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Saturday, July 4, 2015

One Basic Truth - Reality and Perception Management

"One Basic Truth" is a poem written by Delamar Deverus.  For reference, it is written again here:
truth can
be used as
a foundation for
a mountain of lies,
and if we dig down deep
enough in the mountain of lie,
and bring out that truth, to set it
on top of the mountain of lies; the entire
mountain of lies will crumble under the weight of
that one truth, and there is nothing more devastating to a
structure of lies than the revelation of the truth upon which
the structure of lies was built, because the shock waves of
the revelation of the truth reverberate, and continue to
reverberate throughout the Earth for generations to
follow, awakening even those
people who had no
desire to be
to the

What this poem hints at is that reality, itself, or at least reasonable portions of it, is a lie.  No, we are not speaking about the fact that one feels pain or pleasure, or that emotions can treble through an individual, lifting them to great heights or to chasms of despair. What we are referring to when we speak about "reality" is the larger matrix upon which beliefs are fabricated and constructed.

In the case of this blog, the Illuminatus Observor, our main focus is on word constructions, and especially those word constructions that revolve around constructions of religious and Occult significance.  For example, we are taught that "God" as a construct is based around two distinct categories: Monotheism and Polytheism.  Under these conditions, our language and perception should be exceptionally clear, for the root of each of these words is the word THE.

It would make sense that we break down and truly understand the CONSTRUCTION of the word THE before we sought to leap and accept any external definitions as to what this word means "precisely".

In the case of the word THE, we can see that the idea of MONOTHEISM and POLYTHEISM is just one of these truths upon which a "mountain of lies" has been crafted.

We are told that there is the "One God", and this "One God" gets to have a "capital letter G", while all the other "gods", not being the "One God", are relegated to lower case lettering, beginning of course with the letter "g".  This construction continues, for within the principles of grammar are including additional modifiers that shed further delineations within perceptions and beliefs.  The rules within grammar make it acceptable to say, for instance, "And then God did so and so", yet it would not be acceptable for one to say, "And then god did so and so", for the latter would be grammatically incorrect.  In the case of the latter, we must add a preposition "a", "And a god did so and so", for now we see that the construction of words is not dealing with "God", but rather "a god", which by definition, being "decapitated", is by default a "lesser god".

In this case, the rules of grammar assist and aid in the construction of the reality which, through either willful ignorance and deception, externally or internally inflicted, we create beliefs that may or may not be wholly rooted in "reality".

When we add in the insanity of Jewish impositions and constructions on our language, we see that the construction becomes even more convoluted.  The Jewish "word", or written expression of God is called "G-d", which is then explained away in a litany of obfuscations and rationalizations for which the very basic tenet is never dealt with: why would Jews care to modify an English name?  Do they call Allah of Islam "All-h"?

In English, Jews will rewrite the word "L-rd", but do they rewrite the Spanish word Dios to D--s?  No.  They do not.

So we can surmise that somewhere within the historical litany of relations between Jewish and Pagan mystics, Jews must have been provided, or stolen, some insights into the word God to such a degree that they came to have a reverence of it, or loath the concept enough to the point of seeking absolutely destroy it. 

You see, we have mused about all these things, and all the imagery that wafts in and through the imagination, yet we have failed in our ability to transcend what is clearly a crafted reality, for are not words, even as they are often enough absolute essences of "the thing" they represent?

We have failed in our ability to transcend, or comprehend, reality.

Word Crafting - Representing the Essence of "the Thing"

Pretty much most cultures have a reverence and belief that the naming of the thing, especially as it pertains to the realm of language before the day of a "scientific rationalism and categorizations", carried with it some mystical channel back to some "god" or energy that was accessed in the naming of the "Thing".

For one of the best treatises from our Western traditions, one should read Cratylus, by Plato.

In this dialogue we learn much about the beliefs within Greek culture about the naming of names.
Soc. Then, Hermogenes, I should say that this giving of names can
be no such light matter as you fancy, or the work of light or chance
persons; and Cratylus is right in saying that things have names by
nature, and that not every man is an artificer of names, but he only
who looks to the name which each thing by nature has, and is able
to express the true forms of things in letters and syllables.
Words, by their nature, incorporate the nature of the thing, and this knowledge aids in the deconstruction of the philosophy of the Construct as such is contained in words.

For instance, consider the word DYKE.  This word is representative of a woman who is a LESBIAN.  Do these two words not hint at the nature of the Construct through which these words represent in the naming of the Thing?  Does not a "dyke" hold back the waters and would not these same properties be present in the woman who is so repulsed by the Masculine that she will not have intercourse and hence "bear children" which is an act that Nature accomplishes through water?

Words, in nearly all manner, represent the nature of the Thing they represent.  However, when we refer to the "nature of the Thing", this concept must be understood to having a "fall back" to how the "Thing" fits within the larger philosophy which is defined as "the Construct".

Words as "happy" and "sad", for instance, provide us with sparks of insights into larger elements of the Construct, each waiting to be deconstructed so that we may penetrate a bit more into this idea known as "reality".

