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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Superman as an Occult Construct - Podcast

Inside the Eye has been down for 3-5 days due to the great support it has received from readers of the Illuminatus Observor.  The free trial account provided me with 5 GB of monthly download.  We could have easily utilized the available bandwidth by the 18th of January (18 days) but we cut back on promotion and still exceeded our bandwidth on  January 26.

Owing to great support Inside the Eye has received, it is with great pleasure to announce that Inside the Eye has been upgraded to a commercial account and is now back up and live.

So if you missed the first go round because Inside the Eye was down, with confidence you can now hear the 10 different segments in 5 different podcasts currently available.  In addition, the commercial account will enable a longer archiving period so shows will be available for quite a time longer.

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The Fetch
Dennis Fetcho

This is the latest offering from "Inside the Eye", the podcast companion to the Illuminatus Observor. In this show we delve further into the Occult construct behind the comic book hero "Superman".

Adapted from a video in progress regarding "Superman and the Relationship of N to Ten", this podcast hints at the compound nature of the Superman logo and how Hermetic Qaballa and Rabbinical Kabballah make up the two necessary ingredients to the creation of "Superman" as a code for an "elevated" or "illuminated" individual.

Podcast 5, Segment 1 - Superman as an Occult Construct - Monologue

Podcast 5, Segment 2 - Superman as an Occult Construct

Friday, January 9, 2009

Gematria and Codes in the English Language - Podcast 4

For the companion article to this full podcast, visit, "Insights into the Craft of Gematria" here at the Illuminatus Observor.

Listen to Podcast 4, Segment 1 - Gematria and Codes in the English Language here:

Listen to Podcast 4, Segment 2, Gematria and Codes in the English Language here:

Segment 1 is already embed into the Article, Insights into the Craft of Gematria.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Insights into the Craft of Gematria

Having spent years presenting the Isisian Codes to the public internet forum market, I remain amazed at the gross ignorance and the total clueless nature of so called "intellectual paradigm minders" encamped in so many mass market forums. If you have followed work as this over time in many a public forum, you know what I am referring to, those self appointed arbiters of reality who tell various forum communities what is and is not acceptable discourse and historical rooted presentation. "Well, gee, Fetch, what with all this pseudo-mathematical mumbo jumbo, it appears to the rational observer that you are deficiently insane! Go get help! Blah - blah - blah."

The funnier reality,if it were not so disruptive to the general public and good will of others volunteering knowledge and information for others, is that of all this naysayer ignorance, and ignorance is clearly what it is, is that these same people are quite often Israeli/Jewish centric and "their Kabballah", and all the "mystical mumbo jumbo" inherent in their esoteric formulas, are demanded, without their even having any idea what they are talking about, to be granted a clear pass as if "God himself" came down and uttered every single word in full witness of the totality of educated humanity.

Listen to the podcast companion to this article, Gematria and Esoteric Codes in English, archived at Inside the Eye, the podcast companion to the Illuminatus Observor.  

For a full list of podcasts by The Fetch, visit Inside the Eye.

I might add that - if such were the case - then their god is clearly insane, for the verbiage housed in these texts is just as encrypted (if not more) than all the other works provided to us from these earlier times. If these people were so sophisticated, why were they not able to clearly enunciate what is going on? Why are they so incapable of seeing that their "tree" is clearly only half of a larger and hence still occulted, system?

But the obvious sometimes gets glossed over when demands of the self righteous ignorant are expected to be granted under penalty of intellectual assault if their statements and presumptions are not accepted face value.

In other words, the "existing New World Order", a FOR-REIGN power, in a most arrogant and bully fashion, demands to be given preference even within OUR WESTERN SYSTEMS, systems which clearly are opposed to the totalitarian nature of their Edomitish, and ignorantly snobbish, esoteric crafts.

This opening is pointed squarely at the self appointed minders in so many mass forums who invoke Jewish Succos and seek to lower humanity to their level of ignorance. Succos is a Jewish occult ritual designed and intended to "level" the playing field, a "leveling" by necessity meaning a lowering of humanity to their level of esoteric understanding. In other words - the "dummying down" of America that many comment on is really just part of Jewish or Setianist metaphysics contained in the Ritual of Succos.

For the really savvy, study the absolutes of the Succos ritual which perhaps I can deal with for the more advanced of our readers. Success is a form of inverse duplicity, hinting at a raising up but in an Occult sense means the complete destruction of higher spiritual truths and culture when fused to the occult Ritual of Succos.

Gematria Rooted in the World of Intelligence

Let me begin by stating emphatically: Gematria remains wholly misunderstood owing to the reliance on modern definitions which seek to confine the concept to things "wholly Jewish". To those of you who want "to get it", it is imperative that you pass beyond these "Setianist inspired" confinements and conjectures. Gematria is a form of cryptology, often applied to sacred nomenclatures, which seek to encode specific truths about specific philosophies or metaphysical channels.

Since Gematria is a form of cryptology, you could expect its practice and refinement as an artform to be esconced in the world of "intelligence", where the use of ciphers is demanded in order to preserve secrets of state as information is tranferred from one open air site to another: a message left unconcealed as it travelled on horseback would not be a particularly intelligent demonstration of prowess for an illuminated individual.

