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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Isisian Codes - A Qaballa for All?

The idea of just what is "Qaballa" is, I suspect, so corrupted as to be nigh impossible to accurately piece back together. As proffered in modern Occult beliefs, Qaballa, in its many varied spellings, Qaballa is a uniquely Jewish fabrication. This idea is supported and perpetuated at nearly every turn of the page by mass market programming, mass market publishing, and so forth , so much so that one gets the idea that the concept has nothing to do with Jewish origination and the totality of the concept is and has been in obfuscation overload to hide this historical and esoteric reality.

The reason this line of thinking is necessary is because as the world confronts the growing very dark and dangerous Black Order Elites, what you find is that these Elites (Illuminatus) are generally motivated by two Occult philosophies. The primary pyramid is based on Lubavitch Kaballah, while the secondary (and perhaps primary if the latter group is to turn on the other) finds its inspiration in the OTO and related Setianist movements as the Black Lodge and the Temple of Set.

At their very core, these Kabballah's represent an extremely dark nature befitting of the daemonic forces that each of these movements worship and are beholden to. Since Qaballa represents the "gold standard" of Occult study and is the primary medium through which a comprehension of reality is gained, the blind insistence of studying this Sacred Science in a manner currently crafted serves to send spiritual capital (energy) directly into the very camp that is meant to deny and destroy any chance of humanity raising itself back up.

Of course, to not defer this Sacred Science known as Qaballa to being the exclusive domain of Jews is tantamount to heresy and calls of "Jew hating" and "anti-Semititism" are typically just a knee jerk away. The ignorant fools who have not studied a wit of this Sacred Science are all too happy to join in a ghoul crafted chorus designed to destroy the message and the messenger before any hints of an alternative reality, or, dare we say, the Truth, is able to resonate on the world below.

One basic truth may be used to build a mountain of lies - and if just dig down deep enough into that mountain of lies to pull out that one basic truth upon which that mountain of lies was established...

To begin, Qaballa, for all its critical importance to the Mysteries, to this date cannot agree on a spelling. It has been spelled in more ways than perhaps any other commonly found word in the English language. However, popular acceptance is that the word is derived from the Jewish verb QBL, which means, "to receive".

However, we must not let Hermetic overstatements go un-noticed. 

The Letter Q is the Egg.
The Letter B is the Goddess Isis Pregnate with Horus
The Letter L could be viewed as an ending as in "tion", or some other form of cipher.

OF COURSE Q, B, and L mean "to receive".  The very roots of the Letters are Feminine and so must mean "to receive".

Rabbinical Kabballah does not in any way recognize such obvious clarity because these Kabballah's deny the whole to the exclusion of their own self perceived realities.

Taken a step further, the popularized ideal is that QBL, meaning "to receive", is extended to the idea that "God", read here as exclusive to Jews and their mythologies, provided this Qaballistic knowledge to Adam, and, depending on the fairy takes one wishes to believe in, the knowledge was handed down to Noah and then on to Abraham, or some mythical sky god called "g-d" (we are supposed to capitalize this }g-d" as if we are to giver reverence to a foreign power) directly communicated the Sacred Science to Noah (hence the term "Noahide Laws").

Never mind that Noah is so absurdity fictitious that we could start a Santa Claus religion and get tax exempt status and be on a rational par with such lunacies, but this is where we are in this world today. The study of the Mysteries has devolved into a trapping of wisdom wrapped around a series of absurd and childish fairy tales and mythologies perpetuated as literal truths.

However, Western esotericism is a highly evolved system and historically these movements who were responsible for the ideals that comprise the larger body of Western esoteric arts have gone through intrigues, purges, infiltrations, as well as revisionism from within and without. A literal subsurface war has been raging for thousands of years between two occult forces, the former of the Osirian and Isian Mystery schools being chased and hounded and destroyed by Setianist force in an aeons play by Setianist force to create a their own brand of a dangerous and dehumanizing centralized "New World Order".

However, it should not be presumed by the casual inquirer to these affairs that the Osirian knowledge systems were not at one time quite strong and prevalent. In a book called "Qabalism" published by the Yogi Publication Society in 1925, a forward by the author reveals a more pragmatic and rational analysis of the idea behind Qaballa.

