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Friday, February 1, 2008

The Illuminatus Obervor, 6 Months Forward

On August 14, 2003, the East coast of the United States experienced a massive power outage. As seen from space, the power outage appeared far from random, appearing as a pyramid of darkness in an otherwise sea of light. A sign sent from some hidden force within the United States power structure?

One can never really know from the outside. All we can do is witness and observe the signatures as they appear, seeking out patterns so as to bring plausible meanings into the light. Even if the meanings advanced are accurate and true, the world of the Occult is based on deception, needless in many a ways, hence plausible denial becomes a mechanism or weapon to perpetuate the difficulty in bringing even basic knowledge, and hence awareness, to the fore of human concsiousness.

So just as "perhaps" there are power outages that when viewed from space show a rather obvious pyramid, there are other forms of secretions that "perhaps" are intended to unveil what is previous hidden or obscured by a fog or myst. Further, since one cannot form a secretion without first having the source, or the "secret", the idea of a secretion entails a limited release of knowledge such as is believed to be "digestible" at any given current state of the target audiences capacities to expand awareness.

The Illuminatus Observor is intended to be just one such vehicle for the release of knowledge for they seeking a glimpse into the whiter shades of an otherwise seeming black.

To begin, the Illuminatus Observor is not your ordinary "insight into the Occult", not that I know what particularly such "ordinary" would be. If we were to try to define what is "ordinary", we would probably use a Christian viewpoint and try to turn the whole of the Occult into a world of evil and conspiracy. Although it is hard to argue that the word "conspiracy" does not, indeed, apply, what the Illuminatus Observor does is highlight both the positive and the corruptions of the positive that lie hidden within the language as designed by they who today could be viewed as being "of the Occult".

The Illuminatus Observor is intellectually difficult, yet once pierced, too having a genius simplicity, a simplicity that seemingly makes some want to say "no way"! But article after article shows a depth of understanding that cannot be found currently in ANY public venue: most source material of the Occult is, well, Occulted, and as such, remains willfully mystified.

A Short History of the Isisian Codes

I have been writing about the Isisian Codes for some 10 years now. In the earliest of days, back in the dawn of the Internet forum world, I wrote at an MSN community called "Ask a Witch Community". The market there was not the best, but I found an early audience, and I was able to begin the slow process of communicating a difficult subject over a difficult medium to an audience that had no foundation upon which to view the subject matter.

I was soon banned for offending the Jewish hosts of the site, and so I sought out a new audience and landed at a site called "Barbelith.com". I had found that site as a product of some of my work at AAW being lifted (with apologies if I was not happy about it) and posted into Barbelith.com. Barbelith, influenced and themed around Robert Anton Wilson, the author of the Illuminatus Trilogy, proved to have some collaborative talent available, but a deeply seated prejudice for placing Jewish mysticism above all other ideas and thoughts ultimately resulted in the typical lunatic charges of "anti-Semite" for daring to essentially say that "the rabbis got it wrong."

And since I had since broken the code that linked Rabbinical Kabballah to a still hidden and esoteric Hermetic Qaballa (English Qaballa), I saw no reason to provide to the Rabbis and their unquestioning and obedient supporters an unquestioned authority when they had yet to really prove a rational authority. When set against the philosophy that our sages (Mason's and other secret societies of a "white" nature), the rabbinical systems rapidly become deconstructed, or de-storied. This is possible due to the extensive use of symbols and the imbedding of the philosophy into the very language which we call "modern English". Thus the truths that our ancestors (those of the Western languages and especially English) set into our languages remain at their core a philosophy diametrically opposed to those that the Rabbi's and their god set into theirs.

The key is the Garden of Eden. If one has been removed from the Garden of Eden, then one has "left", and yet we write from "left to right", thus returning to the Garden of Eden, while the semitic tribes write from "right" to "left", meaning their philosophies take you further and further away from the Garden of Eden.

Along the way I posted at dozens of sites for which I cannot recall and was banned from more sites than I bothered to keep track; NeoCon infiltrated sights, filled with Nazi's (Not Sees) seemed to dominate the early Internet, a product of Israeli "hasbara", or the intent of Jews to dominate the medium by controlling the forums upon which information was being posted.

