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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gilgamesh or Noachides?

If you have been following the Illuminatus Observor long enough, you are familiar with the concept of two distinct Occult forces in play.   Each of these forces is a part of the larger "narrative", wherein "the narrative" may be defined as "the Construct".  These terms, "the narrative" and "the Construct" are, perhaps, foreign to many of you who have sought to ascertain certain "truths" as you have peered into the fundamentals of Occult philosophy.
"The Construct" is the larger philosophical reality as it has been caste into the Alphabet and fused to archetypal realities.  It should be presumed that all alphabets have their own unique philosophical reality fused or imbed into them.  It may appear presumptous to state that the 26 digit alphabet that makes up the English alphabet is the primary key, but a comprehensive research into these matters reveals, if even in the form of conjecture, that the key to the larger Illuminatus philosophy is based on the 26.
One way to "prove" this idea, or conjecture, is to understand that language is really a series of modifications and transposition between any given set of languages.
For example.  
In English, we use the letter T to denote the digit 10.  This makes perfect rational sense because D is located at 4 and 1+2+3+4 = 10.  The Letter T as shown in the Isisian Codes is really sharing the same value placement as the Letter D, or 4, and so it must have a value of 10.  To further show this, English is crafted against a series of mathematical formulas that reveal "the Construct".  Hence the word "seventy" can just as easily be rewritten in "notaricon", or shorthand, as the formula 7T.  Phonetically we have done nothing, but we have created a modification from the word "seventy" to the formula "7T".
The point here is that it is irrational to assume that T means anything OTHER than "ten", or "10", and so we may safely assume that our Isisian Code matrix is philosophically (Qaballistically) properly constructed so as to reveal the core of the larger esoteric code.
At the same time, we have within the larger philosophical system a fusing of philosophical and esoteric realities to the parts of speech.  These philosophical or archetypal fabrications bore all the way down to the types of sounds.  This is basic Occult knowledge, for the Sepher Yetzirah, or Book of Formation, clearly states that the larger philosophical system is set against, or holds as its frame or skeleton, a system based on Letters, Numbers, and Sounds.
In English, one of these "types" of sounds is known as "the Dentals".  English is unique in that many words emulate the sounds that are heard.  Examples of this include words as "buzz" as in the "buzz of a bee", "pop", "crack", and so forth.  Equally, this fabrication within English extends, or bores down to, the forms of sounds.  
One such sound is known as "Dentals".  Dentals are sounded by placing the tongue against the inner gum of the upper front teeth.  These sounds are the sounds of the Letters D, N, and T, with each sound modified through the Letter E.  (ref: DEE, EN, and TEE).  Hence the word DENTAL is really encoding the very sounds that are made that comprise the DENTALS, or the sounds D, N, and T.  
At this stage we must invoke "reason" as alluded to by Plutarch
"For this reason Plato and Aristotle call this part of the philosophy the epoptic or mystic part, inasmuch as those who have passed beyond these conjectural and confused matters of all sorts by means of REASON proceed by leaps and bounds to that primary, simple, and immaterial principle; and when they have somehow attained contact with the pure truth abiding about it, they think that they have the whole of the philosophy completely, as it were, within their grasp."
Reason tells us that IF (the Letter E is invoked here) the Sounds of D and T are equal to 10, and N too is a DENTAL, then N too must have a value of 10. The above diagram of Egyptian letters shows too that the design of the Egyptian 10 is the exact same glyph as the lower case Letter "n"  
Relative to languages, a transposition or modification may be found between the English and the Arabic, for each language uses the same form of code, which is to add a DENTAL to the end of the primary word that denotes the single digit sound.
English "4" = FOUR.  It's multiple of 10 is denoted as FORTY, or 4T, hence preserving the formula of 4 times "the DENTAL", which is T.
Arabic  "4" = ARBA.  It's multiple of 1o is denoted as ARBA-een, hence preserving the formula of "4" times "the DENTAL", which is N.
This provides you with an example of a "modification" and a "transposition" from one language to another, yet equally preserves the core of the mathematics underlying the larger Philosophical System.  It equally hints at the fabrication of what is termed "the Construct".
What is revealed is that English is very clear and relatively unocculted, reducing down to a "least common denominator", as it were, and hence is viewed as being "pure" and if not "uncorrupted", it may be argued regardless that it is far less "corrupted", or if one prefers, "perfected", even as we can see that in two primary languages, Arabic and English, the core of the code is preserved in each of the languages design.

