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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The WORD as a Function of Speculative Masonry

Abraham Lincoln stated in his famed "Gettysburg Address",

"Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation: conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal...that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom. . . and that government of the people. . .by the people. . .for the people. . . shall not perish from the earth."

And as our English speaking lands find themselves engaged in perpetual wars by forces opposed to any semblance of "the Truth", perhaps it become appropriate to allocate some time to expressing how the foundations of truth were set down so that you may begin to ascertain who these truths can be recognized, and in the process, spot those Occult forces who are engaged in the Great Lie whose only purpose is to destroy and spread misery across the face the Earth.

Through a study of and a rational comprehension of the fundamentals of Speculative, or Esoteric Freemasonry, one can come to a recognition of "truth" and in the process, cease to be deceived by they who base their entire existence on the perpetuation of lies.

The War for the Human Mind

Make no mistake. Humanity is, has been, and at least for the foreseeable future, will be, at war. This war, however, aside from the physical conflicts that snare so many people (to include our seemingly advanced Western civilization), is being waged, too, on an Occult level.

The ability of a ruling elite to perpetually wage this war is accomplished through the proliferation of beliefs brought about chiefly through religions, false academics and histories, and the irrational and often cruel judicial systems that impose these realities. The human race has been caste into a sea of delusion, not much more advanced in many ways than that of the Medieval purges.

Thus the human race, drowned as it is, exists in a state of delusion. In this case, the words DELUGE and DELUSION share designed philosophical links.

In the Ancient, Accepted and Esoteric Freemasons, there is a pre-candidate ritual called "The Candidate's Ritual". In this ritual, the Senior Deacon turns to the Candidate and says,

My station is in the west emblematic of the World of Water of which you will learn much as you pass through the Masonic degrees. Esoterically I represent your Soul aspiring for enlightenment and seeking communion with the Grand Architect of the Universe. My esoteric duty is to teach you how to achieve the second alchemical marriage by continuing to improve yourself through Masonry.

Thus, drowned as you are, your first chance to learn to rise above the waves is to attend a "school", wherein the "school" is equated to fish that swim in the sea.

The improvement of oneself is akin to raising oneself up above the waters of delusion, and in the process, come into ones own and be given the chance to "bask" in the Sun. This "basking in the Sun" is akin to a communion with "the Grand Architect", the Grand Arch or Royal Arch, being the arc traced in the sky over time as the Sun precesses through the equinoxes.

This is the Olympic torch that stands as a testament to the human spirit, caste as it is in birth under the waters. This is the "baptism", or immersion into the water and rising again above in a "communion with Christ". This is the tale of the Salmon, born in the clear waters who swims into the salty sea of Typhon, and returning one day to the ever clear waters of its birth and fulfills its purpose. This is the fin linked to the ark (shark) that too rises above the waves.

The fin, fused as it is to Nature, is the clue, FINISH is the code, understanding the code the rising above the waves.

The Word as the Operative Element of "Truth"

Albert Mackay writes in "The Symbolism of Freemasonry",

The mythical history of Freemasonry informs us that there once existed a WORD of surpassing value, and claiming a profound veneration; that this Word was known to but few; that it was at length lost; and that a temporary substitute for it was adopted. But as the very philosophy of Masonry teaches us that there can be no death without a resurrection,--no decay without a subsequent restoration,--on the same principle it follows that the loss of the Word must suppose its eventual recovery.

He would later add, "The search for the Word--to find divine Truth--this, and this only, is a mason's work, and the WORD is his reward."

However, Mackay is writing from a laymen's perspective, giving nothing, inviting as it were, initiates into the Mysteries (Masonry) to partake in the journey. "Thus to learn Masonry is to know our work and to do it well. What true mason would shrink from the task?"

Underneath the mystical veneer, of course, was the reality that "the Word" was not only recoverable, but had adequately and with precision, been recovered and was busily being implemented into the developing language. Rather overt hints of this may be found in the writings of Blavatsky, wherein she states in "The Secret Doctrine",

But this last ratio is but a modified form of light or 20612 to 6561, as a '[[pi]]' value, being only a variation of the same (that is 20612 to 6561 is 31415 to one, or Alhim or God) -- and in such a manner that one can be made

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* See "Source of Measures," pp. 276, et seq. App. VII.
[[Vol. 2, Page]] 39 THE NUMBERS OF CREATION.

to flow into and be derived from the other, and these are the three steps by which the Unity and sameness can be shown of the divine names. That is, the two are but variations of the same ratio, viz., that of '[[pi]].' The object of this comment is to show the same measuring use for the Cabbalah as was employed in the three Covenants of the Bible, and in the symbols of Masonry, as just noticed."

