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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bats, Baths, and Ba's

Academics recognizes four basic ways of word building in English: affixation, composition, conversion, abbreviation.

Affixation is, as the word implies, the affixing of another part of speech to the root of a word. Affixations are generally "prefixes" and "suffixes" which are added or affixed to the root word.

An example of an affixation may be seen in adding the prefix "pre" to the root word "fix". We have affixed one part (the prefix pre) to the root word"fix" to form the new word "prefix"

Another form of affixation is through the use of suffixes. By adding the suffix "less" to the root word "cloud", we create a new word "cloudless".

All of these forms of word building classifications are further broken down into their own classifications. For example, a composition word formation is broken down further into classifications titled as follows: endocentric, exocentric, copulative, and appositional. These forms are further represented as mathematical formulas. For instance:

An endocentric composition is represented by the formula A+B denotes a special kind of B.  Examples of this include words as "darkcloud" or "blue bird".  "A", in this case, is modifying B.

The "Language Planners" and "The Mystics"

In the early development of the English language, there was a divide between two differing schools.  Varying academic works refer to these two schools as "the language planners" and "the mystics".

Essentially, the language planners were a group working on the development of a "Universal Language" purported to follow the dictates of "science and reason", while the mystics were those seeking to develop the language in a more occult format or formula, or those lacking "all sense and reason".

One such work highlighting this issue was written by Jaap Maat, Philosophical Languages of the 17th Century: Delgarno, Wilkins, Liebniz.

Maat, in quoting Ward from the 1600's, writes:

Such a language as this (where every word were a definition and contain'd the nature of the thing) might not unjustly be termed a naturall Language, and would afford that which the Cabalists and the Rosycrucians have vainly sought for in the Hebrew, and in the names assigned by Adam, which M. Webster, passing the bounds of sense and reason, would bring under the Laws and regulations of Donatus (Ward 1654:22)

What this hints at is that in the early development of the English language, there have been two primary operative schools: the Mystics (Cabalists) and the Language Planners (Universal Language Architects).  Modern academics seeks to pit one group against the other, yet common sense says that there should have been some merging of the two schools at some level within the language development.

"Words" and "The Nature of the Thing"

As words are created, we must recognize that "the word" and "the nature of the thing" are, by design, or grand design (supra design), inseperable.

Many treatises have been written about the concept of "the name" and "the essence of the thing".

From the Greeks Cratylus we find a whole play dedicated to essentially this concept.

Soc. Then the teacher, when he gives us a name, uses the work of the

Her. I agree.

Soc. And is every man a legislator, or the skilled only?

Her. The skilled only.

Soc. Then, Hermogenes, not every man is able to give a name, but only
a maker of names; and this is the legislator, who of all skilled artisans
in the world is the rarest.

Her. True. 

This concept is transposed, or modified, within general discourse relative to English, oft referred to as "Adam naming names" from the idea that "God" brought all the animals before Adam and the animals were thus given a name.

What is to be gleaned from all this is that somewhere in the nether world of history, the process of naming names, owing to the reality that, or so it appears, there was an historical connection to a time when "things" did not have name, that the very naming of names was a refined art.

The thing and its essence, to include the spiritual properties or observations of thing, were all taken into account within the naming of the thing.  Elements of nature were keen to be fused to the "thing".  Thus, in the "mane" and "strength" of the "LION" could be fused properties of the SUN, fused further to the sign of the LION (LEO), each revealing elements of an Occult construction.

Symbols and Roots as Qaballistic Constructions

Roots, as Qaballistic constructions, are often reduced down to either the individual letters or consonants.  It is best to discern the process through which the word, which is by definition "the essence of the thing", may be reduced down to letters.

Additionally, there exist "sacred nomenclatures" as "roots".

The more "profane" examples of "sacred nomenclatures" being used as "roots" would be the god Mercury.

Merchant, for instance, invokes the god Mercury, while the ACE, JACK, and KING of the playing cards reveals a clever cipher regarding the Platonic Great Year when reduced to their Letters AJK.

Letters, themselves, remain the primary arbiter of "truth".

The Letter B, for instance, relates to a pregnant woman.  It is "latent life", while the R is the breaking of the waters, or "manifested life".  OM as EM as ME is harmonic song of individual existence, and hence we can add a B to OM to B and get a BOMBER, or something that "drops something from it's belly" as would a pregnant woman.

The Egyptian words that invoke elements of the soul are really constructions based on Letters.