"To speak therefore of the Qaballah of the Jews in the sense that they were the recipients of the Secret Archaic Wisdom is entirely misleading. What they did receive was the Bible, which on the surface was a falsehood almost from beginning to end, but which hidden between its very words and letters did contain the Wisdom, although in such a manner as to have been utterly undiscoverable by scholars until today, "the time of the end" of that age whose commencement was marked by the establishment of Biblical allegory in the form of historical authoritative narrative. Which was subsequently declared by the Church to be infallible in word and doctrine, because it was the final declaration of the word of an infallible-God, put forth by him as a grace to his pet people; the miserable Jews who were not worth transportation to Babylonia after their subjugation to the armies of Nebuchadnezzar;..."

From an historical perspective, there is a strong vein within the Mystery traditions that scoffed at Jewish attempts to centralize the mysteries around their culture, and this vein continued quite strong up until a revival of knowledge that chilled with the declaration of war by global Judea on Germany in 1933.

Wrapping the Mysteries in a Jewish Flag

To those who enter into the Mysteries, one is is genuinely faced with a daunting task: the Mysteries at the public level have been totally co-opted.  From the Tarot to Qaballa, it seems that a culture bent on destroying anything and everything that did not support the idea of a "Jews came first because of Adam and Eve because the Bible said so, a culture rich in over simplification of reality, could all of the sudden become the genesis to everything that ever was relative to Western Mysticisim, fall flat on its face.  The whole agenda is an affront to basic norms of intelligence.

You cannot read through the primary Jewish book, the Torah, and not be faced with the utter horror of a people hellbent on destroying everything that stood in the way of  "them" through the desires and action of "their god".


Their very fist commandment states that, essentially, failure to believe in their god, in whatever way they wish to sell it, is tantamount to a death sentence.  The terrible literal hells brought to Earth under this under riding philosophy is tragically immeasurable and yet glorified in synagogues and churches even to this day.

From an Occult perception, the fusing of the mysteries to such a system of philosophical system has been accomplished through linking everything to Rabbinical or Setianist systems.  The Tarot, for instance, has been fused to the Jewish tree of life, although this did not gain prominence until a Setianist occult hero made the connection in the 1800's. There is really no historical rhyme or reason for such a fusion, but people will commit their entire rational souls to trying to make such a logical connection. The desperation within which everything Western is attempted to be fused to Jewish mysticism would be laughable, if it were not all so deadly serious.

If one is to immerse oneself into a study of an English Qaballa, one of the primary "Occult" channels into which one is led is Aleister Crowley, a guy so unable to control his Craft that he died the equivalent of a modern day crack head.

Crowley's attempts to fuse English Qaballa to Jewish daemonic worship hardly would qualify as an astute way to go about trying to rationally comprehend the Mysteries as they have been woven into Western culture, but you cannot wade through the body of collective human thought (the Internet) and not find this very real reality attempted day in and day out.

It is bizarre to watch what appears to be rational and intelligent people rattling off insights into English Qaballa and yet they try to define same using Jewish letters and logic.

Why?  Why?  ----Why?

Hebrew is a 22 digit system that reads from right to left.  English is a 26 digit system that reads from left to right. 

Yet the study of an English Qaballa has, traditionally, defaulted into a study of cryptic messages left behind by Aleister Crowley. Yet, by the time Crowley arrived on the historical scene, a "Qaballa of English" was essentially already well established.  The languages destiny as a Universal Language was already sealed on the heals of the soon to be imploding British Empire and rising of American Imperialism.

In deference to Jewish mysticism, history has given short shrift to the efforts of Western thought to the creation of a Universal Language through which an embodiment of truth could be established.  Western Occultists, in even greater deference and ignorance of their own history, accept the Setianist historical tales as writs of facts and truths, and pity the soul too weak and feeble to challenge the prevailing intellectual order.