English as the Core Occult Language
If English is so powerful, why has it seemingly "lost" the battle to control the definitions within the larger Occult war?  There are many reasons for this, perhaps, and not a few of them being metaphysical or trans-dimensional in nature.  These can be debated and discussed and perhaps the exercise would be quite fascinating; however, the primary reason for its seeming failure to control the larger Occult war is that it was designed in such a way as to incorporate its rival and arch enemy into the design.
The purpose for this is, again, many, and not the least of which was the belief that if one is able to rise above this arch enemy, as it were, then would attain through the process a state of existence known as "enlightenment" or "illumination".
The principle element to this part of the "narrative" or "philosophy" was a belief that mankind was "drowned" in what is termed a universal archetype known as "the Deluge".  This "Deluge" was known to be brought about by the "god of the Jews"; however, this "god" was always known to be the "demiurge" of the Gnostics, the great "evil" or "satan".   For the masses, the Construct was deliberately inverted - that which was light was called "darkness" and that which was "dark" was termed as being "of the light".  However, within the various Secret Societies in the West, the truth of Jewish worship of a dark energy was always known and to the higher level Jewish occultists (which include their many "gentile" offshoots), this worship of a darker force was too very well known.
Says Plutarch, 
"But those who relate that Typhon's flight from the battle was made on the back of an ass and lasted for seven days and that after he made his escape, he became the father of sons, Hierosolymus and Judaeus, are manifestly, as the very names show, attempting to drag Jewish traditions into the legend."
Through the inclusion of Christianity into the legends, Setianism was able to garner a foothold into the core of Western Mystery Traditions.  Osiris was replaced by "CHRIST" as the new "El", the word CHRST formed as it is from the shape of the Letter L, preserved still the core of the code.
This preservation of a key part of the larger philosophical system served the Western esoteric elite well, for what was their arch enemy also proved useful in preserving the core of the system which, it could be surmised, later retrieved in a more enlightened time and revealed once again. At the Elite of Western esoteric traditions, there was little credibility for the Jewish inclusion into the Mysteries other than to use the foreign culture to preserve core elements to the larger system.
Even as late as the 1600's we find a disdain for the inclusion of Jewish systems in the larger Western construct. Says Cornelius Agrippa on his "Cabalie of the Jews", 
"Hence it is, that the Jews, who are most skilful in using the names of God, can operate little or nothing after Christ, as their ancient fathers did; but that we by experience find, and see, that the revolution of this art (as they call them) oftentimes wonderful sentences, full of great mysteries, are wrested from the holy Scriptures, this  is nothing then the certain playing upon Allegories, which idle men busying themselves with all the points, letters, and numbers, which this tongue and the custome of writing do easily suffer, do fain and disguise at their pleasures; which although sometimes they hold forth great mysteries, yet they can never prove nor evince any thing, but we may (according to the words of Gregory) with the same faculty contemn them, as they are affirmed."
Even as late as the early 1900's we find historical evidence that Jewish traditions were still far from believed to be remotely clued into the larger esoteric Construct, even as a reliance on Jewish, or Rabbincal Kabballah, had found increasing acceptance.  However, to assume that Jewish "Kabballah" was always a "first and foremost key" to the Mysteries is a very careless assumption that can only lead one away from ascertaining the root of the Philosophy.
Says Agrippa,
"So I acknowledge that this Cabalistic art, which the Hebrews brag of, and I sometimes diligently and laboriously sought after, is nothing else then a meer rhapsody of superstition, and a certain Theurgical Magick: but if it proceeded from God (as the Jews boast) and conduceth to the perfection of life, health of men, to the worship of God, and to the truth of understanding; truly that spirit of truth, which hath left this Synogogue, and come to teach us all truth, would not have concealed it from his Church even untill these last times, which indeed knoweth all things that of God, whose benediction, baptism, and other mysteries of salvation are revealed and perfected in every tongue, for every tongue hath the same equal power..."
It is clear that early Western esoteric Elites held Jewish "esoteric" constructions "in perspective", borrowing what was known to be valuable and, essentially, shunning or ignoring the larger body of Jewish kabballistic work.  
For Jews to become relevant, they were going to have to incorporate quite secret formulae into their esoteric construction.  This could only be done through an infiltration of the great body of Western esoteric schools.  These schools were quite busy, equally, like the third little pig, staying ahead of the infiltration to such a degree as to preserve unequivocally, the absolute nature of the philosophical Construct.
Utnapishtim and Noah, "Saviors of Mankind"
There is little doubt that Jewish scribes ripped off the Flood story from the Gilgamesh tale and turned it into their own.  How it was altered or edited provides insightful keys to the way in which "esoteric" and "metaphysical" or "spiritual" channels are established and for what purpose such channels may exist.
In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Utnapishtim is the equivalent to the Jewish "Noah".  Utnapishtim was said to have found favor "with the Gods" and so was apprised of the coming destruction of humanity under a "deluge" and so crafted a vessel upon which to rise above the waves.  Noah, of course, is said equally to have found favor with "God" and so was apprised of the coming deluge and too constructed an "Ark" upon which to ride out the storm/
Where the stories are different point to the competing Occult, or political, agendas.
In the Epic of Gilgamesh, it is said of the god who caused or brought on the Flood, who is deemed as, for all intents and purposes, the "evil" god, yet a god in the company of the Gods nonetheless.  Further, it becomes important to compare multiple translations as one cannot be so sure as to if any of the given translations are controlled by some Occult agenda.
For example -
In Tablet XI, the tablet upon which the story of the Deluge is set down, we find the following comparisons:
Then Enlil, on  his arrival,
Spied out the vessel, and (straightaway) did Enlil burst into anger,
Swollen with wrath 'gainst the gods, the Igigi.  Hath any of mortals
'Scaped? Sooth, never a man could have lived through (the welter of) ruin.'
(Then) did Ninurta make answer and speak unto warrior Enlil,
Saying: 'O, who can there be to devise such a plan, Except Ea?
Surely, 'tis Ea is privy to ev'ry design.' Whereat Ea
Answer'd and spake unto Enlil, the warrior, saying: 'O Chieftain
Thou of the god, thou warrior!  How, forsooth, how (all) uncounsell'd
Couldst thou bring on a deluge?"
Sooth, indeed 'twas not I of the Great Gods the secret revealed,
(But) to th' Abounding in Wisdom vouchsafed I a dream, and (in this wise)
He of the gods heard the secret.  Deliberate, now, on his counsel'.
When Enlil saw the boat he released
his calm reason and and let in the Igigi, monsters of blood.
"What force dares defy my anger?
How dare a man be still alive!?"
Then with these words Ninurta said to Enlil:
"Can any of us besided Ea, maker of words,
create such things as speech?"
Then with these words Ea himself said to Enlil:
"Sly god, 
sky darkener,
and tough fighter, 
how dare you drown so many little people
without consulting me?
I was not the one who revealed our god-awful secrets.
Blame Utnapishtim, Mr. Know-it-all,
who sees everything
who knows everything."
In each of the translations, Enlil is seen to have brought on the Deluge and is furious that anyonw has survived.  Prior to Enlil coming to realise that someone had survived "the Deluge", the gods are sitting in counsel and Isis/Ishtar comments that Enlil is no longer welcome at the feast that Utnapishtim had prepared.  
In the first translation, we find that Enlil's bringing on the flood is not only met with displeasure by the Counsel of the Gods, as it were, but that the only one of the gods capable of bringing on a Deluge was Ea, for none of the other gods could be seen as being competent enough to bring about such an event and, it can be surmised, keep the outcome under some level of control.  It is Ea who knows "every design".  
