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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The New World Order Encoded into Mythology

As a child, I grew up in a pretty traditional Lutheran setting. By early high school, I was giving sermons from the pulpit about the Pagan roots to most of the
Christian ritual. Easter was a specifically easy sermon to be making, what with Easter being named after the German goddess Oester. I was never impressed with the Jewish version of history: like Santa Claus, "the math" just never worked out. I was always amazed at how naive what appeared to be normal and functioning adults could be.

Surely this Beast called "G-d" deserved nothing but scorn for the evils it seemed so eager to commit, and yet people followed after the evil in a most naive and simplistic way. Brutalizing and being brutalized appeared to be a form of masochistic pleasure. In the safe confines of "churches" and "synogogues" and "mosques" the world over could be found 1/3 of the human population openly glorifying the death of humanity in some bizarre ritual called "a resurrection of the dead", a "moshiach", or whatever name one wished to call same.

Yes. Real adults with real jobs with real children with real power to vote on the direction of the world really do believe in these stories, and worse, believe to such a degree that they actively aid and contribute to the mythologies to such a degree that the mythologies become self fulfilling fantasies.

To many a soul, the destruction of the human race is seen as something to be honored and glorified, for it is the only way in which their "chosen spiritual team" can "win" the spiritual game in play. Jonah really did live in the belly of the whale for 3 days, and yes, the anti-Christ will ride into town with 666 blazing on his forehead. G-d really did impart some magic potion (philosophy) to Noah and the greatest prize remains, the chance to build the literal "second Temple" to house the return of "God' to his rightly throne on Earth.

Yet all the while, men and women of conscious have sought to keep the eternal flame of wisdom alive, and none more successful than they who encoded their philosophy into Art and the language that would become English.

While Jehovian (Setian) churches filled their coffers from the weekly churn of "masses" and "pastors" herded their flock into churchly "pastures", the secret Osirian systems behind English wove basic truths of their philosophy into the finer hidden meanings of the language. Thus a "massacre" cannot be separated from the mass, the mosquito from the mosque, or the mess from the messiah

The Drowning of Mankind

There was always a big question mark relative to the teachings I received in Sunday Schools. As one of the brightest of my academic classes, I was not one who was easy to please with simple explanations. For instance, the idea of "spiritism" was regarded as purely the art of "Satan", and yet as I dutifully learned to recite the "66" books of the Bible in order, how was I supposed to solve for the mythical Beast without invoking the very art of Satan himself?

Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six.

Alas! How does one calculate for a name if one does not know even the basic rudiments of "numerology", let alone that of "gematria" and other forms of higher level esoteric knowledge? It was clear that I was in a dilemma. To get wisdom meant I had to solve for the value of the mythical Beast, and so I had to rise to the level of Satan himself! I must master the devils craft!

And "mastering" the "Craft" I did!

"End of days" mythologies serve as blueprints, even as they are rehashed and altered forms of earlier mythologies. The Construct is critical and key to ascertaining reality. From the Epic of Gilgamesh,

She, the sweet-voiced,
She, the Lady of the Gods,
How did she lament aloud, crying:
'Verily, the Old Age has crumbled into dust!
Because I spoke evil in the Assembly of Gods!
Oh, how could I command havoc for the destruction of my people
When I myself gave birth to my people?
Now the spawn of fishes, the sea is glutted with their bodies!'

The "Old Age" could be regarded as the actual history of those civilizations behind the great ancient monoliths that dot the world, from the Pyramids in Egypt to the great stone circles in England. Whatever had been set in motion had completely destroyed those civilizations. A "new man" was born, but this new form would be "drowned" (existing in a watery atmosphere without escape).

Blind and confused, this new form of human would be easy to control and manipulate - words themselves would serve as the mass tool of control, yet all the while what remained was a torch or flame that rose above the waves and kept the light of hope and inspiration shining.

This trans-dimensional war would shift from a quick knock out blow that failed (the Flood as a mythological strategic historical reality) into a long term game of chase and destroy. Secret Societies beholden to Isis as the Owl would race to encode the knowledge while the Setian forces would sweep behind and seek to destroy the information and the symbols of the "on the run" Osirian and Isisian systems.

The old days were destroyed. In its place would come Occult stories of "resurrections" of "the dead" and of "One World Orders", even as religions would rise to control the Occult formulas such as to hide the higher esoteric meanings and keep the people in shackles.

The Philosophical Foundation of the New World Order

The simplest way to begin to comprehend what is going on is to realize that there is an ebb and a flow to the Occult war that exists on "planet Earth". What the Osirian and Isisian Systems set in motion and laid down in all form of stone and art and speech, Setian Initiated Systems seek to undo and destroy. Hence in the Letter F, we may combine them into 4 F's (FFFF), call it a "Swastika", and use this symbol to represent the "Circle of Life".

The symbol as designed is really saying "4 6's", or F*F*F*F = 1296, or the fractal of the number of years to the precession of the equinox's, the very letters 12 being L, I being 9, 6 being F and E, being silent, is implied.

