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Thursday, July 23, 2009

An Occult Insight on Letters

Qaballa, at its inner most core, is a study of the occult nature and construction to and of "the Letters". That Letters have special occult properties is an accepted Occult reality, although the application of Occult concepts to the English language has remained (publicly) suspiciously absent. "New orders" and "values" have be sought after in obeisance to Crowley, but an actual Occult construction, even among the "new order-ists" and "value-ists", equally meets with a chasmic void.

Why is that?

An occult deconstruction is really about revealing the nature of the design and the Construct. This "deconstruction" is only regarded as being "of the Occult" owing to the nature that the Construct, which, although hidden in plain view, remains essentially unexplored, lacking in discussion, and hence hidden (occulted).

One need not attach mystical mumbo-jumbo bogeyman principles to this philosophical reality: the Letters, and with it, the Language, remains a system of overlapping constructions that, when taken as individual units or as sub-units, reveals in subtle shadows the larger Construction upon which it has been based.

This very concept, of course, flies in the face of some mass market academic thinking. I cringe every time I hear of some "etymologist" spinning yarns about how the language evolved without any logic or reason and that it "evolved". The very fact that the language has a "grammar", or rules, tells you that the construct HAS BEEN BASED on some form of logic and reason.

Extending this "logic and reason" to include the fabrication of the very Letters soon follows.

Food Tastes Better when Eaten out

One observation that always amazed me was "Why do people feel a need to go and study foreign letters such as Hebrew or Runes?" Mind you, as a student who was formally educated into these affairs, I really did not have much choice myself.

The study of the Runes and Jewish letters seemed as if a "requirement" before one could "graduate".

At one point, and don't ask me to do such now, I was writing whole letters in runes with the idea that if I used the runes as an actual tool of personal communication, I would be better able to penetrate their mysteries.

Regarding Jewish letters, which at that point in time fell under this idea of Jewish exclusivity regarding Kabballah, most of it appeared to me to be conjecture and nonsense - irrational at best, and borderline psychopathy at worst.

The main issue for me, however, during the whole process of this education was this: "Why do people have this pressing need to go off in search of these "mystical letters"? I could never really answer such satisfactorily, but I do have a theory.

Human nature, sorta like eating out.

Have you ever noticed that when you go out to eat, or otherwise dine out at a friends house, etc., that the food always seems to taste better? The "uniqueness", the "difference", the "unfamiliarity" adds to the mystique and experience. What one has tasted dozens of times, on the other hand, breeds familiarity. With the familiarity comes a desensitized sensory experience.

The study of runes and "Jewish letters" carries this mystical equivalence. Yet nothing, at least relative to solving the riddle of the Construct, can be solved through the singular study of any of these given "esoteric systems".

It is sorta like "Kabballah! Oooh! This is so mystical!"

Yeah. Sure. And eating out always tastes better too.

A Traditional Study of the Letters

A "traditional study of the letters" hints at a formal structure to one's study. However, in the case of an "occult study of the Letters", our "traditional study of the Letters" incorporates a vast amount of material drawn from "occult" sources.

For example, we may draw from Plutarch who says,

"As for the robes, those of Isis are variegated in their colours; for her power is concerned with matter which becomes everything and receives everything, light and darkness, day and night, fire and water, life and death, beginning and end. But the robe of Osiris has no shading or variety in its colour, but only one single colour like to light. For the beginning is combined with nothing else, and that which is primary and conceptual is without admixture; wherefore, when they have once taken off the robe of Osiris, they lay it away and guard it, unseen and untouched. But the robes of Isis they use many times over; for in use those things that are perceptible and ready at hand afford many disclosures of themselves and opportunities to view them as they are changed about in various ways."

In this instance, the "Robe of Osiris" is the Alphabet, while the "Robes of Isis" are the individual Letters which are spun into words that describe physical reality in all its manifestations.

Name Values and the Letters

When one immerses themselves into a traditional study of the Letters (note that I am not saying that a traditional study implies a proper and accurate study), one invariably is led into the Rabbinical schools. One is taught that the "Alphabet" comes from the Jewish "Alef Beit", for starters, but this whole logic is predicated on a particular vein of religious thinking.

"If God created the world as described in the Bible, then all things must derive from Jews because Jews were the first created." Then you can snicker and laugh at the academic rationalizations that turn Hebrew into a root language which branches out to eventually evolve into a hyper Occult link to English (as taught in some Setianist schools).

However, our business is not a business of irrational insanities justified through the application of funded agenda after funded agenda at the academic level - ours is a precise and surgical study into the Occult nature of the Letters.