A Universal Language of Truth - Liebniz and the Universal Language

The creation of a Universal Language, however, had been the dream of Elites since long before the rise of English in its current forms, and all the properties and philosophies inherent to creation of an English Qaballa were already well established within Western thought through the efforts and works of these early Western philosophers and mathematicians.

Indeed, the early Renaissance period saw an active effort towards the creation of  such a language, and nowhere was this more active than in England.
"Projects for a universal language seem to have especially flourished at this time in England, in the circle of learned men who founded the Royal Society of London.  One of them, John Wilkins, had already published a work entitled Mercury, which appears to have been no more than a handbook for secret correspondence.  But this work then suggested to George Dalgarno a better and more philosophical system.  In theory, this system consisted of distributing every concept into one of  basic classes or categories, each of which was designated by a letter that served as an initial for the corresponding words.  Each class was then divided into subclasses designated by the same initial letter and distinguished from each other by the addition of a second letter.  Finally, in each subclass there were gathered a number of words characterized by the same letters and distinguished by variations in a final letter.26  This was, in short, a logical classification of concepts expressed by words that were formed systematically, in an arbitrary order, and which played the role of conventional indices or markers.27 

It is evident that Dalgarno's plan constituted not only a system of correspondence and translation but a complete and universal language and system of writing.  Wilkins in turn responded to this system and improved on it in a new work.28  In place of the 17 first-order classes, he counted 40, but instead of designating them by letters, he represented them by conventional symbols and expressed the subdivisions (differences and divisions) by marks added to the left and right of the symbol for the class.29 Leibniz preferred a language that could be written with ordinary letters."

True to the spirit of Renaissance thinkers, the generation that had just emerged from the dark clutches of Roman Catholic Setianist force, the idea behind the creation of such a language was many fold, but always to a light to advance learning and advancement of "the Arts", a word which we could equate in today's world as being "the Occult philosophy".

Some of the ideas that flourished within this movement included the idea of a creation of a calculus that could reveal inherent truths, and this is what lie at the core of Liebniz' On the Art of Combinations.

First, all concepts must be resolvable into simple concepts by an analysis analogous to the decomposition of numbers into prime factors; conversely, they must all be obtained and composed by the progressive combination of these simple concepts.  Next, the simple concepts or categories, which are the constitutive elements of all the others, are of a rather small number; but this does not prevent them from giving rise to the innumerable multitude of complex concepts, thanks to the marvelous fertility of the art of combinations.  It will suffice, therefore, to assign to each of them a name or simple sign, so as to form the alphabet of human thoughts,44 on the basis of which all other notions can be expressed by combining the signs in the same manner as the corresponding concepts. Finally, logic, and more precisely the art of invention, depends entirely upon the combinatory,45 which instructs by discovering in order all the possible combinations of the simple concepts (or their signs), and by determining with certainty their relations of inclusion or exclusion, that is, by discovering all the truths relative to some concept.

 From there is born the idea of a spécieuse générale or universal characteristic: a logical algebra that would replace concepts by combinations of signs, propositions by relations among these signs, and reasoning by a sort of calculus.  It would provide a universal and infallible method for demonstrating propositions and discovering new ones from them.  It would be, in other words, both an art of judgment and an art of invention. 

The Isisian Codes - A Qaballa for All ?

"While still a boy, possessing only the rudiments of common logic and ignorant of mathematics, the plan arose in me--by what inspiration I do not know--that an analysis of concepts could be devised from which truths could be extracted through certain combinations and evaluated like numbers. It is pleasant even now to recall by what arguments, however youthful, I came to the idea of so great a thing."- Liebniz - Phil., VII, 185, 292. Cf. Elements of Reason (LH IV, 7B, 6 Bl. 7 recto)

"When I applied myself more intently to the matter, I inevitably came upon this wonderful idea, namely that a certain alphabet of human thoughts could be devised, and that by the combination of the letters of this alphabet, and by the analysis of the words formed from them, all things could be discovered and decided" - Liebniz - (Phil., VII, 185).  See also the letter to Tschirnhaus of 1679, quoted in Chap. 4, §5 (Math., IV, 482; Brief., IV, 405-6).