Hence the swastika is originally a symbol of the Sun and represents "LIFE
Setian systems (OTO and Merovingians) would come along and in the creation of "NAZI Germany" (NOT SEE), seek to undo the formula and destroy it by associating the symbol to a "cult of death", "mass genocide", etc.

Plutarch speaks about this very succinctly in "On Isis and Osiris" when he says,

But a destined time shall come when it is decreed that Areimanius, engaged in bringing on pestilence and famine, shall by these be utterly annihilated and shall disappear; and then shall the earth become a level plain, and there shall be one manner of life and one form of government for a blessed people who shall all speak one tongue. Theopompus says that, according to the sages, one god is to overpower, and the other to be overpowered, each in turn for the space of three thousand years, and afterward for another three thousand years they shall fight and war, and the one shall undo the works of the other,

In Areimanius, we have a transposition of Seth, and the other "god" is Oromazes, who is a transposition of for Osiris. Thus the idea of a "resurrected god", when set back against the Construct, implies the resurrection of "the God" which is the "Alphabet", itself resurrected in what is now "English" and all the philosophical nuances and plays on words inherent within.

In Continental Masonry systems aligned with Osiris, the idea was that "the Word" was to be established in "a merry Ka", wherein the merry Ka was and is Osiris, and Setian Systems, comprised primarily now of Noahidists and Martinists, are seeking to destroy "A merry Ka" and the philosophies and Constitution upon which the ideal was built.

Although this is a simplistic explanation of the forces in play, the explanation regardless of the seeming "irrationality" to it, is itself highly accurate and points to the almost absurd irrationality of that which is destructive, or Setian systems.

The New World Order is simply the inverse ideal of what was intended by the Osirian and Isisian Systems as referenced in On Isis and Osiris, and so the ideal contained within is simply being inverted and perverted to destroy the philosophical construct contained within the original concept.

The myths are the blueprint for the larger Occult agendas and forces alway in play across the spectrum of the historical and philosophical ranges of human activities.


Christopher Loring Knowles said...

Excllent, excellent post. Thank you.

The Fetch said...

Christopher. Coming from someone as you who has an equally fine blog at "The Secret Sun", knowing you are here and reading and appreciating is an honor.

I truly appreciate you making your presence known and taking the time to drop your comments.

Anonymous said...



like water (each different like snowflakes which makes total sense!)

holding angry molecules is that what the sound does fromthe energy we give it ?????????????????

who is this lady??the sweet voice?
who turned sweet life bitter?

to know the terminating line which is insane!!!

how could a human possibly walk inbetween the two worlds and not go insane without some kind of help of something.... what on earth happened? beyond the image of letters you you can think about them but to say them

to really say what they truly represent

is that why they love the sun so much? are they in mourning? are happy? is the horizon happy?

oh my

what is this place we live in...

who walks on this line

are those the gods? weaving their music to create life?

who made the music ?

soun without the d is 69 and with the d which was later added is 73

the sound can make the water happy or mad and all inbetween so the rain really does come from "whatever conjured it up" so ...

when they sprinkle the air with their "magic potions" to make it rain they are...playing as if "they are THE potion maker?" even though they are not

so that is why they call her mother nature?

and father time? now does the f is "f"ather represent 1296?

oh boy... what about the rest of that word? time a.t.h.e.r

what is ather? well fa has the "ah" sound, and ther goes together.. but
the r ah the r? lol this is nuts

1296 a t h e r and you say h is pi

but is this a true representation of pi or is this Greek perpective not wise to follow?

i cant tell who is good and bad till i meet them...so..i dont know any Greek people. ;p

but love and evil know know boundaries so it doesnt even matter lol

F1296 A T 3.14 E R

(T, still unsure what this truly is you say scales right?)

E what a letter this is (trust me on that one! lol)

and R i just dont even know where to begin... head? how is it a head? Greeks shaped it like a P *ugh* Egyptians have tp i guess for top? tip? so head it is? top of the day? what is top of the day anyway. not sure why but for some reason that makes sense because top of the day involving sun and the Egyptians worshiped the sun? Now wait a sec!!! i just realized "Rêš" also... hmmmmmm this has something to do with a soul or spirit or seed or something because, well, it just does. yall can go find that one out lol that took me for-EVER to find and it isnt just going to pop out and say hey here i am you really gotta dig for this stuff

(hummmm scales like a snake?) hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm if you are not careful it will bite you just like the scales!!!! so will the scorpion wow!! they are so cute when they run around with tiny little babies all stuck on her - ever seen that? impressive really reminds me of Atlas carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders)

so Time ... hmmm

mother nature
mo.fa time.nature

mo na(ture) fa(time) fatima?

ther mo nature fatime

thank you for everything i read this article again with new eyes
who is this sweet voice?


TakeMyWord said...

Its ashame that it took me X amount of years to understand the tommorrows of yesterday. I don't feel so bad anymore because of those people who are so caught up in entertainment and technology don't see. Our governments places God as the head and dethrowns Him out of Greed. NWO is thriving forward and The End days are here.

Thank you for the inspiration of whats relevant to many

Marc Jones said...

Interesting that here in 2015, Chinese is the most spoken language on the planet. Interesting to see this trend in five years if we're still around. Maybe English will go out with the dollar...