In this way, we can rapidly cut through the obfuscations.

We know that "reality" as exhibited through the Alphabets of the world present a series of precise mathematical or phonetic transpositions. Further, there are "letters" and there are "names". A deeper study into Rabbinical Kabballah reveals, for instance, an often tortured logic relative to their lettering system. There are holes in their system of Gematria.

For example, the phrase (YHVH)

brings one to an elaborate illogical conclusion.

The actual phrase is translated in English as YUD HE VAV HE. What happened to the "UD" in the term YUD? What happened to the "AV" of VAV? So we just ignore the letters UD in YUD when we make up its calculated Occult value? So how did you arrive at "26" while ignoring the total value of the letters within the phrase?

The Rabbinical Systems have no choice but to invent further rules that deal with these glaring holes and anomalies in their larger "kabballah" system.

But the food is always better when eaten out, right?

Acrophony and Occult ConstructionsThere is a simpler reality going on.

Hebrew, Runes, and Greek, are but examples of "acrophonic alphabets." Acrophonic alphabets essentially assign a word to the first sound of the letter of the Alphabet. In this way, the Greek "delta" is for the letter D, while in Hebrew it would be called "Daleth". The concept of use of "acrophony" in and of itself, if done in a random fashion, would theoretical contain no inherent Occult signature aside from the injection of synchronicity. It is no more complicated that we in English assigning to English "A is for Apple" and "B is Boy", "C is for Cat", and so forth.

Aviation letter call outs such as "Alpha Bravo Tango" for ABT are but examples of an acrophonic construction.

So to apply some mystical value to Hebrew without having some rational basis for the construction sends one into superstition. Why is Pei of the Hebrew called Pei? To solve this, you MUST USE ENGLISH (fancy that), just as sure as to solve for the "esoteric significance of Gimmel"?

Who died and made "acrophony" "mystical", after all?

The key is in what we may term "interlocking ciphers" and was hinted at in the Matrix Reloaded,

Interlocking Ciphers - Transpositions

In the Matrix Reloaded, the "Keymaker" is speaking with Seraph.

Seraph: The code is hidden in tumblers. One position opens a lock. Another position opens one of these doors

Keymaker: If one fails, so must the other.

Such a script is actually quite a Qaballistic insight.

Gimmel is one of the locks, which I call a "hinge point" for it fuses one system to another and at the same time reveals the "Qaballistic" deconstruction for the name "Gimmel" as an acrophone for the phonetic of "G".

Phonetically clear enough. The Letter G is located at 3 and shares with it a phonetic equivalent to C. The shape of Gimmel reveals nothing. It's revelation is seen in the "English" in that the Letter C shares a clear design parallel to the Letter G.

C = G

Each is made of the Letter C, with the G having but a T located such that the horizontal of the T is set at the middle of the C. As per the Isisian Codes, the Letter C is 3 and the Letter T is 4.

C(3)+T(4)=G. The Glyph G is encoding the mathematical formula. The CODE is in English. The clue is in Hebrew, wherein the "clue" is but one of the many "robes of Isis" that lead us to the primary and principle truth, which may lead us to an appercetion of the conceptual.

But you don't have to stop at this explanation. We are dealing with often HYPER RATIONAL CONSTRUCTIONS across multiple language systems. For the LETTER G, we can surmise through direct esoteric analysis that indeed G is comprised of 3+4, or C+T (see the Isisian Codes value for T below).

In Hebrew, the Letter G is given an acrophone of GIMMEL WHICH ONLY MAKES SENSE WHEN ENGLISH MATHEMATICAL (ISISIAN CODE) ANALYSIS IS APPLIED. The mathematics clearly have not failed, but we do not need to stop. We can then delve and "check" our work even further.

The Cryllic alphabet as used in Russia, for instance, clearly shows the principle of "transpositions and modifications". Here is the Letter G in Cryllic.
The Construct is clear, and as shown in this case, the Letter G is the comprehensive glyph.

Gimmel is a corrupted transposition, per say, while Crylic provides us with an equally partial view of the larger philosophy behind the Construct which is the Letter G.

And you wonder why G is held in such high esteem within certain secret societies?

The letter is at the very core of the rational construction.

A Contemporary Analysis of the Letters

Fortunately, the Construct has been so finely crafted that it is now possible to shortcut much of the traditional study. For instance, it is said that one can "get their vitamin D from the Sun". Ingenious. Vitamin D, or "the Letter D", is the glyph that represents the Sun coming up over the horizon.

Of course you can get your "vitamin D" from "the Sun". They are one and the same.