Imagine, we have mused upon all this, and hinted at things still hidden.  The Construct dares you to peer and come to know it with each tumbling letter.  All of this from a simply philosophical inquiry into the word THE as the root of "Mono THE ism" and "Poly THE ism"!

One Basic Truth - Building a Mountain of Lies (or is that - A Mystery?)

"The name of her shrine also clearly promises knowledge and comprehension of reality..."- Plutarch, On Isis and Osiris

It is enough to understand that reality is itself occulted.  There is that which you can see, and below the surface, as an iceberg as it were, a whole body of information or knowledge hidden from view but upon which the crafted reality is built upon.

When we began this article, we began with a simple philosophical inquiry into the word THE, for sure that which is called God by liturgical usage also must equate to THE, for we have been given two word, "MONO THE ISM" and "POLY THE ISM" to assist in describing what is traditionally referred to as "God".

We can use the words in Latin, INRI for Jesus and DIOS for Spanish "God" to assist us to peer into the esoteric constructions of these words.

Utilizing summation, where ever letter is SUMMED from 1 to itself, we can discover the following:

INRI = 45+105+171+45 = 366
DIOS = 10+45+120+190 = 365

Each of these words, if we are to accept that gematria plays a role in word formation or crafting, reveals that INRI and DIOS are replacement words for the Sun, for it is said that year is 365 days, or 366 with a leap year year.

Further, when utilizing the Isisian Codes, the very word SUN is:

U=6 (Sum of 1:6=21=U)

Therefore, we have 3 words that referring back to the orbital time for the Earth to revolve around the Sun.

Consequently, we can surmise that the word THE is really coded word that refers back to "the SUN", for all things, or life on Earth, emanates from the Sun.

Hence, again, with the Isisian Codes, we see that T and H are compound sounds, in that TH are combined to form a compound sound.  With T located at 4 and H located at 8, the sum of each of these letters is 10 and 36 respective, to form 360 when multiplied.  Thus, when we add the 5 of E back to THE, we see that word THE is really a reference back to "The SUN", which then must be "the God", for GOD is 7+15+4 = 26 Weeks, or the Pi Proportion of 52 weeks that go into the completion of a single year.

Yet from this one basic truth, an entire mountain of religious beliefs so toxic that people are willing to kill and die for, has spread across the face of the Earth.

For an insight into this article, you can watch this video called "One Basic Truth", which was the very first podcast of Inside the Eye, which was the Podcast Companion to the Illuminatus Observor.


Unknown said...

Funny, I just emailed you about the idea that,"Yet from this one basic truth, an entire mountain of religious beliefs so toxic that people are willing to kill and die for, has spread across the face of the Earth."

Just consider all the animal and human sacrifices to the "gods". Were they perhaps unwittingly sacrificed to the letters? (Talk about reddening runes!)

Most of these gods were observed way before English... but letters - the idea of an Alphabet - were there apparently. Seems to be a fine line here. It would necessitate a network of initiates.

Let's take Odin, corresponded to A, as per ansuz and os runes. This blog seems to be thus indirectly saying that if there were no A, then the idea of an Odin may not have arisen. The fact that writers made up gods makes this more complex.

But I guess the bottom line is that reality is more about geometry, sound etc as to any gods. But for that one vast Consciousness I suppose.

Labels and letters.

Unknown said...

An extremely pertinent quote from another source which might be set on every page underneath the Isisian Codes; )

"Much of it speaks the iconographic language of their (Peruvian) people who, in ancient times had a high culture in the absence of alphabetic or glyphic writing."

Anonymous said...

i thought U=5???? as it equates to the letter E in the first part of the codes

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Anonymous said...



see you friend!


Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous, -sky- here and I wanted to help you out since none have.

U = 1:6=21

U is the 21st letter of the English alphabet

So we can in place of 5 also use 6 for the letter U.

Here is the summative value of a letter-number called U:

1+2+3+4+5+6 = 21

You will find in many of Dennis' articles/lessons that this value is often used especially with the letters DJMTX

For they all have the value of ten. I supposed one could say this is a common denominator for the four (1+2+3+4=10) values.

The genealogy so-to-speak of 21 is thus;


These are the summative families of U....3,6,21,231
I guess one could also include 1+1=2, because it comes first which gives 1+2=3 operation.

May your days get funner and funner!


And I am unsure if I have commented on this before and Dennis has not had time to post them so if I did --- oooops! :)

Anonymous said...

Another truth is that light from "the" sun refracts, & from how flowers bloom to how you look between two mirrors we can measure its effect at a 45 degree angle. Since we only view our world in 90 degree intervals we're bypassing half of reality.

With that said where's the "bottom" of the mountain where this alleged truth is buried? For starters the mountain is made from the same element as all that surrounds it, & even the molten lava is of the same compound. If truth is buried under that mountain, then perhaps Earth is to an electron as it is to "the" sun?

Let's talk about digging into the mountain to disrupt the truth of reality, & we'll find that when the Vatican refused to let physicists peer beyond the big bang they "accelerated" their destructive study of metaphysics. If the Earth is like an electron people's beliefs have less to do with the nihilism of reality than their subservient acceptance of particle mechanics; it's too late to shut off the lights now, because intentions have been set on all sides.