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Friday, April 11, 2008

Notaricon as a Key to English Qaballa

Notaricon is a fundamental element to comprehending the complexity (and simplicity) of the esoteric system known as English Qaballa. It's genius will be understood to the attuned, and appear as absurd to the uninitiated or those lacking in the basics of the Illuminatus System (Isisian Codes).

As are most elements of the Illuminatus System, Notaricon (Notarikon and Notariqon) is purposely confused so as to misdirect as to the simplicity of the ciphers and codes with the intent of transmitting orally the actual details while hiding in plain view the natural genius of the Illuminatus System.

I cannot stress to you enough to heed well the words within, for what is about to provided is of utmost clarity. To assist in demonstrating this Occult technique, I will draw upon a lecture given to the Bacon Society entitled "Alchemy and the Holy Grail" in 1906, a period when the Isisian (Isian) and Osirian schools were still quite strong and quite active.

Letters as Vestments and Veils

The first step it to recognize that the Letters are "vestments" or "veils", which is to say that each Letter contains within it a whole range of archetypes that reflece "divine light" and transmute this divine light into a comprehensive web that is perceived as "reality". There are direct meanings, and there are hidden meanings. As quoted in the article,

"Rossetti comments at length upon the double and sometimes triple meanings which were placed by the secret schools upon apparently innocent and orthodox words and phrases."

In truth, many of these hidden meanings could go literally layers deep. Masons familiar with this complex system comment as to words having "a seventh" meaning, or the true core of meaning of the word, sometimes far removed from the profane usage as found in a dictionary. How one is able to intuit these hidden and deeper meanings take many forms, and one of those forms is through the use of "notaricon".

Notaricon as a tool does not work unless you first set the Letters into complex archetypal patterns wherein the esoteric meanings of the Letters are fully comprehended and understood. That there is an esoteric or hidden meaning behind each of the Letters is simply another way of saying that the Letters are themselves "veils" or "vestments".

Says Plutarch in "On Isis and Osiris",

"As for the robes, those of Isis are variegated in their colours; for her power is concerned with matter which becomes everything and receives everything, light and darkness, day and night, fire and water, life and death, beginning and end. But the robe of Osiris has no shading or variety in its colour, but only one single colour like to light."

In the same way we find from the lecture in 1906,

"The chalice or cup is but another way of denoting the coats of skin, the veils or vestures which garment man on earth, robes woven by the Nature powers in which and through which the divine spark has to dwell, until in process of time the vestures or chalice become permeated through by the divine light within."

As the language grows, the ability of each of the Letters to reflect or otherwise become "permeated" with divine light, grows in kind. The issue then becomes whether this phenomena is a factor of conscious construction, or whether the growth, as a seed planted in the Earth, grows to its fullest and natural fruition.

In a world where "Darwin" reigns supreme, the idea of a will contruction of the language to its present form often is met with scorn, but such scorn is unwarranted in light solid research into the language. As we said of Bacon,

"This new literary project would, he (Bacon)realised, need on the one hand to be well organised, and on the other hand would require helpers to give him practical assistance in its outworking. Everything would have to be unfolded in stages, systematically and with perseverance...When this task was accomplished, Francis and his collaborators incorporated this new and flexible vocabulary into all manner of writings in prose, poetry and drama."

The seeds of "notaricon" had been planted.

Notaricon as an Instrument of the Occult

As was succinctly alluded to in the lecture:

"Time does not permit me to linger over the symbolism of these decorations, but I should just like to draw your attention to the handles arranged in the form of the double SS standing for Sanctus Spiritus. Also to the variety of initials which appear upon them. These, almost without doubt, are the first letters of the words of certain phrases. They form part of the mystic system of the Cabala known as "notaricon". By this system certain initials came to be perfectly well understood, conveying profound meanings."

This phrase provides for a specific form of Notaricon. Today, we call such usages as above by the "acronyms". By taking the first letters of the phrase Central Intelligence Agency, we can shorten the concept to the first letter of each of the words to that of "CIA", and in the acronym CIA we can then conjure the meaning of the letters and with it, a whole range of emotions.

Acronyms thus are the antecedent expression of the more occult system known as "Notaricon". In Notaricon's earliest expression it was being taught as we might view an acronym today. Although an acronym occults a larger set of words (as CIA reveals Central Intelligence Agency), it could be said that the letters CIA "occult" the words Central Intelligence Agency. But this form of Notaricon, although a valid form of Occultation, is generally no longer regarded as being "of the Occult".

Perserverance has turned this form of Notaricon into a basic element of the language.

Notaricon as an Occult science is not revealed.

Utilizing Notaricon within English Qaballa

Let us now turn our attention to the fundamental Occult reality of Notaricon.

What is the Illuminatus System is really publically revealed in Setian systems with the wink and a nod to apply same to English. Jewish systems are profane, English systems are sealed, and hence the Hermetic Qaballa.

As stated here,

"Notaricon is the art of reading a Hebrew word forms not as sound cues pointing to
specific meanings, but as graphic statements of interacting principles. Letters are read as words and phrases. To the degree traditional sound meanings are supported by
notaricon, those meanings are valid."

Although this definition is being applied with an intent to confine same to Jewish Kabballah, the idea of interactions between principles and ideas was long ago established in Hermetic Qaballa as espoused by Bacon,

"But this is that which will dignify and exalt knowledge: if contemplation and action may be more nearly and straitly conjoined and united together than they have been; a conjunction like unto that of the highest planets, Saturn, the planet of rest and contemplation, and Jupiter, the planet of civil society and action."

What was being "contemplated and conjoined" was the use of philosophical concepts contained in the letters and applied conciously to the crafting of the language that would be modern English. By taking any particular letter, or sets of letters as sounds, and combining them into whole new word arrangements, the end philosophy of Nature (Isis and Osiris) could be realized completely and the mechanism of advancing from "knowledge" to "comprehension and understanding" initiated.

Whole sounds could mask an entire philosophical concept, and the conjoining of two or more sounds, could lead to a whole range of hidden philosophical treatises within the language, and once sealed and perfected, impossible to destroy.

Letters, then, take on a form of "shorthand" and thus become "words" unto themselves. We who are native English perhaps do not appreciate the more esoteric nature of this idea simple because the idea of Notaricon is strategically imbedded into the Alphabet.

That Letters take on the properties of whole words is a basic element of our constructed Alphabet and Language, hence

B is Be
C is See and Sea
D is a prefix and suffix (de) and (ed)
G is Gee
I is EYE
J is Jay
M is ME
O is Oh

and so forth.

Notaricon is literally coded into the language and is taught without the hint of any mystical attributions being assigned to the Letters and hence noone suspects the esoteric reality that lies before them.

Thus we have conjoined words that hide higher esoterics.

An example of this is the word SWORD. As the Letter S is conjoined to the word WORD, and adding to the Occult knowledge that Swords are the Suit of Air and Air is the domain of Isis, and Isis is Speech and the "SPOKEN WORD", by taking the S from the word (S)POKEN, we are able to conjoin the more mystical concepts of the Spoken Word as the SWORD, wherein SWORD is the esoteric conjuction for SPOKEN WORD. When we break apart the word SPOKEN, we can reconfigure the word to read

SPOKE AND as the Letter N often denotes the word AND.

When this conjunction is made, the word SWORD "explodes" into SPOKEN WORD. The word SPOKEN explodes further to read SPOKE AND, and so the totality of the phrase reads


Since a SPOKE is the radius of a wheel, we can then infer the mystical meaning further.

The SPOKE is the Radius and hence infers the Diameter, and thus the WORD is the CIRCLE, or




Anonymous said...

Wordy...Drowsy. Thus words are attempting to put one to sleep - to remain in Their matrix : )

I like that last bit but I also think this site should have a disclaimer or caveat; to those who haven't found themselves in life stay away!!

Check out Dr. John Dee's last portrait. Pictures are worth 1k drowsy words. You'll see, in his eyes, where all this sort of stuff lead him.

He incorporated cryptography - which seems to have rendered his entire system incomprehensible for all future generations.

Sounds like I myself might need to learn the idea of Pi thoroughly. Sounds to me like there's something huge still missing.

And the new Tree glyph, on it's side with the diamond in the center looks a lot like OTO!

And the Vesica P. This is ubiquitous as to esoteric so it seems like there's some kind of game going on here. We'll see if what I'm looking for is in subsequent articles.

I appreciate this effort so don't get me wrong.

Unknown said...

Wasn't able to delete the above comment. But that's quite a deconstruction. So it appears Pi is Akin the the Tree of Life glyph; as underlying or fundamental construct.

So it's occulted as you say. But all this really means is encryption. And when you grok the coding you find items already well known. The gaming ("esoteric" "significance") is in the non linear encryption.

Quite a feat in itself however. So or but where do we go from here?

I appreciate yours and their efforts in any case - and am trying, with little success, in applying what I've learned here to the runes, whichever of the major rows. It appears Pi is in fact therein and rather overt. Can't find much else though (summation etc).

Seems fitting the F starts off all rows. F is akin to V and I think you said V is akin to B. B is the first Ogham...