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Friday, January 18, 2008

Pi and the Ancient Letter-Number System

Here is a fun little usage of the Isisian Codes to reveal the nature of "the Word", or Pi, as the backbone of the construction of the English continental system. What are some of our "givens" in the system? First and foremost, everything is going to return to Pi.


Often times, 3.14 is expressed "mythically" as 1314, so this pattern you should always be on the lookout for it will reveal itself in quite sudden and in no uncertain "planned" or encrypted words.

Take the word ATLANTIS, for example. The letters AT are 14, while the letters IS are 13, the I taking the Roman Numeral position of 1. The T in the 14LAN(T)13 is ciphered back to a D, and so the word AT-LANT-IS = AT LAND IS = 14 LAND 13, or Atlantis is "the Land of 1314, or the Land of Pi." The 1413 sequence was hidden in plain sight, scrambled just a bit, phonetically altered to a very minor degree, and then caste out as perhaps the most controversial and mythical of the "submerged Ancient continents."

Perhaps Atlantis is real history caste into myth. Without a doubt, the very name ATLANTIS is a crafted word to hide a larger philosophy. The Philosophy of Pi as designed and believed by those societies that flourished and then suddenly vanished from the planet with the rise of "modern man".

What we know from the myths is that the circular nature as inferred in the Atlantis's primary temple becomes physically visible in the circular majesty of Avebury, while the Egyptian and Aztecs would emulate the philosophy in the form of "py-ramids".

The Ancient Letter-Number System

Higgins writes in "The Beginning of Masonry",

"The ancient letter number system of the Orient is often difficult for the Masonic student to understand; but when one looks into it carefully it is comparatively simple. In the days before the invention of symbols for figures Hebrew scholars expressed numbers by letters, and a Greek testament shows the employment of this method of expression by the Greeks also, as in Revelation xiv, 18, where the number 666 is written Xsu.Mackey's Masonic Encyclopedia refers to it under the head of "Alphabet."

One of the primary problems facing a recruit into Masonry, or more difficult, the interested non-initiated inquirer in our current time, is that the whole of the system has been wholly Occulted and given an emphasis on "the Hebrew". Book after book and seminar after seminar is geared to trying to prove a Qaballa based on the Hebrew. At the same time, there is an almost absurd assumption that English has little value and the Hebrew supreme value, even as we have at our disposition a range of data that shows the mathematical underpinnings based in either English or Hebrew.

Letter combinations, as shown above, for example, are not being conceptualized in the Hebrew; rather, they are clearly being conceptualized in the English utilizing various forms of known Qaballistic transpositions.

The Letter-Number System, however, cannot even begin to be comprehended without a comprehensive understanding of Pi. This is why early turn of the 20th century Masons as Higgins devoted so much time to revealing this very basic premise.

Further, Higgins provided rather overt clues without revealing the actual source code itself, which is what I call "the Isisian Codes".

"The common origin of the two series is manifest in their agreement up to the letter P."

As the Isisian Codes shows above, the "agreement" can too be inferred as shifting precisely because the hidden "Alphabet", based as it was on a 26 digit sequence, ceased on the first row at the number 16,or "P".

"This system was really based upon a 26-letter alphabet answering to the 26 of JHVH, of which alpha was the first letter, mu or mem the middle, and omega the last, philosophically referring to the beginning, middle, and end of human life."

Since we are told specifically that the this Ancient Letter Number System is based on a set of 26 Letters, then this by its very definition eliminates Jewish Kabballah and its fraudulent underpinnings as a serious system for anyone who is interested in coming to understand the nature of Occult reality as it has been crafted.

Furthermore, the ancient Letter Number System has one more critical component that is absent within the Jewish system.

"Waving aside the fact that 3 is a male number because odd, and 4 female because even (3 representing Osiris, 4 Isis, and 5 Horus), the importance of "the triangle of Huramon" (Horus-Ammon-Hiram), ages older than Pythagoras, as a human contemplation and coequal with creation as a divine principle, resides in the fact that it was the center, core, or nucleus of the ancient sacred philosophy, to which we owe so much. Its symbol for at least 5,000 years has been an eye, now the "all-seeing eye" of Freemasonry."

As our Isisian Codes, or Speech Codes, so eloquently and silently reveals, the 3-4-5 triangle can be simply stated as 9+16=25, or the Letters I+P=Y. Thus the Letter I is 9, the Letter V is 22, and this is 2*2=4, which is the square of 16. That 2*2 is a co-relational usage of the numbers 22 of V is but an example of the simplicity of the Ancient Letter Number System and the inability of "Masons" to understand can too be shown in the confusion in the public arena (non-initiated inquirer) from whom the early Continental Masons had to draw their recruits.