Higgins, writing in "Hermetic Masonry: The Beginning of Masonry",

"It is completely in accord with the ancient philosophy, which, in apostrophizing the Deity as the "Pi proportion," meant what later, in Isaiah, is called "The living Elohim, "-The Pi proportion, endowed with omnipotent self-exertion in the ordering of inchoate matter ; in other words, a LOGOS active in Cosmos. The Pi proportion is something that is never absent, in one form or other, from every one of the world's primitive religions, and certainly enters deeply and radically into the philosophies that have given rise to what we in these days call "Masonry ."

The Pi Proportion, Pi itself, is the Word that was and remains to be recovered and understood, and for which a rational foundation of "truth" was caste and established.

Euclid's 47th Proposition

This diagram is a classic example of a "complex symbol" that incorporates multiple philosophical realities. The design of the Square and Compass, incorporating as it does the raised torch of reason (Olympic Torch) is encoding Pythagoras 47 Proposition. At the same time, Abraham Lincoln was preserving in his address the same said "eternal truth", for in the Gettysburg Address the time was given as "4 score and 7 years ago).

Thus the "truth", fused as it is to words, becomes operative within "the Word", the word being Pi, and Pi being simplified or reduced to the "Golden Triangle of Pythagoras", or the 3-4-5 Triangle.

WORDS serve as operative force to encode or come to understand "the WORD", as revealed further in Blavatsky's "The Secret Doctrine",

"It teaches the /Alhim-ness /(31415)/ /and One-ness (the diameter to Alhim) through Words (*DBRIM,* 41224), by which on the one side there is infinite expression in heterogeneous creations, and on the other a final harmonic tendency to /One-ness/" (which as everyone knows is the mathematical function of "[[/pi/]]" of the schools, which measures, and weighs and numbers the stars of heaven, and yet resolves them back into the final Oneness of the Universe through Words)."

As one comes to understand and "know thyself" the principles being secreted in full view in the Illuminatus Observor, the ability to utilize the core fundamentals of Speculative Masonry to ascertain "the Truth" becomes easier, and truth becomes far more "self evident".

Truth is at first mocked. It is then virulently attacked. It will, always, eventually become self evident.

What Abraham Lincoln seemed to be saying was "let us not allow the sacrifices which brought about the Philosophy of Pi to disappear from the face of the Earth."

The concepts contained in this article will be expounded upon in future efforts.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nazi's, Naziriteship, and Zion

This article may appear to come out of "left field". For my international (non American) audience, this is an American colloquialism set against the game of baseball, to mean, "come out of nowhere". But the recent unveiling of the London Games Logo, and the various analysis it has been getting, prompted me to revisit this concept and try to craft an article around it.

Ultimately, it all comes back to "the Construct", and of course, how various codes are set into play and used as archetypal structures from which various agendas and realities are promulgated.

This article will shed a bit more light on the structural foundations of "the Construct".

I will simplify this: there are those that are drowned, and there are those that have risen above the waves. In this case, we may infer that those who "see" are as ICE, in that ICE in "cube form", rises above the waters. The letters ICE are comprised of the 9th Letter and the 3rd Letter, with E being silent and with its own special properties. So the word ICE is but a code for I CE, or I SEE, which then becomes ritualized in Thelema as "93".

There are thus those that "SEE", and those that do "NOT SEE", aka "nazi's". The "nazi's", of course, are archetypes, caste as they are as the "ultimate evil bogeymen", which they of course are, but the misdirection is clever.

The Not Sees are the current leadership, the present Illuminatus, the Setianist forces. They clearly can "see", but they clearly do not see, equally.

"I Hate Nazi's"

There are many movies about the search for the Holy Grail, and perhaps one of the more famous of the recent entrants is "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade". In this movie, we are confronted with numerous Occult imagery and formulations, hinting at the Construct in such a way as to wonder if the author's "get it".

From the script we find,

(to ELSA; softly)
Nazis. I hate these guys."

Nazi's, relative to the Construct, is really a spell - a mesmer: NAZIS = NOT SEES. So the code is simple: that "Indiana Jones" hates "Nazi's" alludes to the larger reality that what is generally loathed are those who appear under color of authority and yet clearly are blind and hence "do not see". But we are given a further clue as to the nature of the Construct in the following:"Nazis?!-Is that the limit of
your vision?! The Nazis want to
write themselves into the Grail
legend and take on the world."