Vitamin A "helps you see", but the Letter A is the "pyramid letter", and how, really, do you separate the pyramid from "the Eye of Providence"?

Of course vitamin A helps you see.

And what of vitamin C? Vitamin C is an "anti-oxidant". What is an "oxidant" but that which "rusts"? What "rusts" is symbolic of Jehovah/Typhon/Seth, and so an intake of "vitamin C" (SEE) is as an "anti-oxidant" which then fights back the oxidizing properties of Jehovah/Typhon/Seth.

Then there is the Letter O made quite popular by OPRAH. "O" of course is feminine, and, when fused to its representative number, or that which is called ZERO, we have but an anagram play on the word "ROZE", which then becomes ROSE which then becomes EROS which then becomes....

The Letter T (tee) is what "raises you up", or, when represented as "tea", is what "wakes you up".

O is Feminine is 15 is the "quince anos" celebration through much of Latin America.

It is all there to be explored and unlocked, but you will never get there trying to bang your head figuring out how the heck "gimmel" is a "camel" when the answer to the riddle remains hidden in the Isisian Codes and the English order and placement of the Alphabet.


Jason said...

This is a great site that you have. I have a paranormal blog myself and I would like to exchange links with you.


Eugene said...

Those JUWES fellas and "their" letters aren't "their" letters at all. They're Phoenician as in phonemes, phonetic, etc. They have stolen the magicial telephone of heaven and made hell with it.

Phoenician's bear different skins and hair altogether. Another great "efg hi jkl" of these most amorphous rabbi-d organ sellers. What a tremendous ruse this game has conned on mankind.

Hierosalyma Est Perdita!

Dennis Fetcho said...


Good to see some pragmatists out there who are clued in and recognize that a roll back strategy might be not only useful, but necessary.

I remember trying to figure out the morphing of the word "JEW" and saw that traditionally, the 3 letters which were missing from the English alphabet were the letters J,U, and W.

What is funny is that you can find works from the 1800's, albeit obscure, that hint that the word JEW is linked to "those who are ignorant", or otherwise lacking in a comprehension of "the Construct".

Another interesting insight is that the letter pair "SS" was viewed as a curse (Father and Son) and so was replaced with the modified German "F", as in Congre"f".

Where things are out of balance, we see an over-compensation, which then hints at the original structures set into the language.

Since "SS" was a curse and was removed, it makes one wonder of the sound set (letters) JUW were removed equally for the same precise reasons.

PS - Israel is one of the least represented countries who visit this site. I think that the CIA, Department of Homeland Security, Naval Information Center, and so forth (hopefully interested patriots) have checked in collectively to a larger degree than the land of self proclaimed beacon of lightness.

Eugene said...

Dont get me wrong I adore the letters and their magical allure. Even if they have been hijacked. It doesnt mean the daimonic intelligences that are behind them are bad either, rightly approached as is worthy of theo-dunamis.

OT of the Juwes, as well as Koran and NT, have gone to great murderous lengths to sever humanity from "images" etc. that form the great ladder of celestial intelligences. But such is the cycle of the adversarial teacher. What great depth in this season of the abyss we have come to. More? I rest though in that the nadir of the wave sets the zenith. Winter to summer. ("Sets" = synch pun in honor of the teacher.)

Sowelu sowelu as the SS of the great dragon and the power of the Nazi's is very intriguing. We are still in the story though. :( Dont like. White power and the riddle of skins game, ie the tents of Japheth.

Wonderful congreff with women is the other great taboo the OT erected to sever the intimate knowing of the living letters.
A most sorrowful vale this pseudo egalitarianism of modern feminism.
What days it will be when virgin means "untouchable" rather than "untouched". Touche!

Saw your name in a book by Robert Bruce Baird .. share?

Citizen said...

Ogham and Aymara
by Robert Bruce Baird:


As any reader of my work knows by now, Ogham and an Ogham mentor played a major role in altering my life and commitment to learning about the ancients. I think Ogham was the original alphabet derived from chants, shamanic healing (Luis Beth Nion) and the lunar calendrical math shown in the work of archaeologists like Alexander Marshack. In fact I have shown that it includes binary math like the quipas even before recent research confirmed it. Here is a man who seems to see the same integration of spiritual and scientific knowledge and the choice of the name for his foundation is equally interesting. Mt. Meru is said to be from whence the Hindu people were taught their religion and I think my first published book (Diverse Druids) gave good evidences to show this is the Tarim Basin Kelts and their work. This excerpt is taken from the World-Mysteries.com site and there is a link there to more of Mr. Tenen’s work at that excellent compendium of knowledge being gathered by a physicist/astronomer who has been most helpful to me and my work.

