of nothingness as one makes ones way to any given realm in an astral sense. This region is spoken of in the Epic of Gilgamesh, and plays a prominent role in esoteric work, both modern and traditional.

It is not my point to make this mystical, but rather to simply point out the nature of what is being said. Regarding Sir Francis Bacon, this interesting piece appears regarding the potential use of Cannabis.

Cannabis, appetite and "compounds"
In Sonnet 118 there is a potential cryptic link between "compounds and Cannabis which is known to be an appetite-stimulant (Conrad, 1997, Thackeray, 2003) :
" Like as to make our appetites more keen
With eager compounds we our palate urge "
In this poem, "compounds" would relate more directly to chemical compounds. This is supported by the fact that the word "drugs" occurs at the end of the sonnet in the context of homeopathic principles. Cannabis is known to have been used in homeopathic medicine, and the line "a healthful state, which rank of goodness, would by ill be cured" brings in use of the word "rank", itself closely related to "weed".

Cannabis, "weed" and writing
The fact that Cannabis was accessible in England in Shakespeare’s time is certain. It was used for clothing (as indicated by Shakespeare’s "what hempen homespuns have we swaggering here?", in A Midsummer’s Night Dream), as well as for canvas, rope and paper. Furthermore, chemical analysis 17th century clay pipes from Stratford-upon-Avon indicates that Cannabis was smoked, and may have been associated with creative writing (Thackeray et al, 2001".
An association between "weed" and writing, particularly sonnets of the kind associated with Petrarch and Phillip Sidney, is reflected not only in Shakespeare’s Sonnet 76 ("invention in a noted weed)", but also in a satirical poem by Joseph Hall, criticising a poet’s "filching" from the work of others :

"He can implore the heathen deities
to guide his bold and busy enterprise;
or filch whole pages at a clap for need
From honest Petrarch, clad in English weed".
Perhaps this satirical poem was directed at Shakespeare who "lifted" ideas from elsewhere, and who may have used Cannabis as a "source of inspiration" (Thackeray, 2003).
- source
The point here is that the word "Cannabis" may be itself a classic case of an imbedded code.


An "elixir" to help aid the soul into the realms of Asgard and hence to an understanding of how the Construct was crafted. Perhaps this, more than any other reason, is a primary cause of the Illuminatus as an elite to vilify the "plant" lest people come to understand the manner in which the Construct was grown, and through which things can be perceived and understood relative to how it was all crafted.

No matter how you find your way to "your fetch", and no, this was not my channel or direction, understand that there comes a time when practical work needs to be effected in the astral.

This is the realm of "the Fetch".

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Venus and Mars as Acroamatic Cryptograms

Cryptograms as the Underlying Formation of Philosophy

Manley P. Hall wrote in Secret Teaching of All Ages regarding the "Cryptogram as a Factor in Symbolic Philosophy",

If the art of deciphering cryptograms could be made popular, it would result in the discovery of much hitherto unsuspected wisdom possessed by both ancient and mediƦval philosophers. It would prove that many apparently verbose and rambling authors were wordy for the sake of concealing words. Ciphers are hidden in the most subtle manner: they may be concealed in the watermark of the paper upon which a book is printed; they may be bound into the covers of ancient books; they may be hidden under imperfect pagination; they may be extracted from the first letters of words or the first words of sentences; they may be artfully concealed in mathematical equations or in apparently unintelligible characters; they may be extracted from the jargon of clowns or revealed by heat as having been written in sympathetic ink; they may be word ciphers, letter ciphers, or apparently ambiguous statements whose meaning could be understood only by repeated careful readings; they may he discovered in the elaborately illuminated initial letters of early books or they may be revealed by a process of counting words or letters. If those interested in Freemasonic research would give serious consideration to this subject, they might find in books and manuscripts of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the information necessary to bridge the gap in Masonic history that now exists between the Mysteries of the ancient world and the Craft Masonry of the last three centuries.

