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Monday, July 28, 2008

Pragmatic Esoteric English

I often get a chuckle out of those who try to impose "linguistics" onto the construct which is English. The idea that the language "evolved" while dismissing the vast body of historical work that hints otherwise is just shabby academics. Sometimes I think that those who are our "teachers" pick and chose what they wish to teach, leaving off inconveniences that lie in the face of contrived theories. In a more sinister sense, this denial of history, facts, and knowledge in face of contrived theories, willful as it is to a larger extent than those in the know will recognize, is part and parcel to the fabrication of a contrived reality controlled by the "hidden elite".

There is power in knowing the truth while the masses remain dormant, unawares and not gifted with the ability to ascertain the manner in which words are controlled to put forward fabricated truths.

Between Esoteric and Exoteric

Words, by their very nature, are veils - they are the physical representation of ideas and concepts and objects set to paper against a series of symbols, aka, "the Letters". Behind each word is a recognized set of meanings, and further behind the words (and letters) remain hidden meanings.

What is "esoteric" and what is "exoteric" is really a fairly recent phenomena relative to English, at least by nature of the "word" itself. The word "esoteric", if we are to believe the entry in Wikipedia, is first recognized to enter the language in 1701 - at least in written form. Comprised as it is claimed from the "Greek", the words root is that of S and O, eso, meaning "within".

Esoteric has been traditionally used to define knowledge or meanings which are traditionally "closely held", while its antonym is the word "exoteric", or a set of knowledge, beliefs, traditions, etc., that are widely known. Competent researchers into the "Occult", or "Western Esoteric Traditions", can point to a wide body of material appearing in the late 1890's and on through the 1930's, where the material appears to taper off in volume and value.

It was during this period that there was a struggle within the Mystery Schools, with some, as Rudolph Steiner, advocating a release of information so that the general population would be better tooled for their own individual spiritual development, while others held the belief that that esoteric knowledge should be withheld from the general masses.

By the late 1960's through the early 1980's, clearly the latter's opinion had held sway, with esoteric knowledge as simple as Manley P' Hall's "Secret Teachings of All Ages" having to be spoken of in hushed terms.

Withholding information, of course, is a "Setian" or "Jehovian" path, by and large. Symbols and words and contrived thoughts all have predictable affects on the audience. The projections carry with them their own sets of vibrations, and enhanced and delivered with precision, have predictable results. A stairway to heaven, set against the Hermit of the Tarot, fused to music and words that speak of the "the Lady who knows" is a song to "the Goddess".

Words have Two Meanings

There's a sign on the wall but she wants to be sure
And you know sometimes words have two meanings
In a tree by the brook there's a songbird who sings
Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven
- Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven

Perhaps one of the top 10 rock songs of all time, Stairway to Heaven is filled with "occulted", or esoteric, imagery. "With a word" "she" can "get what she wants. A word and "the Word", perhaps, being interchangeable. Of course, words can have "two meanings" for which what we believe may be "misgiven", or perhaps more appropriately, "willfully or otherwise" given in error. Hence your thoughts are "misgiven".

Yet there is a practical, or pragmatic, approach to the use of "esoteric English" to reveal elements of the Construct. The "Construct" is the philosophical reality fused to the esoteric constructions contained within the Letters. The Letters, their placement, their shapes, their phonetics, their notaricon and temurah, are but elements to aiding in the deciphering of the Construct.

For instance, O is "nothing", which is Feminine. This means that according to "the Construct", from a philosophical representation of truth, that all things are emanating from the Feminine, or "the Goddess". What then is created within itself is "the God", or the A, which is the "1". The B, comprised as it is of the mathematical formula of 1+2=3, means "Male 1" + "Female 2" = "Child 3". Hence the design of the Letter B, is "that of the Goddess Isis", pregnant with the baby Horus, from an acroamatic or philosophical coding.

Yet from a practical or pragmatic "esoteric English", we can see and hear that "the Construct" is tightly woven around the phonetics and design of the letters that comprise the B, which is too the word TWO.

If we reverse the TWO, we form OWT, comprised as it is of the word OUT and OW*CH. Spin back the letters AB to form BA, and we arrive at the word BA-KE, and the word ACHE, equally. Now throw in "childbirth" as process of "C", and it all begins to make sense. The child rises like the bread in the oven, wherein O is but an E and so an OVEN is an EVE-N, wherein each hides either EVE or VENus equally.

Further, as the picture above shows, a "TWO TRUCK" is spun innocently enough to form the word TOW TRUCK.

