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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Marty Leeds, Pi - The Great Work - Inside the Eye - Live! 5.26.12

Update - December 11, 2016

As many of you know, the linking of the English Alphabet to "the Word" and further, as Pi, was an undertaking for which I invested more than 10K hours in research and meditation.  The effort consumed nearly 6 years of my life, and the presentation was leaked over a period of time where the presentation was honed and fine tuned in order to be able to make the information academically viable as well as available to those of medium to higher understanding of English as an historical and esoteric construction.

Marty Leeds did indeed appear on my show, Inside the Eye - Live!, in 2012.

I had been informed from readers across the net who were familiar with my work that Marty Leeds was engaged in wholesale theft of my work.  The idea of Pi linked to the English Alphabet is something that does not appear in any Occult writings aside from allegory and nuance.

The ONLY person who had brought this information to light was myself, long before a Marty Leeds came to the fore and claimed the link and idea as his own.

Needless to say, I have watched his presentations.  They give me a headache: there is no foundation, nothing to support his work in any academic/occult sense.  In short, it appear pure charlatanism.

I do not endorse nor would I recommend you to take heed of his information.  Much of it is simply lame, to put it nicely.  His cipher reminds me of the admonitions of Cornelius Agrippa when he says that this "cabalae" of the Jews is nonsense, in which they twist and turn numbers and destroy the very essence and nature of the Sacred works.

This is what Marty Leeds is doing.

I have watched some of his videos, and I have watched some of his videos with some of my accomplished students.  His "cipher" in which he tries to prove EVERYTHING is the very same cipher I used to show the idea of "Humpty Dumpty".  The difference is, I provided all the key links from sources writing about Secret Societies to show why this cipher as being used in the manner it was to demonstrate the concept contained within.

Marty Leeds was part of a loose knit cabal who were seeking to infiltrate and silence certain directions of discourse within the alternative media.  I received literally identical complaints about Marty from certain hosts that were also voiced to me personally from others within this cabal.

I regard his work to be a fraud, a form of "search engine hocking" where my concepts were subjugated to his efforts.

I am keeping this page up for pure historical reference.

I do not ENDORSE nor APPROVE of Marty's efforts and use of MY linking of Pi to the English Alphabet.

The Fetch

Original Article is here:

This Saturday, May 26, 2012, Marty Leeds, author of Pi - The Great Work will join The Fetch on Inside the Eye - Live! on the Oracle Broadcasting Network for what should prove to be a fascinating interview into the realm of Occult constructions into the English language.

Marty Leeds is fresh off an interview with Red Ice Radio on April 12, 2012.

Pi - The Great Work is a journey into "anthropology, archaeology, alchemy, religion, spirituality, science, astrology, astronomy, numerology, linguistics, symbolism, music, riddle and rhyme. All viewed through the lens of Pi. It is an exploration of sacred number, geometry and the mathematics that rule our Universe."

Pi - The Great Work is Marty's first published effort.  He can be found at his website MartyLeeds33.com, and his Youtube account, Youtube.com/martyleeds33.  For a primer, what follows is Marty's views on Pi and the English Language:

The Fetch on the Oracle Broadcasting Network

Inside the Eye - Live! continues its strong showing on the Oracle Broadcasting Network.  And, with special hosting appearances on Live Free or Die Radio with Lee Rodgers on May 14 and May 15, 2012 and a special round table show with Alex, the   Celtic Rebel, host of highly popular Rebel Path Radio and Kyle Hunt, author of Star Theory and host of "Star Theory Radio", on May 18, 2012.

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Anonymous said...

Wonder if Marty Leeds is a student of yours :)

I have seen some of his youtubes and I must say that he needs more explanation of how he arrives at key points because it is not included in his videos. For example: the 4 is never explained. Also, I dont see how the framework is relying solely on the 9 to carry its weight. We live in a ten based system - not nine.

It will be interesting nonetheless. Anyone who can come up with their own neat submarine in the ocean of illusion has my vote for "Right On Brother!!!"


Jon Donnis said...
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Anonymous said...