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Monday, August 13, 2007

All Seeing Eye, Gimmel, and Camel Cigarettes

The efforts you see are intended to enable you to piece together the Philosophy of the Illuminatus, and since profane "Occultism" is as subtle and yet monstrous a fraud as recorded human "history", the exercise oft revolves around providing a plethora of patterns such that when patterns present themselves in the real world, you, too, if you are able to comprehend the patterns, you may exclaim, "aha! I get it!"

And so another illusion falls.

And, seeing how reality has been called an "illusion", one should not be so quick to discount the very revelations as to how such illusions could be crafted. If you are moderately educated into the ways of Gematria, do you really think that a power strong enough to rule over a planet is going to have a system in place that merely "adds up the numbers" to arrive a value, and in the process reveal a series of "esoterically unique significances?"

Seriously. Everything is not so simple, and only the fool, as opposed to the Fool, would presume to come to comprehend the whole of the Construct. Says Plutarch, in "On Isis and Osiris"

"But the robes of Isis they use many times over; for in use those things that are perceptible and ready at hand afford many disclosures of themselves and opportunities to view them as they are changed about in various ways. But the apperception of the conceptual, the pure, and the simple, shining through the soul like a flash of lightning, affords an opportunity to touch and see it but once. For this reason Plato and Aristotle call this part of philosophy the epoptic or mystic part, inasmuch as those who have passed beyond these conjectural and confused matters of all sorts by means of Reason proceed by leaps and bounds to that primary, simple, and immaterial principle; and when they have somehow attained contact with the pure truth abiding about it, they think that they have the whole of philosophy completely, as it were, within their grasp."

The highlights are mine. Understand clear if you wish to proceed. The patterns revealed are as the "Robes of Isis"; each pattern affords a glimpse into the Construct. The ability to grasp clear what is being said is as attaining an "apperception of the conceptual", for the whole is set upon a "conceptual". Once an aspirant is able to see past the confused and befuddling realities that present themselves, and through effort and exercise become able to see the truths that are being contained within, the next step is that it becomes natural for the seeker to believe that he has come to an understanding of the Philosophy and so have it (the Philosophy) "within their grasp".

Just as you think you have achieved such, another permutation presents itself, and you soon learn what little is known of the whole. However, fortunately, there are numerous manifestations and usages of the Robes of Isis, and these guide us to the primary and simple immaterial principle. The Construct is set and crafted against Pi.

Let us begin.

The Robes of Isis and Gimmel as the Camel

Gimmel is the third letter of the Hebrew and Greek Alphabets. That Gimmel is 3 shows us a small part of the larger reality. From a pure Western Occult sense, we really do not care whether the Gimmel is Greek, or Hebrew, or Aramaic, etc. All that matters is the word GIMMEL, for in the Gimmel rests the lock and the key to the secret of the larger primary and simple "immaterial principle", which is defined herein as "the Construct".

What we know is that there were a series of modifications and transpositions involved in the formation of the Letters and the mythologies upon which the Letters serve as the backbone or framework. Again we return to F.D. Buck who wrote in "Mystic Masonry",

"...the modifications or transpositions of sacred nomenclatures as they passed from one race to another, were generally cleverly accomplished so as to assimilate their esoteric formulae of local significance..."

GIMMEL is the esoteric "transposition or modification" of the word CAMEL. It should be phonetically obvious to even a basic level of Occult inquiry, but still you must "prove it", meaning establish precisely how the modifications and transpositions were being effected. The process of doing so provides the aspirant a glimpse at "the apperception of the conceptual" even as the process involves working with "the Robes of Isis", wherein the "letters" are the "robes" of the more hidden and still to be revealed imbedded philosophical reality.

Let's first solve for the "transpositions and modifications".

The "Isisian Codes" are like "the Master Key" as hinted at in "the Matrix Reloaded". In order to have a series of ciphers, it would make sense that you would need a series of keys. A Master Key intimates "all the keys". Remember the vast number of keys in the possession of "the Keymaker"?

Merovingian:Oh yes, it is. The Keymaker is mine and I see no reason why I should give him up. No reason at all. - The Matrix Reloaded

The Merovingian, representative of the Merovingian bloodlines: the Illuminatus. Possessing the Key, and being but a broker of knowledge, surely such a priestcraft would have no need to release "the Key". A series of modifications and transpositions hints at a Key, but failing access to the Key, and being taught that the Key cannot possibly be "the Key", how do you arrive at the Key?

Gimmel. Located at 3, while the Letter G is located at 7.

The code is hidden in tumblers. One position opens a lock. Another position opens one of these doors. - The Matrix Reloaded

The Code is hidden in tumblers. One position opens a lock. Gimmel is one of the locks, which I call a "hinge point" for it fuses one system to another.

Keymaker:If one fails, so must the other.