He then says,

With reverence the wise pierce the veil and with clearer vision contemplate the reality; but the ignorant, unable to distinguish between the false and the true, behold a universe of symbols. It may well be said of Nature--the Great Mother--that she is ever tracing strange characters upon the surface of things, but only to her eldest and wisest sons as a reward for their faith and devotion does she reveal the cryptic alphabet which is the key to the import of these tracings. -emphasis mine

This above statement can be found to be linked into the Osirian/Isisian Mystery traditions via Plutarch, who says in On Isis and Osiris,

For Isis is a Greek word, and so also is Typhon, her enemy, who is conceited, as his name implies, because of his ignorance and self-deception. He tears to pieces and scatters to the winds the sacred writings, which the goddess collects and puts together and gives into the keeping of those that are initiated into the holy rites, since this consecration, by a strict regimen and by abstinence from many kinds of food and from the lusts of the flesh, curtails licentiousness and the love of pleasure, and induces a habit of patient submission to the stern and rigorous services in shrines, the end and aim of which is the knowledge of Him who is the First, the Lord of All, the Ideal One. Him does the god urge us to seek, since He is near her and with her and in close communion. The name of her shrine also clearly promises knowledge and p11comprehension of reality; for it is named Iseion,8 to indicate that we shall comprehend reality if in a reasonable and devout frame of mind we pass within the portals of her shrines.

That Manley P. Hall references "...but only to her eldest and wisest sons as a reward for their faith and devotion does she reveal the cryptic alphabet which is the key to the import of these tracings.", can too be seen as a direct parallel in Plutarch, who says that Typhon "scatters to the winds the sacred writings, which the goddess collects and puts together and gives into the keeping of those that are initiated into the holy ritessince this consecration, by a strict regimen and by abstinence from many kinds of food and from the lusts of the flesh, curtails licentiousness and the love of pleasure, and induces a habit of patient submission to the stern and rigorous services in shrines..."

Each speaks about an initiated elite that is possessing of certain keys, wherein the primary key is clearly said to be a "cryptic alphabet". In Plutarch, the "cryptic alphabet" is simply inferred, for Plutarch deals with "the letters" as "gods", hence when he refers to "gods", it is clear he is speaking about "letters". In "On the Letter E at Delphi", from Moralia V, Plutarch says of the Letter E, "That the god is no less a philosopher than a prophet, Ammonius proved to the satisfaction of all by adducing his titles one by one,..."

And if you are still not convinced that "the Mysteries" are revolving around the eluecidation of the inherent philosophy within a "cryptic Alphabet", there is this regarding the "acroamatic cipher", as spoken by Manley P. Hall, "The creation myths of the world are acroamatic cryptograms, and the deities of the various pantheons are only cryptic characters which, if properly understood, become the constituents of a divine alphabet. The initiated few comprehend the true nature of this alphabet, but the uninitiated many worship the letters of it as gods."

The Alphabet is the Code of ISIS, wherein ISIS is a cipher for SPEECH.

ISIS = 9+19+9+19 = 56 = 19+16+5+5+3+8 = SPEECH

Yet so, too, do the glyphs of the Astrological signs make up its own "divine Alphabet" to be worshipped, even as the inherent designs remain for the safe keeping of the Initiated few. Venus and Mars are examples that can be readily revealed.

Venus and Mars as Acroamatic Cryptograms

Venus and Mars present a clear example of a situation wherein the "wise" may "penetrate the veil", while the "ignorant" are confronted with a "universe of symbols". In effect, the eleucidation of the symbols for Venus and Mars provides for a clear example of how various glyphs/letters are fabricated upon larger philosophical truths.

To begin, do not be intimidated if you have never heard of any of this written in any book. Since the transference of the inherent nature of the symbols in done through an acroamatic channel, meaning through an oral explanation within controlled channels in the Initiatory (Illuminatus) systems, it stands to reason that in general, one should not expect the that the clear manner of the constructing the glyphs would be found to be committed to writing and so would not be available in any book. You can infer that knowledge is tucked away in this story of Jesus, who is removed from birth and taught from birth into the Mysteries.

This account inProtevangelion, Infancy I, Chapter XX, suggests of the hidden nature of letters wherein it is said of Jesus,

"So they brought him (Jesus) to that master; who, as soon as he saw him, wrote out an alphabet for him. And he bade him say Aleph; and when he had said Aleph, the master bade him to pronounce Beth.

Then the Lord Jesus said to him, Tell me first the meaning of the letter Aleph, and then I will pronounce Beth.