In the second translation, we see more clearly that it is Ea who is "the maker of words", while other translations reveal that Ea and Ea alone "knows the Word".  The second translation really de-stories the myth.  Only Ea can bring such things as "speech".
"Speech" is "the Deluge".
The key point to note, however, is that the latter Jewish, or Setianist, writers edited out the reality that the bringer of the Deluge did so without consultations and was regarded as a pariah among some of the other "gods".  Whether this implies some "alien" race or other form of earlier "human" we cannot truly be certain, but the universal nature of the Flood story hints at a massive tradgedy brought about by an entity bent on destruction of the human creation.
The Deluge as a Core Illuminatus Construct
There are some stories or myths that have a Universal flavor, whether it is "Cain and Abel" or "the Deluge". There are reasons why this is might be so, and Plutarch pretty much says why this is so.
"I hesitate, lest this be the moving of things immovable and not only "warring against the long years of time", as Simonides has it, but warring, too, against "many a nation and race of men" who are possessed by a feeling of piety towards these gods..."
As our history has been altered and changed by the what we can only term "Setianist force" through the use of wars and other forms of pillage to destroy any and all evidence that might support the above statement, there still remains enough caste in stone and sacred architecture to remind us as to how mighty and pervasive the Osirian and Isisian Mysteries were on planet Earth.
The Temple of Candi Sukkoh in Indonesia, for example, clearly shows the archetypal framework for the Letters I and V as male and female, comprised as it is of the Square of 3 as I, the Square of 4 as V (V being 22 and 2*2 = 4 * 4 = 16 = P), to create the Letter Y, or "the Child" as spoken of by the Ancients and documented by Plutarch equally:
"One might conjecture that the Egyptians hold in high honour the most beautiful of the triangles, since they liken the nature of the Universe most closely to it, as Plato in the Republic seems to have made use of it in formulating his figure of marriage.  This triangle has its upright or three units, its base of four, and its hypetenuse of five.  The upright may be likened to the male, the base it the female, and the hypotenuse to the child of both..."
There was a universal nature to the mythologies because there was a universal priestcraft, or so it has been intimated in various mythologies, and this universal priestcraft hid the core philosophy through a series of transpositions and modifications.  The more transpositions and modifications one is able to study, the clearer the picture of the core truth comes into focus.
Within Freemasonry, the Deluge played a critical role in the core of their mythology (as it should).  However, the flaw, and perhaps fatal at that, was the process through which infiltration could alter the core teaching through the introduction of superstitions being imported as "core literal truths" as opposed to "core allegorical truths".  
The reliance on superstitions as opposed to a rational analysis of the narrative gives rise to "godless atheism".  Through an overt fusing of the Mysteries to "things Jewish" as an esoteric constructed word, the possibility arose that the superstitions of Jewish mythologies would become seen as "literal truths", and once this happened, the Craft could be set onto an irreversible decline into the Setianist orders.
Dr. Anderson and the Laws of Noachide
As we saw from Cornelius Agrippa, the idea that Jewish constructions have always been in favor is an historical fabrication.  Those forces who were opposed to the totalitarian nature of the early Christian Church clearly knew full well the esoteric and organizational channels which brought about this total dependence on totalitarianism and intolerance.
Christianity, it could be argued, held out some beneficial attributes greatly removed from the core of Judaic thought, but still its growth and expansion, like most movements that rely on Setianist philosophy, was spread through a very overt militarism that was anathema to the Osirian idea of "conquoring" through the use of benevolence and persuasion.
Through the quite literal technique of conquoring foreign lands and then subjecting these lands to utter scorched Earth (witness what happened to Germany and Iraq, as two recent examples), these forces are able to destroy any and all evidence that might place their interpretation of the narrative into jeapardy.
The "academic shill cry" of "prove to us you are right" falls hollow upon the ears who has seen the evidence systematically destroyed.  Only when one lacks historical reference and precedents is one able to fall prey to such literal "academic shenanigans".  
One such "academic shenanigan" is that of the Deluge.  If one has not the knowledge of Gilgamesh, one might then fall prey to the superstitions of those who claim that since Noah was the only one to have survived the Flood, then all humanity is therefore descended from Noah.
An absurd concept, really, but this absurd concept became enshrined into Freemasonry.  The transformation of this "allegorical event" into a literal truth practiced by many could be seen as key to the early decay and destruction of the what was a pillar of Western esoteric thought.  
From Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry we read,
"The descendants of Noah.  A term applied to Freemasons on the theory, derived from the Legend of the Craft, that Noah was the father and founder of the Masonic system of theology.  Hence the Freemason's claim to be his descendants, because in times past they preserved the pure principles of his religion amid the corruptions of surrounding faiths.  Doctor Anderson first used the word in this sense in the second edition of the Book of Constitutions: "A Mason is obliged by his tenure to observe the moral law as a true Noachida"  But he was not the inventor of the term, for it occurs in a letter sent by the Grand Lodge of England to the Grand Lodge of Calcutta in 1735"
In truth, this term would be edited out of editions 3 and 4 of the 5 printings, with the 5th printing accepting the term and it being enshrined within the Masonic system.  
It was the literal use of this term that formally subjugated those elements of Freemasonry unsophisticated enough to clearly "get to" to that of the Setianist or Jewish god and for which so many of the world's rulers feel some moral obligation to uphold.
The irrational nature of such worship defies logic, for the nature of the Construct clearly reveals that Noachide is false, and we can ascertain this through the use of our English Qaballa.
Gilgamesh or Noachides?
As we have seen, the reliance on "Noah" as a progenitor akin to a literal truth creates a flawed and irrational understanding of the Mysteries.  The purpose of the Mysteries is to rise above the Demiurge, wherein the Demiurge is seen as the one daemon who brought on the Deluge and condemned mankind to a seeming eternal darkness.
Through the historical record we know that many cultures hold that the god or daemon who brough on the Flood was a great evil, and Gilgamesh is a key hidden story to this very literal and yet, albeit, allegorical, truth.
We know that the primary loss was that of "the Word"?  We know that the Occult, as defined by Odin (Osiris) hanging on the Tree (the 12th Card of the Tarot) for 9 days and 9 nights reveals the code word OCCULT.  
We know that the use of Notaricon to the fabrication of the Star Spangled Banner reveals this very same code
(O)h = O
(S)ay = S = C
(C)an = C
You = U
(S)ee = S = 3 = L
By the Dawns Early Light = T = Sun coming up on horizon =
We know that the WORD is Pi.  We know that English is constructed to reveal particular truths and shed light on the fallacies.
So who is right?
GILGAMESH as a code is simple, and it uses a technique I call "The Who How Hop".  This form of transposition forms words like:
SUMMER SOLSTICE = SIGN OF GEMINI = TWINS = T-WIN-T = WINTER (SUN of T hops to other side of the word to form the astrological construction in the word.
Reverse the word.
(SH) E (M+A=)N GLI (SH) = English and the Letter G is "the Greatest of them All" who crossed the Abyss and met with Utnapishtim who saved mankind through coming to know the Secrets of the Gods.
UTNAPISHTIM reverses to form MITHS IP ANT U, or the not so cryptic code of Myths, Pi, and You, the very real truth to the larger Construct.
NOAH is a duplicity word. 
Does it mean NO A and H (meaning to remove Pi and hence the Word)?
Or does it mean KNOW A and H (and hence Pi and hence the Word?)"
This depends on the intent of the invoking agent, and if the invoking agent is "Jewish", by design it is saying to ignore and hence blind oneself to the true nature of the Construct.
Sadly, too many of todays Elites qualify themselves as "true Noachides" and are beholden to the latter interpretation of the word. As the Construct so clearly shows: only a fool would seek after a Noachide.


