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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Esoterics of "THE"

"Monotheism" is a recipe for totalitarianism. After all, a people who have made their living preaching that "thou shall have no other gods before you" and then pronouncing a death sentence for a violation of such a law is hardly a people prone to benevolence and charity. More to the point - the philosophy is designed to enable and perpetuate ignorance and intolerance through providing a moral and ethical framework upon which to persecute others.

Views and perspectives become stifled by they who rely on and prefer the use of force - afterall - the Earth was formed in 7 days and there is no need to go beyond such questioning. So saith the core practitioners of "monotheism". All people must be slaughtered who reside on the land of our mythical forefathers - so saith the practitioners of "monotheism".

Visit Israel if you wish to come to understand the total dark nature of such a life force, if indeed a "life force" is what it could be called.

The belief in such a force brought about rise of the Medieval Period in Europe, and it was the protest against such force that gave rise to "Secret Societies". Those who are in a position to preach history today ignore such concepts as "chivalry" and the fount from which such ideas sprang. Those who preach history today would have you believe that the builders of Carnac and the framers of the Constitution were motivated by some "satanic dark force" bent on creating the machinery to enslave humanity.

"Denial" of facts is simply a weapon used in the service of they who create religions that result in "punishments" for those who "preach denial". How many souls have been remanded from their countries to serve trial for disagreeing with the history of others?

What a savage and primitive people are the inquisitioners. Beware of the ideas conjured by they who preach "monotheism".

Speech and the Casting of Spells

Letters are binding agents. The very act of "spelling" a word creates the defacto Occult reality of "crafting a spell". Those who speak of "casting spells" as if the very act is "evil" have not fully rationally thought the process through: writing and speaking are but forms of spell casting.

This is not so difficult to demonstrate.

Grab a piece of blank paper and stare at the blankness of the paper. What comes to mind? Then draw any given letter, and refine same into a word. What happens to your thoughts? They become increasingly focused, and shades of imagery become discernible amongst the shadows. Manley P. Hall mentioned this very practice in one of this voluminous works, although I cannot remember where.

Now carry the thought further to the ramblings and rantings of politicians and so forth. With each spell of "terrorists" and "9-11", a crafted reality, absurd as it may be, becomes "believed" by a large enough core of the masses. As the core increases, the demands to remand the parasitic force is neutralized by the core of ignorance as defined by they who "believe".

The "spell" is really no more difficult than a simple and yet massive lie created in the aether using nothing but words. With each newspaper article, electronic newscast, and so forth, the lie is reinforced. The masses are, really, too naive to comprehend the total planned conspiratorial nature of the agenda.

So blindly, they "believe". Be the Lie of Eve.

But our system and philosophy is designed to shed light on the absurdities of parasitic Occult force, and perhaps a comprehensive analysis of the words "GOD" and "MONOTHEISM" will provide an insightful demonstration of how this might be so.

A Gematria Analysis of "GOD"

I believe it is Voltaire who said, "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." It is for this reason alone that provides value to such works as this: through your efforts to peer through crafted absurdities, you are greatly strengthened such as to preclude efforts to have you commit (or support) the committing of atrocities.

How many crimes have been committed in the name of "GOD", for instance? How much support for the committing of atrocities continues in the name of "GOD"?

Why allow a foreign culture to define the word? These same channels would have you believe that "torture" is not so, and that indefinite detainment without charge is an acceptable form of human behavior.

The insane precocious holier than thou mentality we view today is in essence no different than the insanity of the Inquisitioners of the Medieval period.

GOD is a very very simple word. G+O+D = 26. This is the Pi Proportion to the number of weeks in a year. Divide 52 weeks by 2 to acquire the co-relational diameter in time of the Earth's orbit around the Sun and you arrive at the number 26, or the Pi Proportion.


Utilizing a basic truth to craft a mountain of lies is the very fabrication of parasitic Occult force. Pull out the basic truth.

If GOD is the DIAMETER, then GODDESS MUST BE THE CIRCUMFERENCE, for the whole is based on the WORD, which is PI.

D = 4
E = 5
S = 19
S = 19

(S*S)+D = (19*19)+4 = 361 + 4 = 365 Days in a Year = Co-relational Pi


English is an ESOTERIC CODE based on the GODDESS ISIS.

EN = 5 and 14 = 14-5 = 9 = I
GL = 7 and 12 = 7+12 = 19 = S

EN = (I)
GL = (S)
(H) is Pi - which completes the circle.

Even the word ENGLAND can be reduced to a very simple cipher.

EN = N = 14
G = 3

NG = 3.14 = NG LAND = The Land of Pi

In this way does ALLA form

1+12+12+1 = 26 weeks

H is but the ending, which is like wrapping a spell in a circle, which is Pi.

Even YHVH is said to have a value of 26 - BUT THIS IS AN ABSURDITY. The lazy assumption is that you are able to make a 1:1 co-relation between the Hebrew and the English, which is false. To try creates the insanities of Crowley and his drug induced stupors.

How do you transpose the Letters YHVH as an English construct to such as to equal 26?

Y can be either 9 or 25, and if 9 it may reduce to I, which is 1

H is 8

V is 22, but it may be summed to 4, a rare transposition, but not unseen, while it may take its Isisian value of 6, or its Roman numeral value of 5

H is 8

Now TRY to turn it into 26, and leave off the absurdity of one culture imposing itself onto the other. The reality is that such is an absurdity and belies the design of English as an Occult construct.

Yet YHVH must equal 26, but HOW?

Through the use of the Isisian Codes.

