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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Illuminati and the Masonic "G"

The Letter G provides yet another opportunity to peer into the "Philosophy of the Illuminati", and in the process, shed light and provide additional reflections on that which is called "the Construct".

Just what is "the Construct"?

The "Construct" is a philosophy set into the Alphabet and then fused to, essentially, every thing. In order to accomplish this, a series of mathematical based ciphers, archetypal based ciphers, trans-cultural ciphers, and so forth, were employed. The purpose of all these ciphers was to preserve into the language the essence of what Osirian priest crafts viewed as "the Truth", and to do so in such a way as to expose the lies of "Satan", translated as Jehovah/Typhon/Seth.

Before you can ascertan what is, or what is not, "the Truth" - as it has been crafted, it is absolutely essential that you begin to establish your esoteric and philosophical foundation. How you go about establishing your foundation is really your business - what we provide you with is the foundation as it was constructed within the Hermetic Arts and fused to the English Language.

Based as it is on a series of ciphers, its eluecidation eludes many, but its wisdom has served as a guidepost for generations of those who seek to improve the state of our Western civilization and the world at large.

The Word and the Gemstone

Our system is predicated, primarily, on two foundations: The Word, and "the Gemstone", or the Philosopher's Stone. In "the Word", we may defer back to the tale of Adam and Eve from "The First Book of Adam and Eve", where we read,

"Therefore God had pity on them; and when He saw them fallen before the gate of the garden, He sent His Word to our father, Adam and Eve, and raised them from their fallen state."

Albert Mackay, 33 Deg., calls "the Word" the "Lost Word", and describes it as follows:

The search for the Lost Word is the search for truth.” He continues, “The WORD, therefore, I conceive to be the symbol of Divine Truth; and all its modifications – the loss, substitution, and the recovery – are but component parts of the mythical symbol which represents the search for Truth.

He later says,

The search, then, after this truth, I suppose to constitute the end and design of Speculative Masonry. From the very commencement of his career, the aspirant is by significant symbols and expressive instructions directed to the acquisition of the divine truth; the whole less, if not completed in its fullest extent, is at least well developed in the myths and legends of the Master’s degree.

In addition to the Lost Word, Omnific Word, "the Word", or whatever it is you wish to name same, there remains a geometric component known as "the Philosopher's Stone".

As a series of modifications and transpositions, the Philosopher's Stone may be inferred across the world's creations myths, attesting to its universality. Tongan and Samoan creation myths tell of the world being created from a stone that split into two, with Melanesia sharing a comparable story. The Kayan tell of a story wherein a spider spun a web. A small stone descended down and got caught in the web and then grew until it spread to filled all the space under the horizon.

The Torjadja in the Celebes have a story wherein the Sky Father and Earth Mother crafted two stones, of female and one of male. As they went to secure immortality for the created figures, wind came along and vilified them, denying them immortality. In the Vedic tales, Vishnu takes as his breastplate a brilliant red gemstone called the Kaustubha.

Yet none of these tales remotely touches on the level of sophisticated as developed within Western esoteric traditions and for which we find hidden within the Letter G.

The Word as a Representation of Pi

One of the first indications of the Letter G's importance is through an analysis and solving for "the Word". The Word is Pi. Western Illuminati (Osirian) constructions are based on the 26. This 26 leads you to the 26 digit Alphabet which we call "modern English".

Within the Alphabet are numerous cipher wheels, but one of the most important is to set your Ankh or Anchor points. This is done by "turning the Alphabet" so that we set the Letter T to the Winter Solstice. In this way, the Letter T represents the Solstices, while the G represents the Equinoxes.

You can glimpse more details from seeing my video, "The Esoteric Tale of Humpty Dumpty", or read the article entitled "The Tau, the Ankh, and the Anchor".

Essentially, the Letter G, being located at the 7th location of the Alphabet, is divided into the number upon which was crafted the date for the first full day of the Equinoxes, or the number 22 (March and September 22).

22/7 = 3.1428571 = Recipricol 7 representation of Pi.

In this case, the Letter G is comprised of two conceptuals. The C of the Letter G is as the sphere of the Earth, while the T of the Letter G is as the Sun as it crosses the equator, hence the horizontal part of the T is set at the midway point of the C.

Hence, as the Isisian Codes show, the Letter C at 3 plus the Letter T at 4 creates the formula of:

7 = 3+4 = C+T = G

In this way, the Letter G accurately reflects the dual components to the Philosopher's Stone, as well as provides further insights into the phonetic structure of the esoteric code within the language.

Part of this phonetic coding is the linking of G to C. In this way, we find that Hebrew Gimmel (G) is given a value of 3, but when we analyze the phonetics, the sound of G (guh) is a soft form of the phonetic C (cuh). There is exhibited a clear, rational, construction to the phonetics, but from a philosophical point of view, the practical way to embed this is into a seperate system (Setianist Hebrew) and then maintain the keys independently for both.

