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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Rule of Colel and "Shifts of One"

The Occult, in its purest form, is about a revealing of reality. Conscious existence is based on a "Construct" and philosophical realities are not as they appear. The narrative teaches that there are two primary "daemonic" entities: Osiris and Seth, Oromazes and Areimanius, Baldur and Loki, to name a few. Each of these are termed "modifications and transpositions" which are passed on from race to race and culture to culture, each tale retaining elements of the original narrative but incorporating symbols and formulae of local significance.

The "narrative", or the Construct, contains within it active and viable Occult, or hidden, force.

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Within the Isisian Code system, wherein ISIS is defined as SPEECH and OSIRIS is defined as RELIGION, the whole of the narrative is contained within the Alphabet, the Oral Traditions are associated with Isis and the written traditions are associated with Osiris. That Isis is wed to Osiris hints at the relationship of Letters (Osiris) to the sounds for which the letters are symbolic of, which becomes defined as Isis. Isis is sound. Osiris is the written body of letters upon which sounds are classified and identified.

"Shifts of One"

Within the Occult there is a concept we refer to as a "shift of one". This technique is used to reveal what is a "Setianist" system, or what is an "Osirian" or "Isisian" system. These shifts may be represented in various ways. For instance, the "cardinal" is "red" and "red" is associated with Seth or Typhon. Within astrology, a "cardinal energy" is set at a 90 degree angle. When we set this further back against the Mysteries as encoded into mythologies, we find that Osiris dies on the Winter Solstice and rises again 3 days later, and so the Pagan "rising of the Sun God" after spending 3 days in the earth is set on the 25th day of December.

This is necessary because the timing sequence is being set against Pi.

The Letter T, resting as it does on the 7th value of the second half of the 26 digit Osirian system (English Alphabet) requires the Winter Solstice (death of the Sun god) to occur on the 22 day of the so that the Sun god can rise again on the 3rd day, a timing sequence that represents about a 1 degree rise of the Sun on the ecliptic. This value of 22/7 is known as "reciprocal Pi", having a value of 3.1428571.

One way to show a "shift of one" sequence is to break the year down into it's cardinal points, those points being the Winter Solstice, the Spring Equinox, the Summer Solstice, and the Autumn Equinox. Technically, the "start point" is the Winter Solstice, which is given a value of 0, the Spring Equinox a "1", and so forth.

The Winter Solstice is the original "death of the Sun god", the resting in the Earth for 3 days (the observation of the Sun seeming to rest at the same points in the sky), and then its observable rising in the sky on the third day, and hence the "rebirth", or "arising from the dead" of the Sun (god).

That is the ORIGINAL MYTH.

The original myth of Osiris dying and being born again at the Winter Solstice was simply "shifted by one", or to the Spring Equinox, in the Jewish tale of Jesus. This "shift of one", from the Winter Solstice to the Spring Equinox, represents a "cardinal energy", assigned the color of "red", wherein "red" is assigned to Typhon. Hence "shifts of one", when ascertained, strongly hint as to which myth is "Setian inspired" or "Osirian inspired".

In this case, it is clear that the original myth based on Osiris is the "truth" while the shift of one to the Spring Equinox being associated with "Jesus" is the deception. Each tale tells the same story, but the latter historical tale is clearly shifted by one, preserving the original formula, but purposely shifted in order to deceive and lead astray from the core of the narrative.

Esoteric Significances and the Rule of Colel

In Gematria, this "shift of one" has its equivalent in what is known as "the Rule of Colel".

"The cabalistic rule of 'colel' states that one digit can be added to, or subtracted from, the gematria value of a word without affecting its value. This seems to modern ears to be a cheat, however the cabalists explained the rule by pointing out that for them 'One' was not a number - the Monad symbolises the Divinity and could come and go as 'He' pleased, adding nothing and taking nothing away."

What this Qabbalistic rule hints at is that words that have values of "one less" or "one more" may share "esoteric significances" to the word that has a higher or lower value when the value comprises that of "1". In such a condition, all words with a value of 55 would, using the Rule of Colel, share an esoteric significance with all words that share a value with 56.

This is a simplification, of course, and although we find this pattern to have some value under some observations, what we find is that the reasoning applied to the definition as proffered does not take into account underlying philosophical shifts in mythologies as shown within the Christianity/Sun God parallels.

That Christianity "shifted" the "Death/Rebirth/Arisen" myth from the Winter Solstice to the Spring Equinox is an example of the "Rule of Colel" being applied to mythologies and although this shift clearly intimates that the two mythologies are "esoterically linked", it could not be argued that one mythology "equaled" the other.