Anonymous said...

I hear this Noachide more and more. So the Sumerians were imbibed with the original occult(hidden) truths? Your site is truly mind expanding, I am a bit new to setian duplicity. Dennis from Oregon

Anonymous said...

“The gods had clasped their hands together,
Had cast lots and had divided.
Anu then went up to heaven.
To Enlil the Earth was made subject.
The seas, enclosed as with a loop,
They had given to Enki, the Prince of Earth.”

“Enki was not happy about his brother’s promotion because, although Enlil was the elder of the two, his mother (Ki) was Anu’s junior sister, whereas Enki’s mother

(Antu) was the senior sister. True kingship, claimed Enki, progressed as a matrilineal institution through the female line, and by this right of descent Enki maintained

that he was the first born of the royal succession.”

“I am the great brother of the gods.

I am he who has been born as the first son of the divine Anu.”

halaexandria.org referencing Laurence Gardner

Now I have always felt that there was tension among the ranks *at this time*

And that is how the decline of this matrilineal succession went on its decline.
If the "Gods" are going to have it this way so-shall-we.

but why? if life was made with femaleness then immediate nurturing should be a part of this... not destruction. or have we been left to be neglected?

" the mitochondria DNA link, "

remember, chondria means : grain/semen/seed/sperm/knondr/semin/gran/siemen JY VA (like the BIRD condor)

from halaxandria.org concerning mitochondria:

"which is wholly passed through the female line -- was in Enki’s best interests. But Enki was also the maternal grandfather who came to the aid of Inanna when things

went badly during her Descent into the Underworld.


ale, the honey the juice the whatever was so mentruumly special.


that makes ale-xandria

wiki says,

In cell biology, a mitochondrion (plural mitochondria) is a membrane-enclosed organelle found in most eukaryotic cells.[1] These organelles range from 0.5–10

micrometers (μm) in diameter. Mitochondria are sometimes described as "cellular power plants" because they generate most of the cell's supply of adenosine

triphosphate (ATP), used as a source of chemical energy. [2] In addition to supplying cellular energy, mitochondria are involved in a range of other processes, such as

signaling, cellular differentiation, cell death, as well as the control of the cell cycle and cell growth.[3] Mitochondria have been implicated in several human diseases,

including mitochondrial disorders[4] and cardiac dysfunction,[5] and may play a role in the aging process. The word mitochondrion comes from the Greek μίτος or

mitos, thread + χονδρίον or khondrion, granule. Several characteristics make mitochondria unique. (the bold my emphasis)

mitochondria....viral ? bacteria....they are so small...yet so powerful.

"the mitochondrion has its own independent genome"

"The inner mitochondrial membrane is compartmentalized into numerous cristae, which expand the surface area of the inner mitochondrial membrane,

enhancing its ability to produce ATP. "

..."Adenosine-5'-triphosphate (ATP) is a multifunctional nucleotide, and is most important in cell biology as a coenzyme that is the "molecular unit of currency" of

intracellular energy transfer.
[1] In this role, ATP transports chemical energy within cells for metabolism.

It is produced as an energy source during the processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration and consumed by many enzymes and a multitude of cellular

processes including biosynthetic reactions, motility and cell division.[2] "

The cell's energy factories, the mitochondria manufacture ATP to fuel all of life's


from the above link,

"This ATP production by the mitochondria is done by the process of respiration, which in essence is the use of oxygen in a process which generates energy. "

It can leave little doubt as to why BReathing and BReed BiRth etc like you point out Dennis, are so related. EVen the OX y gen factor is sort of a more giving clue as

well. IMO if you wanted to do something harmful to the humans mitochondria you would do it through OX y gen related instances and also food.

from :

"Unlike any other organelle, except for chloroplasts, mitochondria appear to originate only from other mitochondria. They contain their own DNA, which is

circular as is true with bacteria, along with their own transcriptional and translational machinery. Mitochondrial ribosomes and transfer RNA molecules are

similar to those of bacteria, as are components of their membrane"

we all need our energy dont we?

E-din / E-den
Escape (lol)
E-levate (levate? like levatine? ohhh now that just comes in like a wild fire eh?)

im sure this is all important...granted im a little clueless....but i have many ideas. AND QUESTIONS!

but with this article i am left ultimately to ask about the ten relation to the EN- and the A.

does A have an E sound? the long A? EYE AEY WHEY I whoopieeeeee
and Ninhursag INANNA etc all these N's.

En's. In's. ???

E telling N it is ten?
E (ten) ki. whom is also EA?????
ETENKI (with this im lead to a room where a four horse chariot could turn around....)

zero Look up zero at Dictionary.com
1604, from It. zero, from M.L. zephirum, from Arabic sifr "cipher," translation of Skt. sunya-m "empty place, desert, naught" (see cipher). A brief history of the

invention of "zero" can be found here. Meaning "worthless person" is recorded from 1813. The verb zero in is 1944, from the noun, on the notion of instrument

adjustments. Zero tolerance first recorded 1972, originally U.S. political language.

worthless? now i doubt that! (will one ever get to be a one without the 0?)

what also caught me on this definition was that sunya-m was so close to the Asunja aka. a GODDESS. i might be spelling it wrong but im certain im super close.

wiki says:



From French zéro, from Italian zero, from Mediaeval Latin zephirum, from Arabic صفر (ṣifr), “‘nothing, cipher’”).