C = (C)uh = 3 = G (uh)immel

Thus while many will make the transposition from Gimmel to equal G, the reality is that G is placed at 3 in the Hebrew which only reveals the relationship of C and G as phonetic numerical parallels set at 3 (C). In order to keep the conceptual mathematical formula of

7 = 3+4 = C+T = G,

relative to Hebrew (gimmel), an "esoteric modifier" or clarifier MUST BE AFFIXED to the Hebrew Gimmel. Otherwise, where, precisely, is the "4" or "T" component to the Formula for Gimmel (G = 3 = C) when we know we must return the esoterically transposed formulae back to Pi, or "the Word"?

The way this was done was to assign to the Gimmel the value of 3, and embed the T portion of the formula into the esoteric meaning to the Gimmel, which is to call the gimmel a "Camel".

The "T" part of the formula becomes represented by the "GIMMEL = CAMEL" = wherein the humps of camel represent the X-Y graph of the Sun as it is measured against noon zenith from Winter Solstice to Winter Solstice.

This X-Y graph representation is akin to the Letter T. The Letter T is used to define the heighth of the Sun (the lifting up of the Sun) as a measurement above the horizon.

The critical element to remember is that the key is the Letter G and the Isisian Codes.

You cannot derive the Gimmel/Camel/Conceptual formula if you were to only peer into the glyph used for sound of G in the Hebrew.

The Key remains set in English, and we may compare the two formulas again.

7 = 3+4 = C+T = G
7 = 3+4 = Gimmel (C) + Humps of Camel (T) = G

Which formula is more concise, and hence, pure?

In this way you go about analyzing various Occult formulas and testing them to reveal the inherent "truths".

That Gimmel is a Camel is G reveals that the key code is G, and not "gimmel".

Therefore, English is being used as the root code even to the Hebrew set and gimmel as the Hebrew conceptual parallel is being esoterically subjugated to the English "god". A further demonstration later in this article will bring this concept even a brighter light.

Masonic Insights into the Letter G

Shakespeare comments regarding the Letter G in describing King Edward's mysticism,

"Hearkens after prophecies and dreams;
And from the cross-row plucks the letter G."

- Shakespeare, Richard III, I, 1.

More to the point, the Letter G as a component of the composite symbol of the Letter G with the Square and Compass, is perhaps one of the most exalted of the Letters within Western Mystery Traditions.

Speculations and conjectures as to precisely what the Letter G means abound. From the "secret name of God" to "Geometry" all present us with "notaricon" interpretations.

When we work with notaricon, for instance, we must extend the practice to the root, or consonant, components of words. The root letters of GEOMETRY are the letters GMT, while these root letters share the same roots with another key Occult concept, or that of GEMATRIA.

There is a clear link of GEOMETRY to GEMATRIA, and a key hint is that each of these words hints at the word GM, or GEM. Through this process, we may perceive that one of the clues is that GEOMETRY and GEMATRIA each are linked to that of the GEM, which is the Philosopher's Stone.

W.L. Wilmhurst, in his work "Masonic Initiation", provides us with some additional insights into the Letter G, all for which he says are "allusions". He raises three points, which we may use or throw away depending on our level perceptions and needs. These allusions include the following:

"(i) the Glory of God, or glory in the centre ; (2) Grandeur, or the greatness of perfection to which man may become raised by initiation into union .with God at his centre ; (3) Gom-El, a Hebrew word of praise for the Divine power and goodness in
designing that perfection and that union between the Creator and the

The importance, or exaltation of the Letter G, should not be underestimated. Says Wimhurst,

"When the Lodge is opened, the mind and heart of every Brother composing it should be deemed as also being opened to the "G" and all that it implies, to the intent that those implications may eventually become realized facts of experience. When the Lodge is closed, the memory of the "G" symbol and its implications should be the chief one to be retained and pondered over
in the repository of the heart

However, for the purpose of this article, and to provide you with an inner insight into this Letter, we shall focus on one key theme of the Letter G, and it is that of "unity" and "perfection".

"If, then, the Lodge be a spiritual focus-point, the centre of the Lodge, where the "G" is exhibited, is' its most vital and sacred point ; the point at which Divine Energy may be thought of as concentrated and specially powerful . And the reason will become clear for placing the candidate at
that point at a certain moment in the Ceremony .

Why is he then placed in the centre

Why, indeed!

The Letter G as a Composite for the Philosopher's Stone

As the Gematria demonstration shows (7 = 3+4 = C+T = G), there is more to the Letter G than the notaricon demonstrations oft spoken of. Equating to the Letter G to mean "God", or "Geometry", or "Gom-el" are clearly insufficient.