Of course, if we have our Occult material down, we can recognize this immediately as a transposition from Plutarch's Isis and Osiris:

"But those who relate that Typhon's flight from the battle was made on the back of an ass and lasted for seven days, and that after he had made his escape, he became the father of sons, Hierosolymus and Judaeus, are manifestly, as the very names show, attempting to drag Jewish traditions into the legend."
So just as the "Nazi's" want to write themselves into the legend, so too has there been an attempt to graft "things Jewish" into the primary legend. This is the fusing of Setian metaphysics to that of the Osirian and Isisian Mysteries. However, by the very nature of the grafting, they who are not a part of the original will oft be blind to the nuances of the totality, and so are as the "not sees", who, still, tirely wish to take full control and take on the world (destroy it).

That's for blasphemy. The quest
for the Grail is not archaeology.
It's a race against evil.
If it is captured by the Nazis,
the armies of darkness will march
all over the face of the earth.
Do you understand me?

Again, the Occult significance: the Grail is the "philosophical construction", a coming of knowledge caste against "the Word", which is the 32 digits of Pi, the 26 letter Alphabet, and the totality of the knowledge contained within. What is being said is simple: if those forces who are seeking to graft themselves to the legend (the Not Sees) are able to capture the mechanism of "the Word", then they will have the ability to march across the face of the Earth.

"The second challenge is the
Word of God. Only in the
footsteps of God will he proceed."
(to himself)
The Word of God... The Word of...

INDY pulls away some cobwebs to reveal a cobblestone path. Each cobble is
engraved with a letter.

A very simple and yet in your face truth: the "Word of God" is the Alphabet, fused as it is to Pi and the 26 Letter sequence set against the 32 decimal digits.

Of Nazi's and Skinheads

Of course, what is little known to the public is that often various movements are literally initiated and fostered to bring to the surface (rise above the waves) various aspects of the full construct, the primary one being that of those who can see (the all seeing eye) and those who cannot see (the Nazi's).

Yet few comprehend that the very term "Nazi" is a wholly Jewish occult construct crafted as it is in Torah.

NUM 6:18 And the Nazirite shall shave his consecrated head at the door of the tent of meeting, and shall take the hair of his consecrated head, and put it on the fire which is under the sacrifice of peace-offerings.
NUM 6:19 And the priest shall take the shoulder of the ram when it is sodden, and one unleavened cake out of the basket, and one unleavened wafer, and shall put them upon the hands of the Nazirite, after he hath shaven his consecrated head.

"Skinheads" are and "Nazi's" are far more rooted in the ancient ritual of "Naziriteship" of the Jewish traditions. Supplanting it into "Nordic Pagan cultures" is just Illuminatus childsplay, the followers fully blind to the reality of the Occult game in play.

Further, the concept of "skinheads" and "Naziriteship" (not see riteship) is but a grafting of Jewish concepts onto the larger traditions for which they never truly belonged. For as referenced in Isis and Osiris,

"for the Impure to touch the Pure is contrary to divine ordinance." No surplus left over from food and no excrementitious matter is pure and clean; and it is from forms of surplus that wool, fur, hair, and nails originate and grow. So it would be ridiculous that these persons in their holy living should remove their own hair by shaving and making their bodies smooth all over, and then should put on and wear the hair of domestic animals."

What is being said here is one element of the Construct. Hair, being born, as it were, from death, at times is regarded as being "corrupted". So various orders around the world would be seen to "shave the corruption" from their bodies. This aspect of the design reaches its zenith in the Buddhist monks.

Then there is the inverse: the negative forces, or Setianists, simply invert the formulas 180 degrees. So in Jewish culture, we have the preponderance of "beards" and of those who do not shave at all the hair from their faces. This can all get confusing, because we have too the "beards" who become "the Bards", and the "Boards of Directors" all the same, so you must be aware of when and where the inversions to the Construct are taking place, where the 1's are being caste as 0's and the 0's as 1's.

Sampson and the Pillars

One way to quickly grasp this inversion sequence is to follow Setian, or Jewish, mythology. The tale of pertinence here is that of "Samson and Delilah". This, as so many of the stories from the Jewish scribes, speaks about the destruction of the Construct.

In the story, Samson's power is gained from his hair.

Jdg 16:15 Then she said to him, “How can you say, ‘I love you,’ when you won’t confide in me? This is the third time you have made a fool of me and haven’t told me the secret of your great strength.” 16 With such nagging she prodded him day after day until he was tired to death.

Jdg 16:17 So he told her everything. “No razor has ever been used on my head,” he said, “because I have been a Nazirite dedicated to God from my mother’s womb. If my head were shaved, my strength would leave me, and I would become as weak as any other man...then the Philistines gouged his eyes out."

