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Sunday, August 5, 2007

322, Skull and Bones and the VW

The ultimate expression of the Language of the Illuminatus can be broken down into two numbers:


The Diameter of the Moon is 6*6*6*10 Miles, or 2160 miles in diameter.
The Diameter of the Sun is 6*6*6*4*1000+1000, or 865,000 miles in diameter.
Each sign of the Zodiac has a slotted time period of 6*6*6*10 years, or 2160 years.

The "intelligent design" of Earth relative to the its position in the cosmos would need to take into account this mathematical anomoly. Was the relationship of the Earth to the Sun to the Zodiac based on 666 purely by chance, or were these numerics imbedded into the life force of Planet Earth?

Pi is represented as the Feminine, in that it is the circumference of the circle. Its traditional "goddess" was the Egyptian goddess MA'AT, or a number that reveals 13 1 14. 666 is regarded as "the diameter" set against the circumference of Pi. However, there are two systems in play. The English, and the "rabbinical", which is an inverse representation. This key becomes critical in "establishing philosophical truths" as you learn to grasp the larger philosophical construct (apperception of the conceptual).

An example:

The EARTH travels around the SUN in 52 weeks. Hence the time from SOLSTICE to SOLSTICE and EQUINOX to EQUINOX is 26 weeks. These 26 weeks are each assigned a Letter, starting at T for the Sol's T Ice, and the G for the EQUINOX. Note that all capital letter words are themselves forms of codes, literally.

The easiest form of code is the "ordinal code". This code essentially says to take the Letters and use their alphabetical placement, add up the words and arrive at its "numerical value". In the case of EARTH, these are the letters 5+1+18+20+8=52. The 52 can be related back to the number of weeks in a year, and since it is represented as a circumference, it is Feminine, or "mother Earth".

GOD, on the other hand, is a complex code in its entirety when set philosophically back against Pi (the Omnific Word), but remarkeably simple when set against its Ordinal Set. GOD = 7+15+4 = 26. The 26 can be set back to represent the 26 weeks to the major marking points of Solstice and Equinox. This number is referred to as "the correlational diameter in time", for its theoretical philosophical representation is as a diameter set against a full orbit.

Since the word GOD is a "Diameter", the word is regarded as a "correlational 1", while the actual orbit is the "correlational 0". The Female O cannot exist without the Male 1. This is where the male and the female are in constant "union".

GOD is Male
EARTH is Female

However, we can also express the Feminine GOD as the word GODDESS. Since the Female always surrounds the Male (Fe-male, He-r, S-he, etc.), we can surmise that the word GOD is the MALE and the word DESS is the FEMALE, just as surely as the word MALE is encompassed in the word FEMALE.

GOD = 1

(S*S) (19*19) = 361 + D = 361 + 4= 365 Days = Circumference in Time of Year = Feminine
(S*S) (19*19) = 361 + E = 361 + 5= 366 Days = Circumference in Time of Year = Feminine

This is very basic encoding of particular truths fused to solar timing. The results are very transparent. Clear. Lucid. There is no need for further transpositions and reasoning to return the formulations back to a clear representation of a truth, for the truths are self explanatory.

However, there is an inverted form of this code whereby "O's" are linked to 1's and 1's are linked to "O's".


As stated the article "The Acroamatic Cipher", the various Letters are acroamatic ciphers which are hiding archetypical information which the non-Initiates (mass humanity) worship as "gods". This information is going through a series of transpositions and modifications to encode information of local cultural significance. F.D. Buck wrote in "Mystic Masonry",

"...the modifications or transpositions of sacred nomenclatures as they passed from one race to another, were generally cleverly accomplished so as to assimilate their esoteric formulae of local significance..."

For instance, take the Letter M. If I reverse the Letter EM, it reads "ME". If I cipher the E to an O (special properties of E), I reveal the Sanskrit Letter OM. The Sanskrit Letter Om appears thus. Image source

Regarding OM it is said:

“I am Om, the Word that is God.” (Bhagavad Gita 7:8) So declared the infinite Satchidananda through the lips of the avatar Krishna. Also: “I am Om.” (Bhagavad Gita 9:17) And: “Among words I am the sacred syllable Om.” (Bhagavad Gita 10:25) Long, long before that the Vedic Seers had declared: “In the beginning was Prajapati [God the Creator], with Him was the Word, and the Word was truly the Supreme Brahman.” (Prajapati vai idam agra asit. Tasya vak dvitiya asit. Vag vai paramam Brahman. Krishna Yajurveda, Kathaka Samhita, 12.5, 27.1; Krishna Yajurveda, Kathakapisthala Samhita, 42.1; Jaiminiya Brahmana II, Samaveda, 2244)“Source"

So there is a descriptive definition of OM, and there is the artistic element of OM (the glyph itself), and yet we know that OM is "the Word", and that the word is Pi, and that this philosophy is set against the Number 26 (GOD), which cannot exist without the GODDESS, and you begin to get a glimpse into the idea of transpositions and modifications.