“The Meru Project is based on 30 years of research by Stan Tenen into the origin and nature of the Hebrew alphabet, and the mathematical structure underlying the sequence of letters of the Hebrew text of Genesis.

From the Introductory Text: ‘The Meru Project has discovered an extraordinary and unexpected geometric metaphor in the letter-sequence of the Hebrew text of Genesis that underlies and is held in common by the spiritual traditions of the ancient world. This metaphor models embryonic growth and self-organization. It applies to all whole systems, including those as seemingly diverse as meditational practices and the mathematics fundamental to physics and cosmology... Meru Project findings demonstrate that the relationship between physical theory and consciousness, expressed in explicit geometric metaphor, was understood and developed several thousand years ago.’”

Ogham includes binary math taken into other alphabets that maintain and develop archetypes and constructs of energy. In Luis Beth Nion it is a medicinal usage that is highlighted. There are many tracts and roots for Ogham and I am not the only researcher who sees it is similar to the I Ching which may be derived from it through the Tarim Basin Red-Heads who we can now say are the people Lao Tzu went to meet as he neared the end of his life on Earth. Chanting and other harmonic or clicking noises not unlike the whales are possibly the beginning of all language and ESP would have been more developed in pre-language times as well as what Plato noted about a writing alphabet leading to a loss of disciplined wisdom. The language development schools of the Phoenician Kelts all came from Ogham and it is widely acknowledged that Hebrew and other Mediterranean languages all came via the Phoenicians.

The Aymará language of Peru is developed by the Chachapoyas leaders of the Incas and earlier cultures there. These white Keltic people who were running Peruvian cocaine to Egypt before the time of Moses are the real nature of corporate or cultural history, which I cover in my book on that region. For that reason I need to provide some of the work related to what most people cannot fathom could be true. I will leave it to the reader to verify Balabanova and her forensic court admissible proof of the cocaine mummies that Professor Martin Bernal of Rutgers also thinks is excellent evidence. You can also look to the Bas-relief in Lima that shows Kelts there in the pre-ceramic era. Let’s look at the work of Sister Serghetti of the Vatican for the matter of binary code or chaos science in these original sacerdotal codes or alphabets.

The Aymará Code:

(Click on the link for the rest of the article)
External Link

Eugene said...

its already fiction diction and this seems to always point to left hand, right hand = wtf!?

Have read Druids and Ancient Tech and other Robert Bruce Baird so this is not new.

Wanted Dennis to comment...

Thanks for the link!

Citizen said...

True. Supportive rather than new. I ran these comments past Robert and he was impressed with your knowledge of the subject.

Citizen said...

And we have an interesting website forum at Heal Our World which you may enjoy and invite you to join. I know Fetch is a member there:

Johnny Guano said...

Fetch your info is just AWESOME and I was wondering whether you have done a study of palindromes and first letter codes.
For instance, the palindrome "Madam I'm Adam" contains a treasure trove of info. In fact, it summarizes in many ways the OT - Adam is the creator and the Elohim (hello Him) kicked him and his wife Eve out of Eden.
Adam IS Lou Cypher since he is the one who names everything. Lucifer Is Adam = LIA as in Liar.

Robert Baird said...

Hi Fetch!

This is Robert Baird. Did you get my recent article that shows I have been right about things now proven?

Unknown said...

There are over a hundred Ogham variants. From tree to bird to etc ogham systems. Seems a 13 moon month calendar was the thing. Those trees corresponding to whichever seems arbitrary.

I hear something different everywhere I go. Very little mention of Cuneiform and ancient Chinese. These are equally valid places to look.

I myself think knowing the rules or reasoning behind Coptic might be revealing - the transition from pictographs to letters.

Finally someone mentioning Stan... Another school of thought claims body Gestures started it all. So it's curious Stan has his schematic of hand gestures for each letter. Although this smacks of something like the nonsense of runic yoga.

It naturally comes down to archetypes. Problem is everyone has their own versions of even these!

As mentioned elsewhere, there's yet another school that opines, via example with Chinese, that the Ultimate origins were evolutionary biology. Simply put, B is like breasts etc. But one thing I learned from that was a passing comment that said much is revealed in vulgar and or slang language.

Still tho we are no closer to the/what I consider the Primer - if there is one, besides Pi.

I'm wondering about 0-9. The alphabet may have to "fit into this" in whatever way.

I've never typed to myself so much as on this site!!