Then consider "human cultural traditions" relative to the "TOW TRUCK".

The TOW TRUCK is the "second truck", but yet it is the first. The vehicle that does not work is the second vehicle, and consider the traditions of "women not working", at least in the open society. Consider the tradition of women following closely behind the male. Each of these are "traditions" imposed on the population through logical constructions that are traditionally hiding the "Construct", or the nature of the rational design set into the A and the B from a placement position.

The B as "the bee", who is "the Queen", does not go out and work but stays in the HIVE and lays the eggs while the worker bees (as A's) go forth and work. The construct is being hidden in myriads of ways waiting to divulge itself to the interested inquirer.

And while we are on the subject of hidden, or pragmatic, esoteric construction in the language, let us not forget that the "pi"ed "pi"per will "lead us to reason".

And when you have a sudden awakening or awareness? The word is called an E, PI and Phi, or an "epiphany".

Monday, July 21, 2008

"Christmas in July", and other Occult Anomolies

Well. It is that time of year again. Christmas in July. What an odd and funny sort of holiday. Doesn't get much celebration, and gets even less and less attention these days, but there was a time when "Christmas in July" was at least mentioned more than a few times a day around about the town.

But before I get too deep into "Christmas in July", the Illuminatus Observor has had a birthday of sorts. The blog turned a year old on July 16 and has proved to have interest that I believed was out there, but never really knew for sure because there was no place to come and check out the information without the typical trolling environment found on the various public forums where it used to be posted.

The audience has increased and I would like to thank everyone out there that has promoted it and come in for a visit. Although I am busier than I used to be, and I have less time to write, there is an ample supply of Hermetic work here to satisfy the curious, and still more available to satisfy the serious inquirer. We are receiving over 100 unique visitors per day now for the last 90 days, and page views have exceeded over 4500 per month. There have been over 23000 Illuminatus Observors and I have received some pretty cool acclaim out there from some of you who understand the contribution.

So thanks, and without further adieu.

The Bullet Proof Monk

I am currently still in the Middle East. Amman, Jordan, to be exact. I consider this place my second home. There is not a whole lot of entertainment on the television satellite, and I am not a big watcher of the tube anyways, but I was watching "MBC Action" and a movie called "Bulletproof Monk" was showing.

Now mind you, I myself was provided assistance in my early days by a Grand Master in Taoism, and so at times can relate to the Eastern mystical traditions and martial arts themes. At any rate, in the movie there is a Tibetan monk who is guarding a secret that brings back youth, of which it is all contained in particular Tibetan verse. Well, he meets up with an American pick pocket who he believes to be the next guardian of the great secret, and the Tibetan monk is talking about "enlightenment", and goes on to say something to the effect of,

"Let me put this in a way you can understand. Why do hot dog buns have eight buns, and yet hot dogs come in packs of ten. Within the answer is enlightenment".

"Gee", I thought. "How clever." I wonder if the author really knew what he was doing. Sorta like the word "SCORPIO". Score Pi x 10. Multiply Pi by 10. Scorpio is sorta like the 8 hot dog buns and the 10 hot dogs.

Scorpio appears in "October", and yet October contains the root of "octo", which is "8". So why is Scorpio located in a month where the root is "octo", or "8", and yet the month of October is "10"?

See. Gaining "enlightenment" is often no more complex than solving tricky little riddles encoded into the language and the world around you. So whether 12 ounce cans of aluminum contain 26 cans to a pound, or whether hot dogs traditionally were packaged in 10, and yet the buns came in packs of 8, or whether October with a root word of 8 is located in the 10th month, well, it all hints at Christmas in July all the same.

"For, as doing an injury is an extreme on the one side, and suffering one is an extreme on other side, and suffering in the middle between them. In like manner the number thirty-six, their Tetractys, or sacred Quaternion, being composed of the first four odd numbers added to the first four even ones, as is commonly reported, is looked upon by them as the most solemn oath they can take, and called Kosmos." (Isis and Osiris.)" - Secret Teaching of All Ages

What a fancy way of saying 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36, and if we "score pi times ten", we multiple the "octo" of "October" by its month in the calendar year, which is 10, and we arrive at 36 times 10 = 360 degrees of a circle, which is what?

OCTO = 8 = 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 36 x 10 = 360 degrees of a circle. SCORPIO.

A Pi representation. So to gain enlightenment, next time, just answer the riddle of 10 hot dogs and 8 buns. It is no more complicated than answering the riddle of SCORPIO, which too just happens to be the 8th sign of the ZODIAC.