Notaricon insights are simply insufficient.

Wilmhurst provides further insights as shown above and goes on to equate to the Letter G an Omphalos property. He also equates to the Letter G a descending stone type of analogy when he says that "In the Royal Arch Degree it again becomes visible, but in another form and in another position-on the floor of the Temple and at its centre, and in the form of a cubical altar, a white stone, bearing the Sacred Name. In the course of the Degrees, therefore, it has come down from heaven to earth."

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, "Truth" is established against two components: a geometric component (the Philosopher's Stone) and "the Word". Wilmhurst is providing insights into this very core truth. The Letter G is modified to include a cubicle altar, a white stone, and "the Sacred Name".

We may interpret this as the Letter G being affixed again to these two primary foundation points (Philosopher's Stone and The Word).

We have shown how the Letter G is the Omnific Word (PI), but how it is representative of the Philosopher's Stone?

All you really need to solve for this is the idea of the C and the T, for the philosophy is embed into the Letters. The Compass (the C) and the Square (T) are revealing in plain sight the relationship or union of the C to the G.

In the Letter C, as it is viewed as the Sphere of the Earth, relative to an observation point relative to Earth, the C appears as a plane, or flat surface.
"In the significance of this symbol and its transpositions during the four Degrees may, therefore, be discerned the whole purpose and end of Initiation, the union of the personal soul with its Divine Principle."

Of course, we already KNOW that the Letter G concerns the principle of Union. How else do you explain the fusing (Union) of the Letter C to the Letter T aside from stating the obvious, that we have created a Union of two principle concepts (C and T)into a larger, and hence, composite, philosophy?

What, then, is the Letter C and what, then, is the Letter T when set against the Compass and Square?

We now simply need to retrace "mythology" to piece it all together.

Adam and Eve are said to have come from the Garden of Eden. Edin is derived from the Akkadian edinu, meaning "plain". A plain, of course, is a flat surface, and so this equates back to the C as being the Sphere of the Earth (but the Compass) as represented by the Compass and Square.

When Adam and Eve "fall", they are removed from the Garden of Eden, which is then guarded by the Flaming Sword and Cherub.

CHERUB = 3+8+5+18+21+2 = 57 = 4+18+5+9+4+12+5 = DREIDLE

What is the DREIDLE but a CUBE?

Further, the Letter G contains Omphalos properties, so how do you put it all together?

Simple. Solve for the Garden of Eden, and then set against it the Flaming Sword and Cherub (cube) of the Rabbinical Tree of Life.


The Garden of Eden is as a plain. It is this.

The Omphalos point is at the lower middle sephera. The numbers that eminate from or go into the lower middle sephera are the numbers

0+5+6+19+18+21 = 69

We thus affix "69", or CANCER, to this Sephera, call CANCER the "Sign of the Home": "Cancer, the fourth Sign of the Zodiac, is all about home." Are any of you getting this yet? Afterall, as Wilmhurst said,

"If, then, the Lodge be a spiritual focus-point, the centre of the Lodge, where the "G" is exhibited, is' its most vital and sacred point ; the point at which Divine Energy may be thought of as concentrated and specially powerful."

The numbers to the paths that eminate from or go into the Sign of Cancer have a total value of 69. 69 is viewed as a composite division of the Spiral Galaxy, which represents UNION. This division of "69" become the "yin" and the "yang" of materiality. Within the Garden of Eden story, "69" is spoken of in Genesis 3:15,

"And I will put enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise you on the head, And you shall bruise him on the heel."

The key point here is that CANCER (69) represents an Omphalos point, and it is upon this point that the "cube" or the "DREIDLE" spins. The "6" or the "9" represent many things, but ultimately, from the center we say that thought is projected outward (goals are set, for example), and time recedes (goals approach the person) to reveal the forward projected thoughts.

Spin the Dreidle one way is akin to throwing your thoughts out. Spinning it the other way is akin to your thoughts receding with the currents of time to meet you where you remain.

You have never moved, as it were, but remain in your own center.

Hence in the Compass and the Square, the Square represents the cube nature of the "dreidle" or "Cherub".

In this way, we complete the the Crafting of the Compass and the Square as a representation of the Letter G.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Icicles as a Philosophical Construction to Language

I was recently nearly accosted by a practitioner of Jewish Kabballah. It went something like this:

"You and your pseudo-Occult teachings set a dangerous precedent. You are clearly esoterically educated, but your conclusions and teachings are counter-productive to all of us who have worked diligently to raise the awareness of consciousness on this planet."


I used to love those good old Occult "we are right, you are wrong" spats.

The arguments, though, now always seem to digress to the absurd. "English has no mystical insights". "It is a "modern language" with no tradition or esoteric historical basis, and only Hebrew contains a traditional and time tested esoteric code contained within."