The BA is the spirit as it enters the body at birth and exists while the body lives, while the KA is spiritual element of the soul at death that "rises up to the Gods".

The Letter B is of course a part of the birthing process, while the Letter K is symbolic of light reflecting from a mirror, hinting at the mirror image of the person and the disincarnate soul at death.

Since we define the lower elements (matter) as being the realm of Jehovah/Typhon/Seth, it is the KA that rises up and escapes the clutches of Typhon and the material world.

This concept becomes uniquely represented by the word ESCALATOR, or "it's the Ka, later - afterwards, it rises up."

Since the Letter L is Jehovah/Typhon/Seth, the process of rising up from the waters of Typhon is the same process as the Ka rising up.

In this case, the concept is called an "elevator", or an "El EVADER", or that which "evades El", or Jehovan/Typhon/Seth.

Words can be seen to invoke Isis and are often found in the "knitting" or "knots" was in the "navy", but a "navy", which has everything to do with "water", is too linked to the "navel", or the part of the body through which the umbilical chord is connected and provides the fetus with the water within which to survive and thrive pending an immersion into matter, from which a cut off from the spiritual world is effected.

Of course, water and rain and an umbrella are not far from an umbilical chord, and on and on it goes.

Of Ba's, Bats, and Baths

Of course, by now, you should be able to solve for Ba's, Bats, and Baths.

The word must represent in nature the essence of the thing.  In this case, each of the essences reduces down to the Letter B.

The BA, which is the part of the soul that is the "BABY" that enters the body at the time of birth, all revolves around the Letter B.  Since A is 1 and Y is 9, it could be said that the letter sequence A-Y represents the 9 months of gestation, or the completion of one cycle (the Z being the All) and hence a completion of the pre-birthing cycle.

At around 36-38 weeks, during a normal pregnancy, the fetus flips upside down and rests with its head to the ground until birth.  Hence we see the physical resting link of the BA(by) to the BAT in that each rests with its head to the ground.  The BA is linked to the fetus (baby) and the BAT equally.

Of course, since the BA is immersed in WATER as in the amniotic sack, the addition of the Letter H to the BAT gives us the BATH, which is really rooted in the BA.

As Liebniz stated,

Our mind is so fertile in abstracting, that it can discover of any given number of things their genus, that is the concept that is common to them all and to none outside.

In the case of Ba's, Bat's, and Baths, it is as easy as knowing your ABC's and how these letters are used in the constructions of "things".

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Arab Spring - A Neocon Plan for Global Domination

In geopolitics, it is best to presume that nothing is as it appears.  Surely, this maxim holds true for the current set of events collectively known as "the Arab Spring".

What few understand is this: the "Arab Spring" is following a strategic plan first laid out by Paul Wolfowitz, the then former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy.  Known as "the Wolfowitz Doctrine", this "plan" called for the criminal act of instituting "unilateral and pre-emptive war" in line with Jewish thinking of "preventing another Holocaust".

The "Wolfowitz Doctrine", really, should be seen as a natural outgrowth of Jewish delusions regarding the "Holocaust" wherein within Jewish logic, it is perfectly fine and acceptable to commit genocide of the Jewish leadership "believes" that another "Holocaust" is to soon occur.  This logic and rationale is what is behind the current planned "never ending war for Jewish interests" that the West currently finds itself enslaved to.

Jewish media, financial, and political interests have risen to such a height as to create a "perfect storm" that has plunged the West into a new moral and intellectual dark ages.

The "Wolfowitz Doctrine" - A Recipe for Disaster
In a work by Kevin Mills entitled "Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq", Paul Wolfowitz is described by some United States soldiers as being "crack-smoking stupid".

A look at the "Wolfowitz Doctrine", indeed, reveals an effort from a stuck on stupid Jew too immersed in his Holocaust religion and too intellectually disconnected from humanity to be in service of same.

He makes for a perfect agent for the State of Israel.  His logic and thinking provides us equally with the way in which Jews abuse language to hide their larger agenda of global dominance.

The Wolfowitz Doctrine can be summed up as follows:

1) "United States" Primacy - translation: we Jews have engineered the downfall of the Soviet Union and there are now no other "superpowers" able to compete with us.  We shall endeavor to keep all competition from even thinking of competing with us.

2) Unilateralism - translation: Might makes right, but it is better to involve other suckers to do as much of the hard work as possible.  This will not be entirely possible, so we will reserve for our non-Jewish soldiers a "special role" for them.  It matters not that our soldiers will die and kill for a stuck on stupid doctrine.  Logic and reason are not a part of Jewish thinking.

