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Friday, February 3, 2012

Homonyms and Homophones as Esoteric Constructions

One of the more curious aspects of English is the use of "homonyms" and "homophones" within the vocabulary. "Homonyms" and "homophones" share a common condition: and two (or three) words sound the same yet mean something wholly different from each other. The difference is this: "homoyms" are spelled the same while "homophones" are spelled differently.

Thus, "technically", "there" and "their" are considered "homophones", while "content" is a "homonym", such as "One should never be content to coast along the coast looking for content." We note here that the "homonyms" of "content" and "coast" take on the properties of "verbs" and "nouns". In all cases, placement, and variably, enunciation, enable the proper meaning to form clearly within the receiver.

Delving further, it makes sense that within the construction of homonyms and homophones arises the probability of some philosophical embedding, or encoding in such a way as to reveal rational demonstrations of the Construct.

Herein is a musing on just such a probability with an added element of poetic license.

Comparative Equivalence Constructions

One such comparative equivalence is the homophone of "flee" and "flea". One does not, generally, "flee", unless one is under some state of duress or under some form of assault. Consider then the dog that scratches at a coat filled with "fleas".

In this case, "fleas" that are under assault can be seen to "flee", or jump from the dog. In this way we see a form of comparative equivalence in the naming and construction.

Equally, as "fleas" are to "flees", "ticks" are to "tickets". A "tick", once attached to a host, continues to such blood, weakens the host, and perhaps spreads a form of seriously dibilitating or fatal disease. A "tick" in the form of a "ticket" has allegorically parallel properties. Tickets as "fines" for alleged or manufactured transgressions equally latch themselves on to the person targeted and, if not dealt with removed accordingly, often escalates into forms of dibilitating circumstances.

"Tick"ets are, in practical analysis, a convenient way for the "State" to latch onto a victim and "leech" "blood", which takes on the form of "money", and the State will do so so with ever escalating dibilitating circumstances until the "tick" is removed.

Another form of comparative equivalence is in the idea of "leaves" and "leaves". In this case, it can be shown that the verb "leaves" is comparatively equivalent to the noun "leaves". When all is healthy, or things are in some static state, "leaves" remain on the tree. However, as conditions change, say, as at the time of "Autumn", "leaves" "leave" the tree, wherein the "tree" is the condition within which the "leaf" co-exists as part of a larger unified body.

Hence, when, say, a baseball pitcher "leaves" the game, the verb "leaves" mimics the "leaves" on a tree, which, too, "leave the tree".

Abstract Occult Constructions

Of course, since "the Construct" is a "qaballistic construction", there is a rational presumption that some words and constructions are "lessons" or "observations" regarding "the gods", or, more clearly, specific letters.

Hence in the Letter B, it can be shown that B is comprised of a letter/number/sound in that its form and shape can be seen to be derived from a mathematical formula of 1+2=3, wherein we use the 1 and the 3 to form the B. Hence "2B" or not "2B" is a philosophical question which may be equally applied to the Letter B. B may be a "2", but too may be a "3".

Hence the "homophone" of "2" will be "3": to, too, and two.

A more cryptic set of homophones revolves around the Letter C, the primary letter from which "Occult" is derived. A general analysis of the word "occult" is that it is derived from the word/phenomena known as an "occultation".

A mass market definition generally treats the word "occultation" as being "the covering of one celestial body over another". Such occurs when, say, there is a lunar or solar eclipse, but also occurs when, say, the moon covers some distant star.

However, within the "Occult", or qaballistic study, occultations are transient. Hence, not being permanent, that which covers will at some point in time become "uncovered". Thus there are two primary realities to the Letter "C": that which is "seen" and "that which is unseen".

Thus in the word set "sea" and "see", we can show in the word "sea" that it "covers" the life that exists below and yet, if one "takes the cover off the sea", euphemistically speaking, and peers down into the depths below, one is able to see what the sea covers.

As "Typhon" is the realm of "the sea", it is the world of corruption and illusions and shadows

Thus we have another homophone, that of "seas" and "seize". Here we find a very universal, perhaps hardwired at the DNA level, archetype. This is the idea of "savior gods". As mankind is said to be "drowned", or immersed into the sea (atmosphere), although we may "rise above the waves", the ability to actually "exit the seize" requires a bit of outside assistance. Try as you might to rise up and out of the "seas/seize", you cannot without some aid or external assistance.