The implied conclusion is that Kabballah must, by default, be granted a free pass to spiritual and intellectual supremacy.

As a Hermeticist, and to all of us that seek after the Hermetic Arts, the very idea that we should deny one set of knowledge in favor of another is anathema to evil. Hermetic wisdom questions all as to their ways and learns the secrets that they hold. We then embed this knowledge into forms of crystallized thought.

In this way we preserve knowledge and contribute to the Great Work.

One of these great experiments was and continues to be the esoteric constructions contained within the English Letters/Alphabet/Language. This implies that there was (at minimum) a conscious interjection into the language. To assume otherwise is really naive and simple. Of course there was a conscious imposition and influence on the language.

The development of the rules of grammar represent just such a conscious imposition. Rules of grammar are developed over years of conscious thought as to how to improve the language so that it better enables the communication of one's thoughts. To take this quite profane conscious imposition on the language as the development of the rules of grammar to that of an embedding of a philosophical construction within the language is really not that far of a theoretical leap.

Francis Bacon did write, after all, "Read. Not to take for granted - but to weigh, to consider."

A Philosophical Construction to Language

In order for their to be an esoteric, or philosophical construction, embed into the English language, it would first be necessary to construct the language.

That this was possible could be ascertained through a study of the construction of languages as an academic exercise.

At the turn of the 19th century, there were approximately 50 active "universal constructed language projects" being advanced. Of these 50 projects, the project that seems to have won out over the others is a constructed language known as "Esperanto".

Today, some 120 years after the conceptual creation of Esperanto, the Esperanto project has attracted the dedicated efforts of some 10's of thousands of motivated individuals working tirelessly to create, refine, and advance, the language.

Now take the above reality and transpose it to the Occult.

Who really believes that the proponents and practitioners of Esperanto can truly compare to the Occult force latent within the structure of Western civilization?

What was "Speculative Freemasonry" in its purest form was really the Occult (hidden) organization behind the esoteric constructions set within English. Compare the tens of thousands of very talented individuals laboring on behalf of Esperanto over 120 years against the 100's of thousands of Freemason's, a fraction of number of individuals of the movement that would represent the intellectual elite over 100's of years, laboring to create a language that embed a philosophical truth that could never be destroyed.

Said James Brown in 1845 in a work entitled,"English Syntithology"

"Language is the only thing in which thought is presented as a science. And although it is said again and again that the pupil may attend to the philosophy of language after he shall have acquired the grammar of it yet, it is a truth which cannot be controverted that the constructive philosophy and the grammar of a language are the same thing. "

"...What is English grammar, but a portion of the philosophy of the English language? He, therefore, that studies grammmar, studies the constructive philosophy of language. And in the study of a grammatical system, grammar is attended to no further than that system is founded on the philosophy of the language.

English Grammar is but a "portion of the philosophy of the English language".

Icicles as a Philosophical Construction within English

Now lets put this back into context relative to the Isisian Codes and Occult de-constructions.

English Grammar is but a part of the larger Philosophy that is contained within the English language. Everything from sentence structure to parts of speech, such as NOUNS, VERBS, PREFIXES, etc., carry key cipher material that hints at the relationships of letters to numbers to sounds as well as the larger Philosophical construct.

For example. Take a look at the All Seeing Eye. It has its primary philosophical construction, and yet there are layers of philosophical constructions. "VERBS", for instance, are not material things. Verbs have an effect on material things, or inform as to what a material thing is doing or involved in.

Sally "runs".

Sally is the noun. You can touch Sally, but you cannot touch the conceptual which is defined as "run". We can SEE Sally run, but we cannot physically touch the concept known as "run". We might be able to touch Sally while she is running, but still, we only can touch Sally.

Now expand the concept. Sally JUMPS. Sally SLEEPS. Sally FALLS.

We cannot TOUCH the ACTION, only the NOUNS that are modified by the ACTION. Now set this concept against the All Seeing Eye.

We then must equate the VERBS and the ADJECTIVES to being elements of the EYE, for it can be seen but not physically touched, while the NOUNS are below and hence are a part of the "understanding".

In the word NOUNS we have a very simple cipher.

Since D = N = T, we simply cipher the word NOUNS as follows:


SOUND is that which is generated from the action of wind or other other objects striking another. NOUNS become a cipher for a philosophical conceptual relative to SOUND and the need for a physical medium upon which to project same.

Take the word VERB.

Phonetically expand it to read VERBEH (taking note of the expanded air generated as the word envelope is collapsed). Reverse the word to HEBREV. Then make the phonetic transpostion of W to V (VolksVagen). What you create is the word HEBREW. Now all you have to do is fuse the word to some clever mythology as to Beacons of Light and equating the word to that of the Sun in some form or fashion and the spell is complete.