And when the master threatened to whip him, the Lord Jesus explained to him the meaning of the letters Aleph and Beth;

Also which were the straight figures of the letters, which the oblique, and what letters had double figures; which had points, and which had none; why one letter went before another; and many other things he began to tell him, and explain, of which the master had never heard, nor read in a book."

Needless to say, there is a whole hidden body of knowledge, both surface, and subsurface, regarding all the letters and astrological signs. Following revealins the nature of Venus and Mars.

Basic Occult Constructs in Venus

VENUS maintains a precise timing code as to its name. Being the second planet from the Sun, it maintains its relationship to B in that B is the profile of a pregnant woman, or in mythological particulars (acroamatic ciphering), the Goddess Isis pregnant with the baby Horus. It's secondary relationship in the Isisian Codes is that of "R", wherein when a woman's water "BR-ACHES", or breaks, the linkage of BR is manifest as in BRth, BRn, BRed, BReed, BRing, BRought, BReast, etc.

As an astronomic phenomena, the planet VENUS maintains a synodic orbit of 225 days, hence the Letters V as placed at position 22 and the E as placed at position 5 encodes the actual synodic orbit of 225 days around the Sun/


VE = 225 around the NUS (SUN)

It characteristics are that the planet is enclosed within a blanket of CLOUDS, wherein the word CLOUD serves as an anagrammic code for OCCULT, and so VENUS serves as a perfect example in "nature" of a condition to represent the attributes of the Mysteries.

OCULT = CLOUT = CLOUD - (for a comprehensive example of letter transpositions, see the blog entry "Superman and the Relationship of N to TEN (10)".

There is much more you can glean from any research into the properties of "the Goddess Isis", but the above serves as simple examples.

Basic Occult Signatures to the God of Mars

In the Illuminatus System, letters often act as whole words. This technique is oft noted as "notariqon", but the actual system was highly developed in Heliopolitan Druidism, from which much of the current Illuminatus System is derived. In the case of the word "C", this can act as both "see" and "sea", as in 93 = IC = I see. In the case of the Letter R, it can have a value of "R = are" and be "pre=positioned", as in a "pre-positioned" phrase.

In the case of MARS, we can see that we have a sequence of M ARE S, wherein the gematria can be established into the larger system via summative coding.

M = 13 = 1+2+3+...13 = 91
S = 19 = 1+2+3+...19 = 190

What you will see is that M and S are sharing palindromic coding in that each can be viewed as being both 19 and 91, hence M's are S's.

Other observations shows that MARS is the 4th planet from the Sun, and so can be related back to the Letter D, which is as the Sun coming up on the HORIZON. The planet is the "RED" planet, which is linked to the element FE at 26, or the Chemical Element number for IRON, from which the "red sun" derives its color. Too, much can be gleaned from researching into the properties of MARS, such that it exists in a "perpetual state of drought", in that it has no water, etc.

All of these are used to fuse together the larger the Construct.

The Spoken Word as the Sword

Joseph Hall, in critiquing Sir Francis Bacon, wrote a poem criticising the usage of compounding of words (taking two words to make one), wherein he says,

"He knows the grace of that new elegance
which sweet Philsides [Phillip Sidney] fetch of late from France,
That well beseem his high-style Arcady (Arcadia)
Tho others mar it with much liberty
in epithets to join two words in one".

In the case of cryptograms in words, we then must take into account the compounding of words, such as "to get her" to create "together", or "no thing" to create "nothing", but we also must be cognizant of the use of singular letters to represent whole words, as in the letter C used for both "see" and "sea". An example of this is too intimated in Shakespeare, "Hearkens after prophecies and dreams;
And from the cross-row plucks the letter G."

- Richard III, I, 1.

The "alphabet" was known as "the cross-row".

"Like all of the great poets and dramatists of the time, Shakespeare learned his basic reading and writing skills from an ABC, or horn-book. Robert Speaight in his book, Shakespeare: The Man and His Achievement, describes this book as

a primer framed in wood and covered with a thin plate of transparent horn. It included the alphabet in small letters and in capitals, with combinations of the five vowels with b, c, and d, and the Lord's Prayer in English. The first of these alphabets, which ended with the abbreviation for 'and', began with the mark of the cross. Hence the alphabet was known as 'Christ cross row' -- the cross-row of Richard III, I, i, 55. A short catechism was often included in the ABC book (the 'absey book' of King John, I, i, 196). (10)"

Hence as one must "hearken after prophecies and dreams" and "pluck the letter G", a more pragmatic way of viewing this is that if you are to seek after the hidden cryptogram within, as the naming of things was oft done through astral channels, it too might be necessary to remove a single letter, solve for the letter, and then place the sequence back into its constructed channels.