When we combine the Letter I as male with the Letter (V) as female, even as the female is represented by a precise set of numbers that reveals the square 4 of the target square as a conceptual letter number value for the number 16, then the obvious shape of the child can best be represented as the shape of the letter Y.

As Higgins infers, this Ancient Letter Number system could be found throughout the Ancient world in various forms and representations. As this picture from the Temple of Candi Sukoh in Indonesia clearly shows, the Letter Y as an archetypal representation of Male as 1 and Female as O (V is 5 and 1+2+3+4+5=15 = O Letter) was already in practice. That English as a representation of this Letter Number System, complete with all the hidden conceptual ciphers, would preserve in such a clear example this very same said conceptual as the Letter Y, should not be seen as either an accident or a quirk of fate: those behind the crafting of the English Language knew precisely what they were doing.

A Hope for the Future

I hear so many Masons or other initiated and non-initiated inquirers into the Mysteries tell me over time that everything is based on the Hebrew and if one is to in search of mystical insights, then one out of necessity has to chase after the Hebrew and all the racist underpinnings that such a system implies.

However, we need not defer to these Setian systems as there is a far more ingenious and rational system based on English which as so ingeniously crafted as an esoteric construct that its simplicity de-stories the false doctrines, as it were, of the Setian Occult Systems. An Esoteric English does not tell you that only a Rabbi can aid you. English as an overt communication system invites all and will continue to invite all.

Such an invitation of all is a key component behind the rhetoric of a "brotherhood of man". All mankind is its own journey even as the individual sub-cultures have theirs and the individual man and woman even further. We who seek after the light have an obligation to speak clear and true. As an esoteric construction, English's core components are based on Pi, on male as 1 and female as 0, and as such, the construction is non-dogmatic and removed from impositions based on fear of unknowns.

Indeed, with the letters I + V being used as an esoteric construction designed to reveal the 3-4-5 triangle and the letter Y as the child equally, what can be inferred is there remains an even broader invitation wherein English as an esoteric construction is inviting all to marvel and ask "Why".

English provides for us an underlying "Qaballa" based on Universal Truths that place the male and female as equal partners in the creation and perpetuation of Life. It is based on a rational sanity and reason that once comprehended sheds light and thus destroys the vampyric forces which hide and feed by spreading philosophies that lead astray from Universal Principles and make easy the spread of dogmas based on fear.

May we continue to be as a spark of light in the dark of night while yachting on the sea.


Anonymous said...

wonderful inspiration!

i learn to appreciate my root more and more everyday.

i begin to fall in and out of emotions in regards to what others say about them in their "past talkin trash speech".

my family were great people! freedom ran in their blood it is why all who are here now are here now. to know how my family paved a way in truth for all to marvel and ask why, is truly free. people i hear talk, and type, putting them down calling them demonic satan worshipers.


i laugh at you who say such atrocities toward the ones who gave you what you stand on beneath flesh. that flower you see it a child of my family's blood.

that is what it makes me feel like i should express.

sorry about that rant but "free willy" has arrived. and with that has come a truly great possession.

mold me? into what? i laugh at this and i always have. family didnt raise no fool. there was a method to the madness and it WORKED under great pressure it survived.

it is true what you expresed in that there is much mud in the way.

good thing i have a 4X4!

i have learned to also appreciate the fact that their fathers before them and their friends and partners of other relations, all working together the best they can to keep the ball rolling.

spark=65, speech=56


11+11=22 or even 1+1=2+1+1=2

4 that would bring me back to "do" a deer a female deer........

teehee couldnt resist!


ooh! heres another one that just popped up

T RAP A - the ankh!??? something... like i said it just popped up

(trap a?)

youve gotta fight, for your right, to pahhhhhrtaaayyyy (beastie boys)


Anonymous said...

This comment section's fonts are way too small.

I'm very glad to have found this site. Nice to see Hebrew put in it's place, if I may say so. I am increasingly intrigued with you Herr Fetcho. Wondering how much of this was provided for you. Otherwise, you are too smart or have found your niche or something.

Tho it may be a projected "artifact" on my part, I did note that if you place the 2nd half of the runic row under the 1st, Perthro and Isa line up... That's P and I.

And they happen to be the "2nd" set, counting from the center where Jera and Eiwhaz form the 1st set.

Now consider jera (Cycles, harvest) and eiwhaz (yew Tree). Cycles and trees...

This "is" radius and circumference!
or even time and space.

So notice both of these inner sets (near the center of rune row) both seem to refer to the gist above.

Unknown said...

I'd like to see your official comment as to Stan Tenen's work with the Hebrew letters and first line of Genesis. Something, is going on there, which includes Pi and the In/Out process.

Unknown said...

Words are but symbols for the relations of things to one another and to us; nowhere do they touch upon absolute truth. See the link below for more info.