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Friday, December 2, 2016

The Isisian Codes - The Formative Years

Inside the Eye - The Formative Years is an edited version of Podcast 1, Segment 2 of the original "Inside the Eye - The Podcast Companion to the Illuminatus Observor".  This effort puts the podcast to video with concise imagery that helps bring the audio to live.

One of the key elements considered in the development of the Isisian Codes is the reality that the Sepher Yetzirah, or Book of Formation, is telling a story about the phonetic design set into Alphabets.  It (the Sepher Yetzirah), being a Qaballistic document, should not be construed as being applicable only to the Hebrew Alphabet.  Afterall, most people the world over who peer into their own unique Alphabets find a divinic shadow cast upon their language, Alphabet, and Letters.

English is unique, or so it appears, due to the reality that the Alphabet is a construction designed to return "the lost Word".  Wherein we adhere to the idea of a system based on "Letters, Numbers, and Sounds", it would make sense that "the Word", comprised as it is of Letters, must then be also comprised of numbers.  

Why then would an Alphabet not itself be a metaphysical representation of "a number", which in the case of English, can clearly be viewed and seen as being that of "Pi".

The Oral and Written Traditions

If one peers into the Rabbinical. or Jewish, Kabballah, it should remembered that there is a lot of emphasis put on the idea that Kabballah is, itself, a form of "oral tradition".  Whereas the Rabbis have been able to promote their form of "oral traditions", it should also be remembered that many Western "oral traditions", such as "the Tarot" and other forms of "divinic Arts" were ruthlessly suppressed to the point of complete vilification of nearly all Western "oral traditions".

The result of this suppression adds to a retarding of human capital dedicated to Western mystery traditions and art forms.  This idea is hinted at in this video.

Another factor to consider is the wedding of Isis and Osiris.  Since, via gematria, Isis is equated to Speech, and Osiris is equated to Religion, generally speaking, we can say that Isis and Osiris represent two apparently separate and distinct schools of esoteric traditions.  However, we should remember that Isis and Osiris are wed, which is to say, they are as one: you cannot fully interpret the Written Traditions without some insights and clues from the Oral Traditions.

An example of this might be, "Make the bottom bigger than the top", when describing the creation and form of the Letter B.  The DUAT, wherein the AT hints at a separation and DUAL and TWO concurrent, ultimately returns us back to the Letter D.  Shakespeare's, "To be or not to be, that is the question" tells of the nuance contained in the Letter B, which itself cannot be separated from the verb "To Be", and the present reality of "You R".

The Isisian Codes - The Formative Years

The framework of the Isisian Codes was developed between the years 1996-2002.  However, the research required to fill-out the framework, or skeleton, required an additional 6-9 years.  Much of this effort, but certainly not all, was put on the web for "entertainment", "comment", and for enhancing reader knowledge.  Of course, there were more hidden, subtle strategies being invoked concurrently, but the value of such efforts one could only glean from conjecture, for one could never really know if the direct targets were either hit or reached.

With the addition of this completed video, the spirit of an open effort to enhance "entertainment", add grounds for "comment", and "enhancing reader knowledge" remains. So too does an element of subtle hidden nuance which is sure to resonate and intrigue, and just perhaps, open some hidden channel for those already versed in the higher nuances of this Art.

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