Clever, wasn't it?

Now let's de-construct the word ICICLE.

We know that ICE, or I SEE, is a code that refers to those who have arisen above the waves of delusion, represented by the oceans and seas or Typhon. ICE, when it reaches "32 degrees" as in 32 Masonic degrees, rises above the surface. When it reaches boiling point, or 212 degrees (f), we simply divide this number into 666 to arrive at 3.1415, or Pi, and the water changes again to vapor (spirit) and returns as to the Sun from which it came just as the spirit leaves the body within which it dwelled.

ICE is the root word.

ICLE is the suffix.

In the word ICICLE we have, then, a philosophical riddle. If ICE is ICE, then what exactly is ICLE?

We have IC again, and we have LE, or EL.

The simple way to break this down is to understand that an ICICLE "hangs upside down". In this way, it is fused to the 12th card of the Major Arcanum, or ODIN, who hands upside down for 9 days and 9 nights while he spies the runes and learns of the wisdom contained within them.

Reverse the code of ICLE to read ELCI, or EL (Odin) Sees.

I guess we could demonstrate this further, but I trust that those of you attuned to this work understand now precisely the manner in which the code is derived.

ICE is the root.

EL is the 12th Letter of the Alphabet. This Letter is fused to the 12th Card of the Major Arcanum of the Tarot, or the Hanged Man. El is Odin and the One Eye'd God.

This is a transposition back to Osiris or Horus.

Kabballah has no place at the table.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Symbols of the Illuminati - INRI and the Iron Cross

The term "INRI", and the symbol of the Iron Cross, provides us with an example of what Plutarch refers to as "the Robes of Isis".

"As for the robes, those of Isis are variegated in their colours; for her power is concerned with matter which becomes everything and receives everything, light and darkness, day and night, fire and water, life and death, beginning and end...the robes of Isis they use many times over; for in use those things that are perceptible and ready at hand afford many disclosures of themselves and opportunities to view them as they are changed about in various ways."

The robe of Osiris is tucked away and guarded, "unseen and untouched".

In this example, INRI and the IRON CROSS represent the "Robes of Isis", while the underlying framework, a matrix of numbers hidden under the Letters, is the Robe of Osiris. The Numbers remain hidden and unseen, while the Robes of Isis, the way in which words are constructed, as well as the way Symbols are constructed and furthermore, provide with a glimpse into the conceptual such that we may perceive the Robe of Osiris.

To simplify this, the "Robes of Isis" are the many ways in which Pi as a philosophical construction is being carried forth on the winds, while Pi itself is the guarded and unseen element to the philosophy which remains hidden, "guarded", and unseen.

The Book of Formation and the Double Headed Eagle

The Sepher Yetzirah, or "Book of Formation", has this to say about the Letters:

"These twenty-two letters, which are the foundation of all things, He arranged as upon a sphere with two hundred and thirty-one gates, and the sphere may be rotated forward or backward, whether for good or for evil; from the good comes true pleasure, from evil nought but torment."

The operative element here is the idea of placing the Letters as upon a sphere, and it is a conceptual component to the philosophical construct. When a string of letters is placed as upon a sphere, and if you were to be able to see the sphere as if it were a clear surface, the letters that appeared on the surface of the sphere would be read as viewed on a piece of paper. But when the letters begin to appear on the opposite side of the sphere, they will appear as being reversed.

In a word that contained all symmetrical letters, such as the term

I MAIM, when such letters would be viewed as on the other side of the sphere, from the original viewing position, would appear as


To simplify this in practice, we must always view words as being from left to right, from right to left, and from the center out, for each of these methods could and are used in the formation of esoteric formulae.

The "double headed eagle" remains a primary symbol that expresses this fundamental reality. Through invoking the principles of the "double headed eagle", clarity of vision is maintained, and what is written as being left to right may be ascertained correctly as being meant to be read from "right to left", etc.

He Shall Rule with an INRI

The conceptual embedding of the larger Philosophy into words that go from right to left and from left to right and from the center out, etc., provides but another example of what is meant by the "variegated Robes of Isis". However, the Letters are and remain glyphs that hide a whole range of esoteric formulae, from archetypal coding to mathematical coding to phonetic coding, etc.

Perhaps now, with the above, the totality of the coding of INRI and the IRON ROD will begin to make some rational sense.

"Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse! He who sat upon it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war.

His eyes are like a flame of fire, and on His head are many diadems; and He has a Name inscribed which no one knows but Himself. He is clad in a robe dipped in blood, and the Name by which He is called is The Word of God [see The Logos]. And the armies of heaven, arrayed in fine linen, white and pure, followed Him on white horses. From His mouth issues a sharp sword with which to smite the nations, and He will rule them with a rod of iron; He will tread the wine press of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty. On His robe and on His thigh He has a Name inscribed, King of kings and Lord of lords." - Revelations: 11-16

The above, of course, must be kept in perspective relative to the Mystery schools. As was said of Osiris, as commented by Plutarch,

"One of the first acts related of Osiris in his reign was to deliver the Egyptians from their destitute and brutish manner of living. ."

