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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Zeus Yiamouyiannis - Shadow Banking and Counterfeit Financial Instruments

Making sense of the seemingly complex world of high finance can at times appear daunting and quite challenging and in efforts extended to try to break through this seeming "mystical world of high finance", I ran across a rather fascinating and informative website called "Of Two Minds" which has been ranked as the "#7 Best Alternative Financial Sites" on the world wide web.

Dating back to 2005 and comprising some 2500 files, Of Two Minds presents a veritable treasure trove of financial and economic information scanning multiple economic environments.

What drew me to the site was research on the US$700 trillion dollar derivatives market. What I found was an article by a guest contributor to Of Two Minds. The article, Counterfeit Value Derivatives: Follow the Bouncing Ball, was a hit. Written by a guest contributor to Of Two Minds, Dr. Zeus Yianouyiannis really simplified the whole racket of "high finance".

When the unreal, counterfeit economy intrudes, you now have a situation where a person can put in an unregulated, but recognized, claim to be paid a thousand times over in case of impairment. Say market participants have negotiated for a bankrupt company a 70% payback for bondholders and (36% payback for insurance claims), and I come with not one but rather 1,000 CDS claims demanding to be paid for each CDS.

Where does that money come from? Well if it were regulated insurance, I would have to be invested in the company in some way, my bond or stock payout would be limited by the actual asset value of the company, and my insurance payout would be limited as well. However, since I am unregulated and unrestrained, the money due me has to come from the CDS seller and my contractual agreements with that company (say AIG).

The issue, however, is very simple: if the money is from a "deregulated" financial environment, the reality is that these claims are against self made money - COUNTERFEIT. These financial instruments create a defacto parallel and COUNTERFEIT electronic fiat currency, and the call to subsidize losses on this COUNTERFEIT fiat currency is nothing more than a modern day form of money laundering.

What those in the COUNTERFEIT CURRENCY financial world want to do is swap their self proclaimed and generated fiat currency in exchange for very real and quality assets as commodities, real estate, and in the case of Greece, entire national assets and the economies these assets support.

The Inside the Eye Live Youtube show highlight video is now ready. Here is a 10 minute excerpt of the show:

If you would like to get a pragmatic and rational understanding of the so called "financial crisis", you owe it to yourself to listen to this really well paced and rational discussion regarding the greatest money laundering operation in the history of mankind!

You can catch his first "Max Keiser Report" interview on Russia Today here:

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Floyd Anderson said...

Youtube says all channels will be updated to the new design on Purim 2012.

Anonymous said...

Pretty excellent video from David Duke on Jewish Organised crime...

All the best.