I firmly understand how the Arts as currently being used (and abused) is not sustainable relative to the larger human family, especially as such pertains to the ideals of early Western philosophy, a philosophy that, aside from wars brought about by powerful banking (read Foreign) elements brought much in the way of the ideals behind individual human liberties and freedoms as the ideals have been idealized.

The current "command and control" structure, where all spiritual energy is fed back into a group whose idea is the bringing about of an Armageddon and the subsequent return and rebuilding of the Second Temple, an Occult ideal that has inspired and inspires to this day a slavish obedience to a Zionist entity whose leadership across the globe cares not a wit for the general condition of the human family, cannot be sustained.

Moshiach as proffered by current Kabballists is every bit a political agenda as much as it holds a spiritual belief.   The spiritual reality for the Kabballist to bring about Moshiach is but spiritual motivation for the  political agenda.  There was a reason why early Masonic founders sought to divorce religion from the political work of the populace: the gates of hell of the Medieval period are being revisited upon the world.

The Isisian Codes provides a foundation stone for a renewed return to reason, and indeed may be a direct product of planned knowledge embed into the language for the express purpose of elevating thought such as to inquire and rise above confusion and will deceipt.

The Isisian Codes is an incredibly fluid Qaballa.  It is based on a constant that has inspired philosophers from time immemorial, and holds that at the core is the fundamental philosophical construction known as "the Word".

This Word is Pi.

Knowable but unknown, no other symbol of truth comes to signify a neutral representation of "Deity" than this number.  There are no dogmas when one returns all reality to "the Word".

The system is based on natural counting.  0-9.

It relies on a series of combination's and transpositions as argued and envisioned by some of the West's brightest and egalitarian minds.

It is based on a language that is arguably the imost Universal of all human tongues.  Its letter construction yields up an enormous amount of archetypes for the combining and transposition of concepts.

The language truly invites all.

The language has a rich history of Secret Society influence which can be shown through a rational analysis of the construction of words.

More importantly, an intensive study of these affairs will show that Secret Societies dedicated to the Goddess Isis, to the Sacred Feminine, to that which gives through the building of wealth through a crafting of healthy social structures, where charity and compassion for the unfortunate is projected against the rights of the individual to spiritually mature and grow while seeking after one's purpose.
The Isisian Codes, so named, is but the outer revelation of a philosophy crafted into language in secret, and its study makes for a  viable alternative to the irrational Occult systems of today that seeks to destroy all that has been built.

It's study will reveal the folly of contemporary Occult structures based on YHVH and Jehovah/Typhon/Seth.

Armed with superior Occult knowledge, the irrational arguments of Setianist logic falls by the wayside.  That which is a vampire cannot prosper in the light.


Eleleth ר ק D said...

I have to say, thank you (Q) for everything you've posted. What do you think about the Marcosians? Irenaeus says that they used the Infancy Gospel that you have frequently cited.

Dennis Fetcho said...

Repost of comment - accidentally deleted:

Marc Jones has left a new comment on your post "The Isisian Codes - A Qaballa for All?":

I don't know what you think about my comments so far. And perhaps you've had enough of them? I may see any comments from you if I work my way through from the beginning again.

Some trivia. Kab is also a root from Chaldean or thereabout which means to turn. They had their own version of kabbalah apparently which the Jews borrowed. Also read that this Jewish Tzim Tzum Concept was actually ancient Greek. So as per another author, it appears they borrowed just about everything...

A few articles back you had one on the 1 as 0 and 0 as 1. Now that... is what I mean about application. The implied primacy of the 0 helps one to see the imbalance of say solar worship monotheism and all that comes from that. That we Need to get to know/live the goddess aspects of life. This occurs in physics overall!
The control sciences of Explosion... as compared to alternative science's Implosion physics - which works With nature.

I'm glad I didn't spend anymore time with Golden Dawn's material. Was fun at the time and that's something. But I've spun my wheels for many years. But then this implies I've, everyone (has), some purpose.

Dennis Fetcho said...

For the record - for the most part I am enjoying them. They are generally well thought out and make cogent points and added insights relative to the target posts. Indeed - the posts are somewhat inspiring - seems I need to get to work to add more content.