This is a classic tale of inversion. The Naziriteship revolves around hair. If you "do not see", then you are being equated to those who refuse to shave their hair. This, of course, is wholly opposite to what we in the West find "civilised", preferring as it were, to shave our faces and remove the hair from our bodies. What gives the "Nazirite" his strength is the fact that he is ignorant: the shaving of hair signifies those who are understand that the hair is but from that which decays, and hence should be removed.

When Samson has his hair shaved, it is said that the "Philistines gouged his eyes out", telling you that the whole of the tale is revolving around those who see and those who do not.

When Samson's hair "grows back", he destroys or pushes apart or tears down "the Pillars", the pillars, of course, a not so veiled reference to Pi and the forces aligned with "the Word".

The strength of the "Nazirite" is that he cannot see. This is represented by the fact that the person does not "shave off the hair", and thus surrounds himself with death and decay. When Samson is shaved of his hair, he "loses strength", meaning that he is able to see the Construct. This truth is countered by the insertion of "his eyes were gouged out", which is to say that he could see. Yet when he reverts back to ignorance (hair grows back), he is able to regain his strength, meaning to destroy without reason, and so he uses his strength (ignorance) and tears down the Pillars (the Word).

He becomes a part of the destructive forces in service of "Jehovah". In classic inversion, what can see really can not, and what can see "cannot", at least when viewed from the Setian, or Jewish, construct.

Of Zion and Nazi's

That all of these concepts are but Occult signatures should become more in focus to all readers of this blog. That there were Nazi's, and these were called "the AXIS powers", and yet the AXIS is an anagram for SIX A's are just part of the in your face Occult influence on the fabrication of historical events to promulgate key elements of the Construct.

That there were ALL EYES (or All Lies, as it were) and "SIX A's" as the AXIS powers is too neat and packaged to be ignored out of hand: Occult signatures are more pervasive and controlled than most realize.

In many respects, it is a massive "childish", and yet deadly, game.

And since it all revolves around Setian (Jewish) and Osirian/Isian (Isisian), we can more easily decipher the signatures through acquisition of the Construct.

In the case of ZION, aside from being a homonym, or phonetic play, for NOISE, ZION reversed also read NO EYES. "NO EYES", of course, preach that they are the one's 'with eyes', and hence are able to "see". This becomes "the Beacon of Light" philosophies of current advanced Jewish metaphysics, while those who are not of this system of course are being caste as "Nazi's".

It is all a great phonetic play set into English for all to see, hence the massive number of "Jews" in the media are more of an Occult force in play than most can ever hope to realize.

Since the Word is the Alphabet, and those who are from ZION (NO EYES) wish to take on the whole world (it is ingrained in Jewish mythology), it is clear that they first have to come to control the language, and if they can control the language, being that it is "the Word", they can then, as referenced in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,

If it is captured by the Nazis,
the armies of darkness will march
all over the face of the earth.
Do you understand me?

This then, becomes the establishment of "A New World Order", which of course is a perpetual war FOR terror, with the media being used as the mechanism to control the hearts and minds and create the conditions to allow the forces of darkness to "March across the world".

And so these forces indeed to continue to march forward, in ever bolder steps. The Olympic Torch has been protested in the West to the point that it was actually extinguished, a rather ominous symbol when one understands the symbology, and as the Olympics reach into the very heart of the Word, the land of England that brought it forth, those without eyes have firm control.

Some Occult signatures are just too clever and insidious to be left ignored...and of course, you will be bombarded with words and imagery that hints all around the idea of "vision" and the ability "to see".

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hermetic Qaballa and the Golden Dawn

When penetrating reality, there is a necessity to link information through time and space. Nothing is being created out of a vaccuum, and every "thing" that may be viewed relative to the Occult are but modifications and transpositions derived from a core set of knowledge.

To say that "there is nothing new under the Sun" might be a simple way to comprehend this, or, if you wish, you may view the manifestations of Occult formulae as being but a reuse and a rehashing of a very well hidden, yet knowable, "core" set of knowledge. Perhaps you may wish to view the idea as an "Occult periodic table". What people view as "life", in all its varied manifestations, are but utilizations of the compounds found in a "periodic table".

The periodic table remains the same. The manifold expressions formed from the periodic table are as varied and complex as the Occult signatures that seek to emulate this reality.

Hence when we peer into any given set of Occult signatures or formulas, if we have the primary key, or the "periodic table", as it were, we can deconstruct nearly everything. Occult Philosophy revolves around the acquisition of this "Occult periodic table", which we may refer to as "the Isisian Codes".

