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Monday, May 28, 2012

Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio on Inside the Eye - Live! - 6.2.2012

To begin the month of June, Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio and Redicecreations.com with be joining The Fetch on Inside the Eye - Live!, which airs every Saturday morning at 10:00 AM CST - 12:00 PM on the Oracle Broadcasting Network.

Henrk and his team have been long time good friends of the Illuminatus Observor and we are looking forward to having Henrik as a guest on Inside the Eye - Live!

Red Ice Creations contains a wealth of informative, mainstream, and off mainstream content.  An informative news aggregation may be found on the front page, as well as links to the popular Red Ice Radio show, one of the leading podcasts of its kind within the alternative media space.

Henrik's interview style is relaxed and informative, resulting in a wealth of quality interviews covering a wide array of subjects.  The Red Ice Radio team includes helpful and insightful supporting links for each podcast.  Podcast/radio interviews are immediately cut over to Red Ice's Youtube channel where one can easily filter episodes by either date or popularity.

Henrik Palmgren is an independent filmmaker, radio host, musician, editor, director, researcher & graphics designer.  He is also an explorer of the occult, esoteric & exoteric and an observer of everything from conspiracies to subtle nuances of divine communication and meaningful coincidences. Henrik appeared Apr 14, 2012 om Coast to Coast Weekend where he "shared a series of conspiracy observations focused on the new world order, socialism, and the danger of centralized systems."

The interview on Inside the Eye - Live! should proved to be a fun and informative show to be enjoyed by all!

Show Date: June 2, 2012
Show Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST (USA - GMT - 8)

Show Summary

You can listen to the show here without being redirected:

The show turned out to be really fast paced, informative, and entertaining.  We began the show speaking about Redicecreations.com and Red Ice Radio, with Henrik providing many insights into various aspects of his online work as well as hearing some of Henrik's current interests in his reporting/show production at Red Ice Radio.

Bilderberg Chantilly, the Build-a-Burger Protests

We followed that with a discussion of the Bilderberg protests taking place in Chantilly, VA, and the media circus zoo instigated by a select group of suspect alternative media entities.

Indeed, it seems that that with the time and money being spent on "protesting" you would think that some of these "alterative media reporting" "entities" might spend a little bit of effort actually doing some research.

Had they done so they would be able to report that the Bilderberg Group has 35 members on its steering committee.  16 of these members are either Jews or people with Jewish spouses.  This means that within Bilderberg also, Jews control 46% of the Bilderberg steering committee.  It is the "steering committee" that controls the list of invitees and hence the direction of Bilderberg as a business/government round table venue.  Clearly this is a material piece of evidence about the Bilderberg Group, yet for all the "alternative" and "independent" media scrutiny, all we hear from these suspect and compromised media "entities" is brain dead screaming and ranting at "the New World Order".

Perhaps Alex Jones and his charade of protesters could shift some of their assets and energy to real enemies at and within the gates, America's Jewish organs which seek to destroy liberty and freedom in their effort to create their New World Order with Jews and Israel at the pinnacle of power and influence.

The Facebook IPO

Does anyone really believe that this boy genius is capable of putting together a US$100 billion company?

The fact of the matter remains:

Facebook is a wholly Jewish run operation.  It was promoted by a near total Jewish dominated media.  It was marketing to financial institutions by a nearly complete Jewish run investment banking operation.

The formula to hype Facebook was a text book example of how Jewish assets are used to collaborate to create wealth for primarily Jewish run organizations to the detriment of society as a whole.  Wealth, as is often the case, was not made by generating growth.  Wealth was created through fraudulent and shady marketing practices that sucked billions of dollars out of the non connected retail public.

The end result should have been expected: a few "insiders" would make out like bandits, except instead of riding on horses and robbing armed stage coaches, these bandits use their wide array of weapons (controlled corporate management, controlled media framing, and controlled financial marketing) to create the perfect storm that would contribute to a massive loss by retail (read that non Jews) who were stupid enough to trust in the financial fraud that has become the hallmark of Jewish management of media, finance, and corporate structures.

We covered this issue, and then moved on to one of Henrik's  prevailing interests, UN Agenda 21.

UN Agenda 21

Here, Henrik details how in his childhood he was "educated" in the coming "Agenda 21" campaign that so much of the West now finds under assault by.

We discuss issues Sweden is facing, including the deliberate attempt by Sweden's political elite to accelerate the demise of the car manufacturer SAAB in favor of "service economy" economic models.  UN Agenda 21 really is all about destroying the West's ability to maintain a sustainable manufacturing base.