Poetic License Homonym-Homophone Constructions

If "quiet contemplation frees the mind", what then is the philosophical relationship of "frees" to "freeze"? The object and aim is to "rise above the waves". Thus in an "iceberg", we have what his hidden (occulted) and what is seen (risen above the waves). The Construct is designed such that "water freezes" (frees) at "32 degrees". One may see the Freemasonic parallel of "32 degrees", which is representative of the first 32 decimal digits of Pi. The "33" rises above the waves (the decimal point) and "joins the Trinity", or the 3 of "3.1415926..."

Thus in FREEZE and FREES, we see a constructed design highlighting this aspect of the "Construct".

Another, with a bit of poetic license, is that of "halve" and "have". To "have" something is to "get" something. If I "got" something, I then "have" something. But "halve" and "have" are interlinked.

If I "G"-"T" something, I must "halve it".

Here is a very elegant code within the Construct.

The key is PI. If we divide the G-T sequence in half, we end up at MN, or 1314, which is Pi. If we divide the two halves again, the G and the T lie precisely at the half way points of each side of the Alphabet, leaving us with 6 on the left and 6 on the right of each letter.

The "Spirit of 76"

Another homophone that speaks of the "Construct" is that of "Steak" and "Stake". For a "qaballa purist", there can be no denying that STEAK and STAKE are connected: the word and its anagram are always esoterically linked.

Here is the idea of the battle between "good" and "evil", of Isis against Jehovah/Typhon/Seth, who is the "vampyre" that cannot survive exposure to the light.

One of the primary representations of Isis is that of "the cow". Hathor from Egypt and "Queen Moo" from the Maya are two key ones. From a "cow" we derive a "steak" and from a "stake" we can drive it through the heart of Jehovah/Typhon/Seth.

This provides but a small glimpse into the nature of homonyms and homophones as esoteric constructions.


Anonymous said...

You explain so well, thank you! good blog :)

Anonymous said...

I love it whenever Fetch gets around to the "educational" aspects of the Isian Codes (as he does with this article). I know, Fetch, it's hard to find the time with the radio show and all, but it certainly would be nice if at some point you could provide some kind of serious "lesson material" to initiates such as myself who are so inclined to delve deeper into the various constructs that you do so well in presenting. I know for myself, I can't think of anyone else I'd rather learn any Qaballistic Constructs from.
Perhaps offering "texts" that folks can purchase from this site (along with other materials)... Just a thought...
By the way, Fetch, did you get a chance to read any of the CONTROVERSY OF ZION yet?

Anonymous said...

I love these articles, I read them two and three times just to wring every last bit of knowledge out of them I can. More than I can say for any thing else I read.

Anonymous said...

If "quiet contemplation frees the mind", what then is the philosophical relationship of "frees" to "freeze"? The object and aim is to "rise above the waves". Thus in an "iceberg", we have what his hidden (occulted) and what is seen (risen above the waves). The Construct is designed such that "water freezes" (frees) at "32 degrees".

>>>>>>One may see the Freemasonic parallel of "32 degrees", which is representative of the first 32 decimal digits of Pi.

>>>>>>The "33" rises above the waves (the decimal point) and "joins the Trinity", or the 3 of "3.1415926..."<<<<<<<<<<<


from zero or decimal, is that going left or right?
or both? at 33.........

Anonymous said...

poli = poly = many, multiple
tics = ticks = bloodsucking, life-draining parasites

1. Persons that engage in politics seeking to prevail over other persons in influence over the conduct of society; 2. Persons that become blood-sucking, life-draining parasites in order to gain the power to control the conduct of society for the benefit of themselves and those who align with them and disproportionately support their blood-sucking, life-draining effort.

Anonymous said...

Hello Fetch thinkq

Marc Jones said...

A bull, and a Papal Bull - it's all bull...deserving a bullet in the back of the neck administered by the local bully, after having read a bullet list of deterring measures. And bulldozers... We get the point, bully! Capital idea, bully!

Walter Alter said...

Homophones are used massively in slipping an esoteric message into normal conversation by people who have had their category buffers removed by various processes of esoteric study and practice, such as the Gurdjieff material. Nobody discusses this ability to put two or more meanings into a statement or phrase, yet it is a powerful tool of esoteric manipulation and power accumulation. "Looks like a change in the weather" could be read as "looks like a change in the whether" and refer to whether a course of action should be followed. The ability to do this is often seen as an indicator of one's esoteric attainment and can determine who is the alpha individual in a a social setting.

TheFetch said...

Hi Walter

Agree. Shakespeare is said to oft use "raisin" for "reason", and, although obscure, I have come across even Vedic "gurus" speaking about how this is going on in language and to assume otherwise would actually be fool hardy.