Cardinal number


1. (cardinal) The cardinal number occurring before one and that denotes no quantity or amount at all, represented in Arabic numerals as 0.

The conductor waited until the passenger count was zero.
A cheque for zero dollars and zero cents crashed the computers on division by zero.

[edit] Usage notes

In an adjectival sense, used with the plural of a countable noun:

I have zero dollars and zero food.

[edit] Synonyms

* 0, aught, cipher, goose egg, naught, nil, no, null


[edit] Etymology

14th century. From Old French cyfre, cyffre (French chiffre), ultimately from Arabic صفر (sifr) ‘zero, empty’, from صفر (safara) ‘to be empty’. Compare zero.

so close to CFE 365 which is O ZERO and 14 N and together you get: OEN which then CIPHERS ONE

OEN summative value is 240. BRK ONE 240

i dunno.... somethins up ...

"Sepher Yetzirah" is 0 yet0 if i use the above definitions.
cipher yed zero, zeroyedzero OYEDO
0 YED 0 , 0 YED 0, 0 DEY O,

dayooo dayyoo daylight come and me wanna go home. (i couldnt resist sorry)

0 45Y 0, 04590, 0II0

I= 1:9=45

0110 = Sepher Yetzirah
6*6*6*6 12960=LIFE=EVE
6116 (FAAV) which i can take a step further to say : FAAV=625
and square root of 625=25=5=2.2360
being the square root of 5 (E) it is also related to (IMO) .618+1.618=2.236

and 2236 is maximized to reveal = 3366=6666=back to 12960 and LIFE and EVE

FAAV 6115 FAAE 6.66.5 (1:11=66)
6.66.E 666V 666F 6666

0110 6666 0K0

if something has a relation ship you can not deny that right? so my wheels just go and go flow with o

i dunno just playin in mud as Dennis would say.... ;p


Anonymous said...

umm call me crazy but ...as i was looking for something wholly separate from this i ran across this in one of the links of googly:

I was actually doing the etymology of Lulin cuz WOW those dates are ..well.... unreal!!!!

and i ran into this:

from, seventytwonames.blogspot.com

Depth of beginning and depth of ending as the sepher yetzira calls these "depths"/omakim. The twentysecond of the seventy two names is associated with the priesthood of Yisrael.

The three letters yod-yod-yod are the initial letters of the priestly blessing. The yod is also the beginning “seed” of all letters and so like stem cells they are the wild cards and the source of all the 22 autiot and thus the 72 names.

Each of the 72 names have command of five degrees of the 360 degree circle of space; 72 X 5 = 360. The wobble of the Earth globe causes the stars of the shamayim to move through the wheel of the 72 spaces.

A complete revolution taking 26,000 years. The ancient sages knew this and watched the night sky as a clock. The stars known as the teomim/twins of Gemini started to traverse the 22nd space of the clock in the 1400’s CE.


ok two things...new name spelling for twin i have now been reminded of to research because i totally forgot about it! and two....

"The yod is also the beginning “seed” of all letters and so like stem cells ..."


what in the HECK does THAT mean?

*wrapping head around this as i take a pause.....then quickly note this down to think on later*

and ... if it has a N and not a K then is it not an N? if *they* wanted anyone else to know they would have invoked in plain sight a K somewhere....but they did not invoke 11 or a 7. because it is 2 and a B i would gather. and the R are they? are they B R 11? and W? there is no TWO only a 1 and without TWO there could be NO ONE.


if you had a "WILD CARD" say ohhh an A to act as TEN AS ONE then... one would be ten. NO TEN PI

NO is nothing nada
is there any thing there? no there is no-thing there.

anything nothing which is proper?






N=? 14,5,10 implying "IN"

its the N thing again whats up with N? it marks ONE when split in half at MN? so then NO is 12? and then NO (12) A H
NO/12 A H
12 1 PI

1 2 1 8
CR (which is backwards PI at .3181818 using its fraction's reciprocal 7/22)

1 2 1 8
12 AH
12 18

CaH abaH LAH its all the same pattern 1218.
31 121 121 H
C comes after 1+2
not before? 318 first? make it tight then let the tension free? then it goes forward?? and if it kept doing that with the proper tension then..... back to the future? (its wierd cause they made such a big deal about 121)

Total number of days in the first four months of a leap year is 121.

wiki says:

121*121=14641 (14 6 41)

as is Q to 1
QAZA R ???
KAZA R ???

ok i stop there

but that is only if N is the first of the second half.

my immediate first thought in the mud.

and second: N '01 H.



loved the article! i am most definitely going to have to keep reading it to acquire its full flavor.

thank you SO very much.

Gilgamesh = BRILLIANT

reading between the lines so-to-speak - pure ingenious dont you think???

i have a question about Anu. Since he is noted as having a wife .... did something happen to her? is that why there was the "ok" for the situation? hmmmm gives food for thought whatever all of this means.

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you need a forum


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if you had a "WILD CARD" say ohhh an A to act as TEN AS ONE then... one would be ten. NO TEN PI

should read ELEVEN for the ACE is 1 or 11.

but all the letter group and number sets are right.

Anonymous said...

here is something i find interesting:

concerning the "ZERO"

from, http://tracyrtwyman.com/blog/?page_id=35


It is union with God, the Great Void, that state of “Samadhi” that is the goal of yogic meditation. It is written that, “In Samadhi the Many and the One are united in a union of Existence with Non-existence”, and that is exactly what’s being alluded to in the Grail myths. Perhaps that is why the metaphor of the cup was used. The heart chakra is often described as a cup - one that must be emptied of all its mundane contents to make way for the Water of Life. This water, in turn, must be perfectly stilled so as to reflect a gaze downward from the face of the Most High.


so when the waters of life are poured out one must have already emptied the heart's mundane contents to have made way for this.

im a little taken back by all of this. brain secretions and blood of the female and talking to god and all that jazz.