In otherwords, the various Alphabets must be properly placed and oriented in order for the larger system to work. Once you remove the proper order, the whole system fails. Gimmel is located at 3, but the first clue is that technically, it is not a Letter": it is a "word". Something is amiss. It's esoteric value is that it is a Camel.

Gimmel = Camel

Phonetically clear enough. The Letter G is located at 3 and shares with it a phonetic equivalent to C. The shape of Gimmel reveals nothing. It's revelation is seen in the "English" in that the Letter C shares a clear design parallel to the Letter G.

C = G

Each is made of the Letter C, with the G having but a T located such that the horizontal of the T is set at the middle of the C. As per the Isisian Codes, the Letter C is 3 and the Letter T is 4.

C(3)+T(4)=G. The Glyph G is encoding the mathematical formula. The CODE is in English. The clue is in Hebrew, wherein the "clue" is but one of the many "robes of Isis" that lead us to the primary and principle truth, which may lead us to an appercetion of the conceptual.

Phonetically, the hard C (kuh) is modified by the "T' to arrive at "G". Energetically, this is akin to adding Cyan to Magenta to arrive at a different color, Blue, or adding any given note to color any given scale or chord.

The reason for the shapes are clues to the Philosophy, or "the Construct". The Letter C is 3, yet it is "one", as in the "triune god", for its shape is that of the Occult, or the "Occultation" via the process of "solar" or "lunar eclipses". The Mel Gibson produced movie "Apocolypto" used this archetype very well as shown in here.

The Letter G, on the other hand, is adding a dimensional reality of time, as set against the T as representative of the Sun as it crosses the Equator at the time of the Spring and Fall equinox's. Hence the Letter G is the sign of the Spring and Fall Equinox, while the G spun 180 degrees on its axis reveals the Hebrew Letter Pei.

We can return to the Matrix Reloaded and say that The Code is hidden in tumblers and that one position opens a lock. Pei is another of those locks. Since we know that Gimmel is G is 3 in the Greek/Hebrew, we can simply "tumble" the G if "g"immel to a C, to create the word CIMMEL. We then tumble the I if SIMMEL as the I is a 1 is an A and reveal its esoteric code of CIMMEL = CAMMEL, or the CODE OF CAMEL is GIMMEL.

The Secret of Humpty Dumpty, Gimmel and the All Seeing Eye

So we have shown the mathematics, or the "transpositions and modifications" of Gimmel into "Camel" set against a local archetype of regional or local significance, but there is still far more to Gimmel as Camel as the All Seeing Eye and the best way to understand this is to understand the secret of Humpty Dumpty.

The Egg is the Sun, which has "fallen". Some say that its knowledge was "LOST", which encodes the SOL and T, while some say that it is STOLEN, which too encodes the SOL and T. What was LOST was STOLEN, and became the negative attributes of the Illuminatus even as the positive attributes encoded the knowledge for all to see and "decide for themselves" as to what was true and what was false.

In the story of Humpty Dumpty is a tremendous clue to the Code.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All the Kings horses and all the Kings men
Could never put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

The "wall" is the graph of the Sun over time (a year) as measured at noon zenith. At the "winter solstice", this is called "the dump T", while at the Summer Solstice we have the "hump T". Hence Humpty Dumpty is the philosophy of the Sun as set against the T's, or noon zenith exaltation at Winter and Summer Solstices.

Now. Transpose that knowledge to the Gimmel = Camel. The camel has one or two "what"? HUMPS. So the shape of the "camel" of G is being referenced back to the humps and dumps of T. Afterall, they are not mutually exclusive. The T and the G are the major marking points of the Sun as it is measured "on the wall", each being the 7th letter of each respected halves of the Alphabet, and each first full day traditionally falls on the 22 day, forming the Omnific Name of Pi, or 22/7 = 3.1428571, or a recipricol 7 Pi representation.

So the clue is that it is the Sun that is the All Seeing Eye. The Camel is representative of the Wall of Hump T and Dumpt T, the two "pillars" of light and dark being the Summer and Winter Solstices, which are only in balance on the day of the Spring and Fall Equinoxes, and only for a very brief moment in time on those days. Hence Gimmel as "a King in the desert", and the Pyramid, and the Camel, and Hump T Dump T, are all simple representations of "the Robes of Isis".

The principal and primary truth is that the whole is set against Pi, and that the Construct is Pi, and the purpose is to create a "creation" set against Pi, where there is a harmony and a balance. This is the hidden secret and desire of those who put this knowledge into concrete even as they had "no creeds".

1 comment:

Marc Jones said...

So the pillars Jachin and Boaz themselves may be of the same coconut custard Pi.

As I typed elsewhere, researchers have found that the (recorded history of the) ancient sky (celestial positions) were vastly different. So the Construct is for our age, likely the age of the NWO.

That's a bit freaky as regards Mel's cover art. I wonder if Mel knows about this or maybe the hired artists were instructed to do so?

But so far, I'm finding it hard how this is applied to socio-manipulation, so called. (So again), it seems more like the big boys club operators winking to each other...