One mythology reveals the truth while the other hopelessly obscures it. One mythology is Osirian (reveals truth) while the Colel, or "shift of one" mythology is Setian, or obscuring to the point that no direct keys are available without the original key of the Winter Solstice.

The object at this stage would be to see the obvious parallels within the mythologies and then apply logic and reason to ascertain which myth encoded the core truth. The fusing of the Resurrected Sun God myth to the Winter Solstice compared to the "resurrected Son god myth" set against the Spring Equinox reveals a "shift in one", in this case a "cardinal shift", of one mythology to another set against some measurable conceptual reference point.

We must then further examine the various sacred nomenclatures for clues into the core of the coding. This exercise requires the use of Gematria, and the

Hence within Gematria, this "shift of one", known as the Rule of Colel, may (and often will) contain within such a subtle philosophical shift that reveals either a Setian or Osirian inspiration.

DIOS and ABRAXAS as an Osirian Transposition

DIOS literally means "days" in Spanish. Philosophically, the word DIOS is a transposition and modification of the Greek word ABRAXAS. Abraxas had a value in the Greek of 365 and was used extensively by Egyptian gnostics. Without getting into the mythologies (they are masks to cover the core mathematics), Abraxas set at 365 is just one of those "esoterically crafted words" that fit into the realm of "Gematria", wherein Gematria is used to hide the larger philosophical system set against the central "god", or "the Sun".

Blavatsky writes regarding Abraxas in the Theosophical Glossary,

"Abraxas is the counterpart of the Hindu Abhimanim (q.v.) and Brahma combined. It is these compound and mystic qualities which caused Oliver, the great Masonic authority, to connect the name of Abraxas with that of Abraham. This was unwarrantable; the virtues and attributes of Abraxas, which are 365 in number, ought to have shown him that the deity was connected with the Sun and solar division of the year - nay, that Abraxas is the antitype, and the Sun, the type."

This philosophical transposition would become the phrase "Vaya con Dios", or "Go with the days" in a literal translation. As Abraxas represented a numerical value and attributes totalling 365, the term "Vaya con Dios", or "go with the Days" would refer back to Abraxas. In order to show this literal transposition, we may again use the craft of Gematria. The word DIOS of the term "Vaya con DIOS" represents the value of days in the year just as surely as Abraxas, encoded at 365 was too related to the Solar detity.

Standard gematria techniques would reveal that DIOS has values of D=4, I = 9, O = 15, and S = 19. The addition of these values reveals a number of 47, which you could reduce to 4+7=11, producing a "Master Number". However, if you were to exercise such techniques you would fail to tactically penetrate the mysteries, for DIOS must equate to Abraxas. This means that DIOS must have a value of 365.

This is accomplished through setting each letter as its summative value. D is located at 4 and 1+2+3+4=10, or its "summative value". Using this technique, DIOS has the following value(s).


DIOS = 10+45+120+190 = 365 = ABRAXAS (set into Greek).

Each of these values is 365. Each speaks of the precise same esoteric formulae, modified for the target cultures and imbed into the language. This is a direct modification and transposition from one culture to the next, each encoding esoteric formulae into the archetypal forms within the words, but each retaining the core esoteric secret.

Each returns you to the Sun and 365.

INRI and the Rule of Colel

If we were to take a traditional vocalized Qaballistic rule as "the Rule of Colel" literally, we would make the assumptions that words that have a value of 365 and 366 are "esoterically the same". This assumption would be in great error, for as we have discussed, there are two Occult forces in play: Osirian and Setian.

Utilizing the Rule of Colel set against mythology, the "shift of one" when comparing the Resurrected Sun God set against the Winter Solstice as compared to the Spring Equinox reveals what could only be regarded as a disturbing corruption. This "shift in one" appears to be overt and planned with the intended purpose to co-opt and corrupt.

The "sacred nomenclature" for the Jesus myth is that of the word INRI and its comparison to DIOS.

As we have seen, the word DIOS is esoterically linked to Abraxas and philosophically are, essentially, stating the exact same philosophical reality. INRI is one of these concepts designed to replace the older orders, submerging ABRAXAS and stealing spiritual capital and directing DIOS towards the newly minted "god".

We simply apply the same rules to INRI as applied to DIOS.