The holy vessel (vagina) from which one drinks the Elixir of Life he called “the Sangraal.” Interestingly, when Crowley wrote about his own sex magic rituals he referred to himself as “The Great Beast” and his consort as “Babalon the Great.” I am reminded of a passage in St. John the Divine’s Revelation describing her thusly:

“And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication. And upon her forehead was a name written: MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. (Revelation, 17:4-5.)”

ok so BABALON is either the female after mundane emptied from the heart and waters of life filled the cup

or BABALON's emptied mundane of the heart was filled in a cup and kept?


am i missing something here?

is this cup the one she needs to empty?

the heart chakra is GREEN!?!?!?!
and fourth? as in D ?

as in "four" "th" as in observing four and fourth one meaning it is just four and the other meaning it is the four-th in line of others.
and considering one could easily make the relationship between DH and TH im seeing FOURD (as in Ford) which over at the secret sun blog we all have been discussing.

now im even more .... not baffled...whats the word ....

taken back in observation in a huge way. (is there a word for that? wow) after i wrote all of that it just sank in ... not making perfect clarity yet but...

im always left with a big "huh?"



Anonymous said...

hmmm hey i just realized something

something "popped"

DNT if they are all ten that means DNT=30

which is 101010

which is binary 42



tooth? (there have been many toothy references lately in the last few years)

dental Look up dental at Dictionary.com
1594, from M.Fr. dental "of teeth," from L. dens (gen. dentis) "tooth," from PIE base *dont-, *dent- (see tooth).
retainer (2) Look up retainer at Dictionary.com
"servant," 1540, from retain (v.). Meaning "dental structure used to hold a bridge in place" is recorded from 1887.

a rainbow is a bridge of color to which has an angle to where you can see it held at 42 degrees.

tooth Look up tooth at Dictionary.com
O.E. toð (plural teð), from P.Gmc. *tanth, *tunth (cf. O.S., Dan., Swed., Du. tand, O.N. tönn, O.Fris. toth, O.H.G. zand, Ger. Zahn, Goth. tunþus), from PIE *dont-/*dent- "tooth" (cf. Skt. danta, Gk. odontos, L. dens, Lith. dantis, O.Ir. det, Welsh dent). Application to tooth-like parts of other objects (saws, combs, etc.) first recorded 1523. Toothache is attested from 1377...."

dee en tee


dent Look up dent at Dictionary.com
c.1325, "a strike or blow," dialectal variant of M.E. dint (q.v.); sense of "indentation" first recorded 1565, apparently infl. by indent.

with an I not an E

dint (dint)


1. force; exertion
2. a dent
3. Archaic a blow

Etymology: ME < OE dynt < IE base *dhen-, to strike > ding

not an E


Dennis/87 said...

The numb ers and letters are so difficult to follow, perhaps some discourse in light and wisdom with the 8's and 7's? I must redouble my studies into the sacred language (english). Tracey Twyman is quite the occultist teacher. Shine forth brave souls. Dennis from Oregon.

Anonymous said...

you know in light of all the "DENTALS", i just realized that....

if one can not determine who this is that is dead, they retrieve your teeth, to compare to your dental records.

the dental records i-DENT-ify the BODY.


say that again ...

"DeNTaL records iDENTify "THE BODY"


Anonymous said...

this is going to be long...it didnt start that way..but my brain wouldnt shut up

Does this mean that - A as a wild card at K (1 or 11) defines AJK invoking TEN for L in the word "DENTAL" ?

I see this as :

the letter "A" through the word DENTAL, invokes TEN for "L" because A is 1 or 10 and the letter "K". Why? Because in "cards" which is the game of LUCK

(47), as CARD is rooted in red and the HEART, defines: AJK so that AL is stating ATEN, through a wild card? So, L is effecting by the wild card.

ONE:240 (1 or A or 10=1 or wild-card 11)

BRK:240 (or 31 or 31:496)

TEN:330 (or 39 or 10:55)

ELEVEN:481 (or 63 or 11:66)

wild (adj.) Look up wild at Dictionary.com
O.E. wilde "in the natural state, uncultivated, undomesticated," from P.Gmc. *wilthijaz (cf. O.S. wildi, O.N. villr, O.Fris. wilde, Du. wild, O.H.G. wildi,

Ger. wild, Goth. wilþeis "wild," Ger. Wild (n.) "game"), probably from PIE *ghwelt- (cf. Welsh gwyllt "untamed"), related to the base of L. ferus (see fierce).

UN DOME sticated

"not of the dome"!!

not cultivated. NATURAL!

what is the A? well its .... natural. its wild. it isnt cultivated when it is 11.

and why does it want to turn L into 10?

and what months falls in 11? November. which implies 9-11 and fire and new. appropriately so.

card (n.) Look up card at Dictionary.com
1401, from M.Fr. carte, from L. charta "leaf of paper, tablet," from Gk. khartes "layer of papyrus," probably from Egyptian. Form infl. after 14c. by It. carta (see

chart). Sense of "playing cards" is oldest in Fr. and Eng.; the sense extended to similar flat, stiff bits of paper 1596. Meaning "printed ornamental greetings for special

occasions" is 1869. Application to clever or original persons (1836, originally with an adjective, e.g. smart card) is from the playing-card sense, via expressions such

as sure card "an expedient certain to attain an object" (c.1560). Verb meaning "require (someone) to show ID" is 1970s. Cardboard is from 1848; Card-carrying

first attested 1948, during U.S. Cold War anti-Communist paranoia. Card table is from 1713. Card-sharper is 1859. House of cards in the fig. sense is from 1641,

first attested in Milton. To have a card up (one's) sleeve is 1898; to play the _______ card is from 1886, originally the Orange card, meaning "appeal to Northern

Irish Protestant sentiment (for political advantage)."
card (v.) Look up card at Dictionary.com
"to comb wool," 1393, from O.Prov. carda, from cardar "to card," from V.L. *caritare, from L. carrere "to clean or comb with a card," from PIE base *kars- "to


cardinal (n.) Look up cardinal at Dictionary.com
1125, "one of the ecclesiastical princes who constitute the sacred college," from L. cardinalis "principal, chief, essential," from cardo (gen. cardinis) "that on

which something turns or depends," originally "door hinge."
Ecclesiastical use began for the presbyters of the chief (cardinal) churches of Rome. The adj. sense

of "chief, principal" in Eng. is attested from c.1440. Cardinal numbers (1591) are the primitive "one, two, three," etc. as opposed to ordinal numbers "first, second,

third," etc. Cardinal points (1549) are "north, south, east, west." The cardinal virtues (c.1300) were divided into natural (justice prudence, temperance, fortitude) and

theological (faith, hope, charity). The N.Amer. songbird (Cardinalis virginianus) is attested from 1678, so named for its resemblance to the red robes of the cardinals.