The "golden dawn" provides us with yet another "adumbration" upon which to reflect upon the crafting and ascertain the very essence and the Occult Philosophy as caste into the Isisian Codes, aka, the core of Hermetic Qaballa.

Hermetic Qaballa and Profane Kabballah

The core of the Illuminatus System revolves around a basic reality: one part may be seen, while the other part cannot be seen. The body is available for all to see, while the etheric spirit, or the actual substance of the soul, remains invisibile.

Thus there is a "kabballah" for all to see, and then there is a hidden system removed from view yet, "hermetically sealed" as it were, a system not taught to the masses. Thus we have in practice "two" Qaballa's, which for expressive purposes are written as "kabballah" and "Qaballa".

Kabballah is that which is taught by the rabbis. It is the Cherub and the Flaming Sword, the dreidle, the belief in the cube that spins on the tip (tiperoth), the system that is destined to die, for as all things set forward and utilizes intertia, gravity wears it down, the truth re-inserts itself, and the folly slowly emerges for all to see.

Qaballa, spelled in this way, deals with the hermetically sealed system. It contains with it "the Garden of Eden", the "Veil of Isis", the "Recovery of the Lost Word", among many other labels and caricatures. It is the root code of the Illuminatus Philosophy as taught within Speculative Masonry, the one system designed around an inherent truth that defies ignorance (kabballah).

It is set on two legs (Able) as opposed to the one leg of the dreidle (Cain). It is what is known as "pair of dice", or "paradise", with the phonetic inclusion that a pair of eyes is needed in order to gain perspective and comprehension.

More to the point, the former uses a system of 10's based on Hebrew, while the latter uses an intuitive code set against the 1-9 of English and the Isisian Codes. Since the Isisian Codes prove to be the core framework, all systems eminating out of English will be necessity prove to manifesting the Isisian Codes, regardless of the deflected confusions of the practitioners.

The following demonstration will reveal how this is so.

Hermetic Qaballa and the Golden Dawn

There has always been a "Hermetic Qaballa". It was essentially sealed in the English Language by the practitioners of "speculative Masonry". These schools, influenced by Bacon, among others, wove philosophical truths into the language and the design of the Alphabet.

In turn, it can be surmised, that the Alphabet was "rationally crafted", which is to say that the Alphabet was crafted, its archetypes defined and refined, against logic and reason.

As regards the OTO, or the Golden Dawn, it is clear from the overtness of their codes, that they had indeed come to know the design and nature of the Construct. "777" and "Golden Dawn", are but powerful and yet simplistic foundations of the larger Illuminatus System upon which the Golden Dawn sought (and still seeks) to claim as their pre-eminence to the idea of an "English Qaballa".

Yet the Construct is like the "periodic tables", and so whatever could come out of the Golden Dawn would still be controlled by and hence "decipherable" by the larger Isisian Code framework. All of this, based as it is on "English", would of practical simplicity delude and elude those who sought after the Jewish or Hebrew component set into the Golden Dawn.

Truth was being secreted, but willfully corrupted.

The "whole" is based on "the Word". The Word is Pi. The first 32 decimal digits, to be precise. The system is set against a value of 26, for obvious reasons once one comes to understand the nature of the Word and hence "the Construct".

26 is the Key.

Hence GOD will have a value of 7+15+4=26, or YHVH has a value of 26 and FLAG has a value of 6+12+1+7=26 and ALLA = 1+12+12+1 = 26, and so forth. 26 is such an obvious key to "the Key" that one has to be a fool to chase after a system based on "22". Fitting round pegs into square holes becomes an exercise in futility.

So in order to decipher the Golden Dawn, one needs to have the necessary keys.

The OTO, for instance, may be derived from the above diagram.

The first diamond is 1+7+5+2 = 15 = O
The second diamond is 7+5+5+3 = 20 = T
The third diamond is 7+1+2+5 = 15 = O

The "OTO".

The wordset "GOLDEN DAWN" is derived from an Acrostic Puzzle set against the Letter L.

Also known as "the Tau" and "the Orphic Egg", this is a simple code that reveals Pi. As taught in Western "mysticism", we have the progenitors, or "the Egyptians" and the "Pyramids", defined as OSIRIS, or the Archer. Thus the shape of constellation of ORION is as here:

ORION is, of course, the "archer". Within the ARCHER we have "arcs of a circle", "bows" from which the arrow is shot, and by studying the primary bright stars of ORION and its relationship to the archer who carries his bow, perhaps then you can understand why certain "ties" are called "bow ties", the very shape returning back to Osiris as "the Archer" and the constellation ORION.