Liberty Forum.org is my home "online community", and although I do not post as much there as I used to, you can still find me there speaking out against the more practical realities of the more occulted Setian metaphysics. It is the only site where every single article is promoted. You can, from time to time, find much lively conversation and added insights there relative to a wide array of topics, including the Isisian Codes.

I have always found a friendly audience with sites and communities run by Robert Baird, one of the expert panelists at Unknown Mysteries.com, but aside from that, I have found my work either banned rapidly or otherwise scorned and assaulted by those who clearly have no clue and demand that their ignorance be imposed onto the topic.

Nowhere was such scorn and a rather malicious derision more obvious and apparent than at the mass market e-tabloid site known "Above Top Secret" (abovetopsecret.com).

Above Top Secret has to this day a huge audience but far from a sophisticated management team relative to the Occult and Secret Societies. Much more at home with the latest tabloid style sensationalism, it proved very difficult to use the audience available at ATS to present the Isisian Codes. This is so precisely because the site is controlled by "dark Masons" who proved to be essentially wholly ignorant (or willfully deceptive) of their own Continental history and just what the early Continental Mason's were really doing with the language.

So they quickly banned the material and anyone, including Masons who fully comprehended the material, who dared to bring knowledge to what is otherwise a rather ignorant (and designed to be kept that way) audience.

Getting banned (censored) from ATS brought home the reality that if the Isisian Codes was to be freed up to be explained without harassment and other forms of trolling nuisances, the content needed a permanent home and dedication.

Thus the Illuminatus Observor was begun, and the content was finally free to be released and the presentation completely controlled without undo and often insanely ignorant harassment.

The Rise of "Synchromysticism"

I was not the only author to realise that the largest mass market "conspiracy site" currently active was essentially a Zionist fraud (the number two site was even more so). This realisation, the realisation that certain material could not be intelligently put forward at ATS, resulted in the creation of a new genre of Occult de-mystification known as "synchromystism".

Synchromysticism as a term in the blogo-sphere, is being advanced by another individual who understood that Above Top Secret was far from its stated mission; rather, instead of making all efforts to "deny ignorance", Above Top Secret proved to be a filter to control the level of ignorance and deny all knowledge that moved the paradigm past the designed controlled ignorance that is the effective result of Above Top Secret.

But Above Top Secret proved to be critical in the early promotion of the Illuminatus Observor before the management team there banned all who dared to comment on the Illuminatus Observor.

In its stead rose the genre of "Synchromysticism", a group of authors sharing similar styles and insights that has resulted in tens of thousands of visitors and unique page views utilizing the Blogger format. There is plenty of cross promotion within the synchromystic group and much of it is worth a look. Someone has taken time to create Synchromystic Blogspotters, and thus the genre is updated automatically and catalogued in one place.

Some of the sites that are currently promoting the Illuminatus Observor include:

The Stygian Port - this site is comparable to some of the work I am doing but does so without a lot of the technical Occult material as gematria, etc. This is a good site for people interested in this genre.

Inside the Cosmic Cube -Focused on the use of cubes in film, by and large, but this serves as an insight into the way in which the Dreidle and thus Kabballah is incorporated into film and other works of Art.

Peering Throught the Looking Glass - this is another good blog that peeks into the way in which Occult formulae seem to "appear" synchronistically into various films and other works of Art.

The "Synchromystic" genre, coupled with a core base of support from nearly 10 years of writing online, has resulted in a fairly successful first 6 months of the Illuminatus Observor and a warm thank you goes out to my fellow authors who are focused on this genre and who have dedicated their time to raising the profile of this unique vein of insight into human symbolism and its use in Art.

The Illuminatus Observor will continue to provide the technical and structural Occult foundation upon which "synchromysticism" as a form of artistic expression may find fertile ground upon which to grow.

Six Month Metrics of the Illuminatus Observor

A rather funny phenomena happens when you do a Google Search for images relative to the Illuminatus Observor; the Stygian Port actually outnumbers the number of entries compared to the Illuminatus Observor. So it is only fitting that I share a photo from an article on the Stygian Port even as I speak of the metrics of the Illuminatus Observor.

