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Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Zodiac and Pi

This will be a whirlwind example of some of the logic found within the Isisian Code System.

First, we have our Alphabet, set against the 26. Each of these Letters have their unique and specific letter placement. These placements are every bit as a numbering system as you might find if you count from one to 26.. If you doubt this, then go to the library, or read a dictionary. A follows B, so the word ABSTRACT will come before BALL. There is a precise mathematical logic to the categorization of words every bit as found in a numbering system.

Setting an Alphabet against a numbering system is basic common sense: there is otherwise no other way to tabulate the words as formed within a language.

This basic idea of setting the logic of an Alphabet against a precise mathematical counting pattern is further encoded into "the Occult" at an introductory level in what is known as "gematria". The name for this is called an "Ordinal Code". A = 1, B=2, C=3, etc. This is a basic form of cipher, and not very sophisticated at that, and yet is sold to the masses in so many "leading edge Occult systems" as Kabballah, OTO, Thelema, etc., as being filled with volumes of "esoteric significances".

Although there are indeed many many "esoteric significances" to be found in various words, often times it is all just pretty silly. Crowley's mathematical system supports "Crowley's occult channels" of black magic, but does very little to arrive at the larger encoded truths set into the language by Continental Masons and other workers across the globe. A basic example of an Ordinal Code is the following:

ISIS = 9+19+9+19 = 56 = 19+16+5+5+3+8 = SPEECH

That Isis and Speech equal the same is said to be "esoterically significant", and when you add in the mathematical numbers as "56", ad nauseum, you quickly can find the various channels intended in the crafting.

When we reduce the "56" to "5+6=11", we call this a "reduced ordinal code", meaning that we reduced the original ordinal code to the value of its integers. There are so many rules "out there" that cover this knowledge set, but most of the time, the esoteric code in the word is totally destroyed when the word is reduced, so I never recommend that any words be reduced to double or single digit forms.

The rules are akin to sending one on a wild goose chase with no hope of arriving at the destination: the trail having been totally swept. Take the word ZODIAC, for instance. The letters of the word ZODIAC has ordinal coding as follows:

Z = 26
O = 15
D = 4
I = 9
A = 1
C = 3

So ZODIAC would take on the formula of 26+15+4+9+1+3=58. This could then further be reduced (reduced ordinal code) to "5+8=13" and "this means that because of this and that", or the digits can be further reduced to "and 1+3=4" and "this means that because of this and that", and on and on.

You can find this form of "gematria" everywhere on the "net", on the bookshelves, and promoted on talk radio shows in various forms. The idea is popular because it is so easy: any third grader can take a set of digits and add them up and then reduce the answer to a single digit.

Hardly a form of "highly advanced" coding system and utterly useless if we are to seek out the hidden codes and philosophy of the Illuminatus.

Thus the development of the Isisian Codes became necessary in order to help others pierce the veil and cut through all the static and white noise.

I have no doubts that the "higher power" behind this planet is a bit more educated and sophisticated than to follow the rules as set forward by some Rabbi's wholly unfamiliar with the Letter Set and the Language as an esoteric construct.

So lets go back and take a look at the word ZODIAC again.

Z = 26
O = 15
D = 4
I = 9
A = 1
C = 3

Now Dan Brown, the author of the Da Vinci Code, touched on something, and for which is again rather "self evident". In any Gematria system based on simple addition, any word and any anagram derived from the original word will necessarily be "esoterically significant" whereby the term "esoteric significant" simply means that word A will have the same value as word B and hence these two words take on some "mystical significance".

Hence words as BUT and TUB are esoterically connected, as both BUT and TUB have values of T=20, U=21, and B=2 to arrive at 20+21+2=43.

The real esoteric significance is to realise that the first thing to become submerged in a TUB is ones BUTT. That BUT and TUB have values of 43 really is not material without a huge amount of context.

However, again, the Illuminatus (and its higher power), to include "the Woman", the "Owl", "Isis", etc., are clearly far more sophisticated than such and besides, one still has to solve for "the Word", or Pi.