"This he did by showing them the fruits of cultivation, by giving them laws, and by teaching them to honour the gods. BLater he travelled over the whole earth civilizing it without the slightest need of arms, but most of the peoples he won over to his way by the charm of his persuasive discourse combined with song and all manner of music. Hence the Greeks came to identify him with Dionysus

The tale in Revelation was and remains a political agenda riding underneath the facade of a religious mystical tenet and what was being revealed was a strategy to unleash unthinkable crimes upon the civilized world in an effort to destroy the latent and functioning civilizations still beholden to and functioning under Osirian and Isisian mystery traditions.

This was to be a war of massive metaphysical machinations, yet we can read the codes as they were caste into the historical, mythological, and symbolical record.

He who was to rule with an IRON ROD was the code of INRI.

REVERSE THE CODE OF INRI to reveal the following:


The IRN is the IRON part of the formula.
The I is the ROD part of the formula.

Revelations was putting into motion an ages long war to once and for all destroy the Osirian and Isisian Mystery traditions, traditions which would be put to the run and emerge as the various secret societies that would flourish in the West in direct opposition to the Rome that would rule with an INRI, or when reversed, and IRON I, or in simple words, and IRON ROD.

INRI = IRN I = Iron Rod


The words ORION, INRI, and ZION, are key words within the Illuminati philosophy. The UNION JACK, or the joining of three flags, seems almost constructed such as to reveal the need to merge these three keywords of ORION, INRI, and ZION, with each of the flags of the Union Jack being a code for one of these three primary words.

The merging of these three words creates a philosophical reality that is vastly greater than the individual sum of the parts, and here is why.

ORION, when reversed, creates the word NOIRO. These letters have numbers of

N = 14
O = 15
I = 9
R = 2 (Isisian Codes)
O = 6 (isisian Codes)

This is PI, wherein PI is 3.1415926.

ZION reversed forms NOIZ. Again we see that

N = 14
O = 15
I = 9
Z = 26

The mythologies take us from the Egyptians to the Jewish systems in that Jewish systems vilify the Egyptians (and by inference ORION), but are in reality using the same coded number of 1415926 of the 3.1415926 of Pi.

From a mythological chronology, we may say that ORION is followed by ZION. ZION (NO EYES and NOT SEES) is then followed by the INRI (IRON ROD). INRI, the IRON ROD, really bridges the gap, however, between the Judaic systems (essentially barbarity at its worse) and the Osirian systems (benevolence to a naive fault?).

This "bridging the gap" between Osirian (ORION) and Setianist (ZION) systems with the movement known as "INRI", or the Iron Rod, may be demonstrated in code as follows:

In this case, the TAU, which is a key symbol of INRI, also encodes the word ORION, hinting that the movements within which INRI has gained strength and a foothold still has within it Osirian influences which it cannot escape.

Whether it is the TAU as shown, or the inverted TAU as expressed by the descending dove (descending Holy Spirit), or as shown here, the Coat of Arms of a very orthodox and Christian Ukraine, the primary matrix of ORION was preserved, even as it was fused to and infiltrated by Setianists ZION systems.

However, there is one final element to the narrative.

The primary goal was to preserve knowledge of and the foundation to "the Construct". As such, it would have been and was acceptable to lose many battles in what remains a very metaphysical war, knowing that the war will and can be won if the "truth" were preserved and able to be awakened at some point in the future.

Hence in INRI we only have a small part of the larger formula, and it is with the larger formula that we are able to ascertain who was able to maintain and control the truth. In the ORION, INRI, ZION matrix, the revealing code is that what is being preserved is ORION and with such, what is being preserved is that of the knowledge of OSIRIS.

INRI, or the IRON ROD, would be set loose to destroy all those kings on their horses, or what we could more simply call "the then civilized world". War was declared and wages to this day.

However, under all this metaphysical surface remains active priest crafts of the civilized Osirian and Isisian mystery schools, and their command and control of the Letters. INRI and the IRON Rod, and with it, the IRON CROSS, reveals under the surface the core key to the code, which is that element known as "the Omnific Word" or Pi.

The IRON CROSS is a matrix that reveals ORION, in alignment with the TAU and the Descending Dove (Holy Spirit).

We must distinguish between the design and the use.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Symbols of the Illuminati - The All Seeing Eye

The symbols of the Illuminati provide us with a unique teaching mechanism to explain our Craft. Each of our letters is fused to a series of numbers, and these numbers are further fused to a series of ciphers. One cannot know the value of any given number save for the contextual material which surround the letters. In this definition, "contextual material" includes the letters surrounding any given letter, definitions contained with the word within which a particular may be found, as well as symbols (Art) that may be codified with the letter.