cardiac Look up cardiac at Dictionary.com
1601, from Fr. cardiaque, from L. cardiacus, from Gk. kardiakos, from kardia "heart" (see heart).

and who can forget compound words such as PER RIM METER.


that on which something TURNS or depends!!!

there must always be a SPIN!

that is too humorous to me. because isnt that what is being done ? everything spinning .......... getting lost in the spin.....the roll.....twisting

like a TYPHON!

one is phi one is pi? what separates them is breath?
well regardless, it is an AITCH-H.

i wonder if typhon is consisted of unatural forces?


vessel=something to hold something. it doesnt mean vehicle unless that is its intent. it is a storage? like a database?


auto- Look up auto- at Dictionary.com
from Gk. auto-, "self, one's own," combining form of autos "self, same," of unknown origin. The opposite prefix would be allo-.

automn auto=autu

which to me is implying a innate aspect. something AUTOmatic. autu/om autom-atic autom-obile

innate UR E
in 8 you are E
in a T you are E
which is implying TE=25=Y which is a what? a VESSEL.

either way there is a nature to chaos and a nature to order. both have patterns. all you have to do is look around you. both clashing at the same time.
neither good or bad they just ARE. and they ex-hist. (his-t-ory ory implying oral and speech. )

her T what is her orative? herstory H'er story PI'er story. HERT!! HURT!
his T what is his orative? history is history. H is tory

together his and her T look like TT. what does this mean?!?!?! i can clearly see what i have wriTTen but wrapping my head around ALL ;p of this is quite a doozy.

a lot like the symbol for PI.

is the body oral and written? whos words are being written? his hers or theirs? who is hurting and who is writing?

written implies history otherwise it would be writing or write.
oral implies speech being heard in some way...

oral Look up oral at Dictionary.com
1625, from L.L. oralis, from L. os (gen. oris) "mouth, opening, face, entrance," from PIE *os-/*ous- "mouth" (cf. Skt. asan "mouth," asyam "mouth, opening,"

Avestan ah-, Hittite aish, M.Ir. a "mouth," O.N. oss "mouth of a river," O.E. or "beginning, origin, front"). Psychological meaning "of the mouth as the focus of

infantile sexual energy" (e.g. oral fixation) is from 1910.
The sexual sense is first recorded 1948, in Kinsey.

whew.....that was a revelation ....***that last definition. i mean that spoke more volumes just right now than ever it has before.

and for somestrange reason i want to show this relationship:

per se Look up per se at Dictionary.com
1572, from L. per se "by itself," translating Gk. kath auto (Aristotle).

kat-h kat cat - auto ...purr cat....house cat.... picat...house cat....sex kitten oral sex....and the innocent ones***

se auto c s ISIS auto

pi'er se pierce pearce

the house where you pi yourself ----cat house whore house ....unnatural natural --- where does the line get drawn?

"not without my permission"

we know PER and PI mean house in egytpian names. like PITHOM as = per atum = meaning House of Atum.




automn autom ...THOM implies twins.


autumn and in Sumerian the N was female i think?? ENki ENlil

then there is always EA. EA_rth

are ten H, rdh, rnh, rth, rlh

ummm wow

G-areten g-uarden g-arden


ardent Look up ardent at Dictionary.com
c.1374, from O.Fr. ardant, from L. ardentem (nom. ardens), prp. of ardere "to burn," from PIE base *as- "to burn, glow" (cf. Skt. asah "ashes, dust," Arm.

azazem "I dry up," Gk. azein "to dry up, parch," Goth. azgo, O.E. æsce "ashes," L. ardus "parched, dry"). The fig. sense (of passions, desire, etc.) was earliest in

Eng.; literal sense of "burning, parching" (c.1440) remains rare. Ardent spirits (1471) "strong alcoholic liquor" so called because they are inflammable, but the term

now, if used at all, probably is felt in the fig. sense.

ardent definition

ar·dent (är′dənt)


1. warm or intense in feeling; passionate ardent love
2. intensely enthusiastic or devoted; zealous an ardent disciple
3. glowing; radiant
4. burning; aflame

Etymology: ME < OFr ardant < L ardens, prp. of ardere, to burn; akin to aridus, arid


N, A - T , YOU ARE E



INN- in the ancient days the INNS or the MANGERS were found in the HEART of the cities.

INN , which is in the heart, the place where you stay over-night.
ATE, which implies something beating gobbled up, 8, EIGHT, or A TE

INN, in the heart
TE=25=Y=25:325 KT LeaP ---- 210+15=225

though E is silent in...innate

the body of a written scripture is called

in the heart a house for pi?

corpus definition

cor·pus (kôr′pəs)

noun pl. cor′·pora-pə rə

1. a human or animal body, esp. a dead one: now mainly a facetious usage
2. a complete or comprehensive collection, as of laws or writings of a specified type the corpus of civil law
3. the main body or substance of anything
4. the principal, as distinguished from the interest or income, of an estate, investment, etc.
5. Anat. the main part of an organ; also, a mass of tissue with a specialized function

Etymology: L, body < IE base *krep-, *krp-, body, form > (mid)riff, OHG href, belly, womb, Sans kp, form

no wonder to make a HTML link it is A HREF!

so to iDENTify the body/womb one needs TEETH or DNA but there ARE two dna strands in a PERson. (pi 365 PIN or PSON)

but only one person whom H-AS a WOMB and that is a FEmale (iron maiden phmale, familiar? family? phi is F or f),
and only one thing grows in the womb of the female and N the body and that is a BABY.

when we grow initially, we grow N THE BODY. in the corpus.

and we see this through the pattern of women giving birth. we are ALL of the BODY. BO=26
D implies past-tense past the tens-ion. pass the hold we are the RE-LEASE.

to lease is to RE-N-t. (ciphering T to a D one has RE-N-D. implying past tense! render)

we are in truth -- FREE of the body.

therefor what truly is :

the past tense word of FREE? because once you are OUT (EX) , you are FREED.

and what are the implications of losing the ability to STAY free?

like a wild card. like an ACE.
FREE=.618 EE

and free is something you do not have to "p-ay" for!

its the sins? not allowing one to be free! (in my opinion that is the ultimate sin. SLAVERY)

to keep someone from their way to LIVE NATURALLY

born to be wild

"im a wild child...come and love me...."

to be natural is of the nature.

to be wild and free is to be N A T UR E.

choas and order.

naitchure.N aitch UR E

n H you are E

in PI you are E.

made from male AND female ... born N the body.
FREED from the body.

still of the larger body. NATURE.
it IS natural to have babies between male and female.