Christmas in July

Now wait a minute. What on Earth has Humpty Dumpty to do with Christmas in July? Well, to gain enlightenment, one simply needs to solve another riddle. What is the relationship of Humpty Dumpty to Christmas in July?

This one is easy.

What is up is down and what is down is up. Some might call this "the Anchor", while others might call same "the Ankh". Christmas occurs on the Winter Solstice. Solstice is the code.


Words mean precisely what they say. The "Dump T" is the Winter Solstice, or the " T ICE" part of the word "solstice", while the HUMP T is the Summer Solstice, or the "SOL'S T" part of the word SOLSTICE.

The Letter T is the 7th Letter of the second half of the Alphabet, while the Solstice is traditionally the 22 day of December or June.

22/7 = 3.1428571, or reciprocal pi.

So why Christmas in July?

Aye! Because July is the 7th month of the year, and so it is the other part of the year aside from the Solstices where the 22 day will come to rest on the "7", which in this case is the month of July.


I am some of you needed no help in solving this one, but enjoy and thanks for all the support.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

1776 and the 4th of July

All across America, citizens of all shape and form, of many ethnicities and cultures, will gather round a barbeque and, with the first break of night, witness majestic displays of "fireworks".

People will not see the operative esoteric component: "fire" "works".

What they will be treated to is a massive display along Mars influence, a ritual of revelry designed to infuse in the hearts and the minds of the people a longing and a loyalty to the trappings of state.

Now in and of itself, I dare say that there is little wrong with such. The "State" is what enables our societies to flourish and prosper, provides safety for children to grow and mature. The operative value of the "State" is, indeed, to provide for the welfare and interests of the people, and in a government of the people and by the people, the rituals inherent in the State are a celebration of the people themselves.

Where there is a separation of the people from the rituals of the State, the rituals serve as reinforcement tools to acquire at very little cost "loyalty and obedience" to those who no longer are attached to the people, the State serving as an operative vehicle for Occult forces.


The State has always served "occult force"; what mattered was whether the "occult force" was predicated on Osirian or Setian philosophies, whether the occult force was working to build and enable the society to prosper and promote individual human spiritual and social expression, or whether the occult force was working to destroy prosperity and in the poverty that ensued, beat down even further those who were already powerless.

One raised the torch above the waves, the latter sought to squash the light of the human spirit altogether. 1776 and July 4th were the products of the former. The Setianists would organize their parallel force at the same precise time to serve the latter.

Lucky are the societies with an Elite that understand and seek after the former, and woe are those societies who have fallen under the hand of those dedicated to the latter. The rituals of state are used by the former and the latter, pulling or prodding their populace along, or deceiving and mesmerizing their populace before the reaping. It is how it has always been.

Esoteric Significances Everywhere

One of the enduring realities of "the Occult" is that the more you study the mechanisms and structure of "the Occult", what you will find is that there are "esoteric significances" everywhere. From the numbers to the letters to the colors to the sounds to the symbols that abound, esoteric significances swirl like fire flies, providing light in an otherwise dark world.

The first state of the union with the cosmos is to learn to be aware, while the first state of the Union is called Del Aware. The numbers of life, as set against the Letter M, which divides into I V I and then VII and then II and V as ADM and EVE as Pi and 666, becomes the 36th State of Union, given a name of Nevada (ADAmNEVe), wherein the link of 36 to 666 to Isis is linked to "gambling" and all the inherent codes set within. Add further that "Nevada" is called "the Silver State", silver being the "color" of "the Moon" and Isis, and you begin to see that some things are too clever to be coincidences.
Incorporated as it was in the year of "1864", wherein the number 864 is a fractal of 864,000, or the traditional measure of the diameter of the sun (in miles), and the "Silver State" as Eve, and the year of incorporation of the State in the year 1864, a number of the Sun as Osiris (ADM), join together further to be called NEVADA (as Adam and Eve).

Conjecture remains a beautiful thing.

Minneapolis and "St. Paul" will together be known as "the Twin Cities", often abbreviated as MN, MN, wherein MN is 1314, which is Pi, hence the appreviation of MN MN as "the Twin Cities" emulated the sign of the Twins, or GEMINI, which states clear that the Gem in I is that I is that my sign is the Greek Letter Pi, or 1314 as MN. The Water State is known as Rhode Island, which can spin to form DNA IS De (the) Door, and so forth.

One of the very operative elements of "the Occult" is for a current generation to leave behind some signal or message they, too, "knew the Key to the Word" for future generations. We come to recognize the knowledge of the Word through what is left behind. The general population, caring not and initiated not into the ways of the Mysteries, can only gaze and wonder - where to the knowing, the message is self evidentiary.