If all of this sounds as if the Philosophy is "subjective" to the point that we can make anything appear as we wish, at the face of it, it could be said that you are right. We could walk away and you are no less rewarded for your effort.

One thing regarding knowledge. Those who have it have no need to give it to you, and those to whom it is given who prove to be detracting often find themselves receiving nothing.

Human nature is what it is, and since humanity is in a state of "triage", a decision must be made to rapidly ascertain who may benefit from an effort of intervention and who would not benefit from an effort to intervene. An elitist or Illuminist view would simply say that those who are awake have no responsibility for those who are asleep.

The Isisian Codes - The Primary Occult Code

Notice our APPLE.

Within the APPLE is found the FIVE pointed Star, set within the circle, which is Pi. Observe clear. Our Craft is established against the APPLE, and it is from the APPLE that we must eat if we are to ascertain the nature of the Gods and come to understand "good" and "evil".

Observe our Matrix.

Our "POLE" as defined by the Letters PLE of AP-PLE is established against the 9 and the 7, whose Letters stretch from the Letter A to the Letter P. This is the A-P Pole, or the APPLE.

Ours is a Craft of Scribes. Ours is knowledge contained in the Letters. We set our code down to AP and call it PA-PER. Our knowledge was hidden in the Egyptian upon a linen called PA-PI-R-US. The Philosophy is contained in a Matrix that stretches from P-A, is based on Pi. We are the progenitors of reason.

As our code shifts from P to Q, we re-order the Letters and place the place the Letters aright. B and R align as they should, being comprised of the same shape and fused with identical archetypal channels. C and S phonetically align, as do the Letters D and T, displaying as it were a model of hardness and softness.

Adam gives unto Eve a "rib", and the Letter P becomes devoid of the hook that emanates from the P to reveal R. E and U phonetically align, as to the labials F and V.

Now study the picture above. Do you see the FIVE pointed star next to the SIX pointed Star? Do you see the Circle contained in the 6 pointed star? Understand clear. The Letters FV make up the word FIVE, and yet the word FIVE is located in column number 6.

We must place the "FV" with the 6, and how to do we do that if we do not indeed have our A-P PLE? Pole that all things may be established against the 9 and the 7. The AP is the sequence from the A to P, and the PLE is the POLE. Crafted words as PA PY R US hint at the nature of the Code in play. We are the they who hid the Gods of A-P set against PI. We are the "true scribes" of Isis, of a Philosophy contained in SPEECH for ISIS is SPEECH.

Move now to column 8. What is this? The Letters H and X, from which we derive the roots to the word HX-A-GON(e). The Hexagon is a SIX sided figure, and the 8 reveals that:

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 36 = 6 * 6 = SIX SQUARED FIGURE

Complain as one may, there are no errors. Everything is now perfected and arisen.

The Fin and the Salmon

You must distinguish between the "design" and the "use". How a symbol is used may be far removed from the design. Seek out the nature of the design.

Mankind is drowned.

Its purpose is to rise above the waves, to smell the fresh air of freedom and possess a vision of the Sun that has a clarity far removed from the distortions as a fish views same from the sea.

Those who have risen above the waves are said to be "illuminated". This is "FIN"ality. There is said to be a "reFINement", of "fulfilling one's purpose". It is as the Salmon, born clear fresh waters, makes its journey downstream and bravely immerses himself into the corruptions of Typhon and wanders about lost, only to wake again, comprehend its purpose, and seeks to return back to the clear waters from which it had its birth. This is true esoteric secret to the B-AP-Tism, for it is here that the AP reigns and it is here that one must be immersed in order to come to an understanding of the purpose of the design.

Only the strongest of the Salmon are able to venture from the clear waters of its birth, immerse itself into the foreboding world of Typhon lost to the Sun and its original home and, when the time comes for it to fulfill its purpose, it seeks out its source and, swimming against all currents (ignorance), arises again to fulfill its purpose.

It is a fitting fusing of Natures expression of sheer will and purpose to they who have ventured into the Seas of Typhon only to arise again above the waves.

The SALMON or SOLOMON reveal modifications and transpositions of the same. Those who are not of this mindset are simply reversed and called ANIMALS, or "unthinking beasts of the field". It is just how it is in far too many a secret society that has been provided a glimpse into the nature of the Construct.

The All Seeing Eye and the Numbers of the Sun

Seek after the nature of the design and not the usage of the design. The Serpent was wise indeed.

Genesis 3:14 (yes - Pi)

The LORD God said to the serpent,

"Because you have done this,
cursed are you above all livestock
and above all beasts of the field;
on your belly you shall go,
and(A) dust you shall eat
all the days of your life.