In the case of the word SWORD, we have to include all the "energetical channels", meaning established Occult and esoteric symbolism, before a full understanding of the meaning (hearkening after prophecies and dreams) can be fully established.

The primary symbol of "swords" is that it is one of the four primary suits of the TAROT, comprised of Pentacles, Wands, Cups, and Swords. Each of these suits is then fused to larger archetypical codes that then link back to astrologic or "deity" attributes. In the case of the SWORDS, the sign is associated with the Air and to all things related to thought and words and communication. In this way, the suit is associated directly to Isis, even as it is oft associated traditionally to Hera with Isis associated to "earth".

As AIR is associated with SPEECH and THOUGHT, the SWORD would need to be broken down into its S-WORD, for the WORD is PI is the ALPHABET. Thus the S, as being associated with AIR and COMMUNICATION AND SPEECH, becomes associated with the SPOKEN WORD TRADITONS (again linking back to ISIS) as the Veil covering the Eyes of in the "two of swords" hints of the Scales of Liberty equally.

Now that we have connected the dots, we can "hearken after prophecies and dreams" (solve for the cryptogram) and bring out the code of SWORD.


Now we begin to link back all the symbols. The Spoke is the radius of a circle. Hence the Sword is as the radius of a circle equally. When we speak, and we have finished, then we have "spoken", or we "have spoke". The "spoke" of speaking is linked to the "spoke" of the wheel" which is linked to the SWORD via the "spoken word". However, the archetype is that the SPOKE is the radius, and so what is "the Word" but the CIRCLE or PI?

So the code is simple.


The "SWORD" contains both the idea of a RADIUS (and an implied diameter), and with it, the "omnific Word, or Pi." Hence, the SPOKEN WORD contains the whole of the esoteric code.

Ingeniously crafted and hidden away from view.

Integrating the SPOKEN WORD into VENUS and MARS

Now consider the "letters" of "Venus" and "Mars" in light of the Acroamatic Cipher. In the case of MARS, Mars is regarded as "the god of War" and so is linked back to Seth. When we consider the "birth of Seth", we read the following:

"On the third day Typhon was born, but not in due season or manner, but with a blow he broke through his mother's side and leapt forth." That is all we are told. That is all we needed to be told. The third day we can equate to the SEA and C as Typhon, and if he was born with a "blow from his mother's side", what this is describing in an acroamatic fashion is the very sign for the "god of Mars".

The "sword" is piercing with a blow through "his mother's side".

This is key. For we then must link the story of "Jesus" to the "Father". John 19:33-34 But when they came to Jesus, they saw that he was dead already, so they didn't break his legs. One of the soldiers, however, pierced his side with a spear, and blood and water flowed out.

What is wrong with the picture? "Blood and water" is the sign of giving BIRTH, and so the acroamatic cipher of Jesus is symbolic of "the Goddess" at time of giving birth, and so this statement is an acroamatic cipher for VENUS!

What is being born with a blow from the mother's side is "MARS" and when the side is pierced and "blood and water came out", such is describing "VENUS".

The operative element is "the Sword". The Spoke and the Word. The Diameter as inferred by a radius and Pi as the WORD or circumference of the wheel.

From here, one can peer into the mysteries further to reveal more of the construct and the letters upon which this story is further constructed.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Volvo and the God of War

There is a simple reality in play. What is up is down and what is down is up. Show me a word that is being vilified and I will show you where the inherent good lay imbedded in the word. At the end of the day, "the leaders", those who "sealed the chest wherein Osiris lay", are sworn to destroy the past in order to create their own future. Those who "serve the Goddess" work just as tirelessly to preserve the knowledge and transmit its inherent philosophical meanings for the present and the future.

But that gets into the world of "conspiracy", doesn't it?