So if OM is the Letter M, there must be a logical way in which the transposition was made, and the answer was encoded into the Hebrew where the Letter M will become the story of ADM and EVE.

The Transposition of the Letter M

Take the Letter M and divide it into its constituent components.

M = I V I

Reorder them:

M = I V I = V II

The V is symbol of the Femine while the II is the Letter Pi, or ADM = 1413 = 3.141. Reverse the Letter V(EE) to reveal the Feminine EVE.

V = Femine = EVE
II = Masculine = ADM = 1413 = 3.141

Now compare to the Glyph of OM.. Image source

The Male Phallus of ADM is penetrating EVE. The TUSKS above are representative of the "elephant", which form the Letters LF ANT, where in L is 3 and F is 6 to reveal 36 and the sum of 1:36 = 666.

EVE shows the Letters 565, but since the SUM of 1:5 of E's placement is 1+2+3+4+5=15 = O Letter = 6 (see Isisian Code Cipher at bottom of IlluminatusObservor.blogspot.com), then EVE is really a code for 666, just as surely as OM is a cipher for Pi and 666, and the Letter M is a code for Pi and 666, and the number VII shows S-EVE-N shows EVE SN = 666 3.14.

This provides an example of the way in which transpositions and modifications are taking place, but the base code is not changing.

M = OM = V II = . Image source

Since we know that the Feminine must encompass the Male, we can surmise that M is pure and correct and that "ADM and EVE" is inverted, for ADM as Pi is make when it should be female, and 666 is female as Eve when the number should be male.

322, Skull and Bones and the VW

The Number "322" is an apparent 'key number' for the Skull and Bones. Said to have been formed as "Chapter 322" of a German secret society, while its "sanctum sanctorum" is said to be known as "room 322". What is of interest here, though, are the links between the Skull and Bones and Adolph Hitler, and specifically, the VW and the Beatle.

The Illuminatus goes to great length to record their symbolism in corporate art. The Gimmel as Camel cigarettes, the Vesica Piscis as Kool Cigarettes, The Two "X's" as "Dos Equis", or the Symbol of Mars imbedded into the Volvo. The "all Seeing Eye" can be found in many corporate logos, from AOL to CBS. Yet none appears to have been more successful than the VW beatle.

The Scarab is a beatle that is instrumental in Egyptian funerary rituals. The scarab begins its life cycle as a lowly worm and transforms itself into the "scarab beatle" where it can take flight and leave its original lowly existence, hence it is a solid symbol to represent resurrection. It does not require a female in order to procreate, and so is further enhanced as a symbol in Setian systems where the feminine is vilified and sought to be removed from the larger Occult force in play.

That the Scarab Beatle is highly regarded in Eqyptian magic, and by default, any given number of Illuminatus societies should regarded a given.

That the Beatle is an Occult Symbol that is well understood should not be underestimated in the formation and marketing of the Beatle as a car, and its latent success as it became a mass market tool. The Occult Symbol works.

But what of 322 and VW?. As one on my students so adroitly pointed out: Change the Number 322 to 3 "22's". The Letter V is 22. The Symbol of the VW is comprised of two interlocking V's to form a third smaller V at the center. Thus is is comprised of 3 "22's", or VVV = 666, surrounded in a circle of Pi, and VW becomes Pi and 666.

Fuse it to a Beatle, and you have the most successful selling car in the history of Mankind...

Pi and 666.



Anonymous said...

so maybe little ole me will counter measure the 322 with a 223

chuckle chuckle

and give them a tight boob to suck on! theyll shut 'EM up for a while!



Anonymous said...

322 is also, the frame # on the film that showed JFK being hit by the bullet. check it out.


Unknown said...


also the frame # of the JFK video when he was shot

Unknown said...

The Georgia Guide tones were layed 22 march 1980, 33 years = 2013, 3 years before that equals 2010 3/22. Mmmmm, what gwarn??.....

Anonymous said...

Doesn't 3*22=66,pls show me the 666

Anonymous said...

22 is V or the womb. 22 x 360(degrees of circle) = 7920 or Diameter of the Earth.

Anonymous said...

....V=5=E....Vee = EVE = Pi

Anonymous said...

THREE X 22 (LetterV) = 66 Am I missing something important here?? VVV =3x22, which equals 66. Where's the other 6 come from?

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous the 666 is the 3x22's
which becomes VVV this is then modified by the Isian codes V=6 which then becomes 666. see bottom of web page for Isisian Codes

Anonymous said...

wow who would have thought that "non living" parts of the universe would express the special numbers expressed in "living" parts of the universe.

add to that liberal rounding up & down of figures, inconsistent formulas to get where u want to go, and you can get to any point that you want to

thanks for the article