Understand clear now the secret to this tale. The beasts of the field are all souls who have no knowledge of the Construct and, going about their lives eating and sleeping, fail to comprehend "the" purpose, which is to seek after the nature of the design. The Serpent is the Osirian priest craft, which sought to give to humanity the Keys to the Construct.

One of these keys is found in the Dice and the Principle of Summation.

The Sum of 1:1 is 1
The Sum of 1:2 (1+2) is 3

The Sum of 1:11 = 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11 = 66

If you have a pair of "snake eyes" showing on the cubes of the dice, the instructions are to go to the belly, for there rests a pair of sixes.


The playing cards further hide the key.

The Ace is the A is the 1
The Jack is the J is the 10 (but the 11th card)
The King is the K is the 11


Go to the Belly of the Serpent (those numbers which would lie on the table as in a game of craps).

11011 = 66066

Now multiple.

11011 = 66066 = 6*6*10*6*6 = 12,960 Years.

Multiply this by 2 and you have 12960 X 2 = 25920

25920 is the "Great Year" as established by Plato. 12960 converts back to the Letter LIF and E, being silent, is summed from its placement at 5 to the 15th Letter, which is the Number 0 or the Letter O.

The key is that when you see a pair of "Snake Eyes" showing, you must "Go the Belly". This is true of the Magic Matrix of the Sun, where in every column and row and diagonal has a value of 111, and yet the total value of the sum of the digits is 666, derived as it is from the sum of 1:36, which is again, 6 X 6.

The "All Seeing Eye", being a singular EYE, is the Sun as its ultimate expression, or the Sun symbolized as going through the entire circle which makes up the appearance of a Precession through the Equinoxes.

Now observe how a "proof" is demonstrated using the Tools of the Craft, which we may call "Hermetic" or "English" Qaballa.

Symbols of the Illuminati - The All Seeing Eye

The primary goal is to seek into the nature of the design, and not into the nature of how the design is being used. First, establish the design. The corruptions to the design, and the corrosive elements opposed to the design become manifest. The truth is corrosive equally, hence the need to keep it submerged as much as possible.

We know that the All Seeing Eye, at its core construction, is referring back to the Sun. This can be further proved through the very words used to describe the All Seeing Eye as an Occult construct.

The key words are as follows:

SEE and

Notice again the nature of our design within the Speech (Isisian) Codes.

S is located at 3, and Y is located at 9.

Now observe how the Illuminati constructed the "ALL SEEING EYE".

The All Seeing Eye is an Isosceles Triangle. What is being crafted is a Gematria formula set into simple trigonometry.


In the words SEE and EYE, the Letter Y is 9 and S is the Square of 9. When you square the S of SEE, you get the result of YEE. This is simple re-ordered to EYE. When you solve for the square root of the Y of EYE, the result is the formula of ESE, which is re-ordered to SEE.

There is no mathematical disconnect from the words SEE and EYE. The two words are mathematically interlinked through either the squaring of S of SEE to arrive at a Y of EYE, or resolving the square root of Y, which is 9, to arrive back at the number 3, which is S, to form the SEE.

SEE = E(S^2)E = E(Y)E

Since we know that the "ALL SEEING EYE" is referring back to a particular Isosceles triangle, we solve for the hypotenuse of this triangle through the use of the numbers set within the Letters.

Since E is 5, we constructed the base as being of 10, which when divided by the perpendicular, resolves for each half of the base being that of the Letter E, or 5.

Here is where there is a twist.

The perpendicular has a length akin to 9, which is labeled as Y. But in this case, the Letter Y we know to be already squared from 3, so although it is labeled as a "Y" and represented with a length of 9, this is simply hiding the mathematical formula of SEE = EYE.

The hypotenuse is really and S, which when squared, arrives back at the Letter Y, and so the composite formula is given a code word of EYE.

To solve for the hypotenuse, we simply add the square of the base of 5 (E), which is 25, and add to that the square of the perpendicular, which is S^2 = 9 (Y),which provides a result that the hypotenuse is the Square Root of 34.

We now know the the base is 10, the perpendicular is 3, and now need to solve for the square root of 34, which is 5.83.

We simply add the 5.83+5.83 to arrive at 11.66.

From here, we have to refer back to the instructions as provided for in the Garden of Eden. If we have a pair of Snake Eyes showing, we must go to the "belly of the Serpent", and there we will find a pair of 6's (66).

We now make our transposition back to 66.66, which will provide us with a value of 6*6*6*6 = 1296, times the base of 10, to arrive back at our diameter in time of the Great Year of 25920, which is 25920, or the Letters LIFE.

In this way was the Eye of Providence constructed in the science of Gematria.

Seek always after the nature of the design.