Perhaps "the greatest" influence on English as a system of "gematria" is Sir Francis Bacon. In Bacon, we find that he meets up with John Dee, famed for his Setianist "Enochian" magic, when Bacon was only 21. In article written entitled "A Bond for All Ages: Sir Francis Bacon and John Dee - The Original 007", we find the following:

"Little has come down to us in terms of records of Francis Bacon and John Dee knowing each other but on the afternoon of August 11, 1582 there was an entry in Dee's journal that they met at Mortlake. Bacon was 21 years old at the time and was accompanied by a Mr. Phillipes, a top cryptographer in the employ of Sir Francis Walsingham who headed up the early days of England's secret service. They were there according to Ewen MacDuff, in an article, "After Some Time Be Past" in 'Baconiana', (Dec.1983)" to find out the truth about the ancient Hebrew art of the Gematria- one of the oldest cipher systems known, dating from 700 B.C. They were seeking to discuss this with Dee because he was not only one of the leading adepts of this field, but a regular practitioner in certain levels of Gematria." "

Sir Francis Bacon is said to have spent many of his young years as a cryptologist, deciphering official state documents, while an in depth historical research reveals a very high level of "poets" involved in intelligence work.

Number as a Foundation to Western Mysticism

Scientia Cabalae is primarily concerned with the "naming of names". As we have discussed here before at the Illuminatus Observor, the "naming of names" is deeply rooted in the Greek tradition through an analysis of the work "Cratylus".

That numbers fused to letters play a crucial role in the development of the English Language is really a simple historical inquiry. John Dee we find in the Elizabethan court, clearly an "occultist" knowledgeable in the workings of Number. Says Dee,

"By Numbers, a way is had, to the searchyng out, and
understandyng of every thyng, hable to be knowen."

In the same article referenced above, we find aptly written:

For Henry Reynolds, Literary Cabala represented the most sublime and desirable application of numerology that an author could aspire too. He referred to the way - 'enigmaticall and figurative' - that Pythagoras, the Hebrews, the Egyptians and the ancient Poets communicated their occult doctrines so that only 'sacred and sublime wits' could understand them. He then specified what this technique was:

That Art of mysticall writing by Numbers, wherin they couched under a
fabulous attire those their verball Instructions, was after called Scientia
Cabalae, or the Science of reception,- . . . A learning by the auncients
held in high estimation and reverence, and not without great reason;

"This 'art of mystical writing by numbers' that Reynolds sought to encourage is a cryptographic technique with a provenance extending back to ancient Greece and beyond. The basic technique is gematria: the assigning of a numerical value is the letters of the alphabet. At its simplest level of operation, a concordance in numerical value between two verbal units portends an equivalence of meaning. In practice, there is a deeper level of sophistication in the way the numerical results are interpreted and the manner of this is indicated by the name, 'gematria'."

It really could not be stated better. In practice, there is a deeper level of sophistication in the way the numerical results are interpreted. In the article referenced earlier at Sir Bacon.org, we find another bit of insight:

"Peter Dawkins in his book "Francis Bacon Herald of the New Age" would strongly disagree with Yates on Bacon's avoidance of mathematics. He writes, "nothing could be further from the truth: for number is a cypher and geometry a symbol for truth, and Francis Bacon was intensely interested in and a master of cipher and symbol, and of rhythm in language, using them repeatedly throughout all his works in various cryptic ways--for he saw mathematics as a vitally important occult or mystical science, and used it accordingly. Mathematics coupled with analogy and allegory, constitute a principal means to the discovery of what Bacon has enticingly hidden."

In other words, there is a complex system of number fused to allegory, analogy, or archetype, as inferred here. The complexity of the mathematical presentation appears as "pseudo-mathematics" or "quack numerology" to those who take no serious inquiry into these matters and still seek to impose themselves upon them.

Welcome to the world of the Israeli/Jew centric troll - the "know-it-alls" who assume too much, know far too little, and yet speak louder than everyone else as they practice their ritual of Succos and bring everyone down to their level of ignorance.

John Dee and the "James Bond, 007"

And finally, to link Hollywood back to the Occult and the world of state secret services or "intelligence agencies", we can hail back to John Dee and his use of the 007 insignia. The above picture was borrowed from "The Stygian Port", one of our fellow Illuminatus Observors. Below is the actual insignia.

To the interested observor, the obvious should become readily apparent.

The Owl.

Mrs. Henry Pott wrote in "Francis Bacon and His Secret Societies",

"The organization or method of transmission he (Bacon) established was such as to ensure that never again so long as the world endured, should the lamp of tradition, the light of truth, be darkened or extinguished"

The reason for this is simple - the system was caste into the Letters and the Language, fused to a complex set of ciphers.

We still have to deal with the ignorance of the Edomitish crowd, but Hebrew is not the power language, for it is English that 690,000,000 people speak and for which the language is able to unite and invite all even as it is controlled by a "for reign" power.

But clearly, SOME people out there are dropping hints that it is time to turn on the lights and caste out the dark.