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Thursday, June 14, 2012

China's Land Bridge Strategy and a Bilderberg Coverage Review

 Inside the Eye - Live! returned back to some geopolitical insights on June 9, 2012.

The introductory storyline dealt with the total lack of credibility of America's and the West's Jewish controlled media.  We analyzed some of the clear atrocities that have been committed in Syria and how the reporting by the Jewish controlled media simply does not make sense.

We focus on the clear propensity of this Jewish controlled media to simply use its monopoly on the print and electronic media to simply lie and that this is an established pattern by these agents of Israel.  From the cover-up of the Liberty Incident in 1967 to the "incubator stories" during the Iraq invasion of Kuwait in 1991 to the obvious lies and complicity in the cover-up of 9-11, all are raised as factual information that hints at the war against the mind which is at the core of Jewish controlled media organs.

You can catch the entire show without redirection here:

The China Land Bridge Strategy

While America, managed and manipulated by its Jewish banking elite, continues to burn trillions of dollars on war and war related activities, China is aggressively investing in a high speed rail network that will link China's manufacturing base with central Asia, Eastern and Western Europe.

This strategy is designed to cut shipping costs from Rotterdam to China by as much as half, as well as create a vast network of productive points that spans some 20 countries.

This strategy, further, effectively neutralizes American investments Air and Sea assets as the route will traverse territory that is irrelevant to the projection of these assets: these assets are useless over the vast land mass that is Asia and clearly delineates the constructive strategy being employed by the Chinese as opposed to the constant use of war and "full spectrum domination" being employed by its Zionist managed geopolitical strategists.

The key to this larger Chinese strategy is the underbelly of NATO, which is Turkey.  As China seeks to consolidate the strategy, it has been courting Turkey as a strategic economic partner.  Of course, all of this is further set against the backdrop of recent oil finds in the Levant Basin in the Eastern Mediterranean.

For an insightful primer on the China Land Bridge Strategy, you can review this article, while this article gives some further insight on the discovery of oil in the Levant Basin.

Independent/Alternative Media Coverage of Bilderberg in Chantilly

The last hour of the show dealt with the reporting deficiencies or plain dishonest representations and framing that may be found in the alternative/independent media as such pertains to the world of government control and conspiracies contained therein as these alternative and independent media personalities converged on the Bilderberg 2012 meeting in Chantilly, VA.

At the core of the issue is the failure of these alternative and independent media personalities to professionally and effectively report what are clearly established facts relative to the composition of the Bilderberg Group and its "35 member steering committee".

According to "TheZOG.wordpress.com", some 46% of those controlling the Bilderberg Group Steering are either Jewish or have a Jewish spouse, an over representation by over 3000%.  These facts seem to be nowhere reported in the "Occupy Bilderberg" coverage.

The last 10 minutes of the show was lost due to a power outage , ending what would have been a great closing segment.

Catch the entire show here:

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