1776 as an Occult Signature

The numbers 7 and 6 are often used in various myths. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, the combination of 7 and 6 is used quite often. To those not familiar, Gilgamesh is from the Assyrian, and the "Epic of Gilgamesh" is, perhaps, one of the oldest "written legends" existing on Earth.

All of these legends are, however, best understood when set against an acroamatic cipher, acroamatic ciphers being but word pictures of a "sacred Alphabet", same sacred Alphabet being the core blueprint for the philosophies of various Initiated systems. The acroamatic cipher encodes the Alphabet which encodes "the Word" which encodes the first 32 decimal digits of Pi.

In the Epic of Gilgamesh, we find that it is Utnapishtim who comes to learn the "secrets of the gods". It is "Utnapishtim" who is said to be "the Great Father", for it is Utnapishtim who discerns the secrets of the gods, builds his ark, and so, as the Jewish "Flood" story, saves mankind from "the deluge" - which is to say that the mechanism of preserving Pi through mythology and acroamatic ciphers from those who preach ignorance and destruction was secured.

UTNAPISHTIM is a code. It simply reverses to reveal MITHS IP ANT U, or the more common set of "Myths, Pi, and You". The "acroamtic cipher" is a primary key, for if you know not of the acroamatic cipher, it is impossible to come to understand that particular word sets are hiding Occult signatures.

So there are hidden sub-systems, ciphers, hidden in the various myths. While describing the vehicle (ark) which would be used to rescue "mankind" in the form of an ark that would rise above the waves of the coming deluge, we read that it was manufactured as follows:

Epic of Gilgamesh, Tablet XI

I provided it with six decks,
thus dividing it into seven (levels).
The inside of it I divided into nine (compartments).
I drove plugs (to keep out) water in its middle part.
I saw to the punting poles and laid in what was necessary.
Three times 3,600 (units) of raw bitumen I poured into the
bitumen kiln,
three times 3,600 (units of) pitch ...into it,
there were three times 3,600 porters of casks who carried (vege-
table) oil,
apart from the 3,600 (units of) oil which they consumed (!)
and two times 3,600 (units of) oil which the boatman stored

These are what Carl Munck, in his work called "The Code", are referred to as "gematria numbers", numbers that we can find preserved in either myth, measure, architecture, and so forth.

In the case of 3600 spelled out 4 times, we know that the Master Number is 11011 = 66066 = 360 x 360 = 12960 = The Diameter in Time as an apparent the Sun makes as it precesses through the Equinoxes, otherwise known as 1/2 of the time it takes for the Earth to make one "wobble" on its axis. 110 stories mirrored against themselves. 110/110 mirrored = 11011.

Or, to use Carl Munck's explanation:

Taking the Stonehenge latitude number, 21600, as another example - take off the ending zeros and check the tangent of 216, to see that it is 0.726542528. Some Gematrian numbers have other special attributes to them, which we will point out on these pages. An example is 216, which is 6 cubed, or 6 x 6 x 6. As Michael mentioned, 2160 is the diameter in miles of the Moon, and 2160 is the number of years in one Zodiac Age. Another example is 1296. It is six to the fourth power (6 x 6 x 6 x 6). Its base-ten harmonic, 12960, is the number of years in half the precession (25920 / 2). As you see, the numbers are related. The twelve Zodiac Ages of 2160 years each, total 25920 years, for one grand circuit of 360 degrees.

Oftentimes, the numbers "7" and "6" will be used in a form of "counting sequence". For example, in the Epic of Gilgamesh, we find a count sequence from 1 to 7, wherein it is said of Gilgamesh:

"Him who has six sons hast thou seen?"
Enkidu: "I have seen."
Gilgamesh: "How is he treated?"
Enkidu: "Like him who guides the plow his heart rejoices."

Gilgamesh: "Him who has seven sons hast thou seen!"
Enkidu: "I have seen."
Gilgamesh: "How is he treated?"
Enkidu: "As one close to the gods, he . . ."

"6" is of the field, while "7" is as "close to the gods", and yet "7" is "the number of sleep" whiles "Z's", itself an encoded 7, is the letter of "sleep". While Gilgamesh seeks to learn the secret of the gods from Utnapishtim, it is said that he must stay continuously awake for 6 days and 7 nights.