Failing to solve for "the Word" becomes as trying to run on a rubber sheet with your bare feet with the rubber sheet covered in oil. Either that, or you can admire a dog chasing its tail. Humorous. A nice distraction. But you are not going to pierce any veils anytime soon.

So let's again return to the word ZODIAC.


Do you see it yet? The anagram is always esoterically connected; the manner in which you make the connections is the key.

ZODIAC = 26154913 = CADOIZ = 3.1415926 = Pi

CADOIZ is but an anagram of the word ZODIAC. Therefore, "the anagram is necessarily always esoterically significant to the original word". No system of Gematria can deny this because it is a basic staple of most of their "beliefs" and esoteric channeling. In "popular" or "mass market Gematria", the word ZODIAC would appear as follows"

ZODIAC = 26+15+4+9+1+3=58=5+3=8 and this means "blah blah blah".

However, the Anagram is always esoterically significant to the original word.

The ZODIAC is the "big pie in the sky", and so an anagram derived from ZODIAC is CADOIZ.

This reveals the Ordinal Code of:

CADOIZ = 31415926

Or we can reveal CADO-IZ = 3.1415 IS

SO CADOIZ = 3.1415929 = ZODIAC

Which word was the ORIGINAL? Cadoiz? Or Zodiac?

Surely it was Pi = 3.1415926 = CADOIZ = the Anagram ZODIAC.

DON'T ADD in blind trust of the rules set about and taught to the public.

If you do, you lose the absolute clues and hence the absolute answer. In this case, the word ZODIAC is a clever little cryptogram for the first 6 decimal digits of Pi.

This is only the beginning of Pi encoded into the Zodiac. Such words as Pisces, Scorpio, and Gemini reveal and whole entire code. Trust me. If you add the Ordinal values of Pisces, Scorpio, and Gemini, you are going to miss the entire point of the encoding.


Anonymous said...

yep im gonna chime in! :)

when i was doing ordinal gematria i stumbled on history in the making. how i used it made me dig into history. annagramming the very words i would see numerical in trying to define. i would see how a word was half of this word that actually held weight in the very definition

i couldnt figure out what i was doing but it really did end up into this area that you speak of.

being partial to the typical scorpio symbology i read and read and read and read and studied

because for one, people define people as being "of the zodiac"

i wanted to know why i would be defined as this and why people have such similiar values when neatly packaged.

countless hours and days and months went into this research. i actually had to take a break from it. many truths did i awaken to. some of it was just mind boggling.

like when i see scorpio i see cos or pi

to me bells go off in a big bad way. math ? love it. always have always will. it tells a story like no other. and when you see how it handshakes with my speech i must question this. there is no way to not question this.

so cos is half of cosine. what is cosine? what is cos? we know what pi is but in scorpio? huh? is what i said. step away from the desk get some coffee and say huh ? again. *L*

so i would find out who termed the word "cosine" and "cos" and that led me to more fascinating history i was like a comic book junkie. which btw for those that dont know, they reap with symbology out the "ying/yang"!

so anyway i realise embedded im my sign, is the very fact that sine is missing. well alrighty then. one eyebrow lifted head tilted i stared at what was before me and realised - i have uncovered something amazing! for me. i knew surely others have seen this. im so glad i was right.

and you Dennis, YOU are paving a way unto like no OTHER!


pfffffffffttttttttttttttttttttt not by a looooooooooooong shot!

im not getting into more details about this "realization" because well frankly i could be wrong. but i really dont think i am. besides YOU are doing a much better job. i can follow with you better now.

this is rather cool in a huge way.

as always keep up the great dedicated heavy work. it pays off in the end. truth shall conquer and set you free so they say!

Anonymous said...

totally figures... this is the whatevers out there's way of showing you how humorous our life can be and you just know somethin out there is getting a good little chuckle! fine with me lol

the comment about cos was me - sky, the tard. HA *too funny*

Anonymous said...

Hello, sky..

Here is how I solved for SCORPIO.

SCOR = Score = Multiply
Pi = Pi
O = "10"

This gives us the transposition of Scorpio = "score pi times 10". Then we observe.