Y is placed at 9 which is 9 which is I which is Roman Number 1
H is placed at 8 which is X which is Roman Number 10
V is Roman Number 5
H is placed at 8 which is X which is Roman Number 10

Y+H+V+H = I+X+V+X = 1+10+5+10 = 26

All of these names are CO-RELATIONAL DIAMETERS and represent the MALE COMPONENT. Pretending, or choosing to remain in a state of denial, ie, "A Goddess Denier?", simply puts one into the believing an absurdity.

Is "Goddess Denial" a crime that should be enshrined as a tool equally? Do you hear the language of the modern day inquisitioner echoing around and with it their absurd style of thinking?

The Esoterics of the Word "THE"

If one peers deeper into such Mystery Schools as Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism, what one finds is that the systems are in reality "cryptic Goddess worship". These systems preserved the knowledge of the Sacred Feminine in the face of overwhelming brutality and ignorance of the Monotheists.

As I delved further into these matters, it became clear that one could take two paths to "getting it", or, as was hinted at in the Matrix Reloaded, to come to understand WHY.

WHY is, of course, a cryptic formula for the Pythagorean Theorem.

But what of the word THE, and the philosophies contained therein?

After all, the word THE plays prominently in such words as THE-OLOGY, THE-ORY, THE_SPIAN, and of course MONO-THE-ISM.


What we know is that THE as a word, relative to the English Construct, "precedes all things". It is not modified regardless of whether it precedes a thing (singular) or "things" (plural). Perhaps this is unfair and makes the word difficult to decipher. After all, Spanish uses the word EL (L) and the word LOS, which is simply SOL in reverse.

Each could be seen as pretty obvious uses, for EL is traditionally seen as Osiris and Osiris is seen as "the Sun", while LOS is SOL is the Sun again. And what, precisely, has been LOST save for Occult or esoteric knowledge of SOL and T?

And of course the oddities of English become puzzling.

When "A" is attached to a word, it means "NOT" and when separated from a word it means "IS", hence an "ATHEIST" is NOT A Theist while A THEIST IS a Theist. In this case, THEIST means that the root THE is meaning GOD, but we have already defined GOD as being the Diameter in Time, corelationally speaking, of course, of the Earth's Orbit around the Sun.

And since A is 1 and Mono is 1 the same, is not a "monotheist" an "atheist" by default?

Can you see how the system is crafted to reveal the inherent absurdities?

And what EXACTLY is THE?

THE clearly comes before all things, and THE is equally being equated to GOD, but is it REALLY GOD?

If so, then PROVE IT, for our system is complete and unerring, or so we are led to demonstrate and show.

T is 4 is 10
H is 8 is 36
E is 5

THE is a mathematical pictogram.

(T*H)+E = (10*36)+5 = 360+5 = 365 = DESS (of GODDESS fame)

THE is the CREATRIX, and hence is presented as "masculine", but is in reality the DIVINE FEMININE

Hence we find in the archeological record that the Sky was the Feminine (the Sun) and the Earth was the Masculine, for it was the Earth God Geb who mated with the Sky Goddess Nut. This would be later changed to Male Sun and Female Earth, but in all cases the Feminine played paramount, as She should.


Anonymous said...

AMEN! Finally some sense. I have been trying to explain monotheism that way to others forever and they brush it off.

Justin R. said...

Yes, the old "spelling bee" word magic does wonders to imprison the mind.

See you on the other side.

Anthony Peterson said...

THE is God, in that THEO is the Greek for a God.

Dennis/87 said...

So English is a sacred language like Hebrew/Egyptian? It is amazing the webs words create. Are other languages in on the germatria, can formulas work with spanish? Dennis

Dennis Fetcho said...

Gematria indeed can be seen in Spanish. DIOS, as in "Vaya con Dios", reveals that

D = 4 = 10
I = 9 = 45
O = 15 = 120
S = 19 = 190

10+45+120+190 = 365

Compare that to THE and the formula of

T = 4 = 10
H = 8 = 36
E = 5

(T*H)+E = 365

Each word is a transposition, or modification, of the same Gematria concept, or the value of the number of days within a solar year.

I have not studied Spanish other than to show basic transposition between languages in order to answer questions or protests that their was no "proof" of inter-relations between the various languages.

A language which I believe would be rich for analysis is the Cryllic Alphabet and Russian. The design of the Letters are quite fascinating.

C is English S
P is English R
Greek Pi is P

The language (Alphabet) appears to be clearly designed around inversions or parallels within the same designs we find in English and "the Construct".

Luminous Sun said...

If the overarching sky is the Goddess, then the Eqyptians knew that the Sun was given birth by the galaxy and considered the firmament to be feminine. That's fine - masculine and feminine are biological notions - but it is more accurate to point out that the galaxy is a container Lord of the Sun. The Egyptians would have been aware of this, so is the 'feminine' tag a transposition of sorts?

Anonymous said...

Very interesting blog - can't say that I understand it or if I should be insulted by it.

I believe in the Lord Jesus - The Way, The truth and the Life.

God bless....

Anonymous said...

looks like a pole shift to me.

Unknown said...

"looks like a pole shift to me."

You must be thinking what I've been also. An actual pole shift would trash this entire system, Astrology, calendars etc and so forth.

Seems to be a contrived construct still. Like what were they using before the last cataclysm? I doubt they made all those great structures via the hieroglyphic writing system!

It would make sense to use Pi or Phi - Themselves. But to base so much on the seasonal cycle... well, there may be a deeper connection which I've not seen evidence, here, yet.