T=20=210=birth and rebirth.

25920-7920=18000 and "eighteen thousand"=275 and "two hundred seventy five"=260

8+9=17 8*9=72 REBORN/rebirth/regeneration.
72*10=720 120*6 which is 360+360=720 two circles from 8 and 9 times 10 (time and clock thanks for this Dennis ..he mentioned C-LOCK relating to time.)
720*11=7920 GIT (le-git... LE is often used for the word THE...the git. funny how giFt is of the womb/female)

born=49=green 7*7 7:28
49+72=121 10*10+20+1

wiki says,
In Roman Catholic theology, transubstantiation (in Latin, transsubstantiatio, in Greek μετουσίωσις (metousiosis)) is the change of the substance of bread and wine

into the Body and Blood of Christ occurring in the Eucharist while all that is accessible to the senses remain as before.[1][2]

so, the BODY here is BREAD
the BLOOD is the wine.

bread is dough is money.
who controls the body? MONEY. who controls the money?
who controls the BLOOD?

Blood is a specialized bodily fluid that delivers necessary substances to the body's cells — such as nutrients and oxygen — and transports waste products away from

those same cells.

In vertebrates, it is composed of blood cells suspended in a liquid called blood plasma. Plasma, which comprises 55% of blood fluid, is mostly water (90% by

volume[citation needed]), and contains dissolved proteins, glucose, mineral ions, hormones, carbon dioxide (plasma being the main medium for excretory product

transportation), platelets and blood cells themselves. The blood cells present in blood are mainly red blood cells (also called RBCs or erythrocytes) and white blood

cells, including leukocytes and platelets (also called thrombocytes).

who controlled the water in the ancient of days as far as we know? who controlled the land?

so if you wanted to infiltrate the body and blood one would have to infiltrate the money (check) the bread made from GRAIN! (check) and then also the blood. now i

would imagine that if you infiltrated the blood one would have devise a plan to attack it as if they were blood CELLS.

since we need mostly red blood cells as that is what it is mostly of and some white..... one would infect the weakest amount which are white, and then effect the

plasma which is comprised mostly of water.

are we are the stage of infiltration because our water is now infected as well as our having to purchase PLASMA TVs?

everything is the domino effect. every level has the same pattern of doing, as far as mimmicking nature (every little atom and fiber) only the artwork is different. seems

to be of the same denomination though.

i guess now is a good time as any to point out that IMPULSE is really IN+PULSE. in pulses, send messages through the blood much like images are carried through

the eyes into the brain. same type of pattern however different artwork. like languages.

what effect the blood effects the body. what effects the body effects the blood.

as above as below. down to the most smallest of details.

plasma definition

plasma (plaz′mə)


1. a green, somewhat translucent variety of chalcedony
2. the fluid part of blood, lymph, milk, or intramuscular liquid; esp., the fluid part of blood, as distinguished from the corpuscles, used for transfusions
3. protoplasm
1. any highly ionized gas, as that in a glowing fluorescent lamp
2. a unique form of matter, as in a star, consisting of highly energized, freely moving ions and electrons
5. a flat-screen, high-definition video display consisting of a grid of tiny, gas-filled fluorescent cells that emit colors of varying intensities as the gas is ionized by an

electrical signal

Etymology: Ger < Gr, something molded < plassein, to form: see plastic

mitochondrion definition

mito·chon·drion (mīt′ō kän′drē ən)

noun pl. -·dria-ə

any of various very small, usually rodlike structures found in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells and that serve as a center of intracellular enzyme activity which

produces the ATP needed to power the cell

Etymology: ModL < Gr mitos, a thread + chondrion, a small cartilage < chondros: see chondro-

two dnas in the body. of the same denomination? only the artwork is different?

green gives oxygen. implying AIR. the body, the blood, the air, the mitochondria, the water, the plasma, the energy, all spinning and turning and moving along....

in the body....working as one unit. free. only it came with order ...of chaos and structure.

its almost like everything is chaos, and little releases of its order yields different artwork.

however, of the body is of the womb. corpus. href, belly, womb. the structure of a link.

a movie. the animated body. releasing wild cards. or planned ones? or both?

could everything that you see be as one? that would be chaos....lots of orders all meshed together.

but being planned? that is controlling elements of chaos. to make order.
who controls chaos? nature is both beautiful and harsh.

planned or not planned - to me that is the question. for a plan implies steps. measured steps.

unity works but only to a "." not everyone can or will agree with everything all at once. there is no way. ive never seen that happen have you? you cant even force the

issue. you can try all you want but ultimately it is the demise of even the one planning force. because it DOESNT WORK. if it is not broken do not fix it.

whos plan is this anyway? *lol*

the plan maker! the one with a plan stan. whos got the map ? im ready to explore natures treasures to adverture out into the map quest.



so perhaps the plan is to release whatever whenever and it is up to US to create our own destiny. and i feel that in such time should the plan maker feel the need to

place you in another course -so be the course.

i guess? not i can do about that lol ill just keep on keepin on....

the ride of the alive life time....what say you?


Anonymous said...


Dennis first posted
Dennis posted last before this post of mine i recently created
and this is Dennis' blog.

three different Dennis'?



Anonymous said...

i have to add something here i failed to do earlier

Dennis Fetcho gave me the idea about the L as ten .... through a lot of thought that is what i initially came up with after the fact...

going back over what i wrote, i realized i had not given credit where credit was due. i certainly cant hog that.


my excuse? excitement! *lol*


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