The Heirophant. The Heir of the Ant. Another article. Another day.

The Illuminatus Observor went live on July 16, 2007, with an initial promotion at Liberty Forum.org and Chemtrailcentral.com. The first full month was thus August if 2007, wherein the first month it garnered 1564 page views and 992 unique visitors, of which 157 were returning visitors based on the Statcounter.com formula.

To date, that 157 returning visitors remains a record.

Here are the metrics through 1/31/2008

Number of Published Articles: 48
Largest Articles in 1 Month: 15, Aug. 2007
Total Page Views: 12,500 (exactly)
Total Unique Visitors: 8,959
Returning Visitors: 833
Average Page Views/Month: 1,786
Average Visitors/Month: 1,280
Average Returning Visitors/Month: 119

Most Page Views in Single Week: 1,547, Week 50, Dec. 2007
Least Page Views in Single Week: 134, Week 40

Most Unique Visitors in Single Week: 1,191, Week 50
Least Unique Visitors in Single Week: 76, Week 40

Most Returning Visitors in Week: 58, Week 35
Least Returning Visitors in Week: 9, Week 30

Most Page Views in Single Day: 295, Mon., 12/10/07
Least Page Views in Single Day: 11, July 22 and 25, 07

Most Returning Visitors in Single Day: 12, Sept. 2 and 12, 2007
Least Returning Visitors in Single Day:: 0, July 22, 26, Oct. 7, 20, Nov. 11, Dec. 2, 4, and 21

Most Page Views in 1 Month: 3,370, Jan. 2008
Most Unique Visitors in 1 Month: 2,540, Jan. 2008

What the trends show is that the Illuminatus Observor, at present, continues to grow. Visit length (stays over 5 seconds) averaged between 25-31%, meaning that 70-75% of all visits are click-throughs of less than 5 seconds. Most of the page referrals are coming from the array of photos found on the Illuminatus Observor; however, Google searches are proving to also be strong.

The second or third leading entry page is "No Referring Link", meaning that many of you have stored the web address somewhere and thus are going direct to the site without any click-through referral pages.

The most popular page without question is "Corporate Logos as Occult Symbols, the Vesica Piscis", an article that deals with the use of the vesica piscis in such logos as Chanel, MasterCard, and many others.

Technorati places the blog at 1,165,874. This is down, having broken the 1,000,000 (952,565) mark in the last quarter of 2007.

The Illuminatus Observor Looking Forward

To date, thanks to a core level of support and some viral marketing on the part of many of you, the health of the Illuminatus Observor is above expectations and appears to have reached a new level of critical mass exposure, the past two months having broken the 3300 page view barrier and over 2200 unique visitors. Obviously, we would like to see this improve.

In addition, we would like to see the visit stays increase in length, but visit length continues to hold its own.

In order to make the blog better, a series of pod casts are being planned, although this remains on the back burner pending more life and bill paying issues. This is, after all, a free blog providing content of a commercial intent and nature. But still, the audience has reached a large enough level to where a pod cast would be a valuable addition.

Initial video tapes were made in the summer and remain archived. In this regard, a video camera has been donated by one of my good friends and student, Alan from California, and so there are plans to either edit what is done or improve on the video format.

Each of these marketing tools we hope will increase readership and the length of time that all of you stay as you seek to penetrate some of the more complex of Occult formulations available here at the Illuminatus Observor.

Here at the Illuminatus Observor, we understand that we compete for your time just as every other medium available to you competes for your time, and so every effort goes into providing you with content that is informative, educational, and of high value to your inquest into the nature of these things.

Moving forward, there will be further exposes into such things as "The Lost Word", "The Philosopher's Stone", "The Garden of Eden", to name but a few. A further technical treatise will be put forward such as has not been seen since Aleister Crowley's attempts in the early part of the 20'th century.

The point here is to release the technical and analytical tools for you to penetrate the Mysteries without the need for external initiatory systems.

This is the ultimate "mission statement" of the Illuminatus Observor and we hope we have fulfilled this mission for those of you who have sought to read the finer points of the material within.

With sincere appreciation for all your support,

Dennis Fetcho
aka, The Fetch