Let us focus on the Acroamatic Cipher. wherein Manley P. Hall states in "Secret Teachings of All Ages",
"The religious and philosophical writings of all nations abound with acroamatic cryptograms, that is, parables and allegories. The acroamatic is unique in that the document containing it may be translated or reprinted without affecting the cryptogram. Parables and allegories have been used since remote antiquity to present moral truths in an attractive and understandable manner. The acroamatic cryptogram is a pictorial cipher drawn in words and its symbolism must be so interpreted."
- Source

However, there is more to be understood about the Acroamatic Cipher, from its inherent oral transmission of basic form,design, and intent, to the fact that the Acroamatic Cipher is the primary means to transmit a particular knowledge about a "divine Alphabet". Continues Manley P. Hall,
"The creation myths of the world are acroamatic cryptograms, and the deities of the various pantheons are only cryptic characters which, if properly understood, become the constituents of a divine alphabet. The initiated few comprehend the true nature of this alphabet, but the uninitiated many worship the letters of it as gods."
- Source

The Nature of Nature

What is the "nature" of Nature? The word hints clear. NATURN = A TURN. What "nature" does is "turns over the elements", reusing them in a purpetual dance of life and death. Nature, as "the Goddess", is both a "nurturing" force, and a force of war. Nature, in short, can too be very cruel. Survival of the fittest is an order of the realm, and balance is the key to the beauty. Too much of anything suffocates the inherent balance, and so Nature corrects "herself".

EARTH, being but the constituent numbers of E+A+R+T+H = 5+1+18+20+8 = 52 Weeks, and being but a representation of the "Goddess", in that the number is a co-relational circle, too is set against a series of turns, from the day to the night to the turn of the seasons, Nature cannot beget without the admixture of revolving in a manner set against principles esoterically referred to as "Pi", or "Ma'at". Gyroscopes keep the vehicle in balance and the inherent sounds of GY, found in "gynecology", all hint at a deeper mystical code within the words.

The revolving nature of Nature, and the sounds "vulva" are all sounds that elevate the Feminine. So too does the word "vulture", which comes to feed one last time on "Her creation". In "The Encyclopedia of Masonry", we find under the heading of "Development" this interesting insight into the use of "volvere",
"The Ancients often wrote their books on parchment, which were made up into a roll, hence called a "volume" from volvere, "to roll up". Thus, he who read the book commenced by unrolling it, a custom still practiced by the Jews in the reading of their Sacred Law, and it was not until the whole contents were unrolled and read that he became the master of its contents. Now in the Latin language, to unfold or unroll was "devolvere" whence we get our English word "to develop".
- Source

Here is where a bit of added insight into the "Masonic double-headed eagle" may be helpful

If the word "devolvere" is being used as a philosophical construct for the word "develop", then how does the word "devolve" share a philosophical equality to "develop", when each certainly could be said to be eminating from the same Latin word, "devolvere"? The word "develop" means "to build up" while "devolve" means to "to bring down". For this reason we hold that you cannot simply peer into words in a linear fashion, for letters are being spun as on a sphere and their usages in identical linear derived mannerisms may have seeming opposite linear meanings.

In otherwords, you cannot make any single literal assumption as to how to view any given set of letters at face value, and must view words and symbols in their context, aided greatly by the revelation that the Construct is based on Pi and 666 as ADM and EVE. The Double Headed Eagle reminds us to view words "this way or that", as written forward or in reverse, and having meanings that mean one thing, and its complete opposite all contained within itself.

The Letters take precedence.

So just as 322 can or may reveal "3 22's", or VVV of the VW, and hence the CODE of EVE in the Garden of Eden (with "god" in Illuminatus mythological systems), then the "Occult symbol" of VW as "322" is that it reveals the Circle as ADM = 1413 = 3.141 and EVE as 666, to reveal Pi and 666.

Utilizing the "double headed eagle", the first step is to simply look for any hints in words as spoken in reverse. VOLVO can reverse quite readily to the word OV LOV, or Of Love, the "vulva", the "feminine", etc., and it is this potentiality that must too be considered prior to a philosophical deconstruction of any give symbol. Clearly the corporate sign of "VOLVO" contains the readily obvious sign for "MARS", and so VOLVO as "ov lov", surely hints strongly that it is merely a code for "Venus, the Goddess of Love", and hence Volvo the corporate signia is really a pretty self descriptive code for


Volvo. Venus and Mars.

The patterns are the self explanatory truths to the imbedded Occult signatures.

More on the acroamatic nature of Venus and Mars in a future posting.