Of course, all of this is an adumbration, occult signature, as it were, of a clever set of crafted codes that reveal "the Word", or Pi.

ORION, when set in reverse, and with utilization of the Isisian Codes, reveals:


Pi is 3.1415926, so the very word ORION is revealing the first 7 decimal digits of Pi. When we add "the Old Testament" as defined by ZION, and add this to the "New Testament" as defined by INRI, we create an acrostic puzzle, wherein as seen above, the TAU, the Inverted TAU, and the "IRON CROSS", wherein IRON is but a phonetic play on INRI, each reveal the LETTERS "ORION", or Pi.

In the case of the "GOLDEN DAWN", we simply utilize the center vertical row of ORO. ORO is the "spanish" for GOLD. From the O at the base, we have to the right the Letter N. Since O is 1/2 of the formula of 10, it is often referred to as "10", but TEN contains by default the phonetics of D=T=N, hence the matrix of:


reveals the very simple code of


This code is set against the Letter L, while the totality of the formula of ORION is contained in the Letter T.

Hence T reveals while the L is the "fallen angle/angel" that hides, yet the code is playing on the very same matrix.

At the end of the day, the "Golden Dawn" is but an adumbration of the hidden core code.

Of course, "777" was rather obvious to anyone in the know. That it has fooled people for nearly a century hints at how well is guarded the core code.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Garden of Eden as an Occult Construct

One of the reasons why the "Garden of Eden" is such a strong archetype within Western philosophical systems is precisely because the Illuminatus System has a large or critical component built upon the mythological framework. In otherwords, the stronger the archetypal pull, the higher probability the mythology is connected to a core pillar of the Illuminatus System. The story of Adam and Even is clearly core to this theory, and so we must analyze the story in its totality in order to penetrate its esoteric mysteries.

Now when we use the term "mysteries", we are not using the term as you might expect. Ours is a rational system, and the homonym hides often coy subtleties. Thus a "missed story" is also a "mystery" and the Mysteries are every bit as much about "missed" or "missing" stories as they are about seeming secrets. Thus the idea of ADAM and EVE is interesting, but as an Acroamatic Cipher, the interest level goes even higher, for the tale of ADM and EVE as an acroamatic cipher is the missing element to understanding the basic framework for the word set "ADM and EVE".

Acroamatic ciphers, as you know, are cryptograms about various Letters of a "sacred Alphabet". In the acroamatic cipher,

"The creation myths of the world are acroamatic cryptograms, and the deities of the various pantheons are only cryptic characters which, if properly understood, become the constituents of a divine alphabet. The initiated few comprehend the true nature of this alphabet, but the uninitiated many worship the letters of it as gods."

Thus in Adam and Eve, the proper acroamatic transposition is to take the Letter M and divide it into its constituent components, as thus:

M = I V I

This represents a "D-IVI-SION", which means "double (di) vision". Here we deal again in "duality", or "male/female". In the case of M = IVI, we reorder the IVI to reveal VII, or the word SEVEN. The VII is then ciphered further as

V = VE = EVE
II = PI = ADM = 1413 = 3.141

EVE then is the number 666, and thus the Letter M divides into VII and then further into SEVEN and then further into

SN = 3.14
EVE = 666,

and so forth.

The Letter M, therefore, is the primary cryptic letter (acroamatic cipher) to the Adm and Eve story, which further illuminates the core numbers of "Pi" and "666", each central to the Illuminatus philosophy.

The Lost Word and the Garden of Eden

Generally speaking, the philosophical, or speculative, foundations of the Occult are predicated on duality: light/dark, hot/cold, positive/negative, male/female, to mention but a few. The system is a form of machine code, a computer code, or binary code, as it were. When set this code against mankind, or the archetypes which we infer to be "mankind", we set the "1's" as males and "0's" as females.

Ultimately, everything will reduce to these "1's" or "0's", or their co-relative "Pi Proportions". The idea of a "co-relative Pi Proportion" was "secreted" by Higgins in his work "The Beginning of Masonry".

"Almost all the ancient names of Deity, when their letters are resolved into numbers, are found to consist of what are sometimes called "cosmic" numbers, in that they set forth some great and majestic planetary or terrestrial cycle which attests the stupendous scope of divine power and wisdom . The "Ineffable" Name is the most remarkable of these cabalistic words...The former, the letters of which are valued as 1-30-5-10-40, are quoted by Mme. Blavatsky as giving the Pi proportion when written in a circle. Arranged as an acrostic, however, in the 25 squares of Pythagoras' "square on the hypothenuse," and employing only the digits in the final expression (see illustration), the result is much better.