>3) Pre-emptive Intervention - translation: Might makes right.  If our delusions (or worse - pure evil intent) get the better of us, we will attack and wage war whenever and wherever we want.   Indeed, to this end, Gen. Wesley Clark reports that Wolfowitz told him that that no one would tell where or when we can bomb (kill) others.  This is, of course, a part of larger Jewish logic where Jews believe they are so intelligent that they know what the future holds and can pro-actively act to prevent "another genocide".  In reality, this doctrine simply gives intellectual sugar coating to the criminal nature of Jewish society to intentionally create more and more "holocausts", a concept enshrined in their religion.

4) Russian Threat - translation: We Jews have done a good job using "democracy" to gain control of the economic and state functions of the former Soviet Union.  However, we did not anticipate that the theft of Russian economic and political assets could be maintained.  Consequently, we need to regain control of former Soviet bloc allies before Russia is able to regain full control of their economic and state political assets.

5) Oil - translation: The security of Israel is paramount.  We will elicit support from the vestiges of American goy power by appealing to the use of American military power to secure long term supply of oil from the Middle East and Persian Gulf.  We don't care about the cost because the American taxpayers will foot the bill and the idea of amortizing military costs into the cost of oil is beyond our intellectual capacity to bother.  Better to waste as much money as possible securing the oil in the wet dream that that cost to secure the oil has no bearing on the reality that we should secure this oil at all costs.  In the end, the "securing of oil" will serve as a "boots on the ground" presence to ensure the security of our international project known as Israel.

The Arab Spring - Dealing with the Russian Threat

The Arab Spring is the defacto workings of Jewish elements in the United States.  The brain child is within the Neocon movement, and by extension, the State of Israel.

As this video of General Wesley Clark (Retired US Army) reveals, there was a macro geopolitical strategy to "clean up" the former Soviet bloc Arab regimes before Russia could become resurgent as espoused by Wolfowitz.  These countries would include Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, and Sudan.
Worth a complete listen, but pertinent information begins around 2:16.

The working paper that would more fully detail this strategy would be released in 1996.  Known as "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm", the policy paper was received by the newly elected Netanyahu government with great enthusiasm.  Netanyahu flew immediately to the United States. History Commons reports as follows regarding this trip of July 8 -10, 1996,
Quoting extensively from the proposal, he tells the lawmakers that the US must join Israel in overseeing the “democratization” of the Middle East. War might be a necessity to achieve this goal, he warns. While the “Clean Break” authors are primarily concerned with Iraq and Syria, Netanyahu takes a longer view. “The most dangerous of these regions is Iran,” he says.
The degree to which Jewish organizations would mobilize behind Netanyahu is astounding as can be seen in such papers as the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace "Integrating Democracy Promotion into U.S. Middle East Policy" (2004), the United States Army War College Strategy Research Project "Democratization as a United States Strategy for Middle East Security" - (i.e. for Israel), as well as core State Department strategies begun in 1996 in line with Jewish demands.

By 2008, the degree of complicity of the United States through a Jewish controlled State Department in the fomenting of "democracy" can be inferred in a report from a conference held on May 8-9 by the Stanford University Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law.  As stated in the report,
The more democracy promotion is tied to the U.S. government, the more we are tying our own hands. We now have many U.S. government entities handling NGOs and it is increasingly becoming a more state centered democracy promotion scheme. It is important to create distance between U.S. foreign policy and democratic transitions in foreign countries because it does not look right to have the U.S. government telling civil society groups in foreign countries to rebel against or question their own governments.
Inside the Eye - Live! Analyzes Syria and the Arab Spring

Egypt and Libya have fallen.  Tunisia was simply required to fall in order to bring weapons into Libya.  Next in line, as Jews work without rest to plunge the world into another disastrous war, is Syria.

Syria is one of those former client states of the Soviet Union, and Russia still maintains a naval base at Tartus.

America's Jewish elite, desperate to complete the Wolfowitz Doctrine, as crack smoking stupid as it has proven to be for the United States, has sponsored and supported a military uprising in Syria.

Another Jewish manufactured Holocaust in the making.

Inside the Eye-Live! analyzed the Neocons behind the "Arab Spring" strategy and exposed the clear Jewish content to the machinations that has become known as "the Arab Spring".

In the second hour, Mark Glenn of "The Ugly Truth", joined to discuss the "democratization of Syria" at the hands of foreign sponsored armed groups and death squads.

You can [download the show here] or listen here: