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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Words as Mathematical Expressions

I am, to some degree, concerned. Great efforts and thoughts have gone into the release of the Isisian Codes with all its insights in the Alphabet and its relation to Pi. The relationship of the English Alphabet to Pi and its subsequent encoding and crafting is of a most sacred and secret effort. The work is complete. The language exists and thrives. All of its inherent wisdom, and with it, its inherent power to enlighten and deceive, are laid bare on the table for all who wish to see "to see".

 There is "written rule" and equally an "unwritten understanding" that those who know should not reveal to those who do not know, and for those who use our wisdom and knowledge as part of their efforts to describe their outlook upon the world they live within should be left to their devices to express themselves in the manner they deem fit, even it this expression pollutes and occludes the "Great Work".

Says Plutarch,

And there is nothing to fear if, in the first place, they preserve for us our gods that are common to both peoples and do not make them to belong to the Egyptians only - Plutarch - On Isis and Osiris
In other words, in so much as peoples efforts aid in the perpetuation and proliferation of our work, then such efforts may proceed without worry for the essence of "the gods" (letters) and "the God" (Alphabet) remained preserved for those who wish to enter the Mysteries and penetrate their meanings.

Equally, Plutarch provides another admonition,
In the second place, and this is a matter of greater importance, they should exercise especial heed and caution lest they unwittingly erase and dissipate things divine into winds and streams and sowings and ploughings, developments of the earth and changes of the seasons, as do those who regard wine as Dionysus and flame as Hephaestus. - Plutarch - On Isis and Osiris
In other words, if one is to actively engage in the perpetuation and revelation of these Mysteries, one should also be careful and clear lest they speak in a manner that is destructive to the larger Construction.  Elucidation without a clear understand of the foundation upon which the concepts are transmuted leads to error and folly.

This article is intended to expand on the esoteric nature of words.

The Growth of Logic and Reason

We who are dedicated to these Mysteries must remain rooted in logic and  reason.  We must be mindful of the progression of knowledge that builds its foundation and then reaches upwards as a spire to the sky.

This should be self evident for it is clearly how life works: each generation is interwoven with the one before and the one which is antecedent. The parent lives within the world of the grandparent and child alike. Today, we can speak about the time before computers and way in which we organized and structured our world with index cards and card boxes, while today, such methods, although still of value, may still be taught for the discerning "children" who wish to know of an "electronic free" form of organization. Today we can communicate instantly through such networks as "3G" and mobile hand held devices, yet some can speak of the world of "dial up modems" and "getting kicked" from any give public network. The "45" and "78's" gave way to the "LP", which gave way to the "8 track", which gave way to the "cassette", which gave way to the "CD", which gave way to the "USB", which gave way to the "digital stream".

 Life builds, and devolves, around the existing knowledge pool of life.

 A wise people cannot be made a fool tomorrow, nor can a society based on folly and ignorance become wise upon the rising of the sun. The devolution to ignorance, as is the progression to wisdom, is ordered upon a magnitude of time. Spring builds upon Winter, and Summer is built upon Spring, and Fall is a product of Summer. As Nature goes, so goes the evolution and devolution of man.
Therefore the whole problem of human life became the attainment of greater and ever greater knowledge of the natural law, upon which all progress and all security to life and happiness depended in so eminent a degree, and the divine gift of the reasoning faculties, - Higgins, Hermetic Masonry
In order to grasp the immensity of the Construct, one must be rooted into the nature of Number and Letters, and the manner in which the two are interconnected, for without such, although "the numbers may "reveal a truth", such a truth may really be a falsehood crafted by one's desire to see a reality that does not accurately reveal the Construct.

As Descartes mused,
The long chains of simple and easy reasonings by means of which geometers are accustomed to reach the conclusions of their most difficult demonstrations led me to imagine that all things, to the knowledge of which man is competent, are mutually connected in the same way, and that there is nothing so far removed from us as to be beyond our reach, or so hidden that we cannot discover it, providing only that we abstain from accepting the false for the true, and always preserve in our thoughts the order necessary for the deduction of one truth from another. - Source: An Augustinian Perspective on Philosophy of Mathematics
We must be not so eager to "see connections" such that we be out of balance and hence removed from our deductive and intuitive faculties.

Letter and Number

That the Construct is founded up Letters and Number is without question. Be it the "Sepher Yetzirah" which comments on the interconnectedness of Letters/Numbers/Sounds, or other intimations, say, Augustine in "De Libero Arbitrio" when he states that,

So, given the fact that both wisdom and number are contained in that most hidden and certain truth, and that Scripture bears witness that the two are joined together, I very much wonder why most people consider wisdom valuable but have little respect for number. They are of course one and the same thing.
 If a revelation of the hidden mysteries within the Letters is to be advanced and ascertained, we must use our logic and reason to ascertain how number may be employed/deployed in the fabrication of words and phrases.

We must also be clear that the Letters, fused as they are to number and sound, are unique and divisible and indivisible components of the Alphabet, while the Alphabet is itself pure and indivisible even as it it lends itself to divisions and permutations

Through a reflection of the Alphabet, we may fine purity in the form of a flash of lightning, or interlocking interconnections that. like the anchor of a ship, keep the Construct from drifting dangerously into uncharted waters rife with rocks that would sink a less capable ship.

Words as Mathematical Expressions

Be clear about the nature and deIt is all well and good to seek esoteric insights through the use of simplified forms of mathematical expressions in the language.sign of words, for the God is not so foolish as to reduce all of reality to simple expressions of mathematics by addition.

For instance, the word GOD has an ordinal value of 26, but a reduced ordinal value of 8 (2+6=8).  That the 26 coincided with YHVH or ALLA provides us with esoteric insights into the interconnectedness of ALLA to GOD to YHVH as mathematical constructions, but we have yet to apply logic and reason to the word itself.

Hence, as Descartes warned,

...always preserve in our thoughts the order necessary for the deduction of one truth from another.
Our designs are pure.  Each Letter represents a archetypal reality.  The Letter G is the Equinox, while the D is representative of the Sun as it rises on the horizon.  The Letter T is the same sun at noon zenith, raised up as it were to its highest point.  The concept is very much like a "golfers tee".

Everything about the word hints about the Sun and its apparent traversal through the heavens as viewed from Earth.

The Sun falls to the Winter T or solstice and then rises up to cross the equatorial equinox G and then rises further to the Summer T or solstice and then falls to the Autumn equinox or G and on and on and on.

We then must equate the word GOD with the GODDESS, for surely if the GOD is the conceptual diameter in time of the Earth around the Sun, so too then must GOD-DESS have a value that represents the circumference of this great cycle.

This can be shown by the Square of 19 (SS) ofthe word GOD-DESS.

SS = 19*19 = 361
E - 5
D = 4

We can then use logic and reasoning to deduce that the SS is the fixed element of the word which has taken on the form of a mathematical expression.

SS + D = 361 + 4 = 365 days in a year
SS + E = 361 + 5 = 366 days in a year

Many words are crafted in just such a manner.  To simply apply an arbitrary value based on an given alphabetical transposition simply destroys the construction, or as Plutarch says,
In the second place, and this is a matter of greater importance, they should exercise especial heed and caution lest they unwittingly erase and dissipate things divine into winds and streams and sowings and ploughings
In this way, be clear as to the means by which some may seek to reveal but in truth are plowing things that are sacred and divine into constructions that are as chafe in the wind, void of their esoteric foundation.


Dennis said...

Kind of like feeding wisdom to the swine. Some people eat their Twinkies and watch game shows all day. I see your point Fletch. As FZ once called such brain stems pajama people. Dennis (robot nbr 1441).

Jean said...

Just discovered your website. Wow! At a loss words, somewhat like the god who discovered Man was smarter then he is:P

I would like to link you to my own poor scratchings:


I am in disguise for personal reasons.


Marc Jones said...
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Marc Jones said...

The Tower trump seems appropriate, above. Language; our liberator and captor...leading to who knows where. As we look around we've an idea. Unless you're a poet, it seems to be turning into something like machine code (for the transhumanist agenda).

I somewhat recently learned that honor and right action etc - suffering and overcoming trials - does not necessarily help one's lot down the road or in the afterlife. This, according to old school (Norse) Heathen thought. I find this quite interesting and if true makes a mockery of much sop out there and down through time.

For a fine example of this paradigm of hard reality watch how the movie Das Boot ends.