"Bezaleel, the builder of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness," says the Talmud, "knew the transposition of letters by which God created the World ."

Thus the "cabalistic" "Ineffable Name" is clearly revealed to be "Pi", and that there are a series of "transpositions and modifications" being caste against the Letters. In truth, the whole of the Illuminatus System would be caste against a 26 Letter system set against the first 32 decimal digits of Pi. Counting the whole number of 3 of 3.1415926...gives us 33 digits, hence we will see from time to time the integers 32 or the integers 33 being assigned as of value within the Illuminatus System.

The loss of "Pi" as the philosophical structure of "the Word" represents in numerical form "the fall of mankind", while the recovery of the philosophical constructions encoded into Pi represent the "raising up of mankind".

"God said to Adam, "I have ordained on this earth days and years, and you and your descendants shall live and walk in them, until the days and years are fulfilled; when I shall send the Word that created you, and against which you have transgressed, the Word that made you come out of the garden, and that raised you when you were fallen. Yes, the Word that will again save you when the five and a half days are fulfilled."

That Pi "is" the philosophical construction of "the Word", is not, as it were, a "mystery", rather, that Pi "is" the philosophical construction of "the Word" is a missed "story", with the idea of some "Lost Word" appearing over and over in the "missed" or "lost stories" of Adam and Eve.

The Secret of the Serpent

That the "serpent" is "the Sun", is really a very simply graphical conceptual that may be plotted on an X-Y axis. If you measure the noon zenith at a height of T, the graphed representation will be as either a "pyramidal" structure, or we may stylize the graphed chart as the shape of a snake as it skirts across the sand. The wavy curvature of the snake is as the wavy rising and falling of the Sun as it goes from Winter Solstice to Summer Solstice from one year to the next and on into infinity.

Even so, the "snake" contains within it the term "nake", whereas "naked" is a past tense representation of "nake". There are multiple phonetic co-relations hidden, then, within the "nake", which is fused to the "snake", not the least of which is that in the Garden of Eden, the Letter M was "naked", or fused to the "snake". In this way, the Sun would be a representation of both "male" and "female" co-equally. Hence the great "dot" in the sky becomes a "daughter" (dottir and dotter the same), just as clear as it is a "son".

Never mind that women are known to have "periods", which are but "dots" on the page and in the skies as "stars" alike. It is all interconnected.

So when we turn to the idea of the Letter M as Pi and 666 and ADM and EVE the same, we no longer chase the story as some literal "mystery"; rather, we treat the story as being a cryptogram to be freed from its "mystery". In this case, we need some basic knowledge into the Isisian Codes.

There is Winter. There is Summer. Summer is a mathematical term. To Sum means "to add". Summer starts in June, which is the 3rd sign of the Zodiac, but the number 3 sums to 6 (1+2+3=6), which is the month in which Summer starts. 2 is 3, 3 is 6, 4 is 10, 5 is 15, 6 is 21, 7 is 28, 8 is 36, 9 is 45, 10 is 55, 11 is 66, and so forth.

So when we read the story in Genesis 3.14 (Pi), we read the following:

English Revised Version
And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, cursed art thou above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life:

Since we know that the primary component of the Illuminatus System is based on summation, we simply study the relationship of the Serpent to the Belly to the Cube, or the Dice.

If we have a "snake eyes" showing, or two "1's", we must then go to the "belly", or its summative value, as the sum of 1:11 is 66. Thus what appears on the belly of the serpent (snake eyes) as a representation of the cube (the dice) is a pair of 6's.


This is another form of acroamatic cipher. If we take the Letter X and simply divide it, too, into its constituent glyphs (marks), we can clearly see that we create the Letter X by crossing in a diagonal two "1's", or "11", for X will too appear as the 11 the letter of the second half of the Alphabet (the Word).


We then must keep this in perspective relative the design reality. The V of the X is located at position 6 is the female, while the inverse V is the male is a 1, but is too a 6.

What this is saying is basic biology, a scientific transmission of knowledge over time and space fused into a code called an Alphabet. Each individual person is an X, comprised of genes from the male and the female, or the V and the inverted V. Or, we can say that each person is comprised of the genes provided by the male as 1 and the female as 1, as each are individuals, divided as they are yet fused and comprised of the genes of the 2 (male and female).