The Epic of Gilgamesh, A Spiritual Biography

Utanapishtim asked Gilgamesh, "Who will convene the gods, so that you may find the life you are seeking? Come, you must not sleep for six days and seven nights." Try as he would, Gilgamesh could not withstand the onslaught of sleep and almost immediately succumbed to it. He was awakened by Utanapishtim on the seventh day, only to learn that he had failed in his objective.

"6's" are days, and "7's" are nights, "nights" bring you "closer to the gods", the Letter Z being the 7th Letter starting at T, wherein T is the 7th Letter of the second half of the Alphabet, there being 6 letters to the right and 6 letters to the left of the T.

The exact length of the journey is not known, but is likely to have been six days, a mountain (or mountain range) being crossed each night before arriving at the seventh: the Cedar Mountain. After each day's journey they dug a well before the setting Sun, then Gilgamesh climbed a mountain to secure a dream, a favorable message from Shamash.

"Climbing a mountain", or "hanging from a tree" is simple coded words that mean "astral projection". In today's world, they try to create such ideas as "remote viewing" as a substitue for the literal ability to consciously leave one's body and travel in real time to anyplace on the Earth in real time. Thus the ability to leave one's body and then travel to different dimensions within the astral realm is oft what is being referred to in these types of passages, and often the passages will be linked to Z, or 7, or "a communion with the gods".

The Spirit of 76 and the Secret of July 4

That one becomes "closer to the gods" at "7" as referenced in the Epic of Gilgamesh is really pretty obvious, once the idea of the acroamatic cipher becomes understood. G is placed at 7, and D as the softer tone of the "dental" phonetic set, "dentals" being the sounds of the letters D, N, and T (thick about it), and so obviously at "the number 7", you will be very close to the "G's" and the "T's" as both the letters G and T are located at the 7th position of each half of the Alphabet.

To the right and to the left of the letters G and T are found 4 sets of 6 letters,


Within the "Spirit of 76" and "the Orange Ball in the Sky" is the very code or gematria numbers for the Precession of the Equinoxes when the 7 and the 6 are properly understood and caste back a sequence of the 26 as used by the Illuminatus. As this 1967 advertising piece shows, the "Spirit of 76" as "the Orange ball in the sky" is nothing less than that of "the Sun" itself.

Both G and T are representive of the "7", while the "6" are the 6 digits to the left and the right of both the G and the T, revealing "gematria numbers" of 6*6*6*6 = 1296. As G is symbolic of the Equinoxes and T is symbolic of the Solstices, and with each of these marking points showing that the first full day being "the 22nd" day of December, March, June, and September, this 22 day coming to rest on the 7th Letter reveals the fraction:

22/7 = 3.1428571 = Recipricol 7 Pi, which is "the Word" and hence a "communion" with the gods.

With 13 weeks between G and T, and the sum of 7+6=13, and it all begins to be put back into its proper Occult signature, or perception.

Yet what of July 4?

In a word: "the World" or "completion".

There are 22 Major Arcanum, which, starting at 0, or "the Fool", will end at 21. These 21 digits are set against the first 0 of Pi, returning back to the first decimal digit of Pi, or the "1" of the "3.1..." as shown here:

The sequence "ends" at "50" (the 50 United States), wherein the 50th state is appreviated as HI (for Hawaii - the H is the Greek Letter cipher of P, revealing Pi as the last "state". The "21" ends at the start of the second "26", itself the center of a 9 secquence set of "26's" as shown here:

The Letters created from the circle of A and Y (1+25=25), B and X (2+24=26) and so forth, highlight the division of 9 set against the 26. Then, each of these sequences of 22 are set against a matrix, the matrix itself being fused to the Vesica Piscis.

These 22 paths are set into an unbroken circuit. To derive this on your own is not so easy, but obviously, it can be done. However, one will note that this, too, has within itself a binary sequence. Simply add the digits of the numbers going into each "sephera". At "Cancer", we have the digits 0+5+6+19+18+21 = 69, and so we place the "69" of Cancer into this sephera. At "Libra", we find that we have the paths of 13 and 14, hence MA'AT, or "the Scales", and so we place Libra in this sephera.

The final path or Sephera links Leo to Cancer, and the total value of the digits in this sequence reveal 21+20+16+17 = 74

74 is the Number of Completion, it's inverse or palindrome being "Euclid's 47'th Proposition Equally".

July 4, or 7/4, becomes the symbol of "the completion" of "the Great Work", which really represented the beginning of "the ability to affect the completion".

English would be isolated, its mannerism and form shaped by the new generation of "Contintental Masons".

The Great Experiment was finally realized.