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the Alphabet and yet:

Scorpio appears in the "10'th" month, or OCTOBER, wherein the word OCTOBER intimates an "8" from the "OCTO" even as it is the 10 month.

So we must score pi by 10, wherein the sume of 1:8 is 36, and so 36 times 10 (score Pi - the Octave or 8 as a product of its summation) = 360 degrees of the circle.

When you take Gemini at "3 sign", yet 1+2+3=6 month, or the primary month in which Gemini occurs, between Gemini (its sign is Pi) and Scorpio, its sign says to score the values by ten to arrive at 360, creates the formula of

June = 6
October = 360

360*6 = 2160

Pi Sees is in 12, so multiply the 2160 by 12 to arrive at 25920, or the Great Year or Precession Cycle.

That is most likely the code as they are encoding these constants everywhere.

Anonymous said...

i think you are right


Anonymous said...

i just wanted to add that (and i have mentioned it before to you DF, ) that all text seems to elad to the number 240 in its ordinal english alphabet value

twohundredforty = 216

and twohundredsixteen =228
untill 255=240 = 216 = 228 etc etc

at 240=216 it repeats

ordinal value "twenty two divided by seven" =314

this cant be for nothing

what is this english ordinal loop of text to numbers?


here are the loop of words into numbers

Text = Number


odd date of 12/27 all into itself not sure if that has anything to do synchronicity mysticism or not but im sure there is something to this somehow...whatcha think?

so far everything comes down to this repeating loop of numbers

BTW each side equals 1227


i want to know more about this loop

anyone lese encounter this in their studies?

Anonymous said...

so...im on my way to pick up my little one, and i realized:

Text = Number


is this the O?
and the alphabet the 1?

every single word comes to this loop some faster than others. but they ---all--- get there.

English alphabet only, however. and as well the 240=216 and it repeats the same numeric pattern over and over from 240...chasing its tail so-to-speak

Fetch this is for you

T=The One=1


its that on top of other things...
i knew i loved TX for a good reason

wait im getting a thought....lol was going to sign off but...uno momento


id say that is a little over 5 minutes...

10.24 starts again in what degree?
210? 10*24=240


314th day
wheres the EG?

wild i say just wild

pfftt i dunno...

keep the wheels a turnin



th specifies four and up
not A not B not C but 4

from some forum:

LPCM = Linear Pulse Code Modulation = uncompressed

example: CD audio is 2 channel x 44,100 samples per second x 16 bits resolution LPCM = 1,411,200 bits per second (or 1,411 kb/s or 1.4 Mb/s)

Blu-ray LPCM can have more channels x higher samples per second x higher bit resolutions

for example 5 channels x 48,000 samples per second x 24 bits = 5,760,000 bits per second (or 5,760 kb/s or 5.8 Mb/s)

no wonder E is part of X

July 9
U.S. space shuttle Columbia ends the longest space shuttle flight, after circling Earth 221 times and traveling 5,760,000 miles in 2 weeks of orbit (Carruth, 851).

did you catch that?


from some website:

THIS PYRAMIDICAL WONDER REACHES 1,500 MILES, OR 2,400 KILOMETERS HIGH INTO SPACE! That is 275 times higher than the present Earth's tallest mountain, Mount Everest! Its square base is 1,500 miles long by 1,500 miles wide, covering a total area of 2-1/4 million square miles, or 5,760,000 square kilometers! Within this beautiful golden Super-Structure will live the powerful rulers of the New Earth!--In fact, it is the great King of this incredible City of gold that brought about the miraculous changes on the Earth!

may i recommend:

The Passions Of The Human Soul


im trapped in my brain LOL


Anonymous said...

What is the Isisian value of Z?

Unknown said...

I'd like to know who the nut case is who posts these long comments to no where. Also why my comments don't make it in anymore tho no mystery there. Makes sense overall. The Tree gaming is missing something. I can only assume the Pi stuff in the specific context of the zodiac is exclusive to the Construct Only. Dr. Paul LaViolette has found interesting things therein (zodiac and tarot trumps) which is light years from all the above. Like scorpio and sagittarius pointing to the center of the galaxy...trivia like that.