Thus the 11, set against a dualistic philosophy, become as the male and the female. Yet if we call the X "10", we still maintain balance and parity as the 1 is the male and the 0 is the female. Nothing is changing save for the representative face. In truth, the 1 is a 6 and the 6 is a 1. Further context to the riddles are needed to put the presentation into some co-relative sense and cohesive understanding. X's may be an individual person or they may male and female as separate units, as it were, for we may say that the male and the female is comprised of the genes of each, or we may say that genes of the male and female result in the individual and so represent a single entity.


If so, study well and know thyself the riddle implicitly, for the idea that a 1 is a 6 and an 11 is a 66 creates a condition where "the Serpent" is the wiliest of the all, and we have yet to immerse ourselves into the archetypal soup.

The Geometric Construct of the Garden of Eden

When we delve deeper into the idea of "esoteric English", we recognize that there are philosophical underpinnings, esoteric definitions that hint at the larger Illuminatus Philosophy that lay imbedded in the English language.

For instance, when we read in "the Bible" that "Adam" "lay" with Eve, the implication is that Adam and Eve "had sex". But this is a simplistic start point. When we deal with the Illuminatus philosophy, we are dealing in conceptual realities and a philosophy encoded into and imbed into same. Thus there are additions and subtractions and divisions and multiplications and summations and there are vertical and horizontal representations all the same.

As "mother Earth" is the "plane", the fruits of "mother Earth" are all which rises up from the planet. Mother Earth is "the Plane", or what "is laying down", while what "rises up" is as "the Vertical".

When we reduce this concept to a 1 and 0 representation, if the Plane is "mother Earth", then "the Plane" is "feminine" and so what is in the vertical is the 1, or the masculine.

This conceptual is captured in the PlayStation logo. The "P" is in the vertical, and hence would be a 1 representation (it is), while the S is in the horizontal, and so if the 0 or "feminine". The S is snake is the "Garden of Eden", while the P is the Vertical, and so is something wholly separate.

In this case, we return to the Rabbinical "Tree of Life".

First, note clearly its design. The 1 is opposed to the 6 (opposite), the 2 is opposed to the 5, and the 3 is opposed to the 4. The design is nothing but the cube. The cube is nothing but the dreidle. The dreidle is nothing but the cherub.

CHERUB = 3+8+5+18+21+2 = 57 = 4+18+5+9+4+12+5 = DREIDLE

The CUBE is spinning on the sepherah of "6", which conveniently is given a name called "tiperoth", the word "tip" of the dreidle conveniently hidden within. This then becomes our "Star of David", or the "whirling cube".

In the diagram, the sepherah of 1, 5, 7, and 8 play a dual role, and optical illusion, as it were, for these 4 locations, which comprise a rectangle, are also used to form a "plane" upon which the "dreidle" spins on the "tip", or the "tiperoth".

Thus the 1+5+7+8=21=Sum of 1:6 are laying with the 6 again, as it were, for the 6 of the cube is spinning on the plane that is comprised of the digits 1+5+7+8=21, a number which is itself the sum of 6.

Thus in the PlayStation logo, we can equate to the P the spinning dreidle, the letter P being but square of 16, which is 4*4, the square being the foundation for the cube. Thus the P would be representative of the 1-6, 2-5, 3-4. The S is set in the horizontal, and this would be represented by the optical illusion created by the 1-5-7-8 rectangle, which is a the plane equally upon which the dreidle is spinning.

What this hints at is that the "Tree of Life" is but a half picture of a larger reality, this reality encoded into the Story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden.

"therefore Jehovah God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken. So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden the Cherubim, and the flame of a sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life."

The problem here is that this is an acroamatic riddle. The Sword is the Spoken Word, and since the Spoken Word is set against Pi which is set against the 26, we can note that the paths for the central pillar are the number 1-6-9-10, which has a value of 1+6+9+10 = 26.

So the central pillar is the "flaming sword", while the "dreidle" is the "cherub", so the Torah story has simply inverted the reality. The "Tree of Life" as currently depicted is the "flaming sword and cherub" that guards the way to the "Garden of Eden", a matrix that must appear as being in the horizontal, while the dreidle or "flaming sword and cherub" is set in the vertical.

The illusion fuses at 66, or the 6 of "tiperoth" and the 1-5-7-8 rectangle, which too sums to 21, which is the sum of 6. Hence the Jews have the half, but not the whole, and the Illuminati of today smiles at the fools who worship the "tree of life" as if they have the whole.

For clearly, any system available to the profane by definition is no longer esoteric and secret, and so any worship of the "Tree of Life" is itself "profane", a more hidden Hermetic System still to be revealed. This, known as "the Philosopher's Stone and the Garden of Eden, can be attained through an effective application of the Isisian Codes.