In a traditional Gematria exercise, INRI would have a value of 9+14+18+9, for a total value of 50. This makes little sense. However, if we apply the summative value to the letters, INRI reveals the following:

I = 9 = 45
N = 14 = 105
R = 18 = 171
I = 9 = 45

INRI = 45+105+171+45 = 366 = The Sun which too has a value of 365, or the values applied to DIOS and ABRAXAS equally.

However, in the formulation of INRI, when linked further to the mythologies, the "resurrected Sun god" mythology is shifted by a factor of one (Winter Solstice:Spring Equinox), and the invoked sacred nomenclatures can be shown to be shifted by a factor of 1 (INRI:DIOS = 366:365).

The simplicity of the "Rule of Colel" does not take into account the narrative of the two Occult forces in play. "Shifts of one" more often than not imply some subtle shift from Osirian to Setian energy channels, the shifts being so subtle as to be imperceptible to the inquiring receiver.

The Rule of Colel will assist you ascertain which is which, for you cannot understand the Rule of Colel unless you first have ascertained a value for some concept. The Rule of Colel cannot be employed unless you first have a reference point, and having a reference point, like looking up at the NORTH = THRONE Star, provides you with some level of guidance.


Dennis/87 said...

Throne star =Polaris? Setian inauthentic smoke and mirrors with a colel as proof? Dennis

Anonymous said...

Dia is Spanish for day. Dios, for God.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I must correct myself. The Spanish for God is Dio, not Dios. Do "o" and "a" have different values?

Dennis Fetcho said...

In short, yes. "A" in the English masculine and "O" is feminine. "A" is "1", or the diameter, while "O" is "0" and hence the circumference.

To add further, as your comments made me go some research.

I am a native English speaker. This is a blog on English Qaballa. However, it is a blog on Hermetic Qaballa equally, which means that we incorporate to the widest degree possible the aggregate knowledge of everyone and seek to integrate such into a larger cohesive philosophy.

In the case of "DIOS", "GOD", "DIO", and so forth, our first reference point in F.D. Buck's statement in "Mystic Masonry" -

""...the modifications or transpositions of sacred nomenclatures as they passed from one race to another, were generally cleverly accomplished so as to assimilate their esoteric formulae of local significance..."

These transpositions and modifications were not "1:1" in nature.


GOD = 7+15+4 = 26

This is a clear reference to the 26 weeks of the year which conceptual encodes the Pi Proportion as being a co-relational diameter. This number can be found in such words as YHVH (transpositions needed) and ALLA(H).

The other way this was being done is to invert the Pi Proportion such that the masculine is being represented as the feminine - this is the mythologies as Hathor which makes the Sun "feminine" and from which the regression from the SUN of M creates the word MLK, or MILK.

In these representations, ZEUS would have be reversed FIRST.

SEU(Z). SEU is cleary 365, so the Z would be representative of the 1 (reversed in order of the Alphabet) to reveal the 366 number equally.

DIO is a latin derivitive for "Zeus", first and foremost. DIO cannot be made into its Pi Proportion using "gematria" - perhaps it can, haven't tried really - but the easiest way to represent it as a Pi Proportion is to assign to the O of the word DIO the conceptual of "the Sun", and the "di" to mean "double". The DI O, or the "Double O" then becomes the Day and the Night, or the two obervable phases of the SUN.

In this representation, since both A and O refer back to the Sun, there becomes no real conceptual difference between a DI-O and a DI-A.


Not being a native Spanish speaker, I was still schooled in Spanish and at one time spoke it to some degree. My Spanish teacher informed me of the nuances contained in the language and in particular the term "Vaya con Dios".

It was explained that the term "Vaya con Dios" means literally "Go with the Gods", which conflicts seemingly directly with the idea of "the God" as taught in monotheistic mythologies.

Vaya con Dios should be Vaya con dio.

But as we know now from a study of the underlying philosophy embed into language, we know we are dealing with a series of modifications and transpositions.

That DIOS is implied instead of DIO takes us back to a Gematria value of 365, which matches "ZEU-S" and "ABRAXAS".

The transposition being employed here from one culture to the next is encoding the 365 and hence the days.

Since the Sun is "the God" (and Goddess the same), there are only perceptible degrees of representation that reveal the same philosophical dynamic.

We can use Zeus or Abraxas as your initial gematria when we transpose back to DIOS, as in VAYA CON DIOS, which literally means "GO WITH THE GODS".

The gods become the daily manifestation of the Sun and the year makes a totality of this representation, and hence a "Year" is defined as Abraxas, Zeus, and DIOS the same.

Anonymous said...

St. Paul's. The dome peaks at 366 feet above pavement.
INRI = 45+105+171+45 = 366...