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Thursday, June 21, 2007

An Introduction - The Acroamatic Cipher

Welcome to the Illuminatus Observor, a blog dedicated to revealing the esoteric code woven into the English Language. As such, this blog serves as a reference source into the public yet hidden essence of a philosophical system woven into the English Alphabet.

Now, I know, some of you find such a statement as being "preposterous". Why do you think that way? Could such very thinking itself not be a designed set of misdirections imposed by a sustained and focused education system to create a reality that is otherwise? If you know little to nothing of the Occult, do not assume you understand or can come to understand the world of Sethian/Jehovian/Typhon metaphysics.

What is missing in Western education systems is a conceptual understanding of the integrated usage of mythologies by the "initiatory systems". That Cain is Jehovah is Typhon is Seth is Enlil is not understood and readily available to the masses who enter and exit Western education systems. That Cain is Jehovah is Typhon is Seth is Enlil remain more cryptic stories to describe particular letters of a particular alphabet, remain hidden to nearly all save for those at the higher ranks of "the Illuminatus".

The Acroamatic Cipher is just one of dozens upon dozens of interlinking ciphers and allegorical ploys being deployed in the fabrication of what comes to be known as "mass reality". After all, as former President Clintons said, "It all depends on what "is" is." Manley P. Hall wrote in "Secret Teachings of All Ages" hinted at the use of an Alphabet as the framework for mythologies when he revealed, "The creation myths of the world are acroamatic cryptograms, and the deities of the various pantheons are only cryptic characters which, if properly understood, become the constituents of a divine alphabet. The initiated few comprehend the true nature of this alphabet, but the uninitiated many worship the letters of it as gods."

Sir Francis Bacon stated, "Tragedies & Comedies are made of one Alphabet." So what was this "Alphabet"? When one begins to comprehend the nature of the Alphabet as 'the God" and the "letters" as "the gods", it becomes easier to grasp the more political nature of such ideas as "idol worshippers", for the various "idol worshippers" were themselves initiated into the various meanings and understandings of the various "gods"

Plutarch describes the nature of the Letters as representations of "God" when he writes in On the Letter E at Delphi 'But the God IS, we are bound to assert, he is, with reference to no time but to that age wherein is no movement, or time, or duration; to which nothing is prior or subsequent; no future, no past, no elder, no younger, which by one long "now" has made the "always" perfect. Only with reference tot his that which really is, is; it has not come into being, it is not yet to be, it did not begin, it will not cease. Thus then we ought to hail him in worship, and thus to address him as "Thou Art", aye, or in the very words of some of the old people, "Ei Hen", "Thou art one thing".

The first key to an observation of the Illuminatus is to understand clear that "the God" is the Alphabet; the "gods" are the Letters. In this way does "Cain", which stands on "one leg", is a cipher for the Letter "I", while the Letter A is "Able", wherein to be "able" is to "stand on two feet". In this way does the letter j and i share design parallels, or that "candy Cain's" appear on the Winter Solstice even as the celebration is set against the rebirth of Osiris/Dionysus.

Comprehending the nature of "the Thing" arms you to comprehend the nature of "the Thing".


Citizen said...

Nice blog. The nature of your work has given me a whole new appreciation for Mark Twain's "The problem with humanity is humanity". Thanks for the good work you do.

Dennis Fetcho said...

Thanks for the feedback. I hope you come back and share some more of your thoughts and if there is any topic you are interested, let me know and I will see what I can do to put something together.

Anonymous said...

That Video you have embedded on your page entitled New World Order Government Conspiracy. Where can I get my hands on this kind of information? I can't seem to find any cogent or voluminous sources or books anywhere...

Your site is classic, don't get me wrong, but much of what I read here is too advanced to follow. I know you are compiling a variety of information sources currently, but is there anywhere I can start in the mean time?

I'm dyin here!


Luís Gonçalves said...

Greetings Fetch,

I've also been doing some work with another very interesting numerical cipher that was used by the Bavarian Illuminati. It's application to the 1 Dollar bill and Liber AL vel Legis (the "Book of the Law" of Thelema) has been surprisingly revealing.

If you allow me to post a link here, here's the link to my blog "Ciphers & Symbols of the Illuminati":

Thank you very much. Continue the Great Work! ;)

Luís, from Portugal

Anonymous said...

..how about pointing out that 'the "word"' has: "double-u" (actually sounding like two o:s in the pronunciation) and after it the sequence -o-r-d.. ..in a sens it is a triple o-o-o of sequence..

..since you mark 'pi/the circle' as "the word" it is maybe a point of interest to evaluate and ponder the possibility in where symbolisms can point:

..if you pick "something symbolic" (like a circle/o) have it "doubled" and thus magnified (circle-circle/o-o) finalize by "crowning it as a divine 'trinity'" (circle-circle-circle/o-o-o) that "will make it": "divinely carrying this message as in an all encompassing "universal/goodly" perspective over this chosen symbolism..")

..maybe it is there in the geometric translation (circles in third magnitude/o-o-o) put into the sound structure and symbolic notion of the "word"/o-o-o-r-d..

..according to a speculation I found attraction over pondering (by Bengt Hemtun): .."r" (er) seems to point "physical/earthly matters" and "d" (de) "is pointing" (like in the actual Swedish word de/"they"/"pointer towards something..)..

..if o-o-o-"er"-"de" also could be:

..'the "divinely circled"("o-o-o")-"earthly"("r")-"pointing"("d")..

..this I will just leave hanging in the air for inspiration or dismissal..

Kind regards,
Pär Henriksson, Dalby, Skaane, Sweden

Anonymous said...

wow and all this time i thought that people and trends and forces were responsible for historical events but it's actually magic letters and numbers what a fool I was!!!