Henrik also reveals some of the more hidden truths behind the privatization of Swedish industries and national assets.

Henrik the Red Ice Radio Host

We ended the show with Henrik sharing some of his thoughts on some of the more iconic names in the alternative history/conspiracy movement, including Hoagland, Icke, and Jordan Maxwell.

All in all a great show.  You can listen to the archive here of the show here:


Kerry said...

Good, I like Henrik. I agree with about 75% of his guests but love his interviews cause it's good to listen to different perspectives. He's always respectful to his guests.

RedShifty said...

That's what's up !! I been stuck on Red Ice Red Ice since '07 & anticipate new episodes as soon as the last starts looping into my complete archive often left to shuffle until the next post is fresh off download ;] Straightening the fringe never gets old ;]

eugene said...

Wow! The reference to the large piece of IRON as focus point .. hit me.

I take iron as being a unifying element of all things "above the event horizon" but unifying in false way, ie a "fenced" way.

Iron makes THE FENCE that is formed by the mind (thinking agent of above the event horizon) wielded by the hand (active agent of above the event horizon).

The thinker was the first one to reach the idea of fence. The wielder or the hand was the thinker at the outset of creating the fence. Once the fence was made, the thinker could use captured pseudo-thinkers to be the hand.

All of the thinking is in the realm of metallurgy and alchemy. All other things since the creation of the fence are inside the fence. The fence is the most dangerous thing that can inflict immediate physical damage.

E.G: every fence, every nail, every hammer, every tank, every sub-marine, every plane, every steel girder, every surgical knife, every tack, every pocket knife.

The kingdom of Iron is the entirety of all men downstream of the thinker of the fence.

The escape of the fence is the land inward. It has no fear of the fence or its thinker. The thinker no longer exists .. its contract inheritors do.

The iron itself. However blood thirsty the iron may seem, it is not, it serves a magnetic Lord who makes the earth spin and all the other bb's spin. There is a symbol stair in the last that is not so symbolic.

The iron is sharp .. but again to those who have or know Self as Brahma .. their is no fence, or even a magnetic Lord.

Beneath the fearless, the iron rules supreme because it has the kingship of passing through the gate of fire (stepping above the event horizon) at the smith's forge, the kingship of the thinker's mental fire, and last and also least .. the strength of an arm.

This last is not strong at all .. see above.

Iron is the below embodiment of how thought is a weapon. Amongst the disciples there were daggers .. Peter had one in his hand (Exo, outward, saying I will die for you) .. Judas is the dagger and will always walk through all doors (Iso, inward, saying nothing and doing all that Peter would not).

The single dissolver of all nails, all hammers, all spears .. in the hands of Roman Soldiers, who serve a Govenor with washed hands, who is only a Syndicate Banker stooge, miming Pater Ironus.

"No man may take my life, I lay it down and I pick it back up again."

Anonymous said...


At the end of the interview with Henrick you said your female friend saw somebody shift.

I think Henrick misunderstood you to say it was Icke who shifted, when you meant your friend saw some CIA guy shift.

Is that correct?

Thank you for clarification.


Dennis Fetcho said...

Hi Charles,

I believe you to be correct and I believe that Henkrik misunderstood what I was getting at. My associate saw claims to have seen someone associated with the CIA "shift" and not David Icke.

I was a bit puzzled why Henrik was somewhat upset till I went back and listened to the archive and believe that the issue was a misunderstanding as to who exactly was alleged to have been seen "shifting".

I have not spoken or communicated to Henrik although I was taken aback as to why he appeared to be upset. When I listened to the archives of that part of the discussion I realized that it could have appeared I meant Icke, which of course I did not mean.

If Henrik goes back and listens to the archive I trust he will understand what I meant..

No harm no foul. Part of live radio and we had a really great show.

I sorta screwed up the end equally by not giving the name "Nigel Farage" correctly, mistakenly using the name "Farrel" instead of Farage.

Still I thought the interview went well and was pleased with the effort.

Anonymous said...


Thanks you for the clarification Dennis.

Keep up your good work!


TheFetch said...

Hi Charles -

One further clarification. A shift does not imply or necessitate "reptilian", and in the case referred to, there was not any reference to "reptilian" - more akin to a human form but not exactly human would be a more inferred representation.

Definitely not "reptilian" however...